Saturday, December 31, 2016

Week 17 Picks

Last weak to be weak. Make $


Titans -3.5 v Texans
Giants +7.5 v Redskins
Blls -3.5 @ Jets
Lions +3.5 v Packers
Cowboys +5.5 @ Eagles


Packers -3.5 @ Lions
Bills -3.5 @ Jets


Bucs- best bet


Buff -3.5
Balt -2
Gb -3.5
Kc -4.5
Pitt cleve under 42.5

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Podcast: The Day the Bills Hired Rex Ryan

Let's go back and re-listen to the podcast coast and steve recorded after the Bills hired Rex Ryan 1/15/2015, a great listen if I say so myself:

Peace The Fuck Out Rex Ryan

By Steve

The clown has been let go. A defense that is middling at best, football straight out of the 1980s and bafoonery at every turn. Why this loser was ever hired in the first place will probably never fully be explained. But Rex Ryan and his $16,000,000 golden parachute are no longer our concern.

He beat two teams that made the playoffs. The vaunted 2015 Houston Texans and the Bradyless Patriots this year, yeesh. He went 1-4 in the division this season losing all 3 home games in embarrassing fashion and will finish with a shiny 15-16 record.

The guy just flat out is too dumb to coach. He is an old stubborn man stuck in his ways. He doesnt understand game situations, he bumbles time outs, game day decisions at every turn, plays come in late, players come in late, they line up offside for fucking kickoffs coming out of half time!

The Bills will now have their 4th head coach in 6 seasons. The owner has no idea what he is doing, listens to 2 loser general managers that also have no clue what they are doing and the ship has sunk. There is no direction, no hierarchy and no hope.

The salary cap is a disaster, there is no quarterback and there is limited draft capital in 2017.

Why is Russ Brandon involved in anything but ticket sales? How does the coach solely report to the owner? Why was the draft last year built around Rex Ryan's systems when he was already on the hot seat?

Up is down, down is up, the tail is wagging the dog, the sauce is on top of the cheese.

Either keep who ever Anthony Lynn is as the head coach next season with Tiny Ty for a year and blow up evwrything next year when that fails.


Friday, December 23, 2016

Week 16 NFL Picks

That credit card bill is coming time to make money:

36-29-5 Best Bet 7-6-1 Bills 7-6

Cardinals @ Seahawks over 43.5
Bills -4.5 v Dolphins
Buccaneers +3.5 @ Saints
Ravens +6 @ Steelers
Chiefs -3.5 v Broncos

Coast 29-39-2 Best Bet 2-12 Bills 6-7

Cardinals +9 @ Seahawks
Texans -1 v Bengals
Lions +6.5 @ Cowboys
Ravens +6 @ Steelers
Bills -4.5 v Dolphins

Kat 33-39-3 Best Bet8-5-1 Bills 6-7

Raiders -3.5 v Colts
Dolphins +4.5 @ Bills
Chargers -4.5 @ Browns
Chiefs -3.5 v Broncos
Cardinals +9 @ Seahawks

Feyes 40-27-3 Best Bet 7-7 Bills 7-6

Panthers +3 v Falcons
Packers -7 v Vikings
Chargers -4.5 @ Browns
SF +5 @ Rams
Bills -4.5 v Dolphins

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mac daddy santa clause by tiger woods

Actually tiger woods! Ho ho ho!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills PODCAST Preview

Who should be fired?  Who is in charge?  Who shouldn't be hired?  Rex Ryan? What went wrong in this Buffalo Bills season?  Miami Dolphins? Hot taeks

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Week 14 NFL Picks

Make $


Buccaneers +7 @ Cowboys
Bills -10 v Browns
Chiefs -6 v Titans
Texans -3.5 v Jaguars
Steelers -3.5 @ Bengals


Packers -5.5 @ Bears
Eagles +6 @ Ravens
Browns +10 @ Bills
Patriots-3.5 @ Broncos 
Titans +6  @ Chiefs

Steelers -3.5 @ Bengals
N o @ Arizona. Under 50.5
Dal -7 v. Buccaneers
Balt -6 v Eagles
Cleve +10 @ Bills


Bears +5.5 v Packers
Browns +10 @ Bills
Chiefs -6 v Titans
Pats -3.5 @ Broncos best bet
Raiders -3 @ Chargers

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Week 13 NFL Picks

FFL playoff time.... time to make $


Texans +6.5 @ Colts
Packers + 3 v Seahawks
49ers -3 v Jets
Vikings @ Jaguars over 39
Giants +3.5 v Cowboys


49ers -3 v Jets
Denver +1 @ Titans
Colts -6.5 v Texans
Pitt-3 @ Bills
Miami +2 v Cardinals 


Redskins -2.5 @ Eaglea
Bills +3 v Steelers
Broncos +1 @ Titans
Vikings -3.5 @ Jaguars
Saints +2.5 @ Buccaneers


Steelers -3 @ Bills
Cardinals -2 @ Dolphins
Vikings -3.5 @ Jaguars
Packers +3 v Seahawks
Ravens under 44.5

Friday, December 9, 2016

Steelers at Bills Preview

By Steve

No podcast this week so ill "blog". The 7-5 Pittsburgh Steelers and their shitty stupid yellow napkins come into town with the Bills "playoff [lol] hopes" on life support. A literal must win game.

Does anyone expect the Bills to win? They never win games in December against good teams, they never make the playoffs and they never surprise (in a good way).

It is winnable. Then again everyone thought last week in Oakland was winnable. But wait wasn't it? They were up 15 points in the 2nd half and winning in the 4th quarter. WHY DID THEY PASS ON 1ST AND 10 FROM THEIR OWN 3? Why can tiny Ty never make the winning play when we need it? But I digress.

The spread is only Shittsburgh -3 (opened at -2) and Rapelisraper and co. arent good on the road.. so why shouldnt the Bills be able to win? Oh yeah the coach sucks, the QB sucks and whats worse the defense sucks.

Going in to the season what did most people say? Tyrod Taylor needs to take a step, the defense needs to be MUCH better and they cannot afford injuries to WRs and the secondary. And what happened?

Tiny Ty has stayed the same (or even a bit worse) the receiver corps has been dismantled by injuries (Watkins, Woods, Powell, Goodwin, even fuckin Percy came back [i think], all were hurt and missed games). The CBs havent been hurt but they have regressed and the safety position (after Aaron Williams went down as expected) has been a blackhole of dispair.

The big games the Bills lost: 31-25 to Seattle, 38-24 to Oakland and 28-25 to Miami. 24, 24, 25 points. Isnt that supposed to be enough points for a Rex Ryan defense to win? Isn't it??

Is anyone surprised by any of this? Anyone with a brain saw what they had with Taylor but hoped for the best. They fired their god damn offensive coordinator 2 weeks (5 days) into the season!

This isnt supposed to be a complete defense of Taylor but he is who we thought he was. He is a 6 to 10 win QB on a Rex Ryan coached team with some great players, some awful players and a ceiling of 11 wins. They needed everything said above to occur to get to he playoffs and it didnt happen.

If anything, they are on pace to beat my prediction of 8-8 with a legit look at 10-6. 9-7 is probably the most likely result but beating a good (not great) Steelers team at home in December in a big game should and probably will tell us everything we need to know about this Rex/TT era.

If they lose, it wont be the end definitively, but the call for change will erupt (especially with an ugly loss) loudly. What do you think (based on the last 17 years) will be the result of this game?

