Thursday, April 28, 2022

1st Round Pick Buffalo Bills Kaiir Elam CB

Bills used a 4th to move up 2 spots to take 20 year old cornerback Elam.

Grade C+

Dont love it but dont hate it.  Fills a need.

Final 2022 NFL Mock Draft

by Steve

Here is my beloved mock draft:
First here is our 4 man mock draft and Bills needs posts from earlier in this week and the mock draft round up review and draft predictions.

1. Jaguars - Travon Walker 
2. Lions - Aiden Hutchinson 
3. Texans - Ikem Ekwonu
4. Jets - Kayvon Thibadeaux
5. Giants - Charles Cross
6. Panthers Kenny Pickett
7. Giants - Sauce Garner
8. Falcons - Derek Stingley
9. Seahawks - Evan Neal
10. Jets Jameson Williams
11. Wash - Garrett Wilson
12. Vikings - Jermaine Johnson
13. Texans- Drake London
14. Ravens - Trent McDuffie
15. Eagles - Chris Olave
16. Saints - Trevor Penning
17. Chargers - Kenyon Greene
18. Eagles - Davonte Wyatt
19. Saints - Jordan Davis
20. Steelers - Malik Willis W
21. Patriots - Quay Walker
22. Packers - Kyle Hamilton
23. Cardinals - Tyler Linderbaum
24. Cowboys - Zion Johnson
25. Bills - Daxton Hill
26. Titans - David Ojave
27. Buccs - Kaiir Elam
28. Packers - Jahan Dotson
29. Chiefs- Tre Burks
30. Chiefs - Kyler Gordon
31. Bengals - Lewis Cine
32. Lions - Tyler Smith

2022 NFL Draft Predictions

by steve

Prediction time! The first round of the NFL Draft is mere hours away so lets print our predictions:

First here is our 4 man mock draft and Bills needs posts from earlier in this week and the mock draft round up review.

The Bills wont take a cornerback in the first round. Beane knows McDerr can find a CB anywhere. Look who started for them the last few years, 7th round Dan Jackson, Levi undrafted Wallace, UB Cam Lewis etc. Part of this is because Tre White is on the opposite side and part of it seems to be that McDerr can actually coach up a secondary. 

Despite me wanting Beaneboy to package Tremaine Edmunds and make a move up for a stud WR there will be no big move today. They arent taking a runningback Thursday either.

Other rando predictions:
Skyy Moore isnt going in the first round.
Ditto for big boy George Pickens.
No quarterback will be drafted top 10 and only 2 go day 1. 
No runningbacks 
Under 6.5 wide receivers get drafted round 1.
The Jets fuck up the draft but get a high draft grade.
Ditto for the Giants.
The panthers and Lions also fuck up bad. Although, if they don't like a QB they shouldn't just take one to take one. But does anyone trust anyone at either of those organizations? No.

Who are the Bills going to draft PREDICTIONS:
Steve: Daxton Hill safety Michigan 
Dubs: Kaiir Elam corner Florida
Coast: Breece Hall RB Iowa State
Wreck: Christian Watson WR SD State
Sano: Skyy Moore WR Western Mich

my druthers:
Go wide Receiver why not. Get weapons score points. I can live w a RB but dont love it.  Safety over corner, no oline first 2 days, or.. MAKE A SPLASH. Trade Edmunds and move up or just grade him and find a LB Friday.

Best bet is move back to early 2nd round, get Breece Hall and use the extra pick(s) to move up and get a WR somewhere early, then linebacker w an edmunds trade.

2022 Buffalo Bills Mock Draft Review

by Steve

Lets take a look at what the supposed paid professionals are picking for the Buffalo Bills in the 2022 NFL Draft. 

Here is our 4 man mock draft and Bills needs posts from earlier in the week.

