Sunday, August 29, 2010

2010 Fantasy Football sleepers and busts

by Steve

Week three of the NFL preseason is over so fantasy football draft time is heating up big time. Since I am a genius (here is my 09 sleeper/bust post) and clearly smarter than all I will give you my fantasy football sleepers and busts:


Arian Foster RB Houston Texans
Looks to be locking up the #1 RB spot and is getting drafted in the 60's on ESPN

Toby Gerhart RB Minnesota Vikings
No more Chester Taylor, Peterson has issues, Gerhart is going to score TDs he's going in the 150's.

Carson Palmer QB Cincinnati Bengals
Bengals have the two receivers and Gresham looks good at TE. He's available at 100

LeSean McCoy RB Philadelphia Eagles
Contemplating putting him as a bust but there is no one behind him and he is available in the 3rd round.

Jahvid Best RB Detroit Lions
Bad team but could be a good second or third running back, Lions might not be that bad either. Plus he was drafted in the first round of the real draft, he'll get the ball.

Julian Edelman WR New England Patriots
Take a late flyer on the dude. Who knows how good Welker will be and the Patriots still have one or two good years left with Brady.

Johnny Knox WR Chicago Bears
Cutler will be slinging the ball and someone needs to catch it. Knox will be there around 100. Five touchdowns his rookie year too.

Jermaine Gresham TE Cincinnati Bengals
Looked big and good against the Bills Saturday. Missed most of last year at Oklahoma, I smell value in the 12o's.

Fantasy Busts

All Arizona Cardinal WRs
Leinart sucks and Derek freaking Anderson might start, yikes. AZ had a two year run.

Ryan Grant RB Green Bay Packers
The team is too pass happy, people are falling in love with Brandon Jackson

Joseph Addai RB Indianapolis Colts
Probably would have been on this list before the concussion. I like the kid from UConn Donald Brown and he'll get touches.

San Diego Defense
Lost Cromartie and Jamal Williams, Merriman still is off the juice (probably) and has a sore Achilles.

Brandon Jacobs RB New York Giants
Looks like a classic RB by committee. He'll get touchdowns but he is on the downside of his career already.

Matt Schaub QB Houston Texans
I don't buy the hype. They played pretty well last year but their #2 WR is Kevin Walter or Andre Davis. Oh and don't forget about this debacle from 2009.

Bills 35 Bungals 20


There is a point in every season where I write a post in which I praise the Bills. I figure I should get it over with now since this could be the high point of the season. Honestly though, there is something about this team and this head coach that makes me think it won’t be. The offense seems like it could be exciting to watch, but that could be because we watched paint dry for 4 years under Jauron/Fairchild/Schonert/Van Pelt.

I am going to start by talking about CJ Spiller. I know it is only the preseason, but CJ Spiller is legitimate and is making the case that getting him with the 8th pick in the draft was a steal. He had 12 carried for 52 yards and 2 touchdowns tonight. That 12 for 52 included two runs in which he literally rushed for negative 18 yards. He also had 2 catches for 33 yards. This guy is so fast and so quick. The Bills have not had a player this talented since I can remember, honestly, not even close. The Bills need to keep him on the field as much as possible this year. Obviously, he can’t touch the ball on every single play, but as long as he is out there, the defense will worry about him. There was a play where Edwards was in the shot gun with McIntyre and Spiller back there with him. Edwards faked a pass to Spiller who was in the right flat and then turned around and threw to McIntyre who ran for about 15 yards until anyone touched him. If you have ever saw McIntyre run, you know how open he had to be to run that far until anyone touched him. That could be attributed to Spiller taking up so much attention on the opposite side of the field. The Bills need to find a way to get rid of Lynch or Jackson. Any player on the team who takes carries or playing time away from Spiller needs to be gotten rid of. I don’t care if the Bills cut Lynch or cut Fred Jackson, but they need to do something because there isn’t room on the team for both of them. Keep Spiller, keep lynch OR Jackson, keep Chad Simpson…get rid of everyone else.

