Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Terry Pegula Embraces Failure, We Lose

By Steve

Rex and Whaley are returning and HEY their complete and utter continued failure is perfectly fine with ol' ghost Terry Pegula. But hey, Rex has been here one year and Whaley drafted Sammy Watkins! Give em more time.

The real abomination from this statement is the continued embrace of loser piece of shit Russ Brandon. Is there anyone less qualified or more of a symbol of the last 16 years of ineptitude than Russ Brandon?

Russ is mentioned like he's a fucking owner! This guy still being associated with this franchise let alone being seeningly elevated within it is stupifing! It is incredible. It is the most insane thing I could possibly think of.

Russ Brandon? Russ fucking Brandon in the same damn breath as Kim and Terry???!? Unbelievable.

Nothing has or will change. This franchise will be pathetic and a failure for 16 more years.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Example 10,001 of Lame Buffalo Media

by Steve

We all know how insular, parochial, douchey shitty the local Buffalo media can be and is, especially the sports people who they they are holier than thou and OH SO SMART!  Here is another beauty of an example and this time from @TBNBucky Bucky aw shucks Gleason:

First the direct quote from his column
I would be in over my head, too, which would lead me to hire Bill Polian or somebody else as a consultant. The Bills need someone who doesn’t need the money and, therefore, has no financial stake in the organization. It means trusting him to take a cold, unsentimental and holistic look moving forward with the idea he can prevent the organization from taking a step back.
 Next my tweet
I swear is a genius. He has all the answers! Like hire bill polian as a consultant! Must have taken years to come up w that idea

His response:

"I see reading comprehension continues to be a persistent problem with certain trolls. Absent from third grade?"

I laugh and quote verbatim his sentence from his very own column I assume he doesn't read.

Then his response, a classic of the local media:
"You're still struggling, and trolling, despite quoting. You're also muted."

Ohhh geee Bucky thanks for letting me know in advance that I'm muted because I copy and paste your own words and prove you wrong.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 16 Picks

Make $


Panthers at Falcons over 47
Dolphins -2.5 v Colts
Texans -4 at Titans
Rams +12.5 @ Seahawks
Steelers -10.5 v Ravens
Cowboys +6.5 @ Bills

Patriots -2.5
Cowboys +6.5
Falcons +7 v Panthers


Bills -6.5 v Cowboys
Pats -2.5 v Jets
Panthers -7 @ Falcons
Steelers -10.5 v Ravens

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Quarterbacks to Watch During Bowl Season

by Steve

Another year and another failure for the Buffalo Bills and specifically the quarterback position.  Thus it is timely to catch all the upcoming 2016 QB prospects whilst they play their bowl games over the next 2 weeks.  Here are the quarterbacks worth watching during bowl season and their alleged draft prospects:

Payton Lynch Memphis
Projected 1st round
 Memphis +2.5 v Auburn at noon 12/30 in the Birmingham Bowl. Wednesday at noon? ouch.  But a decent SEC team at least.

Jarod Goff - Cal
Projected 1st round
PAC12 talent California -7 plays Air Force 12/29 2pm Armed Forces Bowl. Tuesday at 2pm?  Ouch.

Connor Cook - Michigan State
Projected 1st round
MSU +9.5 plays Alabama New Years Eve in the second game of the college football playoff 8pm.  Cook is banged up but expected to play.  Great test.

Carson Wentz North Dakota St
Projected 2nd round
FCS team but is in their National Championship game 1/9 at noon on ESPN2. A must watch for this BIG prospect.

Cardale Jones OSU
Projected 2nd round
Ohio State failed to make the CFP but still gets a good bowl on New Years Day -6.5 v Notre Dame at 1pm.  Cardale doesn't play much for what ever reason but his stock was never higher than after last years Championship game. Ouch.

Christian Hackenberg PSU
Projected 3rd round
Awful year for the kid but they'll get a good test against an SEC team with a new coach in Georgia 1/2 at noon. (PSU +6.5)

Jacoby Brisset NC State
Projected 4th round
12/30 vs Mississippi State 3:30 pm. Dont know shit about this dude. Wolfpack +5.5, the classic Belk Bowl!

Gunner Kiel Cincinnati
Projected 5th round
Christmas eve at 8pm v SD State. The former ND recruit is big but only a junior. Hawaii Bowl though.

Kevin Hogan Stanford
Projected 5th/6th round
Personal favorite of mine, seen as the guy after Andrew Luck.  Not as good but looks like him with your glasses off.  New Years Day game at 5pm in the Rose Bowl against a motivated Iowa team

Cody Kessler - USC
Projected 5th/6th round
12/30 10pm against Wisconsin +3.  Disapointing college career, bounce back game?

Dak Prescott Miss St
Projected 6th round
Belk bowl v NC State 12/30 3:30pm

Matt Johnson Bowl Green
Projected 6th round
Wednesday 12/23 v Georgia Southern 8pm. MAC product!

Trevone Boykin TCU
Projected 7th round
Once promising career took a nose dive this year. Nice match up against Oregon 1/2 at 6:45 in the Alimo Bowl.

Everett Golson FSU
Projected 7th round
New Years Eve at noon v Houston in the Peach Bowl

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Week 15 Picks

Lets make some money, week fifteen nfl picks:

Steve 31-39 Best Bet 7-7 Bills 7-6

Panthers -4 @ Giants
Dolphins +1.5 @ Chargers
Browns @ Seahawks over 43
Chiefs -7 @ Ravens
Texans @ Colts over 42
Bills -2 @ Redskins

Coast 29-41 Best Bet 3-11 Bills 5-8

Katman 32-37-1 Best Bet 7-7  Bills 8-5

Giants +4 v Panthers
Eagles +4 v Cardinals
Titans +14 @ Patriots
Redskins +2 v Bills
Bills @ Redskins over 44

Wreck 30-35 Best Bet 6-7 Bills 6-6

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bills at Washington Redskins Podcast Preview

Another year another boat of fail. Steve and Coast complain about Rex Ryan, every player and their lives. Bills season over again. Oh and the Washington Racialslurs are up next!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Eagles 23 Bills 20 Final

By Steve

Season ends in Philadelphia to an average team under .500. Sounds about right. Lol. Fuck my life.

Is Rex Ryan a worse coach than Doug Marrone? Really the question is whether he is a worse coach than Dick Jauron or Chan Gailey. Holy fuck. 15 penalties, throw long on every 3rd and short and fail at every turn.

How is the defense significantly worse with the same players? How is Tyrod Taylor throwing for 153 yards in the first half with ease and throwing for 109 in the second half when they need to pass the whole half?

Rex Ryan is a horrible head coach. Doug Whaley is an average at best general manager. The Bills havent been to the playoffs in 16 years and they are best least another 2 years away.

Assuming the Bills are bad again next year, they'll be stuck with an over priced average QB, a loser head coach with 2 more years on his contract and a defense with less talent than today.

This franchise is a nightmare and the city would be better if they moved. I wish I lived in San Diego or St Louis. Fuck

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Week 14 NFL Picks

Time again for our experts to make their picks against the spread:

Steve 28-37  Best Bet 6-7 Bills 7-5

Steelers @ Bengals over 50
49ers @ Browns under 41.5
Bills +1 @ Eagles
Saints 2 Buccaneers under 50.5
Colts +1 @ Jaguars

Coast 28-37 Best Bet 3-10 Bills 5-7

Bills +1 @ Eagles
Bengals -2.5 v Steelers
Chargers +10.5 @ Chiefs
Titans +7.5 @ Jets
Broncos -7 v Raiders

Wreck 30-35 Best Bet 6-7 Bills 6-6

Katman 31-33-1 Best Bet 7-6 Bills 8-4

Bills +1 @ Eagles
Bengals -2.5 v Steelers
Chargers +10.5 @ Chiefs
Ravens +12 v Seahawks
Bears -3.5 v Redskins

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Week 13 NFL Picks

Make money week 13 nfl selections against the spread fuck bitches leggo:

Steve 27-33 Best Bet 6-6 Bills 7-4

Ravens @ Dolphins over 42.5
Jaguars +2.5 @ Titans
Rams +5 v Cardinals
Giants +2 v Jets
Eagles @ Patriots over 49
Texans +3 @ Bills

Coast 25-35 Best 3-9 Bills 5-6

Texans +3 @ Bills
Cowboys +4 @ Redskins
Colts +7.5 @ Steelers
Buccaneers PICK v Falcons
Cardinals -5 @ Rams

Hourihan 29-31 Best bet 6-6 Bills 6-5

Browns +9.5 v Bengals
Ravens +3.5 @ Dolphins
Chargers +4 Broncos
Raiders +3 v Chiefs
Panthers -7 @ saints
Texans +3 @ Bills

Katman 29-30-1 Best bet 7-5 Bills 8-3

Redskins -4 v Cowboys
Giants +2 v Jets
Panthers -7 @ Saints
Steelers -7.5 v Colts
Buccaneers pick v Falcons
Texans +3 @ Bills

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Texans at Bills Podcast Preview

Steve loses his mind about the Bills, a review of the Chiefs game and a look ahead to the playoffs and the Houston Texans, get some:

p.s. fuck jj watt

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


- Coast

I know we are all depressed about the recent loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bills have dropped to 10th in the AFC and are now 5-6. Until yesterday I was under the mindset that the Bills are cooked. Today though is a new day, and I am rejuvenated. The Bills are alive…after all, 5th place is only 6-5 right now, so why give up hope being 1 game out with 5 to go?

There is little I like more than thinking about playoff scenarios. I decided to look at each remaining team’s schedule that is 5-6 or better to see, realistically, where the Bills could end up.

A few assumptions I am making: The Bills will finish 9-7, however their one loss will be against an NFC opponent…don’t care which one, but ideally Dallas for purposes of strength of victory which is probably a tie breaker at some point.

