Sunday, July 29, 2012

Matt Anderson and USA Down Serbia in Men's Volleyball

by Steve

I've been saying it for a few months now, Matt Anderson, West Seneca native, might be the breakout superstar of the Olympics.  Dude was just murdering the ball today against (according to the announcers) a solid Serbian team in the first men's volleyball match of the Olympics. USA shut out the Serbs 3 sets to 0.

It is impossible to think that I was on the same team as Anderson in high school, jeez.  You couldn't watch for more than a few moments without him getting some run from the announcers on NBC or him pounding a ball into the wood.

Evidently the two best teams are Brazil and Russia, so team USA isn't any type of favorite going into this thing so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.  There are two groups of six teams with both Brazil and Russia in USA's group.

USA plays Germany Tuesday at 11:45 EST, Brazil Thursday at 3pm EST, Russia 8/4 at 11:45 and Tunisia 8/6 at 3pm.

Stay tuned, and follow Matt Anderson on twitter.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Buffalo Bills 15 most important players 2012

by Steve

Training camp officially (errr unofficially) started today with the use of (gasp) actual pads. Even Chanwick agrees, "Tomorrow is the start of camp," Gailey said Friday afternoon's apparently fake practice at St. John Fisher College. "When you can put pads on, that starts camp."

So lets breakdown the fifteen most important players for the Bills to succeed in 2012:

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick
Quarterback league bruh.  Win with 'em and lose with 'em it is all on Ryan Fitzy-Fitz-noodle-arm Fitzpatrick.

2,  Eric Wood
Yeah, I said it.  The center, at least in this offense, is more important than the left tackle.  Eric Wood is always injured but appears to be a really good anchor in the middle.  Just look at the squad after he went down yet again last season.

3. Stevie Johnson
Dude just got paid, he is the only NFL caliber wide receiver on the roster and is a budding superstar.  If he really was only playing at 75% or so with the groin issue last year imagine the possibilities in 2012.

4. Mario Williams
Richest contract for a defensive player in NFL history, Super better stay healthy, put up sack numbers and improve the team defense against the run.  He has 100 million reasons to.

5. Aaron Williams
A high second round pick from the '11 draft Sr. Williams may be the top cornerback on the roster.  In a passing league CBs are becoming the most important position on the defense.  No one can count on Terrence McGee or Leodis McKelvin at this point.

6. Marcell Darius
Solid rookie campaign but this team needs more in Darius' second season.  With the additional talent around him Big D better improve.

7. Chris Hairston
The penciled in starter at left tackle needs to snatch the LT job ASAP or move out of the way (over to RT) for young buck Cordy Glenn.

8. Donald Jones
Is he a legit #2 WR? Of course not but the Bills will need him to stretch the field and become an actual threat.

9. Kyle Williams
Didn't forget about ya bud but I think you have been over-hyped for a few years now. If K Williams is healthy he should dominate, or at least I have been told this for a few years in a row now.

10. Stephon Gilmore
Is it realistic to expect a rookie CB to come in and contribute immediately?  If you're a top ten big you're god damn right.  He better be pushing A Williams already.

11. Fred Jackson
Meh, running backs are a dime a dozen, but if this guy can replicate the first half of last year he'll have a major impact.

12. Jairus Byrd
Contract year, three solid years under his belt, is Byrd a budding star or just another player?

13. David Nelson
He lacks speed, route running ability and athleticism but has some weird connection with 'ol Noodle Arm.  Could be a huge x-factor on offense.

14. Mark Anderson
Situational pass rusher with freaky athleticism.  Can he replicate the ten sack total from last year, I'd bet yes (perhaps my steal of the offseason).

15. Kelvin Sheppard
Young middle linebacker who showed promise last year.  Not a make or break year yet but will he have an impact in this new hybrid 3-4 defense?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Preview: Biggest Camp Questions

by Steve

In the on going Bills training camp preview (here is who I'd cut now) here are the biggest questions AND ANSWERS to the biggest issues heading into Pittsford.

Q. What day does Marcus Easley go down with a severe injury?
A. Aug 19 two days after the second preseason game.

Q. Johnny White or (my boy) Tashard Choice?
A. Johnny White

Q. Will Tyler Thigpen make it to preseason game 4?
A. No

Q. What undersized scat back will Bills fans get grossly over-excited about?
A. Chris Douglas

Q. Is Da'Norris Searcy a legit starting safety?
A. Unknown

Q. Kirk Morrison is really the starting strong side LB?
A. Yup

Q. Who gets cut first, Torell Troup or Alex Carrington?
A. Carrington

Q. How much weight will Michael Jasper lose (374)?
A. Minimal

Q.  Will Fred Jackson leave camp as the starter?
A. Probably, unfortunately.

Q. What exactly does Curtis Modkins do?
A. Hmmmmmm

Q. At what point will Dave Nelson start working with the tightends?
A. Frustratingly never.

Q. Is Cordy Glenn a legit LT?
A. No

Q. Alright a real question, who the hell is the #2 wide receiver?
A. Ugh, Don Jones

Q. Who's most likely to get arrested ala Tony Hargrove?
A. Afraid to answer.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Josh Reed, Piece of Shit

by Steve

UHOH, guess Josh Reed and his millions upon millions of dollars he made losing here in Buffalo just wasn't enough for him to enjoy his time in Western New York:
Q: What was life in the NFL like?
A: “It might be different in other cities but you know, Buffalo is in Western New York. It, really as far as the layout, the landscape and the area was kind of like the South, in New York. It’s not anything like the city. It’s real laid back in the country, but the people are horrible. As far as getting in trouble in Buffalo or socially, there’s nothing to do. You go to practice and go home. In eight years we never made the playoffs and didn’t have much success, so the fans are brutal. They sit here and say they have the best fans and have the best food. No. Coming from Louisiana where you have great weather, you can go outside 90 percent of the time. The people here are just friendly; you don’t even have to know somebody. If you say,’Hello,’ they’re going to say, ‘Hello,’ back; they may even start up a conversation. Up there, you say, ‘Hello,’ they’re like, ‘What do you mean, hello?’ It’s just like if they’re so miserable up here, then move.”
 Verdict: Josh Reed is a piece of shit. This isn't NYC or Toronto, but nothing to do, the fans are terrible and the food sucks? Damn. There are a few things to do.  And maybe if you would have made more plays and lived up to your draft position the team wouldn't have lost constantly for those eight years. Maybe, just maybe, you contributed to the miserabilia.

2012 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Preview: Who I'd Cut Now

by Steve

The Bills start training camp at St John Fisher on Thursday so this blog will be previewing it for you.  Here is who I'd cut before they even make the trek down the 90:
Josh Nesbitt - Obvious
Brian Moorman - Why not, he's just a punter.
Nick Sukay - Because he went to Penn St and was undrafted, although at least he isn't from the Pac12
Bryan Scott - Undersized, old, if you can be characterized as a tweener you already have the scissors in my hand.
Danny Batten - I don't buy it.
Naaman Rooesvelt - Local kid, I love you but you aren't good enough.
Tyler Thigpen - Not even about the money, you just suck.
Jay Ross - Only one person should have the number 71 bruh.
Marcus Easley - Hate to do it but you're ALWAYS hurt.
Fendi Onobun - Stick to basketball.
Chris Kelsay - Because I call for it every year, why change now?
Dwan Edwards - Forgot he was on the roster.

The other 77 guys are safe for now.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Buffalo Bills are a Piece of Shit

by Steve

Is there a better way to give a big FUCK YOU to all your fans and the City of Buffalo/Eric County better than spurning the NFL's offer of lifting blackouts after 85% of non-premium seats are sold?
Didn't think so.

"We are not going to participate in the relaxed-manifest rule," chief executive officer Russ Brandon told The Buffalo News. "We are a volume-based business, and for us to be successful, we need to keep our ticket prices low and sell a greater number of tickets."

Their rationale for not accepting the "85% rule" is a bunch of horseshit.  "But but we would have lost up to $500,000 per season" $500k ??!?! Um, didn't Toronto pay you rich assholes $78 mil a couple years ago AND you just re-upped the 5 year whoring of a regular season game per season in Toronto.

Granted this doesn't effect me at all because I go to all the home games any way but this still pisses me off.  I would love to see a cost basis analysis of putting the games on tv (read: advertising revenue) vs losing $500k to adopt the new policy.

Furthermore, the new policy can be re-evaluated every year.  Why not try it out for one freakin' season, see what the reaction/result is and play it by ear?  Instead you jam your fan base and the whole reason because you think the threat of a blackout drives people to the ticket window in fear (show me the proof of that).

Oh but us tax payers will be there fist full of cash soon for the next lease agreement that you'll just be able to break when Ralph bites it and the franchise wants to be moved to L.A.

GFY Bills.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Farewell Derek Roy

by Steve

Could there have been another trade that the Buffalo Sabres made that was more surprising, universally applauded and joy inducing?  Is it possible to not criticize Darcy Regier for a day? (Welp, they did give up a center for a winger on a team severely lacking in center depth..)

Jeez everyone hated Derek Roy.  Usually there are two sides to everything but there was really no downside to the divorce of the 'bres and ol' Roysie.  This guy was universally hated in Buffalo.  I guess him knocking out Tim Connolly just wasn't enough to win the hearts of "Sabre Nation".

The main thing most people complain about is money and how much players get paid. But that complaint does even apply here because Roy's contract was actually reasonable.  No it wasn't about the money it was about the person.

The guy was always out and about on Chippewa.  He was a diver, always complained, Bulldog from WGR absolutely hated him (did he pants you bro?) and complained about him daily, he never went in the corner, he didn't seem to really give a shit.  He was an asshole.

I can safely say that to most fans it didn't even really matter who the Sabres got in return for #9, people just wanted him off the team, addition by subtraction so to speak.  So really, anything the Sabres get out of Steve Ott for the next two years is gravy.

Ott is tough, takes face offs and gets penalties. I assume he will be described as a "typical Buffalo guy" ad nauseum. Whatever that means. Well, assuming Lindy Ruff doesn't ruin him like he does every single other player that is acquired here.  So welcome to Buffalo Stevisie (that's your new nick name) oh and we hate Dallas, still.

Now, Darc, make a move for a legit center or goal scorer above 5'8, fire the coach and move Miller or another "core" player.  And/or sell high on Tyler Myers now before he fails to live up to his lofty expectations, it's bound to happen.