Monday, March 31, 2008

Cleveland Indians Preview 2008

by Coast

Finally, I am back blogging. The Cleveland Indians ran away with the American League Central a year ago and tied the Red Sox for the best record in baseball. They are now one year older and have one year more experience and that will do nothing but help this team who last year was still supposed to be a year away. Eric Wedge, the AL manager of the year in 2007, and CC Sabathia, the 2008 Cy Young winner, look to get the Indians over the hump as last year they were one win away from a World Series appearance and a guaranteed championship over the Rockies.


The Indians will return the same infield that led them to a 19-9 record in September a year ago. Returning at first base is the converted catcher Ryan Garko. Garko is improving defensively and will emerge as a force at the plate. Last year Garko hit .289 with 21 homers and 61 RBI. Look for him to improve upon all three of these numbers this season. Ass Dribbler Asdrubal Cabrera will come back as the second baseman. He may be the single player that sparked Cleveland's late season run last year. Ass dribbler may be due for a sophomore slump. It is to be determined if last years .283 batting average and .354 OBP was an aberation. Casey Blake will come back at third base. Blake is a solid player at third but is nothing special...I am still waiting for Andy Marte to amount to something but don't think it will happen. Blake had his best season in 2007 with 18 homers and 78 RBI along with a .270 average. Finally, Jhonny Peralta will return at short stop. Peralta still has a lot of upside but after he emerged in 2005, he hasn't lived up to his potential. Peralta can hit for power but needs to improve his batting average. He improved significantly last season defensively after a disastrous 2006. Finally, the Indians infield is average or slightly above average-a lot will depend on the progression of Asdrubal and Garko.


Let's not waste any time. The Indians have the best center fielder in the game. Grady Sizemore defensively makes spectacular plays game after game and causes all sorts of problems at the dish. Yeah, his batting average could use improvement, but you can't take away from his 24 homers, 78 RBI from the leadoff slot, as well we his 33 steals on .390 on base percentage. Sizemore is a two time all star and is due for a major break out season. Sizemore at 25 could be a legitimate MVP Candidate this season. In right field is the five tool talent Franklin Gutierrez. Gutierrez should improve upon his .266 batting average last year and his 13 home runs should go up as well. Franklin did most of this while platooning in the outfield much of the year. In left field is there the problem lies. The Indians have another five tool talent waiting in the wings in Ben Francisco. Ben tore it up in spring training-in 47 ABs this spring, Francisco hit .362, with 3 HRs, 9 RBI and a .404 on base percentage. Instead, based on seniority and probably money, the Indians will platoon David Delucci (.222 this spring) and Jason Michaels (.269 in the spring) in left field. This makes no sense. Francisco has all kinds of upside and is better than these two bums. Look for Francisco to be starting in left field by the all star break.


Victor Martinez will see the majority of the time at catcher. V Mart, a 2007 All Star is coming off his best season hitting .301 with 25 homers and 114 RBI. He should have similar numbers hitting cleanup for Cleveland. V Mart will also see time at first base when Kelly Schoppach catches. Schoppach catches every fifth day when Byrd pitches and does a serviceable job while giving Martinez a rest.


Travis Pronk Hafner needs to have a bounce back year for the Indians to build on what they accomplished last year. Nafner was awful last year. Yeah he hit 24 home runs and drove in 100 runs, but those are less than what is to be expected from Pronk. Even worse, Pronk's average dropped all the way to .266, the worst of his Indian career. Hafner should bounce back this year which will go a long way in the middle of Cleveland's order.


The Indians may have two bona fide aces on their staff. Obviously, CC Sabathia, last years Cy Young winner is a stud int he regular season. CC was 19-7 with a 3.21 era last year and that wasn't even best on the team. The number two man is Fausto Carmona. Carmona who found his niche as a starter after failing as a reliver has nasty stuff. Carmona was 19-8 with a 3.06 Era last year. He also finished 4th in the Cy YOung voting. Was last year an aberration for Carmona, Indians fans better hope not. Even more impressive, CC and Carmona had 2.76 and 2.26 ERAs after the break respectively. The number three man is Jake Westbrook. Jake had a much improved 2nd half with an ERA of 3.44 semi validating his 11 million per year contract. Westbrook finished 4th in the AL in era in 2005, so he has good stuff. The number 4 man is Paul Byrd who was solid last season winning 15 games. Finally, Cliff Lee beat out Adam Miller, Jeremy Sowers and Aaron Laffey for the fifth starter job. Lee was a disaster last year but is a former 18 game winner. If Lee can get back to that form, the Indians one through five is more likely the best in baseball.

Finally the bull pen. Joe Borowski led the AL in saves last year but gives you a heart attack every game. Raffy Betancourt and Raffy Perez may be the best set up combo in baseball. They had eras of 1.47 and 1.78 respectively. Jensen Lewis was also solid out of the pen with an ERA of 2.15. Look for these three to get the bulk of the middle innings for the Indians.


Yeah, this may have been a biased preview, but let's face it, this is Cleveland's best chance at winning a title since 1998. They have a solid lineup and if Carmona pitches like he did last year, their staff will be dangerous. Hopefully Shapiro hands CC the 6 years 125 million he deserves. At some point you gotta fork over some flow for big time players.

Record, this is being realistic (slightly optimistic), assuming Carmona is the real deal: 101-61.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

MLB staff picks

Well, thus far everyone but Steve and AP were too god damn busy to send in their picks and predictions here is what we have so far:

American League East
1. Boston, 2. New York , 3. Toronto, 4. Tampa Bay, 5. Baltimore

American League Central
1. Detroit, 2. Cleveland, 3. Chicago, 4. Kansas City, 5. Minnesota

American League West
1. LA, 2. Seattle, 3. Texas, 4. Oakland

National League East
1. Atlanta, 2. Philadelphia, 3. New York, 4. Washington, 5. Florida

National League Central
1. Chicago, 2. Milwaukee, 3. Houston, 4. Cincinnati, 5. St. Louis, 6. Pittsburgh

National League West
1. San Diego, 2. Arizona, 3. Los Angeles Dodgers, 4.Colorado , 5. San Francisco

AL Wild Card: Yanks
NL Wild Card: Arizona
World Series: LA over Cubs 5 games
MVP's: Arod and Utley
Cy Youngs: Beckett, Boston and Peavy SD

1st GM canned - J.P. Ricciardi
1st Manager fired Ozzie

National League




Wild Card
Chicago Cubs

American League
Boston Red Sox

Detroit Tigers

Seattle Mariners

Wild Card
Anaheim Angels of LA of California

World Series
Brewers over Tigers

some one from the Reds, Edison Volquez

A.L. R.O.Y.
Evan Longoria

NL Cy Young
Johan Santana (sorry Peavy)

AL Cy Young
Scott Kazmir (Sorry Gil Meche)

considering it is always someone from the Phillies I'll say Matt Holiday (sorry James Loney)

Miguel Cabrera stealing it from himself 10 years ago(Mar-Ram)

Other predictions
Sizemore has a down year(again), Reyes struggles, young hitters take over both leagues, Joba can't start, the Reds don't suck, the Rockies take a step back, the Giants blow, Buster Olney offers me an internship, Omar Minaya is exec of the year, and people forget about Pujols.

T-Wreck Picks

American League
Tampa Bay Rays

Detroit Tigers

Anaheim Angels

Minnesota Twins

National League
New York Mets

Milwaukee Brewers

Arizona Diamondbacks

Colorado Rockies

World Series Champions
Arizona Diamondbacks

Cameron Maybin

Jeff Francoer

NL Cy Young
Brandon Webb

Clay Buchholz

Robinson Cano

AL Cy Young
AJ Burnett

Coast Picks

Finally someone with some sense to make predictions on this blog. Let's just say-I have the most credibility. Did Wreck really pick the D Rays to win the east?

