Thursday, April 30, 2009

Leroy Hrill resigns with seahawks

fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffauck, now the Bills best option is Derrick Brooks

According to a source, Hill received a six-year, $38 million deal that includes $15.5 million in guarantees. In keeping him, the Seahawks now have one of the best linebacking corps in the league

K gun comin back to BFLO?

by Steve

Tim Graham just put up an article exploring the potential idea of bring back the no huddle err K-Gun offense for the Bills in '09. Jauron is too much of a dumbass and Schonert isn't exactly Ted Marchabroda but desperate times call for desperate measures, why not give it a try?

A team source says the Bills are gearing up to run a no-huddle offense in 2009. It would maximize their skill players and perhaps neutralize any offensive-line deficiencies by wearing out defenders.

"No. 1, you cut down the recovery time and the defense wears down," Wyche said. "No. 2, the defense has a real tough time getting substitutes in, and the offense gets natural mismatches. No. 3, defensive coordinators have a hard time sending in intricate blitzes because of the time it takes, and you never know when it's going to be a quick snap. So you simplify the defenses you're going to see."

The more I think about it the more I love it. Trent Edwards is no Peyton Manning but he isn't Losman either. He is smart and seemingly has the tools to pull off a quick scheme like the no huddle. Maintain the accuracy, use the brains from Stanford, and get everyone involved. If they get protection they have the weapons to pull this off. Lynch and Fred know what they're doin comin outta the backfield and Terrell over the middle is a menacing beast. Nelson is a major question mark but he has the size and receiving ability to be a factor right away.

The only issue at this point is Schonert and co actually implementing the plays and practicing the T-Gun offense enough to master it by the time MNF rolls around. Besides anything has to be better than last year's 25th overall offense.

Oh yeah and even Tim Graham realizes how effin terrible Bob Royal was.. "the Bills released the droptastic Robert Royal"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2009 NFL Draft Reaction


The Bills entered the draft with glaring needs all over the place. Defensive end, outside linebacker, tight end, interior offensive line help, safety, offensive tackle, among others. They made an attempt to take care of some of these, but possibly their biggest need, outside linebacker, didn't really get any attention.

I cannot stomach the thought of seeing Keith Ellison starting at outside linebacker this season. He is terrible. I don't need to see him getting steam rolled by Sammy Morris on 3rd and 2. He is a smurf out there and never makes a play ever. He is a huge liability on our defense and I think everyone realizes that, except our front office and coaching staff. The Bills brought in some scum bag linebacker named Pat Thomas this idea who he is and don't really care. The Bills drafted a safety from Oklahoma in the 5th round, Nic Harris. He is 6'3 232 pounds and is projected as a linebacker. Is it too crazy to say that he is the current front runner to start at outside linebacker? I would much rather have him lace em up over KE. Ellison is 6'0 229 pounds as a comparison.

The Bills do have some alternatives still available at OLB. Derrick Brooks is on the market. Dude is old as dirt but would easily be a more viable option than any other bums we have. He has a lot of experience, not to mention a super bowl ring. Also, Seattle released Leroy Hill whom they franchised earlier this season. He is young and good...had 86 tackes in 13 games last year and is only 26 years old. The only problem is that he got arrested in January for marijuana possession and may get suspended...but what the hell, he will fit right in with the rest of the convicts on our team. The best option for the Bills right now is to pick up Brooks and hope Nic Harris can be a sleeper.

The Bills tried addressing their need at defensive end in the first round. Aaron Maybin better be a straight up beast. The last time the Bills drafted a d-end in the first round, his name was Erik Flowers and he was bust city. What a bum he was...we cannot afford that to happen with Maybin. I am real concerned though. Maybin only started 10 games in college...he is only a red shirt sophomore. He did have 12 sacks last year at PSU and hopefully will be a breath of fresh air compared to our other D-ends who don't care about sacks and don't think they matter. Hopefully Maybin is just a beast and that overshadows his lack of experience. He is also small at 249 pounds...and is a pure speed rusher. Seems like another small fast dude that will fit in with Jauron's scheme. I hope he puts on about 25 pounds of pure muscle in the next month. I think the Bills should cut Kelsay if they can't trade him, which they won't be able to. Who in the right mind will give anything for a terrible player making $5 million per year? Cut his ass, shit him outta here. I don't want Maybin as a situation pass rusher...the dude was the 11th pick in the draft. Plug him in there right away and let him play, he can't make our d-ends worse. Schobel, Maybin, Denney, Ellis...those should be the D-ends week 1.

The Bills didn't draft a left tackle in the first round thank God, I would have blown a gasket. The Bills were without Peters week 1 last year and it might have been their best complete game all season. F-Peters, I love the draft picks we made on the interior of our line. Eric Wood will start right away, he has to. You don't draft a guard/center in the first round and then have him on the bench. He started 49 games in college, was twice first team all big not only is he a beast, he doesn't get hurt. I love the pick and he will start right away...not sure if he will play center or guard but we'll see. The Bills also traded up into round two to pick Andy Levitre...a first team all pac 10 performer. He also doesn't have injury issues and played a lot of games at all line positions in college at Oregon. He also should start right away. I actually don't hate our line right now. I love Brad Butler and he played RT in college so why not give him a shot at RT on Sundays. Move Hangartner to left guard, with Wood at center and Levitre at right guard and go with Walker on the blind side. Let these guys gel together, they are all young and will get better. Picking up Levi Jones is also a rumor...I say F it...go with the young guys. Levi has been injured for like the last 4 years.

The Bills drafted a tight end in the 4th that seems like he could be a beast. He is Shaun Nelson and he is 6'5 245 pounds. He ran a 4.6 40 and could be a huge threat in the passing game. He also needs to learn how to block, but honestly I don't give a shit if he can block well if he can run a 25 yard seem route and actually draw attention. We haven't had a good tight end in a decade...and we haven't made the playoffs in that amount of time. There is a correlation...good teams have good tight ends, the Bills have been a bad team and have tight ends named Euhus, Cieslak, Fine, Shoumann, Neufield, Brady, Campbell...omg terrible. Plug this dude in the starting lineup from day 1 too...seriously, what do we got to lose?

The most surprising pick of the day was Jairus Byrd at 43. I was flabergasted. A cornerback with our first pick in the 2nd round...I was about to b line it to Radio City and crack some skulls. I held off and then thought about the pick more and still did hate it...unless he can turn into a safety right away. The dude is a ball hawk. 17 picks in his career. I think Whitner has 2 as a Bill. The Bills had a million more needs this season than corner...although they did need a safety and I guess it is possible he could even compete back there to start. I say...plug him in...what the hell...Whitner sucks anyways, Brian Scott isn't good, George Wilson is pathetic, John Wendling can jump really high but will never sniff the field except on special teams. Also, odds are we will lose McGee next year so if he can play, he might be opposite McKelvin. Either way, bad pick, it doesn't change my opinion. Three OLBs were taken in the 2nd round after Bird. Maybe the Bills were targeting USC's Maualuga who got taken at 38 was being targeted...we'll never know...who knows what Russ Brandon is thinking.

Here is my projected starting lineup if the season started right now...

RB-Lynch (Jackson week 1...Lynch's appeal will reduce suspension to 1 game)
FB-McIntye? (did we really re-sign this dude? he seems useless)
(this is a 100% complete O-line overhaul, not a single player returning to start at the same position as in 2008 and I love it)

LOLB-Nic Harris

I want to see as many rooks on the field as possible...

Bills final draft grade: B...could have been higher if we didn't draft Bird, but a B is a B none the less.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bills draft grades

by Steve

I like the Bills draft, I don't love the Bills draft. They addressed the line which was needed but they didn't go buck wild. They didn't go OT which I love, but they didn't go OLB which I hate. Maybin is a question mark but not a huge question mark. If Wood doesn't play Center he is a failure and if Byrd doesn't start in 1.5 years he is a failure. Avitre needs to see significant time this year or he is a reach. If the Bills needed a LT so bad they wouldn't have traded theirs, these national peopld don't get it..

Mel Kiper
Buffalo Bills: GRADE: B+
Aaron Maybin was the pass-rusher this team needed to anchor the defensive line. On the other side of the line, the selections of center Eric Wood and guard Andrew Levitre in the second round were excellent picks. Wood is a very good center and Levitre very well may be the best guard in this draft. Also, Jairus Byrd's ball skills could help him become a very good nickelback in this league. They got the tight end they needed in Shawn Nelson to give this offense another weapon. The reason this team didn't receive an A is because it didn't get a right or a left tackle, which I thought was a need with the trade of offensive tackle Jason Peters.

USA Today A-

Buffalo Bills: May have found four eventual starters in first two rounds. Had only 24 sacks last year so DE Aaron Maybin becomes an immediate savior. Lacks bulk at 236 pounds but quick off the edge. Traded back into first round for C Eric Woods, a position of need. CB Jairus Byrd lacks speed but knows how to play. G Andy Levitre is versatile, has played T, but figures more inside as the Bills rebuild their line. How much immediate help any of these players supplies is the open question.

CBS Sports B-

  • Best pick: First-round pick Aaron Maybin has great burst off the corner, and this is a team that badly needs it.
  • Questionable move: Taking center/guard Eric Wood in the first round. He's a good player, but what about tackle?
  • Second-day gem: Fourth-round pick Shawn Nelson is a pass-catching tight end who will be involved early since the Bills lack a real threat at his position.
  • I like what they did. Maybin will really help. But they still have to find somebody to replace Jason Peters.

