Saturday, December 29, 2018

Week 17 NFL Picks

Steve 29-35
Jets +13.5 @ Patriots
Bills -5 v Dolphins
Chiefs -14 v Raiders
Vikings -5.5 v Bears

Coast 28-35-1
Giants -6 v Cowboys
Browns +6.5 @ Ravens
Rams -10.5
Eagles -7

Feyes 28-35-1
Texans -6 v Jags
Raiders cheifs over 52.5
Eagles -7
49ers +10.5

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Week 16 NFL Picks

Last 2 weeks leggo

Steve 27-33
Chargers -4 v Ravens
Eagles -2.5 v Texans
Vikings -6 @ Lions
Bears -4.5 @ 49ers

Coast 27-33
Cowboys -7
Ravens +4 @ Chargers
Browns -9.5

Feyes 28-32
Buccaneers +7
Saints Steelers under 53
Cheifs Seahawks under 54.5
Jets +3

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

UB Bulls Defeat Syracuse Orange 71-59

By Steve

The 14th ranked University at Buffalo Bulls went into the Carrier dome tonight and took down Syracuse. The 3.5 point underdogs came back from down 4 at half to dominate the Orange in the second half.

The game wasn't pretty but it was decisive 71-59. Senior star CJ Massinburg took over the second half with help from junior Davante Jordan and a caste of seniors.

While this Cuse team isn' stat studded they are still Syracuse with NBA prospects on the roster. Considering UB hasnt beaten the Orange since 1963.

Buffalo is now 11-0 and heads to 20th ranked Marquette on Friday.

This is going to be a special season.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Week 15 nfl picks


Steve 24 -32
Browns +1.5 @ Broncos
Buccs +7.5
Bears -5 v Packers
Steelers +3 v Patriots

Coast 25 -31
Indy -3
Browns + 2
Seahawks -3.5
Giants +1

Feyes  27 - 29
Packers +5
Raiders +3
Phins vikes O 44.5
NE Pitt O 53.5

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Evaluating Josh Allen

By Steve

With just three games to go in the Buffalo Bills 2018 season and the teams playoff chances long since dead the only thing left to watch is the rookie quarterback. So lets take a look at Josh Allen since returning from his elbow injury.

Back on October 14th Joshy poo Allen hurt his elbow in Houston and essencially the season ended that day especially after pizza boy Peterman three the deciding pick six. Allen completed 59% of his passes that day. After missing 6 weeks he has returned to play the last three games.

In those three games Allen is 44 of 88 three passing touchdowns four picks, 597 passing yards, 5 sacks, 335 rushing yards 2 rushing TDs.

Granted, the offense has improved but we are comparing it to an offense ran by Derek Anderson and Nathan Peterman, not exactly all stars.

Josh Allen isn't even in the top 10 in offensive ROY odds. He is far behind Baker Mayfield and even Sam Darnold. Moreover, Darnold clearly outplayed Allen head to head last week on the road with similar surrounding talent. Not good looks.

So have we really learned anything about Allen? No not really. I mean he isn't as awful as I assumed he would be back in April when the Bills over drafted him but the guy is still a huge questionmark.

His accuracy is pitiful, his decision making suspect and his propensity for turning the ball over alarming. But he does have a rocket arm, can seemingly make all the throws and is an athletic freak.

This coming offseason is going to be crucial for Allen's future success. The o-line is poor, his weapons abysmal and the coaching leaves much to be desired. The bottomline is it make take more than 20 more games for a final verdict on JA17.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sam Darnold vs Josh Allen Round 1

By Steve

Rookie QB vs rookie QB. Sam Darnold vs Josh Allen. Top prospect vs also ran who got late hype. Wyoming vs USC. What are the odds this is a decade long+ rivalry? We are talking about the shitty Jets and shitty Bills.

I'd say 30%.

Todd Bowles has two feet out the door and Sean McDermott is a dolt. Neither franchise has much in the way of talent and neither team has won anything in a longggg time.

Moreover, Allen and Darnold havent exactly lit the world on fire. Both have gotten hurt, both are sub .500 and both turn the ball over like its their job. In fact Sammy D has missed a month and still leads the league in picks. Yikes.

Thank god these two playing though. If not, would anyone besides losers like us even watch?

I hated the Allen pick and preferred Rosen then Darnold in that order. At this point in their careers can anyone say they would 100% take Darnold over Allen? Surprisingly no. And if I had to give a prediction I might give Allen a slight lead over Sammy at this point.

Then again they'll both be on their second head coach and third OC by 2020 and both franchises will fuck up the drafts. Oh well at least Brady is old.

Bills 26 Jets 13

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Week 14 NFL Picks

Time is slowing slipping away, time to gamble

Steve 23-29
Panthers +1 @ Browns
Packers -4.5 v Falcons
Buccaneers +9.5 v Saints
Redskins +3.5 v Giants

Coast 22-30
Ravens +6.5 @ Chiefs
Dolphins +7.5 v Patriots
Bills -4 v Dolphins
Seahawks -3 v Vikings

Feyes 24-28
Rams bears over 51
Raiders +10 v Steelers
Giants -3.5 @ Redskins
Jets +4 @ Bills

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Week 13 NFL Picks

Lucky thirteen

Steve 21-27

Colts -4.5 @ Jaguars
Bills +3.5 @ Dolphins
Texans -6 v Browns
Broncos @ Bengapa under 45

Coast 20-28

Bills +3.5 @ Dolphins
Seahawks -10 v 49ers
Browns +6 @ Texans
Buccaneers +3.5 v Panthers

Feyes 22-26
Jags Indy under 47
Bills +3.5 @ Dolphins
Rams -10 v Lions
Steelers -3 v Steelers

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Week 12 NFL Picks

Still four home games lets gamble

Steve 18-26
Bills +3 v Jaguars
Buccaneers -2 v 49ers
Steelers -3 @ Broncos
Vikings -3.5 v Packers

Coast 19-25
Ravens -11  v Raiders
Cardinals +13.5 @ Chargers
colts -7.5 v Dolphins
Titans +4.5 @ Texans

Feyes 20-24
Pat's -10.5 @Jets
Colts -7.5 v Dolphins
Giants @ eagles under 48
Bills v jags under 37.5

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Week 11 NFL Picks

Bye week wager week leggo

Steve 16-24

Panthers -4.5 @ Lions
Falcons -3 v Cowboys
Redskins +3 v Texans
Giants -2.5 v Buccaneers

Coast 15-25
Redskins +3 v Texans
Jags +5.5 v Steelers
Colts -1.5 v Titans
Bengals +6 @ Ravens
Feyes 19-21

Viks at bears O 44.5
Philly +9 @ Saints
Steelers -5.5 @ Jaguara
Texans -3 @ Redskins

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Week 10 NFL Picks

Week nine nine nine

Steve 15-21

Falcons -6 @ Browns
Bengals +6 v Saints
Packers -10 v Dolphins
49ers -3.5 v Giants

Coast 14-22

Eagles -7.5 v Cowboys
jets -7.5 v Bills
patriots -7 @ Titans
colts -3 v Jaguars

Feyes 18-18

Jets -7.5 v Bills
Pat's -7 @ Titans
Chargers -10 @ Raiders
SF -3.5 v Giants

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Week 9 NFL Picks


Patriots -5.5 v Packers
Bills +10 v Bears
Jets +3 @ Dolphins
Chiefs -8.5 @ Browns

Bills + 10 v Bears
chefs -8.5 @ Browns
Seahawks +1 v Chargers
Packers +5.5 @ Patrots


Chiefs -8.5 @ browns
Steelers @ Ravens Under 47.5
Bears -10 @ Bills
Packers +5 @ Patriots

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Chicago Bears at Buffalo Bills Podcast Preview

Steve Coast and Wreck preview week 9, Bears vs Bills.  Is anyone scared of the Bears?  Can the Bills offense get worse?  Who should be fired..