Here it goes…

Kansas City: Currently 6-5 (5-2 vs. AFC); @OAK, vs. SD, @ Balt, vs. Cle, vs. Oak. The Chiefs will be favored in every single one of these games and it is very possible they could win out. I am going to assume they win each of these games to finish an astonishing 11-5 after winning 10 games in a row, with a conference record of 10-2. They lock up the 5th seed (or AFC West champions, which isn’t totally impossible)

Houston Texans: Currently 6-5 (4-3); @ BUF, vs. NE, @ IND, @ TEN, vs. JAX. Houston will be underdogs in their next three games. We will assume they lose to Buffalo and New England and win their last three (though will be underdogs against the Colts). This will put them at 9-7 (7-5), tied with the Bills but behind the Bills based on head to head (though they could win the division if they beat the Colts but the Bills beat the Colts as well so could be a similar situation with them)

NY Jets: Currently 6-5 (5-4); “@” NYG, vs. TEN, @ DAL, vs. NE, @ BUF. The Jets have a pretty easy schedule remaining. We will assume the Jets lose one game the rest of the way only until the Bills game. They will be 9-6 going into the Bills game, however after losing to the Bills, they will be 9-7 and eliminating based on being swept by the Bills (divisional tiebreaker is first tiebreaker if more than 2 teams tied for WC spot)

PIT: Currently 6-5 (3-4); vs. Colts, @ CINCI, vs. Denver, @Baltimore, @ Cleveland. Not an overly difficult schedule for the Steelers. Let’s assume the Bengals beat the Steelers. Then let’s assume the Steelers only lose one other game to get to 9-7 and 6-6 in the conference.

OAK: Currently 5-6 (5-3); vs. KC, @ Denver, vs.  Green Bay, vs. SD, @ KC. To be conservative let’s assume Oakland splits vs. KC and loses either to Green Bay or Denver. That would put them at 8-8 and out.

Alright so where does this leave us?

KC 11-5 (or 10-6 if split with Oakland), with a 10-2 (or 9-3) conference record

Houston, Jets, Steelers, Bills all 9-7. The Jets would be eliminated based on the divisional tiebreaker vs. the Bills. So the Bills, Texans and Steelers are all tied at 9-7. The Steelers have a 6-6 record in conference so they are out as Buffalo and Houston have a 7-5 conference record. 

Now, you have two teams tied, Buffalo and Houston...and since Buffalo defeated Houston...they would be IN as the 6 seed!!

So what does all this prove? Absolutely nothing…other than the Bills are alive!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

This was Called a First down

This was called a first down 2 yards short, good call not challenging Rex

Chiefs 30 Bills 22 Season Over

By Steve

If I wasnt used to this since I was four years old it would be devastating. If I hadnt seen this happen every single year since i graduated middle school it would be tough to take. The Bills fuck up in new and different ways every year to lose games they could easily win.

Not one or even two challenge mistakes. Not this Sunday, loser fucktard Rex Ryan decided to fuck up challenging plays three fucking times against the Chiefs on this special day of ineptitude. Not challenging an alleged catch by Maclin that the Chiefs scored on the next play, not challenging a clear catch by Hogan, yet challenging a clear drop by Bob Woods. Truly incredible.

The Bills season ended not by a decent game by Taylor or by not throwing the ball to Watkins in the second half. No, the Bills lost because their defense is seriously overrated and the coach is fucking moronic.

I said all week, get up by ten on Alex Smith and the game is over. Not with a defense that cant sniff the QB against back up tackles, a center and RBs. Not against a concussed Darby. Not against a poorly coached team.

Why not continue to force the ball to your best player?
Why not try and catch mutiple dropped interceptions that could have been taken for easy touchdowns?

What a fuckin joke. Fuck my life. Fuck this team

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Week 12 NFL Picks

The meat is off the bone because it is the meat of the NFL schedule.  Here are our paid expert selections for this weeks National Football League tilts:

Steve 23-32 Best Bet 5-6 Bills 7-3

Bengals -8.5 v Rams
Texans -3 v Saints
Broncos +3 v Patriots
Chargers @ Jaguars over 46.5
Buccaneers +3 @ Colts
Bills +6 @ Chiefs

Coast 23-32 Best Bet 2-9 Bills 6-4

Chiefs -6 v Bills
Redskins +3 v Giants
Saints +3 @ Texans
Patriots -3 @ Broncos
Cardinals -10.5 @  49ers

Wreck 27-28 Best Bet 5-6 Bills 6-4

49ers +10.5 v Cardinals
Saints +3 @ Texans
Titans v Raiders over 44
Ravens @ Browns under 41
Dolphins +3.5 @ Jets
Bills +6 @ Chiefs

Katman 26-28-1 Best Bet 7-4 Bills 8-2

Patriots -3 @ Broncos
Vikings +1 @ Falcons
Bills @ Chiefs under 41.5
Redskins +3 v Giants
Seahawks -3.5 v Steelers
Bills +6 @ Chiefs

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs Podcast Preview

Chiefs!  Bills!  For the 8th year!  Steve and Coast lament the Bills downward spiral and the average Chiefs, can they do it? Listen in:

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bills vs Chiefs a Recent History

by Steve

As we all know the Bills and Chiefs go head to head more often than logic and the Republican party or my toilet and Taco Bell.  Kansas City and Buffalo have played against each other an astonishing 8 years in a row including 2015.  Here is a run down of each game:


Week 10 in Buffalo
13-17 Chiefs win to drop the Bills down to 5-4.  The "Bryce Brown Fumble Game" of which I blame Scott Chandler at least as much for dropping the ball as it popped right into his hands in the back of the end zone. (side note Leodis McKelvin lost a fumble on a punt too) FUN!!

Week 9 in Buffalo
13-23 Chiefs win to drop the Bills to 3-6 and end the season.  The "Jeff Tuel INT Game" of which I blame Nate Hackett as much, why pass there with Jeff Tuel?

Week 2 in Buffalo
35-17 Bills win in a romp. Granted the week before the Bills lost to the Jets by 20.  Leodis McKelvin had an 88 yard punt return for a touchdown! Oh yeah, Todd Haley was the head coach, does that count?

Week 1 in Kansas City
41-7 Bills win in a romp.  Stevie Johnson cheap shotted Eric Berry!  Also Todd Haley was the coach, so did this game count?  Buffalo did start out 4-1 but of course finished 6-10.

Week 8 in Kansas City on Halloween!
10-13 OT thriller in which the Bills dropped to 0-7.  God, this is painful.  Both teams missed field goals in OT and finally KC made a three point kick of a bad win.

Week 14 in Kansas City
16-10 Bills with another victory.  The Bills were 4-8 heading into this slobberknocker that forced four Matt Cassel interceptions (the Chiefs were 3-9).  Perry Fewell was the interim head coach too!

Week 12 in Kansas City
Bills win in a high scoring battle 54-31 to improve to 5-4 and break a four game losing streak!  The Chiefs finished the season 2-14 oof.  Trent accounted for four touchdowns and threw for 273 yards.  Winning the turnover battle 5-0 probably helped.

The Chiefs have won 2 straight.

The Bills are 4 and 3.

The home team is 2 and 5.

The average margin of victory is 14

Monday, November 23, 2015

Bills 13 Patriots 20 Final

By Steve

Bad coaching bad officiating bad play calling bad luck and of course the Bills cough up a winnable game against a cheating team that always wins.

McKelvin fumbles on a punt return in the third quarter and the Patriots recover 2 fumbles on the play, Tyrod Taylor gets hurt, the Bills dont force the Patriots to do anthing in the second half.

It unbelievable if it was Bills at Patriots.

How Does Sammy Watkisn gets 0 targets in the first half? How does Watkins catch the ball and grt out of bounds with no one touching him and the clock isnt stopped? How do the Bills drop a TD miss a field and not run enough clock to allow the Patriots to not only get down the field but score a TD cause Graham cant tackle?

This shit is a nightmare that never ends..

Unfucking believable..

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fun Sabres Stats

By Steve

The Buffalo Sabres are 12h in the Eastern Conference.

The Sabres would draft 8th overall if the draft was today.

Zemgus Girgensons is on pace for 9 points this season.

Jack Eichel has less points than Connor McDavid who has played exactly 1 game this month.

Jack Eichel is 9th in points for rookies this season.

Jack Eichel is 6th in goals for rookies this season.

Sam Reinhart is on pace for 29 points this season.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Week 11 NFL Picks

The experts are back at it for week 11 in the National Football League:

Steve 21-29 Best Bet 5-5 Bills 6-3

Jets @ Texans under 40.5
Redskins @ Panthers over 45
Bears +1 v Broncos
Bengals @ Cardinals under 48.5
Colts +5.5 @ Falcons
Bills +7.5 @ Patriots

Coast 22-28 Best Bet 2-8 Bills 5-4

Redskins +7.5 @ Panthers
Bears +1 v Broncos
Packers +1 @ Vikings
Ravens -2.5 v Rams
Chargers +3 v Chiefs
Bills +7.5 @ Patriots

Wreck 23-27 Best Bet 5-5 Bills 5-4

Redskins +7.5 @ Panthers
Texans +3 v Jets
Buccaneers +6 @ Eagles
Bills @ Patriots under 48.5
49ers +13.5 @ Seahawks
Bills +7.5 @ Patriots

Katman 25-24-1 Best Bet 7-3 Bills 7-2

Bears +1 v Broncos
Panthers -7.5 V Redskins
Chiefs @ Chargers over 45
Rams @ Ravens over 41.5
Broncos @ Bears over 40.5
Bills +7.5 @ Patriots

Thursday, November 19, 2015

PODCAST: Bills at Patriots Preview

Steve and Coast look at the wild card in the AFC, preview the Cheatriots and ponder the deepest of thoughts vis-a-vis New England and triumph.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Week 10 NFL Picks

The meat of the season.  Week ten NFL picks by are our sharps:

Steve 18-27 Best Bet 5-4 Bills 6-3

Packers -10.5 v Lions
Buccaneers -1 v Cowboys
Panthers -4.5 @ Titans
Bengals -11 v Texans
Dolphins +6 @ Eagles

Coast 20-25 Best Bet 2-7 Bills 5-4

Packers -10.5 v Lions
Seahawks -3 v Cardinals
Buccaneers -1 v Cowboys
Titans +4.5 v Panthers
Redskins Pick v Saints

Wreck 20-25 Best Bet 4-5 Bills 5-4

Texans +11 @ Bengals
Lions +10.5 @ packers
Titans +4.5 v Panthers
Giants +7.5 v Patriots
Browns +6 @ Steelers

Katman 24-20-1 Best Bet 6-3 Bills 7-2

Panthers -4.5 @ Titans
Rams -7 v Bears
Saints PICK @ Redskins
Browns -6 @ Steelers
Raiders -3 v Vikings

Friday, November 13, 2015

Buffalo Bills Win a Big Game, Rare

By Steve

Nothing can ever be easy can it? 22-3 went to 22-17 seemingly in the blink of an eye and then the Bills muff a simple snap on a punt and the Jets have the ball inside the 30 yard line with 5 minutes to go. Here we go again..

