Monday, September 29, 2014

Bills end the EJ Manuel Era

By Steve

Sixteenth overall pick, fourteen starts, twenty games on an NFL roster, a novice head coach and offensive coordinator a .500 2014 record and Erik James Manuel career with the Buffalo Bills is over.

Can anyone picture a scenario where Manuel is ever the Bills starter again outside of injury? Benching Erik for Kyle "i dont want to play for Dallas so I'm going to retire [p.s. that happened in 2014]" Orton ends his career. Orton retired earlier this year, he wasn't on an NFL roster in late August and is about as athletic as Scott Chandler. Ouch.

Is four games and a 2-2 record really enough to bench your healthy QB you drafted in the first round two years ago? The move reeks of panic. Sure some players might be frustrated about the QB play but to say Manuel is the only reason the Bills lost Sunday in Houston is a lie.

The Texans knew that Fred Jackson swing pass was coming, the coach doesn't know how to use time outs or prepare his players to use time outs. The play calling is beyond confounding. At the end of the first half when the clock ran out, that sequence of decisions and play calls were nothing short of shocking. Sure passing to Bobby Woods was horrible but all the WRs ran routes within 5 yards of the line of scrimage. That won't change with a new QB.

Benching Manuel after 4 games because they lost by 6 points to Houston and lost to the Chargers is a fuckin joke.

Anyone that likes this decision cannot lie to themself and have faith in Marrone, Whaley and Russ Brandon. If they do they are in denial. Kyle Orton playing mediocre is not going to change the incompetence at the top of this organization.

Orton better be prepared to play. He better be fully invested in winning and being the starting quarterback for the next 26+ games. Otherwise, WTF are we doing?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bills Texans Preview

by Coast

I am posting this the night before the game, so I will keep it short and sweet.

The Bills travel to Houston to take on the Texans in an AFC match up of two 2-1 teams. This is a MUST WIN football game if the Bills want to have legitimate playoff aspirations. You just cannot lose to a team that went 2-14 a year ago and is starting a quarterback that wasn’t even good enough to be on the Buffalo Bills.

I will start there, Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. EJ Manuel. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a better football player, simple as that. Ryan Fitzpatrick lacks the prototypical arm strength, size and athleticism that you want to see in a quarterback. But, if you don’t know how to use all those physical tools (I.e. EJ Manuel), then they don’t mean anything. The most important traits of a quarterback are intelligence and fearlessness. Intelligence - can you read the defense and get rid of the ball on time/not do anything stupid? Fearlessness - Will you try and get the first down and not slide unprovoked? Will you stand in the pocket and deliver a football without crumbling?

Ryan Fitzpatrick does not have the physical tools but he is without a doubt smart and fearless. Fitz has turned marginal at best talent into a  quality NFL career. He has lasted longer and has started more games than anyone could have guessed when he was drafted in the 7th round out of Harvard and for that he deserves some credit.

EJ Manuel on the other hand has no confidence, plays scared and is dumb as rocks. EJ runs out of bounds and goes down to avoid contact, before contact is even imminent. EJ crumbles in the face of the blitz. He doesn’t stand in the pocket and deliver passes knowing he is about to get hit. The coaches eliminate half of the football field on pass plays so he only needs to read half the field because they know reading the whole field is an impossibility. EJ back peddles into the end zone and then intentionally grounds the ball. EJ Manuel throws check downs with a minute left down 12 points. When he occasionally does make a good read, he throws the ball so inaccurately that his poor receivers are at risk of being decapitated.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is better than EJ Manuel and the Bills would be better with Fitz. Fitz outplaying EJ and the Bills losing Sunday would put this organization is a very precarious position. Fortunately for the Bills, Fitz could outplay EJ Sunday and the Bills could still win the football game because I believe they have the better overall football team. Or, the bad Fitz will show up and throw a few passes to the Bills. I will give the Bills credit on one thing. EJ Manuel being too scared and the Bills coaching being happy with him just running out of bounds and not trying to make plays has allowed him to limit the turnovers. This could come in handy against Fitz and a team that went 2-14 a year ago.

Enough about the QB - what about the Bills other “weapons” on offense? Last Sunday’s game against San Diego was not a good game for those in favor of the Sammy Watkins trade. On top of EJ Manuel sucking, Sammy Watkins was basically invisible AND he admittedly gave up on a play (I don’t blame him for looking after his general welfare at that point in the game). Watkins had 2 for 19 yards and 16 of those 19 yards came on the last drive once the game was over. His Clemson buddy CJ Spiller had 10 carries for 25 yards. His lack of success continues to be a head scratcher but  running a draw with him on 3rd and 1 is not setting him up for success.

The Bills offensive coaching sucks. Nate Hackett is way over his head, like we have been saying for, well, 19 games now.

I don’t know much about the Texans. I know they are 2-1 with wins over Washington and the Raiders. Their lone defeat came at the Giants a week ago. Nothing impressive about those two wins as Washington and the Raiders both suck. The Texans employ two really good receivers in veteran Andre Johnson and young budding star DeAndre Hopkins. The way the Bills secondary has performed so far this year, these two guys could give them a very hard time. Steph Gilmore needs to learn how to tackle. He is supposed to be a star but his tackling sucks. He actually whiffed on a tackle, then took a facemask penalty and injured himself on the same play. That is embarrassing. Helping this Bills this week is that starting running back Arian Foster is questionable for the game and might not play. This means the Bills will have to contend with Alfred Blue, the rookie 6th round draft pick.

The Texans do have the best defensive player in football, so I am looking forward to seeing how the Bills offense deals with JJ Watt. Other than Watt though, Houston’s defense hasn’t been too impressive, ranking 25th in yards per game allowed against the likes of RG III, Derek Carr and Eli Manning. No offence to Eli, but these guys aren’t exactly lighting the world on fire.

I don’t have much confidence in the Bills in this game. On the pod cast I predicted 23-16 Houston, so I am sticking to that. I hope for the sake of the pending media firestorm next week and for the sake of hell not breaking loose in Buffalo that EJ Manuel shows up and doesn’t let Ryan Fitzpatrick make Bills fans clamor for Ryan Fitzpatrick because they have completely given up hope on the former first round reach quarterback EJ Manuel.

Expert NFL Picks Week 4

Steve dominating, Wreck with a bit of a bounce back and Katman lagging far behind.  Your week four expert NFL picks

Steve 9-6  Best Bet 3-0

Bears +2 v Packers
Colts -7.5 v Titans
Falcons -3 @ Vikings
Lions -1.5 @ Jets
Chargers -13.5 v Jaguars

Coast 7-7-1 Best Bet 1-2

Dolphins -3.5 v Raiders
Chiefs +3 v Patriots

Packers -2 @ Bears
Cowboys +3 v Saints
Jaguars +13.5 @ Chargers

Wreck 8-7 Best Bet 2-1

Jaguars +13.5 @ Chargers
Raiders +3.5 v Dolphins London
Titans +7.5 @ Colts
Cowboys +3 v Saints
Chiefs +3 v Patriots

Katman 6-8-1 Best Bet 2-1

Bears +2 v Packers
Steelers -7.5 v Buccaneers
Saints @ Cowboys over 53.5
Titans @ Colts over 46
Vikings +3 v Falcons

EJ v Fitz

By Steve

Is it hyperbolic to state that this is the biggest game of Erik James Manuel's career? Manuel will be matched up against the Bills former starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, the guy he basically ushered out of town before last season.

