Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chefs 13 Bills 10


For some reason I still care about these games and for the second week in a row I am so pissed at the outcome. How did we lose this football game? The Chefs [sic] are horrible. They are a bad football team. Their coach Todd Haley sucks. Their QB Matt Cassel is a complete bum. The only good player on their team is Jamal Charles.

The Chefs ran for 274 yards. This should seem like an astronomical amount of yards but we as Bills fans are numb to running backs averaging 8 yards per carry. Seriously, did Haley really punt on 4th and 7 from the 33 and then go for it on 4th and 3 from the 20? Then, was he really going to go for it from his own 30 at the end of regulation? Is this dude on crack? I would never ever ever punt on 4th and 7 from the 33. Kick a field goal or go for it...why would you punt?

The Bills defense is bad. I know I have said this over and over like a broken record but how many bad plays can Chris Kelsay make? What loyalty does this coaching staff have to Kelsay? He got juked by Matt Cassel. That is almost as bad as getting juked by Chad Pennington like another terrible Bills linebacker did in Eddie Robinson. If you are getting compared to Eddie Robinson, that is not a good sign.

The Bills defense can't buy an interception either. I haven't heard Jairus Byrd's name said on air all season. George Wilson had a ball right in his hands. Whitner had a chance at an interception...but who is surprised at Whitner making no plays...again. The Bills had 28 interceptions last season...they have one this season. How can you possibly go from 28 interceptions to 2? That is what they are currently on pace for.

How bad must the Bills defense be for George Edwards to get fired? I understand that it is his first year as Bills defensive coordinator, but thus far there has seen no improvement. The Bills did only allow 13 points but I think that has more to do with the lack of talent on the other side of the ball than actual good play by the Bills defense.

I know on the podcast I said how much I like Fitzpatrick. He made some big plays today, especially that pass to Parrish on 3rd and long in leading the Bills to the game tying touchdown. When it is all said and done however, Fitzpatrick did not make the plays needed to win the game. He made two horrible throws that you can say cost the Bills the game today. The wounded duck interception at the end of regulation and the pass to Spiller that he missed in overtime were awful. If you want to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, those are plays that have to be made.

Fitzpatrick is guaranteed to throw a terrible interception in every close road loss we have it seems. As of today, Fitz is nothing but a backup that we will keep around to hopefully mentor Andrew Luck. I will not put 100% of the blame on Fitz though. The play calling when the Bills got close to field goal range was very questionable. The Bills ran 10 plays starting with the drive at the end of regulation in which they had 1st and 10 inside the Chefs 43 yard line. They passed incomplete on 7 of those plays, threw one interception and threw one 3 yard pass to Jackson. The only run was a QB scramble. Why did the Bills become so one dimensional when they got near field goal range? No one knows.(update, Fitz audibled out of a run at the end of the 4th) On Lindell's missed field goal, if the Bills were about 4 yards closer, that kick would have been good and not hit the goal post.

Does anyone else absolutely despise listening to Steve Tasker? In the beginning of the game he actually said the Bills defense was improving. Then, in the 2nd quarter when the game was tied at 0, he said this game was playing out exactly how KC wanted to. I am sure Todd Haley drew it up just like that. "Hey guys, we are playing a 0-6 team, hopefully we can keep it tied in the 2nd quarter." Then, on 3rd and 3 after the Evans fumble, he went to commercial saying the Bills should kick a field goal and take the points because "they need to stop KC anyway." Then after commercial, he said that the Bills need to try and score a TD on this drive. What is he talking about? Hopefully his producer called him out on how absolutely lost he is during that commercial break. Stick to special teams, Steve, you lifetime mediocrity.

The Bills are now 0-7 and play the Bears in Toronto next week. The Bills have had no business losing their past 2 games. I would say that the chances a team would lose the last 2 games based on how the games transpired would be less than 1% but that's the Bills for you. This team just cannot win.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs podcast preview

Steve Coast and Tim discuss Ryan Fitzpatrick the close call at Baltimore and the upcoming game against the KC Chiefs

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Bills: Worst and dumbest defense ever?

by Steve

What is worse, the Buffalo Bills have one of the worst defenses in a while or the dumbest? Just read a couple of these quotes and you have to wonder aloud whether these morons realize how epically awful they all truly are:

"I make all the calls out there," remarked Whitner. "[I] set the defensive secondary where guys should go and where they shouldn't go and where the blitz should come from."