Thankfully the Bills were playing against Todd Bowles and Ryan Fitzpatrick and of course the Jets went scoreless the rest of the game. But jeez the Bills are confounding and heart attack inducing christ.

Buffalo did nothing the last 25 minutes of the game offensively. 3 and outs, dumb time outs (one coming out of a time out on first down?) Wtf? I dont care about head sets, jeez get a first down. Then again Shady, Tyrod and Watkins all made plays on the final drive when they needed it. A few first downs, no risky plays and a sick route by Watkins basically iced a crazy weird TNF game.

The question of how good the Buffalo Bills are will swirl around this squad for the rest of the year. One minute Shady is running roughshod and Taylor is slinging passes down field. The next minute the offense looks completely inept and confused. Then again isnt that what should be expected from a Rex Ryan coached team?

Piece of shit!!! OMGGGG Rex made IK a (gasp!) Captain against the team he inadvertantly helped out!! Die die die jeez who knew the NYC media was so soft and whinery [sic].

Make a game of it in New England on MNF, avoid injuries and get ready for the Chiefs in 16 days. No wins with this team will come easy the rest fof the way. If I wasnt a Bills fan I'd day there is a very good chance they'll make the playoffs as currently constituted but I know the history.

Beat KC and Houston, beat up on a bad NFC East and hope Rapelisraper keeps getting hurt and the Jets keep playing like they did last night.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Buffalo Bills at NY Jets Podcast Preview

Thursday night football! AFC East slobberknocker!  Bills v Jets! Preview podcast, listen below:

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 9 Expert NFL Picks

Back at it, week 9 NFL picks by our unpaid experts:

Steve 13-27 Best Bet 4-4 Bills 4-3

Panthers +3 v Packers
Bills -3 v Dolphins
Colts +6 v Broncos
Jaguars @ Jets over 42
Rams @ Vikings under 40

Wreck 20-20  Best Bet 4-4 Bills 5-2

Redskins +14 @ Patriots
Packers -3 @ Panthers
Cowboys +3 V Eagles
Chargers -4.5 v Bears
Dolphins +3 @ Bills

Coast 16-24 Best Bet 2-6 Bills 3-4

Steelers -4.5 v Raiders
Vikings -1 v Rams
Bills -3 v Dolphins
Patriots -14 v Redskins
Colts +6 v Broncos

Katman 21-18-1 Best Bet 5-3 Bills 5-2

Friday, November 6, 2015

Dolphins at Bills Preview

By Steve

True, I wrote off the season in last week's podcast after a remarkbly awful loss to the also ran Jax Jaguars, but there are still 9 games left. Sooo technically the season isn't literally over.

Some how the Bills and Dolphins are both 3-4. Only one team (lucky :/) changed their head coach already this season. The loser of this game can turn their focus to the draft and hiring a real head coach when they drop to 3-5.

In the first match up of these two also rans the Bills murdered the phins 41-14 in South Beach. Granted that game was with Joey Philbin at the helm but how the hell is this line 3 points. Dan Campbell is that great of an interim head coach that the spread is basically a pick em?

Yeah the Bills suck and haven't looked good in a long time but that long time ago was when the Bills had Taylor, Watkins, Mccoy, Henderson and Karlos healthy. Not to make injuries an excuse but Buffalo was as injured at important positions as basically any team possibly could be. (The team and especially the coaches are still to blame for that Jags loss. Why the fuck was Manuel throwing so much in that second quarter when he turned it over 3 times in 6 plays? What happened to feeding Mccoy?)

Either way, the point is the Bills are healthy, Dan Campbell is not a good head coach and the line, from an objective stand point, makes little sense. Generally speaking, the Bills have owned Ryan Tannehill. The best option Miami has to win the game is hammer Taylor and have Lamar Miller go off. Jay Ajayi is back for the Dolphins too.

Neither of those things seems likely. Miller has had a mediocre season and Cam Wake is out for the year. The Dolphins got right against shitty teams in the AFC South (including killing the Titans unlike the Bills who squeeked bye) but looked like the same old phins vs the Patriots.

Tyrod Taylor will do enough to win with a relatively healthy squad around him.

Fuck the Dolphins

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Comparing Wide Receivers of 2014 NFL Draft

by Steve

Since Sammy Watkins pops off at the mouth every other day, cause he thinks he is so great, lets take a look at receiver stats from the receivers of the 2014 NFL draft (rounds 1-4) through week 7 of the NFL draft:

 Listed are receptions, yards, TDs,

Sammy Watkins
11 147  2

Mike Evans
21 338  1

Odell Beckham Jr
42 524  4

Brandin Cooks
35 444  1

Kelvin Benjamin
0  0  0

Marqise Lee
3 40  0

Jordan  Matthews
39 398  1

Paul Richardson
0 0  0

Davante Adams
9 92  0

Cody Matimer
0 0  0

Allen Robinson
34 586  6

Jarvis Landry
42 466  2

Donte Moncrief
34 381 5

Josh Huff
13 141 1

John Brown
37 562  3

Jalen Saunders
0 0  0

Bruce Ellington
4 44  0

Shaq Evans

Martavis Bryant
9 182  3

Kevin Norwood
0 0  0

Podcast: Buffalo Bills on the BYE Week

Is the season over? Is Watkins dumb or really dumb, who isn't to blame for the failure of this organization and lost season?  Listen here:

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Week 7 NFL Picks

Gambling time, here are our expert picks against the spread:

Steve 11-19  Best Bet 2-4 Bills 3-3

Giants -3.5 v Cowboys
Browns +6.5 @ Rams
Panthers v Eagles over 45.5
Steelers @ Chiefs over 42.5
Saints @ Colts over 52
Jaguars +4.5 v Bills

Coast 13-17 Best Bet 2-4  Bills 2-4

Patriots -8.5 v Jets
Lions +1 v Vikings
Falcons -6.5 @ Titans
Giants -3.5 V Cowboys
Panthers -3 v Eagles
Jaguars +4.5 v +Bills

Wreck 13-17 Best Bet 2-4 Bills 4-2

Ravens +8.5 @ Cardinals
Jaguars +4.5 v Bills
Chiefs -3 v Steelers
Raiders +4 @ Chargers
Titans +6.5 v Falcons

Katman 16-14 Best Bet 4-2 Bills 4-2

Panthers -3 v Eagles
Steelers +3 @ Chiefs
Dolphins -5 v Texans
Jets @ Patriots over 48
Giants -3.5 v Cowboys
Jaguars +4.5 v Bills

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Buffalo Bills v Jacksonville Jaguars Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast look forward to next year after yet another disappointing season, wait um are the Bills cursed?  Sorry forgot to change my carbon monoxide tester battery.  See you in London Jaguars you losers lolz.

Buffalo Bills, Dying?

By Steve

"Woke up this mornin and got my self a gun"


Not literally because that cant happen but everyone on the Bills is dying, dead or contemplating retirement.

With Sam Watkins, Percy Harvin, Tyrod Taylor, Karlos Williams, Aaron and Kyle Williams Seantrell Henderson and Marquise Goodwin ALL out the question as to whether this team can even field a team Sunday comes in to question.

There are even reports Harvin may or may not be retiring! For fucks sake! Just about everyone on offense is out except Clay and a banged up McCoy. What the fuck did we do to deserve this?

EJ Manuel is a piece of shit, 4th and 5th string wide receivers are starting and Kouandijo is starting at tackle? FML.

Maybe Rex will actually use his defense correctly for a change and get to Bortles. Doubt it

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bills get killed by Bengals

0 By Steve
Going to football games was fun at a time right? Was there a worse scenario this Sunday?   QB was a 0 the defense was worse and death seems good.

Fuck rex fuck ej fuck you. Tyoing on this phone is worse . Bills have no hope joy. I hope my carbon monixide detxtor fails

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Week 6 NFL Picks

Buffalo wise guys select their stone cold locks of the day:

Steve 9-16 Best Bet 1-4 Bills 3-2

Vikings -3.5 v Chiefs
Broncos @ Browns under 42.5
Bills +3 v Bengals
Panthers +7 @ Seahawks
Titans -1 v Dolphins

Wreck 9-16 Best Bet 1-4 Bills 4-1

Steelers +4 v Cardinals
Bills +3 v Bengals
Dolphins +1 @ Titans
Chargers +11 @ Packers
Colts +9.5 v Patriots

Coast 12-13 Best Bet 2-3 Bills 2-3

Packers -11 v Chargers
Broncos -4.5 @ Browns
Redskins +7 @ Giants
Vikings -3.5 v Chiefs
Jaguars -1 v Texans
Bills +3 v Bengals

Katman 13-12 Best Bet  3-2 Bills 3-2

Chargers +11 @ Packers
Panthers +7 @ Seahawks
Titans -1 v Dolphins
Broncos -4.5 @ Browns
Vikings -3.5 v Chiefs
Bengals -3 @ Bills

Friday, October 16, 2015

Bengals at Bills Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast look ahead to a monster battle with the Bengals, healthy EJ v hurt Tyrod, Shady and Watkins being angry.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bills at Titans Road Trip Review

By Steve

11 hour car ride each way, 15000+ Buffalo fanatics taking over Nashville all weekend, a squeeker of a road victory and a successful road trip.

