Thursday, August 30, 2007

Complete meltdown in Philly

by Steve

I think its time to look for a new manager in Flushing NY. Willie Randolph completely embarrassed himself and the New York Mets franchise this week in Philadelphia getting swept in a 4 game series against the Phillies, who before this series were down 6 games and seemingly left for dead. The lead is now two, and the Mets confidence is, if not completely shattered, then severely rattled.

Giving roles to players like Shaun Green who have absolutely nothing left to give, denying chances for young players to take larger roles, ie Lastings Milledge, Randolph is out of his mind. Awful decision to let Green hit yesterday, then I see the dumbest play of all time, when Marlon Anderson is called for runner interference when it was clear to everyone but him that a double play wasn't going to be turned. Christ what the fuck was that play?!?!

6 outs for Billy Wagner in the city that hates him more than life itself? Where he is haunted from leaving on such bad terms? 6 outs for the first time since 1999? Are you serious Randolph?

Where was Jose Reyes this series? Holy shit 2 for 15 Jose? .295 on the year? I'm starting to think he is the 3rd best short stop in the NL East and that isn't a stretch at all. In fact it probably is a fact. J-Ro ? Han-ram? Pick it up Reyes, Wright has.

Onto the Red Sox, where the Yankees seemingly got every call and every borderline pitch. They didn't really get blown out in the 3 game set, but getting swept? This line up is an embarrassment, if they don't get the pitching it is going to be an ugly September and October.

Talk about poor general managing, JD Drew ? JD fucking Drew?? who's call was it to sign that bum? Coveli Crisp is awful, Alex Cora is a AAA player, Julio Lugo? The same Lugo that wasn't playing for the Dodgers in the playoffs? Wow Theo Epstein has fallen quickly since 2004, cause this team can flat out not hit with out Manny Ramirez, and he's 35. Their answer was ..Eric Hinskey? ?!?!

The past 4 days and seven games has been the worst in the history of my baseball viewership since a peak of October 2004 it has gone down hill and today hopefully was the valley to the 2004 ALCS peak. 0-7 ? that is bad

Fuck that fat piece of shit Joba 'the buffet' Chamberlein. Who is this ass hole from Nebraska, he should go back to tippin' cows and eating at the all you can eat buffet instead of throwing twice at dude's domes with a 96 mph heater. Apparently in corn husking country they don't teach the rules of the game, you know, not trying end or possible murder a player with back to back pitches. The classy Yankee franchise can suck my dick with quit perpetually spewing that PR bullshit. They are as grimy if not grimier than any team in baseball.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts

by Steve

Everyone and their mother is having a fantasy football draft or just had one or knows someone who is having 2. To help you out I've scanned the internet phoned coaches, players, GM's, friends, uncles, even talked to the mail man to compile some sleepers and busts in FFL drafts.

The Sleepers

Rex Grossman - I mean we know he's gonna start. The defense is going to be giving them great field position, and can he get any worse? Well that or his confidence is shot for costing his team and city a Super Bowl ring.
Supplemental Picks: Leinart, Russell, Holcomb

Running Back
Cecil Sapp - He's #2 on the Broncos depth chart and can Travis Henry stay healthy a whole season? With 9 kids with 9 women you can't be shocked if he misses a game for another paternity test or court hearing for child support.
S.P. - Buckhalter, Garrett Wolfe, Verron Haynes, Chester Taylor

Wide Receiver
Brandon Marshall - I had to go with him because everyone and their mother is calling him a sleeper. Which usually means he won't be a sleeper and tear his knee in week 2.
Roddy White, Curry, Jones, Bowe, Holmes

Tight End
Bo Scaife - He was getting mad looks for VY in the preseason game against the Bills. He dropped a TD and caught one. Plus you only need a back up tight end for like 1 week.
McMichael, Franks

The Raiders - The awfense is gonna be awful so the defense will be looked to even things about at least a little bit. Plus, they were good last year.

The Busts

Jake Delhomme - Yeah he got his team to the Super Bowl a few years ago, but what has he done since? He is due to take a big step back and be exposed as a really mediocre QB.
Losman, Harrington, Smith

Running Back
Joseph Addai - Can he handle being the feature back without Rhodes? Did he peak in the Super Bowl? Manning wants to throw touchdowns, and I can't picture Addai picking up that tough 99th yard to get into the endzone with frequency.
Parker, Lynch, Peterson

Wide Receiver
Any Rookie - How often do they make an impact (as some informed reader pointed out in a different comment) ? There were a lot of WRs taken to, Meachem, Bowe, Ginn Calvin Johnson etc.