Whitner was asked point blank if he was struggling in general with the Bills' adaptation to the 3-4 defensive scheme.

"I don't feel like that's the case. My coaching staff doesn't feel like that's the case," stated Whitner. "Sometimes some of those plays out there if you sit down and watch them, you'd know the insight of the coverage and where guys are supposed to be."

“They want to see me be more of a productive player, more of an every down contributor and things of that nature,” Maybin said. ”But with all that kind of stuff it comes with experience. You need game time experience in order to make those kinds of transitions happen, so in order for me to get those game time opportunities there is obviously something more that they need to see from me on the practice field. I have to do my best to give that to them.”

And defensive end Marcus Stroud was left to resort to sarcasm when reminded how the Bills have now allowed 34 or more points in five straight games.

"Oh, we just enjoy it," Stroud said rolling his eyes on Monday, before turning serious. "Come on, man, it's something we're not satisfied with. We're working, we're trying to get better every week. We gave up points, point blank."

"I'll be honest with you, this is one of the toughest seasons I've had as a pro, just because of the transition," said defensive end/linebacker Chris Kelsay. "I'm still optimistic about it, but it shows that it's going to take a little bit of time."

Wow, I hate all of those players

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ravens 37 Bills 34


So, we are back from the Ravens road trip and if you would have told me on Friday that the Bills were going to go to M&T Bank Stadium and take the Ravens to overtime and absolutely light up the Ravens top 5 defense, I would have suggested you get a mental examination. As it turned out, that is exactly what happened. The Bills torched the Ravens all afternoon but when it was all said and done, the outcome was the same another loss 37-34.

The Bills offense racked up 506 total yards. Fitz had the best game of his NFL career throwing for 374 yards and 4 touchdowns. Steve Johnson had 8 catches for 158 yards and a TD. Lee Evans had 3 touchdown receptions on 6 catches for 105 yards. The running game was adequate enough to keep the defense off balance. For a while, I had to remind myself this was 2010 and not 1990. The Bills looked unstoppable on offense.

Unfortunately, the positives for me end there.

Fitz had a great game, no question about it. Again though, how can Chan Gailey go through OTAs, mini camp, training camp and an entire preseason and not see the difference in ability between Fitz and Edwards? Trent has never looked anywhere in the vicinity of this good in any game of his career. It isn't like we are talking about Kolb vs. Vick here, but we are talking about Fitz who may be a career backup vs. a guy who insults the entire sport of football every time he puts on a helmet in Trent Edwards. Would it make a difference if Fitz played the whole season? Probably not...the only difference would be that we would have beaten Miami at home.

I mentioned on the way home that I was going to spend 1,000 words absolutely tearing Donte Whitner apart on this blog. I spent the entire 3rd quarter thinking about going to the tunnel at the end of the game and threatening Donte Whitner's well being (not literally). This guy is HORRIBLE. He needs to be taken off the field. Seriously, do we still have Coy Wire? John Wendling? Anyone, really. In all honesty though, we would lose nothing by putting George Wilson in the game and just benching this waste of life. Whitner was drafted in the top 10 of the NFL draft. He makes zero big plays. He had the game on his fingertips yesterday an easy pick 6(taint) a play that a top 10 player should make with his eyes closed. He makes this play, it is 31-10 in the 2nd quarter and lights out on Baltimorei Instead he drops it and the Ravens go on a 24-0 run. I really, firmly believe that this single missed pick 6 is the reason for the 1.5 quarter tail spin.

Also, how does Todd Heap run a streak to the goal line, turn around and is still wide open? Heap was completely uncovered on his 1st TD pass. This was Whitner's guy. The Bills should bench Donte Whitner for George Wilson. Gailey should send a message saying that I don't care how long you have been here or where you were drafted or how much you make, if you suck, you will be benched.