    Peter King

    Buffalo. Strange, I thought. Needing a tackle with the loss of Jason Peters in trade to Philly, the Bills really liked Eben Britton (who, from the sound of things, really likes himself, as you'll see in Quote of the Week a few notes south of here), yet put a guard/tackle from Louisville, Eric Wood, over him in an upset ... I like Aaron Maybin, but he didn't have a long apprenticeship at Penn State, starting only a year ... Mystified they didn't take a tackle in eight picks over the weekend.

    Walter Football

    Wishy-washy ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer seldom offers a strong opinion on anything, which is why I was shocked when he was so adamant that the Bills had a great draft. Todd McShay, wearing his radioactive skin suit, opined that Buffalo had an outstanding draft as well.

    As Emmitt would say, "Gentleman, I could not disagree with you, even if I wanted to."

    What is Buffalo going to do at left tackle in the wake of the Jason Peters trade? Who will start? Langston Walker? Kirk Chambers? Demetrius Bell? I hope Trent Edwards has a great health insurance policy.

    By the way, it should be noted that the two tackles Buffalo passed up on, Michael Oher and William Beatty, were respectively drafted by the Ravens and Giants, two of the smartest organizations in the NFL.

    Ignoring the second-most important position in the NFL was one thing. Another was drafting the ultra-raw Aaron Maybin over Brian Orakpo. I really disagree with Dilfer here; I find it highly doubtful Maybin will contribute as a rookie. He's raw; he has limited playing experience; and he's only 20. Defensive ends seldom have a big impact as rookies. Just look at Mario Williams as a prime example. Derrick Harvey didn't do anything in 2008. At least Orakpo is older and more refined.

    Could Maybin be a star down the road? Absolutely. But for a coaching staff and front office that needs to win now (or they could be fired if they don't make the playoffs), the Maybin pick didn't make much sense. Long-term it does, but Dick Jauron doesn't have the best job security.

    Excluding Jairus Byrd, I really liked some of Buffalo's mid- and late-round selections. But ignoring the left tackle position really brings down this overall grade.

    Grade give on 4/27/09: C-


    The Buffalo Bills: If the eleventh overall pick of the 2009 draft (Aaron Maybin) can have a similar impact to the eleventh overall pick of the 2002 draft (Dwight Freeney), the Bills will have had a stellar selection process in the last year of the first decade of the 21st century. But Maybin is three inches taller and 19 pounds lighter than the pass-rush specialist who was regarded as a potential liability in the running game. So stay tuned.

    Failure to address the gaping hole at left tackle could be even more problematic, a circumstance with which the aforementioned Freeney might have a field day in Week Seventeen.

    The trade up to get center Eric Wood blocked the Colts and the Steelers from getting him. But, again, Wood isn’t a left tackle.

    As noted during the Saturday Live Blog, the selection of guard Andy Levitre in round two could put him in line for an endorsement of Viagro.

    Sunday, April 26, 2009

    Bills select Ellis Lankster CB 7th round

    gotta take BAP i guess but local kid Dan Gronkowski and Drew Willy still on the board.. do we really need another CB that won't make the team?

    5'11 190

    The Good: Possesses a compact frame with smooth, balanced footwork and an ability to jump routes on all levels of the field. Displays good run/pass recognition skills and does a nice job throwing his body around and forcefully sticking the run game. Transitions quickly out of his back-pedal down the field and has the ability to go up and break on balls at their highest point.
    The Bad: Lacks ideal size and overall polish for the position. Best suited to play in a zone scheme where he doesn’t need to stay with receivers in and out of their breaks. Lacks the type of deep speed you would expect from a corner his size and struggles making up for a false step.

    Bills selected Cary Harris, CB, USC 6th round

    why another cb you got me..

    5'11 188

    Scouts have paid a lot of attention to Southern Cal, and that includes Harris, a two-time honorable mention All-Pac-10 selection. He lacks great size, athleticism and interception totals of many of this year's top cornerbacks, but is a tough, physical defender that some scouts feel is among the draft's most underrated at the position. Harris might fit best in the NFL in a zone scheme or even at free safety due to his instincts, toughness and reliable open-field tackling.


    Positives: Adequate size for the position. ... Instinctive. ... Rarely out of position. ... Good zone defender. Reads the quarterback's eyes and is quick to close. ... Smooth transition and has the agility to mirror receiver's breaks. ... Competes for the jump ball. ... Tough player. ... Aggressive in run support. ... Evades blockers well, but isn't afraid to take them on if it means getting to the ballcarrier. ... Reliable open-field tackler. ... Breaks down in space well and delivers a solid blow.

    Negatives: Questionable deep speed. ... Lacks the late burst to recover if beaten initially. ... Seems content making the secure stop rather than going for the interception. ... Some durability concerns. Underwent surgery on a sprained finger in spring 2007. Underwent surgery on both ankles in spring '08.

    Bills select Nic Harris S okla 5th round

    Still no linebacker.. yikes. His speed isn't there and he's projected as a LB in the nfl
    6'3 232

    Harris became accustomed to being moved around during his collegiate career. Based on what professional teams are saying, he should expect to be moving again in the National Football League. He joined the Sooners program as a free safety in 2005, starting two games there as a freshman. In his second season, he moved around from free safety to nickel back, starting eight times.

    As a junior, Harris shifted to strong safety, where he would earn 26 of his next 27 starts. When injuries depleted the linebacker corps depth in 2008, he again packed his bags and took over as the starting middle linebacker in the seventh game of his final campaign vs. Kansas. Postseason all-star action saw him utilized at weak-side outside linebacker, where scouts feel his hitting and tackling skills vs. the run might be better suited.

    Bills select Shawn Nelson TE 4th round

    Dude is big 6'5 245 out of Southern Miss. Some had him as the second best TE coming out of the draft. Potential diamond in the rough in the 4th.

    Nelson redshirted in 2004 and then became a full time starter in 2005. He started all of the team's twelve games, recording 35 receptions for 540 yards (15.4 average) and 5 TD. He was voted Offensive MVP of the 2005 New Orleans Bowl. In 2006, Nelson caught 36 balls for 506 yards (14.1) and 3 TD, earning the coaches' selection for Conference USA First Team honors. In his junior campaign, Nelson started twelve of thirteen games recording 33 receptions for 451 yards (13.7) with 5 TD, and was voted to the Conference's Second Team.

    Nelson is another big TE from a small school. For such a big athlete, he does move very fluid. He is fast (4.60) and explosive off the line; he will reach the second level with ease. While he could break long runs, he seldom does at Southern Miss (which is a concern). His route running is average at best, and his blocking skills (specially the bending of knees) need refinement. It would also do him good to visit the weight room more often.

    Nelson is a big tight end prospect from a small school. He, with more coaching and experience, could develop into a first rate TE in the NFL. Today, Nelson is rated as a mid-to-late fourth rounder. With another productive season and an impressive post season showing, the Southern Miss product could move up into the middle of the third round.

    Leroy Hill OLB from Seattle was let go today. He was their franchise player until they got Curry @4. Bills need to make a play for either him or D-bro ASAP.

    dude is an athletic freak..

    Saturday, April 25, 2009

    Bills draft Andy Levitre G Oregon State

    The Bills traded their 3rd and 4th round picks to move up into the 2nd round to dallas
    6'3 317

    He played tackle and guard in college. Right now seems like a Guard.

    Levitre spent five seasons at Oregon State, sitting out the 2004 season as a redshirt. Over the next four years, Levitre was a regular on the Beavers offensive line. He saw time at every line position other than center (including tight end). In 2007 and 2008, he started every game at either left or right tackle. He was a second team All-Pac-10 selection by the league's coaches as a junior. His senior year, he earned first team All-Pac-10 honors and was a first team AFCA All-America selection.

    Bring me Derrick Brooks in free agency and i'll be happy with the offseason.

    The Bills pick (4th)121, (5th)147, (6th)183, (7th)220. Day 2

    Bills draft Jairus Byrd CB Oregon

    by Steve

    WTFFF?  Cornerback is like the 24th biggest need on the bills.  Honestly I would draft any other position than corner.  this pick knocks my grade down 2 full letters.  Holy shit. terrible. utterly useless.

    Alright he might be projected more as a Safety... so if he's a safety i like it.  He is also a ball hawk

    THE STATS: First-team all-state and first team all-conference as a defensive back and quarterbacked the team that won the Class 4 Show-Me-Bowl championship. In the championship game Byrd threw for 165 yards and rushed for 84. Clayton finished the year with a 13-1 record and was the Offensive Players of the Year in Missouri Class 4. One of only two players from Missouri included on the Prep Nation 101 All-America Team. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch indicated Byrd rushed for 1,480 yards and passed for 1,038 yards with 13 touchdowns. He also caught six passes for 125 yards. He made 71 tackles (60 solo), seven interceptions, three sacks and two fumble recoveries from his safety position.

    STRENGTH: A versatile athlete that is used to winning and making plays. His father, Gill played for the San Diego Chargers and is a two-time Pro Bowler. Has tremendous athletic ability, is very physical and has great closing speed. Jarius is a gamer with a “refuse to lose” attitude. Also a standout on his high school basketball team.

    Jairus' father Gill, a former NFL player had an interesting observation about his son. Acknowledging the fact he was talking about his son, he reflected on his own experience as a player and coach.

    "There are some players that just have it, that can make something happen," said Gill Byrd. "And I think Jairus has it".

    WEAKNESS: He will need to better his foot speed for Pac-10 play.