Steelers 31
Bills 22

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 13 NFL Picks

 Lets make some money

steve 29-26-5 best bet 5-6-1 Bills 5-6

Broncos -3.5 @ Jaguars
Lions +6.5 @ Saints
Bears +2 v 49ers
Raiders -3 v Bills
Redskins +2.5 @ Cardinals

coast 24-34-2 Best bet 2-10 Bills 6-5

Packers -6.5 v Texans
Falcons -4 v Chiefs
Saints -6.5 v Lions
Steelers -7 v Giants
Bills +3 @ Raiders

katman 28-27-5 Best Bet 6-5-1 Bills 6-5

Bears +2 v 49ers
Bills +3 @ Raiders
Falcons -4 v Chiefs
Chargers -3.5 v Buccaneers
Rams +13 @ Patriots

feyes 36-21-3 best bet 5-7 Bills 5-6

Falcons -4 v Chiefs
Eagles +2 @ Bengals
49ers @ Bears under 45
Rams +13 @ Patriots
Bills +3 v Raiders

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bills at Raiders PODCAST Preview

Steve and Coast review the Jaguars snoozer and look ahead to the black hole of sadness for all. Can the Bills beat the surging Raiders?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Week 12 NFL Picks

Late in the season time to pwn the bookie


Broncos -3.5 v Chiefs
Bears +6 v Titans
Seahawks -6 @ Buccaneers
Jaguars +7.5 v Bills
Eagles -3.5 v Packers


Bills -7.5 v Jaguars
Ravens -4 v Bengals
Texans +2.5 v Chargers
Chiefs +3.5 @ Broncos
Buccaneers +6 v Seahawks


Titans -6 @ Bears
Chargers -2.5 @ Texans
Jaguars +7.5 @ Bills
Raiders -3 v Panthers
Broncos -3.5 v Chiefs


Chiefs @ Broncos over 39
Falcons -5 v Cardinals
Chargers -2.5 @ Texans
Bills -7.5 v Jaguars
Titans -6 @ Bears

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jaguars at Bills PODCAST preview

Steve and Coast look back at a horrendous Bengals game and preview the upcoming tilt with the Buffalo Bills biggest rival the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Week 11 NFL Picks

Let's get on a roll together, gambling!

Steve 26-20-4 Best Bet 5-4-1 Bills 4-5
Bears @ Giants over 42.5
Lions -6.5 v Jaguars
Bengals -2.5 v Bill
Cardinals @ Vikings under 40
Seahawks -6.5 v Eagles

Coast 21-27-2 Best Bet 2-8 Bills 5-4

Jaguars +6.5 @ Lions
Rams +2.5 v Dolphins
Ravens +7 @ Cowboys
Eagles +6.5 @ Seahawks
Cardinals +2.5 @ Vikings
Bills +2.5 v Bengals

Katman 24-24-2 Best Bet 5-5 Bills 4-5
Dolphins -2.5 @ Rams
Bills +2.5 @ Bengals
Raiders -6 v Texans
Browns +9 v Steelers
Giants -7.5 v Bears

Feyes 29-19-2 Best Bet 4-6 Bills 4-5
Jaguars +6.5 @ Lions
Dolphins @ rams under 39.5
Patriots -11.5 @ 49ers
Bears @ Giants under 42.5
Bills +2.5 @ Bengals

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bills at Bengals PODCAST Preview

Podcast previewing the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals game. Wowww watch a match up!  Your excellent host Steve and young buck Coast preview the game and look towards next season and the on coming disaster of their lives.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Week 10 NFL Picks

Bills on the bye, might as well gamble
Steve 22-19-4 Best 4-4-1 Bet Bills 4-5

Seahawks @ Patriots over 49.5
Texans +2.5 @ Jaguars
Panthers -3 v Chiefs
Broncos +3 @ Saints
Titans +3 v Packers

Coast 17-26-2 Best Bet 2-7 Bills 5-4

Saints -3 v Broncos
Chiefs +3 @ Panthers
Eagles PICK v Falcons
Redskins -2 v Vikings
Buccaneers +2.5 v Bears 

Katman 23-20-2 Best Bet 4-5 Bills 4-5

Chiefs +3 @ Panthers
Cardinals -14 v 49ers
Bengals -1 v Giants
Bears/Bucs under
Falcons/Eagles over 51

Feyes 26-18-1 Best Bet 3-6 Bills 4-5

Texans @ Jaguars over 42
Falcons PICK @ Eagles
Cowboys +3 @ Steelers
Seahawks @ Patriots over 49.5
Giants +1 @ Bengals

Monday, November 7, 2016

Bills Record Thru 9 Games Since The Playoff Drought

By Steve

Bored so lets take a look at the Buffalo Bills record after 9 games during this fun 16+ year playoff drought:

00 5-4
01 1-8
02 5-4
03 4-5
04 3-6
05 4-5
06 3-6
07 5-4
08 5-4
09 3-6
10 1-8
11 5-4
12 3-6
13 3-6
14 5-4
15 5-4
2016 ??

Yup that averages out to 3.75 wins and 5.25 loses thru nine games. Truly incredible in its consistency.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Week 9 NFL Picks

Week 9 NFL Selections by the pros


Cowboys -7.5 @ Browns
Rams +3 v Pathers
Broncos +1 @ Raiders
Titans +4.5 @ Chargers
Seahawks -7 v Bills


Broncos +1 @ Raiders
Chargers -4.5 v Titans
Browns +7.5 v Cowboys
Vikings -6.5 v Detroit
Bills +7 @ Seahawks


Steelers pick @ Ravens
Bills +7 @ Deahawks
Browns +7.5 v Cowboys
Colts +7.5 @ Packers
Panthers -3 @ 49ers


Vikings -6 v Lions
Bills +7 @ Seahawks
Eagles +3 @ Giants
Cowboys -7.5 @ Browns
Steelers @ Ravens under 46.5

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Buffalo Bills @ Seattle Seahawks Podcast Preview

Steve and Wreck preview the Seahawks game and look back at the New England Patriots beat down. Buffalo Bills season outlook? Yikes

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Week 8 NFL Picks

Gambling! Week 8 NFL selections:

Steve 18-15-2 Best Bet 2-4 Bills 4-3

Jets -3 @ Browns
Broncos -4 v Chargers 
Raiders -1 @ Buccaneers
Bills +6.5 v Patriots
Redskins +3 v Bengals

Coast 13-21-1 Best Bet 1-6 Bills 3-4
Patriots -6.5 @ Bills
Falcons -3 v Packers
Jets -3 @ Browns
Chiefs -3 @ Colts
Chargers +4 @ Broncos

Katman 19-16 Best Bet 3-4 Bills 2-4

Saints +2 v Seahawks
Falcons -3 v Packers
Patriots -6.5 @ Bills
Vikings -4.5 @ Bears
Jets -3 @ Browns

Feyes 20-14-1 Best Bet 2-4 Bills 1-4

Falcons -3 v Packers
Raiders -1 @ Buccanners
Chiefs @ Colts under 49.5
Vikings -4.5 @ Bears
Patriots -6.5 @ Bills

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Patriots @ Bills PODCAST Preview

New England Patriots!  Buffalo Bills!  Week 8! Gulp

HEY! Lets Check on the Buffalo Sabres

by Steve

Went to my first Sabres game in two years and guess what?  The Buffalo Sabres lost! It was really close too!  The Sabres were down 2-0 in the first 18 minutes of the game and they ended up winning 4-0.  Yup I went to a game and the Sabres scored a total of 0 goals.

The only people on the ice that had any heart were the fuckers that cleaned the ice during commercial breaks (oh and Hudson Fasching).  Holy fuck they were terrbible.

Do not DO NOT pay to see this team play hockey.  They are truly horrible. They had something like 1 powerplay and looked like they didn't even wanna try to break into the zone. THANK GOD I didn't pay for the ticket... albeit I did buy 3 beers. $30 down the drain. fml
I thought Sam Rienhart was the 2nd overall pick in the draft.. ROR +Moulson+Okposo was worth $20,000,000.  Holy shit Okposo was horrible.  YIKES

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week 7 NFL Picks

Time to make $


Giants -3 v Rams
Bills -3 @ Dolphins
Raiders -1.5 @ Jaguars
Titans -3 v Colts
Ravens +2.5 @ Jets


Titans -3 v Colts
Bengals -10.5 v Browns
Chargers +5.5 @ Falcons
Bills -3 @ Dolphins
Jets -2.5 v Ravens


Buccaneers +1 @ 49ers
Bills -3 @ Dolphins
Ravens +2.5 @ Jets
Giants/Rams under 45.5
Ravens/Jets under 40.5


Giants/Rams under 45.5
Bills -3 @ Dolphins
Vikings -3 @ Eagles
Browns +10.5 @ Bengals
Raiders @ Jaguars under 47.5

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Podcast Preview

Steve Coast and Wreck preview the Dolphins game, look back at the 49ers game and look to the rest of the season after a 4-2 start:

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week 6 NFL Picks

Time to bet against us yet again

Steve 12-12-1 Best Bet 1-4 Bills 2-2

Browns +7.5 @ Titans
Bills -8.5 v 49ers
Lions -3 v Rams
Packers -4.5 v Cowboys
Eagles @ Redskins over 45

Coast 8-17 Best Bet 0-5 Bills 2-3
Chiefs -2 @ Raiders
Saints +3 v Panthers
San Fran +8.5@ Bills
Redskins +3 v Eagles
Dolphins +7.5 v Steelers

Katman 11-14 Best Bet 2-3 Bills 1-4

Raiders +2 v Chiefs
Jags +1.5 @ Bears
Falcons +6.5 @ Seahawks
Bills -8.5 v 49ers
Bengals at Patriots over 47

Feyes 16-9 Best Bet 2-3 Bills 1-4

Ravens @ Giants under 44.5
Panthers -3 @ Saints
Jags +1.5 @ Bears
Lions -3 vs Rams
Bills -8.5 vs 49ers

Thursday, October 13, 2016

SF 49ers at Buffalo Bills PODCAST preview

Steve looks towards the San Francisco 49ers with Wreck and ol boy Sheriff after review the pathetic Los Angeles Rams. But are we all too confident?

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016/17 Buffalo Sabres Season Preview Predictions

By Steve

Wait Jack Eichel is already out for at least 25% of the season, the defense is still a disaster, the goalie is as unproven as ever and some advanced stat sites are predicting the Sabres finish 30th?

Holy shit!

Matt Moulson and Brian Gionta are still on the team! So is Zach Bogosian and Dmitry Kulikov is their #2 defenseman? But at least there is a player named Derek Grant playing center on the second power play (because you know of course drunkard Ryan O'Reilly is hurt [oh new rich player that will suck Okposo is hurt already too]).

Jesus it cant be possible Im already this negative about a team that last played in the playoffs 6 seasons ago. The straw that broke the positivity back was Eichel going down ONE FUCKING DAY BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS.

How is that possible? How does it take 7 years to rebuild a team? (This isyear 6 AT LEAST) Granted the video seemed much worse (like a torn ACL) but a high ankle sprain is at least a 6 week injury. It will prob dog him most of the season too.

How much time does Tim Murray need to build a team that makes the god damn playoffs? The Evander Kane trade was a disaster, the Robin "oh im a pro athlete I better get in shape" Lehner trade right now looks bad and who the hell is the backup?

Does Murray HAVE to draft #1 overall to find talent? Where are all these late 1st and 2nd or 3rd round picks? Lemme guess toooo early for them to make an impact?

God I hate WGR550. They are more insufferable than me! But I digress..

The Sabres will finish 10th in the conference and nothing will change. If Eichel was there the whole tener of this preview woulda been different but who on this team can actually fucking score? Oh yeah Marcus Foligno's dad was on the team in the 80s! He iznt even the dudes best son in the NHL for christsake!

86 points 10th in the conference
People actually start to question Murray's genius.
Jack Eichel 26 goals 51 points
Oreilly avoids Tim Horton's drive thrus
Kane doesnt avoid Chippewa
Ristolainen doesnt live up to the contract
Sam Reinhart proves hes not a bust
Lehner stays healthy and looks good
Im still wondering who Kyle Okposo is at the end of the year

Post Script
Shouldnt the 2009 Chicago Blackhawks be a pretty good doppleganger/comparitive season for this Sabres team? 2nd year of Kane like Eichel young core newish old headcoach. Etc. They finished 4th in their conference then won the cup the next year. We'll see

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Week 5 NFL Picks

Make money, week five NFL sharps are at it again with their selections:

Steve 10-9-1 Best Bet 1-3 Bills 2-2

Broncos -4.5 v Falcons
Bills PICK @ rams
Raiders -3.5 v Chargers
Giants @ Packers over 48.5
Buccaneers +4 @ Panthers

Coast 6-14 Best Bet 0-4 Bills 1-3
Broncos -4.5 v Falcons
Jets +8 @ Steelers
Patriots -10.5 @ Browns
Bengals -2 @ Cowboys
Bills PICK @ Rams

Katman 8-12 Best Bet 1-3 Bills 0-4

Redskins +4 @ Ravens
Bills PICK @ rams
Jets @steelers over 49
Patriots @ Browns over 47
Chargers +3.5 @ Raiders

Feyes 11-9 Best Bet 1-3 Bills 0-4

Vikings -7 v Texans
Patriots -10.5 @ Browns
Redskins @ Ravens over 46
Colts -4.5 v Bears
Falcons @ Broncos over 46
Bills PICK @ Rams

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bills at LA Rams Week 5 Preview Podcast

Steve Wreck and Coast review the IMPRESSIVE Cardinals win and look towards L.A. with a keen eye on the rest of the season. PLAYOFFS?

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Week 4 NFL Picks

Locks on locks on locks our professional prognosticators take a few moments to give you their week four NFL picks

Steve 6-8-1 Best Bet 0-3 Bills 1-2

Bills +7.5 v Patriots
Panthers @ Falcons over 50.5
Texans -5 v Titans
Chargers -4 v Saints
Rams @ Cardinals over 43

Coast 4-11 Best Bet 0-3 Bills 1-2

Patriots -7.5 v Bills
Titans +5 @ Texans
Raiders +3.5 @ Ravens
Cowboys -2 @ 49ers
Cardinals -8 v Rams

Katman 5-10 Best Bet 1-2 Bills 0-3

Panthers -3 @ Falcons
Lions -3 @ Bears
Saints +4 @ Chargers
Jaguars +2.5 v Colts
Colts v Jaguars over 49
Patriots -7.5 v Bills

Feyes 7-8 Best Bet 0-3 Bills 0-3

Vikings -4.5 v Giants
Jaguars +2.5 v Colts
Raiders @ Ravens over 46.5
Titans @ Texans over 40.5
Lions -3 v Bears
Patriots -7.5 v Bills

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots Preview PODCAST

Bills at Patriots podcast preview, Steve and Coast disagree about Tyrod Taylor, AND guest appearance by Wreck for his hot taek on the season thus far! We also review the Cardinals game and look towards the cheatriots. Great listen:

Saturday, September 24, 2016

week 3 NFL Picks

Make Money, Week 3 NFL Picks by our seasoned experts

Steve 4-6 Best Bet 0-2 Bills 0-2

Steelers @ Eagles over 46.5
Raiders @ Titans under 47
Lions +7 @ Packers
Bears @ Cowboys over 44
Ravens @ Jaguars over 47
Bills +4 v Cardinals

Coast 3-7 Best Bet 0-2 Bills 1-1

Jaguars +1 v Ravens
Browns +10 v Dolphins
Steelers -4 @ Eagles
Jets +3 @ Chiefs
49ers +9.5 @ Seahawks
Cardinals -4 @ Bills

Katman 1-9 Best Bet 0-2 Bills 0-2

Eagles +4 v Steelers
Cowboys -7 v Bears
Raiders -1.5 @ Titans
Buccaneers -5 v Rams
Dolphins -10 v Browns
Cardinals -4 @ Bills

Feyes 4-6 Best Bet 0-2  Bills 0-2

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

PODCAST: Cardinals at Buffalo Bills

Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills podcast, Steve and Coast look at the state of the Bills after a devastating loss to the shitty NY Jets on Thursday night at look to get past their 0-2 record

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Week 2 NFL Picks

Second week of the season leggo

Steve 2-3 Best Bet 0-1 Bills 0-2

Raiders -4.5 v Falcons
Buccaneers +7 @ Cardinals 
Titans +6 @ Lions
Dolphins +6.5 @ Patriots
Ravens -6 @ Browns
Bills +1.5

Coast 0-5 Best Bet 0-1 Bills 1-1

Chiefs +1.5 Texans
Patriots -6.5 v Dolphins
Panthers -14 v 49ers
Jets -1.5 @ Bills
Colts +6.5 @ Broncos

Katman 0-5 Best Bet 0-1 Bills 0-2

Raiders -1.5 @ Titana
Giants -4 v Saints
Steelers -3 v Bengals
Colts +6.5 @ Broncos
Giants/saints over 54
Cards -4 @ bills

Feyes 1-4 Best Bet 0-1 Bills 0-2

Lions -6 v Titans
Steelers -3 v Bengals
Cardinals -7 v Buccaneers
Jaguars +3 @ Chargers
Eagles +3 @  Bears
Bills +1.5

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bills Giving Out Bruce Smith Towels Tonight

Check out these slick towels given out tonight vs the Jets. Leggggo

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

PODCAST: NY Jets at Buffalo Bills Preview

TNF! Home Opener! The season is already over! Or is it? Ugh leggo!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 1 NFL Picks

Picks contest is back!

