Thursday, February 25, 2010

Donte Whitner for Jason Campbell?

Per sources:

it was a little surprising (and refreshing) to read Jason Reid of the Washington Post write today about a rumor that he and Jason La Canfora of NFL Network "both were busy checking out" in Indianapolis.

Reid writes that the rumor is that the Redskins would send quarterback Jason Campbell to the Buffalo Bills for safety Donte Whitner and a draft pick.

The rumor isn't actually likely to come to fruition, and the Redskins are indicating publicly that they plan to bring Campbell back. Still, Reid writes that he wouldn't be surprised if Campbell isn't back with the Redskins in 2010.

Campbell becomes a restricted free agent next week, and the Redskins are expected to tender him an offer of $3.268 million, which would entitle them to first- and third-round draft picks as compensation if he signs elsewhere.

Hey, why not? Campbell is young and hasn't had a lot of talent around him. He is still young (27) and could make a leap at any moment. Whitner is an average player that isn't needed, why not kick the tires?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Donovan McNabb in buffalo?

Some dude on 103.3 The Edge allegedly said he flew into Buffalo on a small plane today and McNabb was also on it. Take it FWIW, which is probably nothing. But this is a blog and why not spread rumors if we have them. Again just a rumor and nothing even close to substantiated. I'm just sick of getting texts about it.


To set record straight: McNabb's niece, Tamika Nurse, plays guard for Bowling Green. She has managed to bring McNabb to Buffalo.

Breaking news: Donovan McNabb is in Buffalo! Unfortunately for the Bills, he's there to watch his niece play a college basketball game.

USA 2 Switzerland 0 final

by Steve

Miller v Hiller was the story line of this one. Hiller stood on his head and it still wasn't enough for the Swiss Wednesday afternoon in Vancouver. Hiller saved 42 of 44 shots while Miller recorded team USA's first shut out since Mike Richter was on the team saving all 19 SUI shots.

Parise scored both goals for team USA one in the opening minutes of the third period and an empty netter to close out the game. USA had two goals waived off in the game as well. One with the seconds ticking down in the 2nd period. The goal was determined to not be fully across the line as time expired. Another goal disallowed came in a wild minute just before SUI seemingly scored the tying goal. Replays showed the Swiss hit a post and it did not cross the goal line. Suter rushed down the ice and whizzed it past Hiller only for the goal to be called back on a USA penalty.

USA moves onto the medal round with the victory. Canada plays Russia at 7:30 loser goes home. Oh yeah Ryan Miller is a stud. It is impossible not to think how good the Sabres can be for the next 5-7 years with this dude playing with this much focus and tenacity in clutch moments as he has throughout these Olympics. Odds are USA will play the Czechs on Friday at 3.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Coast's Thoughts on the Bills and the Offseason


I know it has been a while since the last time I posted on here. Basically, the Bills offseason moves have been as uninteresting as humanly possible and quite frankly, I have never cared less about the Bills in my life. Anyways, I still have some opinions on some recent happenings with the Bills that I want to voice...especially after reading the non sense that I have read on this blog recently.

First of all, I need to make some comments on the Bills offseason. Anyone who thinks the Bills number one need is anything but quarterback is completely lost. Don't give me this linebacker is more important than quarterback garbage. All good teams have quarterbacks unless they have a defense that is ridiculously good (ie. Jets/Ravens) and let's face it, Sanchez and Flacco are a lot better than anyone we got. The rest of the teams in the playoffs this season have pro bowl caliber QBs (Rivers, Manning, Brady, Palmer, Romo, McNabb, Favre, Rodgers, Warner, Brees). So please give it up with this "QB isn't that important" crap because I am sick of hearing it. We need to draft one in the first round, period. I don't care if it is Clausen or Bradford. We are going to suck in 2010 as it is so let's take a QB with our first pick and hope he's a stud. No one knows if Clausen or Bradford are going to be good or are going to be busts. Yeah, Pike or that other bum from the MAC could be good but I am sick of taking chances on mid round talent (Edwards).

In the offseason, we can't cut Fitzpatrick. He sucks, yeah, but he at least has some experience and can serve as a backup quarterback. I want them to rid themselves of the Dick Jauron clone Trent Edwards as soon as possible though. Give me Bradford, Fitz and Gibran and I will take my chances that Bradford pans out and is a stud come 2012.