The officials didn't do us any favors yesterday either. Reggie Corner's interception in the end zone before the last minute touchdown by the Ravens was an interception. I don't care what anyone says. Yeah, his foot landed on Boldin's leg and then Boldin threw him out of bounds. Reggie Corner intercepted the pass, landed on Boldin who was laying in the field of play, got one foot down and the other foot landed on Boldin's leg and then Corner basically bounced off Boldin and was propelled out of bounds. This is an interception. If it isn't, then that is the most ridiculous rule ever. He landed on a player who was laying in the field of play and you tell me that isn't being in bounds? That play KILLED us.

In overtime, Shaun Nelson fumbled. You can make the argument that you shouldn't fumble and I agree, Nelson needs to somehow hang onto the football. At the same time, Nelson's forward progress was stopped for a solid 2 seconds. The whistle should have blown. He was being help up by a handful of Raven defenders and because of that, Ray Lewis was able to strip the ball. How long can the Ravens hold Nelson up for? Bogus call, should have been forward progress whistle blown play over...period.

Here is another interesting officiating fact from the game. Before the Spiller fumble, the Ravens made a 48 yard field goal. The funny thing was, there was a review of the play before the kick and the ref announced over the loud speaker that the ball was to be spotted at the 25 yard line. The officials then spotted the ball at the 30. No one said anything and the Ravens proceeded to attempt the kick, and make it. How do you mess that up. That shows the refs are lost. Also if they missed could that have been challenged?

So what about the game/weekend experience in Baltimore, Maryland? Ravens fans were not too harsh on us...all they really said to us was "you guys suck" or "we would talk trash but you guys are just so bad." Basically, they felt bad for us...which is usually the case when we go to road games. A ten year old kid with a Ray Lewis jersey on actually told me that I sucked when I went to give him a high five. I was kind of pissed...but then again, he was only ten.

The Bills are going to go 3-13 hopefully. They will still get the number 1 pick, and yes, they still need to draft a QB. If Fitz throws 30 touchdowns and less than 10 interceptions along with 3,300 yards or more, then I will entertain the thought of drafting a defensive player in the first round. Otherwise, I am still going QB in round 1 and then defense with every single other pick I have. 34 plus points in 5 straight games? That is unheard of. They allow 4.4 more points per game than the 31st ranked defense in the league. George Edwards, keep your resume updated buddy if we don't see some improvement you will be unemployed on the first Monday of January.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens podcast

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ray Lewis about to murder Buffalo


Ray Ray bout to start murdering fools :

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis had an evil smile on his face when he thought about channeling the disappointment of Sunday's overtime loss to the New England Patriots.

Next up for the Ravens? The winless Buffalo Bills in M&T Bank Stadium.

"We are going home, and then we're going on the bye week," Lewis said of getting over the bitterness of surrendering a 10-point, fourth-quarter lead.

"It's going to be rough on Buffalo."

The blog will be represented at the game by both Steve and Coast, that coupled with a pissed off Ray Ray and it is going to be a blood bath FML

Friday, October 15, 2010

Yankees Suck

by Steve

I wish the Rockies or Pirates/Royals/A's/Rays/Orioles etc etc etc etc could buy a World Series Championship. Too bad the Yankees are the only team that is able to. Case and point is Jorge Posada. No team in MLB would have been able to resign this albatross. He is grossly over paid, an awful catcher and got wayyyy to many years on his contract. Fuck the Yankees

The Royals errr I mean the Rangers are poorly managed. They have a coke head as a manager and left Wilson in too long. I said in the 3rd inning "I hope they don't keep Wilson in too long". Or course they did, or course they lost, and of course they're going to get swept.

If I have to watch another boring Phillies Yankees World Series I may quit on baseball and start wathing cricket. FMLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Fuck the New York Yankees and their $200,000,000+ payroll

The Bills: Historically bad?

by Steve

Haha.. yeah the Buffalo Bills aren't going to to lose this week. HEY OOO! Plus we as Bills fans get to actually watch some good football the whole weekend. We won't be subjected to an awful 0-5 team with no upside, draft busts all over the place and an old mediocre head coach. The only question for the rest of the season other than if Aaron Maybin can get the field is whether the Bills are historically bad, meaning 0-16.

