Friday, February 29, 2008

Spencer Johnson Buffalo Bills

Spencer Johnson 6'3 286 Auburn (undrafted) 26 years old


"He was stuck behind P. Williams and K. Williams. He has decent size and athleticism. He's a 3 tech guy who can go outside in a pinch. They call him "smart" and say his instincts and reactions to pad pressure and blocking schemes are a plus. He has improved his pass-rush and line techniques. He is quick in short areas and makes plays with relentless effort. He plays with good hand use and pad level. He can anchor with good technique and a strong initial punch, but he can be engulfed by good blockers when he fails to keep his pads down. They also call him durable and say he provides solid depth and contributes on special teams. They thought the Vikings would try to re-sign him because his blend of intelligence, high motor and durability are tough to come by."

Sounds like an athletic backup and possible replacement for Hargrove and Tim Anderson. Hopefully just a depth move but also a potential value signing.

Kawika Mitchel Buffalo Bill

Kawika Mitchel
6'1 253 28 years old. signed 5 years $17.5 million


"He was a 16-game starter in the middle in 2006 and led the Chiefs with 104 tackle for the season. He is a two-year starter for the Chiefs at the MLB position. He is a good starter, but would not be described as much of a playmaker for the position. He is an every-down player in their defense. He is a smart player and adjusted well this season to the shift to the Cover 2 defense. He is a good overall athlete for the position. He plays hard and he competes on every single down. His athletic ability is better than his strength and he is better uncovered then covered up in their defense. He has improved as a leader in their defense and he does a good job of shifting and aligning players in the front four based on the offensive alignment pre-snap. He has improved his awareness and instincts for the position. Early in his career he would take some false steps in run support but this season he did a much better job of trusting his feel and playing with more of an attacking style. He is a player that shows good sideline to sideline speed and range. He is a player that can make plays out near the numbers based on his hustle and effort, rather than speed. He is not a physical take-on player in the run game. He has size, but he can get engulfed inline and is not a quick-shed player in run support. He is a willing take-on player and will not back down, but you would like to see him shed and make more tackles. Most of his tackles come as a freed up player that can get to the ball with little contact or avoid ability. He is a solid tackler inline and out in space. He is not very explosive, but he is dependable to get the man down to the ground. He shows good enough speed to run the middle of the field in their Cover 2 defense. He can flip his hips and he shows good speed to run with the tight end seam route. He shows good initial quickness to buzz from his zone drop. His instincts from his zone drops are just adequate. He does not break up a lot of passes and can be a step late when trying to make a play on the ball instead of the defender. He is a steady player, but he lacks play making ability. Last season he had two sacks and three pass-deflections despite being an every-down player. He has not forced one fumble in the past two seasons as a starter, which is not a real good stat for an every-down middle linebacker. He makes most of the plays he should, but he is not a guy that makes any plays that he shouldn't."

Steve's take
-Sounds like he is a solid player, good against the run, which the Bills desperately needed, but wont make any jaw dropping plays. My guess is he'll be moved to weak side and Crowell will stay at strong side with Poz in the middle.

AND PEACE OUT Tripplett you never made enough plays and were invisible most of the time, sans the skins game.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Free Agency Eve

by Steve

On the eve of free agency and to bring an end to the 14 Days Till Free Agency, we'll do a nice round up and tie the ends together. No one is anticipating the Bills get buck nasty and spend all $39610000 of their cap space, but they do have to spend $26 mil minimum to get to the 86% of cap requirement.

Between Lee Evans and Crowell's contract extensions and $11mil ish for their draft picks there isn't a shit load of money that needs to be spent. However, to assume the Bills will in no way be players in free agency is silly. They threw mad jack around last season on o-linemen and I see them making a play on some dudes.

Lance Briggs will be really expensive but would fill a major need for this team. Jauron knows him and if he feels he is worth it or not I'll take his word for it, at least in this situation. The Bills also said they want a fullback, well, Lorenzo Neil was just cut, how about him?

Everyone in need of a tight end will be looking at Crumpler, who would be a significant upgrade on this team, but someone like Ben Utecht could be much cheaper and is flying under the radar.

Lets just hope that the signing of Tommy Kelly, $50.5 for 7 years is a not a precursor as to what is to come in free agency. I mean the dude might be good, but the highest paid DT in the league? He has played 7 games at the position before tearing his ACL. True, it is the Raiders and they are the worst run franchise in the NFL, but other players will see that contract and want more.

Lets pause to address a text received from fellow WNY Watercooler contributor T-wreck. "DJ Hackett, Bernard Berrian, Jerry Porter, Jabor Gaffney, Todd Collins, Billy Volek, Alge Crumpler, Kawika Mitchell, Lance Briggs, Rosey Colvin, how many of these dudes we getting" Evidently he really wants Volek, Gaffney, Hackett, and Michell.

Really, who knows what the Bills are going to do, we do know one thing though. They have a lot of holes, haven't made the playoffs in 8 seasons and desperately need to ball in free agency. 4 hours to go!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Peace Out Brian Campbell

by Steve

"Are your hands cold and clammy? Does your face turn red for no reason?" So much for seeing that commercial, and soooo long Brian Soupy Mcsweat Veins Veins Veins spin-o-rama Camp-bell Campbell. I'll always remember the Umburger hit, yelling "he's dead he's dead" into some Philly fan/canadian at that amazing double OT thriller. I'll remember that silly spin-o-rama that the kiddies and women would always wooo for at HSBC arena. And I'll remember your game utterly collapsing and you whining and crying because you were being traded down the stretch.

If you loved Buffalo so much, 6 years $30 was plenty. And this.. "Don't boo me when I come back," the defenseman said this afternoon shortly after being traded to the San Jose Sharks. HAHA I can't wait to boo you just like I boo'd Drury and Briere when they were here. True I don't dislike you as much because at least we got something for you(Steve Bernier and a 2008 first-round pick) instead of allowing you to leave July 1, but you still will be playing for the opposite team.

Ok, Camp-Bell is the past, Steve "Big Bear" Bernier is the present and future, well along with that first round pick, somewhere around 22 over all. People, manly me, are comparing him to Mario Lemieux while others compare him to Vanek with less talent and more grit. At 6'2 225 he has size to ball and be a beast in front of the net. Here is an article of Joe Thornton fawning all over him.

He is only 22 and in three short seasons, 162 games, has amassed 42 goals 81 points and is a career plus player. He knows how to hit and isn't afraid to get nasty in front of the net. He plays the power play, already has playoff experience, and can probably only go get better from here.

