Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Falcons at Bills Podcast Preview Week 17

Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills podcast preview. Steve and Coast break down the triumphant victory over the Patriots and look at the rest of the AFC. Any change the Bills don't win the division? Who would we want to face?

Saturday, December 25, 2021

week 16 nfl picks

you do you

steve 31-29
panthers +9.5 v buccs
jets -2 v jags
dolphins -2.5 @ saints
wash @ cowboys over 47

coast 29-30-1
Houston +10.5, buffalo +1, balt +7, Miami -3

feyes 30-30
Rams -3.5
Bears +6.5
Ravens Bengals O 41.5

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast breakdown the must win Patriots game. Is Allen for real? Belichick vs McDermott? Crucial post Christmas match up.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

week 15 nfl picks

ball dont lie

steve 29-27
lions +12 v cardinals
titans +1.5 @ steelers
dolphins -9.5 v jets
saints +11.5 v buccs

coast 26-29-1
Buf -14
Mia -10
Balt +6.5

feyes 28-28
Lions +13
Tenny +1.5
Vik bear U 44.5
GB  -6.5

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Panthers at Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast relive the horror of the last two weeks losses to the Patriots and Buccaneers. Is the season over? Who's do blame? The boys break down the final 4 weeks of the season.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Bills at Bucs Preview

by steve

No podcast this week. The dramatic fanboys flipped after a 4pt loss in gale force winds. The defense gives up one TD and theyre soft?

I was right about everything. McDerr is in over his head and Allen never misses an opportunity to take a huge sack and choke.

Last year was a fluke with no fans. It was always absurd to take Super Bowl. The Bills are good not great and the Patriots have won most of the games they were supposed to while the Bills lost oddly to the Jaguars and Steelers and got run iver by Indy.

Can they beat the Bucs? Sure. Will they? i think they will. Bounce bag after getting tarred and feathered in the media and by fans.

Need Rousseau to end Tawm

31-28 Buf

Saturday, December 11, 2021

week 14 nfl picks


steve 27-25
ravens +3 @ browns
texans +8.5 v seahawks
wft +4.5 v cowboys
packers -11 v bears

coast 26-25-1
browns -3
wash +4.5
texans +8.5
giants +9.5

feyes 25-27
Saints -5.5
Bolts -9.5
BUCS -3.5
Bengals +1.5

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Week 13 NFL Picks

Get that chicken

steve 26-22
jets +5.5 v Eagles
Dolphins -6 v Giants
Bengals -3 v Chargers
Raiderd -2 v Wash

coast 23-24-1
Chargers +3, Miami -6.5, steeelrs +4.5, Denver +9.5

feyes 22-26

Colts -10
Pitt +4.5
Seahawks +3
Broncos +9.5

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills MNF Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the beat down of the Saints and drink Pepto Bismal in anticipation of the Mac Jones hype machine. The biggest regular season game ever? What do the Bills have to do to beat the Patriots and predictions.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

week 12 nfl picks

Bills win in the books lets wager

steve 22-22
Titans @ Patriots over 43.5
Ravens -3.5 v Browns
Giants +3.5 v Eagles
packers +2 v rams

coast 22-21-1
Miami +2, pit +3.5, browns +3.5, rams -2

feyes 20-24

Pitt Cincy O 44
Jags +2
Eagles -3.5

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Bills at Saints Thanksgiving Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast breakdown the blow out loss to the Colts and preview the Thanksgiving battle against the Saints. What is wrong with the Bills? Josh Allen and Sean McDermott frauds? Predictions analysis and hot taeks galore.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Week 11 NFL Picks

Late November stack em

steve 19-21
Lions +12.5 @ Browns
Dolphins -3.5 @ Jets
Eagles -2.5 v Saints
Seahawks +1.5 v Cardinals

coast 18-21-1
Miami -3.5
Wft +3
Chi +5
Pit +6

feyes 17-23
Colts bills U 49.5
Eagles -2.5
Bengals raiders U 50.5
Skins +3.5

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Colts at Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the beat down of the Jets and breakdown the rest of the AFC. On a scale of 1 to jump off a bridge how scare is everyone of the Patriots?

Saturday, November 13, 2021

week 10 NFL Picks

Jets week lfg

steve 17-19
jaguars +10.5 @ colts
patriots -2.5 v browns
vikings @ chargers over 53
titans -3 v saints

coast 17-18-1
Atlanta +8.5
Vikes +3
Colts -10.5
Denver -2

feyes 16-20
Chargers -3
Chefs -2.5
Hawks GB O 49.5

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Buffalo Bills at NY Jets Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast relive the horrific Jaguars game, breakdown the AFC playoff picture and look ahead to the lowly Jets. Was the Jaguars game a one off or a warning sign for the rest of the season?