American League

East- New York Yankees
Central-Cleveland Indians
West-Anaheim Angels
Wild Card-Detroit Tigers

National League

East-New York Mets
Central-Chicago Cubs
West-LA Dodgers
Wild Card-Philadelphia Phillies

Indians over Angels
Yankees over Tigers

Indians over Yankees

Mets over Cubs
Dodgers over Phillies

Mets over Dodgers

World Series
Indians over Mets (5 games)

Post Season Awards

AL ROY-Evan Longoria
NL ROY-Kosuke Fukudome
AL Cy Young-Justin Verlander (2nd Fausto Carmona)
NL Cy Young-Johan Santana (2nd Jake Peavy)
AL MVP-Grady Sizemore (2nd Magglio Ordonez)
NL MVP-David Wright (2nd Matt Holliday)
AL Manager of the Year-Joe Girardi
NL Manger of the Year-Willie Randolph
World Series MVP-Who else...Grady Sizemore

Schrum's Pitcks



Wild Card

American League
Boston Red Sox

Cleveland Indians


Wild Card
Detroit Tigers

World Series
Mets over Tribe
WS MVP: Jose Reyes

Kosuke Fukudome

A.L. R.O.Y.
Jacoby Ellsbury

NL Cy Young
Johan Santana

AL Cy Young
Fausto Carmona

David Wright

Vladdy Vladdy he likes to party

New York Mets preview

by Steve

The Amazin's and Willy Randolph may say they have been able to put the embarrassing debacle that was Sept. 2007 behind them, but I have my doubts. Randolph is on the hot seat and if they don't make the playoffs and make a serious push it might cost him his job. Omar isn't innocent the past two seasons either. We'll see.

Once thought to be the best young left side of the infield in baseball, 2007 may have burst that bubble a bit. If Wright can reproduce the 30hr .335 and 107 rbi's he'll solidify himself as a superstar. However, Jose Reyes showed he isn't infallible. He hit .205 in September. Talk about embarrassing, and if he isn't hitting and getting on base the Mets struggle to score runs. Luis Castillo is a solid 2b and should have taken pressure off Reyes because he is solid #2 batter in any line up. Hopefully a full spring training with Reyes and Castillo will work out any problems that may have existed between the two. Delgado is a year older which isn't a good thing, but it is unlikely he'll be as ineffective in 2008, then again we don't even know how old he even is really. Brian Schneider isn't giving you anywhere near the production P Lo did so expect less scoring and demand better defense.

Carlos Beltran is a five tool balla not fully living up to his potential in New York. I'm not going to bash the dude because he isn't playing bad, but he isn't playing like an MVP either. The backwards K in the '06 NLCS still weighs on my mind heavily. Also, it may not be helping his defense to the right with crusty old Moises Alou out there pissing on his hands to toughen his calluses. Although with him being out until at least May it looks like Angel Pagan will be starting in left field with Chavez waiting in the wings. Ryan Church in right??! This outfield is mediocre at best and needs to prove themselves before any playoff predictions are put in stone.

With the 'great' Johan Santana at the top of this rotation it makes everyone else better, but Santana would make any rotation look better. Johnny Maine is no ace, moving him down a peg takes pressure off him and should improve his stats. Randolph has him actually in the 3 spot behind Pete for now though. Speaking of the eternal one, Pete is back in the rotation for 2008, finally. Obviously there will be questions about his health for the rest of his career , however, if his September play was any indication (3-1 2.57 era) Martinez should be effective in 2008. The still young, 26, flamboyant lefty Oli Perez might be one of the best 4 spot guys in any rotation in the league at this point. He can be erratic but the problem isn't physical it is between the ears. As long as the mental toughness is there, so will the low ERA. For now young Pelfrey is in the 5 spot in front of el duque, I'm not very optimistic about him as some of the luster of a former 1st rounder has been sanded off a bit.

It is tough to see this team making the same mistakes as last year and golfing in early October. However, the NL East seems to have gotten stronger. The Nationals won't be a joke, the Phillies won the division last year and the Braves are the Braves and still have Larry the Met killer. The Marlins however are still at least a year away. Expect Johan to ball and the pitching staff to be superb.

Record 90-72

Chicago Cubs baseball preview

by Steve

The Cubbies won the NL Central in '07 and it seems unlikely they will be crowned Central champs again in 2008. There are questions scattered throughout, CF, RF, closer, the 3-5 spots in the rotation. Expectations are always high in Chicago for some reason, but these lovable losers will continue to be that, losers.

Derek Lee is a premier first baseman in this league. He is certainly not a question any where he is batting or playing defense. Mark Derosa on the other hand, might be ready for age and a general lack of skill to catch up to him a bit in '08. If he hits .290+ out of the second base position it will be a good year for him. Ryan Theriot might be due for a breakout season. True no one knows who he is and he is almost 30, and he has 6 career home runs, but there is somethin about this kid I like. Aramis Ramirez is a solid third baseman. Some roid questions surround this dude as he had his lowest home run total last year of any in the previous 4 seasons. Maybe it was just injuries, who knows. Geovany Soto is one of two potentially nasty young guns in the starting line up on the North side in '08. As long as he gets along with Z and continues to hit as I foresee, he will get ROY votes.

Kosuke Fukudome, fuk u dome?! Holy mole-y I love it. I have no idea who this Japanese import is but he is making $12 mil a season for the next 4 years he better be good. "foo-koo-DOUGH-may" Whatever, Felix Pie is starting at center field, finally! Dude has gotten more hype than free lap dance night at the Downer. He is going to struggle early but should be a solid contributor to this team, especially since they have such a potent lineup. Alfonso Soriano strikes out a shit load but he is a straight stick in any line up. He was even good in Washington, now that is proof of talent.

Big Z is a Big beast, as long as he doesn't go loco he will win the Cy Young this season. Anyone would love him at the top of their rotation. Can anyone answer the question as to how good Ted Lilly is? A lot of people ripped the 'tract he got from Chicago last season but he won 7 more than he lost and had a sub 4 ERA. I'm of the opinion that in the NL he is good. Rich Hill is still young and had a solid '07 campaign. If he gives this franchise 195+ innings again this year I guarantee he will win more than eleven this season. Wait wait wait, is Ryan Dempster really #4 in this rotation? Pathetic. What happen to Jason Marquis that he is behind Dempster right now? Must be nice to have a 6+ ERA like Marquis did in '06 then sign a three year $21 mil contract cause he schooled the Mets in the playoffs. Damn I wish I was a pitcher. Wood as the closer? hmmm not sure about that decision.

The end of the rotation is bad but that is not enough of a concern for me to think this team will not compete for the division in '08. The offense is potentially deadly and they will be scorching the Earth all season long. If sweet Lou has another run in him this team will be around in late September. Not sure how that embarrassing playoff appearance last year will effect them early this season, so expect a slow start.

Record 91-71

Friday, March 28, 2008

Milwaukee Brewers baseball preview

by Steve

Ned Yost and co are gearing up for a serious run at the World Series with a bird in the hand and two in the bush. Sluggers and a solid young pitching staff are fermenting what could be one of the best teams in the National League.

