Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Bills at Falcons Podcast Preview

Steve, Wreck and Coast review the Denver Broncos victory and look forward to the Atlanta Falcons game. 

Or on youtube:

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Week 3 NFL Picks

Gamblin time week three nfl picks

Steve 4-4 Bills 1-1

Colts +1.5 v Browns
Ravens -3 v Jaguars
Packers -8 v Bengals
Buccaneers -2.5 @ Vikings
Bills +3 v Broncos

Coast 5-3 Bills 1-1

Jaguars +3 v Ravens
Browns -1.5 @ Colts
Dolphins -6 @ Jets
Raiders -3 @ Redskins
Bills +3 v Broncos

Feyes 6-2 Bills 1-1

Broncos -3 @ Bills
Cardinals +3 v Cowboys
Chiefs -3.5 @ Chargers
Steelers -7.5 @ Bears

2-0-0 bills
1-1-0 best bet

Best bet- Tampa Bay -2.5
Eagles -6 v Giants
Saints +5.5 @ Panthers
Seahawks +2.5 @ Titans
Broncos -3 v Bills

Friday, September 22, 2017

Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills Preview

By Steve

Week 3 and the Bills FACEOFF against the overrated 2-0 Broncos. BREAKING: Its gonna be hot yo!

The line has been steady at Denver -3. The Broncos havent played a road game yet this season. They lucked out week 1 and barely beat the Chargers by 3 then wholloped a Cowboys team seemingly in chaos mode 100.

Is this a trap game for first year head coach Vance Joseph and dem boys with a huge game against the Raiders next week looming? Yes.

Are there parallels to last season when a (decent, finished 7-8-1) Cardinals team came in to Buffalo week 3 as 4 point favorites coming off a drumming of the Bucs? Yes.

Is Trevor Siemian being overhyped for throwing a few touchdowns and being 2-0 despite the fact he was a 7th round pick out of Northwestern and he is only 4-4 in his career on the road losing every big game ( Oakland, Tennessee, Chargers, Chiefs)? Yes.

That being said the Broncos defense has been dominant and shut down Zeke last week. The Bills have zero receivers. McCoy ran for 9 yards last week vs a good defense and Cordy Glenn and Dareus are out this week.


Meh, Im goin Bills win and keep the season alive into October. 21-20. Siemian is gonna put the ball on the carpet and one big hit puts Brock Osweiler in the game.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Podcast Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills Preview

Week 3, Bills are 1-1 and an overrated Broncos team coming to the Ralph. Steve Wreck and Coast break it all down:

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Week 2 nfl Picks

Week two leggo


Saints +6.5 v Patriots
Colts +7 v Cardinals
Ravens -8 v Browns
Rams -2.5 v Redskins

Bills+7 @ Panthers
Browns +8 @ Ravens
Raiders -13.5 v Jets
Jags +1.5 v Titans


Tenn -1.5@jags
Baltimore -8 vs Browns
Skins +2.5@LA
Lions +3@Gmen
Panthers-7 vsBills

1-0-0 bills
1-0-0 best bet

Best bet- Packers +3
Bills- Bills +7
Vikings +6
Dolphins +3.5
Titans -1.5

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A History of Bills Road Trips

By Steve

In a long mostly sad life as a Bills fan I have been on many a road trip to watch the Bills (mostly lose) once or twice a year since 2004. And as I embark on yet another roadie this week to Charlotte what better time than now to recap all 13 road trips. Can you guess what my record is?

12/19/2004 The Takeo Spikes Game
33-17 Bills Win
The Bills were on a tear, and looking for a playoff birth for the first time in FOUR years! Fall semester was over and it was time for my first road trip. Wow, Jason Peters blocked a punt, Spikes went back to his old squad and the Bills rolled.

10/15/2006 October Storm Get Outta Dodge
16-20 Bills lose
This was the weekend of the October storm that basically killed every tree branch in Buffalo. The Sabres played the Red Wings the night before but we didnt get there early enough. The Tigers won the pennant in Detroit Saturday, lotta partying. We parked for free 2 blocks from Ford Field and the Bills lost in ugly fashion. Whitner had an INT reversed on replay and Roscoe caught a long TD pass.