Tickets were $51, hotel was $105 a night 2 miles from the stadium and broadway st where there are dozens of bars and where everyone was raging.

Bars open til 230 central time, there are few if any pizza places inexplicably and country cover bands are at every bar. Thankfully there are no covers which is cool to bar hop but the country musuc is ubiquitous.

Went to the original Coyote Ugly multiple roof too and mulitlevel bars and convenienrly took cabs all around town. Oh and the bbq place we ate at was solid.

Nissan stadium isnt too bad. Not enough vendors, not even close, and not enough bathrooms. Hey did have elevators to get all the fatties upstairs to their 300 level seats.

Most of the close lots were pass holder only which was super annoying so we had to pay $20 to park in a garbage dump slash metal recycling junk yard .7 miles from the stadium. I didnt see any food vendors outside the stadium either though.

Bills won, partied with thousands and killed Nashville. Id recommend going.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 5 NFL Picks

Lets make some moneyyyyyy, week 5 nfl picks by our experts:

Steve 7-13 Best Bet 1-3 Bills 2-2

Giants -7 v 49ers
Ravens -7 v Browns
Bears +9 @ Chiefs
Rams @ Packers under 46
Cardinals @ Lions under 44.5
Titans +2 v Bills

Coast 9-11 Best Bet 1-3 Bills 2-2

Packers -9 v Rams
Giants -7 v 49ers
Patriots -10 @ Cowboys
Bills -2 @ Titans
Broncos -5 @ Raiders

Wreck 8-12 Best Bet 1-3 Bills 3-1

Cowboys +10 v Patriots
Rams +9 @ Packers
Lions +3 v Cardinals
Steelers +3 @ Chargers
Bills @ Titans over 41.5
Titans +2 v Bills

Katman 10-10 Best Bet 3-1 Bills 3-1

Bills -2 @ Titans
Browns +7 @ Ravens
Bears +9 @ Chiefs
Cardinals -3 @ Lions
Patriots @ Cowboys over 49.5

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bills at Titans Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast look at the debacle that was the NY Giants game and look to the Titans and the seasons.   P.S. Steve will be at the game and he is bad luck.

Oh yeah, it was an illegal forward pass fuck Nashville

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2015 MLB Playoff Predictions

By Steve

Wild Card

Astros over Yankees. Better team and I hate the Yankees.

Cubs over Pirates. Even Im surprised by thia prediction. Cubs are due for some good luck.

Texas over the Blue Jays in 5. Toronto had a good run but I like the Rangers right now.

Royals over Astros in 4. Magical run ends for Houston. They'll give everything on the road in the Bronx and be toast for KC.

Mets over Dodgers in 5. Why pick LA when all they do is lose in the playoffs? (Homer pick)

Cardinals over Cubs in 4. I hate St Louis.

Texas over Royals in 6. Ride the Rangers baby!

Mets over Cardinals in 7. REVENGE MOTHER FUCKERS

World Series
29 years in the making. This team (the Mets) have no believers only haters. The pitching is hotttt fire and they're hitting.

Mets over Rangers in 6.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Bills Suck, Bills Fans Dont

By Steve

Yes we know the Bills are the worst on the field but clearly we as fans are #1. There were 1 or 2 but THERE Bills fan related posts on today!

The most recent was some asshole snitches blowing in a couple of partiers with cocaine.

The next Bills fan related post was a slap party between two bafoons in a 28 second clip. Good not great.

And finally we have a guy jumping off a pick up truck onto a table he breaks for no good damn reason. Ha

Sunday, October 4, 2015

24 10 Bills Lose Season Over

By Steve

Lol. No Watkins or Mccoy no problem? The Bills are a joke. They have a terrible coach, the defense is the worst in 5+ years and they have no hope.

The Bills are a joke. Rex Ryan is the greatest carpet bagger vaccuum salesman in the history of this shity city. 24-10 to the fuckin Giants? They have no disapline no awareness no coaching and no inteligence. Wtf? 17 penalties?

There is no hope.

Tyrod Taylor was awful. Karlos Williams was worse. If you lose to a team at home against a team that doesnt even wanna win is about as bad as it gets.

If the Bills win 8 games that would be a surprise. Trading first round picks for an injury prone loser receiver and over paying shitty old runningbacks are a beautiful recipe for patheticness. Doug whaley is an ass clown. Rex Ryan is as bad as Philbin. Another rebuild starts next season.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Week 4 NFL Picks

Week four picks by our expert prognosticators:

Steve 6-9 Best Bet 1-2 Bills 2-1

Seahawks -10 v Lions
Panthers -3.5 @ Buccaneers
Eagles -3 @ Redskins
Chargers -7.5 V Browns
Bills -5 v Giants

Coast 7-8 Best Bet 1-2 Bills 2-1

Colts -9 v Jaguars
Dolphins +1.5 v Jets
Redskins +3 v Eagles
Buccaneers +3.5 v Panthers
Bengals -3.5 v Chiefs
Bills -5 v Giants

Wreck 5-10 Best 1-2 Bet  Bills 2-1

49ers +8 v Packers
Redskins +3  v Eagles
Giants +5 @ Bills
Chiefs -3.5 v Chiefs
Jaguars +9 @ Colts

Katman 9-6 Best Bet 2-1 Bills 1-2

Bengals -3.5 v Chiefs
Raiders -3.5 @ Bears
Cardinals -7.5 v Rams
Giants @ Bills over
Buccaneers +3.5 v Panthers
Giants +5 @ Bills

last week Wreck, Coast and Steve were combined 2-13

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Giants at Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast preview the New York Giants visit to Buffalo Sunday and review a squishing of the Dolphins last week.

Also subscribe to us on iTunes

Bills Super Bowl Odds

From the Bills have gone from 60 to 1 when the 2016 Super Bowl odds were first announced down to 20 to 1 odds to win the Super Bowl.  They have the 8th best odds to win.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Bills Destroy Dolphins 42 - 14

By Steve

The Buffalo Bills throttled the Dolphins down in South Beach Sunday afternoon. Every aspect of the game was dominated by the Bills. After three games what have we learned about Rex Ryan, Tyrod Taylor and co.?

Not much.

They murdered the Colts and Dolphins who are now a combined 2-4 and got dominated by the Patriots at home yet again. They appear to be good but not great and they have a quarterback who is in lock step with his offensive coordinator which is the most encouraging sign thus far in an early season.

Despite that curb stomping of the Dolphins in a game that was basically over in the first half there are still a few things to take away:

All the former Dolphins were amped to play against their former team. Clay was a beast, Hogan had a long TD and Carpenter made a 51 yarder (albeit missed from 54).

Karlos Williams is better than Todd Gurley (right now) and the Rams have no idea how to draft in the first round.

Rex and co were able to forget about the embarrassment of last week and win impressively on the road (biggest margin of victory on the road in 23 years).

Tyrod Taylor can make all the throws. Sideline, down the middle, over the top, short etc. He did have two horrible passes that could have been a disaster (deflection off a RB's hands that coulda been a pick 6 and an over throw of Clay that could have gotten him killed.)

Tom Brady and the Patriots are in fuck you mode thus Im giving the D a pass in week 2 because weeks 1 and 3 they completely shut down 2 "franchise quarterbacks" with ease. They're legit.

Also Baccari Rambo absolutely HATES Ronald Darby. He hit him hard three damn times. WTF?  You beefin bro?

This will be the first week the Bills will be favored in a game when the original line comes out. They will be "expected" to win which should give new insight into the psychie of this squad.

Shut down the Giants and the schedule opens up for a goooood first 8 weeks.


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Week 3 NFL Picks

Week three NFL picks against the spread including everyone Bills prediction:

Steve 5-5 Best Bet 1-1

Cowboys +1.5 v Falcons
Lions +3 v Broncos
Cardinals -6.5 v 49ers
Colts -3.5 @ Titans
Buccaneers +7 @ Texans
Bills +3 @ Dolphins

Coast 6-4 Best Bet 1-1

Colts -3.5 @ Titans
Eagles +2 @ Jets
Rams -1 v Steelers
Buccaneers +7 @ Texans
49ers +6.5 @ Cardinals
Bills +3 @ Dolphins

Wreck 5-5 Best bet 1-1

Bears +14.5 @ Seahawks
Jets -2 v Eagles
Buccaneers +7 @ Texans
49ers +6.5 @ Cardinals
Jaguars +14 @ Patriots
Bills +3 @ Dolphins

Katman 6-4 Best Bet 1-1

Raiders +3.5 @ Browns
Falcons -1.5 @ Cowboys
Packers  -7 v Chiefs
Jets -2 v Eagles
Chargers +2.5 @ Vikings
Dolphins -3 v Bills

Friday, September 25, 2015

Bills at Dolphins Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast review the abomination that was the Patriots game and look ahead to Miami

Monday, September 21, 2015

Same Old Bills

By Steve

The owners, coaches, quarterbacks, receivers, runningbacks etc all change and the results are still the same, failure. What a pathetic sad performance this supposedly good team put on against the best team in the league.

Rex Ryan is a loser, the defense is grossly overrated and the quarterback is far from ready to be good. Tough to argue with any of that after watching the cheating Tom Brady put up 466 yards passing and doing anything he wanted.