    PROJECTED POSITION: Defensive back

    WHY OREGON? "I felt in my heart that was where I wanted to go," Byrd told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "I felt like after the Oregon trip that was where God wanted me."

    "Coaching-wise, it was the best fit," Byrd further told the Post-Dispatch. "Coach (Nick) Aliotti, coach Bellotti and coach (John) Neal, I thought they could bring the best out of me. The people there were so nice. I enjoyed the college atmosphere. They love college football there."

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch also reported Byrd's comments on the Oregon facilities.

    "The facilities are great; there are none better in the nation," Byrd said. "They are better than NFL teams'. The locker rooms are out of this world. The stuff you have at your disposal is out of this world."

    HS COACH: "Jarius does everything for us," said Head Coach Larry Frost. "He catches, tackles, throws, runs, and most importantly leads this team. His work ethic is outstanding.

    "I would classify Jarius as a blue-chip recruit," said Head Coach Larry Frost. "I see no reason why he won't be playing division one football. He has gotten interest to this point from Arizona State, Notre Dame, Illinois, Missouri, and UCLA."

    MIKE BELLOTTI: "He is a tremendous athlete," Bellotti said of Byrd's versatility and ability.

    Scouting Report: Would be a standout dual threat quarterback with a few more inches. Has tremendous athletic ability and great closing speed.

    Buffalo Bills select Eric Wood center louisille

    Interesting selection.  It wasn't Max Unger but I don't mind it.  At least it isn't a tackle.

    Recognized as a first-team All-Big East selection in 2008 and 2007, second team in 2006 and Freshman All-American in 2005 redshirt season, Wood started 49 games for the Cardinals and is the epitome of durability and consistency. While other centers have earned more media recognition, NFL scouts consider Wood one of the best interior linemen available and a potential first-day pick. Had an arm span of 33 3/4 inches and a hand span of 10 3/8 inches at the combine.

    High School

    Started all 15 games at offensive tackle for Cincinnati Elder High School, guiding the school to its second straight state title with a 31-7 win over St. Edward's ... team went 28-2 over his last two seasons... can play both the tackle and guard positions... earned Honorable Mention All-District honors as a junior... two-year letterwinner on the basketball team... played tight end as a junior... has good speed and excellent feet... earned first team All-League honors.

    Copyright, distributed by The Sports Xchange.

    Bills take Maybin

    by Steve

    I don't hate it, I don't love it.  They didn't go Pettigrew or Oher which is a HUGGGGGE plus.  They must have not like Orakpo.  He had 12 sacks last year as sophomore.  He is only 20.

    Listed second on the depth chart behind Maurice Evans at left defensive end, Maybin was thrust into the starting lineup the third game of his junior season. Coaches were looking to spark a unit hit by graduation, suspensions and injuries and felt that the youngster would be given an audition to see if he could ignite the pass rush.

    And spark the defense he did.

    Maybin became the 93rd Penn State player to earn All-American first-team honors, the 76th athlete from the Joe Paterno era to receive that honor. The legendary coach has seen at least one of his players earn All-American accolades in 38 of his 43 seasons as head coach.

    Maybin finished the 2008 season leading the Big Ten Conference and ranking seventh in the nation with 12 quarterback sacks. That total tied for fifth-best on the school single-season list. His 20 stops behind the line of scrimmage rank as the sixth-highest season total by a Nittany Lion. The left end also registered at least one tackle for loss in all 13 games in which he played.

    Many Penn State fans thought they were seeing the rise of their team's next great defensive presence. But the 230-pounder felt that after just one season as a starter and two campaigns with the varsity, that he was ready to test his wares in the NFL.

    Becoming a force to be reckoned with is not something new for Maybin. At Mount Hebron High School, he earned 2005 Baltimore Sun All-Metro team, second-team big school All-State and first-team All-Howard County accolades. As a junior, he produced 79 tackles with nine sacks, followed by ten sacks and 80 tackles in his final season.

    Buffalo Bills select Aaron Maybin DE

    6'3 250
    Very aggressive on every play, but that can turn to be a negative at times. Effort more than makes up for any shortcomings.

    Draft day running blog

    by Steve

    • Greatest video ever..
    • Erin Andrews here today, bonus!
    • No way the rams go Sanchez @ 2 they just gave Bulger a huge contract, they're goin tackle
    • and... they do. Jason Smith. We need Curry to keep dropping
    • KC is goin either Raji or Curry, some chatter of Tyson Jackson, that would be surprising
    • WOWW Tyson Jackson? sleeeeeper pick. Pioli is either lost or a genius..  Curry dropping.. McShay called that pick FYI.
    • The dream is over, son of a bitch, Curry #4
    • Maybe we'd be better of, we don't need any criers..
    • Erin Andrews was in Curry's hotel room?  What a beast, maybe we would be better off..
    • hahahaah key aquisitions cleveland browns. Robert Royal!! 
    • Two first round picks for Sanchez to the Jets?  I don't mind it
    • Wow nevermind, strange trade. three players and a second?
    • Now its getting interesting, I see Andre Smith going here to Cinci OTs are about to start falling off boards.. Thank god the Bills weren't forced to take him he's Mike Williams jr.
    • Raiders are a wild card, they'll probably WR
    • B.J. Raji gonna fall to the Bills? I'd like it
    • Raiders are predictable, they like speed they take Heyward-Bey.  I saw some people calling this. McShay and Kiper both give this an F.
    • The Bills are sitting pretty to take any number of players they were targeting.  Just DO NOT LET IT BE OHER
    • Well Monroe is off the board, no way the Bills go OT at eleven.
    • Raji to GB, crabtree to sf... Holy shit if Crabtree is there the nightmare of nightmares may come to fruition.  The Bills would draft Michael Crabtree. oh fuck
    • The Bills are going Oher or Crabtree and i'm gonna snap...
    • How is some team in the teens not targeting Crabtree @ eleven?? Trade outttttt


    Friday, April 24, 2009

    Bills 2009 mock draft day 1

    by Steve

    Since Coste is useless and never posts anything but old news and his dumb ass opinions I'm giving you my mock draf. The Bills day 1 mock is in anticipation of the most important Bills draft since the Mike Williams/Losman debacles. The Bills draft at 11, 28, and 42 and I am assuming they stay there.

    Here are the previous break downs of each need position

    There are so many needs (in order of importance) LB, DE, C, OT, LG, S, DT, it is tough to realllly screw it up for the bills unless they did something insanely retarded and trade away picks to move up any where. However, I'm a firm believer in defense defense defense in the draft, especially DAY ONE so here it goes..

    11. Aaron Curry (psych! no fuckin chance he'll be there at 11) Rey Maualuga, ILB, USC Reach? I don't care. Bills need linebackers. Keith Ellison? Jon Digiorgio? Jon Corto? Blake Costanzo? Holy shit. Move Poz outside throw Rey Rey in the Middle.

    28. Brandon Pettigr... no chance they go offense, Robert Ayers DE Tenn. Dude will fall hopefully to 28. He is a solid stay at home DE who has power and can play against the run. He is everything Kelennpbel are not. He's actually good.

    43. Max Unger C/G Oregon. Would start day one at center. He is versatile and can play guard if needed. He is the second best center in the draft behind Alex Mack who the Bills could target if he's still on the board.

    Potential replacements if these guys aren't taken or are gone..

    Cushing, Michael Johnson, Pettigrew (in the second) Matthews, or Raji (cause he would be the best player on the board at eleven)

    Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    Bills options in the 2009 draft offensive line

    by Steve

    The nightmare of all nightmares is a distinct possibility on Saturday the 25th. The Bills could actually use one of their two first round picks to draft an OT at either 11 or 28. Worse than that, they could in some bizarreo logic actually leverage the 28th pick into a higher pick than 11 and MOVE up to draft one. If that happens, this blog will unofficially shut down. Why trade a top 5 talent for an unproven rookie with no experience and little financial savings. It would make zero sense. Either way here are the options..

    Jason Smith OT

    Dude had a standout combine and is quite possibly worthy of the #1 over all pick ala Jake Long. The Bills would have to move into the top 5 AND get lucky to get this pimp.

    Eugene Monroe OT

    Potential top 6 or 7 pick. He made a lot of money by getting out of the way of the train wreck that is Andre Smith. The Virginia product certainly won't last past Green Bay at nine and will be off the board sooner.

    Michael Oher OT
    People were fawning all over this dude outta Ole Miss last year. He didn't have a great year but is still projected to be a top 15 pick at worst. The Bills could potentially be targeting this dude anywhere from 8 to 15. It is a stretch to think he'll go in the top 10 because he probably isn't the second best tackle available and the idea that three tackles would go before eleven is highly unlikely. Maybe teams are hating Orakpo and Maybin pushing Oher up, but he still isn't worth the eleventh over all for the Bills. They need defense and defense wins championships. Look at any sports book you want, the best defensive teams have the best odds of winning, period point blank.

    Andre Smith OT Alabama
    Talk about a rock sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Dude goes a little schizo at the combine, runs with his shirt off, and is suddenly a talentless hack. He went from arguably the best OT talent in the draft to maybe third best and according to Walterfootball 6th best! Could he be Mike Williams? Yes. But could he be Walter Jones.. why not he has the size and skill set just needs the motivation, and if he falls he'll have less money which would then result in more motivation.