Steve 0-0-0 Best bet 0-0

Bengals -2.5 @ Jets
Eagles -3.5 v Browns
Raiders @ Saints over 52
Bears @ Texans over 43.5
Giants -1.5 @ Cowboys
Bills +3 @ Ravens


Packers -5.5 @ Jaguars
Saints -1.5 v Raiders
Bills +3 @ ravens
Bengals -2.5 @ Jets
Titans +3 v Vikings


Cardinals -7 v Patriots
Bills +3 @ ravens
Seahawks -10.5 v Dolphins
Giants -1.5 @ Cowboys
Packers -5.5 @ Jaguars

Thursday, September 8, 2016

2016 NFL Preview Team Over/Unders

by Steve

In our ongoing 2016 National Football League preview, here's our Bills podcast preview, (here's last years predictions )lets take a look at the over unders for every team based on the Vegas win totals.

Arizona Cardinals line 10 wins -180

Vegas begging people to take the under here with that payout. Palmer is about to fall off a cliff but maybe not til next year

Atlanta Falcons line 7.5 wins +125
Quinn? Can't win.

Baltimore Ravens 8.5 wins even
They usually bounce back after a bad season but this team doesn't scare any me. 8-8 seems like a good bet.

Buffalo Bills 8 wins +120
Decided not to predict any pushes this year so I'll take the under ouch.

Carolina Panthers 10.5 -115
Regression? Ten wins would still be impressive

Cleveland Browns 4.5 -135
What rhymes with Deshaun Watson that will be the rallying cry all season in the factory of sadness?

Dallas Cowboys 8 -115
This line is perplexing, Dak "hasn't taken a snap under center since middle school" Prescott?

Denver Broncos 9.5 +115
Trevior Simian? I don't feel like googling that dude to see if I spelled his name right.

Detroit Lions 7 -140
Lord knows Caldwell's players will be motivated to play hard for his job. lulz. Buttt this division isn't as tough as previously assumed.

Green Bay Packers 11 -130
Can't predict this team to win 12 games with that fat idiot head coach.

Houston Texans 8.5 -135
Don't love the QB Osweiler but this team has weapons.

Indianapolis Colts 9 +115
They really gonna waste Andrew Luck's career with ineptitude from the GM on down?  Then again he is Andrew Luck

Jacksonville Jaguars 7.5 -135
Gus needs to prove he can actually be a head coach before I buy in.  Also hyping Blake is a mistake.

Kansas City Chiefs 9.5 -170
Not worth getting down on this line with the pay out but this team is solid 10-6 mediocrity.

LA Rams 7.5 +170
This line makes no sense.

Miami Dolphins 7 even
This has got to be the least hyped Dolphins team in memory. They are seemingly a perennial sleeper pick or media darling.  Then again their run of head coaches has been brutal.

Minnesota Vikings 9 -125
Sam Bradford? Not the worst but its kinda close.

New England Patriots 10.5 -150

New Orleans Saints 7.5 even
All we wanted was a fluke SB

NY Giants 8.5 -150
Interesting team but Ben Mcadoo?

NY Jets 7.5 -120

Oakland Raiders 8.5 -145
The hype is palpable. Then again the Raiders were 7-9 last year so a 2 win improvement isn't that tough to see

Philadelphia 6.5 +115
Doug Pederson and a rookie 1aa QB?

Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5 -110
This line is too high.

San Diego Charges 7.5 -120
McCoy is not my boy but Rivers is still a good QB.  Tough division

SF 49ers 5.5 +130
They shoulda kept the old coach just for amusement. Coach 'em up Chip.  Total Rebuild.

Seattle Seahawks 10.5 -140
I like me some Seahawks

Tampa Buccaneers 7.5 +110
Cant the under for the whole damn division and I think Rapeis Winston is good.

Tennesse Titans 5.5 -210
Odd line but I aint betting on Mike Mularchuck

Washington Redskins 7.5 -135
Someone has to win the division right?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

PODCAST: 2016 Buffalo Bills season preview

Let's breakdown the 2016 Buffalo Bills in our annual podcast!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why Your Team Sucks: Buffalo Bills

Yup its that glorious time of the year again, deadspin's annual why your team sucks Bills edition!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Bills Extend Tyrod Taylor Fans Shrug

By Steve

Where are the hotttt taeks???!??! It seems like hashtag billsmafia is pretty ambivalent about Tyrod Taylor's new "6 year $90 mil extension".

There are offsets, limited gaurantees, incentives and a few years of contract talk silence but no anger or joy. Interesting.

The Bills could have just paid tiny Ty the $3 mil he was owed this year and tagged him for $20ish next year. But they still would have had this hanging over their head and had rumblings by players about committing to the players. So they signed him earlier than expected at a decent price.

He's only played 14 games and was average (well a bit better than average) last year. He was seemingly always hurt albeit only missed 2 games and "made the pro bowl" whatever that means.

$15 mil per puts him at about 22nd in the league in pay at his position. Isn't that about right?

The deal will either look great in 3 years or horrible. Taylor could outplay the contract and hold out for more money in a few seasons (which would mean hes playing really well) or he could be cut after next season.

So the correct response is a shrug. No more contract talk, its now time to put up and stay healthy.

Oh yeah and fire Russ Brandon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Terry Pegula Answers the TOUGH QUESTIONS

By Steve

Gotta love Terry Pegula answering the TOUGH QUESTIONS on his paid for 5 hour commercial on WGR550 from 10am to 3pm with his lackeys as the hosts.

Injuries? Not as bad as last year!

Internal strife? No way Jose! Its just positive conversations.

I watch film with Rex!

Russ Brandon running both franchises despite "being a baseball guy" has been great! Raise prices, lose fail repeat!

16 years of no playoffs? No no no. To my mind it has only been 1!

Im glad the Rams went back to LA!

This whole thing is the biggest fairy tail ive ever seen. The guy never faces the media, never answers a tough questions and instead buys 5 hours on commercials from 10am to 3 pm every day on the only local sports station in town. Incredible.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

LaMonte Bearden Quits UB

By Steve

This one hurts. The best player on the UB Bulls basketball team and potential star (by MAC standards) was granted his release today.

This is why being a fan of small time programs like UB is so tough and why the NCAA is fuckin horrible.

Why leave the program now after such a great and promising sophomore season? I guess we can say at least we got an extra year outta the kid instead of losing him with Shannon last year?

When does sitting out a year and transfering ever really work out? Ita not like UB has no chance to make the tourney. This was his team. Puzzling. Just hope hes not going to Arizona State with fuckboy.

BAD day for UB Bulls athletics.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stamkos Watch: Would He Sign with Buffalo

By Steve



Alright, alright lets see. The Sabres haven't made the playoffs in 5 years. They have no veterans, basically no playoff experience, the franchise has never won a Stanley Cup, New York State has some of the highest taxes in the Nation and Steve Stamkos has zero ties to the area or the organization.

So the obvious answer is no. ZERO CHANCE! Wasn't Mike Babcock supposed to sign here last year? They have Eichel! A rich owner! A plethora of young prospects and assets! It wasn't even close. It seemed like Babcock never even considered Buffalo as an option and Stamkos is the exact same.

All those allegedly good things the Sabres had going for them hasn't changed. GM Tim Murray is a genius! I guess Matt Moulson considers him a genius but there is scant evidence from any unbiased sources that Murray is some sevant.

BUT HEY! WGR550 keeps talking about it so where there is smoke there is fire! Lol. Stand down Sabre nation fan boys. It aint happening.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

WGR550 Drops Jim Rome Show

By Steve

2 hours of sponsered content by the Buffalo Sabres during the day isn't enough "state" sponsered air time for the folks at WGR550 so they are adding 3 more hours of paid mouth piece sports talk at mid day. The Buffalo Bills will get their own 3 hours of advertising from 12-3 replacing the Jim Rome Show in August.

Truly incredible. I guess if you cant beat em join. And that is now what the Bills and Sabres will be doing by getting 5 straight hours of free PR and promotion every day on WGR.

The John Murphy show is a fuckin joke. It is all promotion and pretaped puff interviews of Bills players and personel. Murph is a paid spokesman for the Bills and never criticizes anything they do ever and always brings only positivity about anything and everything Bills just like the Sabres free commercials from 10-12.

Bye Jim Rome


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Buffalo Bills Loving Summerlike Buffalo Weather

By Steve

Anyone have a boat for Sammy Watkins?

Anyone thinkin they in Florida with deez 90 degree days like Ronald Darby?

Friday, May 27, 2016

Rex And Rob Ryan, Ass Clown Jokes

By Steve

Doesnt it seem like Rex Ryan has been the head coach in Buffalo for a decade now? This guy is an absolute joke. All he cares about is spouting off and garnering attention for himself. He always loses, says ridiculous things that make no sense and wants everyone to always look at him. What is he a blogger?

Then what does he do? He hires his loser brother to expedite the losing. FANTASTIC! Just get a load of this RexRob interview, jeez.

" I was hired to be in a multiple system in New Orleans, and I did a damn good job and got fired for it." -Rob Ryan

Are you in fantasy land bro?

"ROB:  I heard this one the other day: Well, it’s nepotism. Nepotism? I’ve been in this league 20 years. I have coordinated the last 12 years in a row.
REX: And won two Super Bowls as a linebackers coach."

There was ZERO percent chance Rob was gonna coordinate again ever. His brother didnt even hire him to do that. Then Rex mentions he was a linebackers coach on SB teams? Great contribution YOU DID IT.

"Well, we never lost a fight in our life. Ever. And we ain’t losing this one. And that’s a true statement. Not just because we are badasses—because we are, individually—but collectively, it’s a lot different. To this day, no man is going to whip me." - Rex

Another actual quote. Whoa badasses damn. You gonna go down to the pool hall and hustle some bikers? Do these guys jerk off to their own image in a mirror? Does anyone have more unearned bravado and confidence that these two ass clowns?

"I don’t know if we have 100 percent buy-in from even the entire building. I don’t know yet. But the people directly with me, my coaching staff and the players, that’s where it starts. I don’t know all the business people yet; they should be “all in,” but I don’t know. There’s times when the doubt part, that can be driven through the media." -Rex

Whoa whoa whoa, hold up! We have actual interesting quotes! Are those shots at the #1 most hated man in Buffalo, Russ Brandon?!? Wait, do i like Rex again? I always thought Russ was the turd that hired this guy in the first place. So are we to assume Brandon gave Rex and Doug the ultimatum this offseason? Russ isnt "all in" on the guy he HAD TO HAVE? Oh and a shot at the media? Ha. Nice!

"they signed a free-agent free safety [Jairus Byrd in 2014], and said, we are going to keep him in the middle of the field like the goalpost. Well, that’s great. He’s not going to make one play back there, and now we have changed the entire defense for one signing, and it ruined us." -Rob

Hahaha double interesting. Crack at signing Byrd and the idea that it ruined the Saints. Niice

"If you are a fan of the Buffalo Bills, thank your lucky stars he is here, and myself. " -Rex


"He’s (Mario) a good kid, but I am used to some mean motherf---ers that play out there. The Terrell Suggs, Jarrett Johnsons of the world. I screwed them, too; I had them drop [into coverage], too. Not one of them bitched. Von Miller [dropped into coverage] in the Super Bowl." -Rex

Some one get Mario aloe vera he just got blow torched. Damn.

"REX: Now, I have only put on 30 pounds since we hired Rob.
ROB: And I have put on 24."

Haha what? Mix in a salad.

And of course Rob Ryan has to end it this way "Bring Belichick on. We got him."

Can we fire these clowns now?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Shaq Lawson a Bust, Fire Doug Whaley

By Steve

Nothing should shock us by now right? The fact that the Buffalo Bills drafted a guy that needs surgery and basically will have ZERO impact on this season shouldnt be shocking. In fact it is to be expected. The best part is that they lied to everyone or are 100% completely incompetant.

Hahahha hilarious. Doug Whaley has absolutely no clue what so ever what he is doing. NONE! Draft a guy when he was falling like a stone, everyone with a brain says he needs surgery before the season and what does Dougy do? Drafts him, trots him around EVERYWHERE has him tell every media outlet alive that his shoulder is perfectly fine then he has one walk through at rookie camp and he's destined for IR.

Doug Whaley is a clown.

This may not be as bad as drafting CJ Spiller Marshawn Lynch or getting baited into drafting Willis Mcgahee but it might be. Its as bad as giving away a 1st round pick for the 3rd best WR in he draft class!

And I didnt want the Bills to waste the pick on a bum QB like Paxton Lynch! Yikes! This franchise is an abomination.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

2016 NFL Draft QB Cardale Jones Bills 4th Round Pick

By Steve

Last pick of the 4th round, 139th, the Bills picked Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones.
Couldnt love it more. Guy is huge, has played in big games for a great coach and has just about everything. Does he like football? Is he motivated? We'll see

6'5 rocket arm. Only 270 career pass attempts. Benched last year.

We didnt come here to play school

Friday, April 29, 2016

2016 Buffalo Bills Draft After Round 3

By Steve

Three rounds, three picks, 3 defense front 7 selections. Clemson, Albama and Ohio State, Lawson, Ragland and Washington.

Are they all seeming good players? Yes. Did the Billa need any of them TWO years ago? No. Will they all make an impact this season? Probably.

It comes down to one question. Do you trust in, believe in, buy in, to REX RYAN.

The Bills err Doug Whaley used 5 picks for those three players. 2 fourth round 1 second and 1 first for those 3 players. All on defense. After two days the offense has been addressed zero iota. None. Zip. Zero. Wide receiver, oline, QB, all need attentiona dn depth yet Doug, Rex, Kim, GMTM and co decided front 7 defense was the only way to go.

Is this wise? Again it all comes down to one questio. Do you believe into, buy into, Rex Ryan? Clearly he is picking these players. They fit into HIS defense. They are HIS boys.

Will Rex be the head coach in 2018? Will these guys contribute regardless of the headcoach? Did they miss on a potential franchise QB? Is the offense set?

My opinion. NO.

Grade C+

Thursday, April 28, 2016

2016 1st Round Buffalo Bills Select Shaq Lawson

By Steve

From Clemson defensive end Shaq lawson. Only one year of production. The comparisons to Vic Beasley will be there.

He has a shoulder issue but should be fine but he will need surgery after his season. Its a solid pick I suppose albeit Myles Jack was on the board. He was a beast in the National Championship and looked great all year

Rex being associated with Clemson is a concern but you gotta build the defensive frnt 7 cause it sucks.

Grade B-

2016 NFL Draft Predictions

By Steve

2016 NFL Draft predictions

Bills take Jarron Reed

Robert Nmekdiche falls into 2nd round

Some team trades up late 1st round for Paxton Lynch.

Carson Wentz will be better than Goff.

Zeek Eliot to the Cowboys

Browns trade again Thursday

Too many OTs go in the top 12

Myles Jack falls past 12

Only 3 QBs are taken

Christian Hackenberg will suck

2016 NFL Draft: QB Rankings

By Steve

Draft fever and I have the antibiotics (oh wait a fever is usually caused by a virus.. nevermind) here are my final Quarterback rankings:

1. Carson Wentz
Big mid western boy who played against Buff State I think. Sit for a year dawg.

2. Jared Goff
Figured he'd stay another year cause he isnt great. At least there is no pressure in LA

3. Kevin Hogan
Probably falling victim to watching Hogan (who has the same body as Luck) playing right after Andrew Luck in the same system.

4. Cardale Jones
Big game experience, big body, big program and doesnt play school for the Buckeyes. Is he motivated? Is he coachable? Does he love football?

5. Paxton Lynch
Intangibles and athletic. Needs to ride pine.

6. Connor Cook
Why did Michigan State not miss him against OSU in the biggest game of the entire NCAA year to that point?

7. Christian Hackenberg
Dude got out played by Joe Licata head to head earlier this year. Yes he changed head coaches and thus systems but if he was so inadequate why not transfer? Shouldnt a GOOD QB show SOMETHING in any system? Dissapointing.

2016 NFL Draft Big Board Final

Here is Steve's final big board for the 2016 NFL Draft

Monday, April 25, 2016

PODCAST: Bills 2016 NFL Draft Preview

Steve and Coast look at the Bills offseason thus far and preview the upcoming NFL draft

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Buffalo Bills Betting Lines for 2016 Season

By Steve

Spreads err betting lines are out for the first 16 weeks of the 2016 NFL season per @covers and @cgtechnology_

2016 Buffalo Bills Lines:

Week 1
@ Ravens

Week 2
V Jets

Week 3
V Cardinals

Week 4
@ Patriots

Week 5
@ Rams

Week 6
V 49ers

Week 7
@ Dolphins

Week 8
V Patriots

Week 9
@ Seahawks +10


Week 11
@ Bengals +5.5

Week 12
V Jaguars

Week 13
@ Raiders

Week 14
V Steelers

Week 15
V Browns

Week 16
V Dolphins

The Bills are favored in five games with two games getting one point. The biggest spreads are +10 in Seattle on MNF and giving 7 home vs SF

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bills 2016 Mock Draft Round Up

by Steve

The draft is a week away FINALLY so let's see who all the 'experts' are picking for the Buffalo Bills at pick 19 and my superb insight follows each prediction:

Reggie Ragland ILB Alabama
"The Bills generally did not have quality play from their linebacking corps this past season. Manny Lawson was just OK, while Nigel Bradham struggled in Rex Ryan's scheme. Bradham went on to sign with the Eagles this offseason, so a replacement is needed. Reggie Ragland, one of the top players available, projects well to Ryan's scheme."

Doug Whaley today said Ragland "could be" a three down LB not that he is.  Inside linebackers (unless elite side-to-side does everything Keuchly esque player) are interchangeable at low-ish impact on any one game.  Sure they rack up big tackle numbers but how good was Paul Posluszny?  This selection would be a let down despite filling a need.

Laquon Treadwell WR Ole Miss
"Treadwell remains the top wide receiver on most boards, but his slower forty time (4.63) has teams in the top-20 looking for a number-one wideout shy away.  The Bills don’t need a number-one.  They need a number-two, and with the latest reports that Percy Harvin has decided not to play next season, Treadwell makes a lot of sense and is the perfect complement to Sammy Watkins for that role.  "

I'm torn on this pick.  At first glance it seems like a no brainer.  The Bills have no decent receiver behind Watkins and getting (possibly) the best WR in the draft at 19 would be fortuitous. Not to mention I loved this dude at Ole Miss despite that horrific injury he suffered a few seasons ago.  But, picking another wide out in the first round and using 3 first round picks on WRs in 3 years is preposterous.  It would seem to contradict Whaley's own decision to foolishly trade up for Watkins two years ago.  Not to mention the whole design of their offense is predicated on running the ball not throwing the ball (oh and Tyrod Taylor is the quarterback). Bottom line it would be ballsy but quite compelling. (maybe trade out if there is a lot of interest in Treadwell and he's available?)

Todd McShay
1st round
Reggie Ragland
2nd round
Jonathan Bullard DE Florida
3rd round 
Keivarae Russell CB Notre Dame

Defense defense defense? Yeah Rex Ryan isn't picking the players and our wives wanna have a three some.  Whilst I don't hate the picks they aren't inspiring or in tuned with today's NFL (seemingly).

Mel Kiper
Jan 1 Jonathan Allen DE Alabama
Feb 18 Kevin Dodd DE Clemson
Mar 8 Robert Nkemdiche DE Miss
Apr 6 Shaw Lawson DE Clemson

See a pattern here?  It seems like Kiper picks a new player every single mock draft just to throw every player out there and see which one sticks.  Then again he's the rich mock draft expert and my house is 1200 sq ft.  I'd like any of these dudes at 19 albeit they can't all be equal. Lawson would be my top selection, Nkemdiche has the pedigree but him being the #1 prospect since he was 15 might hurt his drive, inspiration etc AND him falling out of windows high on 'spice' raises a red flag.  Then again maybe that's why he's falling to 19 in the first place.
Reggie Ragland
"Ragland will provide the Bills with a physical presence in the middle of their defense."

A'Shawn Robinson DL Alabama

"With both Darron Lee and Reggie Ragland off the board, some sort of defensive lineman could get an extended look by the Bills. Many have linked the Bills with Jarran Reed, but in a league that features base defenses less and less, I don't believe he's even the best fit from his own college defensive line. Reed is a two-down run-stuffer, which serves a purpose. However, with the potential and versatility that A'Shawn Robinson provides, he becomes someone to keep in the front of your mind as a potential Bills pick. Robinson can play five-technique defensive end in a 3-4, he can slide inside to nose tackle, he can be a defensive tackle in even-man fronts, too. Basically, with a combination of Robinson and Marcell Dareus, you can move both pieces all over the place along the defensive line. Plus, with Kyle Williams and Corbin Bryant both entering the final year of their contracts, it would be prudent for the Bills to act now on the defensive line."

The description sounds good to me.  With Rex calling the shots it is inevitable the Bills go defense at 19 and with no QB worth the pick, why not?  Buscaglia only has the Bills going Robinson here because both highly rated linebackers Lee and Ragland are off the board so does that mean the Bills might be caught flatfooted?  Is he better than Dodd and Nkemdiche?

Buffalo News
Noah Spence DE Eastern Kentucky
"The Bills’ willingness to give players a second chance has been well documented. Spence is in need of that after having been booted out of the Big Ten for failed drug tests. He seems to have gotten his life together during one season at Eastern Kentucky, during which he racked up 22.5 tackles for loss and 11.5 sacks, earning All-American honors. The Bills need to add some more punch to their pass rush opposite Jerry Hughes, and Spence can really bring the heat off the edge. He’s also not a pushover in the run game. The NFL is all about rushing the opposing passer, and Spence is one of the best playmakers in the draft in that regard."

I don't like the pick. If you get booted from Ohio State and not even OSU but the entire conference?!  Then again I'm sure mister spice errr Spence faced some brutal competition in the Ohio Valley Conference. Another Rex bad boy!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Breaking Down Bills 2016 Schedule

By Steve

It is officially football season in Buffalo. The sked is out, the Sabres are to making the playoffs like the Bills are to making the playoffs err wait the Sabres are to making the playoffs like March in Buffalo is to Spring. Whatever, lets breakdown the schedule:

Week1  @ Baltimore
Winnable game against a team in flux. The line is +3 but Baltimore is a tough place to win. Last time I went to Bills at Ravens they lost in OT in tragic fashion. Give me a win.

Week 2  TNF v Jets
The Bills aren't good enough to start 2-0 but they aren't bad enough to start 0-2 either. Crowd will be 💯 and Bryce Petty will be rattled.

Week 3  Cardinals
Woww I am way too positive right now. The Cardinals going West, after a great season, with a terrible finish.. that might equate to a let down season for Arians Palmer and co. But i cant predict a 3-0 start. Ooops

Week 4  @ Patriots
Lololol loss

After 4 games some how I have the Bills at 3-1 yikes.

Week 5  @ Rams
Slight chance I roll into SoCal. Im on a hot streak 1-0 in last 1 roadies. Rams suck but the Bills haven't traveled well out west in a while.
Tough L.

Week 6  v 49ers
Chip Kelly owns Rex Ryan and the Bills have been awful against SF for a while now. A tie would be a cop out so a lucky win is the prediction.
W barely.

Week 7  @ Dolphins
No respect for Adam Gase or Tannehill. Nothing is a given except Ryan Tannehill playing like shit against Buffalo.

Week 8  v Patriots
Another devastating loss again and again and again another one. Uggghhh harumph.

After 8 games some 5-3

Week 9 @ Seahawks MNF
WTF?  This game makes zero sense. Why have two teams with absolutely no history together and zero chance of one team winning play against each other. Is this a cruel joke? Does the NFL hate ESPN? Granted this is a trap game for Seattle with two slobberknockers sandwiched on the outside (?) of this game but I have the spread at -27.5.
Blood bath, death bye great white shark.

Week 10  BYE
Love this strategically placed bye week. Middle of the season and after a bad loss on the west coast. Regroup boiiiiis.

Week 11  @ Bengals
What a coinkidink the fucking Cincinnati GOD DAMN Bengals in a win or the season might be in the tank game AGAIN. This team haunts me more than gym locker room hazing in high school. Knowing everything I know, ugh...

Week 12   Jaguars
Payback? I could see Jax shredding Rex and co yet again but c'mon EJ aint taking that field again (gulp [hopefully]).
Win but nail biter.

Week 13  @ Raiders
Black hole problems. Then again last time the Bills played the Raiders we thought it was a gauranteed win, does that mean this time we think its a gauranteed loss? Coin flip lands on tails

6-6 after 12 games. Smells like everything I've smelled for 16 years. Fuck.

Week 14 v Steelers
Is Rex coaching for his career in this game? Will zombie Rapelisraper be in a full body cast yet? How many piss stained shitsburgh towels am i gonna stomp, 50? 100? More? This game might get flexed (lolz probs not)

Week 15  v Browns
Not a gimme but fuck the Browns, they have no talent.

Week 16  v Dolphins
Three straight home games in December? What did my Dad do to piss off the schedule makers? Christmas eve? Not gonna be a sober church trip that evening ha.

Week 17  @ Jets
Bring it on home Rexie. What a meaningless game. Probably... but is it possible Bowels and co rain on our wild card parade? Whats good for the goose is good for the gander? Wouldn't you believe it, its just my luck.


Final record?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 Buffalo Bills Schedule official

3 december games?

Possible Leaked 2016 Bills Schedule

Week 1 road vs baltimore week 2 TNf at home vs Jets? More:

Re-Evaluating the Evander Kane Trade

By Steve

It has been 1+ seasons since the "blockbuster" Evander Kane trade went down. This breakdown doesnt even include the fact the Jets made the playoffs after this trade last season. But lets review:

The Sabres traded Tyler Myers, Drew Stafford, Joel Armia, Brandon Lemiuex and (2015 first round pick) Jack Roslovic for Evander Kane, Zach Bogosian and a college goalie.  On paper that looks like a horrible trade. Let's delve deeper.
Their contracts
Myers has 3 years $5.5 per left, Stafford is a FA Lemiuex and Roslovic earn basically nothing.  Bogosian has 4 years $5.1 per left, Kane has 2 years $5.25 left.
Stats this season
Kane 20 goals (FOUR WERE EMPTY NET) 15 assists 35 points -14
Stafford 21 goals 17 assists 38 points -23
Bogosian 7 goals 17 assists 24 points -11
Myers 9 goals 18 assists 27 points +6

So Myers and Stafford had more goals more assists more points than Bogosian and Kane?
Oh yeah that doesn't include the 31st overall pick the 28th overall pick and former 16th overall pick Joel Armia who had 4 goals and 6 assists in limited time this season in the NHL.

Ouch, looks like Tim Murray officially loses his genius title. So yes, this looks like an all time boner of a trade after one season. Then again the Jets look to be worse off than the Sabres (for different reasons) Stafford is a UFA, Myers and Bogosian are close to a wash and Armia and the 2015 first rounder are big questionmarks.

But, what can Evander Kane do at this point for the Sabres to even remotely "win" this trade? Seems impossible

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Buffalo Sabres Season is Over Finally GMTM on the Hot Seat

by Steve

Wow that was a long boring 82 games but the Sabres 2015-2016 season is finally over. For the fifth year in a row (in a league where 53% of the teams make the playoffs each year) the Sabres did not qualify for the playoffs. THE PROCESS!!!!

Yes, the Sabres improved on their back to back 30th place finishes, 22nd!!! Their over under total points according to Las Vegas was 77 and according to my math their 81 total points were better than expected (albeit not by that much). But, they were closer to 30th than the final spot in the Eastern Conference (11 points from the bottom, 12 from 16th).

But hey, the Sabres are improving right?  They have a young "star" center in Jack Eichel (who had an OK 24 goals [and the same number of assists, 32, as McDavid in 36 MORE games]), they have a competent head coach, a good second center in (former malcontent until he was paid $7.5 mil a year) Ryan O'Reilly and a "stud" young defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen (forget about Tyler Myers, will you please! lolz). Alright alright fine, they have some good parts, because Tim Murray is a genius who makes great moves!!

Err, does he?  More likely it is because he is surly, speaks the truth and never smiles.  Thus the fans (and the media) love Tim Murray!  But does this guy deserve credit for purposely losing for a few YEARS and getting to draft 2nd overall twice?

The Sabres hired Tim Murray in January 2014 so lets see what moves he's made since:

Matt Moulson
July 1 2014 (first day of free agency) GMTM (as he is affectionately called) decided to throw 5 years and $25 million at this guy.  Since inking the contract as fast as he could, Matty has played in 158 games, recorded 21 goals and 41 assists. 31 points per season! But hey he's only on the team for three more seasons.

Brian Gionta
Again the first day of free agency 2014 he was given 3 years and $12.75 mil. In two seasons 25 goals 43 assists and a combined -18.  But at least he's from Rochester!

Evander Kane trade
The Sabres traded Tyler Myers, Drew Stafford, Joel Armia, Brandon Lemiuex and (2015 first round pick) Jack Roslovic for Evander Kane, Zach Bogosian and a college goalie.  On paper that looks like a horrible trade. Let's delve deeper. 
Their contracts
Myers has 3 years $5.5 per left, Stafford is a FA Lemiuex and Roslovic earn basically nothing.  Bogosian has 4 years $5.1 per left, Kane has 2 years $5.25 left.
Stats this season
Kane 20 goals 15 assists 35 points -14
Stafford 21 goals 17 assists 38 points -23
Bogosian 7 goals 17 assists 24 points -11
Myers 9 goals 18 assists 27 points +6

So Myers and Stafford had more goals more assists more points than Bogosian and Kane?
Oh yeah that doesn't include the 31st overall pick the 28th overall pick and former 16th overall pick Joel Armia who had 4 goals and 6 assists in limited time this season in the NHL. So yes, this looks like an all time boner of a trade.  Almost incredible looking at it all typed out there, wow.

Now the good stuff

Ryan O'Reilly trade
ROR and Jamie McGinn for Zadorov, Grigorenko, college "star" JT Compher and a 2nd round pick.
McGinn had a good year 22 goals 17 assists and was traded for a 2nd round pick
ROR had 21 goals 39 assists in 71 games
Zadorov barely played in the league 22 games 0 goals 2 assists
Grigerenko had 6 goals and 21 assists in 74 games.

Andddd thats it.

Not saying it is time to fire Tim Murray but christ, this honeymoon has to be over, GMTM has made a good trade and what appears to be a horrible horrible trade. Eichel is clearly no McDavid, giving up a 1st round pick for Robin Lehner is a huge question mark bordering on a horrible move and the team is still not close to the playoffs. Two seasons isn't enough but is 3? 4, 5 6? how many years does he need?

Next season getting back into the playoffs is a must. Not making the playoffs for 6 years in a league where more than half the fucking teams make it each year would be a travesty.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Colin Cowherd And Fox Sports Radio take over 1270am the fan?

By Steve

Anyone know whats going on with 1270am The Fan in Buffalo? Colin Cowherd was on today from 12-3, the official @1270thefan twitter hasnt tweeted since 2/8 and Rich Gaenzler has been MIA since January.

Welp at least Colin Cowherd is back on the radio buffalo for now!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Grading Bills Free Agency 2016

By Steve

Well, most of the big free agents have signed and the dust is settling. Time to grade the Buffalo Bills and their free agency maneuvering.

Lets see. Mario Williams gone. Leodis McKelvin gone. Hogan (prob) gone. Brooks gone. Bradham gone.

Signings?......... NONE.

Oh true Richie Incognito got $5.25 mil per for 3 years (reasonable but not cheap) and Cordy Glenn got franchised for $13+ mil for one year.

Yippie the Bills kept their average offensive line in tact for an additional $19 mil on this years cap!

Yes, signing a bunch of free agents for big money rarely ends up helping or equates to success but literally getting worse isnt a recipe for wins either.

The blame is on the foresight of the organization. They are paying their fucking starting QB less than $3 mil and they are in cap jail? How is that even possible? Oh yeah, over paying defensive players and running backs. Over valuing previous free agents (ironic!) (Clay, Mario etc) and a dip shit GM and what ever the fuck Russ Brandon's job title is are in charge.

Lets face it. The Bills have not gotten better this offseason. They have clearly gotten worse and have no QB stability at all.

However, losing some of these defensive players may not be as bad as it seems . Rex Ryan has been a good defensive coach for much of his career. And what does everyone say about his defenses? That they are complicated and need players to fit his system (for whatever reason). Thus, surprisingly, I am willing to give Rex SOME benefit of the doubt. Get your players for your system. But it better work.

Grade: C-

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2016 NFL Win Total Over/Unders are out

By Steve

Las Vegas over under win totals for the 2016 season are out per @CGTechnology_ . The Bills are predicted to finish with.. :

NFL 2016 season win totals:

Steelers 10.5
Chargers 7
49ers 5
Seahawks 10.5
Buccaneers 6.5
Titans 5.5
Redskins 7.5
Dolphins 7
Vikings 9
Patriots 10.5
Saints 7
Giants 7.5
Jets 8
Raiders 7.5
Eagles 7.5
Cowboys 9
Broncos 9.5
Lions 7
Packers 10.5
Texans 8
Colts 8.5
Jaguars 6
Chiefs 9
Rams 7
Cardinals 9.5
Falcons 7
Ravens 7.5
Panthers 10.5
Bears 6.5
Bengals 9.5
Browns 4.5

Bills 8

Yup the classic number. Eight wins. Ha
See you in September!

St Bonaventure for Real?

By Steve

Big win at home by St Bonaventure in a dog eat dog game versus a decent Duquesne team tonight. It could have been a bad loss blamed on a let down after beating the nationally ranked Dayton Flyers Saturday.

St Bonaventure improves to 19-7 on the season and will likely now finish in the all important top 4 of the a10.

Joe Lunari has the Bonnies as the final 4 teams in the tournament and certainly wont hurt that after a solid win at home. Before the game their RPI was 33 in he country.

This is a grind it out solid team with good guard play some solid bigs and the 2nd best free throw shooting team in the nation.

Time to start paying attention! When was the last time a team from the so called "big 4" earned an at large bid into the tourney?

They have 3 games left, Umass Saturday, then in Rochester to face a very good St Joes team before the season finally at St Louis 3/5.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Super Bowl Picks

THE BIG GAME. It all comes down to this!

Steve 41-53-1 Best Bet 9-11 Playoffs 5-5

Broncos +6 v Panthers
Over 44.5

Coast 39-56 Best Bet 6-14  Playoffs 5-5

Broncos +6 v Panthers
Over 44.5

Katman 44-50-1 Best Bet 10-10 Playoffs 6-4

Panthers -6 v Broncos
Under 44.5

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Conference Championship Picks

CCS! Conference champonship Sunday!  Here are our selections:

Steve 39-53-1 Best Bet 8-11 Playoffs 3-5

Cardinals @ Panthers over 48
Patriots @ Broncos under 44.5

(for the contest I take Broncos +3.5 and Panthers -3)

Coast 38-55 Best Bet 5-14  Playoffs 4-4

Panthers -3 v Cardinals 
Patriots -3.5 @ Broncos

Katman 42-50-1 Best Bet 9-10 Playoffs 4-4

Broncos +3.5 v Patriots
Panthers -3 v Cardinals

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Division Round Weekend Playoff Picks

DRW! Time for ballers to ball son

Steve 37-51-1 Best Bet 8-10 Playoffs 1-3

Cardinals -7.5 v Packers
Steelers +7.5 @ Broncos
Panthers -2 v Seahawks
Chiefs +5 @ Patriots

Coast 35-54 Best Bet 5-13 Playoffs 1-3

Cardinals -7.5 v Packers
Steelers +7.5 @ Broncos
Panthers -2 v Seahawks
Patriots -5 v Chiefs

Katman 41-47-1 Best Bet 9-9 Playoffs 3-1

Cardinals -7.5 v Packers
Panthers -2 v Seahawks
Chiefs +5 @ Patriots
Broncos -7.5 v Steelers

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Wild Card Weekend Picks

Playoff time, this is where the players play like every day.

Steve 36-48-1 Best Bet 8-9 Bills 8-8  Playoffs

Redskins -1 v Packers
Seahawks -4.5 @ Vikings
Chiefs -3 @ Texans
Steelers -2.5 @ Bengals

Coast 34-51 Best Bet 5-12 Bills 6-10 Playoffs

Redskins -1 v Packers
Seahawks -4.5 @ Vikings
Chiefs -3 @ Texans
Steelers -2.5 @ Bengals

Katman 38-46-1 Best Bet 9-8 Bills 10-6 Playoffs (regular season champ)

Packers +1 @ Redskins
Seahawks -4.5 @ Vikings
Chiefs -3 @ Texans
Bengals +2.5 v Steelers

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Bills and Their Tough 2016 Schedule

By Steve

The world is ending! The Bills have the 10th most difficult schedule next season! The Bills had an easy schedule last year and didnt even come close to making the playoffs, as the narrative goes thus they have little to no chance next season. Hmm really?

Before the 2015 season started the Bills had the 19th hardest schedule. Their opponents were 124-131-1 in 2014. The Bills played a second place schedule with the AFC South and NFC East.

The Bills went 8-8, 3-1 vs the AFC South and 1-3 vs the NFC East for a mediocre at best 4-4. But their opponents as a whole went a respectable 130-126 in 2015.

And how did the gauntlet that is their 2016 opponents do in 2015? 133-123. A mere 3 games better than last years easy schedule!

Teams fluctuate from year to year (ya know except the fucking Patriots) and last years records dont defintely mean next years will be tough.

The Bills play a 3rd place schedule, the NFC West (where 2 teams will likely make lengthy playoff runs) and the AFC North.

Bottom line? The schedule will probably be about as tough as it was last year and we need Belichick and Brady to die errr retire.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 NFL Over Under Wins review!

by Steve

Back in September I picked each team whether they would go over or under their win total before the season based on the Las Vegas line.  Here is the original post.

Drum Rollllllllllllllllllllllllll

18-13-1!! and that is going with a push with 3 teams that was a loss.  So I gave myself a loss with those teams.  Two other guesses (Indy and Dallas) got screwed because their QB was hurt early in the season but hey, 18-13-1 is pretty damn good. See you next year. 

Oh and I guessed the Bills would go 8-8. Boom

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Week 17 NFL Picks

Final week of the regular season, always wonky, lets make some money

Steve 34-45-1 Best Bet 7-9 Bills 7-8

Eagles +4 @ Giants
Bengals -9.5 v Ravens
Bills +3 v Jets
Saints @ Falcons over 52.5
Seahawks @ Cardinals over 47

Coast 34-46 Best Bet 5-11 Bills 6-9

Jets -3 @ Bills
Buccaneers +12 @ Panthers
Browns +11 v Steelers
Patriots -10 @ Dolphins
Chiefs -7.5 v Raiders

Katman 36-43-1 Best Bet 9-7  Bills 10-5

Jets -3 @ Bills
Panthers -11 v Buccaneers
Patriots -10 @ Dolphins
Chiefs -7.5 v Raiders
Eagles +4 @ Giants

quit like a bitchface