What a shock that Julian Edelman and Gronk would put up huge games and account for 3 TDs. Who would think they would use Deion Lewis like all their previous RBs, running and catching the ball like wild.

I wonder if Rex knows his name yet? God damn loser. This guy was a horrid failure in New York and we think he is some sort of genius winner because he isnt Doug Marrone or Chan Gailey? Lol.

These is no hope or belief in this team, not this year. They have zero chance at winning the division barring an injury to Brady and his backup. So the only chance is a wild card birth which seems unlikely.

Maybe next year.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Week 2 NFL Expert Picks

Week 2 NFL picks against the spread by our experts:
(best bet in bold)

Steve 3-2 Best Bet 0-1

Panthers -3 v Texans
Buccaneers @ Saints over 47.5
Cardinals -2.5 @ Bears
Rams -3.5 @ Redskins
Chargers +3.5 @ Bengals

Coast 2-3 Best Bet 1-0

Colts -7 v Jets
Redskins +3.5 v Rams
Browns +2.5 v Titans
Raiders +7 v Ravens
Cowboys +5 @ Eagles

Wreck 1-4 Best Bet 0-1

Buccaneers +10 @ Saints
Redskins +3.5 v Rams
Jaguars +6.5 v Dolphins
Raiders +7 v Ravens
Eagles -5 v Cowboys

Katman 4-1 Best Bet 1-0

49ers +7 @ Steelers
Cardinals -2.5 @ Bears
Bengals -3.5 v Chargers
Giants -3 v Falcons
Colts -7 v Jets

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Patriots at Bills Preview Podcast

Cheatriots week! Lets preview the game:

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sportscenter to Broadcast Live in Buffalo Sunday

Per this tweet from Channel 2 ESPN and sportscenter will be broadcasting live from Ralph Wilson Stadium Sunday v the Patriots. Leggo!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Time to Buy into the Bills?

By Steve

Is it time yet to buy into the Buffalo Bills? Although I will probably regret this column in a few weeks... it might be time to buy in and here's why.

All four AFC East teams won; but the Bills looked the best out of the four with a dominating performance against the best of the four opponents each team faced. Out of the Redskins, Steelers, Browns and Colts, Indy is clearly the best of the bunch. Maybe if Pittsburgh had Bell and Bryant it could be debated but without them the Colts were far and away the best team.

Although only Miami played on the road, the Dolphins looked the least impressive needing a punt return in the 4th quarter to squeek past Washington. Also the Jets have Ryan Fitzpatrick as their quarterback.

But Bills fans have seen this before. Good starts, great starts even slow starts with a midseason bounce back. Until Tom Brady retires or Belichick stops cheating, Buffalo will never be the favorite to win the division. Even with a win this week against New England as slight underdogs wont change that.

But... even after just one week this season already feels different. The defense seems to be as great as the two previous seasons which is extremely encouraging. Rex Ryan is a legitimate head coach unlike any of the previous asshats the Bills have employed since Gomer Phillips. And the Bills might actually have some talent at the quarterback position for the first time since 2004.

Granted Tyrod Taylor played against a mediocre defense at home in front of an insane crowd whilst no one had any game tape against him but still. TT stayed in the pocket, delivered strikes, showed the rare (for a Buffalo QB) ability to actually throw the ball downfield and has quickness few at the position possess.

Wait, why the hell did Matt Cassel start the game with a trick play? Those are the sorts of things that concern me. Dumbass waste of time gimmicks.

Sooo maybe it isn't time to buy in just yet. Yeah it isn't time yet because we've been here before. Beat one of New England (preferably] or Miami in the next two weeks and beat the Giants to go 3-1 and I'll start to dream about January football.

Until the Cheatriots are dead and buried it will be tough to fully buy in.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Week 1 NFL Picks

Expert Picks, Week 1 NFL Picks against the spread leggo [best bet listed first] : 


Seahawks -4 at Rams
Cardinals -3 v Saints
Panthers -3 @ Jaguars
Chiefs +1 @ Texans
Raiders +3 v Bengals


Bills +3 v Colts
Cowboys -6 v Gaints
Falcons +3 v Eagles
Seahawks -4 @ Rams
Redskins +4 v Dolphins


Jaguars + v Panthers
Bills +3 v Colts 
Bears +7 v Packers
Raiders +3 v Bengals
Redskins +4 v Dolphins

Gb -7 v Colts
Mia +4 @ Redskins
Cardinals -3 v Saints
Buccaneers -3 v Titans
Buffalo +3 v Colts

2015 Over Under Wins and Predictions

By Steve

Lets get these predictions written down. Here are predictions for the upcoming 2015 NFL season, Bills outlook and over unders for every team

Arizona Cardinals 8.5 -110
This team will win nine games. They won 11 with the likes of Lyndley and Logan Thomas last year. Over

Atlanta Falcons 8.5 -110
Granted that moron Mike Smith is gone but this team is still good. Under.

Baltimore Ravens 9.5 +105
Tough call in a good division but ten plus wins is less likely than nine or less. Under

Buffalo Bills 8.5 +110
This is an eight win team with major questionmarks at quarterback and coach. Under

Carolina Panthers 8 +110
The quarterback is good but the offensive weapons are the worst in the history of football at any level. Push

Chicago Bears 6.5 +120
This team is supposed to be a dumpster fire because everyone hates Jay Cutler. This division is tough, gotta go under reluctantly.

Cleveland Browns 6.5 +135
Who is worse, Mccown or Hoyer? Does it matter? 7 wins isnt impossible. Over

Green Bay Packers 11 -120

Houston Texans 8.5 -120
Brian Hoyer? Lol. Under

Indianapolis Colts 10.5  -210
The payout is horrid but the division is worse. 11+ wins seems like a lock. Over

Jacksonville Jaguars  5.5 -125
This team has to be good some day but hiring Doug Marrone and Nate Hackett is not a recipe for success. Under

Kansas City Chiefs 8.5 -160
This team is a bore. Under just to get value.

Miami Dolphins 9 -155
The constant love affair with this franuise before every season is puzzling. Mind numbing really. Philbin is a loser Dick Jauron clone. Under

NY Jets 7.5 even
I heard Todd Bowles speak and his voice does not impress. Oh and Ryan Fitzpatrick lmao. Under

Seahawks 11 -125
Not likely to go over in that division but 12 seems reasonable. Push

Rams 7.5 -120
Hey I liked Nick Foles at Arizona but I never loved him. This team is as interesting as the Bills except their fans don't care cause they're moving. Under

Redskins 6.5 +170
What no love for Kirk Cousins? Ha what an organization. Under

Lions 8.5 -105
This team is pathetic. They were so close but their coach pathetic. House of cards falls. Under

Saints 8.5 -135
Odd line but the division is horrid. Under

Chargers 8.5 -110
They always win 9, no? Over

Bengals 8.5 -120
Win enough to never win anything. Wait what? I thought they needed a new coach 10 years ago. Over

Broncos 10.5 -115
Last year for Peyton Commercial.. over

Buccaneers 6 -125
Lovie Smith sucks and Jameis couldn't win last year not likely this year. Under

Titans 5.5 -165
Lotta love for Mariotta for some reason but how hard is it to win 6 games? Meh. Under

Cowboys 9.5 -120
How bout them cowboys. Over

Giants 8 +130
Shoulda cut that old man coach last year. Under

Eagles 9.5 -200
Chip thinks he's still in the mediocre pac12. Under

Vikings 7.5 -260
Line is low but Teddy Bridgewater and co arent making the playoffs. Over

49ers 6.5 +125
Lol. Under

Patriots  11
They always win 11. Push

Steelers 8.5
Defense is dead under

Oakland Raiders 6.5
Hahahhaahah Jack Del Rio? Over

Bills will finish 8-8

Patriots over Cowboys in Super Bowl

Thursday, September 10, 2015

2015 Buffalo Bills Season preview Podcast

Steve and Coast look to the upcoming season and give their predictions. Oh and the Colts game

Ranking the Bills starting QBs this Century

by Steve

The Bills have been awful for 15 years.  They haven't made the playoffs since 1999 and it is because the owner was a joke, the coaches have been horrendous and the quarterbacks have been worse. Let's rank the Bills starters since the drought has started:

2000 Rob Johnson
Guy walked off the field with the lead against the eventual Super Bowl runners up.  He followed that up with a decent season.  I'm biased. fuck flutie

2004 Drew Bledsoe
The closest this franchise has come to the post season since '99.  Granted he choked against the Steelers week 17.

2002 Drew Bledsoe
 Finally had a real quarterback. 8-8 hurt but it was refreshing.

2008 Trent Edwards
So much promise so little result.

2014 EJ Manuel
Started out 2-2 and yanked but the Bills finished 9-7.

2005 JP Losman
2006 JP Losman
2007 JP Losman
Just mashing these seasons together because they were forgettable and regrettable.

2011 Ryan Fitzpatrick
2012 Ryan Fitzpatrick
Back to back 6-10 seasons, thanks for nothing ass hat.

2009 Trent Edwards
Another memorable 6-10 year, FML.

2013 EJ Manuel
Rookie lumps

2003 Drew Bledsoe
6-10 luckily this guy bounced back for one more year.

2001 Rob Johnson
This team was horrid and ROJO rarely ever saw the field ever again in the NFL.

2010 Trent Edwards
The season started 0-8 'nuff said.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tyrod Taylor Your Bills Starting QB

By Steve

The Bills on Monday made the obvious yet some what surprising decision to name Tyrod Taylor the starting quarterback for the regular season. Obvious because Matt Cassel is like eating brand flakes and tap water. Surprising because Cassel is the safe pick.

(6'1 215 drafted 180th overall in 2011. Signed for 3 years but the 3rd season can be voided if he plays 50% of the snaps this year or next. )

But is Tyrod a legit QB? Who the hell knows. He is athletic but short, doesn't have any starts in the NFL yet has been in the league for four seasons.  Worst case scenario he falls flat and Cassel is starting week 5. Best case scenario Taylor shows he can play in the league and becomes a potential franchise QB.