Saturday, October 27, 2018

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills MNF Podcast Preview

Steve coast and Wreck break down that brutal Colts game and look ahead to monday night football against the Patriots.  What can go wrong?

Week 8 NFL Picks

No Bills Sunday time to wager

Steve 12-16

Jags +3.5 v Eagles
Rams -8.5 v Packers
Steelers -8 v Browns
Saints at Vikings over 53.5

Coast 12-16

Jags +3.5 v Eagles
Chiefs -10 v Broncos
ravens -2.5 at Panthers
pats -14 at Bills

Feyes 12-15

Broncos +10 at Chiefs
Ravens -2.5 at Panthers
Colts raiders under 51
Pack +8.5 at Rams

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Week 7 NFL Picks

Fattin the wallet time

Steve 12-12

Bills +7 @ Colts
Rams @ 49ers over 52
Buccaneers -3.5 v Browns
Bengals +6 @ Chiefs

Coast 8-16

Colts -7 v Bills
patriots -2 @ Bears
Panthers +5 @ Eagles
Redskins +1 v Cowboys

Feyes 10-13

Chargers -6.5 v Titans
Bills colts Under 43
Vikings -3.5 @ Jets
Falcons -4 Giants

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts Podcast Preview

 Steve and Wreck discuss the sorry state of the Bills quarterback position, review the Texans game and look ahead to the Colts.

Youtube version:

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Tre White Throws Mad Shade at DeAndre Hopkins

Here is a screen shot of Tredavious White ripping DeAndre Hopkins in since deleted tweets. Love this kid

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Week 6 NFL Picks

Breaking even time

Steve 9-11

Chargers + @ Browns
Falcons -3 v Buccs
Patriots -3.5 v Chiefs
Bills +10 @ Texans

Coast 5-15

Texans -10 v bills
Redskins +1 v Pantherd
broncos +7 v  Rams
Dolphins +3.5 v Bears

Feyes 7-12

Chargers +1 @ Browns
Pitt Cincy over 51
Falcons -3 v Buccs
Bills +10

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bills at Houston Texans Podcast Preview

Steve, Coast and Wreck preview the week 6 match up between the Bills and Texans.  Do the Bills have any offense that exists in the world? Is Houston an NFL team? Bill Obrien v Sean McDermott? Watson v Allen. Leggo

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Deshaun Watson Hurt, Weeden Time?

By Steve

Anyone interested in Brandon Weeden playing Sunday for the Texans? Per this report Deshaun Watson is "day to day" with a chest injury.

Likely missing practice time and perhaps broken ribs or something equally as painful could be cause for alarm to all 6 Texans fans. Players have off tomorrow ao more info should become available when practices resume.

Then again, even with Watson Houston has only scored more than 22 points once this season (and that was in an overtime game).

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Week 5 NFL Picks

Get level

Steve 8-8

Ravens -3 @ Browns
Broncos +1 @ Jets
Bengals -6 v Dolphins
Texans -3.5 v Cowboys

Coast 4-12

49ers -3.5 v Cardinals
Rams -7.5 @ Seahawks
Panthers -6.5 v Giants
Bengals -6 v Dolphins

Feyes 3-9

49ers -3.5 v Cardinals
chargers -5.5 v Raiders
lions -1 v Packers
Steelers -3.5
Broncos +1 @ Jets
Rams Seahwks over 50

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Week 5 NFL Bets

Get level

Steve 8-8

Ravens -3 @ Browns
Broncos +1 @ Jets
Bengals -6 v Dolphins
Texans -3.5 v Cowboys

Coast 4-12

Feyes 3-9

49ers -3.5 v Cardinals
chargers -5.5 v Raiders
lions -1 v Packers
Steelers -3.5
Broncos +1 @ Jets
Rams Seahwks over 50

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Titans at Buffalo Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Wreck look at the Bills season through the quarter poll and look ahead to the Tennessee Titans. Is there hope?

Buffalo Sabres 2018/19 Season Preview

By Steve

The Sabres suck. They have always sucked. Toss out maybe 4 or 5 years TOTAL in their existence and they have sucked since 19 fuckin 70. Why would that ever change? Oh a swedish defenseman.

The Sabres accidentlly sucked bad after the 2011 season, then purposely sucked for half a fuckin decade, got the 2nd best player (or worse) in a few drafts then finally hit the jackpot. Razzy Dahlin better be great. Not good, not real good, not Tyler Myers, not even Phil Housley. He better be fucking great. And for a long time.

The fanboys will have you believe this guy is on the level with Crosby or Ovechkin or (i guess) Erik Karlsson. He better be or this team might at well contract. Granted, he doesnt have to light up the league but year 2, 3, 4 he better got damn be.

The Sabres over under point total via Vegas is 80.5. The had like 68 last year. 81 points would put Buffalo in 11th place. This town would probably throw a parade for 11th place. Maybe Im wrong but this city will never turn on the Sabres. Sure the might not pay crazy money to see them live when they suck but a lot of people still slurp up this franchise. (I blame WGR550).

Who knows, Ive only been to 1 game the last three years ( and Jacky Boy was injured as hes wont to do). Since then analytics and puck possession have taken over the league. Im not even sure if I know how to watch the NHL any more. Will the Sabres give me a reason to? I doubt it.

There was a two way tie with 97 points for the final playoff spots. 95 the year before. That seems highly unlikely with this team. They are just about completely rebuilt from last year. The goalie is a questionmark, no one on the team has ever won shit (save for Conor Sherry) and Jacky Boy's next big game will be his first.

Then again is it even possible for the Sabres to be a complete joke for an 8th straight season?

Ill predict 83 points and a worthwhile season at least unil Feb. Call me a cockeyed optimist.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Week 4 NFL Picks

Pay me, week four

Steve 6-6

Colts pick v Texans
Falcond -4 v Bengals
Raiders -2.5 v Browns
49ers +10.5 @ Chargers

Coast 4-8

Dolphins +7 @ Patriots
Steelers -3 v Ravens
Jets +7.5 @ Jaguars
Eagles -3.5 @ Titans

Feyes 2-5

Bengals +4 @ Falcons
Bills +9.5 @ Packers
Eagles -3.5 @ Titans
Steelers -3 v Ravens

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Bills at Packers Podcast Preview

Steve Coast and Wreck preview the Bills at Packers game, how overrated is Aaron Rodgers? Are the cheatriots done? How did the Bills beat the Vikings? Listen...

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Week 3 NFL Picks

Money moves, week three

Steve 3-5

Colts +7 @ Eagles
Broncos +5.5 @ Ravens
Chiefs -6.5 v 49ers
Cardinals +4.5 v Bears

Coast 2-6

Vikings -16.5 v Bills
Broncos +5.5 @ Ravens
Steelers +1.5 @ Buccaneers
Rams -7 v Chargers


Colts @ Eagles under 46.5
Falcons -2 v Saints
Bengals +3 @ Panthers
Giants +6 @ Texans
Packers -2.5 @ Redskins
Patriots -7 v Lions
49ers @ Chiefs under 55

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Buffalo Bills at Vikings PODCAST Preview

Week 3 means Vikings week! You Vike that? Steve Coast and Wreck discuss the putrid state of the Buffalo Bills and look ahead to the Vikings. Someone actually picks the Bills to win..