I have said so many times how much I hate Trent Edwards. I know this is only one game and only a pre season game, but I will admit that my hatred for Trent decreased slightly. I still think he is a tool but not as much of a tool as I did 5 hours ago. 13-17 for 153 and a touchdown in the first half are numbers I would take any day. He showed some pocket presence and multiple times was able to find his 3rd and 4th options. He nearly missed on a nice deep ball to Evans that would have made his numbers look even better. Edwards found a way to get Roscoe Parrish involved in the offense as well. Parrish had 4 catches for 56 yards in the game. You know how many total receptions Roscoe Parrish had all season in 2009? 3. How is that even possible? Honestly, everyone has seen this guy return punts. He is a play maker. How can you have an offense so bad and have coaching so bad that he only had three catches on the entire season? Incredible! The offensive line held up well for Trent after the first drive and also did an OK job in run blocking after the early going when Spiller had 2 carries for negative 18 yards. As a whole, the starting offense has impressed me the past two weeks, no question about it.

While the offense impressed, the defense and special team’s starters did not. This special teams led by Bruce DeHaven has been so bad. The Bengals returned the opening kickoff to the Bills 45 and then the Bengals marched way too easily. Jermaine Gresham caught a touchdown pass from about 10 or so yards and might have been more wide open than I have even seen a player in my life. Another long kick return set up another Bengal touchdown later in the first half. Basically, every single kick returner for the Bengals was getting to the Bills 30 before he was even touched.

Other notes from the game:

· Aaron Maybin had 2 sacks in the 2nd half. He still celebrates mediocre plays way too much but it was nice to see him actually do something.

· James Hardy made a nice catch on the sideline for a big gain, but then later had two drops. He is on the outside looking in to make the team I would think. 1. Evans, 2. Johnson, 3. Parrish, 4. David Nelson, 5. Chad Jackson, 6. Naaman Roosevelt. That would be my depth chart.

· Fitzpatrick played as the number 2 Qb and then Brohm came in with about 4 minutes left. I am confused as to what their plan is with the quarterbacks, but it seems like Edwards and Fitz will be 1-2. Fitz played well tonight with a nice TD pass to David Nelson, who makes play after play.

· I posed the question of who is the Bills MVP of the decade 2001-2010. It has to be Aaron Schobel, which is pathetic.

· The crowd was pathetic. It was kid’s day at the stadium. Tickets for kids were $15. This game has been sold out every single time since I can remember. Today, the attendance was around $57K.

· People in my section right behind the Bungals bench kept yelling “TO, You suck!” Every time he heard them, he turned around smiled and waved…he was loving it. We should have re-signed him.

· Kyle Williams didn’t play but is fine. He missed practices this week because he was banged up but it was nothing serious.

The Bills finish their preseason against the Lions. It should be interesting to see if any starters play. I think they will get at least a drive or two.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Chan Gailey Era

by Steve

The Chan Gailey era in Buffalo technically started January 19, 2010 when he was hired as head coach. It doesn't really start until 9/12/10, opening day, but an idea of how this era is going to go is starting to take shape.

First we had the 'it's a tough game for tough people' and the "when I walk on the field I expect to win. I don't just hope to win," talk at the first news conference. Then when training camp started, Chan hammered home the idea of not only working hard but working smart every day. And by the end of training camp he was bitching out teenagers for heckling Trentative check down Edwards err starting QB Trent Edwards.

This recent episode may bring the quote of Chan's era in Buffalo "You dog one of us, you dog all of us,". The players all seem to be behind Chan in defending his feeble quarterback. But what the hell else are they going to say about their head coach before roster cut down day? Sure teenagers are asshole know it alls who think they are untouchable and better than anyone else but does Trent Edwards really need his coach sticking up for him? If anyone has any faith left in Edwards or respect for the guy this has to hurt that at least a little bit.

