Thursday, October 30, 2014

Buffalo Bills hit the BYE at 5-3 Podcast

Midway point of the season, let's see what Steve and Coast have to say:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 9 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Compilation

After a resounding victory over the Jets do the Bills get any respect from the national media?

ESPN 16:
"The Jets blitzed Kyle Orton at the highest rate of Orton's season Sunday, and Orton finished 6-of-8 for 184 yards and three touchdowns against at least five rushers."

No movement from ESPN but some what useful stat about Orton.

CBS 20:
"Kyle Orton has really helped this team. Can he keep it up?"

A giant 2 spot leap but still behind the Dolphins, Giants and Steelers.  Kyle Orton is the QB evidently too

Yahoo 15:
"Kyle Orton's production is huge for the Bills, and it really shows how bad E.J. Manuel was before he was benched."

No change in their ranking and a nice shot at ol' Erik Manuel

PFT 14:
"14. Buffalo Bills (No. 14; 5-3):  Sammy Watkins‘ premature celebration could end up being a metaphor for his team’s 2014 season."

This hurts because it is true.  Again no change.

NFL 16:
"Buffalo fans tweeted me last week to say they didn't know which Kyle Orton they would get drive to drive, much less week to week. I think the Bills Mafia will take four touchdowns and no picks. In other news, Sammy Watkins pulled a Leon Lett, and appropriately got Beebe'd. #footballgods"

Another unchanged ranking and a nice Super Bowl 27 (or 28) reset

Walterfootball 21:
21. Buffalo Bills (5-3). Previously: #22

No comments from Walt this week but the Bills are behind 2 teams they've beat but ahead of the Browns!

Overall no one thought the win over the Jets was important.  But if you knew the history you were think it meant something.  The Jets do suck though.  Highest 14 lowest 21

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 8 NFL Expert Picks

The midway-ish way through the season and it is time to get for reals about making some scrill.  Here are our expert picks:

Steve 18-16-1 Best Bet 4-3

Raiders @ Browns under 44
Buccaneers -2.5 v Vikings
Cardinals v Eagles PICK
Redskins +10 @ Cowboys
Packers @ Saints over 55

Coast 20-14-1 Best Bet 4-3

Seahawks -6 @ Panthers
Bengals +1 v Ravens
Dolphins -6.5 @ Jaguars
Bears +6 @ Patriots
Browns -6.5 v Raiders

Wreck 21-14 Best Bet 3-4

Redskins +10 @ Cowboys
Raiders +6.5 @ Browns
Jaguars +6.5 v Dolphins
Steelers +3.5 v Colts
Bears +6 @ Patriots

Katman 16-17-2 Best Bet 3-4

Cardinals v Eagles PICK
Redskins +10 @ Cowboys
Steelers +3.5 v Colts
Ravens -3 @ Bengals
Bills @ Jets over 40.5

Friday, October 24, 2014

Bills at Jets - Season on the line


This whole week I have been afraid of this game vs. the Jets. I predicted a 23-13 Jets win. As the days go by, I am starting to wonder why I am afraid of the Jets? The only logical reason is that they are the Jets and we are the Bills and Rex Ryan owns us and we just cannot win in New York, or in any big game vs. this team. This is 2014 though and this Jets team is 1-6. They lost to the Lions and Bears at home, both teams the Bills defeated on the road. The Jets beat Oakland by 5 at home for their only win and lost 31-0 to San Diego. They have been simply awful and now that they have played 2 tough games in a row both of which they lost, they are the best 1-6 team ever. The Jets are the first team in the history of the league to be favored against a team with a winning record, which says about as much about the Bills as it does about the Jets.

The Bills are a Jay Cutler interception, Alex Henery missed field goals and Kyle Orton 4th and 20 away from being 1-6 themselves. How much is really separating this Bills team from the 1-6 Jets? The answer is...not much.

Offensively, the Bills rank 27th and the Jets 28th in points per game. The Bills are 22nd in the league in yards per game, the Jets 26th. Statistically speaking, both teams have been awful on offense (though with Orton in there, the Bills passing offense has been dramatically improved the last three games...running the ball is another story).

Defensively, the Bills have fared much better in points per game allowed (10th vs. 26th), but the Jets are actually allowing fewer yards per game (ranking 8th vs. the Bills 10th). The Jets defense is getting a pass for allowing so many points because they have faced such difficult competition this far. This is part of the reason why the media loves the Jets this week. They are 1-6 but have faced such great quarterbacks. They have faced Manning, Rodgers, Brady, Rivers, Cutler and Stafford. What people are not considering is that the Bills have faced 4 of those 6 players as well. The Bills have beaten Cutler and Stafford and faced Brady and Rivers. The Bills schedule hasn't exactly been a cake walk is all I am saying.

At the end of the day, these teams are even and given the history of this rivalry the past few years, it is hard to predict a Bills win. In 2008, the Bills were 5-1, lost to Miami and then came home to face off against Brett Favre and the Jets in the "biggest Bills game of the new millenium." The Jets wiped the floor with the Bills in what effectively ended their season. In 2011, the Bills were 5-2 and the Jets were in town with Rex Ryan for the "biggest Bills game of the new millenium." Rex Ryan owned the Bills and completely exposed Fitzpatrick and the offense and Ladainian Tomlinson flashed back to 2005 and ran all over the Bills defense. Those two games were the last two times the Bills faced the Jets with a winning record in which they were having legitimate playoff aspirations (ironically - both of those losses were the 8th game of the season as well). The Jets squashed them and anyone who really knew anything about the Bills knew those respective seasons were over.

The Bills have an opportunity Sunday to make a statement as the 2nd best team in the AFC East and the Patriots number 1 contender. In my opinion, the entire 2014 season rides on this Sunday's game. This is a must win if the Bills want to entertain any realistic playoff opportunities. The next 4 games are KC at home, at Miami, Jets at home and Cleveland at home. A loss vs. the Jets means the Bills absolutely must win the next 4 games (they will likely be dogs vs. KC and at Miami). And EVEN IF they do pull of 4 straights wins to get to 8-4, they will most likely need to win 2 of their last 4. GIving them a win vs. Oakland on the road means they have to win a game at Denver, vs. Green Bay or at New England. Is that really going to happen? Needless to say, a win vs. the Jets is a must but I need to stick to my original 23-13 prediction.

Go Bills!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bills at Jets Preview Podcast

The 4-3 Buffalo Bills travel to the 1-6 NY Jets and Steve and Coast take a gander

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bills at Jets Preview Stats

by Steve

Another crucial divisional game this week for the Bills at Jets. Lets take a gander at some stats as we pass over hump day:

Bills +3 (-115) over/under 41

Bills Offensive Rankings:

Total Plays: 11th
Yards per Game: 22nd
Points per Game: 27th (19.3)
Turnovers: 15th (+1)
3rd Down %: 25th 37%
Passing Yards: 19th 230.1
Rushing Yards: 19th 103.4

Jets Offensive Rankings:

Total Plays: 3rd
Yards per Game:26th
Points per Game: 28th (17.3)
Turnovers: 32nd (-9)
3rd Down %: 18th 41%
Passing Yards: 31st 185.4
Rushing Yards: 7th 135

Bills Defensive Rankings

Yards Allowed Per Game: 11th 328
Points Allowed Per Game: 8th 20.3
Rushing Allowed Per Game: 4th 80.4
Passing Allowed Per Game: 20th 247.6
Sacks: 1st 24
Total Turnovers: 12

Jets Defensive Rankings

Yards Allowed Per Game: 9th 326.6
Points Allowed Per Game: 26th 26.4
Rushing Allowed Per Game: 8th 88
Passing Allowed Per Game: 15th 238.6
Sacks: Tied for 6th 20
Total Turnovers: 3

Week 8 Bills Power Rankings Compilation

After a lucky win against the Vikings lets see what the natty media thinks:

ESPN 16:
"Kyle Orton has two game-winning drives in his three starts this season but running backs Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller will miss time with injuries."

Boring words but a five spot move up

CBS 20:
"At 4-3, they are in the playoff race. But the backfield injuries will hurt."

A lot of running back chatter already this week and little respect paid with a 2 spot leap.

NFL 16:
 "Now that is how you get your first-round draft pick involved, folks. Sure, Sunday's game was bugly (Buffalo ugly). But hey, man -- a win is a win is a win. I got on this team for the manner in which it was able to prevail in Detroit in Week 5 (via some nice, old-fashioned luck), but in the triumph over the Vikings, Kyle Orton -- sans 'stache -- was able to put a couple of throws right where they needed to be. Let's just hope Bryce Brown, Anthony Dixon and whichever Turd Ferguson the Bills sign off the street can provide balance on the ground in the absence of Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller."

A new word! Bugly. It fits.

PFT 14:
"The Bills will face Percy Harvin at the worst possible time — when he’s on his best behavior and without any idea how he’ll be used.:

I'm evidently not the only one a bit scared of Harvin this week. Two spot hop.

Yahoo 15:
"The Bills gave up a fourth-round pick for Bryce Brown, just to have him be inactive for seven weeks. With Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller hurt, we'll get to see if the Bills' investment was actually worth anything."

Lotta running back chatter. Bryce Brown time with a 3 spot leap.

Walterfootball : 22. Buffalo Bills (4-3). Previously: #24

Ouch Walt couldn't even give us a sentence or two this week.

More respect for a 4-3 record this week.  Highest 14 lowest 22.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week 7 NFL Expert Picks

Steve 15-14-1 Best Bet 4-2
Lions -2 v Saints
Colts -3.5 v Bengals
Bears -3  Dolphins
Titans +5 @ Redskins
Cardinals -4 @ Raiders

Katman 12-16-2 Best Bet 2-4
Ten +6- best bet
Arz -4
Pit -3
Sd -4
Bal -6.5

Wreck  19-11 Best Bet 3-3

Coast 16-13-1 Best Bet 3-3

Friday, October 17, 2014

Vikings at Buffalo Bills Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast review an awful Patriots game yet again and look ahead to Minny

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 7 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Compilation

Lets see what the media thinks about the 3-3 Buffalo Bills:

ESPN 21:
"Revis Island was a lonely place. Sammy Watkins had career lows in catches (two) and targets (three) Sunday, but the Vikings' defense should be good for a bounce-back performance."

Someone watched the game or at least the stats and the schedule. A small three spot drop.

CBS 22:
"The new owner got off to a tough start with a bad home loss. They just aren't good enough to beat the Patriots."

Pegula crack back and a true statement with a three spot drop seems appropriate.

PFT 16:
"So much for the Bills being competitive."
Huh? 21:
"Fielded many complaints about Buffalo being too low in last week's Power Rankings, but the thought here was that the club reached (and knee-jerked) with Kyle Orton -- and, generally, was not playing all that well. Well, the offense does look better with Orton under center. But while I understand gripes about the Bills being lower than the Lions and Bears (both of whom Buffalo beat), both of those teams won in convincing fashion Sunday and are still better at pro football's most important position -- quarterback. What we need to see from Doug Marrone's team is consistency, even if it is just for two games in a row."
You know someone messed up a week ago if you move up a spot after a bad home L.

Yahoo 18:
"Like the Cordarrelle Patterson situation, the Bills are well aware how many touches they give to C.J. Spiller. And at some point, you have to wonder what's wrong with Spiller that the Bills don't want to involve him more."

Good question, I'd add Watkins.

Walterfootball 24:
"What I wrote last week: "I have a feeling that Buffalo fans will be the next group of people to flood my comment board now that the Cincinnati backers have been silenced."

Sure enough, Buffalo backers pounced on the comment board below even though I picked the Bills both in Weeks 5 and 6. Buffalo ended up costing me four units, but the silver lining is that the team's annoying homers can shut up until the team's next bogus victory."

U Mad Bro? Why would you bet on the Bills when you are such a hater?

Highest 16, lowest 24, pretty boring week

Monday, October 13, 2014

New Owner, Same Result - Pats outsmart Bills


For the first time since the Brady Belichick era began, I went into a Bills Patriots game honestly thinking that the Bills had the better roster and were the more talented team. What a fool I feel like now. The Patriots have the greatest quarterback of all time and the greatest coach of all time. The Bills have Kyle Orton who they picked up 6 weeks ago and Doug Marrone, who is starting to show that maybe he really just is not good enough to coach in this league.

When I think back at yesterday’s game, the main reason for the loss is the coaching. The Patriots were better prepared, seemingly knew what we were going to do on defense at all times and just took it to the Bills. They made half time adjustments and scored on all 4 of their 2nd half possessions. The Bills on the other hand weren’t up to the challenge yet again.

Here are the major coaching errors that were the reason why the Bills lost in my opinion.

1.       The Bills made Mike Williams a healthy scratch. I don’t necessarily hate him not playing, but to look onto the field and see the recently promoted from the practice squad player Kenny Ladley out there on special teams, I just scratch my head. Who cares about special teams? The good teams don’t care about special teams. The good teams aren’t going to sit a player they traded for in order to allow more special teamers to suit up. Mike Williams has been starting for this team and now he is benched so we can have more special teamers available? I just do not agree with that.

2.       Sammy Watkins had 0 targets in the first half. Zero. Zilch. Nada. 2 first round picks to get a guy as good as Watkins presumably first and foremost for games like this one. Biggest game of the year vs. the New England Patriots. Everything the Bills do should be aimed at beating them. Sammy Watkins was a complete nonfactor. He was an afterthought. The Bills were resigned to ignoring him just because Revis was covering him. You know who knew how to get open vs. Revis? Steve Johnson. You know who threw the ball to Johnson when Revis was covering him? Ryan Fitzpatrick. You know who knew how to gameplan offensively to get Johnson the ball against Revis? Chan Gailey. And all this was before Revis ever get hurt and was in his prime.

3.       The end of the first half was laughable and honestly could have warranted being fired in itself. The Bills got the ball with inside 20 seconds left somewhere around their 30 yard line with 2 time outs. 2 15 yard pass plays and they are in field goal range. The first problem is they ran the ball which shows they weren’t even trying. What is the best case scenario if you run the football there? You get a 10 yard gain or so? Teams never break a run there. They were clearly trying to just run it out. Spiller of course fumbles and the Patriots get the ball at the 42 yard line with 0 timeouts and 6 seconds left. Ok, fine, just cover the sidelines, don’t do anything stupid and it’s 10-7 at halftime. Instead, the Bills defense allows 15 yard cushions on the outside, Edelman catches an easy out route to get into field goal range and Gostkowski nails it. 13-7 at halftime. 100% inexcusable.

4.       CJ Spiller’s use or lack thereof continues to mystify me. CJ Spiller cannot run the ball up the middle, I think we all have learned that by now. The Bills in general can’t but continue to beat a dead horse, which is a whole other issue. Why can’t we split this guy out and get him involved more in the passing game? Seeing what the Patriots do with far less talented players, it really makes you wonder what they could do with a guy like Spiller. You know who could get CJ Spiller involved and turn him into one of the premier young players in the entire league? Chan Gailey.

5.       The defense in the 2nd half was pathetic. Many of us have been hanging out hats on this defense being good week in and week out. Well, in 4 2nd half possessions the Patriots hung 24 points on them. Can’t do much worse than that. Brady was picking them apart, but even worse than that, was the last Patriots possession and the personnel that was on the field. Down 8 with New England starting at their own 7 yard line, the Bills had their 2 best pass rushers and 2 of their best players overall on the sidelines in Jerry Hughes and Mario Williams. Marrone admittedly thought they were going to run the football, which shows complete cluelessness about their opponent. The patriots couldn’t run the ball all day and are certainly not the type of team to just run the ball 3 times and punt when the game is in the hands of their hall of fame quarterback. Secondly, Hughes and Williams were on the sideline because of the rotation? Rotation? Are you serious? Is this Chan Gailey circa 2012 with the Jackson Spiller rotation? I don’t care about rotations. Game is on the line and you have two double digit sackers on the sideline including a guy who your franchise inked to a $100 million contract. Amateur stuff.

There are a few other things I want to mention about this game.

The officiating was terrible and seemingly consistently went in New England’s favor. Surprise Surprise. The Watkins pick offensive pass INT was one of the worst calls I have ever seen (though it did not hurt them). Worse was the Robert Woods push off. From all accounts, this was a very ticky tack call and is hardly ever called. Woods’ arms touched the DB but hardly pushed off. That was a 1st down and 10 from the NE 30 down by 9. With the penalty the Bills were backed up to their 40 and never could get their way into FG range, being forced to punt, and NE subsequently drove down to take a 30-14 lead. Without that penalty, the game is 23-17 at worst. That call completely changed the flow of the game.

Kyle Orton was good and in my opinion was borderline great in the 2nd half. He did have two turnovers in the first half, but come on, they did not decide the game. Quarterbacks turn it over so the people quick to point that out have it in for Orton from the get go. The game was 10-7 at the end of the second quarter and the Bills had the football despite the turnovers. Orton made many great throws in the game and the Bills passing game looked good in the 2nd half. I just wish they would use it more and run it less.

The Bills are still in this. They play the Vikings this week at home in a game they have to win, obviously. Then, the season rides on that Jets game. If they beat the Jets in NY to go to 5-3, I think they still have a shot given the Patriot’s much tougher schedule. If they lose to the Jets to go to 4-4, forget about it, throw in the towel, start planning how to use your 2nd round pick in May’s draft and let the coach/GM search begin.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week 6 NFL Expert Picks

Here are your 2014 Week 6 NFL Picks:

Steve 15-10 Best Bet 4-1

Chargers -7.5 @ Raiders
Bengals -6.5 v Panthers
Steelers +1 @ Browns
Buccaneers  v Ravens under 43.5
Packers -3 @ Dolphins

Coast 13-11-1 Best Bet 2-3

Browns -1 v Steelers
Chargers -7.5 @ Raiders
Cowboys +8.5 @ Seahawks
Buccaneers +3.5 v Ravens
Broncos -10 @ Jets

Wreck 15-10 Best Bet 3-2

Jets +10 v Broncos
Raiders +7.5 @ Chargers
Cowboys +8.5 @ Seahawks
Panthers +6.5 @ Bengals
Eagles v Giants under 50.5

Katman 11-13-1 Best Bet 2-3

Steelers +1 @ Browns
Chargers -7.5 @ Raiders
Chargers @ Raiders over 43.5
Patriots @ Bills under 45.5
Broncos @ Jets over 48

Friday, October 10, 2014

Patriots at Bills Preview

By Steve

We all know what time it is. The Bills are ready for their bi-annual ass whooping by Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Cheatriots. Here we go again, right?

The Bills and New England have the same record 3-2, a top a weak AFC East. The Pats just throttled the Bengals in prime time and the Bills just won as 7 point dawgs at the Lions. Buf is 1-0 in division beating the Dolphins and N.E. is 0-1 with a loss to the same phins. Seemingly this game, if the names were different, would be a game the Bills would be favored.

But the Patriots are -3 because they are 24-2, twenty-four AND TWO in the last 13 seasons against the Bills. How is that possible? Well, for one, their qb has 3 rings and plays in championship games like I take shits (regularly) and our QB recently retired, smokes cigars and has a mustache.

Sure I wanted to pile on and say the cheatriots were done after losing badly to the Chiefs two weeks ago like everyone else. But I know better. I've been to more than half of those previous 26 games. I've been to Foxboro with my Fuck da Patriots shirt. I used to remember every defeat.

But after twenty or so defeats, the games have started to blend together. The Bills are close and choke, they blow big leads, they give just enough to dash our hopes. Sure the game at home in 2012 was euphoric but it was an outlier. It barely matters at this point.

Basically, I'm not burying the New Englanders until they are on fire with knives in their eyes their heart in my hand and heads on sticks Jason style. To be the man you have to beat the man.

Despite a nice win last week, a seemingly solid defense and a few playmakers on offense I dont have faith. QB v QB, coach v coach both huge advantages for NE.

When the Bills can run Belichick stacks the box, when the Bills can pass they blitz. When the Bills secondary owns, running backs I barely know have 100 yard games, when we have a solid front seven, receivers run buck wild in the secondary. Basically, they figure it out, adjust and beat us.

Sorry, I can't predict a win. With a win the scene will be better than in '12 but even if they lose the season isn't over.

The Bills have the easiest schedule in the league left based on winning %. The Patriots after the Jets (on Thursday) face Cutlet, Manning, Luck, Rodgers and Rivers in a row! So its not a must win but it is the biggest game of the season and could turn the tide on a 14 year playoff drought.

29-24 Cheatriots.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Buffalo Sabres 2014/15 Season Preview

By Steve

Is it June 2015 yet? Thats when the draft is right? Is anyone really anticipating this season with much fervor other than for a desire for the team to lose? (Well besides moron fanboy homers)

Then again I'm not totally convinced this team will be horrendous. Whilst the head coach is a moronic neanderthal who hates analytics, he does have a history of getting more out of less. That is concerning but the team was sooo bad last year it is difficult to fathom the team improving so much they aren't high in the lottery next year. Or is it?

Tim Murray is super cereal and knows he needs top end talent (of which the Sabres have little, at least on offense). The way to get top end talent is luck or high draft picks (as long as you don't look at Edmonton). But why did he bring in some whily old vets that have some talent?

I fear the team will be mediocre this year. Nothing will be worse than if the Buffalo Sabres (and the Islanders [ and the Blues for that matter]) are mediocre or better. Drafting 8th will not bring in a perennial All Star center. Drafting top 3 will.

The lemmings who buy hockey tickets around here will continue to any way so fuck em. Lose, lose, lose! I dont care if it is boring, pathetic or embarrassing. Finishing 10th is any way and it is worse.

For the love of god Nolan, do your job and lose. Then quit at the end of the season, find a young analytics-minded head coach and become a real NHL team in 15/16. Leggo

Prediction: Sabres finish 14th in the conference and will draft 5th.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 6 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Compilation

Lets take a look at what everyone thinks about the Bills after their second win as a 7+ point road dawg:

ESPN 18:
"This week's edition of "just like everyone expected" -- down 14 on the road, Kyle Orton and the Bills rattled off 17 straight points for a big win in Detroit."

Five point jump and a meaningless comment.  How are the lines 12th though?

CBS 19:
"Kyle Orton is 1-0 as the starter. Now comes a big one against the Patriots for the division lead."
Petesy Prisco has always been a hater only moving the Bills up four spots and he has the Lions five spots ahead of the Bills.  Oh and they play the Patriots this week.

NFL 22:
"What a performance by Kyle Orton in his first start for the Bills. Before the game, Ian Rapoport offered up some odd intel about Orton's departure from Dallas. We're guessing Tony Romo did not endorse Orton on LinkedIn."

The Bills move up one spot and are behind not one not two but three teams they've already beaten. HUH?????

Yahoo! 16:
"Kyle Orton played well, and he'll have a few games like that. Next week's home game against New England is big for a Week 6 tilt."

Another non believer seemingly although Buffalo was moved up eight spots.

PFT 14:
"Yes, sometimes the difference between winning and losing is the other team having a really crappy kicker"

not much credit but at least they are ahead if the Lions after beating them on the road.

Walterfootball 26:
" I have a feeling that Buffalo fans will be the next group of people to flood my comment board now that the Cincinnati backers have been silenced.

Speaking of angry people, Jim Schwartz may have finally been able to mellow out after beating his former team. I wanted to get Schwartz's reaction, so I sat down with him for an interview. Here's the transcript:

Me: Hey Jim, thanks for agreeing to the interview.

Schwartz: It's my pleasure, Walt. I've always sent tons of traffic your way, even when you were clamoring for my firing for several years. I love your work.

Me: Aww, thanks, Jim! Anyway, I was wondering how you feel about beating your former team.

Schwartz: It feels great, Walt. It's better than any sex or high I've experienced.

Me: That's great. So, how did you stymie Matthew Stafford, exactly? He struggled mightily, though I suppose Calvin Johnson's injury hurt him.

Schwartz: Yeah, that was an easy one. I snuck into Calvin Johnson's house the night before and bashed his foot with a hammer. I then knocked him unconscious so he wouldn't remember anything.

Me: Wow, that's pretty extreme.

Schwartz: Meh, it's OK. I also needed their kicker Alex Henery to screw up, so I kidnapped his wife and kids and told him that I'd decapitate them if he made any field goals.

Me: Uhh... that's kind of not cool.

Schwartz: Not cool? Those a**holes ran me out of town, Walt. The fans need to get their just desserts as well. That's why I've planted a dozen bombs around Detroit, and they're all set to go off sometime this week.

Me: Bombs!? Hold on, I'm getting a call.

Schwartz: Put down the phone, Walt. I saw you dial 9-1-1.

Me: No, I didn't, I swear!

Schwartz: You know too much. Prepare to meet my hammer of doom!

Me: No, Jim, put down the hammer, Jim! Put it down, Jim, put it down!!! "

You can always count on Walterfootball to pile on the hate even if he isn't very funny. Ha

Highest ranking is 14 lowest is 26.

Monday, October 6, 2014

MLB Total Wins Prediction Review

by Steve

Back in March I predicted the win totals of all 30 MLB teams, NL and AL, lets see how I did:

American League
4-1 with my only wrong prediction being the Orioles.

3-1-1 the Tigers were at exactly 90 wins and I was off on the Royals

3-1-1 again, the A's were exactly at 88 and Seattle surprised me.

National League
2-3 only ones I got right are the Nattys and Phillies

3-2 the Reds let me down and the Brewers were hot early.

3-2, Dodgers won by half a win and the Diamondbacks were atrocious.

In total 18-10-2!! Call me a genius, thank you see you next year!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Week 5 NFL Expert Picks

Steve 12-8 Best Bet 3-1

Chargers -7 v Jets
Ravens +3.5 @ Colts
Cowboys -6.5 v Texans
Rams @ Eagles over 47.5
Steelers @ Jagurs under 47

Wreck 11-9 Best Bet 2-2

Texans +6.5 @ Cowboys
Bills +7 @ Lions
Titans -1 v Browns
Patriots +1.5 v Bengals
Falcons @ Giants under  50.5

Coast 11-8-1 Best Bet 2-2

Falcons +4 @ Giants
Buccaneers +10 @ Saints
Cowboys -6.5 v Texans
Bills +7 @ Lions
49ers -5.5 v Chiefs

Katman 9-10-1 Best Bet 2-2

Chargers @ Jets over 44
Steelers -6.5 @ Jaguars
Chargers -7 v Jets
Cardinals +7.5 @ Broncos
Bills @ Lions over 44

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bills at Lions Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast review the disaster that was the Texans game and breakdown the decision to bench EJ Manuel for Kyle Orton. Ohhh and look forward to the Detroit Lions

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week 5 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings

What the expert power rankers are saying:

ESPN 23:
"EJ Manuel was 5-of-18 for 36 yards and two interceptions against at least five rushers Sunday. Manuel has a 2.3 Total QBR against the blitz this year (53.1 last year)."
Four spot drop and some useless Erik Manuel stats

CBS 23:
"The Bills have lost two straight and now must take a tough road trip to Detroit. Is it a trip back to reality?"
Another 4 spot drop and I have no clue what that comment means.  Weren't the last 2 games a trip back to reality already?

Yahoo 24:
"I don't agree with benching EJ Manuel. If it's close (and while Manuel hasn't been good, we all know Kyle Orton won't be good either), then you go with the young guy and hope he improves. There's no upside with Orton, now or later."

6 spot plunge but some actual insight and opinion.  Why do all the local guys love the qb change and the national guys hate it? :

Walterfootball 28:
" - The Twitter account @buffalorumblings summed up the Bills' season quite well in a single tweet:

"I think it needs to be said: Kyle Orton was signed less than a month ago and fans are CLAMORING to see what he's got. Says a lot.""

Only a two spot drop and a tweet from a rival, ouch.

PFT 21:
"Quarterback change now, coaching change later."
No faith in Kyle Orton or Doug Marrone.. hmm 3 spot drop but the highest of any other site. 23:
"Massive drop, based on consecutive uninspired performances and the sudden decision to bail on EJ Manuel. While I understand the coaching staff's position, I have my own take on what Buffalo is and isn't doing regarding its young quarterback -- click here to see what it is.

The Bills' defense has certainly played well enough to win. They have allowed opponents to post just 16.5 offensive points per game -- so don't put J.J. Watt's great play (and Manuel's blunder) on them."

huge drop down twelve slots. And no i'm not clicking on your other links.

Highest 21 lowest 28, best comment from and dumbest from Walterfootball.