Monday, May 12, 2014

Grading the 2014 Bills Draft

by Steve

With rose colored glasses on the Bills got the top wide receiver in the draft, they drafted the starting left tackle from the premier college program and filled positions they were lacking in depth.  In reality they used two first round picks on a receiver that arguably will not be better than Stevie Johnson this season, didn't get a tight end and inexplicably did not draft a quarterback.

In what world is any 6'1 receiver worth two first round picks?  Whaley says next years 1st will be low any way so they aren't concerned? Hahahaha WTF? That cannot be an actual rationale for trading next years first round pick if you are the Buffalo Bills.  I can't even remember a world where the Bills drafted later than 13th overall.

So the Bills draft Sammy Watkins, a dynamic talent, even if he caught most of his passes at or near the line of scrimmage and won't be able to burn past 11 players in the NFL. But did they have to trade Stevie Johnson?  Why couldn't they bring all the guys into training camp?  TJ Graham??? Does a 4th round pick next season mean a god damn thing? SJ13 counts $10 mil against the cap and the Bills already paid him a $1.75 mil roster bonus.

How does this sequence of events make the Bills better for 2014?  Why not resign Jairus Byrd via the franchise tag then?  Doug Marrone is a loser, what has he won in this league?  They really expect to be good this season without Byrd and Johnson but with Marrone and Erik Manuel?

Just imagine if the Jaguars drafted Watkins and the Bills moved up two sports for Mike Evans? They keep Johnson, keep their 2015 first and have a gigantic target. Ugh.

Alright, back to the draft.. I guess. Cyrus Kouandjio, at least the Bills didn't take an OT in the first round.  I like this pick because it was inevitable the Bills were going to take a tackle and this might be good value because the kid was coming off some injuries and may be a very good player.  Moreover, he'll be playing right tackle and again he was the starting tackle for Alabama.

The other guys, ILB Preston Brown, CB Ross Rockrell, G Cyril Richardson, OT Seantrell Henderson, LB Randell Johnson, I have no fuckin clue and probably very few people do.  My major concern is WHY DID THEY TRADE THAT FIFTH ROUND PICK (148) WHEN: AJ MccArron, Zach Mettenburger and Aaron Murray were still on the board?  If any of those guys sees the field EVER then it is an absolute dereliction of duty to pass on any of those guys with rickety EJ Manuel as their quarterback.

Overall, the whole direction and vision of this front office is beyond puzzling to me.  It seems like they have no idea what they are doing.  Sammy Watkins has to be a stud WR.  He has to be a game changing, defense altering talent that matters every game.  Doug Marrone and Erik Manuel have to win this season.  If that is a top 15 pick in 2015 this front office will be gone before 2016, there will be another rebuild and in 2020 the Bills will still be the only team to not make the playoffs this century.

Grade D+

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bills Trade For Bryce Brown RB

By Steve

Per Adam Schefter the Bills traded a conditional 4th round pick in 2015 (potential 3rd) to the Eagles for running back Bryce Brown.

He's 6'0 220 going into his third year. He started 4 games as a rookie and one last year.

So much for drafting a running back but what doesn't Chip Kelly like about Brown that the Bills do? Any time you can trade a mid round pick for an actual NFL player I would do it. And actually I'm surprised teams don't do it more often.

4th Round Bills Select DB Cockrell

With the 109th selection in the fourth round the Bills drafted CB from Duke Ross Cockrelln 6'0 191 .

Some had going in the fifth round. Ouch more acc players
"Fast eyes, doesn't have great hands, a coach on the field, he is ready to play now" Todd McShay

Friday, May 9, 2014

Bills Trade Stevie Johnson to 49ers

By Steve

WTF? That was fast. Not unsurprising after last nights debacle but the Bills trading Stevie Johnson to the 49ers for a conditional 2015 4th round pick is still surprising.

Just imagine if the Jaguars draft Watkins.. the Bills keep next years first, dont trade Stevie Johnson and are better at wide receiver in 2014 than they are right now.