Prince Fielder might not have gotten the contract he wanted, but the last thing the rest of the Central wanted was for him to be more pissed off and motivated. Dude might break the hr record in 2008. He's only 23! Thats at least 3 years younger than Ryan Howard. Ricky Weekes had a down '07 but could bounce back if he is healthy this season. Maybe i'm overrating him a bit but he could be a poor man's Jose Reyes with more pop. JJ Hardy was lights out for a while in 2007, if he can build on the 26 and 80 he had last year he could move up in the pantheon of SS's in the Majors. Bill Hall is listed as a CF on espn but he is schedule to start at 3b. He is an average player who can't hit for average. Jason Kendall just won't die, he is starting at C, we'll see how long that lasts.

Ryan Braun won ROY in a controversial vote. True, he blew up records for rookies but I still feel Tulowitzki should have won. He is going to have a sophomore slump like you wouldn't believe. Ex-Met Mike Cameron is in as CF and only got a 1 year contract. I like that for the Brew-crew cause he is old as hell but could have one last solid year for this franchise, we'll see. They have the young Tony Gwynn Jr waiting in the wings for '09. Corey Hart is another dude you never hear anything about but he quietly hit .295 24hr and 81 rbi for Mil last year and hitting behind Prince even if it is 3 spots behind him, hitting behind him will do that for any hitter that can make contact.

Ben Sheets has struggled with injuries lately and thats a shame cause he could win a Cy Young. He is only going to be 30 this season and could be poised for a major breakout. The rest of the rotation is filled with young arms like Capuano, Gallardo, Parra and Villanueva, but Jeff Suppon is still around and is a whiley vet most teams would like to have. Wow, what an awful contract they gave Gagne, Turnbow will be closing sooner than later.

I like this squad in '08 and beyond. They have young players and vets scattered throughout. If Ned Yotes isn't sippin' Miller Lites all season they should be fine. Prince will be MVP and get a big pay day. If the pitching staff stays as solid as I suspect it will the Cubs will be in trouble.

record 92-70

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Houston Astros preview

by Steve

The 'stros are now 3 years removed from being swept in the World Series by the White Sox in '05 and are a distant memory to that great team. Garner is out and Cecil Cooper is in. The original B's are gone and so is the buzz. I wouldn't completely disregard this squad in a mediocre Central, but this team will need to win with offense cause the pitching won't be there.

Lance Berkman had a solid yet quiet 2007. He recently turned 32 and is no spring chicken. You can still pencil him in for 30 and 100 especially in Minute Maid/Enron. Kaz Matsui is an average second baseman with no upside. His $5.5 mill a year contract is pretty reasonable especially when you recall the Mets gave him $20 mill when he first got to the States. I completely forgot Tejada was traded to this squad and I have no idea why Houston wanted him. He had his lowest home run and rbi totals since '98 and was obviously on roids. He is due for an injury and is on the down side of his career. They gave up 5 prospects for him! Ty Wigginton, the ex-Met, is an underrated 3b at least offensively and should give them 25 and 90 in the 5 or 6 hole this season. Rookie JR Towles looks to be taking over for Brad Ausmus behind the dish and may have a bright future in the majors. He has power and can hit for average, look for him to be receiving some ROY chatter.

Carlos Lee is a straight stud and can flat out mash. He may have received a gigantic contract, but it was worth it. Hunter Pence is the real deal in right and could have a huge sophomore season in H-town. The only real question the outfield has is CF. Michael Bourn has no power and hasn't been real productive at any stop to the majors. Behind him is Reggie Abercrombie formally of the Marlins. He's fast as hell but strikes out a lot and hasn't produced offensively since making his debut three years ago.

Oswalt is one of the best in the NL at what he does, pitch and win games as the ace of a staff. In 2008 there is no competition biting at his ankles to be the new ace. In fact the cupboard is quite empty. Wandy Rodriguez lowered his ERA in '07 but only won 9 games. He is no #2 but then again Woody Williams is in the starting rotation. This pitching staff might be one of the worst in the majors. If Brandon Backe can bounce back from some horrid, injury ridden back to back seasons it will be a major boost to the rotation. I have no idea who Chris Sampson is but if he is behind Woody Williams it isn't a good thing. Maybe Woody just wasn't used to the dry heat in Texas compared to the sunny beach breeze in San Diego, but he needs to be much better to maintain his position as a starter.

The team has offense and they have a stud pitcher. That is about it. If their bullpen is strong with the acquisition of Valverde they should win some ball games. The need for another pitcher should have been an absolute necessity this season, maybe they're just waiting for CC Sabathia or someone else next offseason I have no idea. Is Cecil Cooper the answer? Was firing Garner the right call?

Record 76-86

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pittsburgh Pirates baseball Preview

by Steve

New skipper Joel Skinner and the new Pirates regime have more than a lot of work that needs to be done for this franchise to be something other than a joke. Their highest paid player is pitcher Matt Morris and their team salary is $160 million less than the Yankees. The only decent player I would want to watch right now is Tom Gorzelanny and he has had a horrid spring. This is going to be ugly...

Ok, I don't hate their infield. Adam LaRoche is still pretty young and can compile numbers. Perhaps last year was just a hiccup in a transformation from the East to the Central, even though the time zones are the same, who knows. He needs to have a career year for the 'rats at 1b. When Freddy Sanchez is healthy he is really good, I mean he did win a batting title. But right now his shoulder is acting up and after signing a new 3 year deal thats never good for the team. 27 year old Jose Bautista had a decent '07 but his batting average was bad. If he is a viable 3b he needs to get his power numbers up. Last but not least, kinda, is SS Jack Wilson, he is a middle of the road player offensively and at 30 isn't going to get better. Ronny Paulino may surprise people this year by making the All-Star game. He can hit for average and has some power. The right handed catcher has a young pitching staff and needs to become a leader for this franchise.

Jason Bay had an embarrassing 2007. The right handed left fielder was suppose to be some what of a savior for this franchise but digressed last year. I could see a come back in '08 but I can also picture him being a product of roids. No idea who the centerfielder is, either McLouth, Nyjer Morgan, or Chris Duffy. None are too impressive but Morgan has the most upside and least experience in the majors. At least they didn't throw mad jack at someone like Aaron Rowand. Ex Met/Padre Xavier Nady had a typical Pirates season with a bad batting average 20 dingers and 73 rbis. He is a nice guy to have towards the end of your lineup but certainly no clean up guy.

Finally, some promise! Everyone should know Gorzelanny at this point. He is a future ace and former high draft pick. He was suppose to be pitching behind Matt Morris but instead is about 3 spots higher in the rotation than the $10 million man. Being a lefty helps his stock in my eyes as well. Ian Snell is a decent #2 with upside. He could be poised for a breakout year. Paul Maholm is nothing special, but is a lefty, and will be in the majors for at least another 10 years and make ridiculous jack. He is still really young, 25, but needs to learn to win games. Then again when your offense is anemic, it takes more than quality pitches sometimes. The third lefty in the rotation, yes third lefty, is the up and down once savior Zack Duke, soon to be 25. He is young but inconsistent. He took the league to the league like gang busters in'05 going 8-2 with a 1.81 ERA in 14 starts but has failed to be remotely a shadow of that amazing year. Maybe a change of scenery ala Oli Perez may be needed or, quality coaching and facilities, err and a winning organization.

Teams win when they have good quality pitching and a defense that can save runs. The Pirates might have both, but with such a young rotation and Matt Morris teetering on an awful signing, the Pirates could be taking one step forward and two steps back. Maybe new GM Neal Huntington will lead a renaissance in Pittsburgh, just don't look for it to start right away, or in 2008.

Record 71-91

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cincinnati Reds baseball Preview

by Steve

The Reds are still in major league baseball? Holy cow, when was the last time this franchise was relevant? True they have junior Griffey and Adam Dunn smacks dingers but who else plays for this team? You're about to get a crash course. And things are actually looking up in southwest Ohio.