The defense is clearly inept. Any time the team needs a stop or a big play or even a freakin sack the Bills D will fail. The change to 3-4 was a blunder of all blunders. There may not be one player in the front 7 that is a capable 3-4 player. The team has six total sacks this season( two are from DBs one from a player that got cut). They can't get to the quarterback, they can't get any pressure and it kills any chance of the secondary playing well. Then again even if there was pressure wouldn't our safeties still get burned? This defense is the worst in the league and may be the worst of the decade.

Unfortunately, or fortunately if you want the Bills to run the table in reverse, the offense may be equally as abysmal. How is there still no tightend on the roster worth mentioning (7 total receptions by a TE this season)? Nix and co. knew Nelson would be out at least 4 games and your only other tight end is named Stupar. Jeez, bring someone else in. The offensive line is bad. There is no depth and the tackles are not starting caliber. Ryan Fitzpatrick is Ryan Fitzpatrick a subpar journeyman loser. For every good play he makes there are two that kill the team.

Basically this team could easily lose their next eleven games. Let's take a quick look at the schedule:

Week 7 - @ Baltimore
Easily a loss, even more of a reason it is a definite L, I'll be there.

Week 8 - @ Kansas City
Much better than the Bills at this point. They still aren't good but have way more talent, we could keep it close but definitely will lose in a tough environment.

Week 9 - Chicago in Toronto
This game will be ugly and could be played in front of the worst audience of all time. The Bills don't win in Toronto.

Week 10 - Lions
First chance the Bills have of winning a game. The crowd will be a non-factor but the Lions don't ever win on the road. Stafford may torch us and we will be a dawg at home to Detroit, ouch.

Week 11 - @ Cincinnati
Cinci isn't good but the Bills are much worse and aren't winning a game on the road.

Week 12 - Pittsburgh
Rapelisraper makes his return to Buffalo and will kill us and prob rape some chicks.

Week 13 - @ Minnesota
Bret might be IR'd by this time but that dome is loud. If Minny has any playoff chance this will be a blow out even against Tarvaris.

Week 14 - Cleveland
This may be the #1 pick bowl. Cleveland has won three straight but Colt McCoy? Hmm tough to predict. Hopefully Brohm is in by now.

Week 15 @ Miami
Rivalry but we aren't winning on the road c'mon.

Week 16 - New England
Make that 15 straight L's v N.E.

Week 17 - @ Jets
0-15 against a team with probably nothing to play for? Will we have the #1 overall locked up by now? Could be a game we would win.

1-15 Billieve it

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Delving into Ralph Wilson's comments

by Steve

Going 0-5 is depressing enough, lump onto that the idea of the Bills leaving Buffalo and borderline suicidal thoughts creep into heads (ya know, relatively speaking). Who ever this John Wawrow guy speculated after his chat with the Bills Chief about the Bills future in WNY:

"From what I've heard in the background, and seen happening - without saying anything definitively, because I can't, because no one's actually told me anything - I have a better feeling that this team might be here longer, beyond Ralph Wilson, for a long time," Wawrow said. "I can't say that with certainty, but I get the sense there's work going on in the background that will make the transition easier. I can't really get into specifics, because I can't pin down the facts."

"I'm not saying this is a guarantee," Wawrow continued. "I'm probably at maybe 65-70, 30-35 in thinking the Bills are staying here."

Wawrow believes that there are several factors working in Buffalo's favor that could lead to an ownership succession plan.

"Given the fact that Ralph Wilson is in the Hall of Fame, and built a legacy on voting against relocation, and the fact that I know the NFL wants a market in this region - and I'm speaking to the Toronto/Buffalo corridor - I can't foresee a team moving out of this region just because it's so valuable as far as its proximity goes," Wawrow said. "I think the history is also there with the number of people from the Bills organization who are in Canton."

Great, more non-info information. Ralph, jeez, just tell us you have a plan beyond your time on Earth.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ralph Wilson speaks

Well, he is alive:

"I hope you understand that there's really nothing I can say," Wilson told The Associated Press. "You've seen this thing. I'm not going to try to explain it or make excuses. It's bad."

Wilson then expressed confidence in the plan that general manager Buddy Nix and coach Chan Gailey - both in their first years at the job - have for turning the team around. But he cautioned it won't happen overnight.

