Monday, September 28, 2015

Bills Destroy Dolphins 42 - 14

By Steve

The Buffalo Bills throttled the Dolphins down in South Beach Sunday afternoon. Every aspect of the game was dominated by the Bills. After three games what have we learned about Rex Ryan, Tyrod Taylor and co.?

Not much.

They murdered the Colts and Dolphins who are now a combined 2-4 and got dominated by the Patriots at home yet again. They appear to be good but not great and they have a quarterback who is in lock step with his offensive coordinator which is the most encouraging sign thus far in an early season.

Despite that curb stomping of the Dolphins in a game that was basically over in the first half there are still a few things to take away:

All the former Dolphins were amped to play against their former team. Clay was a beast, Hogan had a long TD and Carpenter made a 51 yarder (albeit missed from 54).

Karlos Williams is better than Todd Gurley (right now) and the Rams have no idea how to draft in the first round.

Rex and co were able to forget about the embarrassment of last week and win impressively on the road (biggest margin of victory on the road in 23 years).

Tyrod Taylor can make all the throws. Sideline, down the middle, over the top, short etc. He did have two horrible passes that could have been a disaster (deflection off a RB's hands that coulda been a pick 6 and an over throw of Clay that could have gotten him killed.)

Tom Brady and the Patriots are in fuck you mode thus Im giving the D a pass in week 2 because weeks 1 and 3 they completely shut down 2 "franchise quarterbacks" with ease. They're legit.

Also Baccari Rambo absolutely HATES Ronald Darby. He hit him hard three damn times. WTF?  You beefin bro?

This will be the first week the Bills will be favored in a game when the original line comes out. They will be "expected" to win which should give new insight into the psychie of this squad.

Shut down the Giants and the schedule opens up for a goooood first 8 weeks.


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Week 3 NFL Picks

Week three NFL picks against the spread including everyone Bills prediction:

Steve 5-5 Best Bet 1-1

Cowboys +1.5 v Falcons
Lions +3 v Broncos
Cardinals -6.5 v 49ers
Colts -3.5 @ Titans
Buccaneers +7 @ Texans
Bills +3 @ Dolphins

Coast 6-4 Best Bet 1-1

Colts -3.5 @ Titans
Eagles +2 @ Jets
Rams -1 v Steelers
Buccaneers +7 @ Texans
49ers +6.5 @ Cardinals
Bills +3 @ Dolphins

Wreck 5-5 Best bet 1-1

Bears +14.5 @ Seahawks
Jets -2 v Eagles
Buccaneers +7 @ Texans
49ers +6.5 @ Cardinals
Jaguars +14 @ Patriots
Bills +3 @ Dolphins

Katman 6-4 Best Bet 1-1

Raiders +3.5 @ Browns
Falcons -1.5 @ Cowboys
Packers  -7 v Chiefs
Jets -2 v Eagles
Chargers +2.5 @ Vikings
Dolphins -3 v Bills

Friday, September 25, 2015

Bills at Dolphins Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast review the abomination that was the Patriots game and look ahead to Miami

Monday, September 21, 2015

Same Old Bills

By Steve

The owners, coaches, quarterbacks, receivers, runningbacks etc all change and the results are still the same, failure. What a pathetic sad performance this supposedly good team put on against the best team in the league.

Rex Ryan is a loser, the defense is grossly overrated and the quarterback is far from ready to be good. Tough to argue with any of that after watching the cheating Tom Brady put up 466 yards passing and doing anything he wanted.

What a shock that Julian Edelman and Gronk would put up huge games and account for 3 TDs. Who would think they would use Deion Lewis like all their previous RBs, running and catching the ball like wild.

I wonder if Rex knows his name yet? God damn loser. This guy was a horrid failure in New York and we think he is some sort of genius winner because he isnt Doug Marrone or Chan Gailey? Lol.

These is no hope or belief in this team, not this year. They have zero chance at winning the division barring an injury to Brady and his backup. So the only chance is a wild card birth which seems unlikely.

Maybe next year.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Week 2 NFL Expert Picks

Week 2 NFL picks against the spread by our experts:
(best bet in bold)

Steve 3-2 Best Bet 0-1

Panthers -3 v Texans
Buccaneers @ Saints over 47.5
Cardinals -2.5 @ Bears
Rams -3.5 @ Redskins
Chargers +3.5 @ Bengals

Coast 2-3 Best Bet 1-0

Colts -7 v Jets
Redskins +3.5 v Rams
Browns +2.5 v Titans
Raiders +7 v Ravens
Cowboys +5 @ Eagles

Wreck 1-4 Best Bet 0-1

Buccaneers +10 @ Saints
Redskins +3.5 v Rams
Jaguars +6.5 v Dolphins
Raiders +7 v Ravens
Eagles -5 v Cowboys

Katman 4-1 Best Bet 1-0

49ers +7 @ Steelers
Cardinals -2.5 @ Bears
Bengals -3.5 v Chargers
Giants -3 v Falcons
Colts -7 v Jets

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Patriots at Bills Preview Podcast

Cheatriots week! Lets preview the game:

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sportscenter to Broadcast Live in Buffalo Sunday

Per this tweet from Channel 2 ESPN and sportscenter will be broadcasting live from Ralph Wilson Stadium Sunday v the Patriots. Leggo!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Time to Buy into the Bills?

By Steve

Is it time yet to buy into the Buffalo Bills? Although I will probably regret this column in a few weeks... it might be time to buy in and here's why.

All four AFC East teams won; but the Bills looked the best out of the four with a dominating performance against the best of the four opponents each team faced. Out of the Redskins, Steelers, Browns and Colts, Indy is clearly the best of the bunch. Maybe if Pittsburgh had Bell and Bryant it could be debated but without them the Colts were far and away the best team.

Although only Miami played on the road, the Dolphins looked the least impressive needing a punt return in the 4th quarter to squeek past Washington. Also the Jets have Ryan Fitzpatrick as their quarterback.

But Bills fans have seen this before. Good starts, great starts even slow starts with a midseason bounce back. Until Tom Brady retires or Belichick stops cheating, Buffalo will never be the favorite to win the division. Even with a win this week against New England as slight underdogs wont change that.

But... even after just one week this season already feels different. The defense seems to be as great as the two previous seasons which is extremely encouraging. Rex Ryan is a legitimate head coach unlike any of the previous asshats the Bills have employed since Gomer Phillips. And the Bills might actually have some talent at the quarterback position for the first time since 2004.

Granted Tyrod Taylor played against a mediocre defense at home in front of an insane crowd whilst no one had any game tape against him but still. TT stayed in the pocket, delivered strikes, showed the rare (for a Buffalo QB) ability to actually throw the ball downfield and has quickness few at the position possess.

Wait, why the hell did Matt Cassel start the game with a trick play? Those are the sorts of things that concern me. Dumbass waste of time gimmicks.

Sooo maybe it isn't time to buy in just yet. Yeah it isn't time yet because we've been here before. Beat one of New England (preferably] or Miami in the next two weeks and beat the Giants to go 3-1 and I'll start to dream about January football.

Until the Cheatriots are dead and buried it will be tough to fully buy in.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Week 1 NFL Picks

Expert Picks, Week 1 NFL Picks against the spread leggo [best bet listed first] : 


Seahawks -4 at Rams
Cardinals -3 v Saints
Panthers -3 @ Jaguars
Chiefs +1 @ Texans
Raiders +3 v Bengals


Bills +3 v Colts
Cowboys -6 v Gaints
Falcons +3 v Eagles
Seahawks -4 @ Rams
Redskins +4 v Dolphins


Jaguars + v Panthers
Bills +3 v Colts 
Bears +7 v Packers
Raiders +3 v Bengals
Redskins +4 v Dolphins

Gb -7 v Colts
Mia +4 @ Redskins
Cardinals -3 v Saints
Buccaneers -3 v Titans
Buffalo +3 v Colts

2015 Over Under Wins and Predictions

By Steve

Lets get these predictions written down. Here are predictions for the upcoming 2015 NFL season, Bills outlook and over unders for every team

Arizona Cardinals 8.5 -110
This team will win nine games. They won 11 with the likes of Lyndley and Logan Thomas last year. Over

Atlanta Falcons 8.5 -110
Granted that moron Mike Smith is gone but this team is still good. Under.

Baltimore Ravens 9.5 +105
Tough call in a good division but ten plus wins is less likely than nine or less. Under

Buffalo Bills 8.5 +110
This is an eight win team with major questionmarks at quarterback and coach. Under

Carolina Panthers 8 +110
The quarterback is good but the offensive weapons are the worst in the history of football at any level. Push

Chicago Bears 6.5 +120
This team is supposed to be a dumpster fire because everyone hates Jay Cutler. This division is tough, gotta go under reluctantly.

Cleveland Browns 6.5 +135
Who is worse, Mccown or Hoyer? Does it matter? 7 wins isnt impossible. Over

Green Bay Packers 11 -120

Houston Texans 8.5 -120
Brian Hoyer? Lol. Under

Indianapolis Colts 10.5  -210
The payout is horrid but the division is worse. 11+ wins seems like a lock. Over

Jacksonville Jaguars  5.5 -125
This team has to be good some day but hiring Doug Marrone and Nate Hackett is not a recipe for success. Under

Kansas City Chiefs 8.5 -160
This team is a bore. Under just to get value.

Miami Dolphins 9 -155
The constant love affair with this franuise before every season is puzzling. Mind numbing really. Philbin is a loser Dick Jauron clone. Under

NY Jets 7.5 even
I heard Todd Bowles speak and his voice does not impress. Oh and Ryan Fitzpatrick lmao. Under

Seahawks 11 -125
Not likely to go over in that division but 12 seems reasonable. Push

Rams 7.5 -120
Hey I liked Nick Foles at Arizona but I never loved him. This team is as interesting as the Bills except their fans don't care cause they're moving. Under

Redskins 6.5 +170
What no love for Kirk Cousins? Ha what an organization. Under

Lions 8.5 -105
This team is pathetic. They were so close but their coach pathetic. House of cards falls. Under

Saints 8.5 -135
Odd line but the division is horrid. Under

Chargers 8.5 -110
They always win 9, no? Over

Bengals 8.5 -120
Win enough to never win anything. Wait what? I thought they needed a new coach 10 years ago. Over

Broncos 10.5 -115
Last year for Peyton Commercial.. over

Buccaneers 6 -125
Lovie Smith sucks and Jameis couldn't win last year not likely this year. Under

Titans 5.5 -165
Lotta love for Mariotta for some reason but how hard is it to win 6 games? Meh. Under

Cowboys 9.5 -120
How bout them cowboys. Over

Giants 8 +130
Shoulda cut that old man coach last year. Under

Eagles 9.5 -200
Chip thinks he's still in the mediocre pac12. Under

Vikings 7.5 -260
Line is low but Teddy Bridgewater and co arent making the playoffs. Over

49ers 6.5 +125
Lol. Under

Patriots  11
They always win 11. Push

Steelers 8.5
Defense is dead under

Oakland Raiders 6.5
Hahahhaahah Jack Del Rio? Over

Bills will finish 8-8

Patriots over Cowboys in Super Bowl

Thursday, September 10, 2015

2015 Buffalo Bills Season preview Podcast

Steve and Coast look to the upcoming season and give their predictions. Oh and the Colts game

Ranking the Bills starting QBs this Century

by Steve

The Bills have been awful for 15 years.  They haven't made the playoffs since 1999 and it is because the owner was a joke, the coaches have been horrendous and the quarterbacks have been worse. Let's rank the Bills starters since the drought has started:

2000 Rob Johnson
Guy walked off the field with the lead against the eventual Super Bowl runners up.  He followed that up with a decent season.  I'm biased. fuck flutie

2004 Drew Bledsoe
The closest this franchise has come to the post season since '99.  Granted he choked against the Steelers week 17.

2002 Drew Bledsoe
 Finally had a real quarterback. 8-8 hurt but it was refreshing.

2008 Trent Edwards
So much promise so little result.

2014 EJ Manuel
Started out 2-2 and yanked but the Bills finished 9-7.

2005 JP Losman
2006 JP Losman
2007 JP Losman
Just mashing these seasons together because they were forgettable and regrettable.

2011 Ryan Fitzpatrick
2012 Ryan Fitzpatrick
Back to back 6-10 seasons, thanks for nothing ass hat.

2009 Trent Edwards
Another memorable 6-10 year, FML.

2013 EJ Manuel
Rookie lumps

2003 Drew Bledsoe
6-10 luckily this guy bounced back for one more year.

2001 Rob Johnson
This team was horrid and ROJO rarely ever saw the field ever again in the NFL.

2010 Trent Edwards
The season started 0-8 'nuff said.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tyrod Taylor Your Bills Starting QB

By Steve

The Bills on Monday made the obvious yet some what surprising decision to name Tyrod Taylor the starting quarterback for the regular season. Obvious because Matt Cassel is like eating brand flakes and tap water. Surprising because Cassel is the safe pick.

(6'1 215 drafted 180th overall in 2011. Signed for 3 years but the 3rd season can be voided if he plays 50% of the snaps this year or next. )

But is Tyrod a legit QB? Who the hell knows. He is athletic but short, doesn't have any starts in the NFL yet has been in the league for four seasons.  Worst case scenario he falls flat and Cassel is starting week 5. Best case scenario Taylor shows he can play in the league and becomes a potential franchise QB.

I expect Taylor to play conservatively early on. Not EJ Manuel esque from 2014 but the idea would be to limit possible mistakes, run the ball and let the defense win games. The main thing TT HAS to do is put the ball down field. There is no point in having ANY QB that cant make plays 25+ yards down the field.

Moreover, Taylor needs to use his athleticism to bring a dimension Cassel and Manuel do not have. If he is to be successful he has to stay healthy. That means he cant take off and run any time there is any pressure 2.5 seconds after the snap of the ball.

Does he know how to avoid the big hits and avoid injury? Other than a couple high ankle sprains early on at Va-tech Taylor started every game his junior and senior years in the ACC.

The idea that he sat behind Joe "am i elite" Flacco for four years is intriguing and the fact that he legitemately beat out a former first round pick and a veteran is worth noting. Did the Bills find their diamond in the rough? We'll know soon enough.

Oh and thanks for a few memories and ten years of bo one believing in you Fred Jackson. It was time. You're old and a 4th stringer. Anyone remember last year when he was bitching about training camp and his contract? Oh i guess only I do.