As for Gailey doing it, I like it. It shows he's not scared to piss people off and placate the idiot fans. He has balls, something Dicko Jaurono didn't have. No one knows if any of this will translate into aggressive coaching on game day or the smart decision when it's needed on 4th and 3 from the opponents 34 yard line. But things can't be worse than Jauron and hard nose smart football and not giving a shit about the mainstream PC crap is a step in the right direction.

Oh and it sounds like Gailey might maybe probably will be using the wild cat."You have to be able to throw out of that formation(the wildcat) to make it last because pretty soon they're going to put everybody up there on defense. Defensive coaches are catching up slowly but surely. They'll get there, they're a smart group. You have to be able to have some diversity out of it in order to make something like that work."

Tim Graham mentioned this also:
Gailey won't say how often he intends to run the wildcat this season. What's evident is the wildcat has its place in the playbook given the number of times the Bills ran it during several portions of practice Monday and Tuesday before closing training camp in suburban Rochester. Though the practices were open to the public, Bills officials have attempted to keep the wildcat under wraps.
How about Jackson taking the snap with Lynch on one side and Spiller on the other? That is easily the most talented backfield this team can put on the field this year. Step yo game up Curtis Modkins.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Shawn Nelson suspension

by Steve

When word first came out about Shawn Nelson's suspension I figured "smoke weed every day" and that marijuana was at least as important to Nelson's life as professional football is. Per TBN calculations Nelson was scheduled to make $395,000 in salary this season. The suspension will cost him $92,941.

Damn that is a chunk of change. Perhaps even the most expensive weed ever. Then we get the statement Nelson made while finally answering to the media:

"On behalf of my team, my family, my church family, the great city of Buffalo and my fans, I want to say I apologize. It's not nothing bad, nothing illegal that happened. There's rumors that it was dealing with some different type of things that myself was not involved in. I'm not that guy. I'm a guy of character, a guy who works hard. I'll be suspended the first four games of the season. I'll be back on Oct. 4. I'm excited about getting back with my team and working out with my team. I spoke with some of my teammates earlier today and told them what was really going on. I spoke to my coaches and my GM. We're all on the same page. We have the same plan down. I'll be working out with Tom Shaw in Orlando getting ready for the rest of the season."
The triple negative is a bit impossible to decipher but it sounds like it wasn't marijuana. I think.. maybe.. I don't know. He claims to be a man of character although I swear I saw him smokin somethin at Marshawn's house last year on one of those webcasts.

There have been numerous reports that Nelson hasn't even been playing well in training camp. Who knows how much the Bills will miss him, but one has to think this will stunt his growth even further. This suspension will however be a boon to Michael Matthews and his career I know that.

Hopefully more information comes out about the suspension although I doubt it since few people really know who Nelson is. Until we know for sure I'm still leaning towards weed being the culprit but he might deserve the benefit of the doubt until more comes out.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Buffalo Bills 34 Colts 21 F

by Steve

Whoa, the Bills might not go 0-16 after all? Here are the texts I got during the game:

"8 kids 5 women, Cromartie is trying to get into t-hanks area"

"Let Eastern motors put you into a car today"

"4-3 (defense)?" first series on defense

"He's going to be a super star" In regards to CJ Spiller

"Super Bowl" After the Spiller touchdown run


"Fuckin pathetic" After Donte Whitner whiffs on a tackle that goes for a TD

"Learn how to tackle" After Donte Whitner whiffs on a tackle that goes for a TD

"we need Corto" Big punt return

"Where's Bobby April when you need him"

"U see that punt coverage. He might hold out after seeing that play" About Corto after a long punt return

"I could have made that throw" From Coast after the Trent to Evans TD

"33... and I had over 32.5 against the skins" T-wreck about taking the over in both games

"schouman out for year" after he took a hit to the knee

"Spiller is the real deal"

"He is the best player this team has had since Bruce Smith"

"I think we can say Ellis Lankster would like to have that drive back" After he got torched back to back for a big TD

"We suck"

"Spiller going for 3k" 3,000 yards in 2010

"what's the jackson market, i fucking hate rb by commitee"

"Edwards is awful but he gives them best chance"

"Ray Bentley are you serious?!?!!!" after I asked who the other announcer is

"On a scale of 1 to 10 I hate maybin a 100"

How good is Brian Brohm?

by Steve

That is the question. Brohm has a ceiling, perhaps even a high ceiling. Will he live up to the original hype and expectation or has the last 2 years destroyed any confidence the man had? Has his growth and development been stunted so much that he has zero chance of starting for the Bills or the NFL in general?

