Monday, February 26, 2018

Buffalo Bills Sign CB Vontae Davis

Evidently the Bills signed vontae davis the former dolphins and colts cornerback.

So the Bills won nhl trade deadline day

Buffalo Sabres Trade Evander Kane to San Jose

By steve

The Sabres GM Botterill evidently is alive! He traded Evander Kane to the Sharks for forward Daniel O'regan
2019 first round pick if he resigns with SJ or it turns in to a 2nd rounder
2020 4th round pick

Maybe Botterill shoulda just stayed dead. Nothing to help this year and it seems highly unlikely this will ever be a 1st.


24 year old forward danny o'regan
31 AHL games 25 points
19 NHL games 0 goals 4 assists
Played 3 nhl games last year

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl 52 NFL Picks

Boring super bowl

Steve 35-41-2 Playoffs 5-4-1
Eagles +4.5 v Cheatriots
Over 48.5

Coast 34-40-4 Playoffs 6-3-1
Eagles +4.5
Under 48.5

Feyes 30-44-4 Playoffs 4-5-1
Eagles +4.5

Katman 34-40-4 Playoffs 4-5-1
Patriots -4.5