As for any message he had for the team's fans, Wilson said: "Two words. Pain and patience. P and P."

"Well, it is what it is. Everybody can see it, it's very painful," Wilson said. "It's going to take time. And I've said that from the beginning. It's going to take another three years until we get to turn this thing around."

Wilson then added the turnaround could come sooner, but he didn't want to sound too optimistic.

"I don't want to throw out a lot of hope," Wilson said. "I want to be a realist. I always have been. And we have to get some talent."

That search for talent begins at quarterback. Wilson noted Nix will be spending the next two weeks on the road scouting the top crop of college quarterback prospects.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sabres 2 Senators 1 F

by Steve

Ugh, yes for those keeping score at home this is two Sabres posts in two days. Well, the Sabres won, which is a mild surprise considering how the Senators are basically to the Sabres what the Patriots are to the Bills.

The Sabres dominated this game let's face it. Too bad Vanek couldn't put the punk into lake Erie if he was at Bay Beach (hahaha you like that reference?). God Chris Phillips for Ottawa was god awful. Myers didn't play great but didn't do anything catastrophic. I hope his success last year hasn't gone to his head.

Quick hits:
  • Who is more over paid Craig Rivet (the captain by the way) Jochen Hecht or Chris Kelsay? Eeek
  • Derek Roy FTW! Halla atcha boy when you see him in the street, two goals tonight. What time will he be on Chippewa tonight? I say 12:15 but there is a game tomorrow.
  • Vanek, you make $7 mil score a goal.
  • The powerplay for the Sabres was somehow effect and not effect at the same time. Where are the finishers on this team?
  • Connolly and Ennis looked pretty decent.
  • Why is Cody McCormick on this roster?
  • Our captain and two assistant captains Craig Rivet, Jochen Hecht, Derek Roy. Makes you feel like you just chugged a warm Keystone ice doesn't it?
  • I still say fire Ruff but the team was ready to play tonight just not ready to score goals.
  • Did Pominville dress tonight?
  • And... was Ottawa drunk?
Brian Roloff, keep yo head up, not making the Pirates may be a good thing...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Buffalo Sabres 2010/11 NHL preview

by Steve

Ugh, it is Buffalo Sabres season already? Call me in March..

OH wait, the Bills are already a joke, and we have no baseball or basketball team to root against LeBron with. FML.

In a nutshell, there are no gamers on the squad, the coach is a loser, the goalie is over paid and the defense may be great. Sounds like a playoff run to me.

But really, are Connolly Roy and Gaustad the worst top 3 centers in the league? Is anyone more over paid than Connolly, well, Guastad, is anyone more over paid than Guastad? Maybe Niedermeyer is the third center but he is 36 (in December) how great is he?

Ryan Miller is a good goalie. Too bad you don't need a good goalie to win, you just need goals. Vanek will get you goals if he is healthy but he is not a great all around player. Look at his assist statistics since his HUGGGGGE contract. He doesn't make anyone else better.

Lindy Ruff is shockingly back as the head coach. He is a career loser who complains about a lack of talent and always loses the big one. Two of the better goalies in the last 15 years is a lack of talent? STFU.

That reminds me, where is the owner. Has anyone heard from Golisano since he was going to eat that microphone? Oh yeah, he moved to Florida to evade state taxes, nice. He is a POS period. Don't even get me started on Regier and Quinn errr Darc/Quinny.

Don't get me wrong, the team will be good, perhaps even better than last year, but they are not a Championship caliber team. Not with undersized losers like Tin Can, Roy, Ennis, Myers (haha) and a pussy ass bitch like Gaustad. Then again anything to distract me from the tire fire that is the Buffalo Bills is a welcome retreat. See you disappointed in early May.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Assessing the Marshawn Lynch trade

by Steve

It has been 30 some odd hours since Lynch was shipped to Seattle for a 4th round pick and conditional 2012 6th round pick so it has sunk in. Now, as I understand it, basically, the Buffalo Bills used 2 top 12 draft picks for Cliff Spiller and a 4th round pick in 2011? Great job guys.