    This draft is so stacked with Offensive Tackle talent it would be more than asinine to trade up into the top 10 to grab any one of these guys. In fact, drafting any of them at all is stupid. One of the top four will probably drop pushing players like Eben Britton or William Beatty (both late first/early second projected) available. Football betting is like a past time of mine. One of these dudes will be there at 42 IFFF the Bills are even looking OT that soon. Hopefully they are not. P.S. McShay has five OTs going in round one, and Britton is gone at, yup you guessed it, #28.

    My "dark horse" is Alex Mack, the center from Cal. This would fill an OBVIOUS need for the Bills and set them up with a strong foundation to build around in the middle of a weakened o-line. McShay thinks he'll be there for the Bills in the second round, I'm not as optimistic. The real decision might be between Mack and the other stand out Center, Max Unger outta Oregon, although there is some chatter about him being a guard in the NFL.

    Bottomline Mack or Unger @ 28, no o-line any sooner, and most preferred would be one of those two falling to the Bills at 42.

    Monday, April 20, 2009

    Bills 2009 NFL draft options @11 LB

    By Steve

    Clearly this is the Bills most pressing need. Lets face it, DE isn't as glaring a hole on this team as linebacker. They have over $12 million locked up in Kennelshobla and all three suck balls. Ellis was a third round pick last year and seemingly all will be back on the team. Unless Kelsay gets cut/traded linebacker is a more pressing need, problem is the answer just may not be there @ 11.

    Aaron Curry OLB
    He is the clear cut best linebacker available in the draft according to nearly every source. Height: 6-2. Weight: 254. Combine 40 Time: 4.56. The dude appears to be a straight up stud. There is some chatter he could fall outta the top 10!, but I doubt it. The 49ers could take him at 10 which would kill me obviously but whattaya gonna do. If it is the year of the QB/WR/OT he could fall to the Bills at a 11 but it still seems highly unlikely.

    Next is anyone's guess. The concern I have is that the next three could and probably are ALL USC linebackers. That yells out to me that all three probably aren't outstanding and made each other appear better than they truly are. Cushing and Mathews are nearly identical at 6'3 245 but are either worth the 11th pick? The third is Rey Maualuga 6'2 249 and he plays inside. If the Bills loved him at 28 he probably would be a steal, problem is 11 is too high and it would force the Bills to move under performing Paul Poz outside. Is that shuffling all worth it? Probably if Rey is for real. Problem is, are any of these three Trojans for real?

    The final guy some are talking about is a white dude outta the Big 10, sound familiar? James Laurenaitis 6'2 244. He also plays inside and could/should be available at 28. Again i'm not in love with moving PP this early in development (he missed his rookie year pretty much) but if Modrak and co. really love either of these two interior LBs at 28 or maybe luckily at 43 I would really like the selection.

    If not hunker down and find a sleeper in the second round. The Bills moved up for Paul early in the second round two years ago and with an extra 4th that is a distinct possibility if they are targeting someone to replace Crowell after #28.

    Bills News and Reaction


    It's been a little while since I have posted...I've been in NYC getting hosed buying counterfeit Knicks tickets, following around Eric Devendorf and nearly meeting 50 Cent himself. Never trust a dude selling tickets in NYC...period. I've purchased scalped tickets in Buffalo, Boston and Cleveland and the thought of them being fake has never crossed my mind...but of course I get taken in NYC...unbelievable. The dude bought heroin within 10 minutes of that transaction guaranteed. Oh well, he must have needed that money more than I did...anyways I hope he gets the shit beat out of him.

    The Bills were all over the news the past few weeks. They actually were on the headlines three times in arrested, Stroud resigned, Owens shows up in practice...this is more pub than they have gotten in my lifetime.

    Speaking of arrests, Whitner is a retard. Dude deserved to get tasered. The Bills now have four players who have been arrested (Lynch, Whitner, Simpson, Rhodes...there may be some more I can't think of). They got another one who brandished a gun on his dad (Hardy). They got Mr. VH1 himself (Owens). But yeah, the Bills care about only high character guys.

    The schedule came out last week and I know I missed my annual breakdown, but here is a brief synopsis. I am livid. One 1:00 game until November? How is that even possible? We are losing the Jets game...a December home game, on Thursday Night Football to Toronto. How is that possible? Another punch in the face from the NFL. The Jets game is one I mark on my calendar every year, and now I can't even attend. Holy shit that is awful. Yeah, the schedule is hard...but the Jets will suck, Miami will not be that good, the Pats are vulnerable week 1, who plays QB for Tampa, Jake Delhomme...well we all saw him in the playoffs, Brees isn't that good on the road, Matt Ryan, not scared of him, Cleveland is in for some serious payback, Indy resting starters, Kerry Collins is washed up, Andre Johnson meet Leodis McKelvin, Torry Holt has bad knees, Sam Cassell...I feel bad for KC....that said...I see the Bills winning 5 games this year if that. I did predict a 11 spot last year I think and they won 7 so I could be wrong, but probably not.

    The Bills traded...or should I say, gave away Peters. The Bills delt him to Philly for the 28th pick and a 4th rounder and a conditional late rounder next year. This is a terrible trade. I don't care what anyone says about Peters. He is 27, one of the 5 best left tackles in the NFL, and when you have a guy like that, you pay him...simple as that. If he wanted 7 years 80 million, I would find a way to get it done. I don't know what the actual figures were...but I think last I heard they were 1.25 million apart. Make something happen can't just donate your best player. If we draft LT in the first round I will be irate. Who is going to play guard? who is going to play left tackle? It is sickening to think about an O-line consisting of (from left to right) Walker, Chambers, Hangartner, Butler, Bell. Demetrius Bell can't seriously be starting right now at RT can he?

    The Bills signed Dominic Rhodes. Good signing, has super bowl experience, sort of the same player as Fred Jackson and has drug and legal he should fit right in.

    More to come on the draft...I need to do research. The Bills now have three players who have Super Bowl rings...can you name them? Don't cheat.

    Saturday, April 18, 2009

    Bills options in the 2009 draft defensive end

    by Steve

    Well, now we have two first round pick so we'll really have to start ramping up our draft coverage. The Bills theoretically created a gaping hole with the terrible trade of Peters yesterday, but did they really? I cannot fathom any type of logic that the Bills thought, hey lets trade Peters and use the first round pick we get to draft another LT. More likely and hopefully they thought, "alright we have Peters on the roster, he's a malcontent who can be a distraction and wants $10 mil a year. We also have Demetrius Bell, Langston Walker, and Kirk Chambers already on the roster, they're all tackles and under contract for MUCH cheaper. Lets throw one of them in at RT and try Walker at LT."

    Basically the Bills aren't goin LT in the first round. They're goin OLB, TE, or DE. And at eleven there will be a plethora of talent available the only question is which DE to take and will they be available @28?

    Brian Orakpo
    He's a little small at 6'3 263 but people, especially Cleveland, appear to be drooling all over this dude. He probably won't be there at eleven but who knows. He had 11 sacks last year and looks to be the real deal.

    Aaron Maybin 6'4 249
    Possible one year wonder, considering he was playing mostly special teams in his only other year at Penn State as a red shirt sophomore. His stock is rising after having a good pro day. It could be another dooms day scenario where the 49ers again swoop in and take a defensive stall wort the Bills may have been targeting. Scouts inc has him as their #1 DE in the draft. I'd say a lot of that has to do with his 'upside' because he isn't yet 21 and appears to get bigger faster and stronger by the day.

    Robert Ayers 6'3 272
    Talk about a guy sky rocketing up boards. Dude was a non entity for much of his career at Tennessee other than getting arrested and pleading out to assault. True it was like 4 years ago when he was 18 but it is still there. He would be a terrible selection at 11 but a win @ 28. He tore it up at the senior bowl but 9 total sacks in four years in college, how good could this guy really be? The Bills need a guy that gets the QB and causes havoc. Maybe he wasn't used correctly in college who knows but he is definitely not worth eleventh overall.

    Tyson Jackson 6'4 296

    Big guy probably more suited for a 3-4 defense. Doubt the Bills are looking at him.

    Everette Brown
    Tiny at 6'1 256. He put up huge numbers in his third year at FSU. He could be the guy at eleven but I wouldn't love it. It is tough to picture two d-ends going in the top ten but if that happens we'll have to rely on Modrak picking between Ayers and Brown @ eleven if they do go defensive end. He's quick and has a high motor, all things I hate in any player. High motor means you suck. He is durable though.

    Sleeper pick
    Michael Johnson (hopefully at 28 NOT 11)
    Dude is huge at 6'6 266. The knock on this guy is his work ethic which is a major red flag but he is a play maker. I'd think sitting down with him and getting a thorough interview should be enough to see if this guy wants to be a professional football player or not. Unfortunately we don't have that access.

    John Henderson?

    Jags DT Henderson to the Bills for a fourth?

    The Buffalo Bills could now be trying to trade there new fourth round draft pick that they just acquired from the Philadelphia Eagles (121 overall) to the Jacksonville Jaguars for defensive tackle John Henderson several sources tell ProFootballCentral. The deal would reunite Marcus Stroud and Henderson who were a dynamic duo in Jacksonville for several years. There are many outlets that are labeling the Bills in need for a left tackle, defensive end and tightend and while those three needs are correct, so is the need for a dominate defensive tackle to line up next to Stroud. The Bills do have Kyle Williams, Spencer Johnson and former first round draft pick John McCargo all on there roster but as of now, none of them have established themselves as a legitimate starter next to Stroud. Henderson, did have a drop off year last year and may have fell out of favor with head coach Del Rio who is rumored to be looking to go young at the defensive tackle position and has been pondering trading the eight year veteran.