The conditional fourth is actually more than I thought the Bills could even get. Why did they pay Johnsons $2 mil (or so) roster bonus earlier this year? Why not keep him for this season? They know he costs $10 million against the salary cap this season now right?

This move reeks of Morrone and Whaley (both incompetant) not liking Stevie Johnson. So what does that mean to me?

When the Bills go 6-10 next season and don't have a first round pick and arguably have to replace Erik Manuel do they really trust Whaley and co to get his replacement?

Of course not. It means another new regime who wants his own players (ie trade Watkins) and the new GM wont have a first round pick which would thus effect the quality of the GM we could hire.

This is all avoided if the Bills (gasp) win. Im not confident or predicting that but Ill hope against hope thats the case. And hey, maybe they'll give Manuel a 3rd year if he flops this season.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bills Trade Next Years First For Sammy Watkins

By Steve

A 6'1 scat back WR in the top four for next years first round pick? The last ten wide receivers to get drafted in the top ten have just about all been busts.

I couldnt possibly hate this pick more. What does an average size wide receiver do to make this team better? And the Bills have zero chance to draft Manuel's replacement next year now. Unbelievable.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2014 NFL Mock Draft

by Steve

Here is my 2014 mock draft. Leggo:

1.  Houston Texans Jadeveon Clowney, DE S Carolina
They don't want to do it but they have to.  No one is willing to trade up and the QBs aren't good enough.

2. St Louis Rams Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo

Yup, back to back defensive players. The Rams refuse to give up on Sam Bradford (inexplicably) and pack the defense even higher.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson
Who is gonna throw this undersized stud the rock? Who the fuck knows.

4. Cleveland Browns Johnny Manziel, QB, A&M
I don't love or hate the pick, the Browns are desperate for a franchise QB and can't pass up on this undersized little runt.

5. Oakland Raiders trade to Buffalo Jake Matthews OT A&M
I hate the idea of this happening but for whatever reason idiot Whaley wants a tackle and they don't want to wait for the top tackle on the board.

6. Atlanta Falcons Greg Robinson OT, Auburn
Don't like the pick but the Falcons are a confused franchise.

7. Tampa Bay Buccs Mike Evans WR A&M
This team is a joke but solid pick of a monster.

8. Minnesota Derek Carr, QB Fresno
Don't agree with the pick but this franchise needs a quarterback.

9. Oakland Raiders Anthony Barr, LB UCLA
Can anyone really predict what this franchise is going to do?

10. Detroit Lions Justin Gilbert, CB OK St
A wide receiver literally makes no sense to me here, so the best DB comes off the board.

11. Tennessee Titans Darqueze Dennard, CB, Mich St
Wait, Ken Wizzzzz is their head coach? Ouch.

12. NY Giants Eric Ebron, TE, UNC
Sorta stole this idea from Mayock but the guy might be a stud.

13. St Louis Rams Taylor Lewan OT Mich
Their BPA unfortunately.

14. Chicago Bears Aaron Donald DT, Pitt
Build that d with an undersized explosive defensive tackle from the ACC

15.  Pittsburgh Steelers Ha Ha Clinton-Dix S, Alabama
Might be a corner but it seems like they're going defensive back either way

16. Dallas Cowboys Calvin Pryor S, Louisville
Probs not sexy enough for a real Jerry world selection soooo I'M SAYING TRADE
16. SF 49ers Odell Beckham Jr WR LSU

17. Baltimore Ravens CJ Mosley LB Alabama
Classic Ravens style selection might be to predictable to actually happen.

18. NY Jets Kony Ealy DE Mizz
I'd say the Jets will go WR but they always draft defense ALWAYSSSS.

19. Miami Dolphins Zach Martin ND
Hopefully the phins don't break something running up to the podium for this pick.

20. Arizona Cardinals Blake Bortles USF
Cardinals are more fucked than the Bills with this division might as well throw their chips in on a quarterback