The savior that is Joey Votto is looking to start firstbase for the Reds this April. He is a highly touted prospect who in only a few ab's impressed in 2007. Here's hoping he wasn't just a flash in the pan, at least for Reds fans. What a steal Brandon Phillips was at second base. Mark Shapiro is an idiot, and losing this all star second baseman may hang over Shapiro for a long time. So wait, Alex Gonzalez can actually produce some offense? It wasn't just the gold glove caliber defense from Gonzalez, the former Red Sox starting SS, that turned some heads in 07, he actually hit 16 dingers and 55 rbi's. Juicccce? There is quite the cluster at 3b for Cinci, but for now Edwin Encarnacion is starting ahead of Ryan Freel and Jeff Keppinger. You know as much about Encarnacion as I do. He just turned 25 and must have hid pretty well in obscurity last year hitting for average and power while getting a hefty 502 at bats. Solid infield.

Will the real starting centerfielder please stand up? Norris Hopper just got his name pulled out of the hopper on their website's depth chart while ESPN has Corey Patterson starting. Looks like it will be a competition through April. Neither is much of a catch in center so I guess it doesn't matter much. KGJ is a year older in right and when he's healthy he is still effective. Adam Dunn has hit exactly 40 home runs in each of the past three seasons, amazing. Plus he got his average up to .268 last year. Is he becoming more of a well rounded hitter or poised for a jump to the AL as a DH any day now. Eh

Homer Bailey, Johnny Cueto, and Edinson Volquez in the rotation the first week?! Bonnnnner! These three are all potential studs and could solidify this rotation for the next decade. They may need to pull the plug on Belisle if two or more of these young arms take over a spot in the rotation early. They signed Josh Fogg which isn't a bad thing especially with a group of young pitchers plus the Reds have Bronson Arroyo as their #2. And of course, one of the more underrated pitchers in the bigs, strike out master, Aaron Harang is holding down the title as ace.

I have no idea who Jerod Benter is but he might be inheriting a team that will be on the rise. They have some young players with upside on the infield and a plethora of young arms with skills. If they catch lightning in a bottle with the kids and the NL Central has another embarrassing 2008 you never know who will win this division. One thing is for sure, they should be fun to watch at the ballpark, especially when the kids take over in August.

Record 78-84

Arizona Diamondbacks baseball preview

by Steve

The Arizona Diamondbacks and Bob Melvin took a major step in 2007 going from worst to first and getting to the NLCS. Unfortunately for them, they ran into a team hotter than shit and got swept, but they did win the division. Instead of being complacent and believing the young team would continue to grow and improve on their own, D'backs managment went after one of the best young pitchers in the majors and traded for Dan Haren. 15-9 3.07 ERA in the AL ?!?! Holy cow. True they gave up a lot, 6 prospects including Dana Eveland, but at this point it looks like a good trade. Especially with the team friendly contract Haren has. Although, look what happen to the big 3 pitchers out of Oakland... Billy Beane baby.

Connor Jackson,1b, went from hot prospect to potentially quality first baseman in 2007. .284 15 hr and 60 is a decent line for a young player only in his second year, but CJ is going to have to improve on those numbers in '08 to be considered anything other than average. What was Toronto thinking getting rid of Orlando Hudson. He has stellar defense and if he can walk 70 times while batting nearly .300 he'll quickly rise in the rankings of quality 2b's in this game. Another 25 year old with major upside, Stephen Drew, brother of JD and former first round pick has a ways to go in proving he is a quality SS but don't be surprised when he has a major break out season. Rounding out the infield is yet another potential balla, Mark Reynolds. At only 24 and knockin 17 dingers and 62 rbi's (typically in the 6 hole) who knows where the ceiling is on him. He doesn't have the pedigree of Drew and Jackson, but the numbers don't lie, well unless '07 was an aberration. Oh, yeah, Chris Snyder, he is a decent catcher with average to below average stats for the National League.

Byrnes, Young, and Uptin, couldn't have built a better outfield if I tried. You have the "old man" veteran in E Byrnes manning right field getting important hits when you need him and teaching alllll the kids while he's at it. Chris Young, no not the pitcher, Chris B. Young, the former White Sox prospect, had a major coming out party in 2007, with 32 bombs, 68 rbi and 27 steals. If he gets the avg. up he'll be a perennial all-star and house hold name. To his right is BJ's kid brother and former #1 overall pick, Justin Upton. Scary to think he is only 20 and the sky is the limit with him. He hit .357 in only 14 ab's in the playoffs in 2007 and is my early pick for ROY although i'm not sure if he is actually eligible.

Cy Young winner Brandon Webb leads a rotation that is good but not great, yet. As long as Haren doesn't struggle moving to another league and Micah Owings improves on a modest 8-8 4.30 2007 starting pitching won't be a concern. Doug Davis had an average Doug Davis year and may be called upon to pitch in bigger games with Randy Johnson being double the age of most of the players on the roster and as healthy as a dead dog. Look for Yusmeiro Petit, former Mets and Marlins prospect, to get into the rotation in 2008.

It will be tough for this young squad to duplicate what they did in 2007, winning the division and embarrassing the Cubs in the playoffs. But with improved pitching and the kids growing up, this team could be an absolute powerhouse. The bullpen, as with most teams, is a concern, as are the lack of lefties throughout the lineup and rotation. If Webb doesn't have to carry the entire load though, watch out for Wally Backman errrr Bob Melvin and co to be playing into October again.

Record 92-70

Sabres are 'a definition of a joke'

by Steve

I'm suppose to be writing about baseball right now, but I might as well give the Buffalo Sabres an obituary. After their embarrassing/laughable performance against the Ottawa Senators what else can you say about this pathetic travesty of a team other than see ya next year.

The Buffalo Sabres were up 3-1 in the third with something like 9 minutes left. They gave up 4 goals in 6 minutes and lost 6-3. Not sure how that is possible, honestly, but as Lindy once said "that is the definition of a joke". The Senators?!! On home ice?! With 7 to play and 3 back (now 5) of a playoff spot!?! Hmm, thanks for caring as much as the fans..

I have no idea what I am going to be doing in mid April with no playoffs, but I guess I'll just have to watch more baseball or something. So thank you Darcy Regier, Lawrence Quinny, B. Tommy Golisano, Lindy Ruff, Ryan Miller, and the pathetic defense you are now laughable to me and about 1,000,000 other people in Erie county.

It might get much worse when the Sabres give Miller $6 mill + per season to be average and not even close to elite unless, what, he has 6 stud defensemen in front of him?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

San Francisco Giants preview

by Steve

The more I look at this squad, the more sick I feel. The pitching staff is potentially top notch, but a look up and down the roster is a mix of depression and disgust. Bruce Bochy may be in over his head with this roster, he is a good manager but a carpenter can't make a house with only nails and no wood, or whatever carpenters make. The Giants haven't finished above .500 since 2004 and look to continue that streak in 2008. At least Bonds is gone.

Randy Winn had a productive 2007 in right field for the Giants but is no answer to any teams needs at the top of a line up. Aaron Rowand is a solid centerfielder fresh from signing a $60 million deal. He, I guess, will have to be the focal point of the offense in 2008. He is already 30 but coming off a gold glove campaign with the Phillies, so he has that going for him. The speedster Dave Roberts is starting in left. He is a good leadoff man and a bit over rated but won't be dropping many jaws in the Bay area any time soon.