I expect Taylor to play conservatively early on. Not EJ Manuel esque from 2014 but the idea would be to limit possible mistakes, run the ball and let the defense win games. The main thing TT HAS to do is put the ball down field. There is no point in having ANY QB that cant make plays 25+ yards down the field.

Moreover, Taylor needs to use his athleticism to bring a dimension Cassel and Manuel do not have. If he is to be successful he has to stay healthy. That means he cant take off and run any time there is any pressure 2.5 seconds after the snap of the ball.

Does he know how to avoid the big hits and avoid injury? Other than a couple high ankle sprains early on at Va-tech Taylor started every game his junior and senior years in the ACC.

The idea that he sat behind Joe "am i elite" Flacco for four years is intriguing and the fact that he legitemately beat out a former first round pick and a veteran is worth noting. Did the Bills find their diamond in the rough? We'll know soon enough.

Oh and thanks for a few memories and ten years of bo one believing in you Fred Jackson. It was time. You're old and a 4th stringer. Anyone remember last year when he was bitching about training camp and his contract? Oh i guess only I do.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

EJ Manuel to Start Preseason Game 3

By Steve

WOW. What the fffffug? Erik James Manuel starting the third preseason game over Tyrod Taylor and Matt Cassel? If that isnt shocking it is pretty damn close to shocking.

There are a few trains of thought here.

1. Rex wants it to appear to give all three a "fair" shot at the starting job.

This is dumb because who cares about fairness. This is the NFL for christ sake. Play the best player and get him ready for the opener. Maybe EJ has looked the best to the powers that be who knows.

2. Playing EJ for trade bait.

This is dumb because it is the 3rd preseason game. Conventional wisdom says the 3rd game is the most important and the starters play the most. Why waste this time for trade bait? It is counterproductive for the season and the real starter.

3. EJ will only play briefly to placate him while giving all 3 QBs a real shot with the ones.

Most logical scenario. Put him in for a drive or two and yank him if he is awful to put the Manuel dreams to bed.

4. Just to fuck with WGR550

This is my favorite idea. Every dickhead on WGR hates Manuel and doesnt want him to play or even be on the damn team. Fuck with WGR and watch chap poodle and whitey's heads explode. Ha.

5. Rex knows who the starter is and is just throwing a bone to Manuel to mind fug everyone.

If Rex Ryan knows who the starter is and it isnt EJ then this is the dumbest idea ever. The starting QB needs as much time with the starters as possible. Roman and Ryan should be fired if there is 0% chance Manuel starts week one yet still is starting preseason game 3.


Monday, August 24, 2015

Justin Moss Piece of Shit

By Steve

Is there any other way to describe this dude? MAC player of the year heading into his senior season on a team that made their first NCAA Tournament in the history of the god damn program and he commits his second on campus robbery and gets booted from the team? FML

Can we as Buffalo sports fans ever have anyting good or nice ever? Clearly it is not possible.

UB had a rising head coach looking to return for another season in Bobby Hurley, the reigning MAC player of the year returning in Moss and a young stud guard in Shannon Evans and they are all now gone. Dont exist, did they ever exist? Did last year happen?

If it was somewhere other than Buffalo it would be unbelievable but around here it is par for the course.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Preseason 2 Bills at Browns Preview

By Steve

Yay another preseason game! Only three left thank god. Anyone know why the Browns came to Bills camp only to play the preseason game in Cleveland? Oh, me neither. But hey the game is on ESPN Monday Night Football (on a Thursday [huh?]) in prime time so at least for a few minutes NFL fans will remember Cleveland and Buffalo have professional football teams still.

The one positive aspect of this game is that everyone is already hurt so no one (at least on offense) can even get hurt. Top five running backs? Out. Top two wide receivers? Out. EJ Manuel relegated to mop up duty. Harumph.

Its the Tyrod Taylor show! Catch 22, can T-rod show enough with no weapons to win the starting job? Is he just a run first Mike Vick junior with less speed, skill, arm strength, success?

I'm at least as concerned about how Matt Cassel plays as I am about Taylor's performance. No matter who is the starter the other will definitely play this year. Cassel is a castle back there and Taylor is taylor made to get hurt (see what I did there?). So who actually wins the starting job wont matter all that much.

What else to watch for? Pretty much nothing else except for the starting offensive line against a good front seven and Ronald Darby. Darby got torched last week and needs to show at least a little better especially since McKelvin is an injured asshole.

Oh yeah and the EJ Manuel of the Browns will get a lot of playing time, Johnny Manziel! And our old pal that thumb-in-appearance esque turd Mike Pettine will be coaching for his job (isnt it conceivable the Browns could fire this dude at any time ever)?

Oh and fuck Donte Whitner

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Why the Bills Suck is Out

By Steve

Deadspin has finally gotten to us, the shitty Buffalo billls. If you cant laugh at this post you're either a blind fan boy or an idiot. Oh and of course a picture from my instagram made the post, ha! Here is a snippet:

"What’s new that sucks: Percy Harvin! IK Enemkpali! Richie Incognito! Aaron Kromer! They’re all here: hazers, punchers, convicts, rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers AND METHODISTS!!!!"

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fred Jackson Would Rather Face Geno Than Fitzpatrick

This morning on the Tiki and Tieriney Show on CBS Sports Radio Fred Jackson stired the put a bit taking a shot at jawbone-less Geno Smith saying he'd much rather face him than Ryan Fitzpatrick.
Sick burn ouch

Monday, August 17, 2015

Welcome Back Ellis Lankster

I was just readin right

Friday, August 14, 2015

Panthers at Bills Preseason Preview

By Steve

Yay the preseason is upon us! Full price tickets, full price parking, full price beers, rain in the forecast and almost nothing of interest or entertainment on deck. Oh and still no quarterback.

Here is what to watch for though since we already paid for this bullshit:

Manny Lawson. Yup he's still on the team. The defense is switching back to a 3-4 allegedly thus Lawson matters again.

The rookies. After Doug "loser" Whaley said it would be difficult for any rookie to make the team it appears at least 2 rooks will be starting week 1. Ronald Darby has been getting good reviews in camp (wtf is wrong with Leodis $5mil McKelvin btw) and John Miller is getting starting reps at guard. Karlos Williams is jumping up the depth chart (mostly because of injuries but still) and will be toting the rock a lock because Shady better not see the field.

Rex Ryan. He is a terrible in-game coach, has he learned anything from his failures for the Jets?

Cyrus Kouandijo. He is allegedly in a battle with Seantrel Henderson for the RT spot. Does he look like an NFL player?

The tightends. Doubt Charles Clay gets a lot of PT but the other dudes need to impress. Roman loves TEs and the Bills dont have any besides the former Dolphin. Gray, Gragg, O'leary oh my! Yikes.

Oh yeah and the quarterbacks. Who looks least incompetitant? Congrats you get to be the scape goat for another playoff-less season!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Bills QB Situation is a Disaster

by Steve

Not exactly the most original thought in the world but the Buffalo Bills quarterback situation is a disaster. Who in their right mind could pick this team to win more than 9 wins with the likes of Matt Cassel, EJ Manuel, Tyrod Taylor and Matt Simms as the starting QB options?  All four of these players are horrible. The horribleness that is TJ Mansselrod keeps me up at night.

In the last three seasons here are these clowns stats:

Cassel - 17 starts 20 TDs 25 INTs 58.9 completion percentage
Manuel - 14 starts 16 TDs 12 INTs 58.6 completion percentage
Taylor - 0 starts 0 TDs 2 INTs 54.3 completion percentage
Simms - 0 starts 1 TD 1 INT 48.7 completion percentage

Holy shit!  Whats worse, based on just about every tweet and report from training camp no player has looked even decent let alone separated themselves from the pack to control the QB battle.  This shit is depressing!  It is seriously bringing down my enthusiasm for the season. What team will ever win with these horrid dudes trying and failing to sling the rock?

Doug "I'm a loser" Whaley said the Bills are in quarterback purgatory, "Franchise quarterbacks hit the free-agent market? Name one. Unless they have an injury. So it's going to be an onus on our scouting staff to find a guy in the lower first round, second or third round. We accept that challenge. It's where we are, and it's been good that we have enough talent around that we're in that situation, but it's not an easy answer. There isn't [one]."

This guy is a loser, he has no clue what the hell he is doing.  How many quarterbacks have the Bills drafted in the last five years (since Whaley was hired)? Ya know the last five years that have had starting quarterbacks like Fitzpatrick, Manuel, Tuel, Orton and Lewis. THE BUFFALO BILLS HAVE DRAFTED ONE QUARTERBACK TOTAL IN THE LAST FIVE DRAFTS. ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!  And the Bills loved EJ Manuel so much they moved back in the draft, not move up, moved back to eventually be stuck taking Manuel in 2013.  Talk about certainty!

Perhaps some of the reason the Bills are in so called purgatory is because of the lousy drafting err lack of drafting quarterbacks that Whaley and co have done.  Not every good/great QB is a top 5 draft pick.  Some are later in the first round (ya know where a team might take a QB if they didn't hypothetically trade away their future first for the 3rd best wide receiver of his class) or the 3rd round or 6th round etc.

What would I have done? Well for one I would have drafted AT LEAST one quarterback in each season just because.  You want specifics?  How about players like Zach Mettenberger, Nick Foles, Ryan Mallett, Russell Wilson just to name a few.

Zach Mettenberger was a favorite of mine at LSU and fell in the draft after having a bad injury late in his final season.  Mettenberger went 178th in the 6th round.  The Bills had selections 149 AND 153 in the 5th round.  They traded 149 and took fringe guard Cyril Richardson at 153.

Nick Foles and Russell Wilson were both drafted in 2012. I was big on Foles coming out of Arizona and was mindful of Wilson.  Of course, I had no clue Wilson would be amazing but Foles I knew was worth a 2nd or 3rd would pick.  Who did the Bills take ahead of BOTH in the third round? Yeah TJ Graham. FMLLLLLL.

Granted, Mallett isn't the best but wouldn't it be a bit more interesting if he was waiting in the wings?  The Bills took Kelvin Sheppard 6 spots higher than Mallet in the 2011 draft.  And yes the Bills were able to trade Sheppard for Jerry Hughes (kudos Whaley [rare]) but, looking back between Sheppard a LB and Mallett?  I'll take the QB every day, especially when your starter is Ryan Fitz-noodlearm-fitz-patrick.

Those are just a few obvious players I would much rather have on the roster than any of TJ Mansselrod and the Bills eeeeeeasily could have had any of them.

Alright, umm how about 2014?  GREAT! Sammy Watkins! The Bills use two first round picks to move up four spots to select a player that is 100% dependent on a QUARTERBACK throwing him the ball.  How about instead the Bills move back.  Where?  How about 30 in 2014.  Teddy Bridgewater AND Derek Carr were available.  Anyone interested in either of them?

The bottom line is this.  The Bills are in QB purgatory because their general manager has no idea how to build a football team from quarterback on down.  Ya know, the most important position?  Instead, cobble weapons together with defensive players, highly priced FAs mix it together, throw in a journeyman and some "athletic type" quarterbacks and what will Doug Whaley get? 8 or 9 wins at most.  Don't blame the draft position Doug, blame yourself.


Friday, July 31, 2015

10 Most Important Buffalo Bills Heading to Camp

By Steve

Training camp is upon us. Since everyone is writing the same previews instead I'll run down a list of the most important players on the Bills heading in to camp. Since all the QBs suck and have little chance of being anything other than mediocre none are included. We know the quarterback position is the most important and would always be #1 on any list any way.

10. Dan Carpenter

This is mostly a joke because Kid Rock's cousin is just a place kicker but in this offense field goals will be the most likely outcome of each drive. DC is pretty good and needs to keep kickin'

9. Aaron Williams

The Bills determined A-will was their man over Byrd and Da'Norris and paid him. The safety position is one of the more underrated positions in the league. Everyone is passing every play and tight ends are as involved as ever. Williams needs a strong season and to lead the secondary.

8. Cyrus Kouandijo

This guy is teetering on the edge of bust like no other. He has bad knees at 23 and provided literally nothing in his rookie year. If this guy cant anchor the right side of the o-line or even get on the field he'll be an historically bad draft pick. Important position, highly drafted player, no depth behind him and has done nothing, put up or peace out.

7. Sammy Watkins

Yes he is probably more important than number seven but he is completely dependent on TJ Mansselrod getting him the ball. He'll never live up to my expectations because no WR with no QB is worth 2 firsts but nevertheless he needs to be a stud.

6. Eric Wood

One of the more overrated players on the team but he looks like a goofball and is friendly. There is literally (err figuretively) no depth behind this guy and the interior of the offensive line is horrendous. Wood needs to live up to the contract he got and solidify the o-line especially with the run first mentality Roman and co have.

5. Marcell Dareus

I used to call this guy a bust which just proves that even genius can be wrong from time to time. Big daddy is the center piece of this defense. He's finna get paid and needs to keep his nose clean. A one game suspension was a relief but even that will hurt. Do the Bills extend him now or keep him motivated to play for that new contract?

4. Charles Clay

Wait the Bills paid this guy what? 5 years $38 million? 14 career CAREER tuds? Three last year? This guy better step up and be the focal point of this offense. He better be extra motivated to play against Miami and be really good. The Bills havent had a good TE in 20 years. Sorry bud you now have the heavy weight of expectations.

3. Stephone Gilmore

Number 1 cornerback, high draft pick, looking for a new contract for big $$, Gilly needs to be a stand out this year. I was harsh on him last year but he started to come around. Time to do the near impossible and prove me wrong. Not to metion CBs are now one of the most important positions.

2. Mario Williams

Pass rushing beast who makes the most money by far on this roater. Mario hasnt EVER been to the playoffs, not once! Has he played to his contract? No, but you wont find me complaining. The Bills had to over pay the best FA available and he has played really well. So well in fact that no one even bitches about him any more. This city loves to bash high priced players and if M Dubs isnt getting killed any more he most be worth the casheee.

1. Lesean Mccoy

How pathetic is this list that a runningback is number 1 most important player? The 2015 Buffalo Bills ladies and gents! The Bills paid a runningback huge money at a time when few (err no) good teams are paying RBs. They traded a fan favorite young LB just for the rights to a guy that loathed the idea of being traded here. Not to mention the guy is 28 with a ton of mileage. But Shady is still good, real good, but he has to be great. The team needs to run the ball well and it all comes down to Shady.

Percy Harvin
Cordy Glenn
Jerome Felton (lol jk)
Ronald Darby
Chris Hogan (lol jk)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bitchin About Sports on a Thursday

By Steve

Deflate gate has worn me out. Didnt think that was possible! If this goes to a judge and gets delayed into the season i might have a stroke. In the long run if there is an injunction and the suspension is held over the Cheatriots heads all season that would be better than Brady coming back in week 5 and killing everyone. Then again I'd much rather he not play at the Ralph week 2.

God I hate the Patriots.

But not as much as I hate the Bills quarterback situation and Russ Brandon. Has anyone fallen forward in success more than Russ Brandon? He has had a hand in every hire for at least the last decade. He was the GM for a year. Holy shit the guy is a failing loser who knows nothing about football. Wowwee he can sell tickets to gullable bums like me and sell off 10% of our season to Toronto henchman. Fuck Russ Brandon.

God damn the Mets are a joke. They are soooo cheap, make no moves and even when they do they mess those up. Thanks Mets, you fit right in with the Sabres and Bills. Fml.

It sucks that Bills training camp is in East Rochester. 85 minutes away, no parking, not enough space for night practices and awkward set up. I surprisingly would like to attend but all that effort for a night practice isnt worth it. Gotta drive there, no beer, find a ticket, sit on a bus to get there after parking. Geez.

No Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio is a disaster. True they dont have a permanent replacement yet but that puts a dent in my motivation to go to work. Where was he wrong in stating that poor hispanic countries have bad education systems. Or was he describing Buffalo"s schools? Granted that wasnt why hes gone permanently but still, shorts me a week.

Now on to the weekly QB bitching. Some Vegas website actually had EJ Manuel as the favorite to start. Thats surprising. Tyrod Taylor would still be the ideal selection but all these fuckboys are losers. The idea that these 3 wont tank the season seems very remote. We'll see. Training camp is finally here. Christ

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bitchin About Sports on a Thursday

By steve

Either Lesean Mccoy is really stupid or he just doesnt give a fuck but I love it. Posting secret party invites on twitter and instagram and using Bills logos? Haha. Females only! 21+! Sign this confidentiality agreement! What a boss. But of course the party was in Philly and not Buffalo. Psht.

Is Matt Sims gonna get a real chance to start in this "four way competition". The boys at fandemosports were reporting EJ Manuel has zero chance at aeeing the field, the offensive line is full of dumbos that cant run Greg Roman's offense (even though camp hasnt even started yet) and Matt Cassel is gauranteed to be the starter.

If Manuel is #3 on the depth chart he has to be traded. Cutting him is useless and having him third on the depth chart is useless. Will someone give up a conditional 7th with his $5 mil plus gauranteed contract?

Since I havent followed the NHL the last two years because the Sabres have been horrendous I forgot the divisions changed. WHY ARE THERE ONLY 4 DIVISIONS WITH LOPSIDED NUMBERS OF TEAMS?? Huh? Gary Bettman is an asshat.

Wait Im not done with the NHL. Besides there being no entertainment or goals in the regular season the dumbest thing about this league now is they are trying to expand? EXPAND? To another desert city? 32 teams? Do dumb.

Why the hell did Nebraska leave the Big XII for the Big 10?

Why the hell does the BIG XII still have only ten teams? It doesnt make sense on two levels.

Nick Saban would fail in the NFL. If anything he will burn out at Alabama and move to the Pac12.

Speaking of the Pac12 why isn't this league hiring better coaches? Is the Big 10 usurping the PAC12 as a football conference?

I dont want an 8 team college football playoff. Four is plenty.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bills love Pornstars

Boobie Dixon is next after Duke Williams but at least Dixon kept it local with a Depew "star" lol

Monday, July 13, 2015

Drunkard Ryan Oreilly nabbed for DUI

By Steve
Is the ink even dry on that $52 million contract for Ryan O'reilly? Evidently he was drunk driving in Canada and ran into a Tim Hortons then peaced out before the cops rolled up. Doh
Those classy hockey players are so classy

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Porn Star Mia Khalifa Puts Duke Williams on Blast

By Steve

Looks like Duke Williams was put on blast by some porn "star" Mia Khalifa after he tried to meet up with her in Miami via a Twitter DM:

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bitchin About Sports on a Thursday

By Steve

Well, now that we are an official source for news does that mean I have to take this blog more seriously? Nah fuck it. Bitchin about sports on  a Thursday:

- $10 to watch the Sabres rookies and UDFAs practice Friday night? Either this city is pathetic and an embarrassment or they are reallllllyyy bored. Oh its both. Paying to watch a scrimmage??!?

- Thank you to Ronald Darby for making us a little bit famous for a few minutes earlier this week. I had the foresight to realize @realRonaldDarby was having a mini meltdown on twitter and saved his tweets. They were published here and some how profootballtalk found our site and used us as a source for a post. Holla!

- Did anyone talk about the Womens World cup even a day after the game? It being a blow out made the game useless to watch and useless to care about. Scoring 5 goals is like scoring 150 points in an NFL game. Thanks for playing I wont see you in four years.

