Sunday, September 30, 2018

Week 4 NFL Picks

Pay me, week four

Steve 6-6

Colts pick v Texans
Falcond -4 v Bengals
Raiders -2.5 v Browns
49ers +10.5 @ Chargers

Coast 4-8

Dolphins +7 @ Patriots
Steelers -3 v Ravens
Jets +7.5 @ Jaguars
Eagles -3.5 @ Titans

Feyes 2-5

Bengals +4 @ Falcons
Bills +9.5 @ Packers
Eagles -3.5 @ Titans
Steelers -3 v Ravens

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Bills at Packers Podcast Preview

Steve Coast and Wreck preview the Bills at Packers game, how overrated is Aaron Rodgers? Are the cheatriots done? How did the Bills beat the Vikings? Listen...

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Week 3 NFL Picks

Money moves, week three

Steve 3-5

Colts +7 @ Eagles
Broncos +5.5 @ Ravens
Chiefs -6.5 v 49ers
Cardinals +4.5 v Bears

Coast 2-6

Vikings -16.5 v Bills
Broncos +5.5 @ Ravens
Steelers +1.5 @ Buccaneers
Rams -7 v Chargers


Colts @ Eagles under 46.5
Falcons -2 v Saints
Bengals +3 @ Panthers
Giants +6 @ Texans
Packers -2.5 @ Redskins
Patriots -7 v Lions
49ers @ Chiefs under 55

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Buffalo Bills at Vikings PODCAST Preview

Week 3 means Vikings week! You Vike that? Steve Coast and Wreck discuss the putrid state of the Buffalo Bills and look ahead to the Vikings. Someone actually picks the Bills to win..

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

More LeSean McCoy Child Abuse Allegations Surface

On instagram today McCoy's baby momma posted allegations and pictures of her son being abused. Shady responded on twitter denying the allegations.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Week 2 NFL Picks

Week 2 time to bounce back

Steve 1-3

Jets -3 v Dolphins
Lions +6 @ 49ers
Titans +3 v Texans
Panthers +6 @ Falcons

Coast 2-2

Redskins -6 v Colts
Patriots -1 @ Jaguars
Saints -9.5 v Browns
Giants +3 @ Cowboys

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Podcast: Chargers at Buffalo Bills Preview

Steve and Coast review the debacle of a Ravens game, argue what Nathan Peterman might be qualified for and give their predictions for the home opener against the Los Angeles Chargers. McDermott on the hot seat?

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Josh Allen to Start Week 2, Bills Are Clowns

By Steve

Per Chris Mortenson Josh Allen will start week 2.

While this is the logical decision and ONLY decision it opens up a whole host of other questions.

How the hell did this regime think Peterman was a worthy starting QB TWICE?

Why is Josh Allen NOW read to start but wasnt a week ago?

Why was AJ McCaaron traded and Allen the only other QB on the roster if he wasnt ready to play when everyone knew there was a real and obvious option of Peterman flaming out violently and embarrassingly because we all saw him do just that last season?

The shine and benefit of the doubt is 100% dead and gone with Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane. There are now done with any time of bought time or honeymoon. Who cares that they lucked into the playoffs last year any more. They are a seemingly lost confused disaster.

Everything can be fixed if Allen looks eveb decent snd improves as the season moves along. But if Allen is ruined because of this debacle these two can DEFINITELY be fired after this season.

This is a debacle. And Allen better look better than Peterman this week.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Week 1 NFL Picks

We're back. NFL Picks time! (heads up for $500)

Steve 0-0-0-0
Steelers @ Browns under 40.5
Bills +7.5 @ Ravens
Vikings -6 v 49ers
Texans +6.5 @ Patriots

Coast 0-0-0

Bills +7.5 @ Ravens
Panthers -3 v Cowboys
Redskins +2 @ Cardinals
Packers -7 v Bears

Saturday, September 8, 2018

2018 Buffalo Bills Predictions

By Steve

If you didnt listen to our Bills Podcast Preview , read my over under 2018 win totals, or what the "experts" are predicting then do it and here are our predictions for the Bills 2018 season.

Nate Petermam will start 10+ games 2613 yards 11 TDs 14 INTs

LeSean Mccoy 1093 yards 6 TDs

Kelvin Benjamin 59 catches 511 yards 5 TDs

Charles Clay 66 catches 599 yards 3 TDs

Kelvin Benjamin 34 catches 487 yards 3 TDs



Friday, September 7, 2018

2018 Buffalo Bills Predictions: The Experts

EVERYONE is saying the Bills are going to be bad this year. So lets compile all of them neatly here for you

Drew Magary Deadspin
Buffalo 5-11

The Buffalo News
Vic Carucci
Projected record: 7-9

Jay Skurski
Everywhere you look on the Bills’ roster, there are question marks. Can a rebuilt offensive line protect the quarterback?
Projected record: 6-10.

Mark Gaughan
The Bills have the look of a 5-11 team, and that wouldn’t be all bad. Add a high pick to the $60 million in cap space they’re sitting on, and 2019 could be a breakout year. But Sean McDermott & Co. coached them up so well last season (wins at Atlanta, Kansas City) that I suspect they’ll squeeze more out of this group.
Projected record: 7-9.

