Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week 4 NFL Picks

Steve and Wreck's locks of the week, you're welcome in advance

Steve 8-4-1 (Best Bet 1-1-1)

Detroit -4 V Minnesota
Tampa Bay -1.5 v Washington
 Atlanta -7 v Carolina
St Louis +3 v Seattle
Cincinnati -1.5 @ Jacksonville

Wreck 6-7  (Best Bet 3-0)

Tenessee +12 @ Houston
New Orleans +7.5 @ Green Bay
Oakland +6.5 @ Denver
Tampa Bay -1.5 v Washington
Jacksonville v Cincinnati under 44

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills preview podcast

Steve and Coast breakdown the Cleveland win and look forward to a BIG game at the Ralph Sunday v the hated NE Patriots


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 4 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Compilation

Here is a compilation of the various website NFL Power Rankings for the Buffalo Bills.  Their highest ranking is 15 by Yahoo and lowest is 20 by the AP.

ESPN 19 Previous 22:
Buffalo goes from one injured running back (C.J. Spiller) to one who is coming back from injury (Fred Jackson). (Hensley)

PFT 18 Previously20:
Not bad for a team that some thought would go winless after Week One.

CBS Sportsline 17 Previously 20:
At 2-1, they suddenly look like a potential playoff team. We will know for sure this week against the Patriots.

Yahoo 15 Previously 23:
It's difficult to figure out the Bills right now, but each week makes me more confident that they can contend in the AFC East. I wouldn't guess that the Bills feel too afraid of New England coming to town this week.

Fox Sports 14 Previously 23:
The Bills were absolutely rolling with CJ Spiller in the backfield, I'm not sure they can keep this tempo with Tashard Choice and with Fred Jackson at less than 100 percent. The more this offense relies of Ryan Fitzpatrick, the more vulnerable it becomes

Associated Press:
20 Previously 23

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bills Throwbacks?

umm are we missing something?  These appear to be the exact same.  Then again with all the fake knockoffs that every single person wears, no one can tell WTF is a real jersey, fake, 2 years old, day old, 50 years old. oh well

A Day Later, Back from Cleveland

by Steve

The Bills won a "must win" game on the road that I attended (snapping my 7 game road L streak)?  Damn, who woulda thought.

The ticket cost $45, the trip took 3 hours and the tailgatingYI\48 (aside from having to pour your beer into cups) wasn't bad. Parking was $25 pretty close to the stadium near the rock n roll hall of fame.  And the lots were nearly full before 9am, so these fans at least know how to tailgate.

The crowd was relatively sparse and the upper decks were at least 35% Bills fans.  The only problem we had with fans was one lady getting up seemingly every play to go get something and some how she got pissed because we complained. "Respect the Browns season ticket holders"  OK lady it's called Midol.

The stadium was a bitch to get up to the upper level.  Instead of stairs it is just a long long winding slow slant upwards. BRUTE.

We still haven't learned a ton from the Bills.  The Cleveland Browns are a bad team with a loser head coach.  The front four owned the run defense is obviously much improved from previous years.

Sunday is gonna be nuts, bring your A game.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week 3 NFL Picks

Not the best week last week, but we'll bounce back, here are the week 3 NFL locks for ya:

Steve 5-2-1 (Best bet 1-0-1)

Washington  -3 home v Cincinnati
 SF @ Minn under 43
Jacksonville @ Indy under 43
Atlanta @ San Diego over 47.5
NY Jets -1 @ Miami

Wreck 3-5 (Best Bet 2-0)

NY Jets -1 @ Miami
Buffalo -3 @ Cleveland
Green Bay -3.5 @ Seattle
Tennessee +4 home v Detroit
Washington v Cincinnati under 49.5

A Must win for the Buffalo Bills

by Steve

If this isn't a must win game for the Buffalo Bills it is about as close as it gets for a week 3 game.  We know, at least right now, the Cleveland Browns are not a good football team.  However, we pretty much have no clue what the Bills are after two games.

Chanwich, Fitz-noodle-arm and co got blasted by the Jets in week one on the road and destroyed the Chiefs at home the next week.  After the first game the team may have needed a players reward card to check out but bounced back against a far inferior team the next week.

Other than CJ Spiller being the (so far) break out star of the 2012 NFL season, do we know a damn thing about this team?  Okay, the team may be better against the run with a healthy Kyle Williams and an overpaid Mario Williams and the offensive line is solid.  That's it.

This game is a must win for a few reasons. The Browns consist of a rookie 29 year old QB who should be forced to make plays, a no name head coach, few if any play makers on defense oh and I'm attending the game which is always a colossal failure.

If the Bills drop this game, even with an allegedly easy schedule, will have a near-impossible time getting into the playoffs.  Furthermore, if they lose this game they clearly aren't ready to make a run at the playoffs.  The next few games into the bye do not look promising if Buffalo is 1-2 after Sunday (think 2-5)

Feeling surprisingly optimistic, I'm predicting an eight game road L streak snapping and the Bills winning comfortably but with the end always in doubt.

19-13 Bills

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns podcast preview

Steve and Coast try to breakdown the upcoming trip to Cleveland and wax poetically about the Chiefs game



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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

UB Embarrassed 23-7 to Kent State

by Steve

Jeff Quinn is a loser.  I don't care that Brandon Oliver got hurt in the first half.  You have in prime time home game on ESPNU where basically nothing besides baseball is on and you lay this egg?  One touchdown on a lucky touchdown on a hail mary at the end of the first half?  Holy shit.

I understand UB is not a real college football team and they are a joke but not in the MAC.  Christ, you don't even show up against a Kent St. team that didn't even finish above .500 last year and has no quarterback worth mentioning?

Who is University at Buffalo's starting quarterback any way?  Alex Zordich was benched because he couldn't complete lacing his spikes let alone his cleats not to mention a pass?  Local boy Joe Licata may have been worse. WTF?

If Khalil Mack wasn't on this team and sans an injured Bo-O this team is talentless.  Holy shit.  What was the game plan, lose?

This program didn't just take a step back tonight they fell into disrepair and obscurity.  This game was a 100% joke and if this blog doesn't care I guarantee no one in Buffalo will care until there is change.  Good luck against a couple Big East teams coming up when you can't even challenge a middling MAC team at home, who ever that new DA is, wake the fuck up.

Leaked 2013 Buffalo Bisons logo?

The Bisons yesterday announced a new partnership with the Toronto Blue Jays.  Some think this is supposed to be a boon for attendance, I don't buy it.  Since when is Toronto a model franchise?  When was their last playoff appearance, 1993?  I will grant anyone that the Mets were a colossal tirefire but this seems like a lateral movement.  Oh and leaked logo? :

Monday, September 17, 2012

A day later how good a win feels

by Steve

Could there have been a more boring game that the Buffalo Bills scored five touchdowns in including a punt return TD?  Did anything even happen in the second half besides the Kansas City Chiefs and their dumbass coach taking three time outs at the end of the game sans any chance of winning? Great first half but that last 2 minutes was torturous.

Clifford now averaging a decent 10.1 yards per carry, Fitzpatrick appears to be a solid game manager quarterback and Kyle Williams served me a crow sandwich. Wait, does anyone remember that first drive when Fitz-noodle-arm-Fitzpatrick was booed off the field because of one of the worst passes I've ever seen?  You're right that rock skipper never happened.

The odds are that the KC Chiefs are just really awful more so than the Bills have corrected all their woes from a week previous.  Romeo Crennel is a straight up bum, but thankfully the Bills did remind us at least a bit why some picked them to win ten games.  But, is Mario Williams the third or even fourth best player on the d-line?

Damn I love me some Scott Chandler.  The Bills haven't had a player look so unathletic and awkward yet make plays since Jay Riemersma.  I wouldn't mind someone better but Chandler is a solid tightend in the National Football League.

Other than that there just isn't anything to complain about except maybe the cost of water at football games.  Damn I was thirsty for something other than beer yesterday during the game. (Also the wait to get into the stadium with the new metal detectors was nearly non-existent.  I waited maybe three minutes total, albeit a few people may have been skipped in line, ha.)

The watercooler will be reporting live from Cleveland Sunday so look for us and step yo game up.  And give me a few more days to determine who I'm going to call out because it worked like a charm for K-Will and Marcell Dareus. (oh and did anyone else notice my boy Alex Carrington making plays too, told you.)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week 2 NFL Picks

Week two picks for the national football league un-capitalized.

Steve (4-0 1-0 best bet)

New England -14 home v Arizona
Minnesota -3 @ Indianapolis
Cincinnati -7 home v Cleveland
Atlanta -3 home v Denver

Wreck (1-3 1-0 best bet)

St Louis +3.5 home v Washington
Detroit +7 @ San Francisco
Tennessee +7 @ San Diego
Seattle +3.5 home v Dallas

Friday, September 14, 2012

KC Chiefs @ Buffalo Bills preview podcast

Steve Coast and a special guest break down the debacle that was the Jets game and preview the KC Chiefs game.


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Monday, September 10, 2012

A day later, the sky really is falling

by Steve

Someone tell me the last 36 hours were a nightmare-esque coma that never really happened.  The Bills get thoroughly embarrassed in all aspects of the game, the quarterback has zero credibility or upside, the running back is out half the season, the slot receiver is done for the year, the coach is a bum and they're 0-1 in the division.  The Buffalo Bills are dead after one week.

Is it just me or does this seem to happen every other year or so.  I'm not sure who said it today but there is some upside, at least we as fans don't have to be fooled into thinking the team was good only to find out mid way through the season the Bills suck. (oh yeah it was Jim Rome n/m).  So there is an upside!

Yeah the Jets are obviously a lot better than most gave them credit for and it is only one game.  But can anyone still make the case that Ryan Fitzpatrick is a good quarterback?  A QB that can lead this team to 10+ wins and a wildcard let alone a friggen home playoff game?  Didn't think so.  Please put the playbook inside your pillow case every night for osmosis purposes Tar-var (my new nickname for him)

The season isn't over yet, but if the Bills don't bounce back in a big way and quickly (like back to back must win games) the season will be over before October.  Just look at the schedule after the Browns game, yikes.

First things first, promote Marcus Easley from the practice squad, scour the Earth for a running back better than Johnny White and someone get in Mario "cry baby" Williams face and tell him to STFU.  Next, tell Marcell Dareus to dress the next 15 weeks as opposed to whatever he did in week 1.  Finally, find out what happen to the safeties against the Jets because they were abysmal.

The line opened up at Bills -3 against the Chiefs and presumably Eric Berry is god damn pissed.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Week 1 NFL Locks

Steve v Wreck yet again here are our picks for week 1 of the 2012 NFL season. 2011 results

Rams +8.5 @ Detroit
Saints -9  v Washington
Colts + 10 @ Chicago
Vikings -3.5 v JAX

Browns +9.5 v Eagles
Patriots -6 v Titans
Texans -13 v Dolphins
Atlanta @ KC over 44

2012 NFL Predictions

by Steve

Bills go 8-8

Division winners:

Wild Card:

Division Winners:

Wild Card:
Rams (sorry Green Bay Nation)

Titans v Rams Rematch with different result

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Buffalo Bills 2012 season preview podcast

Steve and Coast are back for another season of podcasting previewing the upcoming 2012 season and looking ahead to the Jets game.



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Bills @ Jets Let's Go Bills rap

Nick Mendola posted his Bills rap for week one, check it out.
"we're visiting Rex so put your best feet first"

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 NFL Preview: Total Wins all 32 teams

by Steve

The NFL shockingly starts Wedsneday so the previews are going to be coming fast and furious.  Based on here are all 32 teams over/under total wins and what I foresee occurring:

Dallas Cowboys 8.5 wins (-165 over)
Under.  The over is a terrible pay out and the Cowboys seem infinitely more likely to go say 8-8 than 10-6

New York Giants 9.5 wins (+140)
Super Bowl hangover or the fact that this team never wins more than 9? Ehh, bang that over

Atlanta Falcons 9 wins (-130)
My conventional wisdom says the 'aints are back to being the 'aints, and the rest of the division isn't all that intimidating, over.

Buffalo Bills 7.5 (-250)
Taking under here means this team is only going to improve by one victory in 2012.  With that schedule not reaching eight wins is a colossal disappointment .

Chicago Bears 9 wins (-130)
Under, this team is old, Cutler is always iffy and Lovie Smith is meh

Cleveland Browns 5.5 wins (+150)
Rookie 80 year old QB, already banged up rookie RB, under.

Detroit Lions 9.5 wins (+150)
Under.  One year does not make a trend.

Houston Texans 10 wins (-200)
This division is so bad you gotta go over.  Double digit wins is almost a lock for a recently moribund franchise.

Indianapolis Colts 5.5 wins (+100)
Weak division, this squad could win six games, Cam Newton style.

Jacksonville Jaguars 5.5 wins (-105)
Mike Mularky?!?! UNDER UNDER UNDER

Kansas City Chiefs 8 wins (+115)
Matt Cassel scares me and not for a good reason.  How did Romeo get another head coaching gig? Under

Miami Dolphins 7 wins (+120)
They traded one of their best young defensive players and have an overrated rookie starting.  What did Matt Moore do besides have the name Matt Moore that everyone hates him? under

Minnesota Vikings 6 wins (-115)
Over.  Adrian Peterson ain't dead yet and Christian Ponder isn't a bust yet.

New England Patriots 12 wins (-115)
The Bills fan in me says they can't win 12+ games every year but the Bills fan in me says the Patriots will always win 12+ games. over.

New Orleans Saints 9.5 wins (-130)
UNDER UNDER UNDER coach matters, doesn't it?

New York Jets 8.5 wins (+140)
Why does this team have to be bad? Schedule is weak and they haven't really lost any one. Over

Philadelphia Eagles 10 wins (+110)
 Trent Edwards is only a heart beat or two away from being their QB. under.

Pittsburgh Steelers 10 wins (-125)
 Tough division but they still have another year with that soon to be rickety defense.

 St Louis Rams 6 wins (-115)
Sleeper team, Sam Bradford might get it, eventually, so why not this year in a bad division? over

Tennessee Titans 7 wins (-165)
Another sleeper team that will crust this over.

Washington Redskins 6.5 wins (-125)
RGiii might be too small to be a great quarterback in this league if he'll be running it a lot.  Salary cap restrictions also don't help. under

Arizona Cardinals 6.5 wins (-115)
Skelton v Kolb was like Bush v Gore, either way they're fucked. under

Carolina Panthers 7.5 wins (-150)
Don't believe the hype. under

Green Bay Packers 12 wins (+150)
Don't like Aaron Rodgers and the defense isn't good. under

San Francisco 49ers 10 wins (+120)
I'll say over only because they're facing Skelton, Wilson and Bradford

Seattle Seahawks 7 wins (-250)
The under pays well, take the value. under

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6 wins (-145)
Only play here is the over, seven wins in the National Football League is not unattainable for any team. over

Denver Broncos 9 wins (-115)
That is a lot of neck surgeries in one year.  Do all of their fans realize Tebow is gone yet? under

Baltimore Ravens 10 wins (+150)
Time to diee. under

Cincinnati Bengals 8 wins (-105)
Solid drafting, good young QB, who knew. over

Oakland Raiders 7 wins (-125)
.500 still doesn't make that Carson Palmer deal worth it. over

San Diego Chargers 9 wins (+140)
Norvel is under .500 for his career but can he really torpedo another Phil Rivers season? over

Three Positions that could make or break the 2012 Bills

Three Positions That Could Make Or Break The Bills In 2012

Going into the season, the Buffalo Bills are getting quite a bit of attention as a potential playoff and even Super Bowl contender if things fall into place. By now, Bills’ fans are too smart to buy into all of the hype right away. After all, last season started out extremely promising, only to fizzle out at the end.

With a slew of offseason pickups and trades, the Bills do believe they have the team together that can help snap the 12-year playoff drought. If you are still one of those pessimistic Bills’ fans though, here are three items that could make or break the season.


Early last season, it seemed as though Ryan Fitzpatrick could do no wrong. He was signed to an long contract after a 5-2 start, and his results up to that point in the season were hard to argue with. Since then, he has come back down to earth a bit. Whether that was due to injuries, teams figuring him out or the lack of the right personnel remains to be seen.

The Bills can get to the playoffs with Fitzpatrick though. He is a good enough quarterback that makes smart decisions. Those expecting the next top tier quarterback though will be disappointed.


The defensive line for the Buffalo Bills is arguably one of the best in the NFL. Their linebackers are anything but. They are not terrible, but it is obvious that while the line and secondary was upgraded in the offseason, the linebackers were ignored. Kelvin Sheppard, Kirk Morrison, Nick Barnett and the rest of the linebacker group are not exactly striking the fear in defenses right now. They do not have to be great, but they can’t be a huge hole in an otherwise solid defense. Teams will exploit them like crazy if they do.

Inside/Outside Running Game

The issue with the running game is more about staying healthy than anything. Fred Jackson was a solid running back last season until he went down with a broken leg. Big things are still expected out of CJ Spiller as well despite his rough rookie campaign. If the two can become a strong inside-outside duo (Jackson inside, Spiller outside), the Bills could be a very dangerous team with multiple weapons on offense.

Thanks to, the awesome daily fantasy football game, for this guest article.