Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NHL Free Agency eve

by Steve

NHL free agency eve, for Sabres fans it is like Christmas eve.. if you're Jewish. Let's face it, Darc/Quinny/Goli and co aren't going to sign any way. Certainly not anyone worth a damn or make everyone talk about at the watercooler. Maybe it is because we don't spend to the cap, or cause we are hamstrung by terrrible contracts (Vanek, Miller, Hecht, Tallinder), or it is because signing a huge big name free agent won't help us win the cup right way. It is probably a mixture of all of 'em.

Alright fine, we don't need J-Bo the Sedins or Hossa. But certainly there has to be some level 2 and 3 FAs that could be signed smartly and without breaking the bank that would certainly improve the team. There is just no track record or reason to believe Darc has the foresight and ability to snatch up these players. Trades, yes he has found some diamonds (although failures as well) but free agents have been non-existant pretty much the last decade.

Why can't be attempt to bust a move like the Rags trading Gomez to the Habs to free up cap space for someone like Heatley or really anyone? Oh yeah cause he'll be participating in a LIVE CHAT ON SABRES.COM 30 MINUTES INTO FREE AGENCY! After first I assumed it was a fuckin joke then I realized what the joke was, the Sabres front office. Jeeez

"We have offered Drew Stafford a qualifing offer, Millsie won't be hurt next year, Roy and Vanek are going to improve, Hecht and Pominville can't be as awful, plus there is a good solid young core. True we haven't made the playoffs in two years but at least we aren't raising ticket prices! (wait, we are? oh shit.. 'Darc the mic is still on' oh uh well we still have the best fans in the league! Just remember, this team was in bankruptcy before Golisano rode in on his white donkey and saved the team from leaving!!"

allllllllllllllll aboard the failboat

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bills not moving any more games toronto any time soon

Boo yah ka shah God I hate toronto.

From an ESPN interview 6/28/2009 :

Wilson told The Associated Press on Sunday he'd prefer waiting "two or three years" to determine whether the northern experiment is a success before he'd consider reworking the contract reached last year with Toronto-based Rogers Communications.

"I'm sure they want another game. And who knows?" Wilson said in an interview conducted at his home outside Detroit. "I don't know whether they'll get another game or not. We'll have to see how it works out up there."

"We're doing this to keep the team [in Buffalo]," Wilson said. "I could see why people think that this is just the first step of moving the team. But they don't realize how difficult it is to compete against the Cowboys and all these new stadiums."

Thanks for stopping by even though you were probably trying to find pictures of Maria Belen Chapur (the south carolina governor's mistress) on google all day and or watching the play him off cat video on you tube at least you now have some new info about Ralph's interview with the AP Sunday morning.

Team USA soccer chokes away a cup

by Steve

Other than searching for pictures of Maria Belen Chapur (the south carolina governor's mistress) on google all day and watching the play him off cat video on you tube I occasionally switched over to the US soccer game today. Up two nothin at half and you lose in soccer? What is this a Buffalo soccer team? Jeez. I just wanna know what the hell i'm now gonna do with all that excess gasoline, road flares, orange slices, capri sun pouches and bandages? I definitely started flipping cars and burning stuff wayyyy to soon, sorry bout that.

I don't know much about profession soccer or futball but I do know a choke when I see one. Being up two goals half way through the game only to lose is a choke job. They choked big time right there on the pitch. Was this just an aberration or is the United States going to start dominating soccer now too? Hopefully, just so we can lay claim to yet another thing Europe and the rest of the world would be jealous of. See you at the World Cup chumps.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Zack Kassian Buffalo Sabres first round pick

Dude is a beast man. 6'3 forward from Ontario played in the O, he's Kaleta but bigger and more scoring prowess. Kassian is exactly what the Sabres have been lacking for far too long: grit, size, strength, non euro-ness. Some draft observers characterize him as pretty much NHL ready, but at 18 and with the Sabres recent history I doubt that will be the case..