Management, from some reports out of OBD, is getting nervous about not only Manuel's development but their own careers. A new owner usually means new everything especially if the Bills don't win this year. If they aren't winning with Manuel, their guy from the beginning, the Dougs and co. will have to replace him and soon. That process will excellerate with an embarrassing loss to ol noodle arm fitzyFitzpatrick.

I'm not arguing the Bills should replace Erik if he gets out played by Fitzpatrick Sunday but everyone else will. Then again if noodle arm does outperform Manuel and especially in a loss I may be close to washing my hands with him.

The coaches are to blame (for the most part) in retarding Manuel's growth. He is more scared now than ever to take shots literally and figuritively. Marrone said as much earlier this week when he was glad Erik avoids hits at all costs and goes out of bounds.

This is the biggest game of Manuel's career. A loss will be bad but if he lays a complete egg and gets out played badly or even MILDLY by Fitzpatrick the fans will revolt. For whatever reason, Ryan noodle-arm fitzyFitzpatrick was well liked here. The terrible optics of him, the castoff former starter, beating the first round 2nd year qb will be impossible to shake. It will be repeated forever, or until the guy is gone, that he lost to ol' noodle arm.

It isn't a must win but a bad L coupled with a pourous Manuel performance will leave a lasting memory. But say the Bills drop the next two and it is unlikely the Patriots win their next two both in primetime. At worst, then, in three weeks the Patriots come to the Ralph in a battle for first place.  Manuel could go a long way, assuming he is still the starter, of repairing his image with a win against Thomas Brady in fifteen days.

Christ, just beat fitz, he sucks!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast rehash the debacle that was the San Diego Chargers game and look forward to Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Houston Texans

(anyone remember in 2009 when the Bills played Houston and we did a podcast? 145 comments@

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 4 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Compilation

After a ruinous loss to the Chargers let's see where everyone has the Bills ranked this week:

ESPN 19:
"Buffalo needs more from EJ Manuel. Manuel's QBR is 31.1, 32nd out of 35 qualified quarterbacks. Buffalo is the only team above .500 with negative offensive and defensive efficiencies."

A popular location for the Bills this week and a seven notch dropping.  EJ stats are scary bad.

CBS 19:
"Was the 2-0 start a mirage? Was that the real Bills against the Chargers?"
Four spot drop only.

Yahoo 18:
"Honest story: A Bills fan ripped these power rankings, then sent me his own that had the Bills as the fifth best team in the NFL. Brilliant."

Bills fans are dumb

PFT 18:
"Yep, we know how the “Bills start strong in September” book ends."

The Bills don't move up or down after a loss at home. Clearly Florio is a non-Billiever. 11:
"Yep, the Bills topped the Bears in Week 1 and now rank below them. But the simple fact of the matter is, Buffalo was soundly defeated at home on Sunday, while Chicago's only loss so far is that overtime squeaker to start the season. Also, the Bears' weakness -- their defense -- seems to have at least been partially fixed, whereas the Bills are still having trouble getting the ball vertical. Frankly, EJ Manuel just isn't an accurate passer at this point in his career, at least not consistently."

Still a lot of love from rare. Only two spot lowering

Walterfootball 26:
"26. Buffalo Bills (2-1) - Previously: #20 - I tried to warn Buffalo fans, but some of them just wouldn't listen. E.J. Manuel stinks, and the team won't win with him. Yet, many Bills' backers - as well as those who cheer for the Panthers and Bengals - left me hate mail in the comment board below. How fun!

Here's some of it:

The 3-0 Teams in the NFL are ranked 8, 9, and 10 on here....But dont Worry! Walt will accordingly adjust them to 6,7 and 8 tomorrow!

If you want power rankings ordered by records, you can just go to's standings page and sort them that way.

So, the Bills beat Da Bears in Chicago. Chicago beats SF in Cali. NE goes to Miami and gets beat down. Then Miami goes to Buffalo and gets dominated. And you somehow say the Bills aren't any good? Needless to say I'll never visit this site again. Cincinnati not in the top 5? Pitt ranked 27? You're a dumb @#$@! I'm never coming back to this site.

Nooooooooooooooo don't leeeeeeeeeeaveeeee! (I had a minor seizure trying to follow that guy's logic)

What the hell are you smoking??? Seahawks 1...Saints 5...Eagles 10... Did you just pick #'s out of a hat.

No, I fired darts at a board to do it.

How can you put a Saints team at #5 when they lost to two teams not even in your top 13? Jerrrkkk offfff

Wait, how'd you know what I was doing?

Walt is a hater of the cat team brotherhood! Bengals and Panthers getting no respect. He must be a bird brain.

Yeah I have a bias against all cat teams. Sorry.

And why dont you do us all a favor and get cancer and die then we wont have to read your @#$@ of a blog anymore.

What is dead may never die."

Most have the Bills somewhere between 18 and 19 which is smart.. hmm smart.  Walterfootball with a long rant about nothing.  Highest 11, lowest 26.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Same Old Bills

By Steve

Undefeated, week 3 at home against a possible Super Bowl contender and the Buffalo Bills were favored to beat the San Diego Chargers. And what does Doug Marrone, Erik Manuel Nate Hacket and co. do? Lay an absolute egg. No show. Pathetic.

I didn't need the Bills to even win on Sunday (which shows how low the expectations are) to think this team might be different than the previous 14. Then they get clowned in all aspects of the game and lose by a misleading score of 22-10.

The QB and the receivers weren't on the same page, Manuel is about as accurate as a weather forecast, the short yardage offense is putrid, the coach makes dumbfounding decisions, the CBs don't make plays, they did diddlypoo offensively and nothing has changed.

How does a team lose two yards on 3rd and 1, why is Spiller plowing into the line, why not accept a 5 yard offside penalty to attempt 4th and 1 inside their territory instead of just handing it to them? How does Sam Watksins only get 2 touches (and i dont care he was "targeted" 8 times) where is the creativity? No a HB pass that doesnt work does not count.

The team didnt seem prepared to play. The game plan didn't work and it was obvious from the first drive the difference between a good QB and a bad one.