Dan Jermiah
Breece Hall
I can't find another prospect capable of having a bigger impact for the Bills at this selection. Hall would be a nightmare for opposing defenses.
Grade C+

Peter Screager NFL network
Breece Hall RB Iowa St
I'm told Buffalo is going either running back or defensive back with this pick. Comped to Matt Forte, Hall is the choice.

Shockingly I am warming up to the idea of a RB. If this dude is a stud for four years and makes the offense better I can live with it. Is it wise? Is it a good value? Obviously not. Can a RB in any round be as good and a tenth of the price ? Sure. But Hall has a lot of boxes checked to aid the offense in a real way. Not picking up his 5th year option though hurts. Best bet is to trade back to early 2nd and hope hes there.
Grade C+

Andrew Booth
We know the Bills wanted Eric Stokes last year, but the Packers snatched him off the board. Cornerback hasn't been addressed since, so I expect that to be the pick here unless all viable options aren't available once again. The Bills need players who can defend all the great quarterbacks in the AFC, after all.

Starting a pattern of all corners jeez.
Grade C-

Mike Florio PFT

25. Bills: Trent McDuffie, cornerback, Washington.

They need help in the secondary, especially with Tre'Davious White returning from a torn ACL.


Grade: C

Dan Kelly The Ringer
Kaiir Elam
The Bills really don’t have any glaring needs but if they want to get over the hump in the AFC, taking an excellent cover corner here in Elam shouldn’t hurt. He’d pair nicely with Tre’Davious White to give Buffalo more talent in the back end.
Corner is a need but cant McDerr find one anywhere?
Grade C+

Jay Skurski TBN

Andrew Booth, CB, Clemson. In the end, the most logical position ends up being the pick for General Manager Brandon Beane. It’s hard to ignore the need in the Bills’ secondary, especially with the uncertainty around when Tre’Davious White will be ready to play coming off a knee injury. Booth was a second-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference selection in 2021 after finishing with 37 tackles, three interceptions and five passes defensed in 11 starts.

The final line of Booth’s scouting report neatly summarizes why he makes sense for the Bills: “He needs to play more football, but his ball-hawking instincts, burst to close and toughness in run support will be very appealing for zone teams looking for an upgrade at cornerback.”

That sounds like a prospect who will fit in nicely to Sean McDermott's defense.

Didn't want to post this PAB's mock since he blocked us but i will any way. Booth a reach at 25
Grade D+

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

2022 NFL Mock Draft 4/27/22

Here is a live 4 person mock draft for the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft. Bills needs published yesterday. For logistical purposes there are no trades. The order went Core, Steve, Dubs, Wreck non snake. (C, S, D, W)

1. Jaguars - Walker C
2. Lions - Aiden Hutchinson S
3. Texans - Evan Neal D
4. Jets - Ickey Ekwanu W
5. Giants - Thibadeaux C
6. Panthers Kenny Pickett S
7. Giants - Stingley D
8. Falcons - Garrett Wilson W
9. Seahawks - Matt Corral C
10. Jets Kyle Hamilton S
11. Wash - Drake London D
12. Vikings - Sauce Gardner W
13. Texans- McDuffie C
14. Ravens - Charles Cross S
15. Eagles - Jameson Williams D
16. Saints - Jordan Davis W
17. Chargers - Trevor Penning C
18. Eagles - Davonte Wyatt S
19. Saints - Ty Smith D
20. Steelers - Malik Willis W
21. Patriots - Zion Johnson C
22. Packers - Trae Burks S
23. Cardinals - David Ojabe D
24. Cowboys - Daxton Hill W
25. Bills - Skyy Moore C
26. Titans - Chris Olave S
27. Buccs - Andrew Booth D
28. Packers - Boye Mafe W
29. Chiefs- Jahan Dotson C
30. Chiefs - Jermaine Johnson S
31. Bengals - Kyler Gordon D
32. Lions - George Pickens W

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

2022 NFL Draft Preview: Buffalo Bills Needs

by steve

The draft is at 8pm Thursday and its time to feed the beast. Here are the Bills needs heading into the 2022 NFL Draft. They are scheduled to pick at 11:15 Thur night.

