Thursday, September 29, 2011

Buffalo Bills @ Cincinnati Bengals podcast

Steve and Coast reflect on the stunning victory over the Patriots break down the Bungals game and predict the outcome of the season

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is it officially time to Billieve?

by Steve

The fifteen game L streak is over, the Bills have come back from back to back 18+ point deficits to win for the first time not only in their history but NFL written history, and the Bills have the most points in the league after three games. What the hell is going on?

At the game Sunday it seemed all morning that Buffalo was walking into certain death. No one seemed to care because it was beautiful out and the team would still be 2-1 with a winnable game next week against Cinci. Then the Patriots jumped up by 21 and it was about time to start wondering what the final score would be, 56-10 again? 70-3? More?

Then out of no where Tom Brandy threw a touchdown and the Bills were suddenly only down 21-10 with the ball at half. Who cares about the dumb 4th and 14th attempt or kicking a field goal at 4th and less than one. This team actually has an offense and could come back!!

But the general consensus was that the Bills still couldn't cover a tight end. How would they stop N.E.'s O enough to tie it? With 13:11 remaining the Patriots were about to go up by an insurmountable 14 points. From my end zone I could see George Wilson lined up across from Gronkowski and pointed this out to the two Corey's saying Brandy was going to throw it to him for a TD. And something amazing that in seven years of me being a season ticket holder had never happened. Someone from the Bills outsmarted #12. The Senator picked the pass off and completely swung the momentum for good.

From this point on I had near 100% faith who ever had the ball last was going to score. The Bills were not going to be stopped in tying the game or taking the lead. The only thing that mattered was whether the Cheatriots would have enough time left on the clock to go down the field and score. That's why I didn't even celebrate when Fred Jackson seemingly ran the ball into for the go ahead touchdown. There was nearly two minutes left and Belecheat and Co. had two timeouts.

The only question to my mind was who is going to win the OT coin flip and thus win. But instead the Bills actually got lucky. Jackson didn't score, idiot fat ass Vince Wilfork lost his cool and took a penalty (giving the Bills a first down and thus allowing us to run out the clock and kick the winning field goal) AND Lindell made a game winning kick.

Basically, it is officially time to believe the Bills are not the Dick Jauron lead Bills. They won't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The worst thing that can happen won't ALWAYS happen. Are we as Bills fans ready for this new mindset?

I'll test it out in Cincinnati Sunday, see you there. 4-0!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Buffalo Bills Week 4 Power Rankings

by Steve
The Bills highest ranking is #3 and worst is #10.

8 (16) "Bravo"

Two behind the Lions and one behind the Patriots

3 (14) See comments from Lions. They have earned their way here. Beating New England helps their status. [Lions @2 Do I think they are the second-best team? No. But they've earned their spot here. Matt Stafford is the real deal.]


6 (16) Surprise! The AFC's last unbeaten team resides in Buffalo

5. Bills (No. 11; 3-0): The 2008 Bills started 4-0 and finished 3-9. The 2011 Bills who played for the 2008 Bills are very aware of that.

Yahoo sports:
9 (16)You are reading this right — Buffalo is the only undefeated team in the AFC.

10 (17) Are the Bills really the 10th best team in the NFL? I'm not so sure. But since the world is coming to an end in 15 months, I figure that God will find some way to have Buffalo win the final Super Bowl in Earth's history.

What a shock walterfootball has the Bills ranked worst of any of the sites yet again.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bills 34 Patriots 31


With 6:01 remaining in the 2nd quarter, Rob Gronkowski, the Buffalo native, hauled in a 26 yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady to put the Patriots up 21-0. The Patriots offense was scoring with relative ease. Three touchdowns in 5 possessions. The Bills offense on the other hand had 4 drives, 2 of which resulted in punts and 2 of which resulted in interceptions.

In any of the past 11 years, a Bills team in this situation would have crumbled to the Patriots. I was envisioning a 49-0 embarrassment. I mean, what else was there to expect? Since the Bills beat the Patriots 31-0 8 years ago, the Bills have faced Tom Brady at home 6 times before yesterday. In those games, the Bills were outscored by an incredible margin...201-53. This is an average of 33.5 - 8.3 per game. That is astounding if you think about it. In our own stadium, we have been dominated by one team by an average of over 25 points per game during a 6 year stretch.

I will admit, I gave up hope. I was done with Chan Gailey. I thought his decision to defer the opening kickoff was comical and the decision to go for it on 4th and 14 desperate. The Bills young team wasn't ready for this type of stage. Donald Jones had a dropped pass that led to an interception. Aaron Williams was getting abused. The Bills veteran cast off safeties George Wilson and Bryan Scott were out of their league and had no prayer of covering Gronkowski or Welker.