This has to be the most bumbling idiotic front office in sports the last five years. Marv Levy was easily a worse GM than Tom Donahoe. I have to honestly question whether Marv was even trying to make the team better. On paper it appears he was trying to make the team worse on purpose.

Anyone that says I would have complained either way is wrong. Who cares if Lynch was on the team after the trade deadline. They were awful with Lynch they'll be awful without Lynch. All this really does is force Spiller to touch the ball more and increase his likelihood of a catastrophic injury. Yeah, he'll be able to get more live action experience following blockers and learning to play in the National Football League. But he is a running back for christ sake. It isn't rocket science, run the ball.

If he was such an immense talent Lynch and Fred Jackson wouldn't be able to get on the field. That reminds me, why is everyone so convinced Jackson is far superior and clearly a better running back than Lynch? Lynch has more than double the touchdowns 700 more rushing yards and only 200 less receiving yards (remember Jackson is such a phenomenal receiving threat). They have played roughly the same amount of games and each have been in the league 4 seasons. Also Lynch is five years younger.

What could we possible get out of a fourth and sixth round pick? Another Ko Simpson and Xavier Omon? Ugh. I was never a huge fan of Lynch. Here is my immediate reaction when he was drafted " "Reach of the century. How do you trade Mcgahee to pick up this clown holy shittt" And after a day to think about it "As previously expressed taking a running back that isn't going to be dynamite in the first 20 picks of the draft is foolish. Lynch is going to be an average back in this league, and trading away an average back (Willis Mcgahee) and getting yet another average back is puzzling. Running backs are either elite or average 1,200 yard backs. Whether you get that in the 2nd or 3rd[round] or 12th over all doesn't matter." Words that could not be more prescient.

Let me reiterate, drafting a running back in the first round or at least in the top 15-20 picks is never a good idea. There are maybe a few examples of that being incorrect but that just proves the rule.

So great, we're stuck with a 29 year old mediocrity and a Reggie Bush esque tweener and an extra pick day three in April. How is this team better off?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Seattle Seahawks trade for Marshawn Lynch

Buffalo Bills fail, Marshawn Lynch was traded to the Seattle Seahawks for a 4th round pick in 2011 and a conditional 6th round pick in 2012 per Jay Glazer and PFT:

Lynch will "play a lot" and "contribute immediately" according to Carroll. The Seahawks coach will pair him with Justin Forsett, a former Cal teammate of Lynch's. Forsett and Lynch remain close, as Lynch was at Forsett's wedding this offseason.

"He's exciting to watch and will bring a lot to this team," Forsett said.

A few other notes on the move:

1. Adam Schefter reports that the second pick involved in the trade was a sixth rounder in 2012 that can go to a 5th based on Lynch's productivity. The Bills also got a fourth-round pick in the '11 draft.

2. The Seahawks are now without a third and fourth-round pick in next year's draft. (They gave up a third in the Charlie Whitehurst trade.) Lynch is only 24 years old, but he's only signed through 2011.'s Adam Caplan reports that Lynch's rookie contract will void after '11.
The Seahawks rank 28th in total offense and 27th in rushing yards-per-game through four weeks.

More thoughts to come...

The Bills Are An Embarrassment to the City of Buffalo


The Jets embarrassed the Bills and the entire city Sunday. I wasn't pissed about the game. I didn't even care that the Bills lost. I was just completely embarrassed to be a Bills fan. This game was the most one sided football game I have ever seen. The 56-10 game against New England was bad, but this was worse. New England was so good that season and tried running up the score on the Bills. The Jets starters only played 75% of the game and were up 38-7 seemingly effortlessly. The only positive was that this game wasn't on prime time national television. I am going to keep this brief because if I am not careful, I will spend about 500 words tearing up all 53 players on the roster and that could get out of hand.

The Bills deferred at the beginning of the game. Why would you defer when your defense allows over 200 yards rushing a game and is coming off back to back 30 point performances? It seems like a great idea to put your stellar offense in a 7-0 hole right away against one of the best defenses in the league.

Chris Kelsay, fresh off his 4 year extension, got blown up on just about every play of the Jets opening drive. He had a wide open shot at Shonn Green in the backfield and just whiffed. I don't need to talk more about Kelsay. Everyone knows how bad he is. The signing just proves that the organization is content with medicrity.

Evans had one catch for 6 yards in the game. His only catch came with about 25 seconds left in the 4th quarter, so it shouldn't even count. He has 10 catches for 94 yards on the season. He is on pace for 40 catches and 376 yards. He is currently on pace to make $23,936 per reception. How about that deal? The Saints have seven players with 9 or more catches. I know the Bills lack talent overall on offense, but in the third quarter I watched Evans on a series of consecutive plays. He ran a streak down the sideline on every single play. Is he being used as a decoy only? Why not use him in the short to intermediate passing game. The Bills should trade him. There is no point in having him on this roster. Would their passing game be worse if David Nelson, Steve Johnson and Roscoe Parrish were the three main receiving threats? Probably not.

The Jets had 273 yards rushing. In two games last year, the Jets rushed for 249 and 318 yards. The Jets have rushed for 840 yards in three games against the Bills. The Colts ran for 1,294 yards the entire 2009 season...the Jets would do that in 4.5 games against Buffalo.

Tomlinson played like he was 24 agian. He had 133 yards and 2 touchdowns on only 19 carries. That is 7 yards per carry. This was his best game since December 9, 2007 when he rushed for 146 yards. Tomlinson said after the game that some running backs don't slow down when they reach their 30s. LT, you're wrong, they certainly do, the Bills are just THAT bad.

Why won't we trade Lynch? Teams want him. He has some trade value. We don't need him. We are terrible at every single position so the more draft picks we can get, the better. I don't really get it. The Eagles are interested. The Packers were and probably are interested. Get a third for him and let's move on. Having all three running backs doesn't make our team better.

I don't have much else to say. The Bills play Jacksonville this weekend. I thought this was a winnable game until the Jags beat the Colts and the Bills looked like the worst team in the history of the league. I'd take Jacksonville and lay 10.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Jets 38 Bills 14 F

by Steve

Wow. The Buffalo Bills are beyond pathetic/embarrassing. I am not sure exactly what is beyond that other than the Bills and I know it is ugly. This game was pathetic from the onset. There is no point to breaking it down or delving into this one. It was just under the Patriots SNF game from 2007.

The worst part is there is no hope. At least after that game we were still 5-5 and Ralph wasn't yet 90 (he'll be 92 10/17). I don't even want to ask if things can get worse because what if they can?

Worst case scenario is they leave Buffalo. Right now that doesn't seem like that much worse. Perhaps after the numbing pain wares off that statement won't be true but jeez. This is bad.

Best case scenario is what, Ralph lives a few more years and we continue to be mediocre? Nah he could have a succession plan and we could hit on a QB next year and Chan could be fired and Parcells could be brought it and Maybin could realize he is an NFL player or at least was drafted to be one and and eh fkk it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jets @ Bills quotes and notes

"Sanchez isn't on Brady's level yet. You can blitz him. He's the key to their offense. If he's playing well, they normally win football games. If he's not, they lose. We know what we have to do." Donte Whitner
STFU Whitner

"Going into this year when you look at our linebacker corps, you say, 'Man, we're deep. We've got a lot of guys," said inside linebacker Paul Posluszny
Wha? Is Paul talking about the Buffalo Bills LB corps?

"[Keller is] tough to cover right now. He has made plays against some corners, safeties and linebackers. He's going to be tough, but we expect to compete well against him."
What leads you to this conclusion Whit-dog? Have you ever competed well against a tightend in your career?

"I know he's a pretty smart guy," Bart Scott said. "I don't want him to hit me with a book."
I hate you Bart Scott

All-Pro Darrelle Revis (hamstring) has already ruled himself out of this weekend and Calvin Pace did not travel with the team putting him out for Sunday as well. 11. C Nick Mangold (shoulder) is listed as questionable and LB Jason Taylor (elbow) as probable, but both played in last week’s 31-23 win over Miami with the same injury classifications. LB Jamaal Westerman (ankle) and T Wayne Hunter (shin) are also listed as out.

Run stoppers DE Marcus Stroud (ankle) and LB Andra Davis (shoulder) are both listed as out, as is top cornerback Terrence McGee (knee)