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

More LeSean McCoy Child Abuse Allegations Surface

On instagram today McCoy's baby momma posted allegations and pictures of her son being abused. Shady responded on twitter denying the allegations.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Week 2 NFL Picks

Week 2 time to bounce back

Steve 1-3

Jets -3 v Dolphins
Lions +6 @ 49ers
Titans +3 v Texans
Panthers +6 @ Falcons

Coast 2-2

Redskins -6 v Colts
Patriots -1 @ Jaguars
Saints -9.5 v Browns
Giants +3 @ Cowboys

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Podcast: Chargers at Buffalo Bills Preview

Steve and Coast review the debacle of a Ravens game, argue what Nathan Peterman might be qualified for and give their predictions for the home opener against the Los Angeles Chargers. McDermott on the hot seat?

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Josh Allen to Start Week 2, Bills Are Clowns

By Steve

Per Chris Mortenson Josh Allen will start week 2.

While this is the logical decision and ONLY decision it opens up a whole host of other questions.

How the hell did this regime think Peterman was a worthy starting QB TWICE?

Why is Josh Allen NOW read to start but wasnt a week ago?

Why was AJ McCaaron traded and Allen the only other QB on the roster if he wasnt ready to play when everyone knew there was a real and obvious option of Peterman flaming out violently and embarrassingly because we all saw him do just that last season?

The shine and benefit of the doubt is 100% dead and gone with Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane. There are now done with any time of bought time or honeymoon. Who cares that they lucked into the playoffs last year any more. They are a seemingly lost confused disaster.

Everything can be fixed if Allen looks eveb decent snd improves as the season moves along. But if Allen is ruined because of this debacle these two can DEFINITELY be fired after this season.

This is a debacle. And Allen better look better than Peterman this week.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Week 1 NFL Picks

We're back. NFL Picks time! (heads up for $500)

Steve 0-0-0-0
Steelers @ Browns under 40.5
Bills +7.5 @ Ravens
Vikings -6 v 49ers
Texans +6.5 @ Patriots

Coast 0-0-0

Bills +7.5 @ Ravens
Panthers -3 v Cowboys
Redskins +2 @ Cardinals
Packers -7 v Bears

Saturday, September 8, 2018

2018 Buffalo Bills Predictions

By Steve

If you didnt listen to our Bills Podcast Preview , read my over under 2018 win totals, or what the "experts" are predicting then do it and here are our predictions for the Bills 2018 season.

Nate Petermam will start 10+ games 2613 yards 11 TDs 14 INTs

LeSean Mccoy 1093 yards 6 TDs

Kelvin Benjamin 59 catches 511 yards 5 TDs

Charles Clay 66 catches 599 yards 3 TDs

Kelvin Benjamin 34 catches 487 yards 3 TDs



Friday, September 7, 2018

2018 Buffalo Bills Predictions: The Experts

EVERYONE is saying the Bills are going to be bad this year. So lets compile all of them neatly here for you

Drew Magary Deadspin
Buffalo 5-11

The Buffalo News
Vic Carucci
Projected record: 7-9

Jay Skurski
Everywhere you look on the Bills’ roster, there are question marks. Can a rebuilt offensive line protect the quarterback?
Projected record: 6-10.

Mark Gaughan
The Bills have the look of a 5-11 team, and that wouldn’t be all bad. Add a high pick to the $60 million in cap space they’re sitting on, and 2019 could be a breakout year. But Sean McDermott & Co. coached them up so well last season (wins at Atlanta, Kansas City) that I suspect they’ll squeeze more out of this group.
Projected record: 7-9.

Jason Wolf
Projected record: 5-11

Milt Northrop
Projected record: 6-10

Football Outsiders
Dave Bernreuther: Buffalo Bills. They're the lowest projected team, and I'll still take the under every time. Even in a terrible conference there's no way that team wins six games. The easiest game on their entire schedule might be Indianapolis, and with Andrew Luck back, that makes it a tough one. Last year's joke of a playoff appearance was but a tiny interruption in western New York's suffering. It's going to be another long decade.(holy shittttt)

Tom Curran
Bills finish last in the division.

John Breech CBS Sports

16th best record 36% chance to make the playoffs.

Jonathan jones (SI)

Thursday, September 6, 2018

2018 Buffalo Bills Season Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast preview the 2018 Bills, breakdown each game, discuss the quarterback situation, any chance the defense is good and the shaky ground Sean McDermott is on.

2018 NFL Win Total Predictions

By Steve

I went 16 and 16 last season so lets build on that success and predict whether each team will go over or under their predicted win total per Las Vegas

Arizona Cardinals
I love me some Josh Rosen and after Bradford stubs a toe off his foot he'll see the field.

Atlanta Falcons
Good line, good squad.

Baltimore Ravens
Cant believe this team won 9 games but lost at home week 17 to the Bangles to miss the playoffs.

Buffalo Bills
Everyone in the world hates the Bills. I thought everyone liked McDermott though?

Carolina Panthers
Ill roll with Cam

Chicago Bears
6.5 (-225)
Why am I buying into Mitch Trubisky? Because they overpaid a D-end?

Cincinnati Bengals
Seems low.

Cleveland Browns
I guess its easy to improve your win total by 6 or 7 when you won 0 but this team still had a bad coach and QB.

Dallas Cowboys
I feel like this number is high. What is there to love about this team?

Denver Broncos
Vance Joseph is a bum and Case Keenum is Case Keenum.

Detroit Lions
Matty P? Odd hire but good QB.

Green Bay Packers
Fair line. Fortunately for Packers fans their QB is good in the regular season at least.

Houston Texans
DeShaun Watson do it for a full season.

Indianapolis Colts
Ill get on board with Luck.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Last year was a fluke.

Kansas City Chiefs
Most surprising line. No one buying into Maholmes?

Los Angeles Chargers
Good team but bad coach.

Los Angeles Rams
Conference is tough but Ill buy into the McVay love train

Miami Dolphins
Is this the first season ever the Dolphins arent over hyped?

Minnesota Vikings
Love the roster but forgot they signed Cousins. When was he ever great?

New England Patriots
Why doubt em

New Orleans Saints
Missed on them last year but Brees is gettig old.

New York Giants

New York Jets
Sam Darnold? Not this season

Oakland Raiders
Jon Gruden a joke

Philadelphia Eagles
Ten wins

Pittsburgh Steelers
No Bell no problem

San Francisco 49ers
Jimmy G most overrated player in history?

Seattle Seahawks
Im a sucker for Carrol

Tampa Buccaneers
How is dirk still employed?

Tennessee Titans
Win a road playoff game yet fire the coach and everyone agrees with the decision? Only Mularchuck ha.

Washington Redskins
Alex Smith just wins regular season games. Wait Gruden still their coach?

Monday, September 3, 2018

Bills Love Nathan Peterman, Announce Him Starter

By Steve

If ever there was a quarterback than Sean McDermott personifies it is Nathan "pizza boy" Peterman. And as such he will be the Bills opening day starter in a move much of the football world will laugh at. Yet, surprisingly, I agree with the decision.

Lets face it, Josh Allen isnt ready to start. He never was going to be. He was the 10th best QB in the Mountain West for frealing Wyoming. The oline is suspect AT BEST and the WR is awful at worst.

Just look at the schedule. If there was a better way to set up your alleged franchise QB for failure its starting him week 1 at Baltimore, week 2 vs the Chargers, week 3 at the Vikings and week 4 at the Packers. God damn. Murderers row!

Pizza Boy might not be as bad as the FIVE interceptions he threw at LA last year but he still is a 5th round average armed nobody. He cant throw an out route, he doesnt do anything great and only has 2 career starts.

But he is level headed, beloved by Seany McD and has looked adequate at times. He gives the Bills a better chance to win now and isnt likely to keep Allen on the bench all season.