Our next biggest need is offensive line. We have 0 starting caliber tackles. A legitimate argument can be made to take a tackle in the first round, although it would be hard to justify after trading Peters. I think LT at 9 is a no brainer if our QB situation wasn't so terrible to be honest with you.

We also need a WR and TE real bad. On most teams, WR and TE would be number one needs, but since our franchise is so pathetic and every position can be a number one need, WR and TE rank in the middle of the pack somewhere.

Defensively, cut Kelsay, he is overpaid and sucks. Don't resign any of our bum line backers either. The Bills will instantly become better once Keith Ellison is off the team. We got Poz and Mitchell (who is mediocre, I know) and then we need to hope our first round gem Maybin pans out as an outside LB in a 3-4 scheme. We do need another outside LB and some serious depth so we don't have Bryan freaking Scott playing linebacker again. I hope there are some good free agents to give us depth...I don't feel like looking up who the free agents are because this franchise isn't worth my time. I wouldn't be opposed to drafting a LB in the 2nd round either. Hopefully the Bills draft Brandon Spikes and he chooses number least my Takeo jersey will no longer be obsolete.

I hated the Gailey hiring, everyone knows that. It was another typical boring move by the Bills. I have never heard of an assistant that this guy has brought in. I guess I have to give Chan the Man the benefit of the doubt because of his incredible success as an NFL and college head coach and assistant.

As far as Brad Butler retiring, I don't blame him at all. If he played for any other NFL team, he probably wouldn't retire. There is only so much one person can take of losing and pathetic management. Seriously, imagine if you worked for a boss like Ralph Wilson...would you really want to keep working for him? He doesn't care about winning at all. It is like working for a sales company for a boss who doesn't care about how much you sell, so when other companies see your resume and lack of sales they won't give you the time of day, thus ruining your career. That is what the Bills do. Who knows how good players that have wasted their time playing for the Bills really could have been. Lee Evans? Dude has played with Bledsoe in the twilight of his career, Losman, Holcombe, Edwards, Fitzpatrick. Does it get any worse? How do you go that long without having a real quarterback? Why weren't the Bills in the Jay Cutler sweepstakes? A young, quality QB was right there on the trade market, but no, the Bills were satisfied with Trent freaking Edwards. What a joke, Serioulsly, this team makes me sick.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

USA defeats Canada 5-3

by Steve

Sidney and the choke artists let down their country tonight in Vancouver. Ryan Miller and Brian Rafalski stole a victory in a game Canada should have won. Martin Brodeur was badly out played by his counterpart Miller in the final game of the preliminary round.

Team Canada looked nervous, tight and over hyped. They couldn't finish their chances around the net and Brodeur was way to aggressive. Sidney had a goal but finished the game with a -3 , uh oh. Thornton and Getzlaf were invisible while role players Backes and Stastney for USA played very well. Chris Drury looked like his old 05/06 Sabres form.

The better goalie won and the better team won tonight. Canada has to play Germany Tuesday and if they win that they'll have to play Russia. USA gets a bye. All of Canada is reaching for their tissues and or hand guns. The odds of Canada winning gold are slim to none unless this team changes players. They look bad.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bills hire assistant coach, Daryl Daye

Per TBN:

Daryl Daye has been hired as the assistant to Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey, the team announced in an e-mail press release.

Daye's duties will include assisting Gailey in day-to-day administrative operations as well as numerous travel and training camp duties.

Daye has never coached in the NFL. He spent the last 24 years at the collegiate level, most recently at Missouri Southern State from 2006 to '09. Daye served as the MSSU's defensive coordinator, special teams and linebackers coach.

Defensive coach with a lot of lower level experience FWIW

His football coaching experience began at Louisiana State University in 1986, where he worked under and also played for Bill Arnsparger “the architect of the Miami Dolphins' 'No-Name Defense'" in the early 1970s. He then coached two seasons for then-coach Mike Archer who is the current defensive coordinator at North Carolina State University. Initially, Daye came to LSU as a walk-on player. He earned a scholarship and later lettered at inside linebacker for the Tigers.