Peterborough head coach Ken McRae
"Zack Kassian is a great kid that loves the game and approaches practices the same way he approaches games with hard work and intensity. (He’s a) big, tough right shot power forward with a mean streak. Very heavy shot to go along with a high skill level as well as a physical, intimidating style of play. Zack takes pride in his off-ice workouts and is a very well conditioned athlete."

Here's a video..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

2009 Buffalo Bills NFL training camp schedule

Let the media circus continue

Saturday, July 25 8:30 – 10:25 am and 2:15 – 4:10 pm

Sunday, July 26 8:30 – 10:25 am and 2:15 – 4:10 pm

Monday, July 27 11:00 – 1:10 pm

Tuesday, July 28 7:00 – 9:10 pm (free tickets required)

Wednesday, July 29 1:00 – 3:05 pm

Thursday, July 30 7:00 – 9:10 pm (free tickets required)

Friday, July 31 2:15 – 4:20 pm

Saturday, August 1 10:10 – 12:10 pm

Monday, August 3 2:15 – 4:20 pm

Tuesday, August 4 7:00 – 9:10 pm (free tickets required)

Wednesday, August 5 1:00 – 3:05 pm

Thursday, August 6 7:00 – 9:10 pm (free tickets required)

Friday, August 7 2:25 – 4:20 pm

Tuesday, August 11 7:00 – 9:10 pm (free tickets required)

Wednesday, August 12 1:00 – 3:05 pm

Thursday, August 13 7:00 – 9:10 pm (free tickets required)

Friday, August 14 10:30 – 12:15 pm

Monday, August 17 7:00 – 9:10 pm (free tickets required)

Tuesday, August 18 2:15 – 4:20 pm

Wednesday, August 19 9:30 – 11:10 am

(night practices in bold)

NBA Draft preview

by Steve

Alright, this is the obligatory NBA post for the remainder of 2009. Really all I wanna do is talk about Johnny Flynn. What a beastttt. Chad Ford of ESPN has local boy Flynn going #6 in tonights draft to the Minnesota Timberwolves, evidently they still have a team.

Thats about it. I don't know much more about the NBA or the draft other than Big East players and Paul "I jumped for no particular reason other than my age and cause Flynn did" Harris. Harris, also from the Falls and from 'cuse is 23, has a checkered past and is probably only a wide body in college with little game translating to the pros. He can't really shoot doesn't have a good enough handle to be a guard and would get owed by Dwight Howard.

Back to the true balla Flynn for a second. At number six that means he's the third best PG in the draft beind Rubio and Curry but ahead of Ty Lawson, "Jrue" Holiday, Eric Manor and Brandon Jennings.

According to the Buffalo News only 21 players from Western New York have been drafted in the NBA. The number is based on players that actually played high school ball here not players like Oden, Calvin Murphy, and Randy smith. Here's the full list. Flynn will be the first player drafted since Damone Brown in 2001.

Oh, and Shaq got traded to the Cavaliers. I think this trade pretty much solidifies the idea that after LeBron and co fail yet again in May/June 2010 bron bron will opt for free agency and thus go to the biggest market available.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Manny Ramirez is back day 2

Wha wha? no soccer post? It was arguebly the largest in in US soccer history beating Italy (a team that hasn't lost in 3 years, yes years, when they were like 50-1 to win the tourney)

Man-ram went 0-1 with a walk. 0-3 with the Isotopes thus far in two games in left field leading off.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Man-Ram is back!

Leading off for the Albuquerque Isotopes of the Pacific Coast league and playing in his customary Left field spot, Manny took the collar going 0-2 with a strike out.

Monday, June 22, 2009

US Open Reaction


For the 2nd year in a row, the US Open finished on a Monday and I had to miss the majority of the final round, which is bullshit. Other than all Bills' games, the US Open final round might be the best day of sports all year (with the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Confederation Cup hot on it's heels...team USA vs. Spain preview coming soon).

Lucas freaking Glover. Who had this guy in their US Open pools? He has one career win and it came on a lucky hole out from a sand trap on the final hole. Lucas Glover is a bum, let's face it. He shot 73 on a final round which may have been the first time he played in conditions that were the same as the other half of the field. Lucas Glover and Ricky Barnes got the luckiest draw in major championship history. They played their entire first two rounds in absolutely ideal conditions...and they made it pay off. The fact that Ricky Barnes holds the 36 hole scoring record for the US Open tells you all you really need to know...that along with his stellar 76 in the final round. The final group shot +9. That is some good golf.

The crowd favorite was obviously Hefty Lefty. He made a run on the back 9 and a dramatic eagle gave him a share of the lead. Then, Mickelson realized who he was...the biggest US Open choke artist in history. 15 was playing as the hardest hole on the course. Mickelson was just on the back fringe after his approach shot, tied for the lead at -4. He lagged his first putt to about 4 feet...these putts you just have to make...and Phil didn't even hit the hole. Then on 16, he ran a 25 foot birdie putt 8 feet by and got lucky to make par...then on 17, he had another 4 footer for par...again it didn't hit the hole. Just like that, he was basically out of it.

The 882nd ranked player in the world, David Duval, put on the greatest show. Duval made birdies on 14, 15 and 16 and grabbed a share of the lead with 2 holes to play. His 4 footer for par on 17 lipped all the way around the hole which basically eliminated him. Duval put on the best show this week. The former world number one who fell off the face of the earth may be finally making a come back. If he didn't get screwed with a plugged lie in the bank of the bunker leading to a triple bogey, we may be talking about him instead of the bum Lucas Glover.

Tiger never really was a factor. He got it to -1 at one point and was only 3 back after being 15 back yesterday, but that is as close as he got. His first round 74 killed him. You can blame the conditions, but that was the hand he was dealt and he played his final 4 holes of the first round at +3...that just isn't going to get it done.

Hunter Mahan may have gotten the most unlucky break I have ever seen. He was at -2 going into 16, only one shot off the lead. He hit his approach on the par 4 perfectly. The ball hit the base of the pin basically in the hole, bounced 60 feet away and off the green. He failed to get up and down and made bogey. A sure birdie turned into a bogey and that one stroke of bad luck cost him a chance at a playoff.

In the end, the champion is Lucas Glover...perhaps the biggest joke of a US open champion in recent memory. He hit a clutch shot on 16 to make birdie and ice it...but other than that, he was just the beneficiary of a lucky draw. At least he is American I guess.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Farewell JP Losman


Don’t worry, I have not retired from this blog. With the latest news on JP Losman possibly being out of the NFL, I needed to reminisce on his five year stint as a Buffalo Bill.

The Bills drafted Losman with the 22nd pick in the 2003 draft. He was the 4th quarterback taken in the first round that year, and was self proclaimed as the best. He claimed he had a better arm than the other three, was better than the other three at throwing on the run and was generally just a better athlete than the other three. All that may be true. However, Eli Manning has a ring, Ben Roethlisberger has 2 rings and Philip Rivers is a pro bowl quarterback and a legit star in the league. JP may be able to throw it farther, but that is where the comparison between these guys ends.

At the time I thought this was a great pick. After the debacle that was the 2003 season, the Bills were dying for a new quarterback and who didn’t love the cocky, talented, athletic quarterback out of Venice Beach, California? I bought his jersey probably 2 weeks after the draft and couldn’t wait for him to dethrone Drew Bledsoe. After all, analysts were comparing JP to Brett Favre. In fact, the Bills traded up with Dallas I believe to jump in front of Green Bay who was eying JP.
When training camp and the pre season began in 2004, JP looked like a stud. He looked good in practice, showing off his big arm. He looked good in the pre season, albeit in the 2nd half vs. the oppositions scrub players. In August of 2004 however, JP Losman’s career took it’s first turn in the wrong direction. Troy Vincent, frustrated at Losman’s ability to scramble, decided to hit the rookie quarterback while he was scrambling during practice. Losman’s ensuing leg injury sidelined him for half the season. This was a prelude to the bad fortune this guy would have during his five years.

Losman didn’t get much action in 2004. On a Sunday night, Mike Mularkey decided to throw him to the wolves at Foxboro in a blowout against New England. Why he would do this is a mystery. Losman entered the game, threw a pick to Larry Izzo, but who could forget the perfect form tackle he applied to Izzo on that play. What a tackle it was.

After the 2004 season, Tom Donahoe thought it was time for JP Losman to become the starting quarterback. In a move of genius, the Bills released the veteran Drew Bledsoe and gave the job to the unproven, raw, 2nd year quarterback in JP Losman. They also brought in free agent “back up” Kelly Holcombe. I thought the Holcombe signing was a good move, thinking he would be there to mentor Losman and only play if JP were to get hurt. I didn’t think that JP would be jerked around as much as he was. The 2005 season began just as the Bills could have imagined. An opening day blowout against the Texans made many believers. Losman threw for a modest 164 yards, 1 touchdown (to Jason Peters) and no interceptions. Little did anyone know that this was going to be the high point of the season. The Bills lost the next three games. JP threw for a grand total of 203 yards in those three games, combined. Finally, with Mike Mularkey thinking that this team actually had a chance during the 2005 season, pulled the string on his young quarterback in favor of journeyman Kelly Holcombe.

The Bills won two of the next four under Holcombe before coming home to play Kansas City. Holcombe got a concussion in the game and JP was given another chance. Who could forget the two perfect touchdown passes he threw to Lee Evans to lead the Bills to victory. This was a little preview of the connection Evans and Losman would have in the future. Now with his mind swayed yet again, Mularkey named JP Losman his starter.

Losman had to have in the back of his mind, if I screw up, I am benched, and when you commit to a young quarterback, you can’t jerk him around like that. Look at the Giants, they went through the growing pains with Eli Manning. He was awful in his first year, but he didn’t get jerked in and out of the lineup. The Bills wouldn’t win another game under Losman in 2005. They got throttled by the Chargers, lost a pathetic home game to the Panthers and then wasted three first quarter touchdown passes to Lee Evans in an embarrassing choke job in Miami which cost me $412. After a 35-7 blowout loss to New England, Mularkey decided it was time to pull the string on Losman again, in an attempt to save his job and in an attempt to appease the complaining veteran receiver Eric Moulds. The Bills won one more game, finished 5-11, fired Donahoe, and hired Dick Jauron and Marv Levy.

2006 was a fresh start for JP entering his third season. Training camp was an open competition in which Losman won the job over Craig Nall. Losman showed signs of being a good quarterback all throughout the 2006 season. He did have some pathetic games…threw for only 64 yards against Green Bay, 51 yards against Indianapolis (in a game where Dick Jauron had the most conservative game plan in NFL history), had bad games against the Bears, and the winless Lions.

He did however also showed signs of being the player the Bills were hoping he would be in drafting him in the first round. He threw for 333 yards in a comeback win against the Texans on the road. He led a great last minute drive capped off with a perfect touchdown pass to win the game to Peerless Price. The very next week, he led another last minute drive to set up a winning field goal against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Bills playoff run was stunted due to poor coaching more so than the play of their quarterback. Jauron cost them the Chargers game. He also cost them the Titans game in week 16. Losman played flawless football against the Jets and Dolphins in December, two late season divisional games. He earned his way to a pro bowl alternate honor. He threw for 3,051 yards, 19 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions. He solidified his position as the starting quarterback of the Bills. There would be no competition or controversy in 2007.