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Week 9 NFL Picks

Rise and grind

steve 15-17
cowboys-9.5 v broncos
patriots-3 @ panthers
bengals -2 v browns
chargers pick @ eagles

coast 14-17-1
Vikes +6
Buf -14.5
Gb +7
Ten +7

feyes 15-17
Bills -14.5
Bengals -2.5
Gmen +3
Atl. NO U 41.5

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Sabres get Fleeced Give Vegas Jack Eichel

by steve

Baby bitch malcontent Jack Eichel got dealt to Las Vegas for a 1st, NHL player Alex Tuch and top prospect Peyton Krebs.

Tuch has never scored more than 20 goals in a season. He has 26 goals in his last 97 games, .27 goals per game. Tuch is also under contract for 4 years at $4.75 mil per. Oh and Tuch is hurt and had shoulder surgery. Ouch.

So the Sabres dump Eichel's 10 mil and take back about 6 mil in salary. Which isnt nothing albeit the Sabres have as much cap space as any team in the league.

Vegas gas made deep runs in the playoffs every year. Basically that first rounf pick is useless because it has zero chance to be a top 10 pick let alone top 15.

The bottom line is Kreb better be very good. When you dont come close to getting equivalent talent aka trade a top 20 player its tough to win the trade.

Adams was in a no win situation.  Fuck Eichel.

Grade C

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the Dolphins victory and breakdown the AFC. Are the Patriots the second best team in the conference? Who plays for the Jaguars and are we already spoiled as Bills fans?

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Week 8 NFL Picks

back to the Ralph

Steve 13-15
bills v dolphins over 48.5
jets +11 v bengals
steelers +4 v browns
Colts -2.5 v titans

Coast 12-15-1
Indy -3, Houston +15.5, pats +4, Steelers +4

Feyes 11-17
Jumping on some early lines
Car +3
Tenn +2.5
C'Boys +3

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Dolphins at Bills Week 8 NFL Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast revisit the brutal Titans loss on MNF, review the bye week and breakdown the AFC. Do the Dolphins have a chance coming into Buffalo this week?

Saturday, October 23, 2021

week 7 NFL Picks

bye week, lets gamble 

steve 10-14
panthers -3 v giants
packers -8 v wft
cardinals -18 v texans
buccs -11.5 v bears

coast 10-13-1
Pats -7, rams -15.5, Chicago +11.5, cinci +6.5

feyes 10-14
Falcons phins U 47.5
Packers -8
Eagles +3
Saints -4.5

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Week 6 Picks

Bills on MNF gotta gamble today

steve 9-11
Dolphins -3 v Jags
browns -3.5 v Cardinals
Broncos -4 v Raiders
Cowboys -3.5 @ Patriots

coast 10-9-1
Houston +10
Chicago +6
Giants +8
buf -5.5

feyes 7-13
Bengals -3.5
Chargers ravens O 51
Jags +3
Rams -8

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast breakdown the ass whooping of the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football, breakdown the path to the 1 seed and preview the upcoming Monday Night Football rematch with the Titans. Are the Bills really in the drivers seat for a first round bye?

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Week 5 NFL Picks

All day to gamble tomo leggo

steve 8-8
jets +3 v falcons
panthers-3 v eagles
lions +10 @ vikings
browns @ chargers under 47

coast 9-7
Bucs -10, vikes -10, pack -3, browns +2.5

feyes 5-11
Bills Chiefs U 56.5
Vikings -10
Bengals +2.5
BUCS -10

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Bills at Chiefs Sunday Night Football Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast breakdown the biggest game on the Bills schedule as they travel to their new nemesis the Kansas City Chiefs to face them in prime time on Sunday Night. Can Allen and McDermott win where they have failed before?

Saturday, October 2, 2021

week 4 NFL Picks

four more

steve 7-5
lions +3 @ bears
dphins -2.5 v colts
cards @ rams over 53.5
broncos +1 v ravens

coast 5-7
Browns -1, Dallas -4, bills -17.5, ravens -1

feyes 4-8
Titans -6
Sea. SF O 51.5
Bucs -7
Tex Bills U  47

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Texans at Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the beat down of Washington from the prior week, discuss the potential new Bills stadium and look forward to a week 4 match up with the outmatched Texans.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Week 3 NFL Picks

straight cashe

steve 4-4
titans -5.5 v Colts 
lions+7.5 v ravens
bills -7 v wash
eagles +3.5 @ cowboys

coast 3-5
 bills -7
 pats -3
 ravens -7.5
Denver -10.5

feyes 3-5
Raiders -3.5
Bears +7.5
Chargers +7 v kc
Gmen -3 v atl

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

WFT at Buffalo Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast debate Josh Allen's performance, breakdown the Dolphins beat down and look ahead to the Washington Football Team (Redskins) coming to Buffalo on Sunday.
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Saturday, September 18, 2021

week 2 NFL Picks

gotta make $

steve 2-2
texans +13 @ browns
eagles +3 v 49ers
cardinals -3.5 v vikings 
fancons @ buccs over 51.5 

coast 1-3
Houston +13.5, jets +6, Buffalo Miami over 47.5, Steelers raiders under 46.5

feyes 3-1
eagles +3 v 49ers
cardinals -3.5 v vikings
titans @ seahawks under 54
Cowboys @ chargers over 55

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Week 2 2021 Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast analyze the brutal loss against the Steelers and turn the page towards the first place Dolphins. Is it a must win for Josh allen and Co.?
youtube link:

Sunday, September 12, 2021

2021 Bills Predictions

by steve

Bills go 11-6 and win the division lose in the divisional round.

allen isnt as good as last year but Diggs bails him out. 

Oliver is a bust but Epinesa looks a lot better.

Star is hurt all year.

Hyde or Poyer goes out for the year early in the season. 

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Week 1 NFL Picks

another year, more locks leggo

steelers @ bills over 48
jags -3 @ texans
panthers - 4 v jets
lions +8.5 v 49ers

Tennessee -3
hotlanta -3
football team -1.5
 rams -7.5 

Eagles +3.5
Browns chiefs O 54.5
LV +4
Jags -3

Thursday, September 9, 2021

2021 NFL Win Totals: NFC

by steve

Time to predict the over/under win totals for the NFC and predicting the AFC yesterday. Also here is this years Bills season preview podcast.

TB Buccs
I love to bet against Tawm and lose

GB Packers
Aaron Rodgers is on a fuck you tour.

LA Rams
Fine call me a Russell Wilson fanboy.

SF 49ers
The win total for every team in this division seems to be too high. Also baby lobster a bum.

N.O. Saints
Jameis Winston? rofl

Dallas Cowboys
Someone has to win this division but I dont trust McCarthy

Minny Vikings
Kirky Kirky, guy gonna be a headache all season

Tough to trust Fitz but they have a talented roster.

Az Cardinals
Tough division snd I dont trust the QB or coach.

Chicago Bears
Nagy still being a head coach is astounding.

Carolina Panthers
Matt Rhule ever win anything? Has Darnold?

Philly Eagles 
This happen fast in this league, damn.

NY Giants
How can I take the over when I hate the coach, gm and QB? Oh and owner too.

Atlanta Falcons
Artie Smith cant be worse as the last head coach. I still like Matty Ice.

Detroit Lions
Dan ManCampbell is a joke but are the lions a bottom 5 team? Goff might be out of the league soon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

2021 Buffalo Bills Season Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast preview the upcoming Buffalo Bills season, breakdown each game and give their predictions for the season and breakdown the epic home opener vs the Steelers. The most anticipated season of all time?

2021 NFL Win Total Predictions: AFC

by steve

NFL preview szn! Recording a podcast later today (our 14th year!) and Ill take a look at props and predictions for the Bills later this week but for now lets predict the over/under win totals for the AFC.

KC Chiefs
12 (vegas line)
Who knows how 17 games is going to shake out this year. Is it more likely the Chiefs lose 4 games or 6? 
Ill take the over.

Balt Ravens 
Tough division and the Ravens have a lot of questions swirling arounf

Buf Bills 
The division still sucks and the schedule seems easier than last year. Homer pick perhaps? 11-6 seems realistic 

Indianapolis Colts
The division sucks but so does Wentz.

Cleveland Browns
Im not entirely sure what world Im living in when I think ten wins for the factory of sadness seems low but here we are.

Tenny Titans
Again the division sucks and some how Tannehill and co keep proving the doubters wrong.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Ben aint no Brady and its a real bad sign that everyoje is talking about them running the ball better.

New England Cheatriots
My Mac Jones bias might be at play here but I dont buy this team as a contender. Sure the defense will be better but they were top 10 in points allowed and passing yards allowed. Their problem is offense and a couple of overpaid nobody free agent "weapons" isnt solving their problems.

Miami Dolphins
Flores gonna lose the locker room when Jacoby Brissett comes in and wins a game after Tua gets knocked out then Tua gets tossed back out there in the next game?

LA Chargers 
Sure firing Anthony Lynn adds a few wins to your season total all by itself but 10-7 seems like quite the leap in a division with 4 decent at least teams.

Las Vegas Raiders
Not a believer in Gruden or Carr albeit nobody really is. Nine or ten wins seems highly unlikely.

Denver Broncos
Bridgewater is glass and Lock sucks. Oh yeah and Vic Fangio is still some how the coach.

Cincinnati Bengals
Burrow and co are underrated. Maybe because no one knows where Cincinnati is and they have about 40,000 fans in the country. But 7 wins is doable.

New York Jets 
Tricky with an extra week to get a cheap win but this team isnt getting 5 wins better than last year.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Urban Meyer is a joke. This team could be decent but they arent playing Purdue, Nebraska or Northwestern.

Houston Texans
This team is openly tanking. This number should be 3.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Bills Spokesman on WBEN Talking New Stadium

by Steve

Here is the link to the interview from 930am WBEN.

My thoughts throughout the interview:

The way this dude (Jim Willinson) keeps saying off hand that you cant renovate the stadium is bullshit. Him saying there is no chance of renovating is not believable.