Beginning with the Bills next possession, the momentum started to slowly shift. The Bills kept any slight hope alive when Ryan Fitzpatrick found Stevie Johnson to cut the lead to 21-7. The momentum really swung on New England's next possession. Brady and company were marching down for another score...possibly to make it 28-7. Instead, Brady threw a horrible pass to Danny Woodhead that was intercepted by Bryan Scott. The Bills turned this into a field goal and instead of 28-7 at halftime it was 21-10.

Tom Brady threw 4 interceptions on the day. He had 4 in 2010. The Bills intercepted Brady 4 times on 45 attempts yesterday...he threw the same amount last year in 492 attempts. Truly unbelievable.

Leodis McKelvin...the same player who was torched last week by the Raiders, made 2 huge plays in the game. He intercepted Brady in the 3rd quarter to set up the Bills for a touchdown to make the score 21-17. He then stopped Woodhead cold on a 3rd down to force a field goal to keep it a 7 point game.

Say what you will about George Wilson, but his interception on Brady in the 4th quarter when they were driving to once again take a 2 score lead was an incredible play. The Bills intercepted Brady 2 times deep in scoring territory...the Bills defense gave up tons of yards, but made HUGE plays when it mattered.

I can't say enough about Ryan Fitzpatrick. He should have had a contract in his locker yesterday at 4:23 PM. The guy deserves it. He is obviously a great leader. His teammates love him. He is smart and has incredible poise. Yeah, he looked calm and cool last week against Oakland in the 4th quarter, but this is New England for God sake. 15 straight losses. 20 out of 21. 25 point average home margin of defeat. 21-0 deficit in the 2nd quarter. None of this mattered. Fitzpatrick led the team back...and it was like he totally expected to. There was no sense of panic from our offense. 27-40, 369 yards, 2 touchdowns. Fitz has 9 TDs through 3 games...and most importantly he has led back to back 18 plus point comebacks over two good football teams. No team has made back to back comebacks of such a margin in over 60 years. The Raiders aren't slouches. They took it to the Jets yesterday. Darren McFadden ran for over 170 yards against the Jets...he ran for 71 against the Bills.

I will eat my words about Fred Jackson. I love this guy. I have always thought he was a mediocre player with very limited talent and thought that it was ridiculous how much people loved him. I was so wrong on this. Fred Jackson is 30 years old and probably runs a 4.6 40 yard dash if that. This guy has freaking heart though. He leaves it all on the field, every single game and that is contagious. He is another great leader. For the first time in literally decades, the Bills have legitimate leadership and they have a cohesive team that wants to go out there and battle and win for each other. They also love where they are playing, which makes it even better. The 'great' players we have had in the past couldn't wait to get out of here. I heard Stevie Johnson wore a Sabres hat to the game yesterday. Marshawn Lynch used to wear Raiders hats.

Drayton Florence's pick 6 was the highlight of an incredible afternoon. I nearly tackled my Dad sitting next to me. It was complete euphoria which slowly turned into shock and disbelief. No one knew how to react. We sat there for 15 minutes after the game ended just trying to figure out if what happened actually happened. No one left the stadium early. Everyone was standing the entire 2nd half. I was 7 when I was at Rich Stadium for the Bills vs. Oilers 32 point comeback game. Was this as good as that game? Probably not, but it's the best home win since. The Bills have won 3 home playoff games since then, but given the past decade, this win was bigger. The Bills might have turned the corner. They might have found their franchise quarterback. They might have found a head coach. Right now, it is fun to legitimately have a chance at playing important home games in December...the Bills do have 3 of them.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fuck the Patriots


2011 NFL Week 3 Picks

Steve (3-3 Best Bet 1-0)

Carolina -3 (-125) (Home v Jacksonville)
Denver +7 (At Tennessee)
Cincinnati -2.5 (Home v San Francisco)
New Orleans -4(-115) (Home v Houston)
New England -7 (@ Buffalo)

Wreck (2-2-1 best bet 1-0)

Chicago +4 (Home v Green Bay
Indianapolis +10.5 (Home v Pittsburgh)
Minnesota +3(Home v Detroit)
Denver +7 (At Tennessee)
New York Giants +9 (At Philadelphia)

best bet in bold
Here is week 2

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills podcast

Steve and Coast break down the upcoming Bills Patriots tilt, look back at the win against Oakland and the prospects for the season.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Bills have to sign Stevie Johnson now

by Steve

Stevie Johnson is officially not a one year wonder. Dude is piling up stats and touchdowns yet again after an explosive 2010 few saw coming. Playing out the final year of his original four year rookie contract, dude is going to be looking to get paid.

He is quickly becoming one of our most recognizable players on the team and potentially a superstar in the National Football League. The question then comes down to how much he deserves to be paid and what he's looking for.

There was a report on the alleged sports station WGR that the Bills and Johnson's camp are $2 million per year apart in negotiations. The contract to compare ST13 to may well be that of Miles Austin. Are you ready to give the dude Austin money? Like 6 years $54 mil and $18 mil guaranteed?

Yes that is the dumb Cowboys over paying for what they deem a star. But the two are pretty similar. Austin had 4 full years experience before his extension John 3. Austin was an undrafted free agent Johnson a 7th rounder. Neither did squad their first two seasons then exploded in their third year with eerily similar stats.

Can you compare his contract to top end talent drafted in the first round? Does draft position matter at this point? Brandon Marshall got 5 years $47 mil with $24 mil guaranteed and don't even look at Larry Fitz's deal (although no one is in his league. Either way dude is going to get paid and the Bills better do it before the price goes even higher.

Buffalo Bills Week 3 power rankings

by Steve
Nothing too controversial shocking or really that interesting. PFT has the Bills the highest (11) and Walterfootball who has always disliked the Bills as the lowest (17)

16 (27) We'll find out if the Bills are for real this Sunday against the Patriots. (Clayton)

Playing against the best team in the league will prove whether the Bills are "for real" or not? pssht please

16 (22) Ryan Fitzpatrick is beginning to catch my eye, but it's been against the woeful Chiefs and then the Raiders having to come east. I am more impressed with the 217 rushing yards in a game they got behind quickly. We will know for sure after this week's game

Consensus is forming that the Bills won't be for real until after this week. Will a loss definitively prove they are not for real?

11. Bills (No. 13; 2-0): On Sunday, the Bills will put their two-game winning streak up against a 15-game losing streak to the Pats.

Much more matter-of-factly.

Yahoo sports

16 (18)Time to jump on the Bills’ bandwagon? Not yet—because we want to see how they match up with the Patriots on Sunday.

Yes we are playing the Patriots Sunday

CBS Sportsline
14 (16)The way they are scoring, they will be a handful for anybody. Ryan Fitzpatrick gets his chance to match throws with Brady this week.

Didn't mention the Patriots but Tom Brandy was mentioned, that still counts.

17. Buffalo Bills (2-0). Previously: #19
Too lazy to write something, I like it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Buffalo Bills 38 Oakland Raiders 35 F

by Steve

Holy smokes what a game. Gotta love an erroneous transmission though don't you? Da'Norris, KNOCK IT DOWN next time bro. Either way what a second half of football at OBD Sunday.

Fitzy and the offense were unstoppable, literally. They scored a touchdown on every possession and actually gave me confidence we would win if we had the ball last. True, at half time I was predicting the Bills would go 1-15. And yeah I was arguing with "Sabres" fans about how much of a loser Lindy Ruff is but who wouldn't after watching Jason Campbell shred the defense in the first 30 minutes.

Is Shawne Merriman alive? How about Kyle "stud" Williams? Did those guys dress on Sunday? At least Al Davis will save on Campbell's dry cleaning bill this week. Where the hell was the pressure? Zero sacks for either team? Is there a starting caliber CB on this team? A bunch of no name-ers ran roughshod through the secondary. The Raiders went 8-12 on third down, really boys?

It is officially time to pay Stevie Johnson though. Anyone still worried his stats will suffer sans Lee Evans? The guy is a straight stud even if he drops a few passes every game. David Nelson may not be a no name-er any more either. Fred Jackson has finally won me over as an actual running back in the National Football League. Also who is Scotty Chandler's agent, dude needs to ink an extension of his own.

This team is still an average team at best with an average head coach. There is little doubting Chan Gailey's offensive prowess but as far as a head coach? Meh. George Edwards needs the boot and it is extremely puzzling how he was even brought back for 2011. If this team couldn't keep the Raiders under 35 what is going to happen next week against Tom Brandy?

Then again maybe the Raiders aren't as sub par as we all think. Either way the Bills are 2-0 as I predicted (re-watch Searcy's pick and tell me you don't give George Wilson some major props on that play) and have the 2-0 Patriots coming into our barn next week. AND this time we know to get onto Southwestern around 8am to get into the lots before 9:30. CAN'T WAIT.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

2011 NFL Week 2 picks

NFL week 2 picks/locks against the spread. Spreads pulled from a gambling site Saturday evening. (bold is best bet)


Carolina Panthers +10 (Home v Green Bay)
Tennessee +6 (Home v Baltimore)
Seattle +14 (Away v Pittsburgh
San Francisco +3 (Home v Dallas)
Miami +3 (Home v Houston)


Buffalo -4 (Home V Oakland
Cincinnati +4 (Away v Denver
Indianapolis +2 (Home v Cleveland)
Washington -3.5 (Home v Arizona)
Dallas @ SF Over 42
New England -7 (Home v San Diego)

UB @ Ball St, Must win?

by Steve

In case you haven't noticed Jeff Quinn, UB's football coach, is a meager 3-11. The Bulls went 1-7 in the MAC last year after Turner Gill left for greener pastures in Kansas. At some point Quinn and his spread offense have to start winning against someone other than Bowling Green and the little Sisters of the Poor. What better time to start than at 2008 rival Ball State.

No one really knows if this game even exists since at 7pm when I turn my TV on to watch it I won't find it. But I think it airs on the radio on some adult contemporary AM station (WECK 1230?). My prediction is take the Cardinals -4.5.

JQ has no excuse. He brought in his boy Chazz Anderson the super senior to run the show. He has a potential solid running back emerging in Branden Oliver. Oliver is averaging 120 yards per game in this young season and may be taking that next step. On defense UB has two of the best linebackers in the conference in Steven Means and Khalil Mack. So there is some talent on this squad.

I have no idea where Ball St is, (indy? i don't feel like looking it up) and UB's abysmal play last season has created indifference to the program. With an interesting game next week (Uconn coming into UB Stadium) UB needs a good showing tonight to try and fill that ugly stadium. Time to win Quinn.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stevie Johnson misses practice but will play


Buffalo Bills receiver Stevie Johnson(notes) missed practice Thursday because of a sore groin that has been bothering him for about a month.

Coach Chan Gailey said Johnson was just given the day off, and fully anticipates Johnson to play Sunday when the Bills (1-0) play host to the Oakland Raiders (1-0).

Johnson appeared to tweak the injury in a position drill on Wednesday during the portion that reporters were able to watch. He took a few repetitions off before returning.

Tyler Myers 7 years $38.5 mil

by Steve

Yes hockey doesn't start until sometime in January (or Feb after the Bills Superbowl game) but here is a quick note that even I can't complain about (some how).

Tyler Myers was signed to a seven year contract worth $38.5 million. Holy smokes what a solid deal for both teams. As teams like to say it is actually for eight years and $39.35 mil but that is just Darc speak. Yes some how Darcy Regier is still the general manager which is disconcerting but Terry Pegula will spare at no expense. Also they put cup holders above the pissers in the bathroom. Pay dirt!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Okland Raiders V Buffalo Bills 5 days out

by Steve

What a difference a year makes. Remember last year? Yes, season over after one week. Even if the Bills lose this week it won't be as bad as this either. Who knew a win, well especially a big time blow out win, would change the mood so dramatically. And now we get to have our home opener, shit is gonna be nuts at the Ralph Sunday.

The Oakland Raiders are getting 3.5 points which seems like a bit of a joke. The Bills just crushed a decent to slightly below average team on the road. The Raiders barely beat one of the worst teams in the league, have to travel out East for a 1pm game and are coming off a short week. C'mon.

True, last Sunday could have been a fluke and the Bills got a couple bounces. (Just think if Pope would have held on to that ball that Jairus Byrd's foot luckily knocked out of his hands or Dexter McCluster didn't fumble on the first play) Plus the defense didn't get a ton of sacks and KC still had over 100 yards rushing and a good yards per attempt. Still, at worst it is going to be a tight game and the Bills will be at least 1-1 with the Patriots in our barn the next week.

Hue Jackson and Jason Campbell do not instill fear in my heart. Yes Darren McFadden is an absolute beast (ran for 150 yards v Denver Monday) and Michael Bush can be effective but that is about it. Jacoby Ford might be a better Clemson running back than Cliff Spiller but that isn't saying much. Campbell threw for 105 yards and averaged 4.8 yards per attempt. Darrius Heyward-Bey was their leading receiver and their fullback was second. It was raining but that didn't stop Kyle Orton from throwing for 300+ yards.

As for Hue, at least he is funny: "I haven't slept, the (postgame) meal was horrible, I've been watching Buffalo, so I don't feel good right now because (the Bills) beat the team that they played really badly," Jackson said Tuesday at his weekly news conference. "Right now I've got some issues and I have to address them. It will take me probably until Sunday to feel good again."

The Raiders are relatively healthy with only what appears to be minor leg issues with Michael Huff and Ford. The other big story was all of the mental lapses by the Raiders and their first year coach. 15 penalties for 131 yards? I'm not sure how that is fixable in five days, especially coming into a hostile old school barn like RWS. And don't even mention "Mile High" as being hostile. They were booing Orton more than the Raiders.

The only props I'll give Al's squad is a nasty nasty front seven. Jason[sic] Seymour, Q Groves and Kelly are savages out there. The Bills o-line looked good Sunday but they are in for a major battle in the trenches 9/18.

On the Bills front, evidently Marcus Easley has a heart ailment and is on IR. Yikes hope your life is alright bro. Ruvel Martin anyone?

All in all this is going to be a major let down game for a west coast team coming to the EST after a rivalry game coming off a tough win. My early prognostication is 2-0 with Tom Brandy rolling into the Ralph in twelve days.

Bills Week 1 Power Ranking Compilation


The Bills were ranked close to the bottom, if not at the bottom, of the entire NFL in most "experts" preseason power rankings. Week 1 proved that either the Bills were grossly underrated by all the "experts" and that these "experts" have little to no knowledge of the NFL outside of maybe 3 teams (which I think is what we all believe) or the Bills' win in week 1 was a complete fluke.

A lot of you may not care what these so called "experts" think, but I find it interesting to see what the outside world thinks of our team. It also appears that the players pay attention as pointed out by Jerry Sullivan as he quoted Eric Wood in his column today; "Yeah, this team kind of has a chip on its shoulders," center Eric Wood said Monday. "I felt that since day one of training camp. You try not to put too much stock into it, but we see where people have us in the power rankings."

Here is a run down of the major sports website's power rankings for the Bills after week 1 (with the prior week's ranking in parenthesis) and with the site's explanation.


27 (30) Looks like there may be something to Chan Gailey's four-receiver offense. (Clayton)
  • The funniest thing about this is that the Chiefs are ranked 21st. The Bills beat Kansas City 41-7 on opening day in their stadium and are 6 spots behind them in the rankings. Even the BCS wouldn't screw this up this bad. Can anyone give me one semi logical explanation how this is possible?
CBS Sportsline

17 (29) Was that the real deal in Kansas City? Ryan Fitzpatrick was sensational. Maybe they knew what they were doing passing on a quarterback in the first round.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick was sensational in week 1. ESPN even had him with the highest QB ranking based on their new QB ranking calculation (ahead of Brady who threw for like 8,000 yards). The Chiefs are ranked 32nd in the NFL according to these rankings. Obviously, if the Bills are going to blow a team out on the road, they have to be the worst team in the league. I take this as another slap in the face to this team.
Fox Sports

22 (30) I'm not sure if we totally underestimated the Bills or have completely overestimated how good the Chiefs are. Buffalo needs to sustain this level of play for another week, at least, before I move it any higher.
  • I'll agree with Billick here as he points out the burning question among Bills' fans...are the Bills good or are the Chiefs really that bad? He also has the Chiefs ranked 32nd.
Peter King - Monday Morning Quarterback Column

9. Buffalo (1-0). As Bill Parcells says, "I go by what I see.'' And the Bills handled Kansas City, on the road, in all phases.
  • Gotta love Peter King. I have always thought he was kind of a little crazy and to have the Bills as the 9th best team in the NFL after one football game confirms that. Although, if you go strictly by his Parcells quote, the Bills did have the most dominating week 1 performance, so this should put them in the top 10. He has the Bills ahead of the Aints and Steelers and has Houston and the Lions ranked 6th and 7th. He's bold to say the least.

Walter Football

19 (25)
  • No other explanation for them. These guys had the Bills ranked higher than anyone else did to start. I think somewhere between 15 and 20 is where the Bills currently belong so I agree with their ranking. KC is 29th.

13 (24) The Jets and Pats may have good reason to get a little nervous.
  • Mike Florio with some love, odds he even watched the game though?

17 (28)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bills 41 Chiefs 7


Well, I was only half wrong when I said that the Bills could win but wouldn't win. The Bills began the 2011 season with one of their most convincing victories of the past 11 years. The Chiefs are the defending AFC West champions. They were on their home turf the hostile Arrowhead Stadium. In the Bills glory years, they couldn't win at Arrowhead. I remember when the unstoppable Bills would go into Arrowhead and get run over by Christian Okoye. This year's team wouldn't let that happen.