Bills 2022 Draft Picks

Round 1: 25
Round 2: 57
Round 3: 89
Round 4: 130
Round 5: 168
Round 6: 185 (from Car) & 203
Round 7: 231

A perennial playoff team with a franchise quarterback and an allegedly great defense usually doesn't have a lot of holes. The 2022 Buffalo Bills fall into this exact description. Are there weaknesses in the roster? Of course, but no spot on the team is crying out for attention, which obviously is a great place to be.

Here is my ranking of biggest need on the current roster but not necessarily what position should b targeted first.

1. Cornerback
Tre White is coming off a late season ACL tear and wont be 100% to start the season. The other starting corner from 2021 plays for the Steelers and the position was all but ignored in free agency. Dane Jackson Cam Lewis et al might be serviceable but they are mid at best.

2. Wide Receiver 
Diggs just got paid and Gabe Davis is emerging but behind that is a lot of question marks. McKenzie, Crowder, Kumerow, Stevenson, Hodgins?? Yikes.

3. Linebacker
Tre Edmunds needs to be traded or walk in free agnecy and thus a hole will be created. MLB isn't an important position but they'll still need bodies.

4. Safety 
If Poyer doesn't get an extension this will be the number one need on the team. Not sure whay happen to that allegedly great tandem in the final 13 seconds vs KC but Hyde and Poyer will be tough to replace and improve on.

5. Tightend
Knox might want too much cash soon and bama boy OJH is only on a one year deal. Tommy Sweeney a bum.

6. Center
Sure Mitch Morse got an extension but he is old. Day 3 definitely. 

7. Runningback
Singletary is ok and Moss is worse. A speedy straight line guy or a pass catching RB would make a difference. 

Thursday, April 7, 2022

2022 American League Over Under Win Totals

by steve

Lets predict the over under win totals for the American League. Here is the NL predictions.

AL East
NY Yankees 91.5
Division tougher that it might seem. Under

Toronto Blue Jays 92.5
Under but barely

TB Rays 89.5
Dont they always win? Over

Boston Red Sox 85.5
This division is brutal, under

Baltimore Orioles 62.5
They dont even want to win, under

Chicago White Sox 91.5

Minnesota Twis 81.5
This team had everything go wrong last year. Over

Cleveland Guards 76.5
Yuck, under

KC Royals 74.5
Ill take 75 wins, over

Detroit Tigers 77.5
Seems like theyre getting buzz, over

Houston Astros 91.5
Yuck, over

LA Angels 83.5
Is there a bigger disappointment in sports? 84 is still a disappointment, over

Seattle Mariners 83.5
Some day, maybe. Over

Texas Rangers 74.5
No clue, under

Oakland A's 68.5
Banging the over

2022 National League Over Under Win Totals

by steve

A tradition unlike any other, predicting the over under win total for each MLB team. First up the National League:

(lines from DK)

NY Mets 88.5
Under, this team is cursed

Atlanta Braves 91.5
Freeman is gonna be missed. Under

Philadelphia Phillies 86.5
Prove me wrong. Under

Florida Miami Marlins 77.5
Time for a jump, over.

Washington Nationals 71.5
Are they young or old? 72 wins, over.


Milwaukee Brewers 89.5
Someone has to be good in this division, over.

Chicago Cubs 75.5
Inflated number, under.

St Louis Cardinals 84.5
Doesn't this team always grind to contention? Over

Cincinnati Reds 74.5
A year away, under

Pittsburgh Pirates 65.6
The Marines/Sabres best friend. Under

LA Dodgers 98.5
They'll get to the century mark. Over

SF Giants 86.5
Last year mighta been a fluke but thats a major drop off. Over

SD Padres 89.5
Frauds, under

Colorado Rockies 68.5
Yuck, under

Arizona Diamondbacks 67.5
Gimme 68 wins, over