If there is a bigger travesty of an infield in Major League Baseball right now I am unaware of it. Every position is filled tentatively with question marks abound and few answers. Ray Durham a gritty veteran is penciled in at second but at age 36 is well past his prime. Not that it matters much since he is injured along with Kevin Frandsen and the ancient Omar Vizquel. Even starting first baseman Rich Aurilia is 36. Who has been drafting and developing players for this organization? The average age is somewhere near 35 for this despicable infield and quite frankly I'm sick of talking about them.

Finally, that look of scorn can come off my face. Tim Lincecum is the real deal, Matt Cain, even with a record resembling that of a cast off from the independent league in 2007 had one of the top ERAs in the bigs. Barry Zito along with the rest of the "Big 3" from Oakland seems to be a bit of a bust. I'm certainly not yet willing to give up on him but he needs to bounce back in a major way to justify that gross contract he got in the winter of '06. Solid lefty Noah Lowry is a number 4 pitcher in a young and extremely promising rotation. With no real #5, young arms Kevin Correia and Johnathan Sanchez should be able to fill in when needed. With little to no run support, the record and for that matter ERA for all of these dudes is going to be much worse than their skill levels.

Who ever owns the Giants may want to head in a different direction and fire Brian Sabean sooner than later. The scouting department might as well be blown up as well. I will grant you they can scout and groom pitchers about as well as anyone but where are the position players? A trade needs to be swung to bring in somebody, anybody. There is clearly a wealth of pitching prospects, why not trade some for a 5 tool infielder somewhere? I thought this was a pitching hungry league? Bring up right fielder Nate Schierholtz please.

record: 71-93

Colorado Rockies baseball preview

by Steve

The question is, was 2007 the aberration or the norm? Other than getting hotter than shit for 25+ games the Rockies were mostly an average team for all of last season. Can Clint Hurdle, Matt Holiday and co. play consistently well and be a force in the NL West and the National League in general? Most signs point to yes. Having a beast like Holiday in the four hole and veteran leadership splashed with youthful exuberance, the Rockies may just prove they weren't a one hit wonder.

Willy Taveras in centerfield is a prototypical lead off man, and if he can duplicate or even come close to his .320 average and .367 OBP, he will become one of the most underrated CFs in the game. I say he will have a down year, we'll see. Another unsung hero is Rox right fielder Matt Hawpe. At 28, Hawpe is still getting better. He is a dangerous 5 spot in the order who can give you 30 hr's and 130 rbi especially in the thin air of Denver. Matt Holiday, needs no insight or explanation, he is a perennial all-star and mvp candidate each year. Colorado's outfield is good if not great and with Ryan Spillborghs as the 4th guy, they are extremely dangerous in any park.

Does Todd Helton age? True his power numbers are down the past few years, 20 home runs or less the past 3 seasons, but he still hits for average, drives in runs, and gets on base as well as anyone in the majors. Maybe 35 is the year he slows down but I doubt it. Troy Tulowitzki at SS is a rising star in this league, and if Ryan Braun didn't set records in 2007 TT would have walked away with the ROY award. Sophomore slumps are always a possibility but don't expect it out of this guy. Who the hell is Garrett Atkins? Wow, he has hit 25+ hr's 110+ rbi and hit over .300 in 2006 and 2007. Is he getting better as well? Yorvit Torrealba is a solid catcher who is less on offense and more on defense, but this is the NL after all. The final starting spot appears to be going to Jayson Nix at second base. In his minor league career he hasn't shown a propensity to hit for power or average although he has 3 dingers in 28 spring training ABs. A potential weakness at second base is meaningless at this point with all of the power and batting average on this squad.

Jeff Francis isn't an upper echelon ace but he is an ace on this squad. He cleared 215 innings pitched in 2007 and flat out won ball games. He is going to get better. Aaron Cooke is a 3 or 4 on most rosters but with young Ubaldo Jimenez with only 17 career starts, why push this young stud when you probably don't have too. Franklin Morales is another young arm who showed potential in 2007. With only 8 career starts the jury is still in the early stages of deliberation with this young lefty however. The bottom of the rotation is pretty clouded but with a mix of young players like Morales and Jason Hirsh as well as whiley "vets" in Kip Wells and Mark Redman the cupboards aren't completely bare. All in all the staff is average with high potential.

The youth of the pitching staff is a bit nerve racking, but with the potential offensive output, the Rockies will be in most games regardless of the first six innings. The playoff experience Hurtle and the rest received in 2007 could go along way for this squad in 2008. Denver baseball is back if it was ever around to begin with.


San Diego Padres baseball preview

by Steve

The Padres move into the 2008 season as a bit of an enigma. Having missed the playoffs in 2007, the team is clearly thinking playoffs this season, but with a stacked NL West, the likelihood appears clouded. True, Bud Black and co. forced a game 163, but lost basically due to a coin flip that awarded the Rockies with the home game. Furthermore, the Padres had the game in the bag in the 13th until ol' reliable Trevor Hoffman blew the save and eventually catapulted the Rockies to the WS. I guess then, the coin flip didn't really matter at that point.

Scott Hairston, Jim Edmonds (might start the season on the DL), Brian Giles? WTF?! Damn. Edmonds and Giles are a combined 300 years old(actually 74) and Hairston is basically a piece of garbage career .245 hitter. Who knows, there are some old dudes that are still productive into their 40s, granted they are probably all on roids, but this squad isn't too bad. Well, I only say that because Chase Headley was scorching the Earth in spring training and should be correctly situated in left field before summer time.

Kevin Kouzmanoff is coming off an average rookie season and needs to bring some much needed offense to a Padres team that ranked 20th in runs in 2007. Also, not too put to much pressure on Kouzy but they are completely changing the life of hot prospect natural 3b Headley and putting him in left, so a sophomore slump would be that much worse for him and the organization. Adrian Gonzalez is a little known beast at 1b and wields a major stick. Khalil is coming off a monster year power wise, and if he keeps up the 2007 pace (27hr 97 rbi) this team's offense could be potent. Iguchi and Bard are decent 7-8 spot line up guys who are more for defense than anything else. (Congrats to rule 5er Callix Crabbe for makin the squad, potentially solid utility player)

Peavy and Young are beasts anchoring an interest pitching staff for 2008. Mark never say die Maddux is in the three spot in the rotation for now, but I don't forecast him making more than 25 starts at best. Randy Wolfe, the lone lefty in the top 5, has a heavily incentive laden deal for the Pads and doesn't scare me facing other 4's in the National League. And now to the most interest of all, Mark Prior, the penciled in #5 dude. After breaking into the league like gang busters torching dudes, he, like Kerry Woods, has been plagued by injuries for much of the past 3 seasons. If he can stay healthy, he could be a steal. Not likely, but I am rooting for the guy, plus he won't be ready till May according to my sources. Look for Justin Germano to start in his absence until then.


Kevin Towers, and to a lesser extent Bud Black, know what they are doing. The Padres may have to swing a deal for a vet outfield or extra arm, but they'll be battling for the NL West all season. Jake and Chris are just too good for this team to have a long losing streak. As long as their 28th ranked team batting average improves, true it may have more to do with Petco Park's dimensions, they'll get into the playoffs. Wait Hoffman could still be saving a potential lead in game 163 in Dodger Stadium Oct 1? Umm.. yikes!

record: 85-77

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Los Angeles Dodgers preview

by Steve

Here is a shocker, no not that kind of shocker, Nomar is already hurt and 'doubtful' for the season opener. So Grady Little is out and Joe Torre is in. Not sure if that is an upgrade or not. True the Dodgers are the second largest city in the country, actually maybe largest but they still don't spend like the Yanks. Torre always had the talent around him and yet still only won 4 World Series'. Is that a testament to his management or a detraction?