The Bills contribute almost 400mil in the local economy. lol what because their salary total is 230mil? All that money isnt spent here.

The Pegulas put $146 mil in a stadium they dont own. Would you invest that much in a house is a false equivalency. They get all the profits from the stadium, they own it without the liability. Bullshit arguement.

The spokesman basically confirms there will have to be an extension of the current lease for construction to be completed.

Public/private partnership is the buzzword of the interview.

This guy is not selling the idea of a new stadium to anyone. I guess he doesnt have to, only extract as much money as possible from the state. But this guy isnt a salesman.

The spox takes umbridge with anonymous sources?? The Buffalo News is doing their god damn best to sell this to the public. Seems like fake outrage.

Slick move deflecting and mentioning we need football and the team is successful. Ha.

This guy said he is in no way involved with anything about the Sabres arena.

Their number one goal is to get in everyone's mind that they can not and will not renovate the current stadium 

Number two is that they are dead set on having in in Orchard Park.

Then he sidesteps completely the question about a roof on the stadium or not. Oddly claiming it is way to early to talk about a roof or not??? huh? How do they not have completed renderings of a new stadium they supposedly want to play in in 3 seasons?

I love the parting shot of, im a die hard fan too. ha bullshit

Friday, August 6, 2021

Bills Over Pay Josh Allen

by Steve

Since the $43 mil per year man is getting universal praise despite playing like shit in all 4 career playoff games and excelling only in front of empty seats, I figured I'd write a short blog.

Do I like Josh Allen? I suppose. Did I used to hate Josh Allen? You betcha. Did Allen play wildly better than I ever thought he could and took the Bills to the AFC Championship game for the first time since 1994? Yeah.

Is he not under team control for 2 more years? Is any QB not over paid? Will it cost more next year? Yes Yes Yes. 

But why not wait til next off-season? Bad publicity or more pressurw on Allen? Yeah and?

Hopefully he out performs the contract and he is under paid in 3 years. Im not sure thats a sure thing.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

2021 Buffalo Bills Spreads for Full Season

by steve

The draft is over, the schedule is out and no one gives a shit about dudes working out in shorts and belly shirts. Thankfully, Westgate Casino released betting lines for all 18 weeks of the NFL regular season. Here are he spreads for all 17 Bills games this upcoming season:

Week 1
-6 v Steelers

Week 2
-3.5 @ Dolphins

Week 3
-7.5 v Washington

Week 4
-14 v Texans

Week 5
+4.5 @ Chiefs

Week 6
-2.5 @ Titans

Week 7

Week 8
-7 v Dolphins

Week 9
-6.5 @ Jaguars

Week 10
-7 @ Jets

Week 11
-6 v Colts

Week 12 Tgiving
-1.5 @ Saints

Week 13
-7 v Patriots

Week 14
+4 @ Buccs

Week 15
-9.5 v Panthers

Week 16
-3.5 @ Patriots

Week 17
-8.5 v Falcons

Week 18
-6.5 v Jets


The Bills, per this vegas sportsbook who is actually taking bets on this stuff has Buffalo favored in 15 of 17 games and dawgs only twice at KC and at TB.

Granted Buffalo is only double digit favorites once, vs the Texans but the amount of respect for this team right nownis pretty remarkable.

The most surprising lines are at Miami and at NE where Josh Allen and no are -3.5 in both games and as favs at the Titans & at Saints in prime time.

Monday, May 3, 2021

2021 Buffalo Bills Draft Review

by steve

The draft has come and gone. Did the Bills improve their roster for 2021? How about 2022 and beyond? The question really is, what was Brandon Beane's goal coming in to the 2021 NFL Draft?

Quite clearly it was 2022 and beyond. The Bills did address their biggest need according to me, edge rusher, with their first TWO! picks but other than taking a flyer on a super fast yet raw WR/KR in the 6th round, Marquez Stevenson, did nothing to help the offense at all.

Buffalo's first 3 draft picks played a combined 7 games last year. Rousseau is young and wont grt on the field much next season. Its much more likely Basham could make an impact but he comes off as more of a hole plug & run D guy and less a QB killer.

The offensive linemen are tackles except the 7th round dude from Texas Tech that looks like Richie Incognito. The more pressing need will be inside in the near term considering both tackles are under contract for at least the next 2 years.

No tight end at all, no RB, no receiver before the 6th round, no agressive action for a team ostensibly fighting for a Super Bowl.

Do i HATE this draft? No. Are the Bills an improved roster for 2021? Likely no. Is there much more to be expected when Beane and Co had limited picks, cap space and picking 30th? Not really.

This draft was more of a crapshoot than most years with very limited tape and medical info etc. Then again thats why I wanted to try snd get 2022 draft picks but instead Beane drafted players for 2022. Maybe thats the same thing?

Grade C+

Saturday, May 1, 2021

2021 Bills 5th Round Pick 161 OT Tommy Doyle

At 161 in the fifth round the Bills draft offensive lineman Tommy Doyle

Bills 2021 Draft Review After Day 2

by Steve

After the second day of the NFL Draft the Bills clearly dont think they have many holes on the roster. Instead of trading back and adding draft picks for 2022 McBeaner added players to contribute in 2022 or perhaps 2023 at the earliest.