Im not going to say next week is a must win but the season could start to spiral away with an L to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Ouch.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week 3 NFL Expert Picks

2014 Week 3 NFL Expert picks against the spread:

Steve 6-4 Best Bet 2-0

Bengals -7 v Titans
Packers @ Lions over 52.5
Seahawks -5 v Broncos
Panthers -3.5 v Steelers
Bears +2.5 @ Jets

Coast 4-6 Best Bet 1-1

Bills -2 v Chargers
Saints -10.5 v Vikings
Bengals -7 v Titans
Browns +2 v Ravens
Colts -7.5 @ Jaguars

Katman 5-5 Best Bet 1-1 

Giants PICK v Texans
Ravens -2 @ Browns
Panthers -3.5 v Steelers
Eagles -6 v Redskins
Rams +1.5 v Cowboys

Wreck 5-5 Best Bet 1-1

Redskins +6 @ Eagles
Titans +7 @ Bengals
Jaguars +7.5 v Colts
Raiders +14 @ Patriots
Chiefs +3.5 @ Dolphins

ps fuck tom brady

Bills vs. Chargers Preview

by Coast

It was the 2008 season. The Buffalo Bills were the talk of the National Football League after an improbably 4-1 start. In to town came Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers. This was the Bills’ statement game. A win against a respectable opponent with a good quarterback to go to 5-1 would officially put the Bills on the map and make their 2008 season legitimate. What ensued was one of the best days at the Ralph during the playoff drought. The Bills overcame a power outage to win the game 23-14. Trent Edwards was nearly flawless completing 25-30 passes for 261 yards and a touchdown. This was it, the Bills had their quarterback, had a statement win, were 5-1 and were officially a playoff contender.

They lost their next 4 games and finished 7-9 and Trent Edwards, well, the rest is history.

Fast forward 6 years to 2014. The Bills are a hot topic around the league after a surprising 2-0 start. They have 2 solid wins over average or better teams. Coming to town for week 3 are the San Diego Chargers and Philip Rivers, fresh off a beat down of the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. A win in this game for the Bills would be a statement win to get them to 3-0 and officially become a contender for the post season.

This match-up is very interesting for many reasons. First of all, it is a let down game for both teams. The Bills obviously coming off an emotional opening day victory vs. Miami with all of the hoopla surrounding the game. The Chargers home opener pitted a huge win over Seattle and now they must travel across the country to play an early Sunday game. Can the Bills back up their inspired performance from last Sunday with another one this Sunday? Time will tell.

The Chargers win over Seattle was convincing to say the least. Philip Rivers shredded the defending champions vaunted secondary. A week after the Seahawks made Aaron Rodgers look pedestrian (and obviously thinking back to how they embarrassed Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl), Philip Rivers had little to no issue. Rivers was 28/37 for 284 yards, 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. An 82.8 QBR is the highest allowed by Seattle since, well, at least 2012...I didn’t want to keep going back. Antonio Gates caught all 3 of Rivers’ touchdown passes as he adds to his resume as one of the greatest tight ends of all time.

The Chargers have been playing quality football going back to the 2013 season, in which they made a late run to a surprise postseason berth. The Chargers won their final 4 regular season games and then validated their playoff berth with a win in the wild card round in Cincinnati. The Chargers are 6-2 over their last 8 games, with their only 2 losses a 1 point loss at Arizona and a 7 point loss at Denver in the divisional round of the playoffs.

The strength of the Chargers team has historically been their offense lead by Philip Rivers. In 2013 they ranked 5th in yards per game and 4th in yards per game through the air. Philip Rivers quietly had an MVP caliber season in 2013 ranking 5th among Qbs in yards and 4th in touchdowns. His TD/INT ratio was 32/11. Philip Rivers is a premier quarterback in this league, in my opinion.

The weakness for San Diego in 2013 was their defense , ranking 23rd in 2013 in yards per game allowed. They allowed a 12 point 4th quarter comeback to the Carson Palmer led Cardinals in week 1 but other than that, their defense has been pretty solid in 2014. The Chargers defense has been stout thus far against the run in 2014, limiting Andre Ellington to 53 yards and Marshawn Lynch to 36 yards.

Offensively, the Chargers come into this game with some injury issues. Through 2 weeks this year, the Chargers are averaging a mere 76.5 yards per game rushing and to make matters worse, the Chargers will be without their starting running back Ryan Mathews for this game. Donald Brown and Danny Woodhead will be the main men toting the rock for San Diego. On top of that, Chargers star young receiver Keenan Allen is questionable with a groin injury. If he plays, he will likely be limited. Besides Keenan Allen, the Chargers wide receivers are Malcolm Floyd, Eddie Royal and some dudes I have never heard of. These guys don’t strike much fear in my heart. Antonio Gates is going to be the focal point for San Diego Sunday, so the Bills need to key on him. Gates has gotten off to a great start in 2014 with 177 yards and 3 touchdowns through 2 games.

The Bills are coming off a huge win vs. Miami, but with all of the emotion surrounding that game, they need to back it up with a solid performance against a playoff caliber team. If the Bills have legitimate playoff aspirations, my opinion is that this game is a must win. The Bills have back to back road games and then come home for the Patriots, so a home win against a quality team with potential playoff tiebreaker implications just needs to be had.

The Bills got Sammy Watkins involved early and often in week 2 vs. Miami and need to do more of the same this week. The Bills need to make getting Sammy Watkins and CJ Spiller the football in space a focal point of their offensive game plan and this includes in the red zone. The Bills red zone offense has been atrocious and if my memory serves me correctly, CJ Spiller had one touch in the 5 red zone possessions the Bills had in week 2. That is just not good enough. Fred Jackson in the red zone has been a failure so far this year. The Bills have a variety of weapons to use in the red zone and need to get more creative in getting these guys the ball. Watkins and Spiller obviously have great speed and ability. Mike Williams was brought in to help with the red zone with his great size. I would like to see Hackett open up the play book in the red zone and get these play makers more opportunities.

My pick this week is Bills 27 Chargers 13. The major reason for this prediction is that I think the Bills defense is legitimate. They are big, physical and fast and have dominated through much of the first two weeks. A legitimate defense can be counted on week in and week out, so if this defense truly is good, I expect another solid performance Sunday, especially with the Chargers injury issues on offense.

Go Bills!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

San Diego Chargers at Buffalo Bills Podcast

Steve, Coast and a special guest review the surprising Dolphins blow out and look ahead to the Chargers and beyond.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 3 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Recap

Week 3!!! Bills power rankings ya know?

CBS Sports 15 :
 After a 6 spot jump, Ohhh, now's the week to show they are for real
"They have a chance this week to show they are for real with San Diego coming to town. EJ Manuel has done a solid job the first two weeks."

ESPN 12:
11 spot jump but generic stats provide nothing
"Buffalo ranks sixth in both rushing yards and rushing yards allowed per game. The Bills are 2-0 for the first time since 2011 but host the Chargers next."

Walterfootball 20:
Perhaps worse than no comments "20. Buffalo Bills (2-0). Previously: #28"

Yahoo! Sports 18:
Six spot jump but hey their ipso facto retardery makes zero sense.
" Think about this: They're 2-0 with wins over Chicago and Miami. Those opponents' other two games are wins against New England and San Francisco. What a start in Buffalo."