21. GB Packers Ryan Shazier LB OSU
Don't care enough to really research this

22. Philadelphia Eagles  Brandon Cooks WR Oregon St
Good value and a possible replacemebt for Desean

23.KC Chiefs Marquise Lee WR USC
Presumably this is the pick but I could also picture a corner like Fuller

24. Cincinnati Bengals Kyle Fuller CB Va Tech
Prob will be a guard or something

25. SD Chargers Jason Verrett CB TCU
Does anyone care?

26. Cleveland Browns Jordan Matthews WR Vandy
I suspect defensive front seven here but oh well.

27. New Orleans Saints Cody Latimore WR Indiana

28 Carolina Panthers Cyrus Kouandjio OT Alabama
No more defense and the Panthers are losing out on a few WRs

29. New England Patriots Bradley Roby, CB OSU
They'll probs trade out and not take anyone here.

30  Dallas Cowboys Demarcus Lawrence DE Boise

31. Denver Broncos Stephen Tuitt DE ND

32 Seattle Seahawks Kelvin Benjamin WR FSU
Another bust draft pick by the 'hawks, they'll make up for it in the 6th and 5th

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Coast's Big Board - How is QB NOT the Bills Number One Need?

As we all know, the most important position in ALL sports is quarterback in the National Football League. If you don't have a good to great quarterback, your chances of consistent success in the NFL are slim to none. The Bills spent their 2013 first round draft pick on a quarterback, EJ Manuel. In the old days, when a franchise drafted a quarterback in the first round, they were married to that guy for years because of the financial burden. With the rookie wage scale, if the QB isn't good, you can kick him to the curb after a year without major financial implications. The only negative would be the perceived embarrassment from around the league.

Doug Whaley has publicly put all of his chips in the pot backing EJ Manuel. That, my friends, is embarrassing. EJ Manuel played 10 games, suffered 3 knee injuries (2 of which non-contact), had maybe 1 decent game and most embarrassing of all, a redshirt freshman took over his team and won the Heisman and the national title. EJ Manuel did not even come close to showing enough in his rookie season to warrant being given the reigns no questions asked this season. This is a win now league. The Bills arguably have enough talent on the roster to compete, but without a quarterback, the will be mediocre at best. The Bills ceiling with EJ Manuel is the Cincinnati Bengals...wild card one and done. If EJ Manuel was in this draft, where would be be ranked? 5th? 6th? The case can be made that he would be ranked behind Manziel, Bortles, Carr, Bridgewater, Garoppolo, Mettenberger, McCarron...that would make him 8th. Put him behind Savage and he would be 9th! There are quarterbacks available with more talent than EJ Manuel and that is NOT arguable. Isn't the point to get the most talented quarterback possible? I guess according to Whaley, that is not the point.

Anyways, here is my big board for the Bills first round pick. This ranking is who I would want the Bills to draft, in order, and why. I know some of these players are not going to be possible without a trade, but I am  hoping for a miracle.

1. Johnny Manziel: I know he is short, but I don't care. He is talented and charismatic and that can't be argued. People are concerned about his durability. Would be really be less durable than Manual?

2. Blake Bortles: I watched about 2 of his games this season and saw all I really needed to see. He is tough and a pure competitor. He reminds me of Big Ben. If Bortles is somehow there at 9, the Bills gotta take him. Are the Bills really going to pass on Bortles and watch him become a perennial pro bowler while they toil at 7-9?

3. Khalil Mack: Mack seems like the most sure thing defensive player in the draft. He could play all three downs on defense at a position of serious need. He was a man among boys against Ohio State in the biggest game of his college career (pick 6 and sack fumble (even though it didn't count).

4. Jadeveon Clowney: Everyone talks about this guy being a once in a decade talent. He might be, but I still have some concerns about his attitude.

5. Sammy Watkins: The Bills definitely need help at WR. Although I am sort of against drafting an offensive player that is not a QB because of the chance they will be wasted, Watkins has too much potential to pass up.