What is the roof on this kid? Probably 30 goals in the best of circumstances, but from what little I really know about him, it sounds like he brings grit and strength, a scoring version of Pat Kaleta perhaps? Here is a video highlight:

Now on to bashing Darc Regier and Larry Quinny. Yup we are unofficially the Montreal Expos/ Florida Marlins of the Nation Hockey League. No foresight no foreskin, these two have taken one of the most exciting, successful, replicated teams in Buffalo sports history and disassembled them almost over night. The list since the 05/06 season is almost too long to list even on the internet!

Embarrassing probably isn't a strong enough word. But a more important problem than coming up with an adjective to describe the clowns that are the front office is, who is next? Who is the next 'big ticket potential free agent' to walk away from the organization without a new contract? Miller? Pominville? Andrew Peters? (Ok I'm joking with Petey but you get it)

How about even "Big Bear"? He is a RFA after the season? I mean, its not like "3rd line forward RFAs are ever taken away by some desperate team" err Dustin Penner? And its not like the Sabres have had to over pay a RFA in past years just to stave off cock smokes like Kevin Lowe. Here in lies the problem. What does Darc really have to base on in regards to giving Big Bear Bernier a contract extension? And what is fair really?

He has played less than 3 full seasons, he is only 22. Does he want more than 3 years, do the Sabres want to give someone more than 3 years? Is six years an option? I can only hope the Sabres get him in the offseason with just a tender offer, and then perhaps middle of next season see his true potential and throw out a long term deal. But with the CBA the way it is, nothing is out of the question at this point and who knows how years we'll have to fully grade this trade?

NFL Free Agency: Defensive Ends

by Steve

Day 11 of 14 Days till Free Agency finds WNY Watercooler breaking down available defensive ends eligible to sign Friday February 29th. With the Bills giving very lucrative contracts to both Chris Kelsay and Aaron Schobel, to the tune of $75 million, it is nearly impossible to picture the Bills going after an upper tier DE in either the draft or FA despite a clamoring by some fans.

Between to two d-ends, the whitest d-ends ever, they had 9 sacks total last year. Yes, nine! Ok, ok Schobel had 5 forced fumbles and was on the pro bowl team for the AFC, but who gives a shit. They run 10 yards pass any quarterback, they are a liability against the run, and quite frankly I believe they are over paid over rated and if it wasn't for their cap implications would be on the potential cut list. Here is the list of FA DEs: (via

Chris Canty RFA, Greg White, Justin Smith, Antwan Odom, Bobby McCray, Chris Clemons, Marques Douglas, Mike Wright, Jevon Kearse, Travis, Laboy, Darrion Scott, Chris Page, Chauncey Davis (RFA), Josh Thomas.

I've thought of Javon Kearse, who was paid about $30 mil for 22 sacks while with the Eagles. True he has been completely obliterated by injuries throughout his tenure there, is he healthy, was he a 2+ year wonder? Who knows, if he took a small contract I'd bring him in to rotate on the left side. I mean christ, we already know Fewell loves the rotation and with the loss of druggy/cop beater Anthony Hargove for the season, the Bills need someone for depth.

Maybe take a gander at a RFA like Chauncey Davis who is still young and has potential? True he has only 4 career sacks but does anyone really want to see more of Jason Jefferson or Copeland Bryan? Maybe look early on day two for the answer to this depth problem. And bye the bye, where is CJ Ah You? I just really hope Al Wallace is not the answer to this question and for that matter Ryan Dennelsay either.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Combine notes

Good breakdown of some interesting news

Athletic Penn State linebacker Dan Connor has so far been the hit of interviews. Several teams have said it was the best interview they have seen a linebacker have in the last few years. His film diagnosis and knowledge of the game are precisely why he is a tackling machine. Many have added him to their lists' of must interviews after hearing stellar reports from his first three interviews. The N.E. Patriots and Tampa Bay added him to their lists after the rumors ran in the convention center.

Damn, PSU is a linebacker sausage factory. Not sure where he'll go in the draft but if he is around where the Bills pick which he will be they need to think about it strongly. Then again if he truly is a special ILB and moving Posluszney isn't an option then forget it.

The word at the convention center that comes from DeAngelo Hall directly is that Rod Coleman and Alge Crumpler and himself are being cleared out because of their support of Michael Vick and the fact that the teams' new G.M. is from the Patriots and wants to scrub the lockeroom clean. Teams interested in Hall that our source has confirmed are: Dallas, New York Giants, Tennessee, Miami, Buffalo, New Orleans and Kansas City.

As I've stated, CB is not a pressing need, and the potential cost of a DeAngelo Hall is too steep.

Veteran defensive tackle Shaun Rogers is trade bait and many 4-3 teams are lining up. Jacksonville, Tennessee, Atlanta, Buffalo, and the New York Jets are all interested. Best offer so far is a 4th rounder.

Swap 1st round picks? A fourth for this dude would be an absolute steal.

Also is saying: " The Panthers are reportedly no longer pursuing free agent Alge Crumpler. Crump is seeking a deal averaging $4 million per year, and with Jeff King around, the Panthers weren't going to meet his demands. The Bucs, Bills, Lions, and Titans have better chances of getting the 30-year-old Crumpler."

Nothing longer than 3 or 4 years plus he could be cut at the end of the contract any way, he is definitely worth $4 mil per.

also from "The times are in for the 40-yard dash run this morning by the wide receivers. And there are a couple of standouts, including Indiana product James Hardy, who's already talked to the BillsIndiana's James Hardy ran a 4.47 in the 40. That's extremely impressive for a 6-6, 220lb wideout who was described as having marginal speed before the combine. Hardy told us Friday that the Bills have expressed some interest, his 40-time may make them even more interested. He does have some character question marks that teams will want to learn more about."

Huff on the outs Looks like the Raiders are trying to move Michael Huff, the safety taken before Whitner two drafts ago.
Two league sources tell the Oakland Tribune's Jerry McDonald that it's "no secret" Raiders S Michael Huff is on the trade block.
Huff is going to be hard to trade with that $43 million rookie deal he signed in 2006. It's very surprising that the Raiders would be looking to unload Huff with no viable alternative behind him. Oakland needs a hitter at strong safety so Huff can move to center field and capitalize on his strengths.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

NFL Free Agents: Corner and Safety

by Steve

Now I know many a Bills fan believe cornerback is a pressing need for the Buffalo Bills this offseason, but I disagree. Here is day 8 and 9 of 14 days till free agency, Cornerback and Safey. The Bills defensive scheme takes away lot of the importance of a shut down corner. Although, anyone could use a SDCB they just aren't worth the money they are getting in this new age of a rising salary cap w/ huge television revenues. Furthermore, with the return of Ko Simpson for 2008, safety isn't much of a concern either.

Rumor around the rumor mill is Asante Samuel, the top free agent corner and perhaps the top free agent in the NFL, is looking for a $100 million contract. Nearly $40 mil more than what Clements got. That is flat out ridiculous. Is he good? Yes. Is he worth $30 mil guaranteed and the richest non QB in the league? HELL NO. I'll stick with Terrance McGee and Jabari Greer, they're fine.

Here is the list any way: Wait who the hell is Nnamdi Asomugha? I don't even know how to say his name let alone wanna pay him Clements esque money. Maybe I don't watch enough Raider football. Either way he was franchised along with Trufant. Eric Green RFA, Randall Gay, Reynaldo Hill, Joselio Hanson RFA, Stanley Wilson RFA, Brian Kelly, Travis Fisher BJ Sams and there are rumors going around that DeAngelo Hall is available, but I would assume that would take a first round pick to pull off.

Safety FA's: Gibril Wilson, Hamza Abdullah, Yeremiah Bell, Chris Crocker, C.C. Brown, Will Demps, Eugene Wilson, Madieu Williams, OJ Atogwe, Keith Davis, Matt Giordano, J.R. Reed, Sammy Night, you get the point there are a shit load of them available. I wouldn't mind the Bills keeping Bryan Scott and or brining in another safety as a back up plan to Whitner and Ko, because I hate George Wilson.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

NFL Free Agents: Defensive Tackle

by Steve

Day 7 of 14 Days Till Free Agency finds WNY Watercooler breaking down a major need position for the Buffalo Bills, Defensive Tackle. Sure, Johnny McCargo turned it on big time at the end of the 2007 seasons, but fifth round pick Kyle Williams is no better than a second stringer and free agent signee from two years ago Larry Tripplett is at best an average player who has yet to really contribute or live up to his contract.

True, that alone makes me very hesitant to throw top dollar at another free agent d-tackle and instead look more towards the draft but here is a list of the top DTs availble via Brian Young, Tommy Kelly, Jovan Haye, Issac Spopago, Ethan Kelley, Rod Coleman, Darrel Reid, Grady Jackson, Colin Cole, Randy Starks, Damione Lewis, Marquay Love, Ted Washington, Remi Ayodele and unfortunately NO Giants. shit.

Ok, this list kinda sucks, especially since recently the top two free agent DTs Hayensworth and Corey Williams, were taken off the market via the Franchise Tag, which seems like it is being used more than ever in 2008.

Moreover, the Bills defensive scheme, which, I guess, is based on rotation and having quicker penetrating DTs who can shoot threw gaps and or put pressure on the QB, makes finding players for this position even more problematic. Who knows, maybe the Bills brass and Perry Fewell will deviate from this failed scheme for 2008 although no signs point to that direction.

I also wouldn't be adverse to bringing an old dude to rotate in once and a while ala big fat sweaty Teddy Washington. Have him come in to stop a 3rd or 4th and short AND mentor the young group of DTs on the roster along with a tackle brought in via the draft.

Other than that, I do kind of have a boner for Grady Jackson, who I recall, came in and played admirably for Stroud and Henderson late in the year/playoffs. I mean, they did beat the run first Steelers did they not? True, he is 35, but look at some of the old dudes on the list towards the bottom like von Oelhoffen, Trailor, and Washington and they are all older than him. Furthermore, he has played in at least 14 games in each of the past three seasons and shows no real injury problems, at least recently.

So, in summation, bring in an old dude/mentor or give Grady Jackson a 2-3 year incentive laden contract, look 2nd or 3rd round DT and get this defensive line fixed.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

NFL Free Agency: Middle Linebacker

By: Coast

Finally, on day five of the free agency preview, the Bills actually don't have a pressing need at a position. True, this depends totally on whether or not Paul Posluczny can remain healthy, but if he can, he has a lot of upside that he showed early last year. "Poz" was in the top 3 in the NFL in tackles when he went down and for a rookie that is impressive...or it just shows how had our defensive line is, one of the two.

What about depth? The Bills have John DiGiorgio behind Poz and he earned some valuable experience this year. Yeah, he sucks and is too small, but at least we have a back up who has played the position before (errr George Wilson). Would I mind drafting a middle linebacker with some size and athleticism on day two of the draft? Probably not, but this is not a position the Bills need to address early in free agency or early in the draft.

Regardless of whether or not the Bills need a MLB, there are absolutely none that I would want in free agency. We are talking about Tedy Bruschi being the best one available. If he joined the Bills I would move at least 4,000 miles away from One Bills Drive. According to football future (some web site probably by some dude who has as much credibility as me) Danny Clark is the next best MLB available. Who? Zach Thomas was recently cut but as usual the Patriots are the first to talk to him...they want to replace one old washed up scum bag with another I guess. I didn't think replacing Bruschi could increase the average age of their linebackers but I was wrong. I love it.

The Bills don't need a MLB. Poz is easily better than anyone available and I expect big things from him. Pair him up with Crowell and some beast we pick up (Keith Rivers-maybe 2nd round...???) and we will have a solid LB Corps.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

NFL Free Agents: Outside Linebackers

by Steve

Day 4 and 5 of 14 days till free agency has us breaking down the Weak and Strong side linebackers available in free agency. Of course, one of the best, Terrel Suggs was franchised, effectively taking him out of contention for anyone to sign. So here is a breakdown of one of the top need positions on the Buffalo Bills, outside linebackers:

Just an FYI, the Bills have the most cap space heading into free agency with $38 million to spend according to this source. Not that the Bills will spend it all any way, cause we're the dying decrepit small market Bills and are wayyy tooo cheapppp. Whatever, STFU.

Here is's OLB ranking: Lance Briggs, Michael Boley (RFA), Kawika Mitchel, Calvin Pace, Brandon Chillar, Victor Hobson, Pierre Woods, Reggie Torbor, Clark Haggans, Rocky Boiman, Landon Johnson, Darryl Blackstock, Heath Farwell, Demorrio Williams, Sam Williams, Boss Bailey, Kevin Bentley etc.

Some names that interest me are anyone from the Giants defense, Demorrio Williams, Brandon Chillar, and Darryl Blackstock. De Williams is what some are characterizing as a 'high motor guy' which obviously is a turnoff considering how many of them we have on the roster but who knows maybe he was just lost on an awful NFC team. Brandon Chillar formally of the St Louis Rams will probably be seeking a big contract, but at 25 is probably worth it. He is a strong side LB but could play any where. I would definitely take a flyer on this dude if Russ Brandon isn't looking LB early in the draft. Another guy worth looking at is Darryl Blackstock of the Cardinals. True he is a RFA and played 3-4 in college but at 25 and 6'3 244 the dude is a beast. If the Bills brass feel they can mold this kid into something in their defensive scheme I'd shoot him a contract.

Lets be real here. Linebacker is a major need on this team. Their reach of a second round pick from last year is already injury prone, Rich Gannon showed us how bad Angelo Crowell is and Ellison/DiGirgio are way too small and basically worthless. The Bills have money to spend and need to pick up a top tier OLB or draft two.

Who I'm not interested in: Anyone over the age of 29, Victor Hobson, and Lance Briggs. The team is young and need to stay that way, bringing in some washed up has been scrub from the steelers or where ever is counter productive. Any linebacker that played for the Jets is not a good player, they seemed to get torched any time I saw a team play them . True Lance Briggs is only 27, but really is he that good? The whole Bears defense is pretty stout, could he just be a product of a system? Furthermore he is going to get crazy jack. Did anyone really notice Adalius Thomas on the Patriots this year? I don't like signing the top free agent from a team that had good defensive players sprayed all over the field. Look for a bargain or a step down or concentrate on the draft.

Tomorrow middle linebacker.

Monday, February 18, 2008


um inside and outside linebacker free agency break down comin tuesday

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Free Agency: Fullbacks

by Steve

Day three of 14 Days Till Free Agency and today we'll look at the full back position, because you know what? Why not! The Bills and their new offensive coordinator Turk Schonert have stated they are brining this once forgotten position back to the Bills offense for 2008 and as far as I am concerned, Darian Barnes and Jonathan Evans aren't getting the job done.

So here's the list: Cecil Sapp, Leonard Weaver, Tony Richardson, Ahmard Hall, Dan Kreider, Brad Hoover, Kris Wilson, Thomas Tapeh, Boomer Grigsby, Corey McIntyre, David Kirtman, Stacey Tutt, Casey Cramer, Ryan Neufeld, Zack Keasey and Charles Ali. (thanks

Umm, who the hell are any of those dudes? True fullback is pretty much a thoughtless glamorless position but damn the well has run dry. Ideally you want a fullback that can catch and block, or do one or the other quite well. At this point, the Bills should take anything they can get. The redzone offense stinks, the short yardage offense is non-existent and I for one am sick and tired of watching the Bills not pick up 3rd and 1 and then 4th and 1 and a half.

Anything Steve Fairchild thought was a good idea, Schonert should do the opposite. So deciding to bring back the full back is a great step in the right direction. If one of the top tier FB's aren't brought in then look FB in the 4th or 5th round.

ORRR how about this, converting bust 4th rounder Dwayne Wright to fullback! Can he block? Who knows, can he learn? Jason Peters did... At 5'11 and 228 pounds he is the exact and I mean exact same weight and height as Cecil Sapp and already on the roster. Am I a genius or what?

Sure it is way to early to call him a bust, but with the somewhat of a break out year for Fred Jackson, third on the depth chart for a 4th round talent is kind of a waste. Give him some bigger shoulder pads and that back neck pad thingy and have him hang out with Peters and Dockery for a few months. Furthermore give him a McDonalds gift card for $1,000 and let him add a few pounds. Crazier things have happened.

Don't sleep on Kris Wilson here, damn the dude is versatile, fb and te? I'll take a flyer.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

NFL Free Agents: Wide Receivers

by Coast

The Bills are in desperate need for a wide receiver and in my opinion, this is the number one need for the Bills in the upcoming free agency period. Defense is so much easier to address in the draft, especially at linebacker. A first round backer can contribute right away. As far as wide receiver goes, it is hit or miss. The Bills can go out on a limb and take Malcolm Kelly at 11 but that would be risky, and it may take him some time to develop.

The problem with the free agency pool this year is that it is weak. The best receiver available this year in free agency is Randy Moss. He isn't even on the Bills radar nor are the Bills on his radar I am sure. Hopefully the Patriots refuse to give him the money he wants and he leaves the conference or at least the division. Next on the list is Bernard Berrian. Berrian is a play maker and a deep threat. The only problem is that he is 6 feet 1 inch tall. He may be bigger than anyone else we have, but he is still smallish and I want a beast opposite the smaller Evans. This brings us to Bryant Johnson, the former first round pick out of Penn state. Johnson was the number three receiver on the Cardinals but tell me a guy who wouldn't be the number three on that team with the two beasts they got starting. Johnson has good size at 6 foot 3 216 pounds and is only 26 years old. Out of all the free agents, Johnson would fit the Bills the best.

The Bills do have one other option. As we all know, Losman wants out and believe it or not, a lot of teams would really like to have him. Because there are so many awful QBs in the league, Losman can be a starter on a lot of teams. The one rumored possible trade would send JP to Detroit for Roy Williams. This would be a dream scenario. Of course Buffalo would have to send a draft pick along with JP but with two thirds, they can afford to give one of them up. Roy Williams is a legit number one stud wide out...just ask Nate Clements what he thinks about Roy Williams (for those of you who may have forgot, I wish I did, Williams lit up the Bills for 10 catches 161 yards and a touchdown in week 6 of the 2006 season). Roy is also 6'3 and 211 pounds, similar size as Johnson, but Roy has a 1300 yard season under his belt in 2006.

What I want the Bills to do-trade for Roy Williams. What I hope the Bills will do-sign Bryant Johnson. What I think the Bills will do-draft a wide receiver in the first round, namely Malcolm Kelly which I think would be stupid and a mistake. HOnestly, I have no idea what Jim Overdorf and company have in mind.

Friday, February 15, 2008

14 days till Free Agency Tight End

by Steve

Alright, because I don't want to go offense at all in the draft, at least not in the first 3 rounds, 14 Days till Free Agency Day 1 starts off with Tight End. Clearly a need position for the Buffalo Bills, especially considering they lost 'pass catching' tight end Kevin Everett for life.

The current staff, Robert Royal, primarily a blocking tight end will little penchant for catching big touchdowns or creating plays, Derek Schouman, a seventh round rookie, Teyo Johnson a nobody the Bills recently signed, and Tim Massaquoi, an even bigger nobody create a depressingly pathetic corps of tight ends. To further their problems, Michael Gaines is a free agent, granted he wasn't much to sneeze at either, but was at least a big body, could presumably come back, but who really cares.

That leaves the Bills desperately seeking a pass catching tight end, hopefully one that at least knows how to tackle, if the time ever called for it. So where are we starting? Look no further than todays biggest Atlanta Falcons cap casualty, Alge Crumpler.

A seven year pro Crumpler, who at, 6-2 and 262, has great size and just turned 30. He has consistently played at least 14 games+ since being drafted in the second round in 2001. He has averaged 45 catches and 5 touchdowns a season and is a solid pass catcher. True, he may be on the down-ish side of his career, but he has ball left in him and at the right price I think the Bills have to at least offer a contract or bring him in for a physical or something. They would be crazy not to.

Here is the list of other decent Tight Ends in free agency, Dallas Clark (Likely to be franchised, Bo Scaife RFA, Ben Utecht RFA and possible product of a system, Eric Johnson and Billy Miller both from New Orleans, Jerramy Stevens, Anthony Becht, Marcus Pollard (who at 36 seems 106), Kris Wilson, Bryan Fletcher and Ben Hartsock. Ouch, not much of a crop at tight end.

Thinking about it more, god damn Everett's injury really set this franchise back in regards to the tight end position.

Final verdict, take a long look at Crumpler if not perhaps Kris Watson, who as a 2nd round pick playing behind one of the best in the game, has to have learned something in his days with the Chiefs. Somebody needs to be signed hopefully with Gaines also returning. If not, bring in any free agent tight end and look long and hard in the 3rd round. There has to be a hidden gem or athletic type TE that can adapt to catching the ball in 20 degree weather while getting both feet in bounce.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there have been rumors Jeremy Shockey was on the trading block. Good, keep him there, cause that is the last thing the Bills needs is a loud mouth me first loser malcontent shouting in Trent's grill against the Patriots in November cause he was open on a play and Trent dumped it off.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

14 days till free agency

by Steve

Starting Friday, WNYWatercooler will be hosting the '14 days till free agency' galla, ripe with predictions, dreams, hopeful signings, ideas, and demands for the Buffalo Bills in free agency. Of course there are debates as to what exactly the Bills top needs are, whether it be wide receiver, tight end, linebacker, cornerback, defensive tackle, or even um dare I say, QUARTERBACK (to some people) we'll be breaking down the free agency market for the next 14 days.

Just for the record I believe the Bills needs are as follows (in order)

1. Linebacker
2. Defensive Tackle
3. Wide Receiver
4. Defensive End
5. Safety

Preferably, the Bills acquire a solid pass catching tight end and a good #2 wide receiver in free agency and concentrate almost exclusively on defense with their 10 draft picks in the 2008 draft. But either way, check back for complete free agency info for the next 14 days.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hot Hot Sabres

by Steve

Um... don't look know but the Sabres are HOTTTT?!? Holy smokes they are. With a gritty grind 'em out win tonight against the Toronto Leafs 1-0 in HSBC arena the Sabres are now 8-0-2 in their last 10 games. Sure both shootout losses were embarrassing blown third period leads(especially the [at the time] 8th place Bruins loss) but you can't argue with winning 8 of time and getting 18 of a possible 20 points in that stretch.

With this sudden surge the Sabres find themselves alone in 7th place in the mediocre Eastern Conference. Sure, Buffalo is 4 points out of 4th and 9 points out of first but they are also 1 point out of 10th. So at this point in the season, 25 games to go, pretty much anything can happen.

The Sabres are clicking on all cylinders at this point. Vanek has 7 goals in 8 games and may I emphasize may have found his scoring touch while Danny Brie errrr Paille continues to rack up points and pretty much single handedly created the only goal of the game tonight. Furthermore, the oft bashed (at least on this blog) Ryan "Millsie" Miller is scorching the Earth allowing only 15 goals during this stretch with two shutouts.

At this pace, or at least anything close to this pace, and the Sabres are a virtual lock to be playing in late April. But with twenty-five games left and only 13 days till the trade deadline, things are still far from set in stone.

Then again, it isn't tough to recall only one year ago when the Sabres had the best record in the game and seemed destined for great things. When did it become acceptable for this team to 'just make the playoffs' Darc/Quinny need to bust a move and bust a move quick. Sure they probably aren't cup contenders but once they get in, especially in this Conference anything could conceivably happen.

The problem is, what is the move to bust? Should they break up what seems to be a hot team by trading Campbell or another popular player like Connolly and start building for the future or sit on the team and hope to sign "Soupy" before July 1st?

Screw it, for now we might as well enjoy this hot streak and put off the deadline til Feb 26th when it comes. Plus I suggest getting to the dollar store soon to pick up your 40 gross of AAA batteries because both Drury(2/23) and Briere(2/25) make stops in Buffalo before the deadline. BRING IT MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Zednik cut

by Steve

Pretty messed up night at HSBC arena tonight, as Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik was cut right in the neck by Oli Jokinen's skate. From the silence in the crowd to the looks on the players faces the whole scene was very creepy indeed. The huge blood streak all the way across the ice and Zednik's limp frightened body made things even worse.

I mean, for some one like me, who over all lacks compassion for anyone or anything, even I was a bit short of breathe and hoping he is alright. Sure it is a sport and I hate the opponent and in reality I guess I don't want anyone to die, and this was a sobering reminder of what can happen.

Then again only a few minutes later I was wondering, if they don't finish the game, what happens with the bets? I mean the Sabres were winning, and everyone who had money on the over already won. I guess when ever they finished playing the game, the pay outs would occur, or worst case scenario the bets would be canceled. I didn't have a wager on it any way so I didn't have to worry.

Word is Zednik is in stable condition, had surgery at Buffalo General, and hopefully will be fine. But Christ, if you were a professional athlete you have to be a bit weary of playing in Buffalo. Its like a death knell, first Everett and now this, damn, weird year in Buffalo sports.

It also brought back memories of Clint Mularchuck, and his neck getting gashed, its a wonder this stuff is as rare as it is, but I'd still say Clint's was worse cause he was just laying there in the middle of the ice with a pool of blood, at least Zednik moved off the ice.

Well, God's speed and hopefully he is able to play again.

Here is some video:

and mularchuck

Friday, February 8, 2008

Bills news galore

by Steve

  • Here is an article in the Buffalo News about Chuck Schumer getting some assurance Ralph isn't doing anything to move the team and an interesting quote"
    “It is an important question, but a sensitive question,” Schumer replied. Things are being worked on, behind the scenes, but they’re better left unsaid publicly, he suggested."
  • Here is something new E.C. Exec Chris Collins is chirpin about. Interesting quote from that article, "Congressman Brian Higgins is also announcing his plan to ask the NFL to permit community ownership with local fans and other people allowed to purchase stock in the team. This would be a similar arrangement to the current ownership of the Green Bay Packers."
  • More information on the citizens owning the team that Higgins is proposing. "The Bills are a regional treasure and part of the fabric of our community," Higgins stated.
    "Community ownership in the Bills would give the Buffalo fans that built this franchise a real role in steering the future of this team."
  • Bills tickets are still cheapest around. Although mine are actually going up in price while their face value goes down.. hmmm.

Alright a lot of information but not a lot of new information. I guess it is good that the politicos are getting invloved in the processing, ya know cause it is something we care about. But who knows what they can do.

I for one am in the camp that believes the Bills will not be leaving Buffalo time soon. Sure call it blind optimism but if people and the NFL didn't learn from the Cleveland debacle what will they learn anything from. Plus Toronto will not be getting a team any time soon. Lets be real. Los angeles still doesn't have a team, there is the CFL, and who knows if the NFL would work there. Plus fuck Canada.

If the community was allowed to buy a stake in the Bills that would be effn sweet and I'd have a boner, but I am withholding an excitement on that front. Furthermore, a downtown stadium? It would be sweet cause its new and everything, but the new costs, the location, where tail gating would be as sweet, there are issues there. It depends a lot of the location, whether it is a stupid domed stadium the costs, etc.

At least we are being proactive instead of sitting with our thumbs up our asses. (Cleveland)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How good is Daniel Paille?

by Steve

True, we (WNY watercooler) don't talk a lot of hockey, mostly because it is tough to stay positive, the coach is overrated, the team is mediocre at best, their management is a disgrace, the goalie overrated, campbell is only a +1 and needs to be traded etc. I mean, pretty much there a lot of ways it can go negative. BUT! One thing that is extremely positive is the play of one Daniel Paille.

The dude, apparently, is a straight beast. He, Dan Paille, was the 2002 first round pick of the Buffalo Sabres (Number 20 overall) and, evidently is a straight gangsta. A gander at his statistics this season can only further prove that statement. On the season he has 26 points in 48 games, not exactly eye popping, however, in his last 19 games he has 16 points and 8 goals in his last 12 games.

Either, the dude is on a rare tear, or is becoming the next Dan Briere? True he has 25 less points, in 3 less games, but Paille is only 23 and is a respectable 6'0 197. So he has a few inches on the midgets in the league and is capable of banging around in the corner or in the front of the net if possible. Furthermore, this is Paille's first full season in the major leagues. (He only played 43 games in the past 2 seasons combined.)

Basically, what I am saying is this, he is untouchable. If/when the Sabres make a trade in 2008 it can not involve this beast from the East( of Ontario, Welland in fact). He has too much upside and should not be included in any trade.

Now, should Campbell be traded? Absolutely. Should Vanek? Probably, but Paille? Definitely not. Because, at this point he has no ceiling, and with this mediocre team, and with Hecht as his centerman he is straight balling and can only get better.

If you are weary about buying a Sabres jersey I understand, but if you are looking for a strong investment in the future, look no further than Dan Paille. Just check the stat sheet for any further proof needed, the dude is making plays, and at a time where few other Sabres consistently are. AND he is making his teammates better (Pominville 11 points in last 10 games) so caress those Paille boners cause they appear to be up for a long time to come.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Duke @ UNC Preview

by Andy

Well, seeing as how I am the only one that really knows anything about college sports, and it is Rivalry Week, I'll write a Duke/UNC preview. These two historic teams will play Wednesday at Chapel Hill (9pm on ESPN) Duke coming in ranked 2nd in the country while UNC is ranked 3rd. In my eyes this game will be better than the Championship game in San Antonio come April.

Duke is 19-1 overall and 7-0 in the ACC this year while UNC is 21-1 overall and 6-1 in the ACC. Is Duke truly better than UNC? I think so, but by a minuscule amount. I think it comes down to the defense that Duke plays. UNC loves to run and they run off every turnover, but I think Duke is one team that can match their fast break ability.

One thing that gives Duke a little more of an advantage is the injured Ty Lawson. Lawson sprained his ankle against FSU Saturday because he would not let go of the ball during a tie up after the whistle blew. Dumb yes, as a referee myself we tell the players that once the whistle is blown, stop play. Ty Lawson apparently has "Little Mans Syndrome" and let his ego get the best of him. "I don't feel real good about him playing," Roy Williams said during the Atlantic Coast Conference's weekly media teleconference. (Music to Duke fans ears) So that means UNC has to replace Lawson and his 14 PPG, 6 APG and 3 RPG with his bench. Usually Roy Williams would go with Bobby Frasor, but he is out for the year with an ACL injury so that means Quentin Thomas will most likely start. Thomas used to be booed when he was in but recent good play has settled down the fans, who now chant Q when he dishes the rock.

Now lets get to the real X, or should I say T Factor of this game.. That's right folks, I'm talking about Tyler Hansbrough. Psycho T is what the fans call him because of his moaning and intense work outs at the UNC gym. This guy is a straight beast. I personally hate him but it's hard to hate these stats ... 22 PPG, 11 RPG, and 1 APG. Duke has no one to match him inside. Lance Thomas is not strong enough and Kyle Singlar will be forced to guard one of many swing men for UNC. The only way to take him out of the game is to get him in foul trouble, which is hard because he is so smart. Teams have tried to run on him, but due to his uncanny athletic ability, running is even tough.

Enough about the Baby Blue. Let's talk about my Dukies. Coach K and Co. have got these boys playing great basketball. Only lose this year to PITT when they were ranked in the top ten at MSG. No big loses to injury. The 7 footer Zubek is out but he wouldn't be that big of a factor. With 5 guys in double figures, the Dukies are playing some good offense, something they haven't been able to do since the departure of Reddick and Williams. As always their defense is suffocating. Recently however they have been coming out slow, sluggish and flat footed, but after a nice chit chat with Coach K at half, they've come out blazing. If they do come out flat tomorrow night they could get into a hole to deep to get out of. DeMarcus Nelson leads the way for Duke with 15 PPG, 6 RPG, and 3 APG. They then go 14 PPG, 13 PPG,, 11 PPG, and 10 PPG. Their bench is solid with real gun slingers. Look for Jon Scheyer and Taylor King to come off the bench and fire from anywhere on the floor, they do have the green light.

Both of these teams can score and both can defend. UNC is scoring 91 while giving up 72. Duke is scoring 86 while giving up only 66, which should make for a game to really enjoy as a fan.

Greg Paulus vs. Quentin Thomas
Advantage Paulus. He has played in this rivalry game before at Chapel Hill. He has better numbers, is smarter, and plays harder than anyone on the floor. He has the ability to shoot from long distance as well as putting the ball on the hardwood and getting to the basket. His defense runs his offense, something more players need to learn.

DeMarcus Nelson vs. Wayne Ellington
Advantage Nelson. Although Ellington is capable of putting up large numbers, I just feel Nelson is a better player. Nelson takes the ball hard to the rim every time he is near it and also can shoot. His defense is also great. Only thing that could cause some trouble is his FT shooting. He is only shooting 63% from the charity stripe.

Gerald Henderson vs. Marcus Ginyard
Advantage Henderson. I haven't seen anything that great from Ginyard this year. He is a solid defender, but more of a role player. Not that much of a threat on offense. Henderson is so athletic it's unreal. He is always above the rim on offense, just needs to learn how to finish a bit more. His defense is decent but occasionally gets lazy and forgets his assignment.

Kyle Singlar vs. Deon Thompson
Advantage Singlar. Thompson is very large and strong, but will not be able to follow Singlar on the offensive end. Singlar will take him outside then inside. He will put the rock on the deck and go to the basket. Thompson will hit the boards hard but that's about it, he does not have an offensive prowlis to him and is just a compliment player to Hansbrough.

Lance Thomas vs. Tyler Hansbrough
Advantage Hansbrough. Thomas will not be able to stop T. Look for Duke to bring over double teams. If they do, Hansbrough will find the open man most of the time. Psycho T will also be Mr. Windex on Wednesday. He has an uncanny ability to get great defensive rebounding positioning. Thomas is going to be happy when this game is over, win or lose.

Advantage UNC. Only reason I say UNC is because King is a freshman and the game is at UNC. The crowd will be ready. The UNC bench will have an easier time adjusting into the game and feeling comfortable.

Coach K vs. Roy Williams
Advantage Coach K. This guy is one of the greatest coaches in American Sports History. He always has a good team without recruiting the studs. He gets the guys that fall back a tad bit and mold them with role players to always create a competitive team. And he also has Johnny Dawkins, WOJO and Chris Collins. Come on!

82-75 Duke

Sunday, February 3, 2008

G Men 17 Pats 14

by Coast

This game is why I don't bet on sports. Besides the fact that I have no idea what I am talking about, you never know what is going to happen. there anything more satisfying than watching Tom Brady and Bill Belichick lose? That was great. What a joke. Belichick is an asshole and his whole team takes on that same role. Belichick leaves the field before the game ends. His players leave the field without shaking anyone's hands. Guess what New England? Your season was a failure. No one cares about you. In fact, you will go down in history as one of the biggest choke artists in history in my opinion. An 18-0 team losing the Super Bowl. You choked Tom Brady. You choked Bill Belichick and I love it. Your defense is old. Junior Seau-38, Mike Vrabel-32, Tedy Bruschi-34, Adalius Thomas-30, Rodney Harrison-35...nice defense. You guys were so exposed in the fourth quarter it was great. Old, over rated pieces of garbage is all you guys are.

Tom, where were you in this game? Nice accuracy...Little rattled were you? A little bit of pressure too much for you to handle. You're incredible offense just put up 14 points. Tom, Gisele is going to dump you for Eli hahaha rough. Gisele doesn't want to date a loser and that is all you are...a loser. Man, it sucks not getting lucky doesn't pass interference on those last two plays like you guys were banking on. Hey Tom, this game wasn't fixed like some of your wins are. When you don't get bailed out by the refs and the game isn't fixed, you don't always win. Haha, Tom Brady, you loser go f yourself. Nice injured shoulder you D bag. Why don't you take yourself off the injury list for the first time in your career you girl. Haha best team ever to not even in the conversation.

The G Men proved me wrong what can I say. Eli Manning is good. Their defensive line is the best in the league. Justin Tuck is a monster. They were all over Brady. Manning made plays in the fourth quarter. David Tyree wow what a catch. Rodney's old brittle arms couldn't knock the ball away. Nice tackle Seymour on that play too by the way. I know Manning is elusive so I guess I understand whiffing on him. The Giants have effectively ended the Patriot dynasty. Manning MVP back to back years. I used to hate Eli but now I think he is a pimp. Still 2nd best in the 04 class behind Losman but he gained some ground. Unbelievable.

I guess it is hard to win when you can't video tape the opposing team. Can't win when you don't cheat Bob Kraft. Belichick, way to establish the run. You would think it would make it easier for the defense to tee off on your QB when you become one dimensional. Were the Pats losing by a lot where they had to pass? Nice game plan. The Pats were out coached and exposed. As far as I am concerned, we just witnessed the changing of the guards in the AFC East. The young Bills are about to over take these loser, cheater, choker A-holes next year guaranteed. New England without Samuel, without Moss, with their old shitty defense...good luck winning 9 games. I feel like the Bills Dolphins rivalry might take center stage while New England becomes similar to the way they were in the early 90s. This is great.

(editors note)
PS Steve predicted it, he had the money line, the +12, the 2nd half, he said the d was too old, he said brady would choke, and it was all posted by about 4 pm at the latest sunday afternoon. booooyah


by Steve

I am still laughing about Tommy's collapse from two weeks ago and am expecting much of the same today. The Patriots are a good team playing in an awful league. They get lucky a lot they cheat, and they have some how miraculously avoided injuries to a defense that is older than shit.

Tom Brady chokes in big games, lets be real here. From the Eagles Super Bowl they should have lost, to the AFC championship game 2 weeks ago, the divisional round against the Raiders two years ago and so on and so forth. If Tommy throws less than 3 picks today I will be shocked.

Really the only thing this lucky team has going for it self is their coach. Who by the way failed in Cleveland and was a nobody as a head coach until Tommy B and 9/11 fell into their laps. The last 6 years of professional football have been awful. From the quarterback play to the coaching ineptitude it has been extremely ugly. Any team with a smart coach a smart quarterback and a solid o-line could tear the NFL up. And unfortunately that is what the Cheaters have done, well they didn't make the playoffs in 2002 but you get the idea.

The "dynasty" ends today folks. Who gives a shit about 19-0 when you play against Pennington,Losman, Edwards, Ray Lucas (or who ever the Dolphins qbs are) and Clemens. In the words of Lindy Ruff "It is the definition of a joke".

Don't worry, I'll be making plenty of loot off this collapse, money line +12, prop bets the whole 9 yards. Anyone that can't see through the bullshit and phony facade I feel bad for you. Moss disappears in big games, their defense is just way to old, and the only playmaker on that side of the ball will be getting owned by Plaxico for 3 straight hours. You have got to love it if you're a Giants fan.

The only thing Gaytriots fans have to look forward to in this game is Tom Coughlin calling off the dogs in the 4th quarter when their team is already bruised hemorrhaging a shit load of blood and hopefully left for dead.

So all I can say in conclusion is bring it Larry Marroney cause you are the only chance that mediocre squad has of winning this game and you suck so thats not a good combination. I don't see Brandon Jacobs running for less than 127 yards and putting 3 linebackers in the hospital with blunt force trauma to the dome caused by getting steamrolled to the ground and hitting your buckets on the turf at University of Phoenix online collegiate institute university field.

GFY, I love it the Cheaters lose this Super Bowl, then get the stolen Super Bowl from the rams ripped from them and rightfully given back th St Louis because, of course, they cheated. THE LUCK HAS RUN OUT.

Super Bowl XLII

by Coast

Pats, G Men...who saw this match up coming...the G Men were probably better than only the Bucs going into the post season...and this includes both conferences....But that's why they play the games. The Giants caught lightning in a bottle at the perfect time led by their quarterback who still hopefully has his horseshoe shoved up you know where.

Can the Giants win this game? Probably not. There are mis matches all over the field. But, they have no pressure. The Giants aren't supposed to win this game. In fact, they weren't even supposed to be in this game. If the Giants lose, regardless of what their players may say, it was a successful year for them and a surprising run. New England on the other hand, must win and if they lose their season is a failure and no one cares about their 18-0 run. This was previewed in week 17. New York had nothing to play for. They had no or lose it didn't matter. The Patriots were playing for their perfect season and looked tense and nervous. They got lucky to escape New Jersey with a win. The Giants must build on that and play a near flawless game or else this could get away from them real quick.

What must happen for the Giants to win? Well to me it's simple. Three things must happen and they are all pretty obvious. First off, they must win the time of possession. This means Brandon Jacobs needs to control the game. He must get 25 carries and run for over 100 yards. Eli, yeah he has played well lately, but the Giants don't want this game in his hands if they can help it. Mostly because if they get into a shootout they will not be able to keep up. They need to give their defense plenty of rest and keep Brady on the bench where he can't hurt them. Secondly, they must win the turnover battle. This goes without saying. If they turn it over we could be looking at 49-10. Anything more than one turnover for the Giants spells disaster. They need to pressure Brady...he can throw interceptions as shown in the AFC CHampionship game where he threw three. Finally, they need to make a big play on Special Teams or score a touchdown on defense. They need to get some cheap points. Hixon ran one back in week 17...doing the same today will help. If all three of these things go the Giants way, they could win the game.

So, what do I think will happen? I want the Giants to win this game. However, I need to look at this game for what it is...a team that is loaded with talent versus a team that got on a roll at the right time, a 16-0 team vs. a 10-6 team...a team with Eli Manning at quarterback versus a team with Tom Brady at quarterback. Basically what I am hoping for is a miracle. I won't be able to stand the coronation of Tom Brady and the Patriots for 6 months. I will want to throw up every time I turn on ESPN. This team cheated but yet no one cares and everyone is just crowning them the best team ever. Oh well...maybe the Pats first loss in 2 years will come next year vs. the Bills, that is all I can hope for. Or hopefully Eli Manning really is good and out plays Brady...after all, I have been wrong about him for the past month.

Patriots 38 Giants 21

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Dallas Disasters

by Coast

Super Bowl XXVII and XXVIII

Why waste two posts on these two massacres. They can be grouped into one painful article to save everyone from having to read two.

Super Bowl XXVII was the Bills most unlikely road to the Super Bowl. It was almost a story book ride for them to get there and it felt like fate would be on their side. The Bills were 11-5 in 1992, their worst record during the Super Bowl years. Their defense was a mediocre 14th in the league. They also were forced to play a wild card playoff game because the Miami Dolphins won the division that year. The Bills faced a week 17 game versus the Houston Oilers with a shot at the AFC East still alive. They not only lost the game but they lost Jim Kelly. Then, they had to play host to this same Oiler team a week later. This game needs to description although I could write about it and think about it 24 hours a day. The Bills led by Frank Reich came back from a 32 point second half deficit to win in overtime. The Bills then went on the road to Pittsburgh and led by Reich, they won easily, 24-3. Finally, the Bills went to South Florida to take on the Miami Dolphins. Led by the return of Jim Kelly, the Bills were able to get another easy win 29-10 to earn their third berth to the Super Bowl in as many years.

Their opponents, the Dallas Cowboys, were beginning their dynasty which earned them the title as the team of the 90's. They were loaded with talent and hall of famers. Dallas ranked in the top 5 on offense and defense. Dallas was a 7 point favorite in this game and it goes without saying, they would cover, in what was one of the biggest blowouts in NFL post season history.

Oddly enough, the Bills actually scored first in this game. Steve Tasker blocked a punt and Thurman Thomas, the Bills best offensive player, scored the first touchdown of the game. Thurman Thomas was again miserable in the Super Bowl. He had 11 carries for 19 yards in the game which was actually an improvement from his 13 yard performance a year earlier.

The Bills turned the ball over 9 times. They lost 5 fumbles and had 4 interceptions. Jim Kelly was out of the game in the second quarter. Reich came in and didn't fair much better. In the end, it was 52-17 and an embarrassing rout. The Bills best play, which is the most overrated play ever, is Don Beebe chasing down Leon Lett and knocking the ball out of his hands. Don Beebe makes hundreds of thousands of dollars to play football. What was he supposed to do, not chase him? I don't understand. Just because the Bills were getting embarrassed doesn't mean you stop trying. Give me a break.

The following year was a slightly different story. The Bills had another great year. They finished 12-4 in 1993, won the division and home field advantage and took care of business in the playoffs, including a dominating performance over Joe Montana and the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game.

Dallas was also 12-4 during that season and the Bills actually beat them in week 2 at Texas Stadium (Dallas was without Emmitt Smith and I beleive Aikman as well in this game). However, once healthy, this Cowboy team was stacked. They finished 2nd in offense and defense in the NFL. They steamrolled through the playoffs including a 38-21 win over the 49ers in the NFC title game and were favored by 10 in the Super Bowl.

This time though, the first half went exactly as planned for Buffalo. The Bills 5th ranked defense slowed down Dallas' high powered offense and held them to a total of two field goals in the first half. The Bills controlled the game and behind a 10-0 second quarter, took a 13-6 halftime lead. The Bills also were getting the football to begin the second half. They had a chance to take a strangle hold on this game, their final shot at winning it all. This is when disaster struck the Bills. The Bills fumbling issues during the Super Bowl caught them for the final, most devastating time. Thurman Thomas once again had a bad game, rushing for only 37 yards. But, it was his third quarter fumble that ultimately cost his team the game. This fumble was returned for a touchdown by James Washington and destroyed all Buffalo's momentum. Dallas cruised from this point on. Emmitt Smith would score twice in the 2nd half and the Cowboy D shut down the Bills offense to solidify a 30-13 win.

The Bills have lost 4 straight Super Bowls. For that, I have been known to call Marv Levy and Jim Kelly losers. They did choke in big games. The fact is, the AFC was weak during the 90s. It was like the NFC now. The teams in the NFC were just better and Buffalo's timing to have a great team was bad. They ran into the powers that were the Cowboys. That faced a team that had Belichick and Parcells on the same coaching staff. The Redskins had that one great year where they were the most dominant team in the NFL. The Bills had one legit shot at winning it and were outcoached. All this said, I would trade just about anything to go back to these days. No playoffs for 8 years? 11-5 being a bad season? The Bills making the playoffs would feel like a Super Bowl win right about now.