So, the 2007 draft came around and a young, raw quarterback slipped into the third round named Trent Edwards. The Bills didn’t need a starting quarterback this year more likely a project or backup. Finally, Losman would have a clear head and not have to worry about losing his job. So, Marv Levy and the Bills brass took Trent Edwards because he was the best value on the board. I was shocked, pissed, floored, stunned, couldn’t believe it, it was a stupid pick, I still stand by that opinion. The coaches loved Edwards from the start. He was smart, he was an Ivy leaguer, he was the prototypical 6’4” quarterback that could stand in the pocket that the Bills coaches envisioned. The Bills couldn’t wait to pull the string on JP again. The Bills lost opening day to the Broncos. Again, I blame the coaching for their ridiculously conservative play calling. Week two against the Steelers can’t be used against JP. Who could prepare for that game after the injury to Everett. Then the scum bag Vince Wilfork took out Losman’s knee and the jerk around of JP would begin again. Edwards started the next 4 games before he got injured and Losman was plugged back in. He started the next four games before he was again pulled in favor of Trent Edwards for the final time. He had a final opportunity to save his NFL career in 2008 but it didn’t work out. He looked down right bad and his tenure with the Bills was over and now perhaps even the NFL.

In his career with the Bills, JP Losman threw for 6,211 yards, 33 touchdowns and 34 interceptions. He was inserted and removed from the starting lineup more than five times. He played under two coaches that could be the worst two coaches in Bills history. He came to Buffalo and embraced the city unlike most players that come here. He bought a house here and started a program to clean the city. The problem was his wins and losses. He was 1-7 in 2005, 7-9 in 2006, 2-5 in 2007 and 0-2 in 2008. He was 10-23 as a starter. So now to Las Vegas where JP will play with the best coach he has ever had as a pro. He will play under Jim Fassel and probably will have the best chance he’s ever had to resurrect his career. Tommy Maddox jr?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The failure of JP Losman

by Steve

As you have all read/heard/seen, JP Losman has signed up for the UFL. What you may not know is what the fuck the UFL is. Nobody does because they haven't played a season yet. We'll get to that in a bit, but this "official" signing of Losman to a minor league football team for now ends the short pathetic sad and disappointing career of Johnny Paul Losmeng.

UFL Access, the official website of the United Football League, reports that former Bills 2004 1st round draft pick J.P. Losman could soon sign with the Las Vegas franchise. The quarterback is an unrestricted free agent but had no takers in the NFL to this point. The website states that a deal has not officially been made yet."

Since his career in Buffalo and perhaps even in the NFL is over lets reminisce for a few.. Tom Donachuck took over from scape goat GM John Butler following the 2000 season. Not only was he one of the worst GMs in Bills history, he is probably up there as worst of all time in the NFL. Blunder after blunder Tommy boy probably peaked in sucktitude in 2004. After drafting Lee Evans (who in all honesty was a good pick, although no Ben Roethlisberger [who was available only two spots higher at 11] ugh) Donahoe thought, "shit we need a QB, three have already been taken, lets see who's left. How about this bum from some small school in Louisiana that is undersized has a big arm and little else including no football acumen. Oh, Dallas you'll trade your 22nd over all pick for him? Whatever you want!"

In the following five seasons Losman was jerked around, the team was jerked around, coaches changed like the weather at the Ralph, GMs changed, there was no continuity. So of course this stunted Losman's growth and certainly messed with his head. There was really only one year in which Losman had a real chance to succeed. After finishing up strong in 2006 Losman was the only man in town to start the 2007 season, or at least I thought.

"On to back up back up Trent Edwards. Green isn't even the color to describe T-Eds. What we do know: he's smart, he went to Stanford, the Stanford Cardinals football team sucked, and Edwards took a beating and got hurt a lot. Look for him to sit on the bench for 2 seasons, get bit parts in 2009 and hopefully traded, great move Marv and Co."

Of course, Losman got hurt, sort of lost the starting QB position, got it back, lost it again, and was lost forever. If that fuckin cheater Vince Wilfork didn't dive at Losman's knee who knows what could have been. Oh well, on to the 4 team six game UFL for the QB with raw talent and nothing else.

In all honesty I would love for the United Football League to succeed. The NFL is too big, too pretentious and too arrogant. They need to be knocked down a few pegs. The games will allegedly start in October, be played on Thursday and Friday, and end around Thanksgiving. They have some big name coaches like Fossell, Cottrell, Haslett, and Dennis Green. LV, NYC, O-town and SF are the first four teams. With more on the way for 2010.