6. Mike Evans: The Bills haven't had a WR that could go up and get it and stretch the field since Moulds. Evans could be that guy. Was he good in college just because of Manziel though? Time will tell...

7. Eric Ebron: First round tight ends usually don't pan out. I can't even think of a top 10 tight end that ended up being a star off the top of my head. Anyways, the Bills haven't had a tight end since Riemersma so he would be worth a shot before drafting ANY offensive lineman.

8. CJ Mosley: The Bills need a LB so if they can't get Mack, Mosley is the next best.

9. HaHa Clinton Dix: Are we really comfortable with Duke Williams/DeNorris Searcy/Corey Graham? No.

10. Justin Gilbert: The Bills have what 2 mediocre corners? We are waiting for Gilmore to become that stud shut down guy. McKelvin is a guy. Roby is 3 feet tall. They could rationalize taking one.

There's my top 10. In general, I want the Bills to go QB. If they don't go QB, I want them to draft the best defensive player (non defensive tackle) available, other than the 3 past catching prospects. Offensive line in the first round would probably cause me to have a canniption.

Here's to hoping Doug Whaley smartens up and drafts a QB in the first round.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Players the Bills Shouldn't Draft

by Steve

The draft (FINALLY) is in three days.  Here is my draft big board, but I digress.  Let's move on to the players I don't think the Buffalo Bills should draft (specifically in the first round [and more specifically at number 9 overall]):

The second best offensive tackle available.
There are rumors of the Bills being interested in taking (gasp) Zack Martin from Notre Dame.  Martin, from what I gather, is about the fourth best tackle available (and may be the fourth tackle drafted).  This could quite possibly be the worst draft pick since the 80s.  Not only isn't it Taylor Lewan (arguably the best tackle sans off the field legal issues) or Greg Robinson (the actual top tackle) but the fourth fucking tackle off the board! Doing something so dumb and pointless as drafting the fourth tackle in the top 10 is worse than the CJ Spiller, Mike Williams and John McCargo draft selections.  Even the third OT off the board is a horrid proposition.

Sammy Watkins
(if Mike Evans is still on the board)  Watkins might be the better WR overall but Evans is the type of player the Bills need much more than a Sammy Watkins.  Evans is at least four inches taller than Watkins and a straight up beast. He may be slower and less explosive but his size is the prototype of what the Bills are sorely lacking. This section also includes any other WR available at 9 not named Evans because Im not interested.

Any defensive lineman
(not named Clowney)  The Bills don't need a defensive tackle or a defensive end this high unless it is the top player at the position like Clowney.  Dareus and the Williams boys will be around for at least two more seasons and likely a few more than that.  Address the position on Friday or Saturday.

Any other defensive player
(not named Mack or Clowney)  A safety would seem like a waste because they could have just over paid Byrd.  Another linebacker besides Khalil Mack isn't good value at 9 and wouldn't make a huge difference at least right away.  A cornerback would be very Bills thing of the Bills to do but again it isn't a major concern.  Besides, if Doug Whaley and co. like any other defensive player they could quite possibly move down several spots, get an extra pick, and find a very good defensive player (Clinton-Dix,  Mosley, Barr, Dennard or Roby).

Any Quarterback
I say this with hesitation because drafting a quarterback at nine would be awesome.  It would be the biggest surprise I could possibly imagine other than the Bills trading up into the top three. Are any of the quarterbacks in this draft elite? Are any of them legit franchise guys? Probably one or two but taking one at 9 basically ends Manuel's career in Buffalo after ten games and flies in the face of everything Whaley has said lately. Manziel might be tempting but do we really want an overhyped undersized asshole as the new face of the franchise (ummm maybe?)?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

2014 NFL Draft Big Board

by Steve

The draft is in a week, good thing you found me now because I'll be filling you in on what you idiots need to know before next Thursday night.  Here is my 2014 Big Board: