Thursday, June 26, 2014

Smackoff Will Air on AM1520 in Buffalo

By Steve

Not sure if I should but Ill take credit, after complaining and bitching the last 24 hours, the morons at WGR550 realized their blunder and will air Jim Rome's smackoff on am1520.

The station confirmed it on their twitter feed at least 3 times in response to people complaining about 11 straight hours of nhl draft coverage. Do they really need 11 hours to talk about the draft any way? Unbelievable.

As an aside Im picking Brad in Corona to win his third smackoff.

Monday, June 23, 2014

WGR550 In Buffalo Preempting the Smackoff for Hockey Talk

By Steve

Yes you read that headline correct the 20th anniversary Smackoff on the Jim Rome Show this Friday the 27th is being preempted at 2pm for NHL Draft talk.

WTF? This could only be a cruel joke if it wasnt so cruel. The god damn station already talks NHL draft 8 plus hours a god damn day but needs an extra hour to talk about some guys named Sam who might play in the league in 2 years? During the best three hours of sports talk the entire year?

Only WGR... amirite?