Why the hell did this team pay AndrUw Jones to be their centerfielder when they have three ballers in Juan Piere, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp? This team has sick young talent and they are stunting their growth with signings like A Jones for 2 years $36.5 million. Lets not sleep on Delwyn Young either. The dude is in the mold of Kemp, Ethier and Loney. Straight stick that can hit for average and has speed and natural baseball ability. Maybe a platoon of all 5 guys is the right decision for now, but I can guarantee unless one of these young outfielders is moved before spring training 2009 that contract will be killing this franchise.


You have the old dudes Jeff Kent and Nomar Garciaparra, both injury prone liabilities, and not much in the form of a solid back up. Mark Sweeney could crack the line up at first once and a while if needed but he is not taking at bats away from baller James Loney. Furcal is more than solid at short stop but needs to get that batting average up if he thinks he is either elite or a top of the order kind of guy. Look for Kent to slowly hand this team over to the noobs in Loney, Either and Kemp, finallllly. Oh wait, how could I forget to mention all-star catcher Russ Martin. Dude is solid and will continue to build on a promising career, plus he has a veteran pitching staff and doesn't need to be any kind of leader just yet.

Penny, Lowe, Billingsly OH MY. This team has one of if not the top 3 starting rotation in the National League. I have no idea who Hiroki Kuroda is especially since this appears to be his first year in the "U.S. of America". There are worse #5's than Esteban Loaiza although he is coming off an injury and fading fast in the history of Major League Baseball buttt still has $8mil in guaranteed cash! money! Chan Ho Park might be making a return if Loaiza can't do it, but look for balla Clayton Kershaw to come up mid way through the season. Although, the thought of that scares the shit out of me especially with Joe Torre and his penchant for riding young pitchers and their arms into the ground.


The N.L. West is ridiculous, in fact it puts the East to shame. It is nearly impossible to predict how that division will play out but barring major catastrophe with the regime change the Dodgers will push at least for the wild card.

record : 85-77


by Steve

The Dukies fell,finally, two day too late for most of us. The Big East right now is having one of the greatest tournaments in any conference's history. If the Huskies didn't choke they would be an incredible 9 for 9 instead of 8 for 9. "It's the Big East, expect hard fouls".

Everyone's biggest boner, Michael Beasley refuses to die against Beau Ryan, Wisconsin and Co. KSU beating USC pretty much destroyed my bracket, so I guess I'll cheer for them any way.

UNC looked pretty much unbeatable especially since I rode them all the way to the championship any way. Pitt vs MSU is a hugggge match up tonight. Izzo v. Dixon? Is that like Belichick v. Jauron or am I hallucinating? Can't over look Pitt in that game though. Neitzel is good but the rest of the team isn't as good as Pitt, plus they are a Big East team, which obviously helps big time at this point.

Don't sleep on UNLV tonight, or Marquette for that matter. Not saying they'll win, but I am saying Texas A&M will. UCLA needed to survive this weekend with all their injuries, and you know what? I don't see it happening.. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Easter Sunday and 8 NCAA games? Holy mole-y big day, big day. Picking upsets is fun but at this point I don't really like any higher seed except San Diego. When was the last time there were 2 twelve vs thirteen seed games on the same day? Rare.

Memphis and Tennessee are vulnerable, but not that vulnerable just yet. Who knows what is going on with that Miami team, and of course I gotta rep the hood for Siena. The Maaaaaac? Got enjoy that run while it lasts. I know Albany is parting hard.

Um.. 30 baseball teams in 10 days? See ya later

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sabres win a shocker

by Steve

Holy mole-y what a win for the Sabres. Sure it is easy to blow this game out of proportion and say it is a turning point, or the day the Sabres rejuvenated themselves and their playoff chances. And well.. pretty much thats where I'm goin.

Who knows if the Sabres are going to make the playoffs or if they'll win the Stanley Cup, because at this point it seems like anything can happen. Especially after 6 goals in 16 minutes and more importantly, 4 goals in 10 minutes to not only knock the wind out of the Lightning sails, but completely blow them away and bury them 6 feet under. The team, the coach, even the Sabres and especially their fans had no idea what they just witnessed. It was a flurry unlike anything I've seen in a while and all were even strength goals.

Pominville and Hecht seemingly took the team on their shoulders, said "eff you all we aint losing" and threw 2 goals in the net in 16 seconds. A few minutes later, the all but forgotten $10 million man threw I guess three of his own into the net as Hecht added another for empty net purposes.

The Sabres have 8 games left and probably need to win 5 of those games and get a little bit of luck. They are something like 1 point out of first and really anything can happen at this point. 6th seed? 10th seed? All I'm hoping for, other than a playoff birth, is that their remaining games are half as exciting as the third period Wednesday and twice as consistent as the first two periods..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bills news, Sabres prospects and nothing else

by Steve

Well, because everyone is either too busy wackin it, filling out their NIT brackets like me, or too damn lazy, all I have for you all is some news and links and shit. enjoy! And thank you all for correcting my spelling errors, I mean, c'mon this is teh intrawebzzz isn't it? we'z kan spelt n e werdz dey whey wii waunts 2 rite?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bills, Sabres, Bisons?

by Steve

Well, we finally have some closure. Bryant Johnson and was has become known as the BJ Fiasco has finally come to an end. He signed a one year deal with the 49ers on Friday. This pisses me off, but also understand able.

Apparently no one was really interested in this guy. He has never had an above average season, granted he has been stuck behind two pro bowlers but still, his best season was 40 catches 4 tds and 740 yards. Here is Chris Brown's take, on the situation(He's a blogger for the Bills):
The Bills made him a multi-year offer which was very competitive and would have rewarded him further had he produced like a number two receiver.
The Johnson camp was looking for a contract similar to what Donte Stallworth (7-$35M-$10M guaranteed) or Jerry Porter (6-$30M-$10M guaranteed) received in terms of pay per season ($5M per year). The problem is Johnson has never had a 50-catch season, never had a 5 TD reception season and only once has had a season of over 600 receiving yards.

Not exactly sure who BJ thinks he is, but he is pretty much a nobody. The fact that no one else was even bringing this guy in for a look tells the only real stored needed tell. He wasn't even getting looks from organizations before Al Davis and co. ruined the market for wide outs when he gave 3-knee-surgery Javon Walker a ridiculously massive deal.

Bring in DJ Hackett Darrell Jackson(who was recently cur) or Ben Utecht? Doubt it, but anything is better than going wide receiver at 11 then going tight end in the third round. Holy shit this sucks, the draft is basically ruined again because the Bills are forced to again go to a skill position on offense early in round 1, a major no no. The only bright side is that Marshawn Lynch turned into a beast and looks to be a stalwart at the running back position.(As long as he starts to be used in the passing game a bit more) We'll see especially since fans should have faith in the organization because as far as we know they haven't fucked up yet.

Sabres still alive? Tough to write about them lately, one minute they're hot and Dan Paille is pouring goals in like Mogilny circa 92-93 then the next minute they have 4 rookies on the blue line, Miller looks shakier than Bud Selig on capital hill, and they are falling faster in the standings than Shaun Alexander's career. Lets also give it up with, "this is a must win, this is the season tonight, etc" True Toronto and Washington have been gaining, but lets look at the facts.

Boston and Philadelphia aren't any better or worse than the Sabres. Lindy Ruff knows how to get his team into the playoffs. Many of these young players have played in pressure games the past two seasons, something a lot of players on Philly and Boston have not. The season will come down to to the last 3-4 games. The Sabres could easily finish the season 3-0 just like it is very easy to picture either the Flyers or Bruins losing 3 straight. That is a potential 6 point swing in the final week of the season.

So lets just hold off on must win, the season is over, and all that bullshit. As long as they continue to get points, play more like Friday night against the Hurricanes and less like they did Wednesday night against the Penguins, it will come down to early April.

Opening day is only 27 days away! Damn I wish we had a professional baseball team. At least beer is cheaper and you can basically sit where ever you want for $7. There are a couple positives. Plus rehab stints in the minors, sick prospects like Colon, Garko, Sizemore, Fuasto, Ben Francisco, and V-mart playing for a year or so. It is not that bad... I guess..

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Buffalo Bills 7 round mock

by Andy

1. Malcolm Kelly (6'4 219) (WR) Oklahoma
Simply put we need a possession receiver that can go over the middle and allow Evans and Parrish to stretch the sidelines.

2. Calais Campbell (DE) Miami
Once was projected in the middle to late first round. I think he will drop and if he does the Bills have to take him. He is a big DE, he has a lot of upside, but he has motivation issues.

3. Martellus Bennett (TE) Texas A&M
This guy is a monster at 6'7. An automatic threat in the red zone for the Bills who last year were pathetic in the RZ.

4. DeJuan Tribble (CB) Boston College
Not a starter right away but can be used in our Nickle and Dime packages.

5. John Sullivan (C) Notre Dame
I know Steve hates ND but we need help at the center position. I don't think Justice will fall this far so Sullivan is our best option.

6. DJ Wolfe (SS) Oklahoma
Not sold on Whitner or Simpson. Whitner is not playing like a #8 overall pick.

7. Carl Stewart (FB) Auburn- Will have to get a little bit bigger but has great hands and I'm sick of the "H" back.

7. from Philadelphia- Darnell Terrell (CB) Missouri- BPA. Can always use CB
The Bills need to go WR with the first pick. After that though they have a ton of options. 2nd Round they might want to look CB or LB. 3rd Round maybe go with a C or LB. Then in the 4th they can go TE. 5th they might look at Schmidt, the FB from WVU. 6th and 7th look for them to take BPA and maybe even look for a QB. Is Gibran really a #2 NFL QB?

Monday, March 10, 2008

a Town, a Team, a Dream, Buffalo Bills

ESPN made this video some where around the year 2000. Great video, part three is tough to watch. Rick Reilly is an asshole. Run time about 24 minutes. Well worth the time for Bills fans.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bills draft order

1. 11 (11 overall)
2. 10 (41 overall)
3. 8-71-from Baltimore traded to Jacksonville for Stroud
3. 9 (72 overall)
4. 15
5. 10-from Chicago traded to Jacksonville for Stroud
5. 14
6. 13
7. 12
7. 17 from Philadelphia

Anyone have a mock draft ?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Brent Farve sucks

most ints, looks like he should be in a viagara or celais commercial, hasn't don't shit since what 1996. nice int to end your career. nice fake crying during retirement speech.

plain and simple the dude is a fraud, he did have a few good years, but most of the 2000s were plagued by embarrassing playoff follies and an ineptitude on brent farve could get away with. I am glad he is gone, hopefully Green Bay will be the next franchise to move, cause I know I won't miss 'em. Peace Brent, should left 5 years ago. Only when you got a decent defense were you even remotely effective again.

2008 Buffalo Bills road trips

by Steve

Alright, I'm bored, and well the Bills season is 6 months away.  We are losing a home game to Toronto which means we only have 7 home games as season tickets.  The good news is, we have 9 road games we can potentially attend.  The Bills play @ Toronto, Denver, Kansas City, St Louis, Arizona, Jacksonville, Miami, New England, and New York Jets.

Obviously the Toronto "home" road game is the closest, at about a 90 minute ride.  But tickets will allegedly be $100+ plus its a stupid other country, fuckin Canada, and we all hate Canada and don't want to support that POS of country but whatever, i wanna go to all 16 games so we'll see.

@ KC
Trip distance: 978.26 miles. Time: 15 hours 17 mins
plane ticket $270 via Delta

@ Denver
Trip Distance: 1524 miles.  Time 22 hours 43 minutes
plane ticket $250 via Delta

@ St Louis 
Trip Distance: 743 miles.  Time 11 hours 43 minutes
plane ticket $270 via Delta

Trip Distance: 2259 miles, 33 hours 10 minutes
plane ticket $340 on Delta

@ Jacksonville
Trip Distance: 1040 miles, 16 hours 13 minutes
plane ticket $235 via Delta

Trip Distance: 1391 miles, 21 hours  28 minutes
plane ticket $300 via American Airlines

@ Jets
Trip Distance: 395 miles, 6 hours 35 minutes

@New England
Trip Distance: 454 miles, 7 hours 15 minutes

these numbers were provided via perhaps there are cheaper flights but this blog is free and I dont get paid. see you at all 16 games mother fuckers

Where is phase two?

by Steve

Where the fuck is phase two of the Bills free agency? I guess we got spoiled by the big trade to get Stroud and the signing of two quality players in Mitchel and Johnson. But what is going on here? The Bills desperately need a wide receiver a tight end and a few more positions. Russ Brandon even said they were gearing up for as he called it "Phase 2 of free agency". Well when does it start bro?

Ben Troupe was signed away by Tampa, Bryant Johnson has been sitting around with his thumb up his ass for a week, and the Bills have also brought in Mcintyre FB, McCree S, Courtney Anderson TE, and Troupe TE yet have not signed any of these dudes. I guess the F.O. has determined they either want too much money or just aren't a good fit with the squad. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but there isn't much left in FA that could make an impact in 2008.

So here is the question, is there even anyone out there for fans to even care about at this point? The easy answer probably is no, but I care about Bryant Johnson, I want this dude in a Bills uniform in 2008. Why hasn't it happened yet? True, idiot owners like Al Davis and his office personnel have basically ruined the market for WRs now that they gave $55 mil to Javon 'surgically repaired knee' Walker, but Bryant Johnson doesn't have the credential Javon has. So could he really be that expensive?

Then again there have been reports that no one else is really interested in BJ, this snippet is even more interesting, "Johnson visited the Bills on Monday, where in an interview with the team claimed to have a visit scheduled with the Washington Redskins. The Redskins have since denied having a scheduled visit from Johnson." So is anyone else even talking to this dude?

How about these players, Eugene Wilson, Ben Utecht, DJ Hackett, Tim Rattay, Gus Frerotte, Kris Wilson, Cecil Sapp, Leonard Weaver and Jerramy Stevens? We'll see what happens but everyone knows the Bills need to address WR, TE, QB and possibly FB before the draft, here's hoping its an impact player.

In other news, Takeo TKO Spikes got TKO'd by the Eagles today because he was making too much money. Wasn't that the exact reason the Bills traded him for peanuts last offseason? And how about the prognosticators all saying the Bills were giving up on a still good football player in his prime? Boo yah, here's hoping he doesn't go to the Patriots as rumored.

At least the Bills did sign somone this week, Steve Christie. Well, it wasn't so he could provide competition with Lindell, it was just so he could retire a Bill. I hope it is a cap friendly 1 day deal.

When is Losman going to be traded? I'm hoping either on draft day or the days leading up to the draft but something has to give and it better be before April 27th. (Day two)

SOMEONE GIVE ME A MOCK DRAFT! And a Bills 7 round mock (8 picks,1,2,3,4,5,6,6,7)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sabres with a must win

by Steve

Rightfully so it has been all Bills and football free agency the last week but, the Sabres did play arguably their most important game of the season tonight, and won. True, Danny Briere was out, along with Hatcher and Gagne and a few others, but the Flyers suck, they're ahead of the Sabres by 3 points and this was a 4 point swing.