While at LSU the Tigers won two Southeastern Conference Championships. Daye was a part of five teams that went to bowl games either as a player or coach. LSU represented the SEC as the league champions in the Sugar Bowl in 1985 and 1987, while also appearing in the 1983 Orange Bowl, 1985 Liberty Bowl and 1988 Gator Bowl and the 1989 Hall of Fame Bowl

After his stint at LSU, Daye coached at Southern Mississippi under former head coach Curley Hallman in 1989-90. The Golden Eagles, whose then-roster included current Green Bay Packers star Brett Favre, made one postseason appearance during his stay there in the 1990 All American Bowl.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brad Butler retires, fuck you

Per TBN:

Buffalo offensive lineman Brad Butler told the Bills today that he is retiring from professional football, the team announced Thursday afternoon in a press release.

Butler, a University of Virginia graduate, has started at both right guard and right tackle but was injured early last season.

"I would like to thank Mr. Wilson, my teammates and the entire Bills Nation for giving me the opportunity to represent the Buffalo Bills for the past four years," Butler said in a statement given to the team for release to the media and fans. "Playing in the National Football League has been a tremendous opportunity and a great blessing. However, my passion for education, country and community is something that I am ready to devote my full attention to. I believe the best way to pursue these spheres of interest is to step away from the game of football at this point in my life. I will always remember my time spent in Western New York with great affection. I wish my teammates and Bills fans the best of luck next season and into the future."

"We respect Brad's decision to pursue the next chapter in his life. He has tremendous character and a very bright future in whatever career path he now chooses and we wish him all the best," Bills General Manager Buddy Nix said in the team's press release.

Anyone know what the fuck that means???? Now we have to draft a tackle in the second round? FML

Monday, February 15, 2010

Buffalo Bills offseason plan part 1

by Steve

The offseason started a week ago and the Bills have yet to make a single move. The coaching staff is in place the roster is unfrozen and major changes to both the offense and defense are looming. What is the delay? Players can be cut, collusion with potential free agents can start (although they can't be signed until March 5th LETS GO.

Here is my plan (part 1):

Players we don't have to bother cutting cause they are already free agents:
Terrell Owens
Josh Reed
Keith Ellison
Ryan Denney
Asthon Youboty
Jon Corto

Free Agents I wouldn't mind signing back:
George Wilson
Bryan Scott
Derek Schouman

Unfortunately the rest of the roster is still under contract. Here is my list of players then we need to cut:
Marcus Buggs (too small)
Chris Draft (too small)
Justise Hairston (don't like the way you spell your name)
Chris Kelsay (obsolete)
Corey Mace (ditto unless he can play the 5 technique)
John McCargo (because you have zero trade value)
Ryan Fitzpatrick

Players Bills should trade if they have value to anyone:
Kyle Williams (unless he can play 3-4 DE or miraculously play NT)
Donte Whitner (some team might like him [WASH])
Aaron Schobel (obsolete, over paid)
Marcus Stroud (if he can't play 3-4 DE)
Trent Edwards (needs a fresh start)

Bills major needs in order:
1. Linebacker
2. Quarterback
3. Nose Tackle
4. Offensive Tackle
5. Linebacker
6. 3-4 Defensive end
7. Wide Receiver

Dates of interest:

Feb. 8 – Date players under contract can start being released

Feb. 25 – Deadline to designate franchise and transition players

Feb. 24 – March 2 – NFL Combine

March 5 – Free agency opens

March 15 – First day NFL clubs can open offseason programs

April 15 – Deadline for restricted free agents to sign offer sheets from other teams

April 22-24 – NFL Draft

July 15 – Deadline to sign franchise player to multi-year deal

Friday, February 12, 2010

Buffalo Bills jack up ticket prices

Location Bills Season Tickets 2010 NFL Season Ticket Avg. 2009
Lower Level Sideline I $80 / game $104.45 / game
Lower Lower Level Sideline II $70 / game $90.30 / game
Lower Lower Level Corners $59 / game $82.81 / game
Lower Tunnel End Zone $50 / game $71.00 / game
Lower Lower Level Scoreboard End Zone $50 / game $71.00 / game
Lower Tops Club Level Family Corner $40 / game $86.89 / game
Lower Upper Level Corners $39 / game $50.40 / game
The Coors Light Rock Pile $40 / game $40.87 / game

Per the Buffalonews

by Steve
Rock Pile seats (where I sit) are going up 33%. god damn. The Bills miss the playoffs for a fucking decade and my tickets go up 33% in one fucking year. Five years ago the tickets cost $25 a game now they are $40. Fuck off Ralph

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buffalo Sabres lose 6th straight

by Steve

That was a quick 13 point lead in the division. Now the Sabres are staring up at the Ottawa Senators who are alone in first in the Northeast division. Another frustrating borderline pathetic loss tonight @ Carolina 4-3 in overtime.