Do I want the Bills to go 7-9 winning just enough to keep us suckers hoping amd this keeping Joshy poo holding a clip board? God know but I dont want to ruin the kids confidence before Halloween either.

Heres hoping Pizza Boy delivers hot and ready.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Bills Trade AJ McCaaron for 5th Round Pick

To the Raiders. Hmm interestng. Better than nothing but it was a short tenure. Pzza Boy time

Buffalo Bills cut Corey Coleman

By steve

Per ian rapoport
"Source: The #Bills are releasing former first-round pick WR Corey Coleman, who the acquired from the #Browns. A few weeks just not enough time to grab a roster spot. He’s looking for another fresh start."

Another awful trade for McBeane. Wasting a future draft pick for jack shit ouch

Friday, August 31, 2018

Doug Marrone is an Idiot Just Ask Pepper Johnson

By Steve

Deadspin posted an insightful interview with former Bills LB coach Pepper Johnson today and Doug Marrone sounds like the biggest asshole dolt of them all.

"Was that Marrone who told you that in Buffalo?
As a matter of fact, it was other coaches, because they were already told that, when they got there. They were helping me out. ‘You have to stay in your lane.’ And I’m like ‘What does stay in your lane mean?’ ‘Ah, well, you’re going to learn it.’ Some things happen, and I learned it fast. One of the reasons why I bring up that is that this is something else that I felt like I was learning outside of that New England Patriot experience of how I started coaching. Okay. So stay in your lane. But it’s tough every time when I would ask someone about that statement, I couldn’t really get a clear answer. I’m asking Marrone, I’m asking some of the other coaches, because I believe that Pepper Johnson can help. If Pepper Johnson stays in this lane which you have given him, how can he help? How do I voice my opinion? I see something that I don’t really know if this if this approach is going to help because I’d like to, I like to talk to my players. I like to learn [about] every everybody individually because, as a player, this is what separated the good coaches, the average coaches, and the coaches I just frankly didn’t give a care about to me. Coach Parcells still today asks me about my mother, asks me about my son, and stuff like that.

Then there is this
I was so worried when I left the Patriots that people were just going to bring me in to pick my brain. When I walked into the Giants’ interview for defensive coordinator, I didn’t know if they were just going to pick my brain on what we do on defense, or if they really wanted me as a defensive coordinator. In Buffalo, we played the Patriots twice. The Jets were also in the division, so we played the Patriots twice. No one asked me anything, offensively or defensively, about the Patriots. And I’ve been with Bill Belichick more than 20 years"

How is that even possible?
Also there is a part where he flatly aays the Patriots were cheating but defends it saying if you werent cheating you werent trying. Ha ouch.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Buffalo Sports Talk Radio Getting New Competition

By Steve

As we know this is a one horse town when it comes to local sports talk radio around here. WGR550 has basically ZERO competition any where on the dial in terms of sports talk. Until next week that is.

Jerry Sullivan and Bucky Gleason, two washouts from the recent Buffalo News mega downsizing will be coming to local airwaves from 9am until 12pm on 1270 the fan. They will be replacing national CBS Sports talk in the form of the D.A. show. They were entertaining but mostly NYC centric.

This is great news for anyone that cant stand the state radio Pegula pays for to hype the hockey team from 10-12 on WGR550 and also sick of he stale Howard Simon amd Jeremy White show from 9-10.

Anything is better than the Enforcers or whatever they are called now but that includes Damon Amendolara.

Jerry Sullivan is an old has-been crank who wuvs Tawm Brady and everything Boston and Gleason is.. boring. Better than nothing though I suppose. And does this open the door to more local content on 1270am? I would assume yes. Tim Graham anyone?

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Why The Bills Suck 2018 is Here

By Steve

Here is the annual Why Your Team Sucks post by deadspin's Drew Magary. A must read for all Bills fans.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Rob Ryan Calls Doug Whaley the Worst Ever

By Steve

Rob Ryan the fatter dumber longer haired loser brother of Rex Ryan was in Colin Cowherd yesterday and absolutely shredded Doug Whaley and the former Buffalo Bills front office.

Granted he heaped praise on the current regime and Sean McDermott for "cleaning out the old personel department which was the worst I've ever seen in 18 years in the NFL" lol ouch. Im sure it had nothing to do with ya boy Rex Ryan though.

(93 minute mark)
Also if you care, he glows about Josh Allen and his cannon arm and thinking the Jets should go slow with Sam Darnold.

<iframe allow="autoplay" width="300" height="400" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Jalen Ramsey Rips Josh Allen

By Steve

I am no Josh Allen fan as anyone who visits here regularly surely knows. But I dont hate him as much as Jaguars bitchboy cornerback Jalen Ramsey does. Damn tell me how you really feel:

"I think [Buffalo Bills draft pick Josh] Allen is trash. I don’t care what nobody say. He’s trash. And it’s gonna show too. That’s a stupid draft pick to me. We play them this year, and I’m excited as hell. I hope he’s their starting quarterback. He played at Wyoming. Every time they played a big school—like, they played Iowa State, which is not a big school in my opinion because I went to Florida State, and he threw five interceptions, and they lost by a couple touchdowns or something like that.✞ He never beat a big school. If you look at his games against big schools, it was always hella interceptions, hella turnovers. It’s like: Yo, if you’re this good, why couldn’t you do better? He fits that mold, he’s a big, tall quarterback. Big arm, supposedly. I don’t see it, personally"

Well, first off, he never played Iowa State in his career. He actually played Iowa last year. Second he only threw TWO interceptions (albeit in a bad 24-3 loss). Third, the only time in his college career that Allen threw for more than 2 interceptions in a game was in 2016 when he did in fact throw 5 picks but it was against Nebraska. The Cornhuskers finished a respectable 9-3 that season.

Maybe Jalen doesnt know the difference between the states of Iowa and Nebraska? Then again Im sure he did get a sterling education at prestigious Florida State.

And finally, can anyone take seriously a dude that says that Ben Rapelesraper is only decent? C'mon.

Our white bread Qb Joshy Allen responded with FIRE:
"“He’s not on my team, he’s not my teammate,” Allen said, via Sal Capaccio of WGR. “It doesn’t bother me. … I don’t care one bit. I care about my teammates, what my teammates think about me.”

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Preseason Review Panthers v Bills

By Steve

Some how pizza boy Nathan Peterman started, AJ McCaaron looked like AJ McCaaron and Josh Allen looked like Josh Allen.

Basically nothing was learned in preseason game 1. Oh, except the Cam Newton Kelvin Benjamin beef was real. Lol.

Peterman had a nice TD drive after his first pasd shoulda been a TAINT. But his only official incomplete was a pick in the red zone. Oof.

McCaaron was good if not average.

Murphy the running back was a breakout preseason star.

Allen chucked the ball outta bounds but also right into Ray Ray's hands with an imlressive gun. Bang Bang. He also showed athleticism running around with little abandon. He showed hes not ready to start. But he has a fuckin gun.

No Mccoy thank god

Th3 first team D got owned by Cam

Crowd was fullish for preseason

They now sell 24oz cans. UHOHH

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Buffalo Bills Trade for WR Corey Coleman

By Steve

Wheelin and dealin McBeane are at it again!

"The #Browns traded former first round WR Corey Coleman to the #Bills in exchange for a late-round pick, source confirms (as @AdamSchefter said.) Second time in less than a year the Bills traded for a first round WR."