On day 2 the Bills took another defensive end, Carlos Basham and a raw yet tall offensive tackle Spencer Brown from small Nothern Iowa. Mel Kiper said he is a 2 to 3 year project. Yikes, then again the Bills did just extend both tackles so there isnt a starting spot either way.

Combined, Rousseau, Basham & Brown have played 7 total games since 2019. Rousseau opted out, Wake Forest only had 7 games and Nothern Iowa's season was canceled.

Basham to me projects as more of an interior lineman. He said his ideal playing wait is well under 300 pounds so maybe Im wrong. But with Hughes and Maddy Addy and Rousseau there are a lot of bodies in the DE room.

Maybe Hughes gets cut to give cap relief and playing time? But how does that make the Bills better in 2021? The only way Im getting on board with cutting Hughes is if it allows the Bills to add a post June 1 cut or maybe even Zach Ertz.

The Bills didn't get better in 2021 this weekend. But did they need to?

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Bills Draft DE Greg Rousseau

opted out

2021 NFL Draft Preview: Final Mock Draft

by steve

Mere hours away from the event of Spring outside the tourny, the NFL draft. Here is my breakdown of everyone elses Bills mock draft, Bills Needs, a ranking of the rookie QBs and draft predictions. And finslly my first and final 2021 NFL Mock Draft:

(im not doing trades, too lazy)

1. Jags - Trev Lawrence QB
2. Jets - Zach Wilson QB
3. 49ers - Tre Lance QB
4. Falcons - Kyle Pitts TE
5. Bengals - Penei Sewell OT
6. Dolphins - Jamarr Chase WR
7. Lions - Zaven Collins LB
8. Panthers - Patrick Surtain CB
9. Broncos - Rashawn Taylor OT
10. Cowboys - JC Horn CB
11. Giants - Christian Barmore DT
12. Eagles - Jaelen Phillips DE
13. Chargers - Davante Smith WR
14. Vikings - Justin Fields QB
15. Patriots - Jaylen Waddle WR
16. Cardinals - Micah Parsons LB
17. Raiders - Elijah Moore WR
18. Dolphins - Joe Tryon DE
19. Washington - Alijah Vera Tucker OT
20. Bears - Teven Jenkins OT
21. Colts - Greg Newsome CB
22. Titans - JOK - LB
23. Jets - Tetrace Marshall WR
24. Steelers - Naaje Harris RB
25. Jags - Kadarus Toney WR
26. Browns - Trevon Mohrig S
27 Ravens - Greg Rousseau DE
28. Saints - Caleb Farley CB
29. Packers - Kwity Paye DR
30. Bills - Carlos Basham DE
31 Ravens - Rondale Moore WR
32. Buccs - Travis Etienne RB

2021 NFL Draft Preview: Mock Draft Reviews

by Steve

Everyone has a mock draft, even me. So lets take a look at what the supposed professionals think is going to happen with the Bills 30th overall pick. First, here is the Bills needs, draft predictions, and QB rankings.

Jay Skurski TBN:
Travis Etienne

Useless pick at a useless position. This would be the equivalent of drafting a runningback at 16 overall if u consider where Singletary & Moss were drafted in the 3rd round based on the Jimmy Johnson value chart. Someone would have to be moved or maybe even both.

Florio PFT:
Najee Harris RB bama
Same as ETN, guy played 4 years and a RB in round 1 is pointless.

Danny Jeremiah NFL:
Asante Samuel CB FSU
McDerr is allegedly the cornerback whisperer who hasnt been able to find anyone opposite Tre White so maybe this would be a solid pick. Im not sold but wouldnt hate it.

The Ringer
Caleb Farley CB Va Tech
Sort of a boom or bust guy. He was a stud except for the back surgery. Then he sat out because "covid19" ? Then got covid19 disease caused by a novel coronavirus? Same thought process about corner, is a #2 CB worth another first round pick?

Walter Football
Jamin Davis LB UK
This might be worse than drafting a RB. Sure Edmunds was bad last year but christ, drafting ANOTHER LB (useless position [no1 stops great TEs])? Unless this dude is the next Bryce Paup he can fuck off.

Pete Prisco CBS
Jayson Oweh Edge PSU
The first thought that comes to mind is of course Aaron Maybin. My second thought is why did he sit out the year? Just kidding he played & had zero sacks. As an edge rusher. in the overrated big ten. Sure Parsons was gone and sacks arent everything but zero? He better contribute ASAP, no reason to gamble on a huge need position.

Todd McShay
Trading up for Etienne
lolol kill me

Mel Kiper
Tyson Campbell CB Georgia
A new name for me, I trust McDerr to pick "his guy" but it will be highly scrutinized if some of the popular names are on the board.