Jason Wolf
Projected record: 5-11

Milt Northrop
Projected record: 6-10

Football Outsiders
Dave Bernreuther: Buffalo Bills. They're the lowest projected team, and I'll still take the under every time. Even in a terrible conference there's no way that team wins six games. The easiest game on their entire schedule might be Indianapolis, and with Andrew Luck back, that makes it a tough one. Last year's joke of a playoff appearance was but a tiny interruption in western New York's suffering. It's going to be another long decade.(holy shittttt)

Tom Curran
Bills finish last in the division.

John Breech CBS Sports

16th best record 36% chance to make the playoffs.

Jonathan jones (SI)

Thursday, September 6, 2018

2018 Buffalo Bills Season Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast preview the 2018 Bills, breakdown each game, discuss the quarterback situation, any chance the defense is good and the shaky ground Sean McDermott is on.

2018 NFL Win Total Predictions

By Steve

I went 16 and 16 last season so lets build on that success and predict whether each team will go over or under their predicted win total per Las Vegas

Arizona Cardinals
I love me some Josh Rosen and after Bradford stubs a toe off his foot he'll see the field.

Atlanta Falcons
Good line, good squad.

Baltimore Ravens
Cant believe this team won 9 games but lost at home week 17 to the Bangles to miss the playoffs.

Buffalo Bills
Everyone in the world hates the Bills. I thought everyone liked McDermott though?

Carolina Panthers
Ill roll with Cam

Chicago Bears
6.5 (-225)
Why am I buying into Mitch Trubisky? Because they overpaid a D-end?

Cincinnati Bengals
Seems low.

Cleveland Browns
I guess its easy to improve your win total by 6 or 7 when you won 0 but this team still had a bad coach and QB.

Dallas Cowboys
I feel like this number is high. What is there to love about this team?

Denver Broncos
Vance Joseph is a bum and Case Keenum is Case Keenum.

Detroit Lions
Matty P? Odd hire but good QB.

Green Bay Packers
Fair line. Fortunately for Packers fans their QB is good in the regular season at least.

Houston Texans
DeShaun Watson do it for a full season.

Indianapolis Colts
Ill get on board with Luck.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Last year was a fluke.

Kansas City Chiefs
Most surprising line. No one buying into Maholmes?

Los Angeles Chargers
Good team but bad coach.

Los Angeles Rams
Conference is tough but Ill buy into the McVay love train

Miami Dolphins
Is this the first season ever the Dolphins arent over hyped?

Minnesota Vikings
Love the roster but forgot they signed Cousins. When was he ever great?

New England Patriots
Why doubt em

New Orleans Saints
Missed on them last year but Brees is gettig old.

New York Giants

New York Jets
Sam Darnold? Not this season

Oakland Raiders
Jon Gruden a joke

Philadelphia Eagles
Ten wins

Pittsburgh Steelers
No Bell no problem

San Francisco 49ers
Jimmy G most overrated player in history?

Seattle Seahawks
Im a sucker for Carrol

Tampa Buccaneers
How is dirk still employed?

Tennessee Titans
Win a road playoff game yet fire the coach and everyone agrees with the decision? Only Mularchuck ha.

Washington Redskins
Alex Smith just wins regular season games. Wait Gruden still their coach?

Monday, September 3, 2018

Bills Love Nathan Peterman, Announce Him Starter

By Steve

If ever there was a quarterback than Sean McDermott personifies it is Nathan "pizza boy" Peterman. And as such he will be the Bills opening day starter in a move much of the football world will laugh at. Yet, surprisingly, I agree with the decision.

Lets face it, Josh Allen isnt ready to start. He never was going to be. He was the 10th best QB in the Mountain West for frealing Wyoming. The oline is suspect AT BEST and the WR is awful at worst.

Just look at the schedule. If there was a better way to set up your alleged franchise QB for failure its starting him week 1 at Baltimore, week 2 vs the Chargers, week 3 at the Vikings and week 4 at the Packers. God damn. Murderers row!

Pizza Boy might not be as bad as the FIVE interceptions he threw at LA last year but he still is a 5th round average armed nobody. He cant throw an out route, he doesnt do anything great and only has 2 career starts.

But he is level headed, beloved by Seany McD and has looked adequate at times. He gives the Bills a better chance to win now and isnt likely to keep Allen on the bench all season.

Do I want the Bills to go 7-9 winning just enough to keep us suckers hoping amd this keeping Joshy poo holding a clip board? God know but I dont want to ruin the kids confidence before Halloween either.

Heres hoping Pizza Boy delivers hot and ready.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Bills Trade AJ McCaaron for 5th Round Pick

To the Raiders. Hmm interestng. Better than nothing but it was a short tenure. Pzza Boy time

Buffalo Bills cut Corey Coleman

By steve

Per ian rapoport
"Source: The #Bills are releasing former first-round pick WR Corey Coleman, who the acquired from the #Browns. A few weeks just not enough time to grab a roster spot. He’s looking for another fresh start."

Another awful trade for McBeane. Wasting a future draft pick for jack shit ouch