9/16/2007 Piss Stained Towel Beat Down
3-26 Bills Lose
Stayed with some old college buddies that lived in Shitsburgh. This mighta been the worst game ever. I got spit on in the parking lot before hand (albeit provoked because I had a megaphone) and things didnt get any better. The stadium in the upper deck swayed during the game. (Bills started the season 0-3 vs Den, Pitt, NE yikes)

12/16/2007 Snow Game
0-8 Bills Lose
Two roadies in the same year? Yikes. Thats what happens when the Bills go on an improbable winning streak. The Bills didnt score a god damn point. A blizzard hit the stadium like a snowball to the face, of which i got approx 41,000 snowballs in my grill. A punt went over Moorman's head outta the endzone. Some how I drove right home after the game.

New England
11/09/2008 WHERES TOM?
10-20 Bills Lose
No Brady no problem. Cassel did nothing, BenJarvis Green Ellis ran roughshod through the Bills oof. I wore my now classic FUCK DA PATRIOTS shirt the whole tailgate and no one said a word. We drove to Albany after the game and some how I drove home that night from there tired AF. The loss basically ended the season as they fell to 5-4.

10/24/2010 Why the Hell Are You Here
34-37 Bills Lose in OT
The loss dropped the Bills to 0-6 en route to 0-8 and the 3rd overall pick. We picked the game before the season and figured it wouldnt be THAT bad of a season. The Bills were up BIG then Shawn Nelson fumbled in OT on a cheap call where he was held up by every Raven on the field.

10/2/2011 Set an Example
20-23 Bills Lose
The Bills are three and 0 and we had a van load of dudes rolling to Cinci to roll over Dalton and co. The lot we parked in was seemingly 15,000 Buffalonians raging. Cop was sick of it so he threw me in the paddywagon to set an example. I had 8 game tickets in my pocket. After calmly apologizing I was let go with a disorderly conduct ticket. Phew. Stevie Johnson had a devastating "drop" that killed a game winning drive. Heart break and half an empty stadium. Wow.

New York Giants
10/16/11 a Long Train Home
24-27 Bills Lose
Hey why not keep the pain going? The stadium was gigantic and it seemed like we were watching the game from a blimp. Eli had a big comeback, Fred Jackson had a good game and Fitzpatrick proved he sucks. The train ride back to Brooklyn after this one seemed like days.

9/23/2012 the Streak is Over!
24-14 Bills Win
The seven game road trip loss streak was snapped. But against the lowly Browns. Uneventful game but that sweet taste of victory was so rare it was worth the ride. The guy driving me home after the game was pissed I tried to crack a beer on the 90. Oof.

10/3/2013 TNF Debacle
24-37 Bills Lose
Someone wanna double check and verify that score? Holy shit. EJ Manuel was on a roll early and the Bills seemed like they were gonna blow em out. Then he got hurt, then Cleveland changed QBs and the Bills got boat raced. Wow. Me and Wreck set up a 20 person bus ride from my house to go to the game. It broke down as we boarded it. Ha. Lotta beers on the bus round and round.

11/13/2014 TNF Debacle II
9-22 Bills Lose
What a road trip. Beautiful Miami owned us from day 1. Stayed in 3 different hotels, too many casino trips, an amazing tailgate with half of Buffalo and a turd of a game. The game was as boring as any ever. The Bills were winning at half and didnt do anything after that. We landed back in Buffalo Sunday night on Spirit Airlines. I was still in my bathing suit with sand in my hair. We walked in icey slush in our sandles. I think it snowed a week straight starting Monday.

10/11/2015 Buffalo Take Over
14-13 Bills Win
If half the city was filled with Bills fans it might be considered an under estimate. The game was, again, boring as hell. The Titans fumbled the opening kickoff and Buffalo recovered but we were offside. Classic rex. Tyrod single handedly won the game with his legs. We tailgated in a literal junk yard 4 blocks from the stadium and some old lady Bills fan had to be hospitalized via ambulance in the lot before the game. A wins a win.

9/11/2016 Why Do We Do This
7-13 Bills Lose
How is it possible these games can be this boring? NOTHING HAPPENED. Zilch! 20 total points and it seemed like a fog was engulfing every brain on the field despite brilliant sunshine. Incredible. Baltimore is fun but RUGGED in parts, yikes.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Buffalo Bills at Carolina Panthers Preview Podcast

Bills improve to 1-0 after beating the lowly Jets, time to move on to Cam Newton and the Panthers.

And on youtube for all time:

Saturday, September 9, 2017

2017 Week 1 NFL Picks

Weekly NFL picks contest 2017 week 1 pick 4 bets and Bills (or Bills r included) leggo


Lions +2.5 v Cardinals
Falcons -6.5 @ Bears
Redskins +1 v Eagles
Rams -4.5 v Colts
Jets +8 @ Bills


Bills -8 v Jets
Browns +9 v Steelers
Rams -4.5 v Colts
Redskins  +1 v Eagles


Falcons -6.5 @ bears
Redskins +1 v Eagles
Packers -3 v Seahawks
Min -3.5 v Saints
Bills -8 v Jets


Panthers -4.5
Bills -8 v Jets
Eagles -1 @ Redskins
Cardinals -2.5 @ Lions
La Rams -4.5 v Colts

Friday, September 8, 2017

2017 Buffalo Bills Predictions

By Steve

Less than 2 days til kickoff lets put our final predictions for the Buffalo Bills 2017 season in ink

Our 2017 Bills Podcast Preview

AFC over under win total predictions

NFC over under win total predictions

Steve's Predictions
Jets, Broncos, Bengals, Buccaneers, Jets Colts, Dolphins, Saints

Panthers, Falcolns, Raiders, Chiefs, Patriots, Chargers, Dolphins, Patriots


Peterman doesnt see the field until December

Dougy Mcdermott will be as lame of a head coach as imagined and the Bills are in the hunt til a terrible loss in November.




Leave ur predictions in the comments

2017 NFL Predictions: AFC over under win totals

By Steve

NFL Prediction time here is the NFC win total predictions, now on to the AFC:

Baltimore Ravens 8.5

Buffalo Bills 6.5
Im predicting 7 wins

Cincinnati Bengals 8.5
Is it more likely the Bungals win seven games or ten games?

Cleveland Browns 4.5
Initially this team seemed to be trending upward but they are cursed.

Denver Broncos 8.5
Again tough to predict because their QB is from Northwestern.

Houston Texans 8.5
Ugh, they are gonna win nine games? Ugh

Indianapolis Colts 8.5
Luck is toast and this team doesnt have talent.

Jacksonville Jaguars 6.5
Bortles is horribles but they have talent. Seven wins seems likely.

Kansas City Chiefs 9.5
They'll get to ten wins unless A. Smith shits his pants.

LA Chargers 7.5
Not totally buying into the Chargers. Their god damn coach was our interim loser head coach. Huh?

Miami Dolphins 7.5
Smokin Jay doesnt give me much confidence but the phins have talent. They'll get eight wins.

New England Patriots 12.5
Cursed season. Been saying it all summer. Under.

NY Jets 3.5
The Sabres of the NFL.

Oakland Raiders 9.5
They could regress but Carr, unfortunately, seems to be the real deal.

Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5
This division is perpetually overrated.

Tennessee Titans 8.5
Never betting on Mularchuck

Thursday, September 7, 2017

2017 NFL Predictions: NFC Over/Under Win Totals

By Steve

Time for some over under win total predictions. Because who doesnt love gambling and giving predictions.(odds taken from Lets start with the NFC:

Arizona Cardinals 8.5
Carson Palmer is old AF and their head coach is weird

Atlanta Falcons 9.5
Super Bowl hang over from one of the worst losses in sports history? Probably but 10 wins seems real.

Carolina Panthers 9.5
This number is perplexing.

Chicago Bears 5.5
Seems high

Dallas Cowboys 9.5
Ten or more wins in a conference with 4 decent to good teams seems tough, under more likely.

Detroit Lions 7.5
How is Jim Caldwell still the coach? Amazing.

Green Bay Packers 10.5
Interesting line. The QB is good in the regular season and the coach is a turd. Call your mom Aaron.

LA Rams 5.5
This team has the talent but the coach has no clue what he is doing and.. Jared Goff. WHERES AARON DONALD?

Minnesota Vikings 8.5
Poor poor Teddy B.

N.O. Saints 8.5
Honestly, when was the last time this team was actually good?

NY Giants 9
Push, because.. why not.

Philadelphia Eagles 8.5
I like the Eagles despite not believing in the coach or QB. Weird.

SF 49ers 4.5
My life would become complete if this franchise and lil Shanny sign Kirk Cousins next March.

Seattle Seahawks 10.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8.5
Dirk Koetter? I like Jameis Winston but he didnt look good down the stretch last year. Win @ Buffalo and Ill eat crow.

Washington Redskins 7.5
Does continuity mean anything? Here is the test.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

PODCAST: 2017 Buffalo Bills Season Preview

Steve, Coast and Wreck give their hot takes about the Bills upcoming season, give predictions, predict every game.

New this year, our podcasts are on youtube: