Saturday, December 31, 2011

Week 17 NFL Picks

Final regular season picks of the year with Steve leading

Steve 44-31 (Best Bet 5-10)

New England Patriots -10
Tennessee Titans -1.5
NY Giants -3
Carolina @ New Orleans over 55
NY Jets +3

Wreck 41-32-3 (Best Bet 6-9)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +11
Denver Broncos -3
Oakland Raiders -3
Carolina Panthers +7.5
Tennessee Titans -1.5

2011 end of year Buffalo awards

by Steve

It is the end of the calendar year as oppose to our fiscal 2011 but here are some awards I want to give out to those that made Buffalo 2011 shitty and good for maybe a few weeks:

Most Wishy Washy, More Hyperbolic, Worst blogger and Least Relevant of the year:
Michael "Coast" Costanza

Worst Quarterback:
Ryan Fitzy Fitz Noodle-arm Fitzpatrick

Worst Goalie:
Ryan Miller

Worst Franchise:
Buffalo Bills (narrow margin)

Worst Coach:
Lindy Ruff (after numerous recounts and validity checks)

Best Collapse:
Buffalo Bills

Most Disappointing
Buffalo Sabres

Team no one cares about
That women's soccer team that actually played in Rochester

Worst Radio Station

Best Blogger
Steve "Steve" Janis

Most Commented post
Why have the Bills not resigned SJ13

Best podcast:
BS Report

Most die hard fan

Worst Transaction of the Year:
Ville Leino $6 years $27 Million

Worst GM:
Darcy Regier

Worst Owner and most hated man in Buffalo:
Ralph C. Wilson Jr

Load up the choppers like its December 31st

Friday, December 30, 2011

Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots preview

by Steve

I don't know why I am even bothering writing a preview because it is New Years and I may not even wake up early enough to watch this thing. There is no way the Bills sweep the Patriots this year and the game is meaningless. How the hell is this line only 10? It opened around 12.5 and the money is going on the Buffalo Bills? They haven't won at N.E. since William was getting his S d'd in the dub house.

I wouldn't take the Bills +10 if Steny Hoyer was the quarterback let alone Brian Hoyer or even Tim Brady not to mention Tom Brady. Although it does appear that Tommy boy will start even if he has a separated non throwing shoulder.

The Bills never score more than ten points against the hoody and co in the Bills Patriots rematch (3, 10, 0, 10, 6, 7, 6, 0, 17). Those are the Bills point totals since 2002, it has been nine games since the Bills got over 10 points in the second game of the season against the Cheatriots!

The only reason what so ever that someone with any brains in their head would take the Bills +10 is because they think NE will rest their starters later in the game? Belichick would never do that, he hates us and loves to pound us into submission.

Give SJ13 his $7ish mil per and injure Brady in the fourth quarter. See ya next year.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Buffalo Bills zero pro bowlers

by Steve

If anyone cares or even noticed the NFL announced their pro bowlers and obviously the Buffalo Bills had zero players on the roster. I wonder if that is part of the reason why this team is a perpetual joke and mediocrity at best.

Only further analysis I'll give is that the Jets and Dolphins for both being as average as the the Bills are grossly over represented at this game. Stevie Johnson has about 200 less yards than Brandon Marshall 5 less catches and the same number of Tds. I guess his wife has to stab him to get some love.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Week 16 NFL picks

records to follow

Steve 40-30 (best bet 4-10)
Oakland +3
Buffalo +3
Cincinnati -4
Baltimore -11
Giants +2.5

Wreck 39-29-3 (Best Bet 6-8)
KC -3
over 3 Seahawks
Miami +7
Tampa +8
Cleveland +11

Friday, December 23, 2011

Festivus 2011: Airing of grievances

by Steve

Being a Buffalo Bills fan, a Buffalo Sabres fan and a Seinfeld die hard on 12/23 begs for an airing of grievances so I will most definitely oblige. Here are my 10 airing of grievances as a Buffalo sports honk in honor of Festivus:

1. Ralph C Wilson Jr.

Everyone says it is tough because he is 93 but I don't give a shit. The guy has ruined us as football fans for the past 51 years (me 26). Yes he had a good team in the mid 60's, 1981 and found a golden nugget from 88-99 with Polian and co. but the guy is an albatross. Sell the team you suck and we hate you. You have not made a good decision in 13 years. HALF MY LIFE!!

2. Darcy Regier

I'd say he is the worst GM in Buffalo Sabres history but I've only known two and the other one John Muckler traded my favorite player of all time Alexander Mogilny. But I still hate the dude. 14 years? What do you need 14 more? For every Danny Briere and Chris Drury there is a Briere and Drury that walked away for nothing AND 10-12 players (Leino, Boyes, Bernier, Torres, Connolly, Zubrus, etc etc) traded for or signed that were god awful. Not to mention retaining #3 on this list for a hot 14 years as well. Yes you can draft well (lately) although most of them are undersized shrimps and that isn't good enough.

3. Lindy Ruff

This guy complains more than Derek Roy and Steve Janis combined. Whether it is the refs or someone on his precious team getting hit he is always whining. Not to mention he is a loser that makes the playoffs less than half the time and I can't even remember his last playoff series victory.

4. WGR 550

Do we really only have one sports talk radio station in this town? Zero competition has really hurt this pitiful radio station. I mean I could list each personality on the station separately because I have grievances with all of them. Schopp and the Bulldog take the cake though. Can these two be more firmly in the pocket of the Buffalo Sabres? I mean yeah the station as a whole is but jeez these guys are the worst. Does Terry Pegula own the station? And why can't Mike Schopp and Chris Parker ever disagree on anything? Instead of hating on 90% of the callers try having differing opinions once a year.

5. Buddy Nix

You lost me with your first draft as Bills GM. Wow where are all the commenters now? I am a genius. Also why the hell is Stevie Johnson not signed yet? He may get partial passes on some of his decisions (Lee Evans trade) because of #1 on this list but Nix is a bum. Although the Ryan Fitzy Fitz-Noodle-Arm Fitzpatrick contract seems to be well constructed from a Bills stand point. Furthermore, another lingering issue is a perceived if not real belief that the Bills are a racist organization that is quick to hand whities money while leaving the black players to whither on the vine. I have heard this from sources within the Bills locker room so I'm not making it up. I'm not sure if I believe if but if players are saying it then it is clearly an issue. Maybe that is #1 also, who knows.

6. Ryan Miller

We are going to have a run on Ryans here. This bum of a goalie I have been harping on since the day he signed that contract. I had to slam a crow sando for one, COUNT 'EM ONE, good season this guy has had. Every other I have been right just look up his stats. Since when is giving up a soft goal in OT of the gold medal game of the Olympics a hero making moment? Is that what America has become, second place? It isn't even just the money. The guy is a bitch. He can't take any criticism, he is extremely surely, seems bitter and has a fragile psyche. The hot wife isn't helping matters either. Cut your salary in half and we'll talk.

7. Ryan Fitzy Fitz-Noodle-arm Fitzpatrick.

I like to think he is hurt but his lack of extra protective gear and practicing every day says other wise. The guy lacks confidence, has a weak arm that forces him to over compensate and can't throw the deep ball. I like his ability to read the defense and get rid of the ball in an instant but the guy just doesn't have it. I think the Bills could make the playoffs with this guy (and Jerry Sullivan today on WGR said he would take Fitz over Tebow if he had to win a playoff game) but he isn't winning a championship.

8. New York Mets

Is this team more irrelevant than the New York Islanders? It is sad when you would rather have the Toronto Blue Jays or even Pittsbrugh Pirates be your AAA parent club. Did they even send anyone to the winter meetings??? If Wilpon can't afford the team then sell the god damn team, you are an embarrassment at best and a criminal at worst.

9. Timothy Richard Tebow

Mostly because he is coming to town for Christmas but I do not like this guy. He is genuine and seems like a good guy but I don't give a shit. He skips rocks out there, runs a high school offense and gets more run than a Chinese restaurant toilet. He is a fad like the wild cat. Work hard buddy and build me a hospital you just aren't a good professional quarterback. Grab the h-back and tight end playbooks.

10. My Self

Why am I a Buffalo sports fan? Why do I live in a climate that is miserable 4-6 months out of the year? Maybe my parents should be number 10 (for baring me here). Or you the listeners and readers of this blog for not making us more popular rich and famous. Or it should be Coast for not contributing enough. But I'll take the tenth spot just so I can self-aggrandize.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills podcast

Steve Wreck and Coast break down the abysmal Buffalo Bills season and look to the future. ouch

right click save as to download

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Buffalo Bills front office shake up?

by Steve

After yet another abysmal season of failure the more things change in the world the more they stay the same at OBD. With the Bills on a seven game losing skid mark and a nine game season ending torpedo staring them in the face, an outsider would assume something would change. Heads would roll and people would be getting the ax after Jan 1. We as Bills fans however know otherwise. We have zero faith in anything with this frahnchise.

However, Jason La Canfora is saying different:

"There are some rumblings that a front office shakeup of some sort in Buffalo is not out of the question."

Whoa, hold the phone! I assumed at best at best they would maybe possibly consider firing POS George Edwards but Chanwhick Gailey and ol' Bud Nix would surely return. Then this interesting nugget from a dude that seems to always be in the know? I'll take it.

Maybe Nix retires and Doug Whaley retires or (gasp) someone NEW (ya know younger than 75) and a fresh pair of eyes is hired? Even if it was just Doug Whaley assuming more control and less of the pie in the sky idea of an outside hire I would take it.

This team is the pits. They are easily top 5 worst franchises of the last 15 years in all of sports. The one and only reason is Ralph Wilson but he can't be to blame for everything especially the putrid drafting the last 5-10 years. Buddy Nix lost me nearly from day one with that pathetically awful and short sighted CJ Spiller signing. So tossing his ol southern ass out the door wouldn't chap my ass.

Quite clearly something, anything needs to change. With Ralphie at the helm nothing can be assumed but at least there are "rumblings" regardless of the source. So hold your breath assume the worst and maybe something will happen.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week 15 NFL Picks

Great week last week for both of us going 8-2 combined, Steve's best bets are still the worst and Wreck loves the home dawgs this week and Steve is Mr. over/under

Steve 38-27 (Best Bet 4-9)

NY Giants -6.5 v Washington Redskins
New Orleans @ Minnesota Vikings over 53
Carolina Panthers @ Houston Texans over 46
Detroit Lions @ Oakland Raiders over 48
Pittsburgh Steelers pick @ San Francisco 49ers

Wreck 37-27-2 (Best Bet 6-7)

Buffalo Bills -1 v Miami Dolphins
Denver Broncos +7.5 v New England Patriots
Indianapolis Colts +7 v Tennessee Titans
Kansas City Chiefs +14 v Green Bay Packers
St Louis Rams +7 v Cincinnati Bengals

Squish the fish?

by Steve

Oh shit the Bills season isn't over yet? And they're playing the Miami Dolphins at home in December? Didn't these games used to matter? Weren't the Dolphins at once our bitter rival?

I guess that was wayyy back in the 90's when either team mattered. Man these two teams are pathetic. The Bills earlier in the week were actually getting points at home against a team that just fired their head coach and had the possibility of being led by John Paul Losman. Uggh

I remember going to these games in the 90's and people would be loading huge fish up on a poll, dousing them with gasoline and setting them on fire. What has Ralph Wilson done to us? What has Marc Anthony and J.Lo. done to the phins? Where is our government take over/bail out as fans?

It is a distinct possibility that Miami is in worse shape than the Bills going forward. That is sad and pathetic. Tough to distinguish between shit and pooh though. Jake Long over Matty Ice? How's that working out. Ted Ginn? Yikes. If it wasn't for the fact that the Bills will never be good again I'd say it will be a ten year battle for either team to make the playoffs in the future.

At least the Dolphins have the faint dream of hiring Bill Cowher even though it won't happen (see Jim Harbaugh). Where's the gasoline? Screw the draft, I wanna win this game. I don't think the Bills will though.

Miami 23 Bills 18 I leave after the third.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Buffalo Bills 10 Chargers 37 Whats left to say

by Steve

Is there anything left to say that hasn't been said yet? Should i list the 7-10 (at most) players worthy of playing for this team next year? Is Ralph Wilson dead yet? There is no new way to look at this fuckin train wreck.

It is so bad with the Buffalo Bills that they aren't even favored at home in December against the 4-8 Miami Dolphins who just fired their head coach today and their starting quarterback just suffered a concussion. JP Losman anyone?

But hey if the Chargers didn't fake that punt the Bills could have been driving to take the lead in the third quarter! Wait was Ryan Fitzy Fitz noodle-arm Fitzpatrick really 13 of 34 with two picks and a touchdown the wrong way? Good thing we can cut him after the season and end up only paying him $10 mil of that contract.

Eh, I don't even blame Fitzpatrick. Granted he isn't good and unless most of the roster is greatly upgraded we aren't getting to/winning a playoff game. But the whole franchise is a joke not just a quarterback with mediocre skills.

The only question that will be answered the remaining weeks of the season are if Tebow fans will out number Bills fans 12/24. Oh and how much it costs for me to make an anti Ralph Wilson shirt for Sunday.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Week 14 NFL picks

Steve 34-26 (Best Bet 4-8)

Houston +3 @ Cincinnati
NY Jets -10.5 v Kansas City
Minnesota +10 @ Detroit
New England -9 @ Washington
Atlanta @ Carolina over 48

33-26-2 (Best Bet 5-7)

Kansas City @ NY Jets over 36.5
San Francisco @ Arizona over 39
Buffalo +7 @ San Diego
New Orleans -4 @ Tennessee
Philadelphia +3 @ Miami

Thursday, December 8, 2011

MLB Winter Meetings

by Steve

What is going on down at the baseball Winter Meetings in Dallas? Up is down mustard is red and the Anahiem Angels of Los Angeles California United States are the biggest spenders followed by the "Miami" Marlins?

Did the New York Yankees not buy Brian Cashman a plane ticket down to Texas? Oh wait they retained AndrUw Jones. Would Albert Puj Pujols do anything and I mean ANYTHING for more money? Really $250 mil as oppose to $209ish to stay with St Louis and be an all time legend in a great baseball town? He is a clown. The Angels also reeled in an over hyped CJ Wilson for five years and $77.5 million. Yeesh.

Back to the Marlins though. What the hell are they doing? Jose Reyes is an exciting player and all but he is injury prone, not worth $17 mil per and already plays a position that is filled with an entrenched player, Hanley Ramirez. Moreover, Han-Ram is a prima donna who is already asking for a restructured deal or worse yet a trade because he refuses to move to third base. The Mark Buehrle contract isn't bad but is still a bit surprising. Yes the Marlins have new digs and a new stadium but will anyone even attend or care? Those in South Beach haven't proven it yet.

On to other teams that this blog may care about: New York Mets less active than the Yankees, Cleveland Indians are they still a major league team (oh yeah they resigned oft injured Grady Sizemore) Boston Red Sox surprisingly have kept the wallet shut except for agreeing to arbitration with "Big Papi" and the Tampa Rays of course haven't done anything but rumors of a few trades circling the drain.

In all of this has everyone forgotten about fat boy Prince Fielder? Dude is younger than Puj and has similar if not better numbers. I could see him staying with Milwaukee.

For my money the best players left are Michael Cuddyer, Carlos Pena, Casey Kotchman and Josh Willingham. Sorry Carlos Beltran, you suck.

Remember this name, Yu Darvish.

Hey Puj I got $5 with your name on it if you take out my garbage.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Also WNYWatercooler getting national pub

Got a tweet read on the Jim Rome show today

boom also suck it Aaron Maybin you still suck

NHL dramatically realigning

From ESPN:
There will be two conferences with eight teams and two with seven teams instead of the current format of six five-team divisions. Teams will play five or six intraconference games and home-and-home series with nonconference teams.

The Sabres are in "conference c" with their new rivals the Lightning and Panthers?
Conference "C"
Tampa Bay

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why, whyyyyy. Titans 23 Bills 17 F

by Steve

My thoughts are best expressed by one Nancy Kerrigan:

What did we as Buffalo Bills fans do to deserve this?? This season this team this franchise NIGHTMARE. Will it ever end or is it on a perpetual loop that we will have to continuously live until Ralph Wilson bites it we are held hostage by the NFL to pay through the nose to keep the team in Buffalo for 7ish home games.

It isn't even worth breaking down the game. I don't even remember half of it. It seems like nothing ever happens in these games. Scott Chandler had a costly fumble, there was a holding call on a long CJ Spiller run. Some other things happened I think and the Bills lost as per usual.

I would honestly feel bad for the players that have been here awhile ala Kelsay and Moorman but they are handsomely paid so fuck 'em.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Week 13 NFK picks

you want nfl week 13 locks? loxz on loxz on loxz? locks ?

Steve 31-24 Best 4-7

Washington +3 (home v NY Jets)
Buffalo -2 (Home v Tennessee)
New York Giants +7 (Home v Green Bay)
Carolina v Tampa over 47
San Francisco -13.5 (Home V St Louis

Wreck 29-35-2 Best Bet 4-8

Tennessee +2 (Away v Buffalo)
Washington +3 (home v NY Jets)
New York Giants +7 (Home v Green Bay)
Inianapolis +20.5 (Away v New England)
Pittsburgh -6.5 (Home v Cincinnati)

Andrew Nicholson v Javon McCrea

by Steve

The place to be tonight will be Alumni Arena out in the swamps of Amherst as two of the best "Big" 4 prospects in a generation square off. Andrew Nicholson the 6'9 junior and potential lottery pick in next years NBA draft, although I don't buy it, and 6'6 sophomore Javon McCrea are both studs.

The only potential damper on this epic match up tonight is the health of Nicholson. Here is Schmitty covering for his boy after a terrible L v Ark St Thursday, "He's got bronchitis but we need him to play better," Schmidt said. "He wasn't really looking for his shot. A lot of times when he was double-teamed we needed him to split the double-team. ... He's a little bit under the weather but that's not an excuse. We need him to play better." Hopefully he is feeling better and ready to ball up.

On the other hand Javon and co are beaming after thoroughly thumping Dayton in Dayton on Wednsday. McCrea is only a sophomore and getting better by the minute. He was the final cut on the USA under 19 team over the summer and has improved in points, rebounds and assists over last year.

UB is -5.5, the over under is 133 and my free duckets are priceless. See you there.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Tennessee Titans @ Buffalo Bills preview

by Steve

For no explainable reason I smell a Bills drubbing of the Titans on Sunday. This team by no means is good. In fact they are a bad football team especially with the brutal number of injuries sustained. However, the Titans are at least as bad.

Tennessee has one good win this season over a Baltimore team coming off a heavy hangover after drubbing their hated rival the Steelers the week before. Matt Hasselbeck is basically an older Ryan Fitzpatrick. He is sorta good with limited ability in decline. He will have to depend heavily on Chris Johnson to pound the rock on the Bills porous defense.

Johnson after getting PAID big time has had an awful season. True he had a fluke game last week against a bad Bucs team that has mailed in the season but over all he has proven he isn't worth the cashe he got. Then again no running back is. Either way he'll get his 100 yards you can take that to the bank but that is no big win against the 21st ranked Bills rushing D. And the only reason the Bills are 21st is because the last 5+ games no team has even had to run the ball since they can do whatever the hell they want in the passing game.

The Bills defense is one of the worst in recent memory. They don't generate pressure, they can't get off the field on third down and they have given up the third most passing TDs in the league. The question then is obvious, why the hell do I like the Bills on Sunday?

Gut feeling. The Bills haven't played at the Ralph since 2003 seemingly (actually 11/6) and it is the last watchable (the game is blacked out so worth while?) game of the season. The fans (all 57,000) will show up in force and the team will still feel decently well about themselves after blowing the Jets game they should have won.

Also Tennessee doesn't do anything great and has few impact players on defense and they have no impact wide receivers. They have no one with more than 3 sacks. Damian Williams? Dave Ball? And Mike Munchak is a bit of a joke.

Bills 29 Titans 17

Monday, November 28, 2011

Buffalo Bills: the Blame Game

by Steve

If I had to guess, 95% of the people that read this blog think that Stevie Johnson's touchdown celebration was one of the funniest in recent memory. Every time I think about him pretending to shoot himself in the leg IN New York against Plax on the anniversary of the incident I can not help but laugh. Then I remember SJ13's drop, the Bills losing yet another game to the Jets, 28-24, and another season up in smoke. Yup, time to play the blame game.

Jeez, is it really tooooo much to ask to have meaningful Bills games in December in Buffalo? Man are we paying dearly for 13ish years of good/great football from 1987-1999. TWELVE FUCKING SEASONS WITHOUT THE PLAYOFFS?!?!

Stevie Johnson has dropped more balls than the Baby One More Time video, our coaching is inept and the talent level is more embarrassing than listening to Coldplay. Seriously how can a defense be so god awful? Not to mention a consistent plethora of injuries (which I agree with Coast it is because of a lower talent level).

First of all the Johnson celebration. It was a thing of beauty. The only problem I had with it was the dumb ass claimed he didn't know the NFL rule stating you can not go to the ground during a celebration. I call bullshit. He knew and he didn't even have to add the crashing Jet shit. (Oh and this was an obvious thing the players talked about doing because Drayton Florence did the same thing after his interception.) At least crash on the sidelines so it isn't a penalty. Amateur.

Next came the squib kick. I don't care that the Jets are the best or one of the best kick off return teams in the league. Kick the ball down field and at worst use a god damn player that can execute a routine squib. And don't tell me because he wasn't on a roster he may not have squib kicked in years, they practice that shit. PEACE OUT BRUCE DEHAVEN

Why didn't Chain Gailey challenge the obvious trap catch by Plaxico Buress? It seemed pretty god damn clear to me. I would have even strongly considered the acrobatic near-catch Johnson had in the 4th quarter on the sidelines too. Challenges are much less value today than they were in previous years because all scores are reviewed. Throw the god damn red flag. Also on Gailey, what was that 3rd down run with Tashard Choice? The guy had one carry for nothing previous to that why give him the rock in that situation?

Back to the defense, how can players be so wide open in the end zone as Burress and Dustin Kellar were on those touchdowns? This 3-4 defense needs to be obliterated and converted to a 4-3. Also cut anyone in the front seven not drafted in the last two years or named Barnett/Williams and start from scratch. They are so useless and inept at getting to the quarterback we have to blitz when we clearly do not know how to and certainly do not know how to disguise it. PEACE THE EFF OUT GEORGE EDWARDS.

That Drayton Florence corner blitz on 3rd and 11 was one of the worst in recent memory. It was poorly executed by the safety and the Florence and it was poorly schemed by the coaches. It was clear to everyone including ol' Sanchize and he burned us on it despite an awful throw.

Two players emerge from the blame game nearly unscathed, Cliff Spiller and Ryan Fitzy Fitz Noodle Arm Fitzpatrick. Yes neither played great but their expectations were so low they actually exceeded mine Sunday. Fitz didn't turn the ball over once, made a few great plays but showed his modest ceiling. That throw to Brad Smith in the endzone on the last drive was nearly perfect but the defender just made a better play. Also he found SJ13 wide open in the middle of the field and hit him seemingly in stride. Then went on to completely whiff and miss him wide open in the endzone and made a terrible and rushed throw on 4th down. Ouch. Spiller hit some holes, missed some holes, had a real nice catch and should have been more involved in the passing game. Also he picked up blitzes quite well. Still a bust though.

And lastly, Stevie Johnson, and you want to be my latex salesman. The guy is funny, charismatic, the only star player on the team and does and says crazy/dumb shit all the time. I love and hate him more than any player in a long time. He can't catch or break tackles yet completely pwn'd the best CB in football? He blames god and denies dropping clearly dropped balls but performed one of the best TD celebrations possibly ever? Don't throw to the guy the rest of the season to drive down his price and pay the may decent #1 WR money (15-30th) even though I don't truly believe he is a #1. We eventually have to spend the money so why not keep our own guys (plus I'm sick of hearing players we develop get interviewed on Jim Rome playing for other teams [Jabari Greer, Pat Williams, Jim Leonhard, Antoine Winfield etc])

I ain't scared of anyone left on the schedule not counting the Bills. 8-8... and progress?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another disappointing loss - Jets 28 Bills 24


I would almost prefer a blowout. These gut wrenching losses have gotten old over the years. The Bills had no business losing this game. The Bills held the ball for 36:11 and won the turnover battle 2-0 which are two key pieces to winning road games in this league. Of course, the Bills found other ways to lose.

Let's start with what everyone is talking about, the Stevie Johnson touchdown celebration. People are blaming Stevie's TD celebration for the loss to some extent. I think that is simply ridiculous. The touchdown celebration may have been a little classless (although I thought it was comical) and warranted the 15 yard penalty. The Bills then had to kickoff from the 20 instead of the 35. Rayner's kickoff looked like it was intended to be a squib kick (not sure why they would squib it) except it was mishit, hit a Jet and was recovered deep in Bills territory. Rayner needs to just execute a normal kickoff here. If Rayner just kicks it away, the Jets returner probably catches the ball around the 15 yard line and returns it to the 35 (this would be the most likely scenario statistically). Even if we do kick it away and don't screw up whatever we were trying to do, what makes anyone think that our defense would actually stop the Jets? Every time the Jets got the ball, I fully expected a touchdown, after all, the Bills have allowed 14 touchdowns in the past 3 games. The Bills just don't stop anyone.

The main reason for the Bills loss, as I mentioned before, is the complete ineptitude on defense. This couldn't have been more obvious than on the last possession for the Jets. The Jets marched 82 yards in 4:43 to take the lead. They converted two third and longs including a 3rd and 11 to Plaxico Burress. This play is getting the most attention and criticism from the media after the game. The Bills decided to blitz Sanchez, who looked shaky the entire game. Sanchez just chucked the ball up to Burress who made a great one handed catch.

Some people are saying the Bills shouldn't have blitzed. The point of a blitz is to get pressure on the quarterback and force him into a quick decision. The Bills cannot pressure any quarterback. The Bills can't get a pass rush when they rush 3, 4 or 7 players. The Bills had 0 sacks on Sanchez the entire game. So yes, I agree, when you can't get pressure even when you blitz, why blitz? The Bills should have dropped as many players into coverage as they possibly could to make Sanchez make a good accurate throw and good decision to complete the first down. Sanchez was bailed out by a terrible defensive play call...he didn't even have to think on this play. The Bills blitzed, he saw man coverage with Burress on a safety, and threw the ball up in the air. This is easy for a quarterback who isn't the most accurate and doesn't make great decisions. If the Bills drop in coverage, Sanchez could make a bad decision and throw an INT or throw it underneath forcing a long field goal attempt to tie the game. Just poor, poor coaching in what seems like an obvious situation.

While the defense was the major culprit in today's loss, you can't ignore the shortcomings of the offense on the final drive of the game. The Bills did a good job to drive down the field into Jets territory to give themselves a shot and they had many shots at the win. Stevie Johnson wants to get paid as a number 1 receiver. Well, Stevie, you tell me a number 1 receiver in this league who has a drop even close to the magnitude of drops you have the past two seasons. You my friend have single handily lost the Buffalo Bills two football games the past two seasons.

Stevie Johnson was wide and I mean wide open on a deep slant route. Fitz delivered a perfect pass. Johnson just dropped it. He may have scored on the play. Worst case scenario, he would have been around the Jets' 10. Instead he just dropped it. His excuse after the game was that he didn't react fast enough. What? Catch the football you bum. People want to kill Stevie about the TD celebration...forget about that play and kill him for this drop. Absolutely inexcusable. A few plays later, Fitz had Johnson open in the end zone as he rolled to his right. He missed him. This was a tough throw, but was a throw you'd like your $59M quarterback to make with the game on the line. The fact is, Fitz is a mediocre player and this is a throw a mediocre player makes only some of the time. The last play of the game was just as bad. Fitz airmailed Johnson. He didn't even give him a chance to make a play and it looked like Johnson might have been open.

The Bills are now 5-6. They have a worse record than the Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans. The Bills play these two teams at home in December and who would have thought the Bills would have worse records than these two teams when they would play? The NFL really screwed the Bills over this year with the schedule, something we all talked about back in April. The Bills play 7 games in Orchard Park. 3 of them are meaningless and in December. No one is going to be at these games.

The Bills fought hard but in the end it's the same old story...the Bills snatched defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

week 12 NFL picks

Steve (27-23-1) Best Bet 3-7
NY Giants +7 (away v New Orleans)
Atlanta -9.5 (Home v Minnesota)
Arizona +2 (Away v St Louis)
Carolina v Indianapolis under 46.5
Tennessee -3 (Home v Tampa Bay)

Wreck 26-22-2 (Best Bet 3-8)

Cleveland +7 (Away v Cincinnati)
NY Giants +7 (away v New Orleans)
Denver +5.5 (Away v San Diego)
Minnesota +9.5 (Away v Atlanta)
Buffalo (Away +9.5 v NY Jets)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Bills have hit rock bottom


The Bills have reached an all time low. Not only have they hit rock bottom on this 2011 season, but this recent 3 game stretch is the worst 3 game stretch in team history. The Bills have been outscored 106-26 in this 3 game debacle. Never in the history of the franchise have the Bills had a 3 game stretch where they have been outscored by more than 80 points. Not in the 3-13 2001 season. Not in any of the back to back 2-14 seasons in the 1980s. Not even in the 3 game stretch that included the 56-10 drubbing to New England on Sunday Night. The Bills went 1-13 in 1971 and 1-12-1 in 1968...they didn't have a 3 game stretch this bad in either of those years. The Bills have lost the last 3 games by 16, 37 and 28 points. The Bills once again have tricked us into believing...this year more than ever. I thought this team was different. I thought the players had heart. I really thought they had something special. Heart can't make up for a severe lack of talent and that is what this football team has. I predicted 5-11 before the season. This wasn't the way that I envisioned them getting to 5-11, but if I had to put my money on anything right now, it would be that they run the table in reverse.

The offensive line is decimated. Eric Wood's trip to the IR, again, has crippled us. Somehow we entered the season with one person that could play center. Did they think Eric Wood was invincible? He broke his leg in his career already. They cut the starting center from 2011. They said Hangartner was too weak...but we all know that in reality, they are pinching pennies. It's embarrassing. One center on a roster on an NFL team. Levitre failed miserably in his opportunity at the center position. He couldn't even snap the ball to Fitzpatrick. Now Urbik is going to get a chance. I am not expecting a much better result. We all feared the lack of depth on the offensive line. The starters weren't great and backups probably shouldn't be playing in the league. This is all coming back to haunt us now.

The receiving core has gotten killed with injuries. Remember when Roscoe Parrish played on this team? Will Marcus Easley ever remain healthy? Donald Jones joins them on the injured reserve leaving the Bills with players like Kamar Aiken and Derek Hagan on the 53 man roster. Yes, that is correct, our wide receiving core for this weeks game is Steve Johnson (who is not 100%), David Nelson (who got banged up last week), Naaman Roosevelt (is he the 2?), Ruvell Martin, Brad Smith, Kamar Aiken and Derek Hagan. At least we traded Evans. Revis and Chromartie need not dress for this one.

The best player on our team this year, Fred Jackson, is on the IR now. This will give Cliff an opportunity to show what he can do. I am predicting 5 carries for 4 yards for Spiller before we abandon the run down 28 in the 2nd quarter.

The defense isn't in much better shape...not only do they suck, but they have also suffered devastating injuries. If you asked me before the season who the two best players on our defense were, I probably would have said Shawne Merriman (and don't tell me you wouldn't have after watching him in the preseason) and Kyle Williams. They both are on IR. George Wilson has been a bright spot this season and is having a great year. He missed last weeks game, who knows what his status is. Kelsay has been in and out of the lineup. Terrance McGee is on the IR. 2nd round pick Aaron Williams has played in like 2 games. Puke.

Why are the Bills constantly decimated with injuries. Well, to me it is simple. The Bills lack talent. Their players are slower than their opponents. They are weaker and less physical. When you are outmatched physically, you have a better chance of getting injured and that is simply the problem for the Bills.

The Bills have 6 games left. They have road games vs. the Jets, Patriots and Chargers. They will lose all three. I don't care if San Diego is on a 7 game skid and has completely mailed it in by the time we play them, they will kill us. We play the Titans, Broncos and Dolphins at home. I don't see us winning any of those games. Tebow doesn't lose, the Titans are better and Miami, well we all watched last weeks game. The Bills are going to finish 5-11. They are going to pick 7th in the draft and will probably draft a running back. It's incredible how far this team has fallen in a 3 week span.
What about the

Boston Bruins v Buffalo Sabres preview

by Steve

Is this the biggest game of the year? This is the Buffalo Sabres freaking game six son. It is their Stanley Cup because lord knows this team aint winning shit this year. They're too soft, lack a legit center and have a head case of an over paid starting goalie.

Furthermore, Milan Lucic owns this franchise and this city. Is this not a shot at the Buffalo fans by Lucic, "Even the fans here in Buffalo are going to be excited for it" ? Ouch.

Even loser Lindy knows his team is soft and calling them out. "We have to play a real hard game. That's the message in all areas. Hard on the puck, hard getting it back, hard physically." Thanks for the insight Lindy now get back to squashing talent and ruining every player Darc brings in. (ouch a Darc defense)

The game isn't a must win for many reasons but what the Sabres have to do is get buck nasty and get grimy with it. They can't turtle again like a dong just out of a cold pool. That game ten days ago sent a clear message to the league that the team is still indeed soft and scared. Finesse and cute passes will work in the regular season but it clearly fails in the post season.

It is impossible to change the perception of the team in one game but it has to start at some point, who knows maybe tonight. Then start shipping out some of the bums as the trade deadline approaches and attain some go-hards.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kyle Orton anyone?

Anyone up for the Buffalo Bills giving up on Ryan Fitzy Fitz noodle-arm Fitzpatrick and claiming Kyle Orton off waivers?

$2.5 million is all it would cost ol' Ralphy boy. The Bills would have an earlier claim than both the Bears and Texans fwiw. Or is the season over?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Buffalo Bills could avoid paying Ryan Fitzpatrick

The Bills could potentially avoid paying Fitzy-fitz-noodle-arm $49 million of the reported $59 mil contract. Interesting story from PFT:

Per a league source, the Bills could trade or cut Fitzpatrick before the seventh day of the 2012 league year and owe him nothing further than the $3.22 million base salary he was already due to earn in 2011 and the $10 million signing bonus he was paid upon inking the new deal last month.

On the seventh day of the 2012 league year, the Bills owe Fitzpatrick a $5 million option bonus. If they don’t exercise the option, Fitzpatrick’s base salary for 2012 would increase from $2.8 million to $7.8 million, and it would be fully guaranteed for injury only.

In 2013, Fitzpatrick has a $3 million roster bonus, which also is guaranteed for injury only, along with a base salary of $4.25 million, $3.2 million of which is guaranteed for injury only.

In 2014, there’s another $3 million roster bonus (non-guaranteed) and a non-guaranteed base salary of $4.35 million.

For 2015, 2016, and 2017 Fitzpatrick has non-guaranteed base salaries of $7.2 million, $8.75 million, and $9.45 million, respectively.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dolphins 35 Bills 8 F

by Steve

Maybe I'm an oracle because I was right three weeks ago after the Jets debacle that I proclaimed the season to be over and questioned whether we could win another game. Did the Bills really just lose to the Miami Dolphins by 27 points?

Holy shit that was a beat down. Blocked punts, INTs, injuries, huge hits, and everything that could go wrong went wrong. This team is despicable. They can't do anything right. The QB "ol noodle-arm" is about as accurate as a Billy Joel while trying to avoid hitting houses with his car.

Has Andy Levitre ever practiced at the center position? Jeez he looked he never hiked a football in his god damn life. That messes up the rythem that messes up the entire play and it happened on 90%+ of the snaps. Keep Geoff Hangartner or sign some over rated slash "wildcat" bum?

Is there one NFL caliber starter on that defense? Marcell Dareus maybe. Holy shit. This team has to have the worst depth in the history of professional sports. Just look at how pitiful the special teams is. I would say this team makes me sick if I wasn't so used to it.

Bring on the Jets 6-5 baby. Back in it next week.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Week 11 NFL picks

Steve 25-21 (Best Bet 3-6)

Buffalo +1.5 (Away V Miami)
Tennessee +6.5 (Away v Atlanta)
Cincinnati +7 (away v Baltimore)
Detroit - 7 (Home v Carolina)
Philadelphia v New York Giants over 47

Wreck 23-20-2 (Best Bet 3-7)

Buffalo +1.5 (Away v Miami)
Tampa +14.5 (Away v Green Bay)
Kansas City +15 (Away V New England)
Cleveland pick (Home v Jacksonville)
Washington +8 (Home v Dallas)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Worse contract Ville Leino or Christian Ehrhoff?

by Steve

The Buffalo Sabres lost yet again at home Wednesday this time at the hands of the mediocre New Jersey Devils 5-3. Jhonas Enroth finally lost and Martin Brodeur made it look like it was 1997 all over again. Yes the Buffalo Sabres are a train wreck at home and that is disconcerting but it is still 1/82. However, real question I have coming out of this latest debacle is why the hell is Darcy Regier still running the team?

Seriously what the hell has this guy done to deserve getting infinite lives as the Buffalo Sabres general manager? Yeah he acquired Chris Drury and Daniel Briere like a decade ago but jeez even they are either out of the league or playing for other teams and skipping the regular season.

This then leads to another question, who has the worse contract Ville Leino (6 years $27 million) or Christian Ehrhoff (10 years $40 million)? I mean this isn't baseball money or even NFL money this is the National Hockey League we're talking about that is a shit ton of cash(e).

Yeah the Sabres still have a good record but it isn't because of the moves the genius Darc made in the offseason sans purse strings. Leino is making $4.5 million per and is on pace for 10 goals this season and has three points in his last ten games. The guy is seemingly lost out there flailing around and laying all over the ice each shift. Does he think he is a zamboni? Oh wait let me guess, but but but he shows up in the playoffs! I guess I'll have to wait for April to get my moneys worth in all 5 or 6 games he'll get to play in.

The big bad defenseman Ehrhoff is a -4 and on pace for a measly five goals. Maybe his 2011 post season was more the rule than the exception. Or maybe we'll have to wait until he is 37, 38 or 39 to reap the benefits of Darc's aggressive contract offer to pay dividends. Or maybe all he has to do is get over his paralyzing fear to actually shoot the puck when he has a chance.

I won't discount the chance that either one or both of these players "snaps out of it" and vastly improves; but players like Brad Boyes, Dainius Zubrus and Steve Bernier are still hanging around Darc's neck like an albatross. Welcome to hockey heaven through the eyes of Darcy Regier.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Buffalo Bills failboat: the fall out

by Steve

Now that the Buffalo Bills are dead and gone yet again before Thanksgiving it is time to delve into the fall out of yet another debacle of a season. Of course we have to question everything from the GM to the coach to the quarterback.

I'm mean c'mon even Ryan Fitzy Fitz noodle-arm knows the season is over, "nobody expects anything out of us again. The way we’ve played there’s not much expectation out there." Buddy "drawl" Nix screwed up over paying Fitzpatrick after a couple of solid wins and nothing else. This is too perfectly reminiscent of the debacle that was the Dick Jauron extension in 2008. When do we learn?

The Bills will be lucky to finish at .500 and if they lose this week @ Miami (Vegas thinks the 'phins are going to win [-2]) this franchise will be in 100% total meltdown mode. The Miami Dolphins are a bad football team with a nobody quarterback and a coach who is more out the door than a hooker when the wife comes home early.

2-4 in their last six games and Chanwick Gailey has absolutely no answers. The offense is pitiful averaging nine points per in their last two games. They show absolutely no inventiveness and zero ability to get the ball down field. They have all about abandoned the wild cat (which may be a good idea since it never produces big plays [Brad Smith awful signing]), Spiller is non existent, I can't recall one trick play nor even a freaking end around for christ sake.

Okay, noodle arm hurts your ability to get the ball down the field but where is the alleged genius Gailey with a plan B or any type of adjustments. Any decent defense has completely shut down the Bills attack and even more so in the second half. They have forty-one total points in the second half in the last six games. 6.8 points on average sounds less like genius and more like incompetence.

Don't even bring up the defense because some how they have been exponentially worse. This defense has less depth than a Republican debate. Kellen Heard, Danny Batten, Alex Carrington, have these guys ever made a play? What was the plan B for when Shawne Merriman inevitably went down with an injury? Did Buddy Nix have any confidence what so ever that the Bills would even be competitive in 2011?

The parroted knock on the team even when they were 3-0 was that they were extremely vulnerable if any type of injuries occurred. Well, this is the National Football League and every team gets injuries and of course the Bills now have a ton with no NFL caliber players as back ups.

Sure maybe Nix and co. need more than two seasons to rebuild a team after being bombed out and depleted like Afghanistan under uhhh no GM and Jauron for several years. But the drafting under Nix has been putrid at best. Spiller has been discussed ad nauseum but the next play Torell Troup makes will be his first, Carrington has two career sacks, Moats has .5 this season and well um that does it for 2010. As for 2011, it isn't really fair to rip them apart but Dareus is clearly no N. Suh while no one else has made a discernible contribution.

Also, where has Stevie "get drunk on Chippewa on Thursday and miss practice Friday" Johnson been lately? I seriously question whether this guy is worth resigning and certainly doubt paying him $50 million now.

Fire George Edwards yesterday, blow up the defense, get some NFL caliber receivers, either figure away to use Spiller or trade him, get a grinder running back, extend Fred Jackson's contract and get some legit depth on the o-line.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Buffalo Sabres 3 Monreal Candiens 2 F SO

by Steve

The Sabres marched into the Bell Centre in Montreal and won their fourth straight (@ Montreal) in a ballsy win. They headed into the third period down two and just took over. This was a great win by a team that 100% embarrassed themselves on Saturday night.

It wasn't a must win game for Buffalo but a quick bounce back victory helps to heal the wounds of an ugly thrashing at the hands of the Bruins. The Sabres dominated in the shoot out tonight after an up and down over time where both teams had to kill power plays.

Additional insights:
  • Lindy Ruff actually shortened his bench and played his "stars" more than a couple of 4th line scrubs, rare. And what do you know, it worked.
  • I hate Erik Cole's face.
  • Thomas Vanek is a man beast
  • Everyone loves to hate Derek Roy and hates to love him (if there is a difference) buy the guy is super talented and has a good contract even if he is soft.
  • Surprisingly the Montreal fans were a no show, maybe it is because the Sabres absolutely owned the third period scoring two goals to tie it.
  • Why again did the Sabres sign Christian Ehrhoff to a million year contract?
  • I wouldn't mind giving Nathan Gerbe a bit more ice time.
  • Carey Price ever participate in a shoot out before?
  • Why the hell is Ville Leino always laying on the ice?
  • Sekera and Gragnani, not a bad pairing even if a bit shaky in their own zone.
  • Tyler Myers who? I kid I kid.
  • Will Jhonas Enroth ever lose ever?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Season's Over


Well, it took me until November 13, 2011 to put the wraps on the 2011 season. I wrote my Season's Over blog on September 13, 2010 last season so I guess this is an improvement.

Boy, was I naive? This team is not talented. As always, the Bills set us up for nothing but disappointment. I don't even know where to begin on today's events. I can't think of a time where I have seen a team get so thoroughly outplayed for 8 straight quarters. Were we really 5-2 before the last 2 games? It truly is hard to believe.

Let's begin with the defense. The Bills have so many problems. They can't rush the passer, not even close. They couldn't stop the run either. Demarco Murray had 20 carries for 135 yards. Draft bust Torell Troupe, where are you? The 2nd round pick from 2010 is only one of many draft choices not contributing. Romo literally was not touched today. The Bills also can't cover anyone. Their cornerbacks just aren't good enough. Want to talk about draft busts? Let's talk about Loedis McKelvin. He was completely abused by Dez Bryant. Terrance McGee is just soft. He always has been and always will be. Florence got smoked on a long touchdown bomb. I am not sure if there was supposed to be safety help. I hope there was for his sake. Romo threw 3 incomplete passes all day...23-26 for 270 yards and 3 touchdowns. Dallas scored a TD on their first 4 drives. They converted every 3rd down attempt in the first half. I am sure it was the easiest day of Tony Romo's career. It really just made me sick to watch.

The offense was nearly as bad. I will say, I am not going to give up faith on Ryan Fitzpatrick yet, but there is no hiding the fact that he had a terrible game. He missed Donald Jones wide open in the middle of the field on a long pass that could have resulted in a touchdown. There are a few things working against Fitzpatrick though. First, his receivers just aren't good enough. Stevie Johnson is a solid starting NFL receiver but the inability to get him the ball of late has been disappointing. Donald Jones just is not good enough to be starting in this league. I thought he made a poor play on the ball on the 4th and 2 play. He also dropped a pass that led to an interception. Jones is an average player, simple as that. David Nelson is solid but he isn't exactly going to stretch the field. Cliff Spiller continues to keep himself solidly on the draft bust list. He is a non factor on offense. 1 carry 1 yard. He also had a chance to make a big play but dropped a well thrown pass.

Now I will get to coaching. I really have loved Chan Gailey. I gave him the benefit of the doubt last week. I figured everyone can have a bad game. Two in a row though, that is a trend. I thought Gailey had another terrible game. First off all, you are a head coach in the National Football League, know the damn rules. That challenge in the beginning of the 2nd half was embarrassing. If he (or anyone in the booth) actually knew the rules, it was obvious not to challenge. Instead, we just blew a timeout. Gailey's play calling on offense is starting to really bother me. On 2nd and 8 we run a screen to Jackson. It doesn't work. So on 3rd and 8 what do we do? Run the same play. It doesn't work. We don't try to stretch the field. We can't figure out any way to get Spiller the ball. We are throwing low percentage passes to an undersized average receiver on 4th down. There were also a number of blown blocking assignments today. How does the best pass rusher in the NFL come unblocked on the first play of the game? You have to blame coaching. George Edwards' defense has been awful now for 27 games. Can he really keep his job? I do give some credit for the INTs. His guys have been in position to make big plays. Ultimately though, you need to be able to stop someone without taking the football away. We obviously can't. The Cowboys were 8-12 on 3rd downs. The Jets were 6-11 last week.

Finally I need to comment on management. I mentioned draft busts earlier. Buddy Nix's first two draft picks look like wasted picks. Spiller is a complete not factor. Troupe is a non factor. Carrington has made some plays, but not many. Nix wanted to build through the draft. He is not doing a very good job in doing that. How good is Dareus? I didn't really see him out there today. Our secondary is in desperate need of help. Aaron Williams has been hurt. Searcy had two chances to make plays today. He made 0. Sheppard might be good, but it's too early to tell. The fact is, you must hit on your high draft picks. Nix is going to be 2-4 in first and 2nd rounders at best. In reality, our team has been carried by guys that were brought in before Nix took over this football team.

The Bills play Miami next week. The line has opened at Miami -1. That is what we have fallen to. The 2-7 Miami Dolphins are favored over the Bills with Matt Moore as their quarterback. I think realistically if the Bills can finish 8-8 it would be an accomplishment at this point. They do have home games against the Broncos and Titans along with Miami in December. They probably will need to win all of those games to finish .500.

Well...there's always 2012.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 10 NFL picks

The semi-pro NFL gamblers are back, here are our picks for week ten of the national football league 2011 season

Steve 22-19 (3-5)

Atlanta pick (Home v New Orleans)
Arizona +14 (Away v Philadelphia)
Seattle +7 (Home v Baltimore)
Jacksonville -3 (Away v Indianapolis)
NY Jets pick (Home v New England)

Wreck 22-16-2 (3-5)

Tampa Bay +3.5 (Home v Houston)
Atlanta pick (Home v New Orleans)
Kansas City (Home v Denver)
Cleveland -2.5 (Home v St Louis)
San Francisco -3.5 (Home v NY Giants)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Buffalo Bills @ Dallas Cowboys podcast

Steve and Coast put the debacle that was the Jets game to bed and look ahead to the rest of the season and break down the Dallas Cowboys affair coming up in Arlington.

(right click save here to download)

look for us on iTunes

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Season IS NOT OVER


People need to calm the F down. This talk about the Buffalo Bills season being over is completely ridiculous. Teams have bad games. The Jets aren't a slouch. It isn't like we showed up and got smoked by the Rams (ie. the Saints). Even super bowl teams have BAD GAMES.

  • Week 2 1990 - Dolphins 30 Bills 7
  • Week 6 1991 - Chiefs 33 Bills 6
  • In 1992, the Bills lost three games 37-10, 20-3 and 27-3 to the Dolphins, Raiders and Oilers respectively
  • In 1993, the Bills lost 23-0 in Pittsburgh. They were out gained in this game 400-157
What do all these teams have in common? They went to the Super Bowl. What else do they have in common? The Bills beat the Dolphins in the playoffs in 1990. The Bills beat the Chiefs in the playoffs in 1991. The Bills beat Miami and Houston in the playoffs in 1992.

Teams have bad games and also teams can avenge bad losses. The Bills certainly can beat the Jets in Jersey in 3 weeks. (Further, see the NY Jets in 2010)

Also, talk about Fitz being terrible is premature, ridiculous and just not warranted. I am not going to waste my time checking Brady, Manning, Kelly, Marino, Elway or any other HOF QB's stats because it is guaranteed they had halves and games like Fitz had Sunday.

The fact about Fitz is that he is on pace for 3,860 yards, 30 touchdowns and 18 interceptions on the season. You know how many times Kelly threw for 3,860? Zero. What about 30 touchdowns? Once. What about 18 interceptions? He threw at least 18 interceptions 4 times. Fitz has a 65.4% completion percentage this season. Kelly had a completion percentage this high...Zero times.

Fans need to relax. The Bills are having a great season. No one expected them to be 5-3. Let's enjoy where they are and be excited for the 2nd half.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Buffalo Bills: Time To Die?

by Steve

Well, at least Buffalo Bills fans got one important game to attend in the month of November. Is it too late to suck for Luck? I don't even feel like breaking down the Colts schedule. Maybe we can jones for Landry Jones or bark for Matt Barkley?

We aren't winning shit with Ryan Fitzy Fitz noodle arm let's face it. The guy was thoroughly out played by a mediocre Mark Sanchize at home. This embarrassing defeat at the hands of the NY Jets dooms the season. True we don't have a mashing running back that can get the tough yards and no game changing wide receivers but there are some weapons on offense. Too bad we don't know or just can't figure out how to use them. Where were the throws down field? The middle of the field was taken away because ol' noodle arm raining picks in the first half but jeez where was Tyler Thigpen to at least try?

5 and 3 is the biggest mirage in this town since Ryan Millsie Miller's Vezina winning season of 2009/10. The head coach, who Stevie Johnson today admitted he never even heard of before signing here is a mediocrity at best. He lacks imagination, is not a winner and he is in over his head.

The Bills play the next three games on the road and will be lucky to be returning to Ralph Wilson Stadium above .500. 7-9 or 8-8 is a lock right now and in reality it won't be that bad of a season. I had us going 6-10 before the year started so a game or two above that beats my expectations. Plus, we got some false hope and a great victory over the Patriots along the way.

Is there any way a FB/QB hybrid via a trade for TRT could work next season? Because as we know, "there's always next year"

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jets Dominate Bills 27-11


The Bills got smoked today by the Jets 27-11 and it wasn't even that close. The Jets led 27-3 until a late touchdown for Buffalo made the final score seem less embarrassing. The Jets came out and completely outplayed Buffalo in all three phases. The Jets looked the part of a true playoff contender and showed why they were a part of the past two AFC Championship games.

Alright Bills fans, let's all give up on the season. The Bills had an awful game. Their $60 million quarterback had an awful game so I guess it is time to start ripping him. That is what we do, after all, isn't it? We wait for the first opportunity to start criticizing and we take full advantage. Fred Jackson was getting chants of MVP today early in the game. Later in the game, after his fumble, some fans were probably wondering where Marshawn Lynch is. That is how Bills fans are. I used to be like that as well. It is hard not to be after watching this past decade of losing.

Some of the naysayers will point to 2002. The rejuvenated Bills, led by MVP candidate Drew Bledsoe, came home to face the defending world champion Patriots at 5-3 and in first place. The Bills and Bledsoe were the talk of the league. The rival Patriots trounced the Bills 35-7 which began the downward spiral in that season. Others will point to 2008, when the first place Bills came home at 5-2 and got handed by the Jets. The Bills fell on their face the rest of that season.

I don't think this team is going to go in the same direction as those teams in years past. I have felt something different about this team this year and I am not going to jump off the wagon after one bad game. I am simply going to point to the facts. The Bills are 5-3 and in a three way tie for first place in the AFC East. We beat the Patriots this season. If you told me just those two sentences in August, I would have signed up in a heartbeat. The Bills are right in the middle of the AFC playoff race. The Bills, Jets and Patriots are 5-3. The Ravens or Steelers will have their third loss. The Bengals, shockingly, are 6-2. We are in for an exciting 2nd half to the season.

Today, the Jets were the better team, no question. The Bills have a lot of issues that they need to address, but I am 100% not going to bail on this team yet, like many people probably are.

Go Bills, beat Dallas.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 9 NFL picks

Need some gambling locks for week 9 in the NFL? You're in luck:

20-16 Best Bet 2-5

Tampa Bay +8.5 (Away v New Orleans)
Atlanta -7.5 (Away v Indianapolis)
Kansas City -4.5 (Home V Miami)
San Francisco -4 (Away v Washington)
St Louis +2.5 (Away v Arizona)

19-14-2 Best Bet 3-4

San Diego +6 (Home v Green Bay)
Buffalo -2.5 (Home v NY Jets)
Chicago +7.5 (Away v Philadelphia)
NY Giants +8.5 (Away v New England)
Seattle +11 (Away v Dallas)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Get Ready for a Great Buffalo Sports Weekend

by Steve

Granted the Buffalo Sabres are still in preseason and the season doesn't start til January (maybe Feb if the Bills are in the Superbowl) but they are home tonight against Cal-gary, Ryan Millsie Mr Softee Miller is riding the pine (hopefully being auctioned off to the highest bidder [ or maybe hopefully]) and Enroth is taking over as the starter. They also play the piece of shit Senators and the game Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium is going to be a powderkeg.

I'm predicting a 2-1 weekend (Sabres lose Saturday with Enroth being lifted for POS Millsie) even though I am hesitant to pick against the Jets. White out bitches bring the noise, bring the white and bring an ol Sanchize obituary Sunday.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills podcast

Steve and Coast reflect on the state of the Bills, their win in Toronto against the Redskins and breakdown the NY Jets game

(right click save as to download)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

White out at the Ralph Sunday 11/6

by Steve

The Buffalo Bills are wearing all white jerseys at home on Sunday for the first time in twenty-five years and apparently there is a grass roots effort going on to get everyone in the stadium to wear all white.

It is tough to determine exactly where this all started but signs are pointing to Drayton Florence, " Sunday at the Ralph Everyone wear all white"

Now basically every player on the team that is on twitter is adding #whiteouttheralph and #whiteout on every tweet. (Even Shawne Merriman[who?] weighed in " @shawnemerriman Man I'm going to miss that Sunday sweetness") It makes sense since we're wearing all white and I have a white Stevie Johnson jersey. Everyone else gear up in all white Sunday so we can fuck up the Jets and not censor our selves against those dirty Jets fans.

Anyone have a white Bills cap I can borrow? #whiteout #WHITEOUTTHERALPH

Week 9 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings compilation

Weekly compilation of the Buffalo Bills power rankings by the "major" sports websites. The Bills lowest ranking was 10 highest is 5. A lot of playoff chatter and a shot about Toronto, enjoy.

6 (8)
Hard to judge the Bills by the beatdown of the Redskins, but the Buffalo defense finally stepped up with nine sacks[sic] (they had 10). The Bills now host the Jets to truly legitimize their status as a playoff caliber team. Earlier it was thought that they would have to compete for a wild-card spot, but they may be competing for a division championship.

7 (7)
It's November, and the first-place Bills control of their playoff destiny. Who would have thought?

6 (7)
Meaningful Novembers have been scarce in Bills-dom for a long while now, but Buffalo has the division lead and can put another brick in the wall this week at home against the Jets. The Bills have to have this one, because a three-game road trip to Dallas, Miami and the Jets looms at the start of the second half.

10. Bills (No. 13; 5-2): The Bills are finally getting comfortable in their home away from home.

5 (5)
The Bills just had another bye week

Reports of the demise of the 2011 Buffalo Bills were greatly exaggerated. Buffalo is going to play a big part in the AFC East division race.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Stevie Johnson dressed as Chan Gailey

SJ13 dressed up as Chan Gailey for Halloween (better than Steve's Mommar Gahdafi swag)

Bills Shutout Washington


The Bills beat the Redskins yesterday 23-0. The Redskins had 178 total yards of offense (26 rushing yards). Beck threw two interceptions and countless other terrible passes. The Redskins are a bad team and the Bills handled them in one of the most one sided wins I have seen from this team ever.

  • 390 to 178 total yards
  • 252 to 152 passing yards
  • 138 to 26 rushing yards
  • 34:51 to 25:09 in time of possession

Fred Jackson had 194 total yards from scrimmage. On the season, through 7 games, Fred Jackson has 1,074 yards. He is on pace for 2,455 yards from scrimmage on the season. He is averaging 153 yards from scrimmage per game. The NFL record is 2,509 yards from scrimmage set by Chris Johnson in 2009. Is Fred Jackson in the argument right now to be NFL offensive player of the year?

Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 262 yards and 2 touchdowns. He only threw 6 incomplete passes. I would suggest that that warrants $59M over 6 years.

George Wilson had another interception. He has 4 on the season. He is on pace for 151 tackles and 9 interceptions this season.

If the season ended today, how many pro bowlers would the Bills have? Fitzpatrick, Jackson, George Wilson? Stevie Johnson has been kind of quiet…he’s on pace for 89 for 1003 and 9 TDs…in year’s past, a guy putting up those numbers on this offense would have been unbelievable.

I am not going to mention anything else about the Redskins game. The biggest game of the season and of this entire decade of pathetic-ness is next week.

The Jets are 4-3. The Bills are 5-2 and oh yeah, in first place in the AFC east IN NOVEMBER. I can speak for everyone when I say how much I hate the Jets. They are so arrogant and full of themselves and it begins with their coach Rex Ryan. Mark Sanchez is not good and I don’t understand how anyone thinks he is. According to ESPN’s new “QBR” rankings, he is ahead of Matt Moore, Kevin Kolb, John Beck, Sam Bradford, Blaine Gabbert and Tim Tebow. He is ranked worse than Curtis Painter and Tarvaris Jackson, among others.

The line opened at 1.5 which means the oddsmakers still think the Bills are worse than the Jets on a neutral field. I love that. The Bills still get no respect. In 2008, the Bills were 5-2. The first Sunday of November featured the 5-2 Bills at home to take on Brett Favre and the 4-3 Jets. We all remember what happened then. We need revenge.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Buffalo 23 Washington 0 F

by Steve

What is this feeling of satisfaction I have after week 8 of the Buffalo Bills season? I don't know how to react any more. The usual feelings of dread, buyers remorse, anger, frustration, ambivalence and disgust aren't there any more. Weird.

Quite the yawner of a game though wasn't it? The Bills dominated from the get go. 9 sacks, a shutout, and everyone was involved from Moats to Fitzy Fitz noodle arm and Marcell Dareus. Either we have ourselves a pretty damn good football team or the Washington Redskins are absolutely dreadful.

In all likelihood it is a bit of both. Shanny and his team suck. The 'skins offensive line was atrocious. The blame falls more on them than credit goes to the Bills attack. It appears a healthy Arthur Moats is an upgrade over a decrepit injured Shawne Merriman (why the hell did they ever try and convert him to an inside linebacker???). But did anyone have a bad game for the Bills today? Did Brian "geico" Orakpo even dress?

Fitzmagic Fitzpatrick even gave us one of his killer interceptions and it didn't come back to haunt us, rare. CJ "I exist" Spiller even made a few cameo appearances and I can't recall any Stevie Johnson drops. The Bills just out coached, out efforted and out played a bad team in front of a decent (for Toronto standards) crowd in a boring game.

The only real story after this game is that the NY Jets roll into the Ralph on Sunday in what will end up being the most important game of the season. It is against a real team with a supposedly good head coach and a solid defense. With this bunch there isn't a whole hell of a lot of absolute faith and this team will continue to have to prove themselves week in and week out. The Jets game Sunday could possibly convert most if not all fans to fully buy into this team.

We're talkin about playoffs??!?!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 8 NFL picks

Combined 7-3 last week, not bad. Best bets are great to reverse bet our asses.

Steve 17-14 (Best Bet 2-4)

Detroit -3 (Away v Denver)
Buffalo -5 (Home v Washington)
NY Giants -9.5 (Home v Miami)
San Diego -3.5 (Away v Kansas City)
Minnesota +3.5 (Away v Carolina)

Wreck 16-12-2 (Best Bet 2-4)

St Louis +14 (Home v New Orleans)
Denver +3 (Home v Detroit)
Pittsburgh +3 (Home v New England)
Kansas City +3.5 (Home v San Diego)
Washington +5 ("Away" v Buffalo in Toronto)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ryan Fitzpatrick gets paid!

by Steve

Good thing we wasted a good 5 minutes in the podcast yesterday complaining that Ryan Fitzy Fitznoodle arm Fitzpatrick didn't get paid yet. OK now it is time to complain that Stevie Steve Johnson has yet to get paid.

The contract is for $59 million over six years and $24 million guaranteed. It sounds like a lot of money for a yet unproven quarterback. But as we all know (or should know) it is all about the guaranteed money. That is the only way to look at the contract.

Basically $24 mil over two or maybe three years (plus his base salary which would equate to $33 million over three years) isn't a bad contract for a starting quarterback. Even if he falls on his face and doesn't get the team to the playoffs this year or next the team isn't losing a shit ton of money.

Basically they could cut his ass and not pay him another dime. If he lives up to the billing and is worth keeping around for 4+ years then it will be more than a good contract it will be a great contract (assuming he doesn't hold out).

Alright, now that he is signed and the team believes they have their "franchise quarterback" it is time to get SJ13 some more green faces in his bank account. WTF are they waiting for? Why do they do this dumb ass shit where they can only negotiate with one player at a time? Even if that isn't the case it clearly seems like it is the case.

The Bills have to pay their players either way. If they don't pay Johnson there will just be another WR that eventually they'll have to pay. In two years they'll have to get to the cap floor, how are they going to do that with out some highly paid players? The longer they wait the more it will cost. Wake up Littman, are you alive?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Washington Redskins V Buffalo Bills podcast

Steve and Coast breakdown the up coming game in Toronto against the Washington Redskins, revisit the Giants game and look forward to the Jets match up next week.

(right click save as to download)
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Bills redskins from 2007

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shawne Merriman to the Injured Reserve AGAIN

by Steve

I'm not even going to bother with a lights out pun because I was using them by week three already. What an absolute train wreck of a travesty this guy's career has been with the Buffalo Bills. Who had week 7 as the over/under for him to be on the IR? Under pays bitch.

Some how, according to Tim Graham, Merriman is already guaranteed $3 million for NEXT season already, "Merriman has some interesting language for 2012 also tied to last year's Achilles injury. His base salary will be $4 million regardless. The minute he's cleared to practice -- even if it's a month from now -- $3 million of his 2012 salary becomes fully guaranteed whether he's on the roster or not."

So apparently this won't be the last we see of the dude, that is if he is ever healthy enough to see a football field again. And no I don't have one ounce of sympathy for the dude. My airport insider info has repeatedly seen him flying off to exotic locales (NYC and Vegas) and has banked a ton from us.

He isn't really to blame, there isn't much to blame really. We knew he was hurt, he knew he was hurt, he thought he could heal, we thought he could heal and everyone was wrong. If he is actually some how many sorta kind healthy next year and will be able to play it would still be worth it. That's why you gamble, sometimes you win sometimes you lose.

Also, there is speculation Antonio Coleman will be plucked from the Giants P-squad to fill the void. Why not I guess... Also time for Big Hittin Danny Batten and Arthur "Don't Cross The" Moats to ball out.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011 NFL Week 7 picks

Steve 13-13 (Best Bet 2-3)

Green Bay -9 (Away Minnesota)
New Orleans - 13.5 (Home v Indianapolis)
Dallas -13 (Home St Louis)
Carolina -2.5 (Home v Washington)
Pittsburgh -5 (Away Arizona)

Wreck 13-10-2 (Best Bet 1-4)

Jacksonville +8 (Home v Baltimore)
Minnesota +9 (Home v Green Bay)
NY Jets +2 (Home v San Diego)
St Louis +13 (Away Dallas)
Indianapolis +13.5 (Away New Orleans)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign new deal next week?

by Steve

Evidently Chris Mortenson just reported on NFL32 on ESPN that he is in line to sign a new contract some time next week for between $9-$12 mil per year with some of the details yet to be figured out.

Weird I'm about to start the Tyler Thigpen era and the Bills are going ol' noodle arm no magic Fitzpatrick $27+ mil? Guess he is our guy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 7 Bills NFL Power rankings Compilation

by Steve

Here is a breakdown of the various power ranking websites. The highest is 6 from walterfootball of all people and the lowest is 13. Defense was the overriding theme here and surprisingly not Ryan Fitzpatrick's inept and extremely shaky play.

#10 (previously 8)
The Bills fought hard on Sunday, but couldn't come up with just one more explosive play against the Giants. There is nothing better than one-play scoring drives like Fred Jackson's 80-yard touchdown run, but they need to be able to sustain drives and get three-and-outs on defense to be consistent week in and week out.

11 (9)
There are issues stopping teams for that defense. The Giants moved it when they had to and so have a lot of other teams. That has to stop.

10 (6)
Defense is a big question mark entering the bye.

13. Bills (No. 4; 4-2): If the Bills want to be elite, they need to find a way to beat good teams on the road.

Defense is an obvious concern right now. The Bills simply can't rely on the team's offense to come through with big drives each and every fourth quarter. Looking back, Buffalo probably should have beaten the Giants.

6 Buffalo Bills (4-2) - Previously: #6 - I'm not going to penalize the Bills at all because they lost by three points as three-point underdogs without their best defensive player, Kyle Williams.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why have the Bills not resigned Stevie Johnson?

by Steve

Seriously WTF are the Bills waiting for in not extending Stevie Johnson's contract? This shit better happen over the bye week. If SJ13 is not resigned by the Buffalo Bills I will have lost any remaining respect for this franchise.

The guy is clearly a stud, we plucked him out of relative obscure and have gotten a bargain of a player for the last 22+ games. If you consider he is only making $1.20 mil this season and about the same last year, even if he gets paid $7 or even $8 mil per (say 5 years $38 mil) it is like paying him for 7 years and $41 mil (cheaper than Evans).

The next twelve days or so are the absolute best time to get this guy to ink his name to a new 'tract. Neither the team nor the player need to worry about an opponent on Sunday and basically are on vacation. Is there one reason not to give this guy cash even if it means slightly over paying him?

This franchise is lucky to be 4-2 and are still the complete joke they have been for the past 11 years. I have absolutely zero confidence in Ryan Fitzpatrick and clearly the organization has zero faith in him either. If they did the guy wouldn't be a pending UFA in 13 weeks even though he is on pace for 36 td's 18 picks and 4,431 yards.

If OBD/Nix/Ralph had any confidence in ol' noodle arm wouldn't they have resigned him by now? I mean clearly they don't care about making the playoffs or improving the roster. They just slept through the trade deadline while the team has drastic needs at linebacker and wide receiver. Teams like the Raiders are busting moves all over the place acquiring talent (Curry didn't fit the 3-4 but who cares he is still clearly a talent and maybe needs a different system and the Palmer trade is abysmally terrible holy smokes) and busting moves. OBD YOU ALIVE?!?!

This team has the potential to make the playoffs very clearly ( I see them finishing 8-8). Although ol' noodle arm will only regress with the winds picking up and the temperature dropping the schedule and standings aren't an albatross. The team could use a kick in the ass and some new blood. At the very freaking least give Stevie Johnson some god damn cash, maybe throw some at Fred Jackson (2 more years 10 mil guaranteed) and flirt with a noodle arm extension. Someone please go over to OBD turn off Matlock and bring them some discounted McDonald's coffee to wake their asses up.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bills fall to 4-2

by Coast

The Bills suffer another tough road loss to the Giants 27-24. Steve was once again at the game and the Bills once again lost. It has been nearly 7 full calendar years since the Bills have won a game that Steve has attended. Steve, do us all a favor, start watching the road games at UCONN on the HD TV. It will be cheaper for you and less painful for everyone else.

The Bills have a lot of problems, which I will get into in a minute, but I want to look at the big picture first. The Bills are 4-2 heading into the bye week. Who would have been upset with that when the season began? They have wins over the two super bowl favorites before the season, New England and Philadelphia. They have another solid win over Oakland, who appears to be a good football team. The Bengals and Giants, the two teams they lost to, are each 4-2. Regardless of yesterday’s result, the Bills are a solid football team, and WILL have meaningful games in November, which is a rarity.

Yesterday’s loss was depressing. The Bills had the game at their fingertips once again but let it slip away. It pains me to say this…but the major reason why the Bills lost the game was Ryan Fitzpatrick. He made two absolutely critical mistakes in this game that cost the Bills points. The first came in the 2nd quarter. The Bills had 1st and 10 from the Giants 22. At this point, getting a field goal attempt should be worst case scenario. Instead, Fitzpatrick took a sack on first down to back the Bills up to the 28. Then on third down and 16, Fitzpatrick, in true JP Losman fashion, took a 9 yard loss on a sack setting on 4th and 25 from the 37. The Bills were now out of field goal range and forced to punt. Fitz had plenty of time to throw the ball on the third down play but held onto it looking for the big play and it backfired. This CANNOT happen.

The 2nd mistake came on the Bills’ 2nd to last possession. The Bills had 1st and 10 from the Giants 27 with the game tied at 24. There was a hair over 4 minutes left in the game. The Bills decided to pass and Steve Johnson had a step on the Corey Webster, but the ball was grossly underthrown and intercepted. To add insult to injury, Johnson tackled Webster by his facemask and the Giants got the ball at the 19 instead of the 4. Of course, this led to the game winning field goal drive. I have no problem with the ball to throw the ball here. The Bills were trying to win the game and not settle for a 3 point lead like Dallas did later in the day. Fitz absolutely cannot miss this throw short. Fitz needs to make sure that this pass is long and out of bounds if it is going to be incomplete. The throw had no chance.

I won’t put all the blame on Fitz for the loss. There were many things that jumped out at me.

Drayton Florence got abused. He had multiple pass interference penalties. He got lit up by Nix on a long pass setting up a touchdown. The Giants picked on Florence and were successful all day.
The Bills have no pass rush. I know they were missing Kelsay, Merriman and Williams, but I would think that they still should be able to at least get 1 sack on Eli Manning. The Bills just could not generate pressure at all on him. If you pressure Eli, he will make mistakes, if you don’t, he can pick you apart.
The Bills have offensive line issues. Not only were they overmatched yesterday at the tackle position, they have serious injury issues. Levitre had to play tackle after Hairston got hurt. Talk about perfect timing for the bye week.
Fred Jackson had a great run, but other than the 80 yard touchdown run, he had 15 carries for 41 yards and was ineffective.
I thought the 2nd half play calling left a lot to be desired. We never seem to try and run the football from standard running formations. I want to see us put Corey Mac in the game once in a while. Did he see the field on offense yesterday? We had a 3rd and 1 and ran from the wildcat. Sometimes I think Chan still thinks he is playing on Thursday night in Blacksburg taking on the Hokies, not on Sunday afternoon at the Meadowlands.

It wasn’t all bad though.

CJ Spiller looked good playing receiver. He had 5 catches and a few of them were on the outside. It’s a good thing we are finding a way to get him involved. He has to make us a better offense when he is more involved.
Another great play from Naaman. He is stepping in nicely for Don Jones.
Terrance McGee was back in action yesterday and I thought he looked great. He made a great pass breakout in the end zone and had some great hits in run support and on receivers. In total, McGee had 11 tackles, all solo, to lead the team. Maybe Florence is the guy McGee will supplant at starting cornerback after yesterday’s performance.
The Bills (Alex Carrington) blocked a field goal. When was the last time that happened?

The Bills will play Washington in Toronto after the bye. This game is a must win in my opinion. We will split against Dallas and the Jets, at best, so if we lose to Washington, we are looking at 5-4. Its such BS that this game is on Toronto. I wouldn’t give the Skins much of a chance to win if the game were in Buffalo, but the Bills chances of winning in Toronto are about equivalent to the Bills chances of winning a road game that Steve attends.