Coleman former 15th overall pick, has played 19 games in 2 seasons
56 catches 718 yards 5 TDs

Coleman broke the same hand in back to back seasons. Week 1 his rookie year and week 2 his sophomore season. He also dropped a crucial pass in week 17 to lead the Browns to 0-16.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Bills Training Camp Preview Part 3: Pessimism

By Steve

The Bills get back on the field in real pads this week so lets preview it. Part 2 was Optimism (shockingly) Part 1 was Questions and Answers and now on to part 3. PESSIMISM. (My specialty).

Well, lets face it. The Bills are the Bills. They havent been good in 20 years, have made the playoffs once in the last 18 and have a Vegas over/under total wins of 6. What the hell isn't there to be pessimistic about?

Here's some Pessimism:

1. The Receiver Corps
Holy shit. Zay "bath salts" Jones, No Knees Benjamin, JEREMY KERLEY? Is this real life? They are counting on Rod Streater too?

2. The Quarterbacks
Is there a chance that any of the 3 of McCaaron, Pizzaboy-Peterman or green Allen are better than Tyrod Taylor? Its possible but highly unlikely. Maybe AJ can be decent and not afraid to throw the ball but he has a weaker arm and less athleticism than Tyrod, Peterman threw 5 picks in 30 minutes of game time and Allen played in the fuckin Mountain West last year. Expect a lot of Chris god damn Ivory

3. The first four weeks of the sched
At Ravens in their opener, Chargers, at Vikings at Packers? Yikes. Could there be a tougher start?

4. McDermott
Yeah McDerrr isnt as dumb as Marrone or disorganized as Rex but this guy is a vintage football coach and thats not a compliment. Punting in OT on the other teams side of the field? Putting in Peterpan at the Chargers in a huge playoff contention game? Running 82% of the time on 2nd and 10? Not buying in to math? Hes better than Jauron Mularky or Greg but whats that even mean?

5. LeSean McCoy
God damn it.

Bills Training Camp Preview Part 2 Optimism

By Steve

Buffalo Bills training camp preview time boiiii. Part 1 questions and answers can be found here. Time to move on to reasons why Bills Mafia has (gasp) reasons to actually be optimistic heading to SJF. And no this wont be a sarcastic (entirely) post:

1. The Defense
The Bills defense with returning DC Leslie "i look alien-ish" Frazier should be a solid if not great unit. Sure Thumper and his tackles 8 yards past the line of scrimage are gone but thats about it. They over paid for a solid (star) DT, drafted an alleged stud linebacker/freak and are replacing one injury prone CB no one ever heard of (Gaines) for an injury prone CB everyone has heard of (Davis).

The safeties are still legit and there is now some depth behind Shaq "bust" Lawson at defensive end. Banking on Trent Murphy and a guy w a million letters in his name is risky but Murphy should contribute. Who knows, maybe Matt Milano is actually good too.

2. New OC Brian Daboll
Can anything be worse than Rick Dennison? Well, actually, I guess it could be (see the QB depth chart) but at least  Daboll is young and has recent college experience. Granted, his previous (team) success is meaningless especially when it was so talent rich and the Bills offensively are so talent poor; but the Daboll hire is refreshing and some what inspiring.

3. The Division
The AFC East sucks. Ryan Tannehill, a stray McCown bro and a 41 year old bitch boy are the other starting QBs? Sure the Patriots are dominant but god damn arent they due for a mediocre year? Please? Either way the Jets and Dolphind are no better than the Bills. Is it not possible, if you squiny reallllly hard, andddd sit down, and dont think about it too long, that anyone could technically win this weak division?

4. The Back Half of the Schedule
Yes, Im the guy that says the schedule the way it appears now is meaningless to what it will look like in November butttt. After a gauntlet in the first 4 weeks the schedule appears to soften greatly. (Uh oh im staring to reach already)

5. The Offensive Line
Yeah sure Eric Wood is gone and so is Richie Incognito but how good were those dudes relative to their salaries and the product on the field? Is it not possible that with some new blood in there that the pass blocking could be significantly better? Tiny Ty was running for his life last year. (Uhhh def starting to reach)

6. LeSean McCoy
Alright I ran out of positivity.

Up next? Pessimism!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Vegas Odds for Buffalo Bills week 1 Starting QB

By Steve

The odds for which quarterback will start week 1 for the Bills are out from Las Vegas. Via @Covers

NFL "Who will be starting QB in Week 1" betting @BetDSI

A.J. McCarron -150
Josh Allen +160
Nathan Peterman +820

Id love to take the long odds on Peterman for entertainment purposes only of course. (Based on McDermot's gushing love for the pizza delivery boy)

Buffalo Bills Training Camp Preview: Biggest Questions

By Steve

The playoff appearance hangover is over and its time to rise and grind again. Training camp officially starts on Thursday and tiny Tyrod Taylor is long gone. Dennison is gone, the draft capital was thrown in the garbage for a garbage rookie QB and McDermot is still the coach.

In this 3 part preview I'll give you some early quetions and answers as well as reasons to be optimistic heading into this season and reasons to be pessimistic (my specialty).

Biggest questions heading into camp:

Who the hell is Brian Daboll and what kind of offense is he going to run?
Presumably the offensive scheme will depend on who the QB is. Ideally RPO intensive if Josh Allen shockingly wins the job, boring and plotting if the other two win.

Will AJ MccAaron out perform the pizza delivery boy masquarading as a QB Nathan Peterman?
Probably not. But with these weapons it may not much matter any way.

Did Sean McDermott learn anything over the offseason to become a competent head coach for a change?

What the hell is going on with McCoy?
No clue.

Is there anything to build on from last year's playoff appearance?
It is usually argued by "analytics" people that defense from one year to the next swings wildly. Fuck analytics in football. I think the defense can build on 2017 and should be top 10 this year.

Who will be a bigger impact player Logan Thomas or Rod Streater?
The tight end and receiver positions are in shambles. Thomas is almost gauranteed to make the team thus he will.

Who has the most pressure on them?
Tremaine Edmunds hands down. A linebacker in the first round AND you traded up for him and he just turned 20? He better make a difference instantly.

Is Chris Ivory really the # 2 runningback?
Yes, god help us all.

Is there any pressure on the front office to win?
No, sadly. Then again, anyone hear from Terrance lately or is he mailing it in and Kim is in charge?

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sabres Trade Ryan Oreilly to Blues

By Steve

Remember when the Sabres were going to be amazing and win a lot because they drafted Jack Eichel and overpaid for Ryan O'Reilly 3 years ago? Lol

Today they dumped theie problem child drunk bitch boy quitter to the Blues.

"BUF gets 1st in 19, 2nd in 21, Tage Thompson, Vladimir Sobotka,Patrick Betglund for Ryan O’Reilly. No salary retained. STL pays ROR signing bonus."

Tage Thompson is a 2016 first round center that had 8 goals in 71 games between the AHL & NHL. (Basically a nobody)

Sobotka is a 31 year old center who washed out in Boston and the KHL. He had 31 points last year and is under contract for 2 more years at $3.25 mil.

Bertglund is a 30 year old center with worse stats (26 points last year) and under contract for 4 more years at $3.85 mil per.

The Sabres are definitely worse today but Im surprised they got 3 players and 2 pick for a piece of shit baby.

Saving the $7 mil bonus is useless to all of us except Terry Pegula. It was meaningless to the cap and adding the 3 players basically evens out ROR's cap hit.

Oh well

Friday, June 22, 2018

Sabres Draft Rasmus Dahlin Franchise Savior again

By Steve

The Sabres drafted yet another SAVIOR OF THE FRANCHISE in Swedish defenseman Rasmus Dahlin tonight. Lets start counting our cup rings now!

Its not like we all heard the franchise was all set 3 years ago when Jack Eichel was going to be the savior. Thats worked out great!

Im sure all the fanboys will ignore the fact that Eichel is an injury prone over paid over hyped nobody. Hes averaged 59 games in his first 3 seasons and a measly .846 points per game.

Im sure adding a Euro 18 year old defenseman will cure all this franchises ills. Its not like they have a know nothing fanboy owner, an unqualified 54 year old coach and a first time GM that some how made the team worse this season. They have the second longest playoff drought in the league and haven't won a playoff series since Briere and Drury walked out the door. oof.

But hey its Dahlin Day in Buffalo and people are still buying tickets. Plus the Buffalo News is burning down to dust and everyone at WGR550 is doing great. Up is down, down is up and the Sabres still fuckin suck.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Buffalo Bills Point Spreads for 2018 Season

By Steve

Via from @cgtechnology_ in Las Vegas the point spread for the entire 2018 season is out. The Buffalo Bills are favored in a total of (gulp) THREE games. Yes 3 games the entire season. Here is the breakdown of the lines for each Bills game:

Week 1
Bills +3.5 @ Ravens

Week 2
Bills + 1 v Chargers

Week 3
Bills +10 @ Vikings

Week 4
Bills +9.5 @ Packers

Week 5
Bills Pick em v Titans

Week 6
Bills +6 @ Texans

Week 7
Bills +2 @ Colts

Week 8 (MNF)
Bills +4.5 v Patriots

Week 9
Bills -1.5 v Bears

Week 10
Bills +1 @ Jets

Week 11

Week 12
Bills +4.5 v Jaguars

Week 13
Bills +1 @ Dolphins

Week 14
Bills -4 v Jets

Week 15
Bills pick em v Lions

Week 16
+10.5 @ Patriots

Week 17
Bills -4 v Dolphins

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Russ Brandon Resigns in Disgrace

By Steve

Ding dong the witch is dead! The #meToo movement took down failed piece of shit Russ brandon.

According to the Buffalo News he quit after lying to Kim Pegula about inapproproate relationships with fenale employees.

How this guy kept his job after failing upwards for nearly 20 years is incredible to me. Not only was he the president of the Bills he was for the damn Sabres too. Unbelievable.

Thank god he is gone. Dont bother liaten to Schopp and the Bulldog today, those two clowns have been in bed with him since the beginning. He was their inside source, they were all friends and Chap/Poodle never criticized them on their show ever. And for the most part defended him because the Bills and Sabres "moved inventory".

Hip hip hooray. Peace out Russ you ass hat.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

5th Round Bills Draft Guard Wyatt Teller

This was the pick the Bills got for Marcell Dareus.
Va Tech guard Wyatt Teller 6'5 314 senior

5th Round Buffalo Bills Draft DB Siran Neal

DB Siran Neal Jacksonville state
He played linebacker safety and cornerback his senior year. Another DB from a small town school. Evidently the Bills arent interested in offense. Wow

4th Round Bills Draft CB Taron Johnson

CB Taron Johnson weber state
Senior 5'11 192 ran a 4.5 40

Three-year starter, two-time All-Big Sky selection, unanimous FCS First Team All-American and Big Sky Defensive MVP in 2017

Fills a need in the secondary

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bills Trade Up Again LB Tremaine Edmunds LB

By Steve

Whoaaaa! Bills give up a 3rd and get a 5th back to move from 22 to 16

Hes only 19 and plays all linebacker positions

Grade A-

Bills Fail Bad Trade up for Josh Allen

By Steve

With Josh Rosen on the board the Bills trade up for Josh Allen


2018 NFL Mock Draft

By Steve

The only mock draft you need, get woke.

Draft Podcast Preview

Mock Draft Compilation

Quarterback Rankings

Bills needs

Mock Draft first and final:

1 Cleveland Browns – Baker Mayfield

2 NY Giants – Saquon Barkley

3 NY Jets - Josh Allen

4 Cleveland Browns – Brad Chubb

5 Buffalo Bills TRADE – Sam Darnold
I’d prefer Rosen

6 Miami Dolphins TRADE – Josh Rosen
I dont get it

7 Tampa Buccaneers - Denzel Ward

8 Chicago Bears - Quentin Nelson

9 San Francisco 49ers - Roquan Smith

10 Oakland Raiders – Minkah Fitzpatrick

11 Indianapolis Colts Vita Vea

12 Denver Broncos – Josh Jackson

13 Washington Redskins - Tremaine Edwards

14 Green Bay Packers – Mike McGlinchey

15 Arizona Cardinals – Lamar Jackson

16 Baltimore Ravens - Mike Hughes

17 Los Angeles Chargers – Derwin James

18 Seattle Seahawks – Da’ron Payne

19 Dallas Cowboys – Calvin Ridley

20 Detroit Lions – Marcus Davenport

21 Cincinnati Bengals - Harold Landry

22 Denver Broncos – James Daniels

23 New England Cheatriots – Leighton Vander Esch

24 Carolina Panthers - DJ Moore

25 Tennessee Titans - Frank Ragnow

26 Atlanta Falcons - Justin Reid

27 New Orleans Saints – Dallas Godat
First tight end

28 Pittsburgh Steelers – Dareus Guice

29 Jacksonville Jaguars – Will Hernandez

30 Minnesota Vikings – Maurice Hurts

31 New England Patriots – Mason Rudolph

32 Philadelphia Eagles – Josh Sweat

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

2018 NFL Draft Preview: Bills Mock Draft Compilation

By Steve

The draft is tomorrow, lets see what the "experts" are predicting and laugh. Here is our podcast preview, Bills needs, and QB rankings to read first

The Ringer
Josh Rosen (move to 6th)
"The Bills don’t waste any time moving up to take advantage of Rosen’s mini-slide, giving up the 12th and 22nd picks to land their quarterback of the future"
My grade A-

Walter Football
Sam Darnold (trade up to 4)
"The Bills, meanwhile, have to trade up. They don't have a viable starting quarterback, and they've already moved up once. They plan on following the Eagles' blueprint with a double trade."
My grade incomplete.. giving up 3 firsts would be C-, goving up 2 firsts and a 2nd B-

Josh Rosen (trade up to 7)
Bills give up 12, 53, and 121
"This is a really good scenario for the Bills. Three quarterbacks are taken ahead of Rosen, considered by most to be the best pure passer in this draft. And with him falling all the way to No. 7, general manager Brandon Beane doesn’t have to give up nearly as much as he would have to get into the top-five"
My grade A.
Seems unlikely

Josh Rosen (trade to 8 giving up 12 a 2md round pick and 2019 4th)
Dumb site is tough to navigate on my phone so no quotes.
My grade A+

Roquan Smith LB
Uhh this doesnt have Allen in the first round and Jacksom going at 16. They do have the Bills going Rudolph at 22.
My Grade B+

Pete Prisco
Sam Darnold (move to 4th)
They should make this move up to land their quarterback. Give up their two first-round picks and a second and fourth next year to land Darnold.

Josh Allen
While we’re hung up on finding a landing spot for all the quarterbacks, I’d remind you of four things at this pick: A) I don’t know if Buffalo loves Allen; B) but I hear they love his ability to throw it through the lake effect winds and snow; C) Allen is a garrulous, genial version of Jim Kelly, a rifle-armed work in progress the fans in western New York will love; and D) I think this trade fits both teams because I’m not sure the Colts would demand both Bills’ first-round picks in return. In fact, because of the strength of the second round, I could see Colts GM Chris Ballard valuing the 53rd and 56th picks collectively higher than the 22nd pick in this draft. So, 12, 53, 56 and, say, 96 for six? Could be equitable. It would leave the Bills with their second of two first-rounders."
My grade C
Flawed logic and expensive

Then at 22 they take a guard James Daniels
"Need pick. Smart of the Bills to insist in their dealings and offers to various teams that they’d have to keep this pick to buttress a part of their team buffeted by a wild offseason. Gone: center Eric Wood and guard Richie Incognito (retired) and tackle Cordy Glenn (traded). If you’d told anyone in the Bills front office that they’d exit day one of the draft with a quarterback of the future and the second-best interior lineman in the draft with lots of experience playing pro-style football, they’d have been very happy."
My grade F

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

2018 Buffalo Bills Draft Preview Podcast

Steve Coast and Wreck breakdown the upcoming NFL draft with predictions insight and hot takes.  What quarterbacks do they like which do they hate? What's the best case scenario?  Listen to the podcast below check out Steve's Quarterback Rankings and Bills needs breakdown here.