The Sabres were up a quick two goals only to find themselves down 3-2 in the third. Roy got a nice goal to force overtime. Then Montador looked like a retard losing the puck in front of his net, the canes pounded it home, good night thanks for coming.

Forget slump this is a straight up free fall. The entire team is playing poorly. Miller gives up another four goals, Vanek is basically invisible, Gaustad is (-6) in his last 10 games with two points. Oh yeah, he hasn't scored in his last 20 games.

Ruff and co. need to stick with the status quo though. Hold on to your prized young players, ride Miller into the ground, trot out the same 18 players each night. Not much else to even say other than WOW and Buffalo sports fail.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fat Rex Ryan with no shirt on

"Look we're all a little chubby but Rex is just worse than most" Of course paraphrasing the great Donald Trump. Pictures from when fat Rex is a dogs name Ryan was at a Hurricanes game. UH OH

Monday, February 8, 2010

Buffalo Bills 3-4 defense breakdown

Better than we can do. from

UFA, Trade, and Draft Talk
Lots of posts on this blog about going to get Shawne Merriman or Joey Porter or Rolando McClain. While those are nice thoughts, they won’t make this defensive scheme effective. The 3-4 that Edwards wants to run is predicated on having three very good defensive linemen. The linebacker, no matter how talented, will get blocked and beaten if the line isn’t set. While Merriman and Porter are good thoughts, we need to be thinking NTs and 5 technique ends.

McClain is also a hot topic lately. He’s going to be most effective playing the weak side ILB position, a la Patrick Willis. We already have Posluszny and Mitchell to play that spot. Drafting McClain would give us three WILBs and no NT to protect him. While McClain is a great, great player, NT is a much more pressing need. Dan Williams is the guy we need to be talking about.

UFA that we should be considering
Note: I anticipate that Casey Hampton, Vince Wilfork, Richard Seymour, Karlos Dansby and Aubrayo Franklin won’t hit the market. And Ryan Pickett, while a good fit, won’t be signed. I don’t know why, just going off information Brian has mentioned.

Jason Ferguson
: Not the best NT, but better than who we have.
Dwan Edwards
: Solid rotational 5 technique end.
Nick Eason
: Depth 5 technique end.
Alfonso Boone
: Depth 5 technique.
Ian Scott
: Reserve DT with NT experience.
Danny Clark
: Veteran that could be a backup OLB.
Larry Foote
: Best strong side ILB on the market. Needs to be a priority target for the Bills.

Jeff Ulbrich: Strongside ILB. Getting long in the tooth.

Adalius Thomas: A force for the Ravens that tailed off in New England, that we could sign if we aren't happy with our OLB's.
Jimmy Kennedy
: Big man that has underachieved but has become a good reserve for Minnesota. Might be able to transition to NT.
Bryan Robinson
: Another priority on the free agent market. Has played in the 3-4 Over scheme as the NT the past three seasons.
Chike Okeafor
: OLB that could be signed if we don’t think we have the right OLBs. 3-4 Over strong side OLB experience.
Scott Fujita
: OLB who rushes in the Saints’ scheme. Starter if we don’t think we have the right OLBs.
Tully Banta-Cain
: Easier to get than Porter or Merriman if we don’t think we have the right OLBs.

Trades for NTs that we should consider
Isaac Sopoaga
: With the emergence of Franklin, Sopoaga could be available. Big wide body that can easily start and play two gap from day one.
Alan Branch
: Big strong NT that’s underachieved thus far. Could be a Ted Washington type find if he works harder.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saints 31 Colts 17 F

by Steve

Immediate reaction:

  • Manning choked
  • Brees didn't make any mistakes
  • Gary errr Sean Payton was the better coach
  • The onside kick was lucky bullshit not a 'great decision'
  • How did they reverse that 2 point conversion? Bullshit
  • The game might have been fixed
  • 7 points after the 1st quarter for the Colts? WOW
  • Under was easy money
  • I was wrong about the colts -4
  • Manning's pass to Dallas Clark might have been the best pass I've ever seen
  • The Saints owner is a fraud and an asshole
  • The Who sucked
  • Reggie Bush is a bust
  • Did a storm hit New Orleans or somethin?
  • Aints had two wins in the postseason before this year..