    He's only thirty and would be an upgrade over Kyle Williams or Spencer Johnson. For a fourth round pick it is certainly worth it.


    Some Matt McGuire charecter is denying this at

    "I have confirmed with a source close to the league that there is no truth to the John Henderson trade rumors much less for a 4th round pick."

    Friday, April 17, 2009

    Bills trade Peters to Philly

    by Steve

    Hmm, I've had all day to think about writing this and the words still aren't coming out right. Is it a travesty? A complete and total train wreck? A joke? You have a team in the Buffalo Bills that are bad. They are poorly managed, poorly coached and they lack talent. The owner is cheap, the personnel is lousy, the front office is a joke, and your draft record is spotty at best.

    There have been very few if any good things the Bills have done since 1999. That one thing possibly is Jason Peters. He is the ultimate Cinderella story. He goes from undrafted tight end to a multiple all pro left tackle in five years and we give him away to the Eagles, a well run, classy, winning franchise? Interesting play.

    The Bills have created a gigantic gaping hole on the left side of their offensive line. They go from an elite player who had an average '08 season to a second year nobody with two career starts (Kirk Chambers). A first and a fourth round pick? We got more than bamboozled we got ass raped BIG TIME by a much better franchise.

    What is the point of acquiring and developing talent if we aren't going to retain that talent? PAY THE FUCKIN DUDE HIS MONEY. You are paying absolute atrocities in Kelsay and Schobell a combined $12 mill for what, Six sacks a season? We got major value the last two seasons with Peters so over paying him for a few seasons breaks you even. This has got to be some sort of sick fuckin joke. WOW

    If they draft a OT in the first round it will make everything doubly worse. First, you are going to have to pay him a lot of money. Second he will be unproven and probably garbage. Third he will probably be a bust because this team doesn't know how to draft. Fourth, it makes our mediocrity Trent Edwards that much worse. Fifth it addresses a need that did not exist 12 hours ago. WHY get draft picks if they are filling a CREATED need? This was a dumb trade, foolish. If the Bills offered $10 mil per they obviously saw something in Peters. An extra two mil a season is nothing. It is 1% of the salary cap.

    Oh and we signed Dominic Rhodes to a two year deal

    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    Buffalo Bills options @ #11 Pettigrew

    by Steve

    As per usual, the Bills draft at eleven. They are pretty much stuck in no mans land. Moving up into the top ten is too costly and moving back into the late teens or twenties is difficult. Getting an impact player is a must yet not a guarantee. There aren't that many players after the first few picks that any team really will want to make a play for. Possibly Sanchez who most likely won't be around at 11 and Andre Smith who also may not be there at eleven, so lets just assume the Bills are staying at eleven..

    The Bills are going either Brandon Pettigrew or defense. If the Bills go Brandon Pettigrew at eleven shit is going to be broken. Going offense in the first round (pretty much any round) of the draft is idiotic. Defense wins football games as we all know. No one ever said offense wins championships UNLESS you have the best QB in the game and an amazing o-line.

    It is a 95% guarantee that Brandon Pettigrew does not make the Bills that much better (and by that much I mean create a dynamic offense that can not only take over games but dominate them) The reason for this is simple. The offensive line is slightly above average and the QB is below average. Adding a rookie tight end will not make Edwards a superstar.

    Pettigrew is pretty much a blocking tight end. He didn't even have a touchdown in 2008! He has nine total in his career. True Zac Robinson is no Tim Tebow (haha) but he is a serviceable quarterback. Ok st went 5-3 in the BIG 12, where was Pettigrew? Blocking.

    He's twenty-four already, how'd that happen. The dude just isn't a top 15 talent, he might not even be a first round talent. Look at wide receiver last year, none went in the first round that might be the case for tight ends this year. Every mock draft I have looked at has Pettigrew going no earlier than the early twenties. Just look at the last few tight ends to get selected in the first round since 2005. Only one guy taken before the 27th pick and he is largely thought of as a bust. Only one had more than 40 catches his rookie year and only one had more than 3 touchdowns his first season..

    Mercedes Lewis (28th 5 TDs in three seasons, 13 catches rookie year)

    Vernon Davis (6th 9 Tds in three seasons, 20 catches 3 touchdowns rookie year)

    Greg Olsen (31st 7 TDs in two seasons, 39 catches 2 touchdowns rookie year)

    Dustin Keller (30th 3 TDs and 48 catches rookie year)

    Heath Miller (30th 21 TDs in four seasons, 39 catches 6 touchdowns rookie year)

    I am writing this because before today it seemed like there was no need to rip apart Pettigrew. That is before today when Modrak and co. were slurping the one time cop puncher who was charged with a felony. They were defending his actions sounding more like an agent errr a GM ready to draft the kid. God I hope not.

    More breakdowns in the days ahead..

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Bills 2009 schedule reaction

    by Steve

    I'm livid so this will be short, Coste can get after it more in depth. No home prime time games. 5 four o'clock games and we play @ TORONTO AGAINST THE FUCKING JETS. There will be 30,000 Jets fans at our "home" prime time game. Fucking joke. fuck the NFL.

    Three home games have the outside slim chance of being flexed though. Vs Dolphins Patriots and/or Colts might be the only bright side. I can not understand why our home division games are ripped from us, makes no sense. The Bills will never win a game in Toronto, book it.

    See you @ the Carolina game, period point blank

    2009 Buffalo Bills schedule

    mon sep 14th @ NE
    9/20 vs bucs 4:05
    9/27 vs saints 4:05
    10/4 @ Dolphins 4:05
    10/11 vs browns 1:00
    10/18 @ Jets 4:15
    10/25 @ Panthers 4:05
    11/1 vs Texans 1:00
    11/8 BYE
    11/15 @Titans 1:00
    11/22 @Jags 1:00
    11/29 vs Dolphins
    12/3 BILLS vs JETS 8pm thursday night @toronto
    12/13 @kc 1pm
    12/20 vs NE 1:00
    12/27 @ Falcons 1:00
    1/3 vs Colts 1:00

    Schedule Release Day


    The NFL Schedule comes out today...

    We already know that the Bills will open the season on Monday Night Football at New England. I put the over/under of night games for the Bills at 2.5. The Bills have played at night 3 times in the past two seasons and have been probably the most uninteresting team in the NFL. Now they got T.O. so I would imagine that number will increase.

    Here is a list of the Bills 2009 opponents:

    Home- NE, NYJ, MIA, NO, TB, IND, HOU, CLE
    Away- NE, NYJ, MIA, CAR, ATL, TEN, JAX, KC

    The Bills have the sixth most difficult schedule in the league...and if you look at those list of teams, it is difficult to find many wins, especially since Lynch will miss the opener and Whitner might miss some games because he decided it would be a good idea to try and fight a cop. The Bills must have their eyes on the Bengals record of like 9 arrests in a year or something with Lynch playing the roll of Chris Henry.

    The Bills play a Toronto game as we all know. Will the NFL punish us again and give us an AFC East game in December in Toronto? Probably. Let's hope the Bills are playing the Tampa Bay Bucs in Toronto in mid October. That would probably be the best option...but we all know that a December showdown with the Jets will probably be north of the border.

    We'll break the schedule down as soon is it comes available.

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    Bills and Peters $1.25 mil a year apart

    According to intrewebz rumors and NFLN the Bills have offered $9.75 mil a year to Jason Peters and he wants $11million . God damn just get to the middle and be done with it. This whole thing is dragging on wayyyy to long and should have been taken care of last December. STEP YO GAME UP Russ..

    Oh and the draft is in 12 days so we'll be going hard on the draft in the next twelve days. Also, the schedule comes out tomorrow, Tuesday the 14th.

    Saturday, April 11, 2009

    Whitner arrested

    Dude got arrested Friday night in Cleveland for resistant arrest and being a douche bag evidently. He was allegedly tased and has not been charged with anything yet. Are we the Bungals now?

    Friday, April 10, 2009

    Roscoe Parrish on the block

    by Steve

    He pretty much is expendable. He is a great punt returner and thats about it. He could be good if we had a good quarterback and good offensive coordinator but we don't so oh well. Hopefully a Wes Welker esque trade 2nd and 5th, doubt it though, especially with this front office. And don't trade him within the division, please.

    Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    Buffalo Bills news

    by Steve

    Ok so we get good news I guess that Terrel Owens decided to make his return to OBS and participate in the Bills offseason work outs. Unless Trent Edwards turns into an actual NFL qb or I work for a real news outlet that gets to interview him who really gives a fuck . He's been in professional sports for like 15 years I assume he knows how to work out. But there was other news too..

    Marshawn "I'm a fuckin retard" Lynch has allegedly been suspended for three games. I swear there was a screen on sportscenter tonight that said the suspension was four games. Either way it problem doesn't matter cause he isn't all that great and he's a retard so he'll do something dumb again. Oh yeah and our coach is Jauron and he's the worst professional head coach in all of professional sports right now.

    The other news was that the Bills are allegedly in talks with the Eagles.. wait "serious" talks with the Eagles that we'll trade them Peters for something. Whether it is a pick and their pro bowl guard or it is just picks, the Bills will fuck it up. What, has their front office shown any competence in the past that would allow me to be optimistic a good deal would be made? Or even that good players would be drafted?

    This team is in shambles, this city's sports are in shambles and things will never be any better. WTFffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    Way to go Sabres you beat the leafs. Go fucking choke on Friday it doesn't matter. Wait wait wait, four first round picks or Thomas Vanek +$50 million less we can spend? Thanks Darc

    oh yean and..

