Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Sabres Finally Fire Botterill

by steve

All of a sudden Jason Botterill gets fired today after a statement made on May 26th that Botterill is the general manager moving forward?

"philosophical differences" Like he wanted to keep 20 defenseman and Eichel? Or he likes to trade Stanley Cup MVPs for a bag boy and some half off soft drink coupons? Or finishing 31st for the first time in the history of the league?

Kim and Terry are an absolute 100% shit show joke of a ownership group when it comes to the Buffalo Sabres. You literally could not produce a more pathetic horribly run franchise if you tried in a lab setting.

Kevyn Adams is a nobody joke. Sure he might work well with the mediocrity that is the head coach but they tried everything else (except hire a real GM for a change) so why not try this.

It would have been shocking for any other organization to bring back Bott for another go around but not this shit stain. They dont get any credit for belatedly realizing that folly. The Pegulas love to look like fools then go hide on their yacht for a few weeks and I can guarantee we wont be hearing from Terry any time soon.

But hey at least they have Jack Eichel who is now on his 3rd GM and 4th coach in 5 seasons.