Saints v Colts Super Bowl 44 preview

by Steve

Why does the NFL still use roman numerals for their Super Bowls? I have some dumb friends and have met some realllllly dumb people. I'm smart and have a tough time figuring out what number Super Bowl it is each year. What do dumb people do? I guess just ask someone else but christ, give it up with the roman numerals National Football League seriously. How dumb is L going to look in six years?

I like to say the Saints suck but that obviously isn't true. They weren't the best team out of the National Football Conference (Minny had a better team) but they are still good. Maybe their defense is being a bit underrated. Anthony Hargrove did punch a cop in the face..

Manning at this point is just too good. Isn't it perfectly reasonable to think that the Aints will be a bit overwhelmed with the whole experience? They have more pressure. the Colts won it a few years back and this is N.O.'s first appearance ever. Brees and co are playing for an entire city. It is one of the few things that can brighten the lives of the people that live in a shittier city that Buffalo. Someone from the Aints will forget their helmet, or be puking in the huddle or fumble three or four times. (Looking at you Reggie Bush) Just sayin..

One of the few major question marks with the Colts is Jim "I might be a cardboard cut out" Caldwell. What if he actually has to make an important decision and doesn't have time to consult with Manning and Polian? Sean Payton might be the better coach. But if it comes down to Brees or Manning, Manning wins 9 out of 10 times c'mon.

I have the colts -4.5 but the line is now 6. Colts still cover but not -21.5 (+500)
Under 57
Heads for the coin flip
Saints score first
Addai and Brown have big games
Shockey no shows
Brees puts up big yardage w/ 2 picks

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Andre Reed denied the hall of fame

MIAMI – Buffalo Bills receiver Andre Reed was among the finalists Saturday who did not get elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Reed, however, made it farther in the process than he had the previous three years he was among the list of 15 finalists.

The Hall’s Class of 2010 was chosen during a seven-hour meeting of selectors. The 15 modern finalists are whittled first to a list of 10 and then to a list of five.

Reed was one of four receivers up for induction. Two of those receivers, Reed and Jerry Rice, made the cut-down to 10. Reed was eliminated in the vote down to five finalists.

Reed, who played for the Bills from 1985 to 1999, caught 951 passes for 13,198 yards. He ended his career ranked third all-time in receptions and fourth in receiving yards. Reed's 87 touchdown catches put him 11th on the all-time list. Reed is third all time in playoff catches and fourth all time in receiving yards in the playoffs.

Eliminated in the cut-down from 15 to 10 were receivers Tim Brown and Cris Carter, running back Roger Craig, defensive end Charles Haley and coach Don Coryell.

Those eliminated with Reed on the cutdown to five were defensive linemen Richard Dent and Cortez Kennedy, center Dermontti Dawson and tight end Sha on Sharpe.

---Mark Gaughan

It is probably 50/50 as to whether Andre Reed ever makes it to the Hall of Fame

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Surprise surprise Ottawa beats the Sabres again

by Steve

Eight straight losses against the Ottawa Senators. Their lead in the Northeast division has gone from 13 to 3 seemingly overnight. The Sabres last victory against the Sens was Jan 6th 2009 or more than a year ago. This team will be lucky to hold on to the 6 seed in the playoffs.

Lindy Ruff is easily the most overrated coach in the NHL. The guy has kept a job for the better part of two decades with mediocrity reigning supreme. His inability to handle his goaltenders is beyond mind boggling. The back up this season, Patrick Lalime, hasn't played a whole game in twenty-five days and counting.

It is beyond me how Ryan Miller was trotted out for this game and the previous game against the Penguins. Did Ruff think grinding every last ounce of energy from Miller would make him play better? Embarrassing. Take away the two home games against two teams that couldn't score if the net was empty (Nj/Bos) and Miller has allowed at least 3 goals in his last six games, all L's.

No, you're right I'm overreacting. It isn't like the Sabres are in a complete free fall with their best player completely gassed and a month removed from his best performances of the season. They aren't 4 and 8 in their last 12 games. Ryan Miller won't be playing in the Olympics in a week and half or anything either. I'm sure that will give him plenty of time to relax and get away from the pressure.