    "Bills | A. Davis scheduled to visit
    Wed, 08 Apr 2009 16: 24 :34 -0700

    Jeff Chilcoat, of Sterling Sports Management, reports the Buffalo Bills are scheduled to meet with unrestricted free-agent OT Anthony Davis (Rams) next week.

    Bills | Owens scheduled to visit
    Wed, 08 Apr 2009 16:22:01 -0700

    Jeff Chilcoat, of Sterling Sports Management, reports the Buffalo Bills are scheduled to meet with unrestricted free-agent TE Richard Owens (Rams) Thursday, April 16."

    Lynch Suspended Three Games

    The hammer comes down on Marshawn Lynch. Goodell suspends him three games for his smoking week/having a 9 mm in the trunk incident in February. Might have something to do with that little hit and run incident he had too last year in which he got off scott free. Fred Jackson show, thank God I got him as well as Lynch in my keeper league.

    Sunday, April 5, 2009

    Full 30 team 2009 preview

    Links to the six division previews of all 30 teams:

    Steve's predictions
    Mets (strong consideration to Cardinals, D'backs and Marlins)

    ROY Cameron Maybin
    MVP Manram (second Hanram)
    Cy Young Edison Volquez (second Webb)

    Dodgers over Mets
    Cubs over Phillies
    Dodgers over Cubs

    Red Sox

    ROY Derek Holland (second to David Price)
    MVP BJ Upton (second to Teixeira)
    Cy Young Verlander (second to Lackey)

    Sox over Tigers
    Angels over Rays
    Sox over Angels

    Dodgers over Red Sox WS

    Coast's Predictions

    NL East-Mets
    NL Central-Cubs
    NL West-Dodgers
    Wild Card-Phillies

    AL East-Rays
    AL Central-Indians
    AL West-Angels
    Wild Card-Yankees


    Indians over Yankees
    Rays over Angers


    Indians over Rays


    Cubs over Mets
    Dodgers over Phillies

    Cubs over Dodgers


    Indians over Cubs

    NL MVP-Albert Pujols
    NL Cy Young-Johan Santana
    NL ROY-Cameron Maybin

    AL MVP-Grady Sizemore
    AL Cy Young-Francisco Liriano
    AL ROY-Travis Snider

    2009 NL West dvision preview

    by Steve

    LA Dodgers

    Manram is back which means this team will be play postseason baseball. Dude is a flat out rake. He is arguebly the greatest postseason baseball player of all time. There is no denying he is the best righty of the last twenty five years at least.

    This team is basically a perfect combination of youth and veteran leadership all they need is for Torre to put it all together. Kemp and Either round out a sick outfield with Pierre riding the pine. Kemp is only twenty four and will only get better while the same thing can be said for Ethier. Scary to think Man-ram could make these two potential studs better hitters too.

    Adding Hudson at second may stunt the growth of a player like Blake Dewitt but he is a better player and makes their lineup that much scarier. 1b James Loney is the third stoog to Kemp and Ethier and will be entering his third full season at first and he is yet to turn 25. The left side might be the only weakness because Blake isn't up to the high standard much of the rest of the team has and Furcal may be in decline but a healthy '09 could change that perception.

    Russell Martin is another young stud behind the dish and again maybe still be getting better. The staff is also a mixer of youth, Kershaw and Billingsley (both strike out machines) and older players in Kuroda and Wolf. None of the four are a true ace but three #2's is better than an ace and three 4's. The wild card is new kid on the block James McDonald. He has yet to start a game in the bigs but appears to have the tools to have a long career.

    Arizona Diamondbacks

    Again another ridiculously young team bursting with potential. Felipe Lopez is potential garbage at 2b and Chad Tracy hasn't shown a lot in 3+ seasons. The rest of the infield includes pure bred SS Stephen Drew who had a solid '08 but is staring at a prove it year, Mark Reynolds at third who has some major power but his average sunk last season and a middle of the road catcher in Chris Snyder.

    Jackson Young and Upton formulate a potent young outfield with the potential to have the word stud in front of any one of the three. Chris Young is the farthest from superstardom but has the tools. Lil brother and former #1 overall Justin Upton is only 21 and entering his second full season, the sky is the limit.

    Webb is the uncontested ace of the staff and will give up 18+ wins every season. Dan Haren didn't disappoint in his first season with a new club and is starting to churn out 200+ innings 15+ wins and sub 3.50 ERAs like its nothing. Jon Garland may be the quietest free agent signing with the most impact this year he signed a one year deal on the cheap. Doug Davis kinda sucks and the fifth start for now is Max Scherzer. He is young (24) but can deal and is a strike out pitcher. He'll start the season on the DL so look for him on the waiver wire in May.

    SF Giants

    Thank god for Lincecum pitching every fifth day or Giant fan but me jumping into the bay. The Big Unit was for some reason resurrected from the dead to play another season and will have limited impact at best. I'm real high on Matt Cain, but he can't have another season where he has double the losses as he has wins (last two seasons with a sub 4 ERA) Barry Zito will never ever live up to that ridiculous contract but he has to at least try. If he is in the 'pen again this year I might cry. Jonathan Sanchez is a nobody.

    And thats pretty much the team There is a Molina thrown in there, you probably know Edgar Renteria and Rowland maybe Winn and thats about it. I'm serious, they have players named Pablo, Travis, Emmanuel and Fred on the starting roster. Only Fred Lewis has played a full season in the bigs but at least they're all young so the word potential can be used. Possible next decade (which actually isn't that far off)

    San Diego Padres

    Its a shame the owner got divorced it appeared this team was starting to build towards something possibly. Chase Headley could be a balla in left, Kouzmanoff can stroke the ball and Adrian Gonzalez is mostly lost in the shuffle on a bad team. Eckstein Giles and Gerut have all come hear to be dead buried. Hundley and L-rod are lucky they're in fuckin baseball to quote the great Earl Weaver.

    Jake Peavy is a legit ace who has been the talk of trade rumors for the entire offseason. That chatter will continue right up until July 31 when he will be packing his bags. The other Chris Young thrives in a pitchers ball park which skews his stats but he still has good stats. I can't find much on Walter Silva who has never pitched in the bigs but he must have had a good spring training cause he is late to the party and he isn't even a cuban import. Correia and Hill also might be complete garbage as well.

    Colorado Rockies

    This team is only two years removed from the World Series? Talk about lightning in a bottle. The weird thing is nearly the entire team is the same. They're gonna have to win 75% of their home games to have any chance. Tulowitzki took a step back last year although much of it had to do with injury, so he should bounce back. Atkins and Helton can still rake in the thin air and Torrealba will platoon with Iannetta behind the plate.

    Seth Smith is new to the outfield and hasn't been overly impressive. Brad Hawpe can also rake and has deceptive stats. Ryan Spilborghs appears to be the starting Centerfielder and if he continues at his '08 pace could be a solid contributer every day.

    The pitching staff is mostly question marks. Is Aaron Cooke gonna be able to go up against players like Webb, Juroda, Lincecum and Peavy 15+ times this year and win any of those games? Yikes. Ubaldo H could have a break out year (t wreck is high on him). Marquis and De La Rosa are nothing special and young Franklin Morales is going to have to prove he belongs in a big league rotation.

    Dodgers 96-66
    D-backs 88-74
    Rockies 77-85
    Giants 73-89
    Padres 66-96

    2009 NL Central division preview

    by Steve

    Shit, 6 teams, this is going to be grueling..

    St. Louis Cardinals

    Not sure if this team got really lucky with players like Ludwick and Ankiel (has beens) or they knew what there were doing, but these two dudes can rake. Maybe it is mostly due to the 2nd best pure hitter in baseball Puj in the same line up but Rick and Ryan are solid contributors basically anyone could have had. LF Chris Duncan had a poor '08 and needs to get back to the 20 dinger plateau he was consistently at before last season.

    Outside of Puj and newly acquired Khalil Green, the rest of the infielders is a bunch of nobodies and young upstarts. 3b David Freese will be making his career debut and Skip Schumaker isn't the long term answer at 2b. Yadier (the best of the Molina trifecta) returns behind the dish and can handle a pitching staff as well as a bat.

    The rotation is shaky at best and will certainly need a rejuvenated Chris Carpenter if drunky La Russa and co have playoff grandeur in their heads. Wainwright is a great #2 who has potential for #1 stuff if he continues progressing and can give 200 innings. Lohse and Wellemeyer can go either way but are good 3/4 guys. Oh and uh, yikes, Motte has one career save.

    Chicago Cubs

    High expectations bring high failure and this year is no different. A gamble on Milton Bradley is high risk high reward. Fuckyouinthedome is a solid OF but trailed off last year from the asian flu but needs to produce as the everyday Centerfielder. Pencil Soriano in for 30 70 and .290.

    Soto is emerging as one of the best catchers in the game along with McCann Russ Martin and a few others. Theriot is an under rated SS cause of a lack of power but can certainly hit for average. D Lee is aging but still effective @ 1b, Fontenot had a solid sophomore season but still needs to prove it wasn't an abberation and at 30 Ar-ram is one of the best at the hot corner.

    Big Z is an ace of aces while Lilly and Harden provide a solid 2/3. The only real question with the rotation is Ryan Dempster and HOW THE HELL he balled last year. Maybe it is just the friendly confines(14-3) but there is pretty much no way this dude puts up '08 esque numbers. He proved who he really was in the playoffs. And how long till Samardzija is the closer?

