Friday, June 27, 2008

Free at last oh Free at last

Almost a month after Marshawn Lynch's SUV was impounded for suspicion of being involved in a hit-and-run accident, the Bills running back accepted a traffic violation in which he was fined the maximum of $100 and had his New York State driver's license revoked.

In a written statement Lynch admitted he was driving his car the night of the accident, but did not believe he had hit the victim Kimberly Shpeley.

"When I was making a left turn from Chippewa onto Delaware a woman came into the road," Lynch stated. "This woman was dancing and spinning around in the crosswalk. I slowed down for her and when she went by I proceeded down Delaware Avenue."

Later in his statement Lynch said following the police investigation and the investigation by his own attorney's office that he must have in fact struck Shpeley.

"I am sorry that Mr. Shpeley was struck and injured," read Lynch's statement. "Please know that I was unaware that my car had made contact with anyone until after this investigation had begun. I would never knowingly leave the scene of an accident and did not do so in this instance."

Lynch also expressed regret that the case took as long as it did to resolve and apologized to his teammates, the Bills organization and Bills fans for the unfortunate accident.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaking at a press briefing prior to a scheduled speaking engagement at the Chautauqua Institution Friday said he will examine all the facts and results of the case before determining if Lynch violated the league's personal conduct policy.

And now we can countdown to training camp um 30 days?

oh and Goodell is a beast

While Goodell said he sees the Bills "being in Western New York for a long time," he acknowledged he does not have direct control over what happens when the estate of Bills owner Ralph C. Wilson Jr. eventually sells the team.

"As far as the long-term future of the team, those are not issues we deal with, with respect to how an owner wants to pass a team on," Goodell said. "Mr. Wilson has made it clear he would like to see the team stay in Buffalo, and I will work very hard to make sure that it does."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bills/Sabres news

  • Bills signed Derek Fine. "Both fourth-round picks of the Buffalo Bills are signed as tight end Derek Fine inked his rookie contract with the club. Fine had agreed to terms late last week and the paperwork was finalized Wednesday. He joins fellow fourth-round pick Reggie Corner who signed two weeks earlier."
  • Brad Butler was signed to an extension. STILL no word on the terms of the contract. He did however have 2 years left on his rookie deal. The former fifth rounder probably got 5 years at $3 mil ish a year is what I'm guessing.
  • Trent needs to ball this year"I think I'm much different," Edwards said earlier this month during the team's minicamp. "You have to be a much more commanding quarterback if you're the starting quarterback. Last year, obviously, I wasn't so I couldn't do the things that I necessarily would have done had I been the starter."
  • The NHL salary cap is officially $56.7 million for 2008/09. Free agency starts at noon Tuesday July 1st.
  •" Is a sick site for Sabres rookie camp info and the players participating. No Brian Roloff this year.. :(

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lets relive Illegal Foward Pass (music city miracle)

Never saw someone falling backwards on the 35 yard line throw to the 36 and have it called a lateral, rare! How was it determined to be a legal play during the game is what really makes no sense.

oh and Lynch wanted to talk "
“The people don’t understand. Originally, my client would be charged with a crime,” Cafferty said, emphasizing that no longer is the case. “He certainly would have liked to speak, but I advised him not to until we completed the investigation.

“If a client speaks out, he can incriminate himself.”"

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why are Yankees fans such bitches?

by Steve

Seriously, why are Yankees fans such bitches? No other fan base in the history of American sports is so whiny sensitive annoying and absolutely pathetic. They haven't won shit since Roger 'the cheater' Clemens roided out on the mound and nearly impaled Mike Piazza in a bullshit 5 game win. Why are Yankees fans so holier than thou and vehemently defend this baseball franchise against any and all negativity?

The number of middle fingers, honks, scowls, moonings, threats, and yelps while driving my car with a 'Yankees suck' bumper sticker is just the tipping point. There are a few things to first point out about these 'die hard bronx bombers fans'. All of their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents were yankees fans evidently. They wear jackets, t-shirts, hats, and are always sure to make it known that their team has won 26 championships. And lastly, they are always in denial about the team and its chances.

First things first, lets break down the "26 World Series rings". Here are the facts... They won 18 of these titles before 1959. In that time there were only 16 teams. (seemingly half of which were New York city based teams[yankees, giants, dodgers]) So there was a 19% chance a NYC team would win the world series every year. And of course who ever won a lot during that time wouldn't move to the expanding South and West (ala Dodgers and Giants) Next, 4 of those World Series' were won during the Korean War and 2 during WWII, all during a time when the talent pool was certainly diluted, less interesting, and less competitive. Lastly, since 1963 the great Yankees are 6-6 in the World Series.

Now on to the relatives were fans bullshit. I don't care that your grandpappy was a big Red Ruffing fan or that your uncle Charlie caught a foul ball once sitting in the right field bleachers. Since when did everyone have to cheer for the same team their dad or older brother rooted for? If you weren't born and bred in the Bronx (alright I'll give you all of NYC) or have season tickets for more than 1 season you don't have any real reason to be a Yankee fan other than you're an idiot.

Lets face it, the Yankees got lucky in buying a World Series in 2000 when they still had a nucleus of 'true yankees' left and since have been unable to buy the Ring. The Yankees aren't due for a World Series this year or any subsequent year. They aren't any better than any other team on paper. Robinson Cano and Milky [sic] Cabrera aren't the next great Yankees. Rivera is 38 and not getting younger, Girardi is a bum that got fired in Miami, and Philip Hughes blows.

Give it up, the "glory years" (5 years when the team dominated just after another expansion of the league) are well over, they died in 2001. Please, just buy a BJ Upton jersey and move on, cause its gonna be a long time before you bandwagon fans can cheer for another parade down Broadway. And the death of this franchise will all come to a head with the demolition of Yankee Stadium, the House that Ruth Built. I can't wait for that pile of shit to come crumbling down and with it any memory of a once proud franchise.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tyler Myers Buffalo Sabres @ #12

Tyler Myers 6-7 202

"Big, Big, BIG. What else can you say about Tyler Myers, he is an absolute giant, the first comparison that comes to mind is Zdeno Chara who only has one inch on Myers as it is right now. Like most young players he needs to and will get a lot bigger, absolutely not afraid of contact and will drop the mitts. Is extremely mobile for somebody his size and his untapped potential and unique physical assets are what have him ranked so high. He is a great skater, but does make some very questionable decisions with and without the puck. May not be as gifted as the other four leaders on his Kelowna squad of Schenn, Long, Benn, Barrie. But again his size and skating ability are just too good to pass up."

Dude is tall, is either a ginger or a blond, super tall and lanky. Dude could be Chara without the eating babies part. Sabres traded up to #12 for him and gave up a 3rd in 2009. Doubt he'll see the squad this year maybe late next year

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Hate Boston


When I saw that a Sabres post had been written in mid June...mid baseball season, the month before training camp, and even worse, during the middle of the Euro 2008 elimination round (Portugal losing to Germany essentially eliminated me from the office Euro 2008 pool today in the first game), I knew I had to come up with something.

I hate the city of Boston, Massachusetts and especially it's sports team. Boston has separated itself from the field as my second least favorite sports city. I hate their basketball team, their baseball team (although I will still root for them when they play the Yankees), their hockey team, and of course I hope their football team gets hit with the bubonic plague.

Am I jealous? At first I thought I was. After all, after clinching the NBA championship, the city has won the world series twice, the super bowl three times and the NBA finals once since the turn of the century. That is six championships in eight years. The Bills, Sabres and Indians have a grand total of zero SINCE 1948. In the last four completed seasons of the four major sports, the city of Boston has a record of 219-111-12. This is a winning percentage of .660. They made the playoffs in all four sports. They won the championship in two of them and went undefeated in the other only to lose in a fluke super bowl. The Bills went 7-9 and lots of Buffalonians were happy with that. Are we that satisfied with mediocrity? The Sabres went to the Eastern Conference Finals and lost two years in a row but yet some Buffalonians think this is a success.

But then I got to I really jealous? Winning so often kind of ruins the glory of winning. New York Yankee fans and Boston sports fans are so accustomed to it that it can't really have that same level of satisfaction when it happens, can it? Yankee fans are so used to winning that making the playoffs is not even an accomplishment but making the playoffs and losing is a failure. Yeah they will have their parade and celebration but only because they have to . They just had a parade in November. (editors note: they in these sentences referenced to the Boston Red Sox...obviously there was no parade in NY in November) I know that being a Bills fan can suck but imagine the feeling when they finally win it. The scene on Main Street will dwarf that of Boston and their 500 parades they have had.

Basically, F the city of Boston. Let them have their 6 rings in 8 years. Let them win so much it gets old for their fans.

On a side note, the New England Revolution are in first place right now in Major League Soccer at 8-3-3.

Buffalo Sabres draft and offseason preview

by Steve

The NHL draft is tomorrow Friday the 20th and because there isn't much to talk about I'll do my bestestest. Only the first round is Friday the remaining 6 rounds are Saturday. The NHL draft is somewhere between the MLS draft and MLB draft in terms of excitement and watchability. I guess because most hockey gurus have heard of the first few players it is at least as interesting as MLB's first year entry draft.

It is tough to pick for need in the draft because of the time it takes a player to develop and if lucky actually make it to the show. Outside of the first few players it seems to mostly be a crap shoot unless you are the Red Wings in which you can just ball in the 5th 6th or 7th round plucking players like Zetterberg and Datsyuk.

The 2008 draft is lacking a sure fire straight up balla like in years past(Kane, Crosby, Ovechkin etc.) Its more of a solid draft with a lot of good players like Center Steve Stamkos, and a bunch of defensemen, Pietrangelo, Bogosian, Doughty and Karlsson. So oh well who cares about those guys, back to the Sabres.

They have two first round picks, thanks to Campbell and is greed for crazy loot. They pick 13th and 26th. Look for them to go defense with the first pick and trade the second pick. Some rumored players the Sabres are interested in are Luca Sbisa D, Cody Hodgson C, Colten Teubert, Zach Boychuk RW and Josh Bailey C.

Luca Sbisa 6'2 190 from Lethbridge
"The Swiss born defender after moving to the WHL has adapted to the North American game quite well, and has shown that is not afraid of physical contact as is often associated with European defencemen. Plays all 3 levels of ice-time, PK, PP, and even strength and plays them all regularly, has worked his way up the depth chart in Lethbridge. Great breakout pass and great vision, extremely fast and gifted skater, obviously has great offensive instincts and could be a great PP QB. Like most offensive guys, he is guilty of trying to do too much and forcing the puck into places, resulting in giveaways."

Colten Teubert 6'3 190 from Regina
"The physical defenseman helped himself with his performance at the under-18s. Might never be a top-two defenseman but looks as though he could be safe as the third or fourth guy on the depth chart."

Josh Bailey 5'11 167 from Windsor

Other than balling on some dude with the second first round pick and trading the second pick away, the Sabres need to ship Max Afingenov out of town. He is a travesty out there and highly over rated. He contributes little besides the total # of offsides by the team. If he is on this team after July 1 that is just another reason to hate Darc/Quinny.

Also, don't even think about the Sabres going after any big time free agents. In fact I would be surprised if they signed anyone at all. Maybe a 3rd tier defenseman but nothing like Commodore or Orpik will be signed. Also don't sign Numminen, don't give Miller more than $5 mil (Kiprusoff makes 6 years $35 mil) and Miller sucks compared to him. Furthermore don't bother with Pominville this season especially when you can put if off for another day, cause thats the Sabres way! (also he is only a RFA after the 2008/09 season.)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bills odds and ends

Bills toronto logo

or this one

Marshawn Lynch Rap son..

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Group tickets go on sale Saturday for the Bills

Jerry Manuel heir to the shit thrown

by Steve

I guess a team that wins three of four is a game under .500 and six games back of first on June 16th is under achieving . Throw in the fact that they have the second highest pay roll and they are considered a complete bust. I guess because Willy Randolph couldn't get it all out of players like Pedro Martinez ($11 mill), Delgado ($16 mil), Wagner ($10.5 mil), Alou ($7,5 mil) and El Duque ($7 mil) he deserved to get fired. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?! Absolute Horseshit.

Pedro and El Duque who make a combined $18 million have made 4 starts combined in 2008. Alou and Delgado have a combined 41 rbi's this season while combining to make $23.5 million. Someone tell me again why they believe this team is ready to compete for a World Championship and should be considered 'great'? Castillo sucks, Beltran is a middle of the road player who was hot for about 18 minutes err months a few years ago, Reyes is a head case, Ryan Church has been sidelined a chunk of the season, and Brian Schneider who hit .215 in May and is hitting a whopping .241 in June, a far cry from Lo Duca's near .290 average the past two seasons.

Where has this team improved over last year? Other than Santana, who was brought in and realistically was going to improve the team over 2007? Delgado and Luis are a year older and slower, same goes for Alou, did anyone expect Schneider to become Mike Piazza? Even Ryan Church wasn't any upgrade over Milledge or Green. Sure he was playing outstanding before the concussions but he never hit over .278 or had more than 15 home runs in a season and thusly couldn't have been considered some kind of savior for the '08 Mets.

It just makes no sense to fire Willy Randolph. No one could have managed this team to anything other than mediocrity. Reyes and Beltran are over rated BIG TIME, the faster people realize that the better off everyone will be. This team was a hit away from the World Series and probably winning it all two years ago. Who was up to bat? Beltran, who struck out looking, pathetic. The best batting average on the team is .289! Even god himself David Wright is having a subpar season.

Yeah yeah Johan Santana Johan Santana! He is only one person, and is 30, and moving to a new league. He hasn't been great and hasn't been the solution but he certainly hasn't been the problem.

No offense to Jerry Manuel, who managed the Chisox to a division title eight years ago, but what is the point of changing the captain when the ship is already sinking? No one can get blood from a stone, but evidently Omar Minaya, who according to himself was the only person that made this decision (although it quite evidently seemed like that was patently false), expected Randolph to do just that. So good luck Jerry Manuel cause you're going to need it.

ps fuck Boston

108th United States Open


This might have been the most exciting weekend of golf I have watched since the '99 Ryder Cup. Tiger Woods put on a show for four days that should make you grateful you are alive to watch. Starting with his 30 on the back 9 on Friday, Tiger gave us shot after shot after shot, both good and horrible, that kept everything exciting.

Tiger Woods won his 14th major yesterday since 1997. This is his 12th professional season and he has 14 majors. The most majors among active players besides Tiger woods is 3. This was Tiger's third US Open. He now has 3 US Opens, 3 British Opens, 4 Masters and 4 PGA's. He joins Jack Nicklous as the only two golfers to win the career grand slam three times. To top it all off, he played this week after having not played a competitive round of golf since the Masters two months ago. He had a bum knee and was obviously less than 100 percent. Except for the 2000 US Open and the 1997 Masters, this is his most impressive win. He won despite making 4 double bogeys, including three on the very first hole.

On Saturday, Tiger couldn't hit a driver within 30 yards of the fairway. His drives were so bad that he was far enough off the fairway that his ball was in matted down grass where the gallery had been sitting. All you Tiger haters can make the argument that he got lucky but there was no luck involved when he drained a 60 foot putt dead center for eagle or when he read the 40 footer on 18 perfectly right in the heart. Yeah, I will admit he may have caught a break on 17 with that chip falling but the fact is, he cut a 5 stroke deficit to a 1 stroke lead within an hour with 2 eagles and a birdie on the final 6 holes.

On Sunday Tiger played awful, yet kept grinding. He could have played himself right out of the tournament with a double bogey, bogey start. He hit bad shot after bad shot, missing fairways worse than me. He tried going for the green on 13 from 290 and duck hooked it in the hazard then layed up on 14, only a 267 yard hole. Tiger was choking in the final round of a major until he finally reminded everyone he is Tiger Woods. Needing a birdie to force an 18 hole playoff, Tiger missed the fairway and then hit a terrible layup into the rough. He would need to get up and down from 105 yards from US Open rough to force the playoff. Of course, he did.

Tiger won the tournament, but gaining respect from everyone was Rocco Mediate. All weekend I was saying wow this guy is a joke he is wearing a peace sign belt buckle. But, after thinking about it and watching and reading about the playoff, you can't help but respect this guy. This dude is 45 years old and hits the ball 270 yards. Yet he was able to stand up to Tiger for 18 holes if it wasn't for 2 birdies on the 18th by Woods, he would be the champ. He had Tiger on the ropes in the playoff even after being down by 3 after 10. How many people wrote him off when his deficit was 3 going into the final 8 holes which included two par 5s which Tiger destroyed this week. Yet, he came all the way back and took the lead. I am still glad that Mediate didn't win but I am impressed with his performance and take back everything I said about him over the weekend...he played out of his mind.

Finally, you got Lefty, choking as only Lefty can. How do you post a 9 on the par 5 13th. After leaving the ball short once wouldn't you learn and realize you need to land it in the middle and spin it back? You can't land it on the front of the green, it will come right back to your feet-yet he did it twice more until finally getting his 6th to land on the green. After a three putt, the quadruple bogey took him completely out of it, even with his 68 on Sunday. Mickelson is in his prime and was playing on his home course and still folded. I am beginning to think he never will have what it takes to win this tournament.

The next major is at Birkdale in about a month. Tiger said he may not play as he is going to shut down his knee for a while. But, we all know he will. He won't play until then and still will probably win.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Rest in Peace Tim Russert

god damn it that sucks that he is dead. Didn't believe it at first. He was great for Buffalo and even better for this country. Here is all ya need to see..

Thursday, June 12, 2008

shit has hit the fan (marshawn lynch supoena)

Buffalo Bills owner Ralph C. Wilson Jr., chief operating officer Russ Brandon, three other Bills officials and three players are expected to be subpoenaed to tell an Erie County grand jury what they know about the hit-and-run accident involving running back Marshawn Lynch's vehicle.

The players being issued subpoenas are Bills rookie wide receivers James Hardy and Steve Johnson and second-year offensive lineman Christian Gaddis, law-enforcement sources said late this afternoon.

Besides Wilson and Brandon, the three team administrators being subpoenaed are Chris Clark, the team's security director; Paul Lancaster, director of player programs; and Bob Schultz, who works with the team's security force.


Marshawn Lynch "update"

by Steve

Not really much of an update other than investigators were at OBD today and got 'nothing good' according to reports. Obviously they weren't going to get anything. And more obvious is the fact that the Buffalo police got nothing on anyone. The DA needs to give it up. They just wanna get on tv and have no prove. What do people expect? They want someone to incriminate themselves?

Here is an interesting note from the News today :

Police told The Buffalo News that Lynch has no arrest record in New York State and has a clean driving record in the state.

But some police officers in Buffalo and Hamburg are not surprised to hear that Lynch is having legal difficulties.

Lynch was tossed out of two Chippewa Street bars in recent months because he brought in his own bottle of liquor, which is illegal under state alcohol laws, according to three law enforcement officials.

“[Buffalo police] have been told by bar owners that he’ll walk in, order a glass of pop and pour his own liquor into it,” one officer said. “He was told that you can’t do that, and it doesn’t matter if you’re Marshawn Lynch.”

Law enforcement officials in the Southtowns said Lynch attended a meeting several months ago with three high-ranking members of the Town of Hamburg police. At least one member of Lynch’s family and a Bills security official also attended.

The meeting was arranged after Lynch complained that police were being tough on him and his family, said a police official who works closely with that department.

“From what I understand, it was a case of ‘Let’s clear the air here,’ ” the source said. “They thought the police were picking on them.”

Town police impounded a vehicle that Lynch had been using and lent to a relative. Authorities said the vehicle was impounded after that relative was arrested for violating a vehicle and traffic law.

After the impoundment, Lynch went to Police Headquarters to reclaim the vehicle, but police wouldn’t give it to him, because it actually belonged to a local car dealer.

Lynch had a disagreement with some police personnel over the release of the vehicle, apparently prompting the clear-the-air meeting, sources said.

In addition, Orchard Park police investigated one minor incident, last Dec. 13, near the end of the Bills’ season. A vehicle apparently driven by Lynch struck a pole outside Ralph Wilson Stadium. Police responded, but no charges were filed, according to Orchard Park police records.

Town of Hamburg police have dealt with Lynch and his family on mostly minor matters, usually involving vehicle and traffic laws.

That is why one law enforcement official was not surprised to hear about the latest incident involving Lynch’s vehicle.

“God, no, I wasn’t surprised at all,” the source said. “It follows a pattern. It’s the kind of stuff he’s been doing. He’s just so cavalier about everything. That was always my impression.”

Baller, I wish I had the idea of bringing my own liquor into a bar. Haha who gives a shit... God when will this end. If you are going to charge him charge him, if not just stop its getting almost boring.

Oh and The Buffalo Bills announced today they have released quarterback Luke Drone and tight end Teyo Johnson.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Buffalo Bills news and.. Quinn Gray?

by Steve

Few things to touch upon today. Lee Evans was on First Take on ESPN (video below) and wants a piece of the Patriots, umm god damn it we gotta play them twice? Marshawn Lynch's lawyer spoke with the DA for about five minutes today sans Lynch. Quinn Gray ex Jaguar and recent Texan was cut today. Oh and Bills duckets.. hot hot hot!

So Lynch's lawyer spoke for about a hot minute and nothing was settled. Marshawn was smartly not present. That is why you have a lawyer in this situation any way isn't it? My guess is a misdemeanor slapped on him this week, a small fine and then a big fine from the cunt from Canada. Obviously we should all be much more worried about Roger the dodger Goodell and what he'll do. My guess is because this is a first time offense since being in the League, he will get a stern warning.. at least i'm hoping and not just grasping at straws.

Quinn Gray released, "
The Texans, however, did not think that Gray fit their system and opted to take younger talent into training camp, including seventh-round draft pick Alex Brink and second-year pro Shane Boyd.

“I just thought from a fit standpoint it makes more sense for us to let him go,” Smith said about Gray. “I still think he is a quality NFL quarterback and I think he’s going to be successful."

Ok, now lets trade losman and ink this dude. The problem from the beginning of the offseason was a real lack of quality back up QBs on the market. Now there is one, he was recently cut, only signed a 1 year deal with the Texans in the first place, and could probably be had for a few years and not much jack. I'd be willing to move Losman for a 4th or 5th at this point if we inked Quinn. Maybe he wants a shot at starting, but he wouldn't have gone to Houston in the first place if that was really what he was looking for. What was the likelihood he would get any PT in H-town? About as much as Buffalo I'd say.

2 games are left for individual tickets? Whoa! 52,000 season tickets and only the Patriots and 49ers games are left. Good call on my part copping 5 earlier this year.

In other Marshawn news, he got corrective eye surgery on Friday. Now that he can see I feel like he won't be mowing chicks over and he will be mowing more linebackers over. I love it.

Oh and that gap toothed antler mouth Strahan retired so Bruce Smith's sack record is safe at least for a while.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

140th Belmont Stakes


Well, Big Brown's attempt to be the first triple crown winner since Affirmed in 1978 was a complete disaster or was it a complete hoax?

I always look at the possibility of sporting events being fixed because of the massive amounts of money on the line, gambling and otherwise. Obviously, the best for horse racing would have been Big Brown winning the triple crown but with nearly 6 million dollars being wagered on big brown alone, the temptation for some type of conspiracy had to be there.

Big Brown came from the far outside to win the Kentucky Derby. He exploded down the stretch in the Preakness to win effortlessly. Yeah, he had a cracked hoof but according to all these horse racing experts, it should not have been an issue. Also, Big Brown did not take his 'roids this month. Would this cause him to come in last place? I doubt the steroids that horses take in one month can effect them that much but then again I don't know anything about it.

I do know one thing and that is the fastest horse on the track was pulled up down the stretch when there was apparently nothing wrong with him. Ken Desormeaux claims he "had no horse." What does that mean? Desormeaux said Big Brown stumbled out of the gate...but when you watch it again, Big Brown did not trip. Desormeaux when asked what went wrong today said "I have no idea." You are riding the horse, you pulled him up and didn't push him the last quarter mile. I am hoping there was something wrong that you noticed that caused you to pull up, other than the fact that maybe you had 1 grand on three long shots knowing that you had full control over how your horse, the overwhelming favorite, would finish.