As per Sabres fashion, they came out swinging then gave the lead back nearly as quick as it was achieved. However, at least, not in recent Sabres history, they fought back, came out rip roaring in the third period, took a three goal lead, AND never gave it back. Yes, Biron played like shit and Max played outta his mind, but the Sabres won a big game and deserve some props.

It may not matter if they lose two of their next three while Philly gains the two points back that they lost, but for now, the Sabres are very much alive in the playoff race. They have the Capitals Wednesday and the Hurricanes Saturday. Both teams are very beatable, and quite frankly the Sabres need to get at least 3 points out of their next two teams.

I say that mostly because they have the Rangers after that, a team they can't beat, at least recently, then @ Pittsburgh later in the week. Furthermore they have 2 games against Ottawa, a game against Boston and Montreal before March is up. Mediocre teams like Toronto, Tampa Bay and Carolina do appear more than once throughout the month, but I am already counting points in those games. It will be tough to guarantee victories in those games, and beat some of the good teams while picking up points on the Flyers, Rangers, or Bruins.

Lets face it, if this team doesn't make the playoffs it is a complete travesty. An uber meltdown if you will. The front office, the ownership, the managing partner, everything and everybody was a complete disaster, disappointment and failure. Whether it was Ruff, Miller, Goli/quinny/Darc or Roy or $10 million man Vanek, they will all deserve blame resentment and a pay cut. And more than likely will.

If this team fails to make the playoffs not only will it hurt them in not earning about $1 million per home game, it will hurt in season ticket sales in 2008/09 but also merch sales and bandwagon fans. Going from first to not making the playoffs the following year could go a long way in returning this franchise to the dark days, just before the lockout. Ya know, when salaries were high and attendance and goal scoring throughout the league were low. And we would all hate to see that again.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Latest Bills free agency news

  • Still no contract for Bryan Johnson although he was in town today. He also has a scheduled meeting with the Washington Redskins according to Chris Brown of
  • Although he has a meeting schedule he apparently 'wants to be a Bill'
  • Marlon McCree, recently cut by the Chargers is in town visiting with the Bills.
  • Russ Brandon was on WGR today. "It is a collaborative effort John Guy and staff in preparation & the coaches including the number crunching of Jim Overdorf."

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bryant Johnson a Buffalo Bill?

It is being reported on Sirius satellite radio, channel 2 news repeated the report on their broadcast, but no official word any where on the internet. Perhaps because league offices are closed or because there really is no word yet, but it is being said plays like here here and here that Bryan Johnson is a Buffalo Bill. Something to do the tune of 5 years.

more to come..

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Marcus Stroud Buffalo Bill

Marcus Stroud 6'6 306 29 years old

"Stroud is a seven-year veteran out of Georgia that was drafted by the Jaguars in the first round of the 2001 draft. He has been extremely durable until last season when he missed five games with an ankle injury. He is a massive defensive lineman that has unusual quickness and agility for such a big guy. He can be disruptive with his quickness from the inside, penetrating gaps and wreaking havoc in the backfield. He has the size and strength to play two gap defense, keeping blockers off his playmaking linebackers. He shows good lateral range and works hard to make plays all over the field. He has good hand use and can defeat and shed blockers in time to make the play when they run right at him. He has a good feel for blocking schemes and rarely gets surprised by a block coming from the side. Due to his size he struggles at times keeping his pad level down but still plays with natural leverage. He could be more consistent on the field as he has a tendency to take a play off now and then. While it would be difficult to call him a finesse player he could be a bit more physical at times. He is a Quality player with all star potential but needs to show it more often."
The Bills traded a 3rd and a 5th, of which they had an extra of each for the 2008 draft. Evidently the contract was front loaded from what he originally had but the numbers remain the same at 3 years and $16.5 million. OBD ballin

Other rumors of the day are that Bryant Johnson and Ben Troupe are in down and will be visiting with Bills brass Sunday. Also the Bills did contact Javon Walker's agent, granted they were one of 11. WR first round?!?

Bills Brass Make Moves On Day One of Free Agency


For the second consecutive year, the Bills front office addressed a glaring need early on on day one of free agency. This year, without a general manager, it was the Bills GM by committee comprised of John Guy, Russ Brandon, Jim Overdorf and Tom Modrak who were in charge and they did not disappoint. Johnny Guy and company brought in probably the second best line backer on the market in Kawika Mitchell and who really knows how good Lance Briggs even is. He has been playing next to a future hall of famer his whole career and may have been a product of the system. 

Mitchell, 28, was a major contributer to the Giant defense who stymied the supposedly unstoppable Patriots offense. In that game he had 3 tackles, 5 assisted tackles and a sack of Tom Brady. A sack of Tom Brady, wow something the Bills haven't seen in years. The Bills didn't have to deplete the wallet to get him either. He inked a 5 year 17.5 million dollar deal. Seems reasonable to me. During the season, Mitchell had 76 tackles, 3.5 sacks 2 forced fumbles and a pick six of Trent Edwards. These are solid numbers. What I like even more is his size. He is 6 feet 1, 253 pounds. Ellison was only 228 pounds. I don't think we need to worry about Mitchell getting trucked by running backs on a consistent basis. Wow what an upgrade. The Bills linebacking corps are all of a sudden respectable and maybe even good. Ellison, Digiorgio being replaced by Poz and Mitchell. I love it.

That isn't the only move Johnny Guy and co. made on day one of FA. Two years ago the Bills signed the high character high motor defensive lineman Larry Tripplett to an 18 million dollar deal. Only problem-he sucks. The Bills front office realized it and finally cut the dude. This is very exciting for Bills fans. On Thursday, Jacksonville said they would possibly trade defensive tackle Marcus Stroud. On Friday, Marcus Stroud was in Buffalo visiting. When dudes come to Buffalo they usually sign because let's face it, people don't want to visit Buffalo for no reason when it is 4 degrees outside. Yesterday, Shaun Rogers was traded to the Bengals for a third and a fifth, then that trade was axed, so he went to Cleveland for a third and corner back Leigh Bodden. With injury problems and some steroid use problems, the Bills could probably land Stroud for something similar to a third and a fifth and who wouldn't do that in a heart beat. The only problem is, if Stroud gets caught using roids again he gets suspended for a year. I am willing to take that chance. Stroud and McCargo can actually be a respectable tandem in the middle.

The Bills also added back up Defensive Tackle Spencer Johnson. The 26 year old Johnson is another smallish guy at 286 pounds but will provide some needed depth with Tony Hargrove's issues. Hopefully Spencer wasn't brough in to start, that would just be ridiculous. I still like the Bills getting Stroud and then having Kyle Williams and Spencer Johnson as back ups. That works for me.

The Bills also released Jim Leonhard, Kiwaukee Thomas, Coy Wire and Anthony Thomas among others. I have no complaints here in fact, I love the Coy Wire release and just don't know why it took so long for it to happen. What a bum. Finally no more number 28 on third downs. Schonert is actually going to use Lynch on third downs and I would rather see Fred Jackson get the token carry than Anthony Thomas. The Bills tendered an offer to Jason Jefferson also. This is the only move I have disagreed with this week by the front office. Jason Jefferson are you kidding me? I got sick to my stomach every time this dude was on the field. With Leonhard getting released, the Bills now lack depth and safety and really are depending on KO Simpson being good because the only other free safety we got is George Wilson, who as far as I am concerned should be cut.

All in all, good start to free agency for Buffalo. Landing stroud is an absolute must and would change the entire look of the Bills defense. Think about a front seven of McCargo, Stroud, Schobel, Kelsay, Poz, Crowell and Mitchell. This is actually respectable and maybe the Bills defense could crack the top 30.