Thursday, June 30, 2011

Buffalo Sabres sign Christian Ehrhoff

by Steve

Per Bob McKenzie:Christian Ehrhoff has agreed to terms on a contract with the Buffalo Sabres. (rumors of 10 years $40 mil)

Damn Darcy Regier making moves. I was skeptical when they traded a fourth to the Islanders after they failed to sign him after giving up a fourth rounder also, but this is a great signing for Darc. The guy had no credibility but he might be moving out of junk bond status with this one.

Fresh of the heels of the Robyn Regehr trade the Sabres are now hotter than shit in free agency. I really like the Ehrhoff signing but why was he -13 in the postseason this year? I can't blame Luongo for all of that. Also I hope Regehr isn't another Craig Rivet. Regehr and Ehrhoff are both 6'2 + bruisers and go along way in solidifying a relatively weak defensive corps. Who will be the odd man out is a good question but one that can be answered down the line.

I highly doubt the Sabres will sign Brad Richards but nothing would be shocking at this point. I expect a trade for a center/forward to be a much more likely scenario.

Just don't resign Tim Connolly please. If Kotalik and Connolly are on this roster next year I'll puke. Try and trade Derek Roy, move Jochen Hecht and maybe this franchise will actually win a round in the playoffs for the first time since 2007. Oh and the fan boy owner T-Pegs keep walking the walk I love me some crow.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Buffalo Sabres trade for Robyn Regehr

Thanks for "changing your mind" bro. What an ass hole.

TSN reports the deal includes former Sabres forward Ales Kotalik also coming to Buffalo in exchange for defenseman Chris Butler and forward Paul Byron.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Buffalo Sabres blogger Summit

by Steve

is this Buffalo Sabres blogger summit? First thanks for the invite assholes. Meh I wouldn't have gone any way and of course I'm probably not "qualified". But uh, what the heck is it?
My guess, it is a way to "educate" the bloggers and try to give them a little pub in return for putting a noose around their neck. I mean, c'mon Black and Pegula are geniuses, they aren't giving away something for nothing. They'll want crazy positive pub in return and possitbly some creative control over these blogs.

Maybe that is a little bit too conspiracy theory-ish but it is the Buffalo Sabres. Weren't they the same people that complained to the Buffalo News editorial board about the News being too critical of the Sabres?

Then again maybe they're just trying to legitimize some of these blogs and help shed the notion that we're all just in our parents basement hammering out lame sauce diatribes when we're drunk. Oh wait no that's just this blog. I will say it is interesting none the less, at least out here in the BLOGOSPHERE.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Buffalo Bills slowly ruining the only thing they do well

by Steve

The Buffalo Bills are terrible. Easily one of the top three worst teams the last 11+ years. They never win, they haven't had a home playoff game since 1995 and are out of playoff contention generally when the calendar reads November. The tickets seemingly go up every single year, the product on the field stays the same and the owner/gm/coach get older and shittier every single year. The only reason to be a Bills fan is to tailgate, and certainly that is the only reason to buy tickets.

Since tailgating is the only viable thing the Bills have going for them, naturally their first instinct is to ruin it. It started last year if not earlier than that. First they stopped letting small buses park inside the main lots. Ya know the cool looking old short buses with loads of die hard fans, sick gear and interesting paint jobs. Next they started fucking with the bowling ball guy because he was handing out 18% proof liqueur shots and booted him from the lot. What a trouble maker! The guy was a freaking legend, heresy.

And now they're curtailing the number of hours before the game fans are even allowed to enter the lots. So much for getting their at 8am and cracking open that first Blue Light. Instead now we'll have lines and lines of cars parked on Southwestern and Abbott waiting 45+ minutes to enter the lot. GREAT IDEA!

True most fans don't get their before 9am but that certainly is not the case on opening day or any of the first few games in September/October when the weather isn't the worst. The main reason people don't go any earlier than that the last 3-4 games is because the season is over and the games are meaningless.

Of course they tried to make it sound like the NFL was making them change the rules. Bullshit. I mean it is the No Fun League but I don't believe the NFL made the Bills change the opening time of their parking lots.

Oh and for all you scum bag smokers you won't be able to light up any where in the stadium from here on out. Thanks again, all that means is people will be hiding their smokes better and I'll get a red cherry on the back of my god damn elbow walking to the bathroom.

Suck a fat one Russ Brandon.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

LeFail James

by Steve

The Dallas Mavericks are NBA champions, winning game six convincingly in Miami 105-95 and winning three straight to seal it. Oh and also, LeBron James is a fraud. Was the guy diagnosed with HIV or something before this series? Where was he, what is wrong with him? Maybe he just isn't as good as we all thought. Then again the whole game was strange.

Where was the urgency in the Miami Heat? No press, no fouling, nothing. Eric Spoultra was laughing and smiling down ten mid way through the fourth? Does he not care that he is now unemployed? The Heat seemingly gave up with about 6 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Did anyone tell Dirk they won yet? What the hell was he doing, he walked off the court with 4 or 5 seconds left and went right into the locker room. Did he think they lost? Memo to irk: Game seven is cancelled bro, you guys are champions. The only guy that seemed excited was Mark Cuban. And where the hell was he the last two weeks, in a bunker under American Airlines Center er Arena er Court. Yeah and how many American Airlines complexes does that bankrupt company sponsor?

Mario Chalmers shot way too much, Wade and LeBron were turnover machines and Chris Bosh is a roll player at best. The JET Jason Terry was nasty. Ever since irk called him out after game three JET has been playing like a man possessed. HE'S THE BEST 6TH MAN EVERRSSZZ!!

I take great satisfaction in watching people and teams I dislike lose, this L by LeFail ranks up there with the Yankees in 2001 and 2004 and the Patriots in 2007. Gotta love a collapse in south beach baby can't wait for your choke next season, er check that 2013 since 2012 will be cancelled.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Buffalo Sabres resign Drew Stafford

Per wgr:

No word yet on the deets but the Sabres avoid arbitration with a player that blew up last season. Guess the details it will be either for two or five years is my guess $4 or $4.5 per depending on the length of the deal? Pegula already balling, I guess


4 Years $16 million per TBN

not bad, could have been worse but could have been better too. His playoff "production" is disconcerting however.