But hey, we can count on our wise GM to make some moves to free some dead weight and improve the team. He has never proven he falls in love with his players and holds on to them until they are useless(Pominville 5 goals in his last 16 games and $5.5 mil for the next 3 years, or Gaustad and his 16 game scoreless drought, Stafford zero goals in 8 games etc etc). Darc always snags a great player at the dead line to push us over the edge. Oh wait he traded for Briere 7 years ago, he gets a pass.

Why the hell was MacCarther, Suckera and Butler on the ice with a minute left in a tie game? Why is Adam Mair still on this team? What is Hecht's role, $3.5 mil to kill penalties? What is the reason the entire team is afraid to hit a player after he hacks Miller after a whistle? Every other player on every other team knocks you on your ass or rubs their glove in your face but the Sabres skate to the bench.

Don't give me two games in hand either. The Sabres play Ottawa two more times so the lead is really Ottawa's by one point. This team is falling ass backwards into the playoffs with a first round date with the Senators or Penguins highly likely. Ugh at least we'll get two home playoff games for Golisano to cash in on and not have to chew a microphone..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eagles now keeping Michael Vick ??

Per Mike Lombardi, meh FWIW:

And contrary to popular belief, the Philadelphia Eagles plan on keeping Vick in 2010, NFL Network insider Michael Lombardi reported Tuesday.

"They have no intention this offseason of trading Michael Vick," Lombardi said on NFL Network's NFL Total Access. "Many people around the league feel like that's a lot of false bravado, (and) they're going to release him, because he has a ($1.5 million) roster bonus due in March. Not the case."

For his part, Vick has made it known that he's seeking a starting job. That said, he hasn't ruled out the possibility of returning to the Eagles.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated's Dan Patrick on Monday, Vick spoke about staying in Philadelphia.

"I would really have to think about it," Vick said. "I like the coaching staff. I like the people around there. Maybe I would do it. Who knows?"

In the end, though, it isn't Vick's call to make. The Eagles have an option to keep him next season and will have the final say in his future. As of now, they already are figuring out ways to increase his role, Lombardi reported.

"The Eagles believe as this offseason continues, they could incorporate him more into their offense," Lombardi said. "Seven-to-15 plays, he's a unique player, plus he could start at a moment's notice. Most of the National Football League will take this as a surprise, but the Eagles believe they're in a very good position, and they won't trade Michael Vick."

Oh and the Eagles hired Dick Jauron as secondary coach. hahaha wtf?

Michael Vick assured he'll be traded


Eagles QB Michael Vick has been given assurances by Philadelphia head coach Andy Reid that he will be traded before the NFL Draft. That according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

Vick confirmed he has discussed his future with his agent and what the Eagles might do when he appeared on the Dan Patrick radio show Monday.


The Philadelphia Daily News suspects Vick could fetch a fourth-round pick. I would anticipate a team trading for Vick to offer a conditional draft pick, similar to what the Jets did with Brett Favre.

Hard to say they could get a fourth, knowing Vick wants to be moved. I think it’s more likely to be a conditional fifth-round pick with the chance to as high as a 2nd or 3rd at best based on playing time and team success in all likelihood.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ryan Miller err Mr Softee returns

by Steve

Let me preface this by saying Lindy Ruff is vastly overrated and a mediocrity as a head coach. What you like losing in the ECF 75% of the time? Or making the playoffs once every 3.5 seasons? You love when your head coach mismanages and tries to ruin goalies careers? Why the fuck does he play Ryan Miller every game?

Miller sucked ball tonight against the Penguins. The four goals he gave up in the second period could all have been saved. Two were extremely soft and one was a direct result of Miller sleep walking and not paying attention when he is playing the puck. The guy has hit a major wall.

Millsie has played like nails this season but if he is too tired and over worked to be as dominant in March April May and if lucky June then who gives a shit about October - January. Lindy Ruff has consistently mismanaged goalies throughout his entire tenure as the Buffalo Sabres head coach. What the fuck doesn't he understand about playing the back up goalie more than once a month?

Ottawa comes in Wednesday and they haven't lost since the Bush administration seemingly. Lalime is guaranteed to start Wednesday and he hasn't played an entire game since January 9th. With once a month starter Lalime dying on the vine and Millsie looking beat the Sabres are in trouble.