I'd say, get some good college talent that is less than 3 years removed from high school to play, get players that want to regain form, get out of jail, make one last push for fame or are desperate. Also play from July to September and don't be as gimmicky as the XFL. It could work but odds are it will fail unless a perfect storm of luck and perhaps a development deal with the NFL occurs. Either way this might be Losman's last stand.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Us Open preview

by Steve

Who else got a similar text this week, "two words, bethpage black". Anyone, anyone? Either my compatriots and I are the biggest sports fans in the world, or we're like millions of other people with our obsession of competitive athletics.

The 2009 US Open starts friday in the greater NYC area at Bethpage on the "black" course. Eldrick won last time it was held there. He also won the last US Open. Most think he'll win again, a minority, hope he loses.

Last year was one of the more memorable Opens. RocCo Mediate went head to head with Woods, eventually losing a playoff (after Woods nearly collapsed). Doubt it will be as intersting as least year, or even half as interesting as the Masters; where Woods and Hefty lefty went toe to toe for like uh fifth place.

Some dude from WGR likes Bajagus who ever that is. Others like Justin Rose. Most likely it will be someone we didn't really see coming, a whiley ol' vet, or Woods will run away with it on moving day.

Regardless, the NHL and NBA playoffs are over, interleague baseball is getting played out and there is nothing else even remotely interesting on. Plus, fuck golf. Other than the fifty or so people that are great at it, the rest of us are terrible, waste a shit load of money, and will never be good at it. Then again, try and get a tee time on the weekends between July and September. All I know is someone is getting rich it aint us, and hopefully, for a day, it isn't Eldrick either.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Artie Lange owns Joe Buck,, cowboys, everyone

alright the video has been deleted but here is the audio
artie Lange part 1

artie lange part 2

This might be the greatest video of all time, hurry before hbo rips it down

Monday, June 15, 2009

Coyotes staying in Phoenix?

by Steve

You know it is a slow week when I'm talking about hockey. You know it is the end of June when I'm talking hockey and it isn't even about the fuckin Sabres directly. A judge in Arizona came down against Balsillie and his quest for a team in SOON.

There were a myriad of legal issues to deal with, including how much the NHL would get as a relocation fee, and not much time to sort them out. There was also a tentative auction set for June 22 looming.

"Simply put, the court does not think there is sufficient time (14 days) for all of these issues to be fairly presented to the court given that deadline," Baum wrote.

Eh either way, eventually a team will be located in Hamilton or there abouts. I don't think this will effect the Sabres much either. The Sabres lately have thrived and flourished, especially in Souther Ontario, because they are cheap and near by. And cheap. If a team was added between Buffalo and Toronto it would take much more from a very under saturated Toronto market then Buffalo. Perhaps a small dent in the Sabres market and worst.

The Sabres will still be cheaper, still have a great atmosphere, and still be in close proximity. Who knows, it could even improve the Sabres bottom line. There wouldn't be a sink hole of a franchise in Phoenix, a new team 60 miles away and a potential new rivalry could be fostered, and across the board revenues for the NHL would improve.

The decision to deny Mr Blackberry of his coveted NHL came as zero surprise, really. The other three real leagues had a vested interest in the outcome of this case. If a team could secretly file bankruptcy, create a back door deal to sell the team to an unapproved owner and plan to whisk said team away in the dead of night, ala C-town, it could be potential chaos in the NFL, MLB and NBA. These leagues are worth billions and billions of dollars. The deal stunk from the beginning and certainly stunk for the league and their owners.

The only real question at this juncture is who you have your eye on next Ballsilie?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Maybin at linebacker and other news

-Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell is toying with ways he can use No. 1 draft pick Aaron Maybin at both defensive end and linebacker. Using the Penn State product in a rotation with defensive ends Chris Kelsay and Ryan Denney is logical, but creatively speaking, Maybin may offer much more effectiveness rushing the passer or dropping into coverage by lining up in unpredictable spots, much like Miami once used Jason Taylor. If Maybin can develop more than one or two pass-rush moves during training camp, he'll improve his chances of being used in multiple roles."

Hey, why the hell not. Use a highly touted atheletic freak as often as possible in as many situations as possible P Few thinking outside the box? Who woulda thunk.

White throw backs????? The News thinks so. This would probably be worth purchasing..
The Bills revealed in their training camp press release that on their night practice at training camp on July 30, they will lauch the official Bills jersey commemorating the 50th anniversary of the AFL. They already have a blue throwback for sale. They play a road game at Tennessee in which they will wear a throwback jersey. So expect them to be unveiling a white 1960s era jersey at that night practice at St. John Fisher.
---Mark Gaughan

Crowell isn't healthy.
Looks like the Bills may have actually made the correct decision in not giving this dude a contract.

The Bucs were hoping free agent signee Angelo Crowell would fill that spot, and he still may. Crowell, however, recently suffered a setback in his return from left knee surgery and that has created an opening at his spot.

The Bills will start training camp July 25th with a double session. The full schedule has yet to be announced. They end training camp Aug 19th.

Bills white throwbacks

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fantasy baseball sleepers and call ups

by Steve

Entering month three of the fantasy baseball season can make or break your squad. June is ripe for pwning the waiver wire and scooping up some talent. Here is a list of players (if still available) to take a flyer on.

Andrew McCutchen OF
You trade your best player, you might as well call up your next best player. A MCC has been a revelation since being called up last Thursday. Dude is raking, has speed, some power, and can drive in runs. GIVE HIM ToDAY

Matt Wieters Catcher
I assume he is gone in any league at this point but if you have been a sleep for the past two months get him ASAP. He has come out of the gate extremely slow but is too good to stay cold for long.

Sean West Pitcher
23 three year old potential stud for the Marlins. Earned his first career win in the bigs spinning a gem against the Giants on 6/8. In four starts his ERA is 2.22 and WHIP is .95. Should be available in most leagues.

Fernando Martinez OF
With Jose Reyes out for a while and the rest of the Mets farm team basically barren, F-Mart could stick longer than originally anticipated. He has speed and some power but may not be ready for the big leagues just yet.

Rick Porcello P
Super young RP, RP, has had two straight mundane starts for the Tigers but previously won his last five starts. His ERA is sub four and might be a solid spot starter if the league hasn't already figured him out.

Tommy Hanson
Long touted righty for the Braves was called up last week and is yet to make his MLB debut. He will be worth taking a gander at.

Luke Scott DH
Thirty year old journeyman has found his stroke for the O's. Since coming off the DL two weeks ago he has sustained an ability to hit in the majors and has blasted 7 dongs. Dude has power.

Nolan Reimold RF
Another young O's player (third already on this list) has hit decent since getting called up in mid may. .280 6hr 14 rbi. He could be a real asset if he gets his OBP up and continues his power trend that has been touted his entire young career.

Gordon Beckham SS
White sox potential stud just called up. He scorched his way through the farm system playing 7 games in AAA hitting .464 w/ an 1.127 OPS. (no sweatpants allowed)

Daniel Schlereth Closer
Alright, he got whacked around his first two outtings but if you're desperate for a closer w/ potential check 'em out. Yes he's Mark's kid.

Mark Adams Relief Pitcher
recently called up for the Padres. At leastPetco is a tough place to get hits in.

Jamie Burke Catcher

Friday, June 5, 2009

The bills aren't getting a new stadium

by Steve

First came this "report" from WGR about some bullshit regarding the Bills talking to the makers of Dallas stadium.

WGR 550) -- It's just a blurb, but this is Buffalo. With the future of the Bills often on the minds of their fans, a Fort Worth Star-Telegram report is worth mentioning.

The firm that built the Dallas Cowboys' new palace listed the Buffalo Bills as one of six professional sports teams at least discussing something stadium-related. HKS Inc. say they've been working with the Vikings for nine months, that the Bills, Falcons, Chargers and 49ers are "thinking about doing something" -- really, can that get any more vague? -- and that the Dodgers are talking renovation.