- How dumb are NFL players that three fingers were lost last weekend? If I am worth millions of dollars I'm not lighting dynomite on fire in my hands. Jeez, now Im even scared to blow shit up now. Who would have thought I would have learned something from the NFL.

-Didn't Wimbledon used to end on the 4th of July weekend? Seems stupid to have it the next weekend now.

- What are the odds Mark Cuban literally kills someone from the Clippers organization? If Im Steve Balmer Im nervous. But Deandre Jordan isn't even that good! Centers are as useless as ever and the guy isnt all that great any way. Granted it was a bullshit move to renig on a hand shake deal but it isnt the end of the world.

- oh yeah and WGR550 still sucks.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

UHOH Ronald Darby is making twitter news

By Steve

Uhoh, it appears the Bills first selecion in the 2015 NFL Draft CB Ronald Darby is making news today on twitter. Finally, someone is aticking up for the man when a guy first gets hit by a girl then he punches her lights out.

Here are his tweets defending his former roommate and former FSU QB De'Andre Johnson who just got booted from the tram after a brutal video of him emerged showing him punch a chick at the bar:


"What I want to know is whats happening to the girl that clearly hit De'andre first? It's never right to hit a girl at all"
" But they have to get some kind of consequence as well . Yall can't keep letting females provoke guys in all ways then walk free. Like ?"

" @sioux_bills im speaking the truth I said nothing wrong #advice . That's what's wrong now . Not enough talking. Kid career could be done ."

" @BigSwerve5150 yes he grabbed her to not get hit. You can see he fist balled up to hit him but it's still wrong on his behalf but it's idk"

" @g_miller_ yea that's true I just hate to see stuff like that at the end of the day . He worked his life to get where he at .But lord bless"

" People saying its a bad tweet for saying something should be done both ways ? I'm confused . If that was tall kid or loved one then what"

I dont have a problem with it what he's saying, but in a slow NFL news month this wont end well for Mr Darby. But who wouldn't feel compelled to defend a friend and teammate (albeit he beats up chicks who step to him).

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bitchin About Sports on a Thursday

By Steve

Bitchin' about sports on a Thursday! Yup I told you this was gonna be a weekly column (lucky you). Lets right into it:

- So the Sabres give up four prospects for a player that never scores 20 goals in a season and is demanding something like 8 years $70 million? Ryan O'reilly is alright but the Sabres gave up way too much for a guy they now have to over pay to be their temporary first line center.

I give the transaction a C+ . It takes pressure off Jack Eichel and the now forgotten Sam Rinehart. Anyone remember him? I dont even know how to spell his name.

The other big move was trading the 21st overrall pick for an unproven goalie who has limited experience in the NHL. Um WTF?

I get it, Tim Murray is the antihesis of Darcy Regier. He is new, aggressive, gives no fucks and wheels and deals. Great! But he isn't immune from criticism. He has won nothing, has zero track record of success and doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt. Overpaying for players you really want or need is fine. But those moves better pan out. Being this aggressive and not getting great value leaves little margin for error. Then again thank god Darc Regier is gone.

- Japan v USA in the world cup final? The womens world cup is a topic? Damn slow sports season. Hope they dont sneek up on us. Heyyyyooo. Why the hell do teams have to plan in Montreal for the semis then fly cross country to Vancouver for the finals? So dumb.

- Where theres smoke theres fire. Dont be surprised if Tyrod is listed first on the depth chart for training camp. Wait is Russ Wilson on the trade block? 4 firsts? Sure. Paging Mr Whaley.

- Love to see Cleveland go Cleveland and lose a no hitter with 2 strikes and 2 outs in the 9th inning in an 8-0 game. Ha.

- The money in the NBA is back to being insane. Some of the contracts being thrown around brings back memories of the good old days when Hedo Turkalu and Rashard Lewis and other mid level players were getting wayyyy to much cash and tanking franchises. What the hell are the Lakers doing by the way?

- I had an epiphony the other day. Part of the reason I am so negative and dour about Buffalo sports (ya know besides all the losing) is because of how shitty wgr550 and The Buffalo News are. Both organizations are so self congradulatory and hold themselves up in such high regard it is disgusting.

The only good segment on Schopp snd the Bulldog is if someone even bothers to call and says something outlandish. Those two agree on every single thing they ever talk about. And if on the .01% chance they do disagree Bulldog just changes his mind and agrees with ol Chap. Also the guy that sings their opening intros is god awful.

The morning dudes are a little bit more entertaining but agree on every single thing too. Worse yet, they repeat the same fucking things every single morning. ANALYTICS!  You have to run a QB sneek on 4th and 1. Dont punt! Unbearable.

The Buffalo news is just a bunch of old cranks but at least they are intelligent except for Mike Harrington who is a biggity bitch and useless on twitter. Ha

- Yes I did vote for mostly all KC Royals for the all star game because it is funny. Then again it also helps the Mets when they get home field advantage in the World Series. Errr

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bitchin About Sports on a Thursday

By Steve

Slow time of the year for sports but Im on a long bus trip so lets just start a new thing where I bitch about sports shit. Leggo:

-The Mets are on an 8 game road trip and havent won yet. They have one game left. This isnt a fuckin riddle. Oh yeah Im goin to new Shea tomorrow and it is supposed to rain. Great 6 man rotation, I cant believe BF Colon isnt working out.

- 5+ weeks until Bills training camp? Ouch. The excitement and anticipation of Simms v Manuel v Cassel v Tyrod is palpable!

My odds for starting QB are as follows:
Matt Cassel 52%
EJ Manuel 24%
Tyrod Taylor 23%
Matt Simms 1%

I can buy into or at least make a half ass arguement for any of em (and I will once one of them "wins" the job) but this is basically a choice between shitty and less shitty. Can Rex Ryan win with a great defense and running the ball? Based on history yes but my faith in Rexy is shakey at best.

-USA v China in the quarterfinals tomorrow? In Ottawa? On Turf? 2 yellow cards equals the ban box for 2 USWNT players? When the fuckin Mets game rains out ill watch with one eye.

- Why the fuck does WGR550 need a 14 hour pregame show for the NHL draft Friday instead of airing the Smackoff? God I hate this town and their "sports fans"

- Anyone in Buffalo ever hear of the god damn NBA draft? Where is D'angelo Russell going? Willy Cauly Stein falling out of the lottery? Ryan Boatright going in the first round? Is Frank Kaminsky white? CA Townes or Okafor? I say Okafor is the safe pick. Stay away from Euros.

- Take a second and look at A-rod's stats, or ill give em to you. .292 15 dongs 45 rbi. Is he friends with that cheating bicycle rider?

- Jack Eichel better be a god damn hall of famer. Glad the Sabres tanked the last 2 years, burned their fan base and bore the shit out of everyone for a bust that people are already talking about trading (small-Sam Rinehart) and the 2nd best player in this years draft. But hey the Sabres billionaire owner raised prices for um the same # of times as years he owned them. (Shit I should reword that, meh fug it)

The Sabres arent making the playoffs next year and are years away from making any type of run. Then again watching a real meaningful NHL game in Buffalo will bring back fond memories of the prime of my life.

- Fantasy Football Mock Draft season is upon us. Haha losers

- Is there a more boring parent club for the Bisons than the Toronto Blue Jays? Ok clearly Im running out of shit to bitch about see u next Thurs.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

2015 Buffalo Bills Spreads Odds and Lines

By Steve

Lets take a look at the gambling lines for the 2015 Buffalo Bills season:

Vegas set the Bills over under total wins at 8.5 (-130).

The over seems like a solid bet but Tyrod Taylor? I wouldnt be surprised by an 8-8 season.

The Bills odds to win the AFC East are set at +500. The Dolphins are only +325 and obviously the Patriots are the favorite. Ill never understand the Miami love. Joe Philbin??!???

Buffalo is +1800 to win the AFC and +50000 to win the Super Bowl. SYM. Save Your Money.

Here is a breakdown of the point spread for each game of the Bills 2015 season with the spreads provided by Las Vegas and

Week 1:
Colts at Bills (+2.5, 47.5)

Over seems high and kinda rough being a home dog week one. Colts have the better team. Id suggest pick em as the line.

Week 2:
Patriots at Bills (+1)

This was before the Brady suspension thus the line has probably swung to Bills -3 or so.

Week 3:
Bills at Dolphins (-2)

Ouch first three weeks of the year and the Bills havent been favored yet.

Week 4:
Giants at Bills (-3)

This line will change.

Week 5:
Bills at Titans (+3)

Mariota's first career start?

Week 6:
Bengals at Bills (-1)

Surprised the Bills are favored but it is Andy Dalton..

Week 7:
Bills at Jaguars (+6)

Favored for the fourth straight game albeit this one is on a neutral field. Next stop the bye week.

Week 8:

Week 9:
Dolphins at Bills (-2)

Vegas loves the Dolphins this year.

Week 10:
Bills at Jets (+1)

Favored for six weeks in a row. I have no read on the Jets but they were awful last year.

Week 11:
Bills at Patriots (-5.5)

The Patriots will be in full-on fuck you mode. This line is low.

Week 12:
Bills at Chiefs (-2.5)

Big game week twelve. Could this be flexed?

Week 13:
Texans at Bills (-3)

Revenge from last year, fug JJ Watt.

Week 14:
Bills at Eagles (-3.5)

Chip Kelly already in a make or break year, bang the Eagles.

Week 15:
Bills at Redskins (+1)
Road favorites? Rare. WTF happen to RGIII?

Week 16:
Cowboys at Bills (-1)
If the Bills lose on a last second field goal I will burn the stadium to ash.

Week 17:
Jets at Bills (-4)

I made this line up based on anecdotal evidence.

The Bills are allegedly favored in 11 games this season! Eleven! The schedule is quite conducive to a successful aeason. First two at home, the AFC South, last two games at home amd no Brady week 2. These lines came right from Vegas. 15 year drought over?