2021 NFL Draft Predictions

by Steve

Its fun to get these things written down in advance to show how right (wrong) I was. So here are some draft predictions. Previously I wrote about the Bills needs & ranked the quarterback prospects.

The Bills wont trade up for a runningback but after the draft Beane will say something like he tried to move up but couldnt justify it.

Justin Fields & Mac Jones fall out of the top 5 and likely much farther.

One runningback goes in the first round

There is a huge run on offensive talent except stupid teams like Detroit, New England, Houston & Giants.

Bills draft a D-lineman.

Caleb Farley falls out of the first round.

6 QBs get drafted Thursday.

Everyone will rave about the Dolphins & Jaguars draft and rip the Jets. Belichick will be labeled a genius for "navigating" the draft.

The Bills will draft a QB Saturday.

Zach Ertz gets moved Friday.

Kyle Pitts will be a bust.

There aren't nearly as many trades as prior years and the talk of the draft will be a lack of medical information on players and GMs play it more straight.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

2021 NFL Draft Preview: QB Rankings

by steve

Here is my list of Bills needs heading into the 2021 NFL Draft. But all anyone is talking about is QB QB QB. Sooo.

Lets rank all these overrated quarterbacks:

1. Trevor Lawrence
This guy has been in the spotlight so long he isn't even talked about much any more. Boring. Good luck in Jax.

2. Justin Fields
I was never a big Fields guy but his alleged fall down draft boards is perplexing. He has some athleticism, good arm, played in big games and has deceptive size. Is a stud? No but at least he played last year and the year before and against a real conference.

3. Davis Mills
:snoop dogg who gif:
No one watched the pac12 this year. They started their season way late, had a bunch of canceled games and play at 3am or some shit. Mills is raw and only has 11 starts but dude has the pedigree. You know Andrew Luck and Kevin Hogan went to Staford right?

4. Tre Lance
No one watched this dude play. If you say you did you're a liar. He has played like 2 games since Dec 2019 and plays in a sub college league. But from what I read he has size and strength. If Allen could prove people wrong from a similar school and league why not this dude.

5. Kellen Mond
This might my SEC bias or when I look at Mond I get a Dak vibe. Plus he checks a lot of boxes. 4 year starter, size 6'3 217, tough conference, improvement with his completion % and has reduced his turnovers. Might be a 2nd round gem.

6. Zach Wilson
BYU pretty boy with as punchable a face as one can have. Sure he plays like a kid out there having fun but is that a recipe for success? Plus he doesmt even play in a conference, is gonna be stuck going to the Jets and has what a appears to be a slight build.

7. Jamie Newman
Biiig dude that transferred from Wake to Georgia but never played. Why is he getting zero run just because he didnt play last year but Lance is? All I know is he didnt have 3 top 15 players around him on offence as a Deacon.

which brings us to number 8
8. Mac Jones
If this guy isn't the definition of game manager clip board hero who finally got to drive his Dad's Mercedes in the drive way. Thats basically what Jones got with the team he "lead" to the Natty last year.

9. Kyle Trask
Compiler. Wouldnt be surprised if he got a shot as a sharter in a year or 2 but reminds me of Tebow because of the jersey.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

2021 Bills Draft Preview: Needs

by Steve

Most people think the Bills are set with a deep roster, few open spots on the 53 man and can basically go in any direction they please. Obviously I disagree.

Let's face it, last year was a but of a fluke. Allen didnt have to play in front of any crowds. The Bills caught the league off guard with the explosion of Diggs that no one saw coming (cmon who predicted he would lead the league in multiple categories?) . The division was awful and the schedule opened up.

Allen did of course play much better; you cant fake your way to 13 wins. Clearly the roster isnt bereft of talent. But there are still needs on this roster if the Bills have any hope of staying within 10 points of the Chiefs ever.

The Bills have 7 draft picks, 30th, 61, 93, 161 in the 5th, 174 in the 5th, 213 in the 6th and 236 in the 7th.

My ranking of Bills needs:
Defensive end/edge rusher
Tight end
Wide Receiver

This team needs to get after the quarterback. Whether that is even possible in the age of 2 second hike & release might be up for debate. But what shouldn't be up for debate is the idea that Maddy Addison, Jerry Hughes and Darryl Johnson is an awful trio on the edge.

The only thing more important in a quality tight end besides route running snd blocking is CATCHING THE FUCKING BALL. And floppy Knox cant catch the ball. The Bills are desperate for this position because they have a few good slot receivers and an all pro on the outside. But an upgrade is badly needed.

Tre White is the shutdown gut but after his is just a bunch of dudes. McDerr loves corners and can seemingly find them anywhere. But he has yet to find a bonafide # 2 CB.

A team that wants to pass as much as Daboll's can never have too many WRs. Davis was a nice surprise, but Sanders and Beasley are in their 30s. Hodgins is a question mark and McKenzie is on a one year deal. Finding a roster spot may be tough unless Beane finds a talent early.

Mitch Morse is a benched bitch with injury history & a bloated contract. This might be more of a need than  i think.