PFT 18
eight spot jump and shit I don't get:
"18. Buffalo Bills (No. 26; 2-0):  The organization’s best week since January 1994 could become the best two weeks since January 1994." 9:
Highest ranking and it isn't even close but what the fuck is this guy talking about?
"Say what you want about C.J. Spiller and how the Bills tend to use him; the man can flat-out fly. His kickoff return was more than highlight stuff -- it answered a Dolphins field goal, returning control of a key AFC East matchup to Buffalo's hands.

Love that this team is 2-0. Love even more that the Bills are staying in Buffalo. Love less that I missed this game pick, but, well, I don't really care. The Bills are not leaving the city in which they were based when they won the 1964 and '65 AFL championships, as well as four straight AFC crowns under Marv Levy. And don't sleep on the Ground Chuck years, either."

Highest spot 9 lowest 20, not a lot of respect but nothing terrible. Hmm

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bills Dolphins Recap

by Coast

I know it is only week 2, but the Buffalo Bills stand all alone in first place in the AFC East. Yes, this is the same Buffalo Bills team that I predicted would go 5-11 and pretty much be the laughing stock of the NFL after their pathetic offseason. However, through 2 games, I could not be more wrong. At 2-0, the Bills are staring down at the Jets, Patriots and Dolphins, all of whom have suffered a defeat. The Bills have scored the most points and have allowed the least points in the division. They have only trailed for 4:43 of the 125:14 played (they have been tied or winning for 96.2% of the season so far). These wins have not been flukes either. The Bills went into Soldier Field and beat the Bears in their home opener. This organization had never won at Soldier Field. The Bills followed that up with a convincing blowout win over the hated Dolphins in a home opener to remember.

What makes this 2-0 start more impressive than others is the teams that the Bills have beaten. It is hard to tell after two weeks whether or not a team is actually good in the NFL. It is one thing to be the Houston Texans right now, who are also a surprising 2-0, but have beaten the Chiefs and Raiders (both 0-2). I don’t think anyone would argue that the Raiders are not one of the worst teams in the NFL. On the contrary, the Bills have beaten the Bears and Dolphins, both of whom have won their other game against formidable opponents. The Dolphins beat the Patriots and the Bears went into San Francisco for their home opener in a brand new stadium on Sunday Night Football and spoiled the party for the defending NFC runner ups.

One thing I have noticed about this Bills team which I believe makes them different than the 2008 and 2011 teams that got our hopes up only to dash them as soon as possible is I believe that the Bills have been decidedly more physical than their opponents so far. They are controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the football. Check out these stats through two weeks.

Rush yards per game allowed: 6th (83 ypg)
Rush yards per game gained: 6th (153 ypg)
Sacks for: 6th (6 sacks through 2 weeks)
Sacks allowed: 3rd (only 1 sack allowed through 2 weeks)

The Bills have been able to run the ball and stop the run. They have also been able to protect EJ Manuel and pressure the opposing quarterback leading to a +4 turnover differential through 2 games.

Now on to the Dolphins game. The Bills beat Miami 29-10. Ironically this is the same score as the Bills AFC Championship triumph in the 1992 season at Joe Roby Stadium. The Bills hit on all of my keys to victory from last week’s preview.

First, they needed to get CJ Spiller and Sammy Watkins more involved. I would say that they did that. Spiller had a 47 yard run leading to a Watkins touchdown reception and a 102 yard kickoff return touchdown  that basically ended any slight hope Miami had. Watkins had 8 for 117 and a touchdown and nearly had another on a long bomb on the Bills’ first drive. The Clemson boys were the Bills’ best players.

Secondly, they needed to block Cameron Wake. I wasn’t sure if Cameron Wake even played so I checked the box score, he had 1 total tackle. Hats off to Seantrel Henderson who is looking like an absolute steal in the 7th round of the 2014 draft. I know the Bills probably gave him so help, but damn, what a day for Seantrel.

Thirdly, EJ needed to play with some confidence, make some plays and not do anything stupid. EJ did not do anything stupid, made some nice throws to Watkins and seems to be gaining confidence as is being shown with his pre and post game speeches.

Fourth, the Bills needed to stop the run and pressure Tannehill. Miami ran for 80 yards and the Bills sacked Tannehill 4 times.

It wasn’t ALL good though yesterday, which makes the margin of victory even more impressive. The Bills red zone offense is horrendous, with both execution and play calling. The Bills managed just 1 touchdown in 5 red zone possessions. The Bills need to change something up in the red zone soon (maybe use Spiller in some creative ways, other than just running it up the middle with him).

The AFC game of the week next week is the San Diego Chargers at the Buffalo Bills. The Chargers are 1-1 and just beat the defending champions at home 30-21. Phil Rivers is just on another level right now and will pose a bigger threat to the Bills defense than they have seen thus far this season. The Bills are favored by 1 point initially, showing that they are at least gaining some very marginal national respect. Yeah, they would still be dogs on a neutral site, but after being home dogs for their home opener against Miami, this is a step up. Go Bills!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Week 2 NFL Expert Picks

2014 Week 2 NFL picks from our experts (best bet in bold)

Steve 2-3

Bengals -5.5 v Falcons
Panthers -2.5 v Lions
Bills -1 v Dolphins
Texans @ Raiders under 40
Eagles @ Colts over 54

Katman 1-4

Bills -1
49ers -7
Chiefs +13
Panthers -2.5
Bengals -5.5


CLE +6.5
jax +6
ten -3.5

Chiefs +13
sd +6
cle det buf

Friday, September 12, 2014

Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins Preview

by Coast

The Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins will face off at One Bills Drive with first place in the AFC East on the line (in all likelihood as the Jets face the Packers at Lambeau). What is this, 1990? Well, this Sunday’s home game is as close to a 1990s feeling as we have had as Bills fans in 2 decades. What home opener has seriously had this much hype?

First, it is not too often that the Bills win a road game to open the season and come home at 1-0. The last time it happened was in 2011, when the Bills crushed Kansas City and then came home and beat the Raiders in dramatic fashion. Before that we can go all the way back to the Jim Kelly era as the Bills won in the Meadowlands to open the 1996 season.

Secondly, for the first time since I truly remember paying such close attention to this team, there is no worry of the team actually moving. With Pegula buying the team, we can all sleep peacefully now knowing the team will not be going anywhere.

Third, the greatest Bills QB of all time and biggest advocate of the team battled cancer all off season and right before the opener in Chicago was told he was cancer free.

Fourth, newly inducted Buffalo Bill hall of famer Andre Reed will lead the team out of the tunnel. I am pretty sure most of the crowd will have goose bumps.

Fifth, talking about goose bumps,  the tribute to founder Ralph Wilson will sure to bring tears to the eyes of thousands of fans.

Sixth, what better team to be facing than the hated Miami Dolphins?