The report also follows the sentence about the Bills by saying, "Those are the potential new stadiums."

Then came the obligatory denial from the Bills..

Buffalo Bills officials said today they have made no inquiries or plans to study the building of a new stadium.

The question of a new stadium for Buffalo was raised in an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

An executive of the firm that designed the new stadium for the Dallas Cowboys was asked about his company's prospects for future stadium construction.

Mark Williams, associate principal architect for HKS Inc. stated: "We've been working with the [Minnesota] Vikings for about nine months, and they are still trying to get their funding. The [San Francisco] 49ers and the Buffalo Bills are thinking about doing something and also the [San Diego] Chargers and maybe the Atlanta Falcons. Those are the potential new stadiums in the NFL."

Bills officials maintain no firm has been contacted and no initiative toward a new stadium has been planned.

Bills owner Ralph C. Wilson Jr. has steadfastly maintained that he is happy with the current stadium in Orchard Park and that he has no desire to ask taxpayers to contribute to the construction of a new stadium.

Furthermore, the Bills' management has maintained that it would be very hard to make a new stadium pay off financially for the team.

One of the financial strengths of the Bills' franchise is it is carrying no debt load. So none of the team's revenues goes toward paying off loans. Further, the advantage of building a new stadium to NFL teams is the ability to charge much higher prices for luxury suites and personal-seat licenses.

It's hard to see which companies in Western New York would be willing to pay significantly higher prices for luxury boxes under the current economic climate or how the Bills would find many more companies in the region to buy more luxury suites.

Ralph Wilson Stadium, opened in 1973, is the fifth oldest in the NFL. However it underwent an extensive refurbishing at taxpayer expense in 1998.

Lets face it, the Bills aren't getting a new stadium. There is no money, there is no location, a waterfront stadium is probably a terrible idea, no debt for the team is huge, who the fuck knows who is going to own the team once Ralph bites it, there was no concrete evidence to suggest the Bills were looking into it, and the bills only play 8.5 games a year in Buffalo.

True is I'd love a multiuse retractable roof dome I just can't fathom it happening. Esp with buffalo's storied history of obstructionist, preservation asshole-ism that prevents a lot of things from happening. Putting it where the perry st projects currently are makes sense The Bulls could play a marquee game there or all their games eventually. Buffalo could host large events hsbc is not equipped for, and possibly large conventions etc. and hey if we ever got 200,000 more people perhaps baseball in the future? who knows just know it won't happen in the next 10 years.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marshawn Lynch sighting

by Steve

Went to club paradise last night in Orchard Park/ Hamburg on Mckinley. And lo and behold, Marshawn Lynch rolled in around midnight. He had a huge jacket on with big yellow sleeves and an Oakland A's hat. The KISS 98.5 announcers kept announcing that he was there so I assume he didn't mind them yellin that every 45 minutes or so.

He was there with probably 4 other dudes in his posse drinkin Patron like water and seemed to not mind people comin up to him takin pictures and shit. I didn't feel like bothering him but did try to snap a good photo to no avail. Fuckin camera phones suck. He was all over the dance floor and stuck around past the time I left (at 2:15).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

T.O. can't find a place and Bills do Tae Kwan Do

Per his Twitter page "sittin here trippin about residents @ 1 DEER RUN wn't rent 2 me b/c they said they dn't want any drama n their neighborhood!! LOL!!! Wow!!
and "again no luck finding a place 2 stay!!"

I assume he's talking about this E Amherst place.

And there is this..

"Defensive line coach Bob Sanders has been focusing a lot on hand technique with respect to pass rush with his linemen, and took it up another notch bringing in Joe Kim, a Tae Kwan Do expert that has worked with six NFL teams over the past 18 years.

“Since 1991 I’ve been working with NFL teams,” said Kim. “What I try to do is bring my martial art background and I try to figure out how the hand-to-hand fighting, the leverage and the footwork can help their pass rush skills now.”

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