Safety for depth is always a need.

Not surprisingly runningback is not on the list. Beaner used a day 2 pick on RB each of the last two years. While neither Singletary or Moss are above average they both are serviceable & complimentary. Moreover they just signed speedster Matt Breida. Late day 3 flyer is all thats needed to address runningback.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

MLB 2021 Over Under Win Totals National League

by Steve

Here is the American League. Now time for the Mets and the NL


NY Mets
Cohen trying to buy a ship?

Atlanta Braves
Gonna be a battle

Philadelphia Phillies
Division is tough

Washington Nationals
Window shut

Florida Marlins
a year away from being a year away?
73 wins tho

St Louis Cardinals

Milwaukee Brewers
Who knows

Cincinnati Reds
This team trying again?
82-82 over

Chicago Cubs
Im sure getting rid of Maddon will help

Pittsburgh Pirates


LA Dodgers
Last season didnt count

San Diego Padres
Tatis really that good?

SF Giants
Tough top of the division

Arizona Diamondbacks
Literally no idea

Colorado Rockies

2021 MLB Over Under Win Totals American League

by Steve

Is it spring, winter, summer? Who the hell knows but apparently the baseball season starts today. Who knew? Time for predictions on each team's vegas over under win totals assuming a 162 game season. Prob should just bang all unders with the thinking that teams wont be able to play every single game. But thats not fun and im not a coronabro.

First up:
American League


New York Yankees
This team have any pitching?

"Toronto" Blue Jays
The nomads are at a severe disadvantage especially come summer time

Tampa Rays
Somebody has to win in this division.

Boston Red Sox
Likely artificially high number

Baltimore Orioles
Gimme 65 wins


Cleveland Indians
How the might have fallen

Chicago White Sox
Weak division albeit this team seems snakebit

Minnesota Twins
Window still open

Kansas City Royals
snoop dogg who??? meme

Detroit Tigers
Cmon wtf. 69 games too much to ask?


Houston Astros
Id say push but fuck Houston

Oakland A's
Give it to me

Los Angeles Angels
Joe Maddon is their manager? Holy shit

Seattle Mariners
Worst franchise (non Sabres division) in America?

Texas Rangers
New stadium? This franchise is like the tide

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Ohio v Buffalo MAC Championship Preview

by Steve

It all comes down to this. Win and in. Do or die. The MAC Championship tonight at 7:30 on CBS Sports network.

Buffalo comes in hotter than shit winners of 7 straight and 10 of their last 11. UB is favored by 2.5 coming over a tight overtime victory last night. Over under is 155.5.

Ohio soundly beat the top seeded Toledo and has won 3 straight. They did however embarrassingly lose to the Bulls by 20 just two weeks ago. For the season series they are 1 and 1 beating Buffalo by 1 back in late January.

This game is going to be decided by Jeenathan Williams. Guy was a stud last night and may need to be again tonight for Buffalo to punch their ticket back to the big dance.

Buffalo 77
Ohio 70

Friday, March 12, 2021

Akron v Buffalo MAC Semi Final Preview

by steve

After a pretty ho-hum 11 point victory of Miami in the quarterfinals UB will face Akron in the MAC tournament semifinals Friday at 7:30 on CBS Sports Network.

Akron won their quarterfinal game over Bowling Green by 7. Buffalo is favored by 4, the over under 153.5.

Akron has lost 3 of its last 4 including a 2 point loss at Buffalo last week. Buffalo is riding a 6 game winning streak.

This game is going to be a battle but being a homer and riding the hot team converges tonight.

UB 78 Akron 74

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Miami v UB MAC Quarterfinal Preview

by steve

The MAC tournament starts today with UB rolling into Cleveland hotter than shit winning their last 5 games and 8 of their last 9.

Buffalo is favored by 8.5 and the over under is 151.

Miami of Ohio for their part has won 4 of their last 5 games.

UB has blown out Miami twice this year, winning 90-62 back in December and 88-64 in early Feb.

The old saying goes its tough to beat a team three times. Buffalo has gone on a tear since changing to a taller lineup and should win today.

Any UB fan should stilll be nervous. Buffalo and coach Whitesell choked back in the quarterfinals last year. The team has senior leadship with Jayvon Graves and Ronaldo Segu to hopefully offset any jitters.

The MAC tournament is wide open. Surprisingly the one seed Toledo is only a slight favorite towin the tourny at +175 while UB is +185.

Buffalo wont need to potentially worry about a Toledo matchup until Saturday. Take care of business today, survive and advance.

The game is only on ESPN+ fml. Also aws certified developer practice test is coming out.