Since I started going to most/all of the games about 10 to 15 years ago, I would rank the top 5 home openers in terms of “pre game hype” as follows.

Honorable Mention: New England Patriots, 2013 - A lot of hype surrounded the Bills new coaching staff and rookie QB, but I don’t think anyone really expected anything great from that team.

5. Houston Texans, 2005 - JP Losman’s first game as we all hoped he was the next great QB, in the year following our heroic run to 9-7.

4. New England Patriots, 2003 - After picking up Lawyer Milloy and Takeo Spikes in the offseason, the Bills had playoff aspirations in Bledsoe’s second year.

3. New York Jets, 2002 - Drew Bledsoe’s first game as a Bill, the year after the Bills went 3-13 (PS - Bledsoe was great in 2002 throwing for 4,359 yards).

2. Tennessee Titans, 2000 - Sunday night opener, rematch of the Music City Miracle.

1. Miami Dolphins, 2014 - Kelly, Ralph, Pegula, big road win, Reed, hated rivals coming off big win.

So what about the Bills opponent on Sunday, the Miami Dolphins? They are coming off a big 33-20 win, including a 2nd have destruction, 23 to zilch, of the New England Patriots, in their home opener in 1 million degree & 7,000% humidity Miami, Florida. Football outsiders said Cameron Wake was the best football player last weekend and he will be going up against a rookie tackle. Knowshon Moreno ran all over the Patriots defense for 134 yards. They held the Pats to 89 yards on the ground and Brady only completed 29/56 for 249 yards. The Dolphin defense sacked Brady 4 times. The Phins clearly did a good job running the ball, stopping the run and pressuring Tom Brady…a good formula for success.

So what must the Bills do to win the game? Here are my keys to the game.

Keys to the game for the Bills on offense:

- Get Sammy Watkins and CJ Spiller more involved. Combined under 100 yards last week is inexcusable and Nate Hackett needs to somehow get more creative and get these guys involved more. The grantland
pod cast this week talked about the best rookie fantasy WR and guess who wasn’t even mentioned, Sammy Watkins. Yeah I know it is fantasy and not real football, but fantasy football still depends on production and to not even be on that conversation is pathetic.

- Block Cameron Wake. Chip with a TE or one of the 9 running backs on the roster. Whatever the Bills do, they need to block Wake. The Dolphins will undoubtedly try and put pressure on EJ Manuel. They have a huge matchup advantage with Cameron vs. rookie 7th round pick Seantrel Henderson. We will soon find out what we have in the rookie 7th rounder.

- EJ Manuel play with some confidence please. Use your athleticism to make plays and stop being a pu---. Complete some clutch passes and don’t do anything stupid.

Keys to the game for the Bills on defense:

- Stop the run and make Miami one dimensional. The Dolphins ran with great success against New England, but this Bills defense with the backing of the 12th man which is sure to be crazy, will pose a different threat than the Pats. The Bills held the bears to 86 yards on the ground. Yeah, Forte had 8 catches for 87 yards coming out of the backfield, but Miami doesn’t have a back that poses that kind of threat (who does?).
- Tee off on the bad/mediocre Tannehill


- The Bills will win 23-13. The home field advantage will be significant. Beyond that, I think the Bills are just better. After all, this team swept Miami last season with Thad Lewis at the helm. The games were actually important for Miami too who was on the verge of a playoff spot until the Bills spoiled it for them. A win to go to 2-0 would be huge and really MUST happen in order for this Bills team to be a legitimate playoff contender.

@twreckk predicts 17-14 Bills win
Steve 21-20 Bills win

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills Podcast

Where does EJ rank among NFL quarterbacks?

by Coast

With the Bills shocking week 1 victory at Soldier Field and with EJ Manuel’s performance, Bills fans have been pondering the following question this week - would you take that performance for EJ Manuel week in and week out? My answer is a resounding NO and the fact that we are even asking ourselves that question is embarrassing. I do think that if the Bills got that performance from EJ every week, they could contend for a playoff spot, but their ceiling would be one and done and they would need to be on the market for a better quarterback in the upcoming offseason, or at the  very least, some legitimate competition. FWIW - EJ Manuel went 16-22 for 173 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception in the Bills week 1 win.

When thinking about EJ Manuel, I like to compare him to other quarterbacks in the league - do I feel like I am better off with EJ Manuel, or the other guy? So, I decided to go through and rank from 1 to 32 the starting quarterbacks in the NFL that I would want to play for my team right now - not down the road IF someone ends up being good. This is a win now league. I don’t care about “potential” frankly, I care about someone being able to come in and perform this Sunday.

1. Peyton Manning - goes without saying, he is on the short list of the discussion of the greatest ever.
2. Aaron Rodgers - probably the most talented quarterback in the NFL today.
3. Tom Brady - track record speaks for itself, even if on the back end of his career.
4. Ben Roethlisberger - I probably have him ranked higher than most - but 3 super bowl appearances since 2005 is the most in the league.
5. Andrew Luck - Sky’s the limit for him - Yes, I would still trade 7 first round picks for Andrew Luck, without a doubt.
6. Colin Kaepernick - Ridiculous athleticism and arm - scary potential once he becomes more consistent.
7. Drew Brees - I honestly don’t think Brees is as good as a lot of people think - road numbers are mediocre & plays 11 games per year in a dome, Carolina or Tampa - ideal for a QB.
8. Matt Stafford - puts up gaudy numbers, but still needs to prove that he is a winner.
9. Philip Rivers - Seemingly unheralded as a great quarterback, but was in the MVP running in 2013 - 4,478 yards, 32 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.
10. Tony Romo - He put up a major stinker in week 1, but is coming back from injury. I actually like Romo, it is just unfortunate he plays for the Cowboys.
11. Matt Ryan - Matty Ice lit it up for a million yards in week 1, and has a ridiculous win loss home record since he entered the league…but he also still needs to prove that he is a winner when it matters most.
12. Jay Cutler - Ridiculous ability - but sometimes he seemingly just ‘don’t care’.
13. Russel Wilson - I still feel like he is a product of an excellent running game, great coaching and an outstanding defense.
14. Nick Foles - Still has a ton to prove, and is likely a product of the Chip Kelly system, but 27 touchdowns and 2 interceptions is 27 touchdowns and 2 interceptions no matter how you cut it.
15. Andy Dalton - I think Dalton sucks, but I realize the rest of the quarterbacks that I have yet to name all suck, and he might suck less. Plus, he has AJ Green and at least has the fact that he has made the playoffs every year since entering the league to back him.
16. Joe Flacco - If he didn't win a super bowl by some act of God, I would have him like 25th.
17. Eli Manning - Manning has 2 rings, but I don’t really know what is going on right now with the Giants. Week 1 was ugly, hopefully for their case it improves or they might be starting from scratch next year.
18. Cam Newton - Mark my words, Cam Newton will never win anything in Carolina.
19. Carson Palmer - This dude used to be one of the best in the league, which seems like a decade ago (well, actually it was). Palmer had a good week 1 and a good 2013 as he tries to continue his comeback to where he used to be.
20. Alex Smith - The Chiefs really have this guy an extension? This is his ceiling, sorry.
21. Josh McCown - In 5 starts with the Bears in 2013, he had 13 touchdowns and 1 interception in meaningful football games.
22. Robert Griffin - RG III sucks and will be supplanted by Kirk Cousins soon enough.
23. Ryan Fitzpatrick - Limited talent, but great leader and just an all around great and smart guy.
24. Jake Locker - I would like Locker more if he wasn't so injury prone.
25. Chad Henne - quietly put up decent numbers for the Jags in 2013 with over 3,000 yards in 13 starts.
26. EJ Manuel - Has not proved anything yet - other than he is big and can throw far. He is wildly inaccurate.
27. Ryan Tannehill - Like I said on the pod, Tannehill sucks & his ceiling is a crappy Joe Flacco.
28. Brian Hoyer - had 2 good games in 2013 so still has a lot to prove…but he has not proven he sucks yet.
29. Matt Cassel - hard to believe this guy actually lead a team to 11 wins and got paid. He is just not very good at all.
30. Geno Smith - Vick will be starting before the season is over. Geno Smith sucks.
31. Derek Carr - Too early really to tell on him at this point but 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions week 1 is a good start, albeit in a loss.
32. Shaun Hill - He has beaten the Bills in Buffalo as a starting NFL quarterback. Not a good sign to get benched week 1 in favor of Austin Davis.

So there you have it, if I needed to pick a starting quarterback for this weekend’s game, EJ Manuel would rank 26th in the league on who I would choose. I am not being a hater, I am just being realistic. EJ could prove me wrong and I hope he does. The point is, we shouldn't settle on 173 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception - those numbers week in and week out aren't good enough and do not solve our issue at the position.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week 2 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Compilation

Here is the week 1 Bills power ranking comp, now to week 2 after a win over the Bears:

CBS Sports 21:

The Bills move up 8 sports and we learn who they play week 2
"That was an impressive road victory against the Bears. It wasn't pretty, but they found a way. Now comes Miami."

ESPN 23:
Six sport jump and another mention of Miami but some actual stats that are useful!
"The Bills used 20 zone-read rushes and averaged 7.1 yards per rush on those attempts. EJ Manuel and the Bills had an impressive start, but so did their Week 2 opponent, Miami."

Walter Football 28:
Haters gon' hate, Bills only move up four spots (only ahead of Dallas, Wash, Giants and Oakland ouch)
"I didn't hear what he said, but I was told that Eric Wood called me out for having the Bills ranked No. 32. Oooohhh, Buffalo beat the crappy Bears, whoop dee freaking doo. I'll move the Bills up eventually, but only if I see some consistency from E.J. Manuel. I don't trust him to keep playing 25:
An attempt at humor doesn't work but Byrd vi-a-vis Mario is interesting-ish (four spot jump)
"Project Make The Playoffs For The First Time In 15 Years is off and running this offseason after Project Make The Playoffs For The First Time In 14 Years failed in 2013. The Bills have been posting photos of head coach Doug Marrone and new O-line acquisitions in the snow that are heartwarming ... what's more important at this stage is the development of EJ Manuel and how the secondary will fare minus Jairus Byrd. Yes, the club didn't want to spend too much money on a safety. But is Mario Williams that much more impactful? The club guaranteed him $50 million two years ago. Byrd's signing bonus in New Orleans was half that."

Yahoo Sports 24:
Four spot leap but still no faith
"Great, fantastic win on the road to start the season. I'm not ready to give them a huge bump up just yet, but they're on that path."

26. Buffalo Bills (No. 30; 1-0):  With a win at Chicago and the team sold to Terry Pegula, it’s been the best week in Buffalo since the last AFC title game win.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bills 23 Bears 20 Final OT

By Steve

Did the Buffalo Bills really beat a "quality" team on the road in town the Bills NEVER won before? Am I dreaming?

Granted Buffalo got lucky with a bunch of offensive lineman getting hurt and Alshon Jeffery getting hurt but SCOREBOARD.

When was the last time the Bills even won in overtime? I think it was better to not win the coin toss actually. 1-0 with the 1-0 Miami Dolphins coming into town with an amped Ralph ?

EJ played well but he still had less than 200 yards passing, Watkins played ok and no one else on offense was great. Ugh as per usual Fred Jackson was a good contributor and Mike Williams had a few first down conversions. But Scott Chandler sucks, there were nearly zero shots down field and nothing crazy from the offense. Where is the creativity?

The defense has perfected the bend but dont break approach and it worked. Dareus was quiet but Kyle and Mario Williams made plays. MVP Corey Graham made us forget about bust Steph Gilmore but again it helped that Jeffery got hurt.

Either way the Bills won a game in which they were 7 dawgs against a great offense. EJ was alright and Marrone didnt meltndown. Maybe this team has talent..

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Week 1 NFL Picks

We all love gambling and this blog is no different.  We will be picking 5 games against the spread each week (just like last year [where wreck won, steve 2nd, coast last place]) and you can either rip on us or make money or ignore us, asshole.  With out further ado:

Best bet in bold


Saints @ Falcons over 51.5
Jets -5.5 v Raiders
Steelers -7 v Browns
Bills @ Bears over 47.5
Texans -3 v Redskins


Bears -7 v Bills
Eagles -10.5 v Jaguats
Texans -3 v Redskins
Patriots -4.5 @ Dolphins
Broncos -7.5 v Colts


Giants +6.5 @ Lions
Buccaneers -2.5 v Panthers
Cowboys +4.5 v 49ers
Chargers +3 @ Cardinals
Jaguars +10.5 @ Eagles

Friday, September 5, 2014

2014 Buffalo Bills Season Preview

By Steve

I've tried to be positive Ive tried to be negative I even dabbled in nihilism. Nothing fuckin works with this team and this franchise. But I will always have season tickets and so I'll always care. Lets preview the season!

Turmoil, tumult, infighting, talent, no talent, this team has everything! Except an owner, a competent coach a quarterback or a GM with a clue. Oh yeah and they don't have a first round pick.

But they don't have any losses yet! Or something..

The Bills need to beat Miami twice, SD, Minny, Jets once, KC, Raiders and either split with New England or beat GB and find another win to get into the playoffs. Likely? No. Possible, maybe..

EJ and the offense cant really be that horrendously boring and awful right? Wasn't Erik supposed to be athletic? Where is it? Will he ever run the ball again? I hope to god Hackett and Saint Doug have the SEC network and specifically Auburn games. It really isnt that god damn complicated esp with the personelle this team has. Christ.

It is doubtful the defense will be good against the run but could they be fucking average for a change? The safeties aren't good and Gilmore is average. The front 7 needs to be better than last year and very well might be even sans Alonso.

I've fluctuated from 4-12 and 8-8 in the last week but Im settling for 7-9 but could see 9-7 if the running backs are great and the team rallies around their beleagured head coach Saint Doug.

What an asshat. He does realize he wasnt successful at Syracuse right? And that the current head coach has a better winning percentage than he did right? God I cant wait til he's fired. Orton FTW!

(Also sano predicts 10-6 twreck 11-5 katman 8-8, coast 5-11)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2014 NFL Over Under Predictions NFC

by Steve

Full 2014 NFL prediction mode!  So it is clearly time for me to pick the over under for every team based on oddsmaker's line.  For those that missed it here are the Bills week 1 power rankings compilation, and the nation media's predictions for the Bills. (Also look for a podcast to be posted late Thursday)  With out further delay 2014 NFL over/unders:

here is the AFC

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys 7.5 (over +170)
A bit of a surprise with this pick but one thing is for sure, never trust the public at large.  Just listen to right wing radio (they're lunatics)  Can the defense be worse?  Is loser Romo really not healed yet? I'm predicting he's fine.

New York Giants 7.5 (under -135)
Eli might be done, the coach has lost his effectiveness and the team just isn't that good.

Washington Redskins 7.5 (under -110)
The Redskins are one of the biggest question marks in the league.  Gruden Jr probably won't pan out but is RGIII really just a flash in the pan?  Guess so.

Philadelphia Eagles 9.5 (over -140)
Not a line I love because no one in this division is great or horrible and they all hate each other. Give me ten wins Chip and a chin.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers 10.5 (under -115)
I always have been and always will be a hater of Mike fat McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers.  Nothing will ever talk me off this. UNDER UNDER UNDER

Chicago Bears 8.5 (-170)
Marc Trestman! Alshon Jeffery! Defense don't let me down

Minnesota Vikings 6.5 (under +130)
A bit odd that the money is swinging that far on the over but Matt freaking Cassell folks?  C'mon.  I might like Mike Zimmer though, hmm.

Detroit Lions 8.5 (under -130)
Do not tell me the Lions replaced psychopath loser Jim Schwartz with blinkless Jim Caldwell.  He will learn quickly that Matt Stafford is no Peyton Manning.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints 10.5 (under +115)
I might be willing to admit that Sean Payton is a good head coach and that Drew Brees annoys the shit out of me.  This division is good and 11 or more wins seems like a stretch, plus I get juice.

Carolina Panthers 7.5 (over +130)
I'll buy in to regression here but that dramatic of a fall? Why does no one buy into Cam Newton, because he only runs, can't really throw and has no one to throw too?  I might be swinging backwards into sorta liking Newton (as long as he loses that stupid fuckin towel) ouch/ugh.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7.5 (under -130)
Not a Lovie Smith fan.  He has a great winning percentage but seems like a guy with a 'the game has passed me by' label AND he has already gave up on my boy Mike Glennon.  Tough division doesn't help.

Atlanta Falcons 8.5 (under -160)
Mike Smith is a made up name.  Why do we assume last year was such a fluke?  They still had a dynamic WR an allegedly good QB and Smith.  Payout is awful but no way they win 10+ games or even nine.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals 7.5 (under +130)
I'll be the first to admit I could be wayyy off on this team. I have to give props to the head coach, especially with those glasses, and the defense is stacked.  But Carson Palmer?  It seems like a myth that the guy is even still in the league let alone a starting QB. This is my regression team.

Seattle Seahawks 11.5 (over EVEN)
EVEN MORE SWAGGER? Fuqqqqq.  It could come back to hurt them but they didn't lose any one and have 8 wins seemingly guaranteed in Washington. Smoke weed every day.

San Francisco 49ers 10.5 (under -180)
How many more suspensions/injuries/coach meltdowns can this team handle?  Wasn't Harbaugh rumored to be seeking an exit?  I aint sleepin on Kaepernick though.  They'll still be good.

St Louis Rams 6.5 (over -115)
Shaun Hill v Sam Bradford.. is the drop off really that much?  I like the coach, love the defense, starting to like the weapons on offense.  Can they buy into Hill though? .500 baby leggo.

2014 NFL Over Under Predictions AFC

by Steve

Full 2014 NFL prediction mode!  So it is clearly time for me to pick the over under for every team based on oddsmaker's line.  For those that missed it here are the Bills week 1 power rankings compilation, and the nation media's predictions for the Bills. (Also look for a podcast to be posted late Thursday)  With out further delay 2014 NFL over/unders:

AFC East

Buffalo Bills 6.5 (over -110)
Despite 85% negativity in Bills land, a coach I have no faith or trust in and a quarterback with the same, I see the Bills eking out 7 wins this year.  The major draw back is the December schedule but that could also come as an advantage with bad weather evening out a team's advantage.  Right?

Miami Dolphins 7.5 (under EVEN)
7-9 or worse seems extremely possible.  The coach is a buffoon, the quarterback is 1-3 in his career against the Bills (0-2 v. Thad Lewis) and the team melted down last year.

New England Patriots 10.5 (over -210)
Penciling this team in for 11 wins is unfortunately one of the easiest things in sport.  The AFC East is a fuckin travesty.

New York Jets 7 (over -140)
This team didn't get worse than last year so 8-8 seems very doable. Rex Ryan just seems to do enough to not get fired.  I wouldn't want to bet against a possible Geno Smith meltdown though.

AFC North

Cleveland Browns 6.5 (under -145)
This team winning 7 games seems highly unlikely. A lot has to do with a lack of discernible talent, some has to do with a tough division and the team goes through coaches like I do pizza boxes.

Cincinnati Bengals 9 (over -105)
I wouldn't bet this line either way because I think it is perfect but since that's the point... ten wins+, bang it!

Baltimore Ravens 8.5 (over -115)
Surprisingly I'm a believer in Harbaugh and Flacco. This division is tough but overrated overall. 9 wins or more is a good possibility.

Pittsburgh Steelers 8.5 (under +115)
Great value, I don't buy into the coach and this team still plays like it is the 70's.

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts 9.5 (under -110)
This division is bad but Luck isn't as great as all the hype, at least yet.  Plus, maybe the division isn't as horrendous as we all think.  Didn't EVERYONE have Houston being good last season?

Jacksonville Jaguars 5.5 (under -120)
This team is still years away.  No Blackmon, huge question with the offensive line and the coach picked Henne over my boy Bortles.

Tennessee Titans 7.5 (over EVEN)
Am I really buying into a Ken Whisenhunt coached team?  And a quarterback (Jake Locker) more injury prone than Sam Bradford? Guess so! Bishop Sankey!

Houston Texans 7.5 (under +115)
This is one of the more shocking lines of any team.  Ryan Fitzpatrick?  Ancient Andre Johnson?  A completely unproven Irish head coach who seems some how overrated already? Nah..

AFC West

Denver Broncos 11.5 (under EVEN)
The defense may in fact be better but there is no way the offense can be as good or better right? 12 or 13 wins seems more likely than say 7 or 8 wins but oh well I'm predicting a tough AFC W this year.

San Diego Chargers 8.5 (over -125)
I like me some Chargers this year. Rivers is a slinger, I wanted their head coach (Mike McCoy) a million times more than Marrone. A one game improvement seems easy.

Kansas City Chiefs 8.5 (under -220)
Terrible payout on this bet but their luck has run out.  In a different division 9+ wins would be much more palatable.

Oakland Raiders 4.5 (under +140)
4-12 for the win.  A rookie coach, no direction, no talent, no prayer.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bills Preseason Power Rankings

Compilation of the Bills power rankings heading into week 1

CBS Sports 29:
The offense has been horrible in the preseason. Did they make a mistake on EJ Manuel?

ESPN 29:
The Bills' defense allowed a lower QBR than any team except the Super Bowl champions. The offense finished 25th in efficiency, and Buffalo will go nowhere until that improves.

Walterfootball 32:
My LVH Supercontest partner, Matvei, made a short, but fantastic point about the Bills' issues in practice during a recent conversation: "The Bills are off the rails. No leadership. No focus. No quarterback."

So true. E.J. Manuel is not going to lead the Bills. The team lost key personnel this offseason to free agency and injury, and it will struggle as a consequence. It appears as though this team will completely bottom out.

Yahoo Sports 28:
Buffalo fans, you better hope preseason results don't matter. 29:
Rookie receiver Sammy Watkins is supposed to be OK for Week 1 after injuring his ribs in the preseason finale. That's super news for Buffalo, because the Bills' passing game mostly stunk in August -- even when the No. 4 overall pick was on the field. Honestly, even if linebacker Kiko Alonso hadn't torn his ACL, this team would be bound to finish below .500 with its offense performing like this. 


Highest 28, lowest 32. Jeez

National Media Bills Predictions 2014

by Steve

Early September, the most optimistic time of the year for Buffalo Bills fans. Right..? Alright fine we all hate the Bills and think they will suck.  But that's because we were fifteen fuckin years younger the last time the Bills were good.  But what does the national media think about the Bills for the upcoming season? Lets see:

Bill Barnwell (Grantland):
"For all the excitement they created in trading up for Watkins, the season already seems lost, with 2014 devoted to finding the moments when the team gives up on Manuel and when the franchise is sold by the estate of deceased owner Ralph Wilson. It can feel that way when you’re two years away from even drafting your next quarterback of the future. The Bills are somehow simultaneously rebuilding and hopeless, a franchise both in transition and going nowhere."

Best-Case Scenario: Orton takes over for Manuel after learning the playbook and plays like a perfectly average starting quarterback, while Watkins and C.J. Spiller form a pair of devastating big-play specialists. Schwartz gets enough out of the pass rush for Buffalo to go 9-7 and produce its first winning season since 2004.
Worst-Case Scenario: The defense collapses after losing two stars, and the Bills spend the entire season going back and forth between a disappointing Manuel and an uninterested Orton while Watkins struggles through a series of nagging injuries. Buffalo eventually hands Cleveland the first overall pick in the 2015 draft.

 Yikes, needed a bucket of water?  You just got served by Mr Barnwell

The Buffalo News Record Predictions:

Mark Gaughan 8-8
Jay Skurski 6-10
Tim Graham 7-9
Jerry Sullivan 5-11

The geniuses at TBN came up with an aggregate 6.5 wins for the Bills "ironically" the same line Vegas has currently.

ESPN Predictions:
4 out of 64 contributors had the Bills making the playoffs (all as a wild card): "Four of our voters -- ESPN Insider KC Joyner, ESPN St. Louis Rams reporter Nick Wagoner, Neil Payne of FiveThirtyEight, and Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas -- picked the Bills to earn an AFC wild-card berth."

In this 4,557 word NFL preview the word Bills or Buffalo only came up a total of 3 times.  With no writer predicting the Bills would make the playoffs.

One section, "The non-quarterback who, if lost to injury, would derail his team the most":

" Emily Kaplan: Sammy Watkins. Maybe it’s odd to choose a rookie, but E.J. Manuel and the Bills’ offense would be pedestrian without this wideout. Consider this: with Watkins out nursing an injury against the Buccaneers last week, Manuel went 9-for-18 for 67 yards, a fumble and an interception against Tampa’s first-team defense. Watkins isn’t Buffalo’s saving grace, but he at least makes the passing game dynamic—and watchable."

The only other section mentioning Buffalo The coach whose seat will be hottest by the season’s midpoint

"Peter King: Doug Marrone. The warning signs are there. He feuded with some players in camp, his quarterback opens the season in a big slump, and the Bills already have injury issues."

Basically Watkins is injury prone and Marrone is on the hot seat.

Las Vegas predictions:
Over/under wins 6.5
Doug Marrone the 4th most likely head coach to be fired this season at +800
Sammy Watkins 2nd most likely Offensive Rookie of the Year +750
Bills 4th best odds to be the worst team in the league +1000
CJ Spiller 14th most likely to rush for the most yards this season +4000
EJ Manuel tied for 14th most likely to pass for most yards this season +10,000
Bills -600 they WONT make the playoffs (+425 to make the playoffs)

Lets not for get my boys Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal who said "with this schedule 0-6 is a real possibility" here is their AFC East preview

Monday, September 1, 2014

Who is in with a chance of winning the 2014 World Series?

Although the actual games have now started in MLB 2014, the betting started much earlier than late March. A lot of dedicated baseball fans who double as sports betting enthusiasts, would have been checking out the online bookies just as closely as the off-season arrivals and departures at the clubs likely to be in contention this year. Most of the sides tipped to be real World Series contenders – including the Dodgers and the Tigers – had fairly quiet off-seasons. However there was a notable exception amongst these clubs.

The Yankees, who are around fifth favourites at 16/1, were extremely busy in rebuilding their roster ahead of the 2014 season. It is unarguable that this was necessary, but it means a lot of new faces have to bed in very quickly. The Tigers signed Joe Nathan, but lost Omar Infante and Jhonny Peralta, while the Dodgers biggest move of the off-season was to bring in Dan Haren. His pitching stats certainly can’t be argued with, but the big World Series contenders have a familiar look, and this means last season’s winners – the Red Sox (10/1) – might fancy their chances again. It is hard to say with certainly so early in the season though, and with other gambling options like Hot Shot out there, you don’t really need to.

A game like this baseball one from the successful slot company Microgaming developed for an iPad casino, should keep any baseball betting fan happily engaged until the season progresses a bit. For starters it gives you a chance to play for a jackpot worth $2000, but even those who don’t come away with that can still multiply their total payout several times over by playing it. Beyond the financial side though, Hot Shot is also loads of fun for MLB fans, offering visuals of players, baseball caps, catchers’ mitts and other baseball images, combined with sound effects of the crowd cheering and the bat hitting the ball. Together, all these features ensure it will definitely hit a home run for most fans of MLB betting.