These questions may be answered tonight as the Buffalo Bills take on the Indianapolis Colts in Toronto. One preseason game won't make or break Brian Brohm but tonight may push the general consensus strongly one way or another.

Popular opinion is that either Brohm or Ryan Fitzpatrick will be cut before the regular season begins. Allegedly the Bills brass thinks highly enough of novice Levi Brown that he won't be able to clear waivers and on to the practice squad. Meaning Brown will stay on the roster and obviously no one is keeping 4 bum QBs on the roster.

The hope is that Brohm clearly and definitively outplays Fitz and earns if not the starting spot then at least a spot on the roster. We all know there is about a 1% chance Trent plays well enough and stays healthy enough to play all sixteen games this season. So, if the team is anywhere near competitive and in contention for anything, a back up quarterback better than Fitzpatrick is a necessity.

Godspeed Brian Brohm, godspeed.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Losing His Stripes

-Andrew S.

Is anyone else sick of Tiger Woods? What used to be the greatest thing for golf since the rescue club for hackers is now a cancer. Fans during Sunday of the PGA Championship had the viewing session of a life time the way it unfolded at the end. Yet every shot Tiger took on the back nine, where he shot a 2 over 38 for some reason had to be showed. It lessened the excitement of the last, and really only exciting major we’ve had all year.

Everyday golf fans still love this guy because of what he has accomplished and how fast he has done it. But real fans, the fans that watched “moving day” of the RBC Canadian Open are fed up with him.

Since his accident in November that not only ruined his personal life and most likely his professional career, this guy has done nothing to prove he deserves to be on the Ryder Cup Team. Yes, he is still ranked #1 in the world, but that is largely due to Phil Mickelson’s inconsistent play week in and week out. Phil has had more than a handful of tournaments to claim the #1 spot on the world rankings, but has not been able to put together 4 solid rounds in a row. Even Lee Westwood had a chance sitting at #3. He is 108 in Fed Ex points, one spot lower than team captain Corey Pavin and #12 in Ryder Cup points. If he does not have a good finish in the Barclays this week and get into the top 100, he may not be eligible to continue to the Deutsche Bank Championship the following week.

Pavin has recently said that Tiger is “high on my list” and will be a “strong consideration” when he picks his final 4 spots. My question is why? Why take a guy that hasn’t won this year, doesn’t have a swing coach, and can’t put together a decent weekend on a team that represents the USA. We are 1-0 without Tiger on the RC team since 1997 and in RC tournaments where he has been on the team the USA is 1-4. Tiger’s RC record in 25 events is 10-13-2. And besides, who is Pavin going to pair up with Tiger in the 4somes? You think guys are going to be confident watching Tiger spray it all over the course and hit 2 out of 18 fairways? They won’t want to continually have to hit pitch outs and rescue shots to save him.

The USA needs heart and soul, not club throws, swearing outburst, and that childish grimace that Tiger seems to constantly have throughout his round. The team needs Anthony Kim’s competitiveness and Sean O’Hair’s work ethic. People are saying that AK isn’t the same since his injury, but pair him with Phil against the top European team and he will rise to the occasion.
Bubba Watson lost in a playoff last weekend at the PGA Championship, and all he cared about after was whether or not he made the Ryder Cup team. Guys like that are what team USA needs. It has the leadership in Jim Furyk, Mickelson, and Steve Stricker. It has the young wild cards that the team needs in Dustin Johnson, Hunter Mahan, and Bubba (If you think we don’t need that, take a look at what J.B. Holmes and Bo Weekley did on the last team). And last it has the consistent guys, guys that play week in and week out and consistently are in contention (Matt Kuchar and Jeff Overton).

With the final four picks, Captain Pavin should mirror what the team already has. Take a guy like Zach Johnson that can be a silent leader. Then take a pair of consistent shot makers like Sean O’Hair and Lucas Glover. With the last pick, take a guy with heart and soul like Anthony Kim.

Tiger seems almost desperate out there when talking about the chance of being a captain’s pick. If he is so committed to the team, why didn’t he play in more tournaments to try and ensure himself a spot on the team? In previous years, he didn’t have to play so often because he won every time he played, but not this year. He should have known this and been more committed to playing, than to hitting balls in your backyard with Stevie holding a 7 iron near his head. Practice makes perfect, but doesn’t get you on the RC team Tiger.

The naysayers to this article will argue that Phil hasn’t shown he is the #1 player in the world and has played just as bad as Tiger as of late. That is very true, but Phil did win his 3rd Green Jacket in April and had a worse off season than Tiger. Tiger cheated on his wife and lied. Phil found out in a matter of 2 weeks that not only did his mother have breast cancer, but so did his wife Amy. He also is playing through a recent diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. Compare that to Tiger, and I’d say Phil has more excuses, if he wanted to use them.

When I get together with my friends and watch the Ryder Cup in Oct., goose bumps will run up and down my body the entire weekend. Watching Boo Weekly do the bull dance down the first tee last year is something I’ll never forget. Not only should Pavin stop saying Tiger is high on his list, he should not pick him. He has already lost some to most of his playing stripes, and if it were up to me, he’d lose his American stripes too.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How good could the Buffalo Bills be in 2010?

by Steve

The predictions of 0-16 or 3-13 are everywhere. The major consensus is the Buffalo Bills are going to be tremendously awful in 2010. That likelihood seems high, but then again when is the majority ever right these days?

It is not going to be easy for the Buffalo Bills to be decent or even good, don't get me wrong, but isn't there the remotest of remote chances the team could be watchable? What if all or most of the bounces go the Bills way in 2010? Yes we're used to awful coaching, bad luck and lousy play but why is that the only option for this season?

Trent Edwards doesn't have to be worse than last year. The offensive line could/should be better than the 2009 campaign. The running backs can be more dynamic with the addition of Spiller and a better o-line opening holes. Shawn Nelson is a year older and perhaps a year better. He showed flashes last year, maybe he'll take the next step. Owens did have 55 catches but you're telling me no one can replace his five touchdowns from a year ago?

The defense was one of the only mediocre NFL caliber spots on the team. The chances of them being worse because of a switch to the 3-4 with out adequate players is a very real possibility. But just because nearly everyone in the front seven is playing a new position doesn't mean they can't actually be better playing outside or out of a three point stance. Not to mention the 3-4 defense allows for more pressure to be put on the quarterback and more athletic/bigger players to be on the roster.

And lastly, duhhhhh, Dick Jauron isn't our head coach any more. Chan Gailey is at the very least not Jauron. Maybe he is just as lost/conservative and too old for the game in 2010. Still, there is no reason to think he can't be a vast improvement over the piece of shit running the team the last four years.

If just about every bounce goes our way, players get all their injuries out of their system in preseason and for once in seemingly eternity the other team misses the field goal at the end, or our player steps up for the big play, maybe we could go 9-7 or 10-6.. with god on our side.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Could Be A Long Year


Friday's performance was pathetic. I did send the "season's over" text about midway through the 2nd quarter. You cannot win in the NFL with a quarterback that is as bad as Trend Edwards. It is unbelievable that the Bills did not address the quarterback position until the 7th round in the draft. Thanks a lot Buddy. Trent said in his post game press conference that they moved the ball well and "converted some third downs." The Bills did not convert a third down until there was less than 2 minutes left in the game. He also tried deflecting blame on his INT to Deangelo Hall to Lee Evans. "I thought Lee was going to do one thing and he thought I was going to do another." Dude, you rolled out and threw the ball to the sideline a foot too far inside of the field and Hall jumped it. It was a bad decision and a bad throw. I have jokingly said the Bills should just plug in Levi Brown, but after watching Friday, I don't even think it is that ridiculous. He might be the best QB on the roster right now.

Fred Jackson might have broke his hand and will probably be out for the rest of the preseason. That is the best thing that happened Friday night. I like Fred Jackson. He is a nice player, but has way less talent than Lynch and Spiller. Lynch hurt his ankle but it doesn't seem to be too serious. I get excited at the prospect of Lynch and Spiller carrying the load and Jackson being relegated to kick return duties. Spiller just looks fast. He looks like he can take it to the house every time he carries it. He will see a lot of action Thursday night against the Colts.

Penalties killed the Bills AS USUAL. Nothing has changed here when compared to prior years. On the Bills first offensive possession, Lynch had a nice 15 yard run down to the Redskins two yard line. Too bad it was called back because of a stupid holding penalty by Stupar. Lynch was through the hole, Stupar was in bad position for the block and held the guy. It was a terrible play by Stupar and cost the Bills a great chance to score a TD. On the Redskins 2nd drive, the Bills made a stop on 3rd down to force a punt, but because Maybin felt like he had to body slam McNabb, the Redskins got a 2nd chance and eventually scored. Without those two penalties, the Bills outscore the Redskins starters 7-0 and people are feeling way differently right now about this team.

The bright spots for the Bills were the 4th and 5th string running backs and the rookie undrafted free agent David Nelson. Chad Simpson had 7 for 67 and Joique Bell (who?) had 5 for 52 and a TD. David Nelson who is seemingly more and more of a shoe in to make this squad had 5 for 47 and a TD, the Bills leading receiver.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Bills looked awful

by Steve

One preseason game down three more to go. Can it get any worse? We didn't get to see Brohm (although he's going to play on Thursday and Fitzpatrick will sit), the offensive line was abysmal, Trent Edwards was worse, our running backs all got hurt and the secondary (our only strength) got torched. Yikes.

Things couldn't have been much uglier last night. That is the only bright side. True if Trent would have hit Steve Johnson with that bomb after McNabb's touchdown pass it would have been 10-7 (did Johnson lose the ball in the lights?) but after that the team self destructed.

The quarterbacks for Washington didn't get touched all night, well except for after the play when Maybin felt it necessary to throw them down to the ground. The secondary got destroyed over the middle seemingly at will. Is that a 3-4 linebacking adjustment or are the safeties just lost?

Fred Jackson is out at least a month with a broken hand AND Marshawn Lynch hurt his ankle although it doesn't seem to be too severe. Is there another offensive threat on the team other than Evans? Wait, there is a bright spot, David Nelson. While I wish it was Shawn Nelson that played great, it was undrafted FA David that looked good. And he picked to play here over New England, why, is anyone's guess.

How many other people got the "season is over" text during the game last night? Hopefully this isn't a precursor of things to come but all signs are pointing to a long arduous pitiful season. I'm not giving up hope after one pre-season game but Trent or someone needs to play better at QB, the offensive line can't get worse and this team needs to stay health. Oh and anyone figure out who Cordaro Howard is yet?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buffalo Bills @ Redskins preseason preview

by Steve

Don't look now but NFL season is right around the corner. In fact the National Football League preseason has already started. The Bills start their preseason Friday at FedEx Field at 7:30 vs the Washington Redskins.

True the preseason doesn't mean much of anything but when you've gone 8 months without a football game not to mention a regime change you gotta tune in. We get to see our dream head coach (Mike Shanahan) vs our nightmare (maybe a little too strong) head coach Chan Gailey make their debuts with new teams. Also we get to see our dream quarterback (Donovan McNabb) vs our nightmare quarterback (Trent Edwards). Kill me now.

Well, at least we didn't pay that fat piece of shit Haynesworth $100,000,000.00. And despite the glaring discrepancy in coach and QB talent the two teams aren't that far apart.

Portis is old as shit, McNabb might be washed up, Santana Moss isn't good, they have no #2 WR, the defense isn't great, they're in a tough division and they have the high expectations that come with a huge payroll. Furthermore the Redskins have a terrible meddling owner. Doesn't sound so great does it?

Enough about the 'skins, here's what to watch for on the Bills side of the ball:
  • New defensive 3-4 scheme means most players are playing new positions.
  • Mitchell is on the outside looking in for a starting spot at ILB
  • Can Kelsay play OLB?
  • Is Stroud capable of playing 3-4 DE?
  • Who is going to come in behind apparent starting QB Trent Edwards?
  • Will CJ Spiller get any touches after practicing less than a week?
  • Who is the 2nd and 3rd WRs (Hardy and Easley our out for the game)?
  • Is Leodis McKelvin going to get beat out by Drayton Florence as CB #2?
  • Does Donte Whitner still suck?
  • Aaron Maybin
  • And don't sleep on that huge battle at fullback between Corey McIntyre and Rodney Ferguson.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Secondary Breakdown and Position Battles


Secondary Breakdown:

The Bills secondary was without a doubt the strength of the team in 2009. Jairus Byrd broke onto the scene with 9 interceptions in only 13 games. He finished tied for the most in the NFL and was the Bills only pro bowl selection. As a unit, the Bills finished 2nd in the league in pass yards allowed. They can be very thankful for how pathetic the Bills rushing defense was for than ranking though. Here is a look at the 2010 depth chart:

SS: Dante Whitner: Whitner was Marv’s first draft pick in 2006 at 8 overall and has not come close to meeting the expectations of a top 10 safety.

FS: Jairus Byrd: Byrd has a nose for the ball, no question about that. His tackling is suspect but according to the 2009 second round pick from Oregon, he has been focusing on that aspect of his game a great deal.

CB: Terrence McGee: McGee is the Bills number one cover corner. I would really like to see more INTs from him though as he only had 1 in 2009 and has only 8 in the past 3 years combined.

CB: Leodis McKelvin: Drayton Florence did a solid job stepping in for Leodis McKelvin after his early season injury last year but the play making McKelvin is looking to have a breakout year in 2010 and make Bills fans forget about the fumble.

Nickel Corner: Drayton Florence: Florence is the Bills most experienced corner and will look to build on his solid 2009 season.

Depth: Ashton Youboty, Reggie Corner

Fighting for a job: Ellis Lankster (who I can’t envision the Bills actually cutting), Lydell Sargeant

Position Battles

There are many interesting position battles going on at St. John Fisher and the most intense battle is for the number two receiver spot opposite Lee Evans. Every year, the excuse for Evans is that he has no one to take attention away from him and the story will be the same in 2010. As far as I am concerned, it is time for Evans to produce regardless of who is across from him. 44 catches for 612 yards is pathetic. The current front runner for the number two position is 2008 7th round pick Steve Johnson. Who would have thought that the 7th rounder from Kentucky would be the best receiver the Bills drafted that year after they took the giant James Hardy in the 2nd round (besides me)? Also in the mix for the number 2 spot is Hardy, Chad Jackson and rookie 4th round pick Marcus Easley. Hardy could be the odd man out as Chad Jackson, the former 2nd round pick of the Patriots, is looking to resurrect his career and is having a great camp. With Evans, Johnson, Jackson, Easley and slot receiver Roscoe Parrish, Hardy could be hoping to just land a job come opening day. Also standing in the way of Hardy making the team is rookie undrafted free agent David Nelson. Nelson has impressed in camp and with his great size (6’5”) could be a dark horse to make the team.

The battle for number two corner is also interesting. I look for McKelvin to reclaim the job come opening day and Florence to shift inside to the Nickel Corner spot. However, both players have been seeing action on the outside opposite McGee in camp and Florence won’t relinquish his position without a fight, I am sure.

Trend Edwards opened camp as the front runner at quarterback and has continued to take the majority of the snaps at camp. Barring an embarrassing pre season or really a stand out performance by either of the other two bums in Brohm and Fitz, the job is Edwards’ to lose. Too bad Trent hasn’t been impressive thus far in camp, but not impressive is better than terrible, I guess?

Starting outside linebacker is still in question. On the weak side, you would think the 11th overall pick who I officially coined a bust sometime early last season, Aaron Maybin, would be getting the nod. Not so fast, the job is definitely being won by Dolphin cast off Reggie Torbor. Torbor has a firm hold on the job as of right now and barring injury of some drastic onset of skill and size for Maybin, Torbor will line up on the strong side on September 12. Maybin will play mostly on obvious passing downs. Torbor is the 2nd linebacker from the Giants 2007 Super Bowl team to become a member of this linebacker core. Strong side linebacker will be manned by Chris Kelsay, but I hope to God someone can beat that bum out. Maybe former 3rd round pick Chris Ellis can find a niche there…we can only hope.

Finally, not like it really matters, but is Fred Jackson a shoe in at number 1 tail back? I can’t imagine that if Lynch is in shape and actually wants to play football that Chan will allow Jackson to have more carries. Spiller will get his share but will also get a lot of work in the slot. I am more of a proponent of one guy getting the majority of the carries (about 20 per game) and having the 2nd guy get sprinkled in for about 5-10. That is what I want to see from Lynch and Spiller this year. Jackson is a nice player but the upside for Lynch and Spiller is way higher.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Buffalo Sabres signing and cutting

WTF is going on at 1 Seymore Knox Plaza?!?

First Tim Kennedy head scratchingly gets put on waivers, for no apparent reason and then the Sabres sign Shaone Morrisonn.

Let's wait until after noon Tuesday to really delve into the Kennedy move but the Morrisonn signing is a meh. He averaged 12 points a season the last five years on one of the highest scoring teams in the NHL and doesn't bring much more than maybe replacing Butler or Weber. Jesus, are the Sabres more pathetic than the Bills? Is that possible?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Buffalo Bills training camp report 8/1/10

by Steve

I made the yearly pilgrimage down the 90 to St John Fisher for Buffalo Bills training camp. It was about the same as usual. Hot, not the easiest to get to, got lost on the way and took some pictures that always seem better when you're actually there.

Quick hits:

  • Some dude started shouting at Marshawn Lynch heckling him. "Hey Marshawn, I got a $20, you gonna take it, you gonna take my $20"? And on and on, Lynch got visibly pissed off said something to him but mainly stayed quiet and walked away. The guy was chirping pretty much the whole time he was there. He had a back and forth with George neck beard Wilson but it was more chummy then nasty.
  • Aaron Maybin looks small. Not short but just under sized. I gave him a couple "give the money back" chirps for good measure.
  • None of the quarterbacks impressed. Trent appears to be the front runner and it probably isn't that close unfortunately. Levi Brown has a bit of a cannon but his accuracy was clearly not as good as the other three. Brohm wasn't noticeable.
  • Marshawn Lynch looked big but not too big.
  • Chan Gailey looked annoying but not as annoying as Jauron. He also ran a much better camp than Jauron. I noticed a much higher level of intensity and much more hitting.
  • Stevie Johnson looked taller than I thought. James Hardey and Marcus Easley seem long. The WR corps might not be as awful as we think.
  • Chad Jackson has hops. He jumped for a ball thrown way over his head and he nearly caught it right in front of me.
  • Where the hell is Spiller?
  • Hot dogs cost $2.50 and they weren't Sahlen's. FML. Pop/water was $3.00 c'mon. I probably should have gotten the two roast beef sandwiches for $6.00.
  • The crowd was pretty good, lot of families and awful old Bills jerseys like London Fletcher, Doug Flutie, McGahee etc etc.
  • Poz did some wind sprints and nothing else. Is this guy officially injury prone glass? He looks way different sans long lettuce.
Nothing real exciting and uh well it is practice, so we're talkin about practice.