UB 82 Miami 71
aws devops certification

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

ACC Tourny Pool

Here are the pools & info

pay out 

1st 60

2nd 15





steve 18 points

wreck 13 points

feyes 13 points

dubs 12 points

coast 10 points

pitt, duke, nd
cuse, clemson, lville, unc
uva, gtech, fsu, unc
gtech, fsu

Miami Duke ND
Cuse Clemson Louisville UNC
Cuse Clemson FSU UNC
Clemson FSU

Miami Duke ND
NC state Miami Duke ND

Notre dame

Notre dame

Notre dame




1st Rd:



Notre Dame

2nd Rd:

NC State




Quarter Finals:

NC State


Florida St

Virginia Tech



Florida St


Florida St

Total Points:


Monday, March 8, 2021

2021 ACC Tournament Bracket Pool

ACC Tournament Bracket Pool

$15 on entree per person

bracket link

tell ur friends and family

bracket due by 2pm Tuesday 3/9

email winners or completed bracket to

tie breaker closest to total points in final

pay w paypal or venmo

scoring system
1 pt first round, 2 pts 2nd etc..

Monday, March 1, 2021

Watt to the Cardinals

by steve

JJ Watt signed a 2 year $31 mil contract with the Arizona Cardinals.


Do the Bills need an upgrade at D end? No doubt. But Watt has played a full 16 games or even more than 6 only 2 of the last 5 years. His sack numbers (i dont care [much] about alleged QB pressures, who decides that?) 5, 4, 16.5, 0, 1.5.

Hes 32 years old and obviously was looking for another pay day. Which is fine but dont tell me he is going to Cardinals to win a Super Bowl.

Bills likely dodged a bullet especially w the cap being lower.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Super Bowl Picks

the grand finale

steve 5-6-1
chiefs -3 v buccs
under 56

coast 6-5-1
chiefs -3 v buccs
over 56

feyes 4-7-1
chiefs -3 v buccs
over 56

Sunday, January 24, 2021

National Expert Picks For Bills at Chiefs

by steve

The Bills players and most fans think everyone is picking the Chiefs to win a game where the spread is only 3 and the starting QB has turf toe. Perception sometimes makes reality. McDermott likes to tap into that underdog no one believes in us mentality.

Does it hold up to what the national media "experts" are predicting? Lets take a look:

6 of the 9 experts picked the chiefs

Florio 31-27 kc, Simms 35-31 kc

CBS Sports
4 pick the Bills, 4 pick KC

Greg Rosenthal
Chiefs 31 Bills 27

Bleacher Report
2 of 3 pick KC

SB Nation
6 pick the Bills , 5 pick kc

all 6 pick kc

26 experts are taking the Chiefs & 14 are backing the Bills.

In conclusion it isnt a landslide and it isnt everyone but there is a clear majority of national writers picking the Chiefs

Saturday, January 23, 2021

CCS Conference Championship Sunday Best Bets

here are our NFL Conference Championship Picks

steve 4-5-1 (4-0 last week)
packers -3.5 v buccs
chiefs -3 v bills

coast 6-3-1
bills +3
gb -3.5

feyes 3-6-1

packers -3.5 v buccs
chiefs v bills over 54

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Bills at Chiefs AFC Championship Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast look back at the Ravens victory in the divisional round and preview the first Buffalo Bills AFC Championship game in 27 years. Also a sneak peek at the (gulp) Super Bowl potentially.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

DRW Divisional Round Weekend NFL Picks

got rinsed last week, time to bounce back

steve 0-5-1
packers -6.5 v rams
bills -2.5 v ravens
browns +10 @ chiefs
buccs +3 @ saints

coast 4-1-1
bills -2.5 v ravens
browns +10 @ chiefs
saints - v buccs
rams +6.5 @ packers

feyes 0-5-1
Gb -6.5
Bills -2.5
Cle KC O 57
Bucs +3

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Ravens at Bills Divisional Round Playoff Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the Colts game and the rest of the Wild Card weekend. At the 16 minute mark they breakdown the Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson, preview the Divisional Round and give their predictions.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Wildcard Weekend NFL Picks


Colts at Bills over 51.5
seahawks -3 v Rams
Buccs -8 v Wash
Ravens at Titans over 54.5
Bears +10 @ Saints
Steelers -6 v Browns

bills -6.5, rams +3 , football team +8, saints -10, browns +6, ravens -3

Bills -6.5
Seahawks -3
Bucs -8
Tenn +3
Bears +10
Steelers -6

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Colts at Bills Playoff Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast gush over the Bills incredible 13-3 regular season and preview the epic home playoff match up against the Indianapolis Colts this Saturday at the Ralph, a must win game for Buffalo. Can Indianapolis hang with the Bills?

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Colts at Bills 1pm Saturday

wild card weekend is set

The Bills will host the colts at 1pm Saturday

ugly time slot holy shit that is garbage. brutal really.

the line is all over the place i have see  it as high as Buffalo -6.5 and as low as -4.5

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Week 17 NFL Picks

playoffs on the horizon, build up the account

steve 27-35-2

bills -1.5 v dolphins
bears +4 v packers
broncos +2.5 v raiders
texans +7 v titans

coast 27-35-2
Balt -14, browns -9.5, rams +2.5, vikes-4

feyes 32-30-2
Chargers -5
Panthers +6
Indy -14
GB Chi U 48.5