Friday, June 22, 2018

Sabres Draft Rasmus Dahlin Franchise Savior again

By Steve

The Sabres drafted yet another SAVIOR OF THE FRANCHISE in Swedish defenseman Rasmus Dahlin tonight. Lets start counting our cup rings now!

Its not like we all heard the franchise was all set 3 years ago when Jack Eichel was going to be the savior. Thats worked out great!

Im sure all the fanboys will ignore the fact that Eichel is an injury prone over paid over hyped nobody. Hes averaged 59 games in his first 3 seasons and a measly .846 points per game.

Im sure adding a Euro 18 year old defenseman will cure all this franchises ills. Its not like they have a know nothing fanboy owner, an unqualified 54 year old coach and a first time GM that some how made the team worse this season. They have the second longest playoff drought in the league and haven't won a playoff series since Briere and Drury walked out the door. oof.

But hey its Dahlin Day in Buffalo and people are still buying tickets. Plus the Buffalo News is burning down to dust and everyone at WGR550 is doing great. Up is down, down is up and the Sabres still fuckin suck.