The Bills defense looked much improved. Matt Cassel threw for 119 yards (3.3 yards per attempt). The Chiefs only ran it for 108 yards but mostly because they were forced to abandon the run. They did average 6 yards per carry on the day though which isn't a great stat for the Bills but we will not dwell on that for now. In total, the Bills allowed only 213 total yards of offense, which is a far cry from the 361.6 they allowed per game last year. The 108 yards allowed on the ground is 62 yards below their average rush yards allowed in 2010 and Kansas City led the NFL in rushing yards per game last year.

The Bills offense was as good if not better than the defense. A lot of people may have been surprised by Fitzy's 4 touchdown performance. I am not. Pro bowl caliber players have 4 touchdown games on the road against division champions and that is exactly what I am predicting for Fitzy. Stevie Johnson looked like a number 1 receiver. David Nelson, Donald Jones, everyone pitched in on the 41 point outburst.

Fred Jackson had a 100 yard game and looked like a beast on some runs. Maybe this guy can convince me to like him eventually. Brad Smith provided a nice wrinkle with the wildcat. My only beef would have to rest with Cliff Spiller. He had a nice touchdown run when the game was over, but only had 21 yards of offense. He touched the ball 6 times. We drafted a running back 9th overall and in the first game of his 2nd season he touches the ball 6 times. I am not saying that he should be getting the ball more because clearly Jackson is a better running back right now (despite what I may have said about him in the past), but it is possible that CJ Spiller is a bust. If he is, he will go down as one of the worst draft picks in team history. Reggie Bush was one of the greatest RBs in college football history. He has been an average pro. CJ Spiller is the same type of running back and wasn't even as close to as good as Bush was in college. I wonder why we expected him to be much better.

You may wonder why I forgot to give a shout out to Scotty Chandler? He deserves his own paragraph. 5 catches, 63 yards and 2 touchdowns. Do the Bills have a tight end? Probably not but we can hope. If you are anything like me and were wondering who Scott Chandler is and where he came from, here is the answer. He is in his fourth year, played for Iowa in college. He was with the Cowboys until November 25th last season. He had 0 catches in 9 games. He was acquired by the Bills and had 1 catch for 8 yards on the season. Did we find a diamond in the rough here? Probably not,Mark Campbell had 3 touchdowns in a game and then disappeared from existence. We'll give Scott a chance though.

The home opener is next Sunday vs. the Raiders. If the Bills can pull off a win next week, we will have a chance to see if they are bad, average or decent on the 25th vs. New England. It's been over 8 full years since we have beaten the Patriots, but first let's first take care of business vs. the Raiders. Something just feels different about this team. Thinking back on it, it never felt like that 2008 team was good. They were just a fraud from the beginning. I may be overreacting to a win over a team that probably sucks but it seems different. It seems like the coach has a clue. I love the quarterback and truly think he is a good player and a great leader as oppose to the QB in 2008 same goes for that coach.

I am officially changing my prediction for the season back to the original 13-3 prediction I made weeks ago. Go Bills!

Friday, September 9, 2011

2011 NFC AFC Preview

by Steve

Here was last year's AFC preview. meh


New England Patriots
Wow, will this team ever not be the top dog? There is and won't be any reason to believe the Patriots won't win until Cheatichik is gone and Brady retires

NY Jets
Has this team really gone to back to back AFC title games? No one gives Sanchize any credit and either will I. These players love playing for Sexy Rexy and play above their talent level. I'd love to predict that the luster and pizazz has worn off it STILL hasn't. Fkkkk

Buffalo Bills
Yippe they're not in the basement in the East. Unfortunately the only mention of this team requires a mention of a cheap old ass owner, Ralph Wilson. Is he alive does he have a succession plan in place? Don't count on it. Chan Gailey is not a winning coach. He is too old school to succeed in the new NFL. He isn't the worst though (not while Jackie Jack Del Rio is employed, just to name A guy). Fitz is too limited, the o-tackle spots are a joke and the defense is still a year away. Eight wins is the ceiling

Miami Dolphins
Try and replace the head coach and fail. Check. Try and replace the quarterback but have the trade fail. Check. Lose both starting running backs (basically your identity) and bring in a bust niche mediocrity. Check. This stew stinks.


Pittsburgh Steelers
How lucky is this franchise that a. Ben Rapelisraper survived that motorcycle crash and b. they didn't give in and trade the guy for pennies on the dollar. The defense continues to retain certain talent and replenish others. Jeez

Baltimore Ravens
Is this defense aging exponentially or what. Ray Ray the murderer is toast and Ed Reed is more of a coach at this point. It can't be a great sign for the offensive line if they were desperate enough to take a flyer on fat McKinnie?

Cleveland Browns
The supposed darlings of the National Football League this season. I don't see it. Ol' Colt may be decent but he certainly isn't good. Their coach was an interesting hire to say the least (nepotism?) White running back too

Cincinnati Bengals
Uhoh, a bigger laughing stock than the Bills.

Houston Texans
This team sucks but in a sucky division they might finally break on through. Even with Gary yes I am still employed Kubiak. They even have gomer. What is this loserville? Jeez I hope Manning returns in November and stomps on their heart.

Indianapolis Colts
Kerry Collins, a nondescript long ass career. How much jack has this dude earned? Not good enough though. Is Bill Polian truly a genius or just kinda lucky?

Tennessee Titans
Matt Hassellback could only manage 7-9 in the NFC West. Running backs don't make that big a difference

Jacksonville Jaguars
And with the first overall selection the Los Angeles errr

San Diego Bolts
Get a better head coach, real fans and more than one season of weather.

Kansas City Chiefs
At least they have good fans. The head coach tries to out think everyone else and usually fails. Good weapons, defense is suspect and the quarterback isn't a game changer.

Denver Broncos
Good coach, solid quarterback, good first draft pick. Why does everyone say this team has to be terrible?

Oakland Raiders
One of maybe three teams with a worse owner. Strange to fire the head coach. Even more strange to love Jason Campbell.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

2011 NFC Preview

by Steve

Whoaaaa, who picked Seattle to win their division last year at 7-9? Oh yeah I did in my 2010 NFC preview. The Tampa Bay prediction was a whiff as was St Louis and Chicago, the rest weren't soooo bad. Oh well I'm still smarter than you and I'll prove it yet again with my 2011 National Football League National Football Conference preview.

NFC East
Shocking not a ton of hype coming from this 'super-duper' division but everyone is still fawning all over the Eagles and Cowboys. Oh well, I'd complain either way.

Philadelphia Eagles
There are two ways to look at this team. Either they're a hodgepodge of good to great players thrown together via fee agency and doomed to fail; or they're a sick group of vets with a borderline great (fat) head coach. Either way they are dependent on an injury prone dog murdering quarterback. VY FTW? Their o-line needs to keep Vick out of the O.R. and the team needs to learn to win in January.

Dallas Cowboys
Rough year in 2010 for Gomer Phillips and Tony no homo Romo. Unfortunately I don't see things shaking out too terribly again this season but I can hold my breath. Don't forget the Bills march into their barn 11/13 (rumors of wreck showing up for that one). Their coach leaves something to be desired and Romo is not elite.

NY Giants
I am significantly less high on this squad than last year. Mario Manningham is solid but is he a game changer? Furthermore H. Nicks has at least as many question marks. Already injuries on defense are disconcerting as is all the change over on the offensive side of the ball. This team may come out of the gate decent with a soft schedule but things could change quickly in New Jersey.

Washington Redskins
The seemingly perpetual basement dwellers of the East appear to be sticking to form in 2011. Owner Danny Snyder is a straight asshat and a loser as an NFL executive. Grossman is their starting QB and he looks like he could play tightend. What's to like, Jabar Gaffney? Tim Hightower?

Anyone remember that the Packers did not win this division in 2010? You can't luck your way to two straight Superbowls (Patriots took a year off before their first lucky one) and 2011 is no different. Atleast I am selecting the Pack to win this over-hyped division.

Green Bay Packers
Fat Mike McCarthy is a genius! Aaron Rodgers is better than Favre ever was! Is that what you want, nay, need to hear? Jeez. More likely they gelled at the right time, got a ton of bounces and were a solid football team. I won't deny though that they are still a really good football team.

Chicago Bears
Damn this team got a lot of bounces last season. They hosted the NFC Championship and had a really good chance of winning in the second half? Jeez what is in the water in the North-mid-west? Lovie Smith got about all he could out of this unit last season and will have a near impossible time replicating it.

Minnesota Vikings
Is Favre out McNabb in an upgrade downgrade or wash out? The programmatic non fit won't be around from day one which is a start, but the defense is seemingly a hundred and the wide receiving corps has been downgraded. Not what you want when you're making a push for a new stadium.

Detroit Lions
Still in the cellar. Maybe if I saw anything out of Nick Fairley before he was labeled injury prone my mind could have changed. Matt Stafford has to prove he can be healthy for a season before I take him seriously (kind of like I needed Rodgers to actually win a playoff game[even if it was lucky]).

This season is going to be a dog fight all season. Since the ATL won last year I'll flip it to N.O. this year.

NO Aints
Drew Brees still has a couple of really good years left in him. However that debacle in Seattle in January continues to leave a soar taste in my mouth in regards to Sean Peyton. Let's just hope another hurricane doesn't hit the Bayou or the NFL will give them another Superbowl.

Atlanta Falcons
Matty Ice drank a few too many Natty Ices last year before that Packers game last year WTF. What has Mike Smith done to prove he is an important/elite coach in the National Football League. The trade to move up and grab Julio Jones was ballsy if not stupid however it should show this team is ready to win now. The secondary is relatively young but the front 7 is old as dirt. Who is making the game changing plays on defense?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The upstart near-shocking ten win Buccs didn't even get in the playoffs with ten wins AND can't sell out their opener?Damn, cold blooded. Raheem and Josh took major strides in 2010 unfortunately for them they over achieved and will take a step back this season.

Carolina Pathers
Cameron Newton will have to win a Superbowl before I eat crow. The guy will not win in this league and certainly not in his rookie year.

This division is the equivalent of the AL Central just pathetic.

Arizona Cardinals
The team knew how to win with a good quarterback can they relearn with a sorta maybe kinda good quarterback? Don't sleep on Beanie Wells.

St Louis Rams
Sam Bradford was better than I thought he would be in his rookie year but he still doesn't have enough weapons. For a team that has picked super high for nearly a decade this team should be better positioned to win. I just want to see them tie for the division lead but lose on tie breakers again.

Seattle Seahawks
The Pacific Northwest is a tire fire with a grimy head coach in over his head. They have something like only ten holders from last season on the roster? How is that possible. They will be gunning hard for Jim Harbaugh and the N9ne'ers for the basement.

San Francisco 49ers
Jim Harbaugh sold his Enron stock right before the bad news broke. Is he really qualified to be an NFL head coach? I don't know, was their last coach? Eek. Not to mention they are going in AGAIN with former Utes QB Alex Smith as the starter.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Buffalo Bills preview podcast

Steve and Coast breakdown the 2011 Buffalo Bills season, free agency, the offseason and their opening tilt @KC

(right click save as to download) or find us on iTunes

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Buffalo Bills 5 days until opener @KC

by Steve

Yeah that's right five days until the Buffalo Bills begin what appears to be a less than stellar 2011 campaign at the Kansas City Chiefs. First things first, it appears the "Chefs" quarterback slightly-above-mediocre sammy Matt Cassel is either questionable or doubtful with a cracked rib. That begs the question who is their back up?

What, you didn't guess former star of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and of Speed fame Keanu Reeves was their back up quarterback? Yup that's right none other than former OSU standout Shane Falco^ I guess I'm the only fan in the world or=f The Replacements eh? Who is Tyler Palko any way? He does have six pass attempts in the National Football League including 35 yards passing. Wake up.

Who would have ever thought I'd say this but I'm glad Tyler Thigpen is on our roster. Then again may be that is not the case. Las Vegas has only changed the line one point from Bills +6.5 to +5.5 with the news of Cassel's "injury". That begs a few questions. Are the Bills that bad that they are 5.5 point dawgs on the road against a never-was QB? Is the ironChefs running game that potent? The injury report is due tomorrow so we'll see. Then again there is this from KC's monday practice, "HALEY: “Yeah, he was full. I mean we don’t have to get to that, but I’ll… Since I’m so nice, I’ll say yeah, he was a full practice today.” Football is back, gotta love coach speak.

Anyone catch the "nice" Ruvell Martin piece in the Buffalo News today? Haha ouch, went to print what 8 hours before he was cut? The Bills dropped the "journeyman" because they signed someone named Sam Young and evidently that is not the small forward of Pitt basketball fame.

But, that does leave the Bills with only five receivers on the 53 man roster with one on the practice squad. Does that make a god damn lick of sense? Five? That is not counting Brad Smith and his 23 catches combined the last there seasons but still five seems like not enough.

And one last thing, take solace in the fact that the Bills aren't the trainwreck da'jour of the NFL right now. JACK DEL RIO, JACK DEL RIO, Jack Del Rio?Link