    Milwaukee Brewers

    They broke an 0 for the century playoff appearances last year and it seems more likely than not it will take another 26 years for this team to return. True they still have Cecil's kid, Hardy, Hall, Hart and Braun, but you can't just lose pitchers of CC and Sheets caliber and not expect a major drop off.

    Kenny Macha is gonna have a lot of sleepless nights now that it is indeed a fact their going into the season with Jeff Suppan as the 'ace'. Gallardo can be a good major league pitcher but the time is now. Manny Parra is another young gun and should build on a decently solid '08 to emerge as a top of the rotation guy. Dave Bush sucks and who the hell knows with Looper but he is an innings eater.

    Anyone else sick of waiting for Rickie Weeks to be the player many thought he'd be? Unfortunately I think he has, a below average hitter with some pop in his bat but not enough and speed. The only other players not mentioned are old as dirt. Cameron is still the every day CF and Chris Duffy doesn't provide much insurance behind him while Jason Kendall is 34 going on 54 although he can handle a pitching staff (see Oakland).

    Pittsburgh Pirates

    Ugh as in ugly. God thing this city wins Super Bowls or they'd be more depressed than Buffalo. Bright spots are few and far between. McLouth is a rake in the middle of a forest, Sanchez and Wilson are solid up the middle and thats about it.

    The pitching staff is going backwards. Once highly regarded leftie, no not Zach Duke, Gorzelanny is back in the minors. Snell and Maholm are decent middle of the rotation guys certainly not 1's or 2s. The rest of the starters consist of yankees castoffs Ohlendorf and Karstens.

    Houston Astros

    Interesting team. Why it is this team only plays from July to September is a mystery. The corner outfielders are some of the better in the NL. C Lee can pound the rock while Hunter Pence is emerging as a potential star. Michael Bourne up the middle is a different story. If he doesn't start to produce he'll be no doubt sharing time with Erstad and Jason Michaels immediately.

    The infield is aging but I like the addition of I-rod. Berkman is the youngest at 33 with Kazuo, Tejada and Blum in their twilight. Assuming they stay healthy its a solid infield but that is a huge assumption given the length of each player's teeth.

    Holy moley Mike Hampton is still hurling at the highest level? Where has this dude been the last half decade? Oswalt is a stud but he can't do it all him self. Wandy Rod had a good 08 campaign but needs to throw more than 137 innings if this team has a shot. The back of the rotation is weak but not awful with Russ Ortiz and Brian Moehler

    Cincinnati Reds

    I drooled about this team last year and looks like I was only a year off. Harang Cueto, Volquez, Arroyo, Micah Owings has the potential to be a sick nasty 1-5. Harang had an abysmal 6-17 record last year some how with a 4.78 ERA can we say run support? Cueto tailed off at the end but still has the stuff, Volquez is a mother fuckin beast man and Arroyo is a good #3. Micah Owings has yet to put up any numbers other than with a bat in his hand but is still young. Alright they aren't a great bunch but better than much of the rest of the Central.

    Votto, Bruce, Phillips and Encarnacio can all flat out rake. A-gon stepped his game up last year and needs to put up similiar numbers. Sleeper alert, Chris Dickerson maybe the next young red waiver wire watchers will be salivating over come May 1 for now he is still a question mark. Tavaris is a solid CF but not knocking socks off while Ramon Hernandez is a middle of the road catcher.

    Step yo game up Dusty... damn I gotta get to Great American ballpark.(brutal 7 hours from Buffalo)

    Cubs - 90-72
    Reds 82-80
    Cardinals 80-82
    Brewers 79-83
    Houston 75-87
    Pirates 70-92

    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    2009 NL East dvision preview

    by Steve

    NY Mets

    Full disclosure, I'm a Mets fan. Seeing Putz and K-Rod going balls out like its Nov 1st game 7 while actually playing in the lame WBC is more than disconcerting. Pitchers have a finite amount of pitches they can throw. Having these dudes going all out in front of 60,000 fans cheering for their native country getting the players all pumped up will most certainly have a negative effect on the 09 season, book it.

    Other than that, count on .290+ and 80 steals from Reyes, .305 30 hrs and 100 rbi from Wright and .260 25 hrs and 100 from Beltran. Other than that is is a lot of question marks throughout the lineup. Church is inconsistent and missed big chunks of last season, Murphy is young and will now be splitting time with Shitffied, Delgado is old, Schneider is Schneider and Castillo is deteriorating before our eyes. Can't complain though when you have 3 pimps year in and year out.

    The top of the rotation will remain solid assuming Johan stays healthy. Maine is a decently good #3, Pelfrey emerged last year as a legit #2 (finally) and when Perez is on, he is tough to hit. Livan is the #5 and is listed as thirty-four but if he's thirty four i'm twelve. Still, he could be a nice surprise this season.

    I like Jerry Manual. Not sure if he is the right guy for this team but we'll know soon enough. This team has the second highest payroll in baseball and if they start out slow especially with the new stadium opening up, Jerry might get the Willie Randolph treatment before fathers day.

    Philadelphia Phillies

    Still can not get over this team winning the world series. Either they caught lightning in a bottle, they didn't reach their peak until the right time last year or they got extremely lucky every step of the way. However it happened, it happened and Charlie Manual is a big reason why it happened. The dude looks terrible in baseball pants but he knows how to manage and with nearly the whole team back this team has a look at going back to back.

    J-ro, Utley and Howard make up the 3/5ths of the best infield in the National League. These three are perennial mvps still in their prime, look for them to put up similar numbers to '08. The rest of the team is a seemingly perfect mixture of roll players and grind it out anti premadonas. Victorino is the AJ Pierzynski of the N.L. with better stats, Werth has weird facial hair, Coste is Coast while Feliz and Ibanez fill in where needed.

    Other than a stud legit ace, the rotation doesn't appear to be championship caliber. Maybe Moyer found the fountain of youth and Myers won't go postal but don't count on it. Blanton is a solid four but counting on Chan Ho once every five days is a dangerous proposition. Oh and if anyone can explain Brad Lidge's renaissance you could be a multi millionaire.

    Atlanta Braves
    God damn Bobby Cox is old. Anyone else agree its time to hang up the ol' cap? Its not that he doesn't have it, but he doesn't have it any more. The team has floundered as of late and some fresh blood couldn't hurt. Larry Jones just got a multi year extension? I guess I don't hate it. This team is in the top ten in payroll and needs to win now and that doesn't appear to be the case in '09.

    The infield is solid and looks to emerge as possibly elite. Kotchman can put up numbers at first and is still improving, Kelly Johnson appears to be a solid every day 2b, Yunel Escobar has virtually no ceiling, Chipper is Larry and McCann is an all-star.

    The outfield is a completely different story. Garret Anderson is a stop gap LF but had good numbers last year. Not sure if he is capable of continuing a .290 15 and 80 clip but it is possible as the #6 in their order. "Phenom" CF Jordan Schafer won the CF position outta spring training but hasn't played above AA in his career. Jeff Francoeur, roids?

    Florida Marlins

    This is my "sleeper" pick of the year. They won't be the Rays of '09 but they could be close.. Disagreeing with Larry Beinfest (Beane Jr.) is foolhardy and best and sacrilegious at worst but i'm not sold on disposing of the hammer and Olsen within the division. Bonifacio could be a solid 3b Figgins esque player but it was a clear salary dump that could cost this team in 2009.

    Hermida and Maybin are potential starts in the outfield with Cody Ross in right. It may be now or never for all these of these dudes who have shown flashes but have yet to really take the step. Hermida is 25 and has power but needs to balance in a better average to be considered a legit LF. Maybin is even younger at 22 but has added pressure as the center piece of not only the outfield but of a trade that sent away Willis and future hall of famer Cabrera to Detroit.

    Han-ram is potentially the best player in all of MLB so you know what you get there, Uggla has the biggest forearms in all of baseball and needs to prove last year wasn't a fluke. Jorge Cantu came out in a major way last season hitting 29 hrs 95 rbi and .277 and he needs to have a prove it year also. A major flaw with this team could be the catcher. John Baker (who) is in charge of a young pitching staff and has little to no experience himself. He isn't offensively gifted so he better be V-tek esque in his ability to run a rotation behind the dish.

    The most exciting and potentially scary part of this whole operation in SoFlo is the pitching staff. They are extremely young, extremely gifted and interchangable. Josh Johnson and Anibal Sanchez have already reconstructed their arms but appear to be 100%, Andrew Miller (also part of the Dtrain/Cabs trade) is in the 5 spot and should start to prove his worth. Nolasco has the most experience out of the bunch but isn't an ace. Volstad is another youngster but at 6'8 225 is a monster out there. He only has 14 career starts but had a 2.88 ERA last year so look out. Again the book is still out on all of these dudes and with any young staff they will have ups and downs but if they get the trains on the tracks look the fuck out.

    Washington Nationals

    Shit, the final 4 is on so this one will be succinct. There are two Zimmerman's one is good, one is bad, Dukes could break out, Willingham is starting the year on the bench, Belliard is the vet of the team, i'm still scratching my head about the Adam Dunn signing, Guzman is a solid SS, most of hte players on this roster are retreads, major holes in the rotation but I like Scott Olsen, Milledge needs to bust out and probably will, Danny Cabrera will be much more effective in the NL and Manny Acta needs about 25% more wins than last year's 59 which will be tough. This is going to be a second half team that could dash some teams chances of making it to October.

    Phillies 91-71
    Mets 89-73
    Marlins 88-74
    Atlanta 77-85
    Nats 67-95

    Sabres control their own destiny

    By Steve

    Holy shit who saw this a few games ago? The 'bres have rattled off 9 points out of a possible 10 in their last 5 games and the Rangers tanked again today losing 1-0 to the Bruins. The Sabres now control their own destiny.

    NYR - 89 points, 79 GP. Remaining games: Vs. Montreal, vs. Philly, at Philly.

    Florida - 87 points, 78 GP. Remaining games: Vs. Pittsburgh, at Philly, at Atlanta, vs. Washington.

    Buffalo - 85 points, 77 GP. Remaining games: Vs. New Jersey, vs. Detroit, at Toronto, at Carolina, vs. Boston.

    They can afford one more loss assuming the Rangers lose at least one of their final 3 games. WHAT UP DRUUUUUUUUUUUUUURY YOU MOTHER FUCKIN BITCH

    Friday, April 3, 2009

    Failed drug tests for Cushing Matthews and Raji

    Top 5 picks smoke weed... "The report, which did not identify the drug, was published on and attributed to unidentified NFL team sources. The Web site reported that Raji's name will be on a list of players who tested positive.Raji, rated fourth on Todd McShay's projected list and No. 5 on Mel Kiper's most recent Big Board on, missed the 2007 college season with academic problems. reported that NFL scouts had been told that Raji also tested positive for marijuana during his time at BC"

    "Rick Serritella, of, reports Southern California LB Brian Cushing and LB Clay Matthews tested positive for steroids at the NFL Scouting Combine, according to various sources, including one NFL team."

    Former Jag TE George Wrightster anyone?

    Thursday, April 2, 2009

    2009 American League Central Preview

    By Coast

    Time to take a look at how the American League Central stacks up in 2009. I will try my best to be as non-biased as possible, but I can't make any guarantees...We'll break these teams down in the order they finished in 2008.

    Chicago White Sox

    This team won the division last year? Holy shit...what a down year for the AL Central. Mark Buehrle returning as the ace of the staff. Dude's only 30 although he seems like he's been around forever. He is a steady veteran presence on an otherwise very young staff. John Danks and Gavin Floyd need to improve upon their 2008 campaigns in order for this team to even think about contending. I mean, who would have thought they would combine for 29 wins? As for the rest of their staff? Uhh Jose Contreras can't be counted on I don't think. Clayton Richard currently lined up to be in the rotation (who?). The Sox also nabbed Cy Young winner Bartolo Colon this offseason. Can he resurrect his career? In a word, no. At least they can depend on stud closer Bobby Jenks. Offensively...this lineup is going to depend on some ageing veterans to carry the load. Jim Thome will be 39 come August, but still hit 34 dingers last year. Paul Konerko had the worst year of his career last year with a .240 average and only 62 RBI. Jermaine Dye and Carolos Quentin and their 70 combined dingers from 2008 need to build on that in 2009.

    Over/Under wins: 79.5. This is a tough call, I go under by a few. 77-85 for the Chi Sox in '09.

    Minnesota Twins

    I got a text from Wreck today saying the Twins and Brewers will be the two worst teams in baseball this year. He did predict the Rays to win the 2008 AL East before the season, so maybe I should take that into account. Francisco Liriano has the best stuff on this young staff. I saw this dude first person before anyone knew who he was (except Janis somehow) and he was just owning batters. He came in in relief and I am hard pressed to remember him allowing a hit. Anyways, the dude is filthy and if he can get back to that form after his Tommy John surgery or whatever he had, the Twins can be a factor. They also got the best manager in the division hands down in Ronny G. Scott Baker and Kevin Slowey round out the top of the staff and this teams success weighs heavily on their shoulders. Just like the Chi Sox though, they got a shut down man in Joe Nathan to pitch the 9th. The Twins lineup can be dangerous too. Their 829 runs in 2008 were 3rd in the AL believe it or not. Joe Mauer (if he's healthy) and Justin Morneau can flat out rake. The Twins also got some good young talent in Denard Span, Alexi Casilla, and Delmon Young (not even starting) who have upside and can help this team improve. I look for the Twins to be a factor in September.

    Over/Under wins: 83.5. I take the what I believe will amount to a two team race, the Twinkies should get to about 87 wins, I'll go with 87-75 for Minnesota in '09.

    Cleveland Indians

    108-54, let's leave it at that. This team is straight up the best in baseball. Seriously though, Cleveland may have had the best offseason of any team in the Central. Obviously they lost Sabathia and Blake in 08 but their only offseason loss was Franklin Gutierrez and I don't think Mark Shapiro is losing much sleep. The addition of Kerry Wood may have been the most significant in the division. If he can stay healthy, the Tribe finally have a viable closer. He hasn't allowed a run in spring training for what it's worth. The Mark DeRosa addition was huge...he will hit 2nd and fill a void at 3rd base left by Blake...he also hit over 20 dingers and had over 80 rbi last year with the Cubbies. Cleveland does have a lot of question marks. The pitching staff right now can go either way. Carmona has nasty stuff but will he command his pitches. Cliff Lee can't possibly match what he did last year. Pavano has pitched about 3 innings since 2004...but this was a high reward low risk signing. Anthony Reyes is a solid number 4 and is having a great spring. The number 5 is uh well Scott Lewis I guess, but this could be a revolving door with him, Laffey and Sowers all season. The bullpen will be solid with Raffy Perez leading the way to Wood. Offensively, they led the AL in runs after the break last year...and that is without 0 contribution essentially from V Mart and Pronk. If Hafner and Martinez bounce back anywhere near their true form, this lineup can be scary. Shin Soo Choo hit over .340 the 2nd half of last season and assuming he doesn't need to go into military duty in Korea, I look for him to explode in '09. Ben Francisco is young and should improve on his 2008 season. Oh yeah, and they do have the best player in the division, I don't care what anyone says in Grady Sizemore.

    Over/Under Wins: 85.5...I like the over obviously...91-71 and division champs.

    Kansas City Royals

    People keep saying KC will be improved this season and could be interesting. But they are the Royals. They added Coco Crisp, Mike Jacobs and Kyle Farnsworth since last year...all mediocre at best probably. Zach Greinke and Gil Mesch are solid top 3 starters but I'd argue none of them are ace material. Joakim Soria is a filthy closer though. His era was 1.60 in 67.1 innings last year. He hasn't had a WHIP over one in his two year career. If the Royals can give him a lead, there is a good chance he'll close the door. Offensively, Coco Crisp needs to play like he did with Cleveland in 2005. They need David DeJesus to built on his .307 12 homer 73 RBI season from a year ago...that just won't cut it for a 3 hitter. Jose Guillen had decent power numbers but a bad batting average and Bill Butler's 11 home runs won't cut it. KC needs a lot of things to go right and although they might be a little better they still will not be a playoff contender.

    Over/Under Wins: 75.5. I'll take the under. 75-87 for Kansas City. I just don't think they will be good enough to approach .500.

    Detroit Tigers

    Remember when everyone was picking this team to win the World Series last year? What a joke this team is, God I hate them. D-Train Willis is in a mental institution. Justin Verlander realized he needs something other than 98 mile an hour heat, because MLB hitters can hit that. Jeremy Bonderman...Nate Robertson...Edwin Jackson...none of these guys are making me nervous. Armando Gallaraga might be their best starting pitcher this year. Zumaya and Rodney live on the disabled list. At least they finally got a new closer in Brandon Lyon and don't have that bum Todd Jones anymore I don't think. Offensivly, we all know they will put up points. Miguel Cabrera may be the best hitter in the American League. He will be 26 on opening day and already has 175 dingers and is a career .309 hitter. He is a young Manny Ramirez. Magglio Ordonez, Curtis Granderson and Carlos Guillen will help lead 2008s 4th ranked offense. Too bad their pitching might be so pathetic that they finish dead last, behind the Royals AGAIN.

    Over/Under Wins: 82.5. I'd be shocked if they sniffed that. 75-87 for Detroit.

    Final 2009 Standings:
    Cleveland 91-71
    Minnesota 87-75
    Chicago 77-85
    KC 75-87
    Detroit 75-87

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009

    Sabres = failboat

    by Steve

    Alright, pack it up, shut off the lights, bring out the fat lady. Time for Max to find someone to sublet his apartment, Lindy Ruff better update his account, Tallinder better pack his bags. Cause the Sabres aren't goin to the playoffs.

    Not sure if it was the five L's put up against Ottawa, or the four eggs laid to the Thrashers or even the two loses each to the Lightning and Islanders, but this team will be playing golf in April for the second year in a row. Four out of six years without the playoffs? Pathetic.

    Ruff and Regier need to be fired. And if that is not feasible, although I see very little real argument against it, then the entire roster needs to be overhauled. Overhaul meaning trade the likes of either Roy, Vanek, or Pominville, attempt to pawn Hecht off on someone, move Tallinder and Lydman, and think long and hard about the future of Drew Stafford.

    It is plain as day. This team is not good enough. Without doing anything other than allowing the players that are about to become UFAs walk and keeping the core together AND the head coach and GM; nothing will change. This team will get marginally better at best and will never compete realistically for a Stanley Cup. They couldn't even get to the finals with Drury and Briere! We're suppose to beieve now they'll get there cause Connolly, Vanek and Miller will all be playing at the same time? Cause Pominville and Hecht will have a bounce back season? Cause Ruff has gotten there before? Don't even point to Gerbe, Kennedy or Mancari.

    Time to blow it up Golisano. And hey, at least you get a head start.