Monday, April 23, 2018

2018 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterback Rankings

By Steve

Time to put together my final ranking of the quarterback class of 2018! Here is my list of Bills draft needs. Look for a podcast later this week.

2018 QB rankings:

1. Josh Rosen
Easy choice. He has the size the production and the intelligence. The injury history is concerning but there is no sure fire baller in this class.

2. Sam Darnold
The hype around this guy because of one great bowling game last season artificially inflated this dude. Whether or not the USC quarterback thing is real or not still gives me some hesitation. He had a mediocre 2017 and turns the ball over too much. High floor low ceiling.

3. Lamar Jackson
Liddle Shoulders Lamar is a potential star in the ride system with the right coaches. When are NFL franchises going to realize how important offensive continuity is and pay their O.C. as much as the head coach or close to it? LSL runs a lot which wont work in the NFL but he can sling the rock too.

4. Josh Allen
He can't hit the broad side of a barn and struggled in the Mountain West. Who the hell does Wyoming even play? He has the size and arm but if he isnt Joe Flacco reincarnate then I dont know football.

5. Mason Rudolph
Too bad the big 12 doesn't play defense so its tough to judge these dudes much. Id like this guy in the 2nd round.

6. Baker Mayfield
Short as hell, athletic and an ass hole who runs from cops. I dont get the appeal and I have no interest in this dude. Liddle Baker Tebow isnt on my big board.

2018 NFL Draft Preview: Buffalo Bills Needs

By Steve

Tough to argue with the idea that this is the biggest Bills draft in franchise history. The roster is talentless, Buffalo has two selections in each of the first 3 rounds and the pressure of the playoff drought had been lifted. McBeane and co (even fuckin russ god damn brandon [shoot me]) better not mess this up.

The selections:
53 (2nd round)
56 (2nd round)
65 (3rd round)
96 (3rd round)
121 (4th round)
166 (5th round)
187 (6th round)

Biggest Needs Ranked

1. Quarterback
Could AJ McCaaron be decent? Maybe, but he certainly wont be great. There was a reason the front office dumped player after player the last 10 months. To build an arsenal to land a highly touted QB. Its doable and its mandatory they do it.

2. Wide Receiver
Does anyone in their right mind have faith in meth boy Zay Jones or no knees Kelvin Benjamin or Jeremy yes hes a Bill Kerley?

3. Linebacker
Who the hell is the middle linebacker? Who are any of the linebackers? 48 year old Lorenzo Alexander?

4. Cornerback
Vontae Davis is on a one year prove it deal and is a major question mark.

5. Guard
Its this low because guards are guards. Groy is probably ok enough.

6. Runningback
Shady is old and the bums behind him arent good.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 Buffalo Bills Schedule Reaction

By Steve

What a piece of shit schedule. 4 home games after Thanksgiving every single game at 1pm except the MNF slaughter and start the seaso on the road. Fuck my life.

Could easily see the Bills starting out 0-4 but starting with the Colts week 7 I could see the Bills rattle off 8 straight wins.

At Minny and at Green Bay back to back is real rough. Again starting at Baltimore makes no fuckin sense. 4 of the last 5 games in the division is odd.

No Thursday night game is also stupid.

More in depth

Some positives

Week 2 is an LA chargere let down after KC game

Week 3 minny let down after big GB

Week 5 tenn let down after hosting SB champs Philly

Week 6 Hou let down after a big dallas SNF game

Week 10 is a jets get away game with their BYE the next week

Week 12 jax let down after a big pitt SNF game

Week 14 NYJ 2nd straight road game

Week 15 Det 2nd straight road game

Week 16 NE let down after big Pitt game

Week 17 Miami does have extra time playing TNF week 16 

2018 Buffalo Bills Schedule Predictions

By Steve

The schedule is coming today so its time to make some predictions.

First what we do know, the opponents. The Bills will play:
LA chargers
Detroit Lions
Chicago Bears
Jax Jaguars
Tennessee Titans
Dolphins, Jets, Patriots

Houston Texans
Green Bay Packers
Indianapolis Colts
Minnesota Vikings
Baltimore Ravens
Dolphins, Jets, Patriots

The Bills will start the season at home, and Ill predict the Jaguars. (Im already getting flash backs to the 2004 home opener [more over that whole season could be a doppleganger for the entire season, rookie QB gets hurt, defense is good.. uhoh]).

The Bills will have one and only 1 primetime game. Early November against the Dolphins.

The season will end with a meaningless road loss at the Patriots.

There will be another 4+ home games after Thankagiving pissing off every 45+ year old in the area.

Christmas Eve is on a Monday so Buffalo wont be effected.

Look for a tough 3 game stretch vs N.E. at Vikings at Packers tanking the season in mid October.

All 1pm games.


Thursday, March 29, 2018

2018 MLB Total Wins Predictions: American League

By steve

Baseball? Baseball. Here is my National League win total predictions now time for the AL:
American League

New York Yankees
Home runs dont win championships. Under

Boston Red Sox
Is anyone scared JD Martinez? They do have the highest payroll in MLB though. Over

Toronto Blue Jays
Is Jose Bautista really a free agent? Push

Baltimore Orioles
I need to brush up on my O's baseball jeez this line is low. Machado will b gone before August evidently. Under

Tampa Bay Rays
Seems high. Didnt even realize they still had a team. Under


Cleveland Indians

Minnesota Twins
This division is so bad. Over

Chicago White Sox
Damn thats a low number. Under

Detroit Tigers
Damn thats a low number. Over

Kansas City Royals
That world series taste is gone but again this division is so bad. Over


Oakland A's
Nope. Under

Houston Astros
No wonder half the teams are tanking. Over

Los Angeles Anaheim Angels
It is truly unbelievable that Mike Scioscia is still their manager. Under

Seattle Mariners
Longest post season drought in American sports. Over

Texas Rangers
Id say push but its not possible. Over

2018 MLB Win Total Predictions: National League

By steve

Yes baseball is still a sport so lets give predictons on win totals for every team:

National League


Washington Nationals
Weak division and the playoffs dont count so take the over.

New York Mets
Seems a bit low. If the staff stays healthy they can compete for a W.C. over

Atlanta Braves
Not yet a believer. Under

Phildelphia Phillies
Toughest line on the board. Under though

Miami Marlins
Could this team really lose a hundi?
Yup, under


Chicago Cubs
Seems a bit high with my Brew crew improving. Under

Milwaukee Brewers
Overrrrrrr lock

Pittsburgh Pirates
Wasnt this team a contender just a few short years ago? McCutchen is a freakin Giant! Under

Cincinnati Reds
75 wins seems possble, over.

St Louis Cardinals
I feel like this team is always over hyped and under hyped every year. Over


Los Angeles Dodgers
Best regular season team money can buy. Over

Arizona Diamondbacks
Former Bisons skipper balled last year, can Torrey keep it rolling?

San Francisco Giants
Window closed, door shut, no more World Series but 81.5 seems low. Over

Colorado Rockies
No clue so ill say push

San Diego Padres
This franchise has to be relevant one day right? Is 70 wins too much to ask? Over

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Buffalo Bills Sign QB AJ McCarron

By steve

2 year contract for the 27 year old former cincinnati Bengal. He has 3 career starts along with a playoff start in which he nearly beat the Steelers.

Two years is a solid bridge to the QB they'll draft and push to start this upcoming season.

I see this as a Nick Foles esque insurance policy with some upside.

Is he the quarterbsck of the future? Almost certainly not but a capable NFL quarterback for a short period.

Contract details per profootballtalk
"AJ McCarron deal in Buffalo: Two years, $10 million with $6.5 million upside based on playing time. Per source."

Even cheaper than Foles. I see no downside to this at all

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Thursday Set to be Buffalo Basketball Night

Everyone ready for the best night of Buffalo basketball in forever? And two tvs set up?

With St Bonaventure taking down UCLA Tuesday night as 3 point dawgs both the Bonnies and University at Buffalo play late Thursday night:

#11 St bonnies v #6 florida 957pm tip
#13 UB bulls vs # 4arizona 940pm tip


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bills Have 4 Players in PFT Top 100 Free Agents

By steve

With free agency in the NFL to start next week profootballtalk has released their annual top 100 free agents. The Bills have four players in the top 100:

EJ Gaines 22nd
Kyle Williams 44th
Jordan Matthews 68th
Preston Brown 91st

Surprised 35 year old Kyle Williams is even on the list (good for his leverage). Also surprised injury prone Gaines is so high (makes the Vontae Davis contract seem to be smart). Notable that Preston Brown is so low and Jordan Matthews is about right.

Buffalo Bills 2018 NFL Draft Picks

By steve

As of now the Bills have 8 draft picks in the 2018 NFL draft. They have no 6th or 7th round picks.

2018 draft selections:

1st 21
1st 22
2nd 53
2nd 56
3rd 96 (5th last pick of round)
4th 121
5th 158
5th 166

Previously traded away
3 85
6 195
7 234
7 239

Monday, February 26, 2018

Buffalo Bills Sign CB Vontae Davis

Evidently the Bills signed vontae davis the former dolphins and colts cornerback.

So the Bills won nhl trade deadline day

Buffalo Sabres Trade Evander Kane to San Jose

By steve

The Sabres GM Botterill evidently is alive! He traded Evander Kane to the Sharks for forward Daniel O'regan
2019 first round pick if he resigns with SJ or it turns in to a 2nd rounder
2020 4th round pick

Maybe Botterill shoulda just stayed dead. Nothing to help this year and it seems highly unlikely this will ever be a 1st.


24 year old forward danny o'regan
31 AHL games 25 points
19 NHL games 0 goals 4 assists
Played 3 nhl games last year

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl 52 NFL Picks

Boring super bowl

Steve 35-41-2 Playoffs 5-4-1
Eagles +4.5 v Cheatriots
Over 48.5

Coast 34-40-4 Playoffs 6-3-1
Eagles +4.5
Under 48.5

Feyes 30-44-4 Playoffs 4-5-1
Eagles +4.5

Katman 34-40-4 Playoffs 4-5-1
Patriots -4.5

Saturday, January 20, 2018

NFL Conference Championship Picks


Steve 34-40-2 Playoffs 4-3-1
Patriots -7.5 v Jaguars
Eagles +3 v Vikings

Coast 32-40-4 Playoffs 4-3-1
Jaguars +7.5 @ Patriots
Eagles +3 v Vikings

Feyes 30-42-4 Playoffs 4-3-1
Patriots -7.5 v Jaguars
Vikings -3 @ Eagles

Katman 32-40-4 Playoffs 2-5-1
Jaguars +7.5 @ Patriots
Eagles +3 v Vikings

Saturday, January 13, 2018

NFL Divisional Round Picks

DRW comin atcha

Steve 32-39-1 Playoffs 2-2
Saints +5 @ Vikings
Steelers -7 v Jaguars
Patriots -13.5 v Titans
Eagles +3 v Falcons

Coast 30-39-3 Playoffs 2-2
Titans +13.5 @ Patriots
Jaguars +7 @ Steelers
Eagles +3 v Falcons
Saints +5 @ Vikings

Feyes 29-40-3 Playoffs 3-1
Eagles +3 v Falcons
Titans +13.5 @ Patriots
Steelers -7 v Jaguars
Vikings -5 v Saints

Katman 32-37-3 Playoffs 2-2

Falcons -3 @ Eagles
Titans +13.5 @ Patriots
Steelers -7 v Jags
Saints +5 @ Vikings

Monday, January 8, 2018

Bills Season Ends with a Thud

By Steve

What a game. Almost incredible really. The Bills fail to score a touchdown despite twicing ion the same drive having a first down inside the 12 yard line. They failed to take away the ball (dropping at least 2 INTs) despite playing perhaps the worst QB to ever start a playoff game. The Bills failed to win.

Granted the Bills weren't supposed to be in this spot and werent supposed to win (the spread was 8.5). Tiny Tyrod Taylor is no steller QB. The coach Sean "dougy" McDermott is no tactical wizard. Lesean McCoy was hurt. The Jags have about as stacked a defense as a team can have.

And yet.. the Bills probably should have won.

The holding on the long Shady catch was a killer. The offensive PI on Benjamin was a killer. That play call was a killer. Im still waiting for a clear fucking shot of Charles Clay stepping out of bounds because I never saw one.

What one player on defense could the Bills (probably) least afford to lose? They 2nd team all pro safety Micah Hyde? Who dropped one of the interceptions? Oh yeah his replacement, Colt Anderson. Oof.

It was a confluence of factors that caused the Bills to lose this game. Obviously the offense was horrible and Tyrod was worse than normal. But damn, this team couldnt get one damn break Sunday. Maybe they cashed em all in with the Dalton pass last week. Damn.

Oh wait theres more. Tyrod got hurt while driving on the last possesion of the damn game too. True he isnt good but we all know Nick Peterson the pizza delivery boy back up is significantly worse. And of course he throws an INT almost immediately. AND took an intentional grounding call. AND the INT was even controversial. I think it hit the ground but it didnt much matter. Ramsey made a damn play on a bad pass that would have been just has bad if the WR even caught it for the 6 or 7 yards it was going for.

So the season ends in dissapointment. But at least the 17 drought hanging around our necks is dead. Where does the squad go from here? Who the hell knows.

They need a new OC two new quarterbacks and a lot of new players at a lot of different positions. Dont use 3 high picks on one ok QB please.

Its gonna be a crazy draft and a long offseason. The honeymoon has been extended for Mcderrr tho.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Wildcard Week NFL Picks

Wild Card Weekend

Steve 30-37-1
Chiefs -8.5 v Titans
Bills +8.5 @ Jaguars
Falcons +5.5 @ Rams
Saints -7 v Panthers

Coast 28-37-3
Bills +8.5 @ Jaguars
Saints -7 v Panthers
Chiefs -8.5 v Titans
Falcons +5.5 @ Rams

Feyes 26-39-3
Titans +8.5 @ Chiefs
Rams -5.5 v Falcons
Bills +8.5 @ Jaguars
Panther +7 @ Saints

Katman 30-35-3
Chiefs -8.5 v Titans
Rams -5.5 v Falcons
Bills +8.5 @ Jaguars
Panthers +7 @ Saints

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Podcast Buffalo Bills at Jaguars Preview

Steve Coast and Wreck relive their reactions to the Bills clinching their first playoff berth in 17 years and breakdown the Jacksonville Jaguars Wild Card playoff game.  Yes playoffs.