Thursday, July 27, 2017

2017 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Preview

9By Steve

Training camp season is upon us! Has there been a less interesting, less hyped, less anticipated Bills season ever? Is anyone excited for this season? Are there any expectations whatsoever? That might be a good thing..

Whaley is gone, dumb ass Rex is gone, fat Rob is gone yet Russ Brandon still survives like a fucking never ending plague of torcher with only disaster in his wake. Yikes.

But hey there is a new coach that TAKES NO NONSENSE and a new GM that references THE PROCESS. Oh yeah tiny Ty is still the starting quarterback and injury questions continue to swirl around Sam brittle Watkins. Neat

Could anyone pick Brandon Beane out of a line up? Was he hired because Russ liked his first name or because Sean "Dougy" McDermott trusts him? Which is a worse reason?

Why the hell am I predicting a 9-7 record? Hope breeds eternal.. misery?

Then again addition by subtraction is a thing right? The defense cant really be worse even if bitchface Gilmore is gone and his replacement is Tre'davious 27th overall im not White right? Gilly might have been hated by me yet he was sorta good but is only one player. Rex was such a disaster (Lorenzo Alexander not withstanding) that any replacement is a good thing. For Christ sake Rob Ryan was in charge of important shit last year!

Les Franzier is an upgrade, Rick Dennison is an upgrade over Anthony "remember I repaced Greg Roman in September" Lynn and the Bills still have Shady!

Oh yeah back to St John Fisher..

Not much up for grabs in regards to starting positions. Then again there are like 25 god damn fullbacks.. Also who will be the other starter at safety next Micah Hyde? WR2? WR3? Is there another tightend besides richboy #85?

Sounds like 9-7