Even more peculiar are the comments from the vet after the race. The vet said that Big Brown looked fine. The veterinarian inspection team found nothing wrong with him. All the vets saw was Desormeaux slow him down. The hoof was fine after the race. The vet also said that maybe Big Brown didn't feel like running and it wasn't his race. Give me a break.

Finally, trainer Rick Dutrow who guaranteed victory, was lost for an explanation after the race. Dutrow has "no idea" what happened. He was looking for a problem and can't find one. Dutrow said "Big brown looks like he is fine." When asked if Big Brown is hurt he responded "I don't see a problem and I am looking for one."

Ok, so Big Brown had something bad enough going on that he was reigned in on the back stretch of the Belmont Stakes when he was going for the triple crown. But, no one could find anything wrong with him. The vets could find nothing, the trainer could find nothing, the jockey doesn't know what happened. That leaves us with a couple possibilities. Either Big Brown didn't feel like running today. Maybe it was too hot. Maybe he needed his roids and his foot hurt. Who knows...all of these explanations I doubt very much. Why didn't the heat effect any other horse? Why were Big Brown's training runs a success without the 'roids and with the hoof issue? The other possibility, of course, is that this race was fixed. Maybe Desormeaux had money on other horses and pulled Big Brown up so he wouldn't win. Maybe Vegas had some huge hoax set up so that it wouldn't lose the millions of dollars that were wagered on Big Brown to win the race. No one bet on these long shots really...did they? Did some one really take the 600 plus to one 6-4 exacta? I doubt it, or at least not enough to off set the amount of money that would have been lost if Big Brown won. The pieces just don't add up for me. Big Brown was the fastest horse and no one can find anything wrong with him yet he was pulled up down the stretch to finish last. He lost to a horse who he beat by 23 lengths last time they raced. Something just doesn't seem right.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

LA Lakers vs Boston Celtics preview

by Steve

Alright, truth be told I'm not the biggest NBA guy around. I tried to watch both conference finals and kind of failed. I came around on college hoops about a year ago maybe this is my time to get into professional hoops. But the high salaries, the death march of 82 game meaningless regular season, the home team winning seemingly every home playoff game and mediocre at best officiating. Oh and I hate Kobe and aren't big on the Celtics cause Boston seems to be winning everything. Butttt did ANYONE anyone notice I picked the Red Wings in 6!??! Boooo yah

This series is going to come down to the stamina of the Celtics old threesome and if Kobe, Phillip and co can win the big one with out Shaq. The Lakers do have 15 rings on the squad while Boston only has something like 1 so that obviously gives the Minnesota Lakers an advantage big time.

The Celtics won the most games in the regular season and are borderline impossible to beat at the 'new' Garden and they have home field advantage in the series. They got like a month off since they slayed the Pistons. That should help the old dudes get back some of their energy for what is guaranteed to be a grueling 7 game series the cross continent flights not withstanding.

Kobe is still a year away. He took the league over this year and decided he is the best player in the association. But I just don't see him being ready to take the whole thing in his first real attempt since THE DIESEL peaced to Miami. Plus the big three or whatever have got to be more hungry. They know this is one of if not the last opportunities for them to win the whole thing. They can play defense, rebound, and have three players instead of just one and Pau.

Celtics in 7 book it. Wait did I really just take Glenn 'doc' Rivers over Phil Jackson and Paul Pierce over Kobe Bryant? Yes.. I did. Who else picked the Red Wings to win their 4th game in Pittsburgh in Heinztown?! Thats right I did. Call your bookie head to Vegas, just put loot on the Celts.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trent Edwards interview

by Steve

Obviously it is nearly impossible to talk about the Bills at this point without mentioning Marshawn and his ability to mow over broads on Chippewa/Delware but here is a Trent Edwards video from

Actually I'm going to address the situation. It is quite infuriating/distracting/interesting/bothersome/troubling. It is taking wayyyy too long. WTF. Marshawn give someone anyone the scoop or something thing I/we are dying. If he misses part some or all or anything of the season I'll be suicidal or piss angry upset distraught I'll be something. WTF. We have the potential to be something other than mediocre and some bitch from Toronto gets mowed over when everyone is drunk on a Friday night wtf. This sucks.

It is impossible not to bring comparisons to Lance Briggs. Everyone remembers he drove his Lamborghini into a side rail flipped it and basically wrecked it. He got off with a fine a year of supervision whatever that means. Yes Marshawn or someone in his diggs swiped a bitch but it isn't really that much different. He left the scene of an accident and it is only a misdemeanor.

I see him missing 2 games paying a fine and a year probation. If it is worse than that I might shut down the blog kill everyone and drive to Roger Goodell's crib, or just wish Marshawn was smarter, whatever, but I figure he was driving, he has a good lawyer, and won't pay too steep a penalty. He is an asshole if he was driving or was in the car, but oh well, she is fine, that is how people react when they are drunk, and shit happens. Don't let it happen again, don't miss more than 2 games, and pay for a driver.

Oh and one other thing.. faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk fuck

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Buffalo Sabres news

by Steve

Wha wah Sabres news? Yup. If you live in a hole or underground somewhere you might maybe perhaps haven't heard of players like Tim Kennedy (National champ 07), Nathan Gerbe (National champ 08) Chris Butler D(96th overall in 05 3 year deal),Dennis Persson (24th overall 06) or 'technically perfect' young goalie Jhonas Enroth (2nd rounder 06 3 year deal) but all of these dudes have been recently signed and basically are the future of the Sabres.

We all know they aren't signing big time free agents, and pretty much don't need to. True, none of these players will have a major impact in the 08/09 season but more than likely most will see some action and could be called upon to make significant contributions in 09/10 definitely. So these playesr matter.

Maybe we should all just be glad that a fax machine didn't get jammed again and all these 'important' young dudes all got inked in time. Or maybe we should be giddy with excitement with yet more young blood. We'll see.

I hate to give anyone in this organization the benefit of the doubt, especially after this embarrassing season, but they did ball just before the lockout, got some young soon to be studs, mixed in some vets and had a fantastic 2 year ride. Here is hoping this is the foundation for another bright, yet longer sustaining future.

  • Dimitri Kalinin is official done as a Buffalo Sabres according to reports by WGR550.
  • Hopefully Max and Kotalik save some money and car pool their asses out of town with Dimitri.
  • A new AHL affiliate is allegedly only days away from being announced.
  • Pominville is more important to sign than Ryan Miller. Who even knows if Millsey wants to stay in Buffalo. Clearly Detroit, his just about hometown, will be in need of a goalie sooner than later and his contract is up after next season. He doesn't deserve Lundquist loot but probably will get it. I think he is overrated and probably isn't the goalie that will lead this team to the promised land. The problem is after letting other stars peace for nothing, it will be tough to trade Miller, and it will be even tougher to allow him to walk. He is a popular player among many fans and I can't picture any scenario in which he is allowed to walk IF he wants to stay.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Marshawn Lynch's car in hit and run

God damn it

Multiple sources tell 2 On Your Side that the Buffalo Police Department is investigating a hit and run accident involving a car registered to Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch.

Sources close to the situation say it's still unclear if Lynch was driving the car or whether he was even in the vehicle at the time of Saturday's 3:30 a.m. accident.

According to them, Lynch's car hit a female pedestrian at the corner of Delaware and Chippewa Streets.

Several staff members of a nearby bar tell us they saw a woman lying in the street for approximately 15 minutes, but they say the woman eventually got up under her own power and walked to an awaiting ambulance.

Buffalo Police Spokesman Mike DeGeorge would not confirm any of these specifics. Instead, he would only say that the department is aware of the incident and is actively investigating.

A Bills spokesman says the team is declining to comment. However, he says Lynch's attorney is out of town and will address the situation when he returns.


Buffalo Police are investigating a hit-and-run incident early Saturday involving a car registered to Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch.

Police spokesman Michael J. De- George said it is unclear who was driving the car, which struck a woman at Delaware Avenue and Chippewa Street about 3:30 a. m., or if Lynch was in the car.

According to WGRZ-TV, Channel 2, staffers of a nearby bar said the woman, who was lying in the street for about 15 minutes, got up on her own and walked to an ambulance. Police said she was treated for minor injuries.

A Bills spokesman said the team was declining to comment, according to Channel 2.