Tight End
Daniel Graham - Brady made him, and now Cutler will break him. Cogs in a system work well within a certain system, exposed to outside the system and they fail.
Any TE for the Bills, Raiders, and Falcons

Minnesota - Is it just me or does it seem like that defense is getting older at double the rate of the norm?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

My fantasy football team

by Steve

Just had my draft for a FFL on Its not for money or anything and I haven't done fantasy football in a while mostly because it has become way over hyped over rated, over saturated etc. and got bought out by the sporting news or some BS. So this year I got back into it for no particular reason except boredom.

Unfortunately I had to work the night of the draft, which interestingly enough started at 8:30. My shift didn't end until 9pm. Obviously though, I busted a move and got out of work around 8:20 seemingly enough time to get home and get right into it with out any stupid $15 Fantasy Football League rip off magazines and old BS information from January.

Well things didn't work out as planned. I got home right at 8:30, of course my mother was on the computer playing Snood of all things and I had to kick her off. I get onto click on 'enter live draft' and waited... The god damn Java screen kept churning and churning for hours it seemed. I was about to call Mozilla's headquarters and ask the creator of Firefox for some restitution. Finally at 8:46 the god damn chat room loaded and I was on the clock, in the 5th f'n round.

The league parameters include 1 starting QB 3 WR's 2 Rb's 1 TE 1 Kicker 1 Defense...
Scoring : Passing: 1 point per 25 yards & 4 points per TD. Rushing and Receiving: 1 point per 10 yards & 6 points per TD

So here's who I was stuck with

1. Larry Johnson ( I was pissed mostly because he had wayyy too many carries last year and was still holding out at the time.)
2. Brandon Jacobs ( Wait Tiki retired? Is this dude getting 25 snaps a game? again not happy)
3. Terrel Owens (At first I was super pissed, then realized maybe he isn't awful and Homo will bounce back)
4. Randy Moss (WTF?! Did I even pre-rank my players, terrible)

Now here is where, in my opinion, I started to ball grabbing young upstarts and potential beasts left and right, hopefully...

5. Alex Smith - I figured I needed a Quarterback, he has the pedigree and upside, hopefully the 49ers build on last season ala the Bills

6. Matt Leinart - Larry Fitz and Bolden, maybe Edg will have a comeback year

7. Warrick Dunn - You gotta have 3 dependable running backs, I just hope he carries the majority of the load in the ATL.

8. Jeremy Shockey - Ballin tight end with a decently solid offense and a Quarterback who is constantly looking for him, then again who could miss him.

9. JP Losman - I took heat for this pick, like I said I haven't played fantasy in a while. (Players taken after him, Kaeding, S. Holmes, Foster and 4 defensive units (Den, Pit, Dal Sea,)

10. Derrick Mason - Opps I thought he was #1 in Balt, forgot about Clayton.

(at this point I, like most, are reaching at straws.)

11. Kevin Jones (probably should have taken a defense here since Jones was later cut although as it turned out no defense was taken between my 11th and 12th pick)
12. Carolina Defense
13. Dwayne Bowe (sleeper?)
14. David Akers
15. Oakland D
16. Bo Scaife
17. LenDale White

Since I hated the first 4 rounds, I was basically on tilt to make a move. I said any of my first 4 players was on the market. I ended up with a few offers and eventually busted this move :

Brandon Jacobs for Chris Chambers and Clinton Portis. To make room I cut Kevin Jones.

Whadda ya think about my draft and subsequent trade, and suggestions...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Titans @ Bills preview

by Steve

Everyone knows the 3rd preseason game is the most important. Nobody wants to get hurt in the final preseason game and training camp is over. Furthermore first cuts are right around the corner. This game gives some of the walk ons, fill-ins, scrubs, and and has been veterans to show case their 'skills' one last time before the ax falls.

Much has been said about the Bills lackluster offensive output the first 2 preseason games. There are arguments going both ways, the Bills brass doesn't want to give away the play book before week 1, they don't want to risk injuries, a starting running back hasn't been determined, its only the preseason who gives a shit etc. And conversely it has been argued that you should at least test out Marshawn before the real games begin, there is no tightend in this offense, Peerless Price sucks, Losman looks shaky and still is unproven as a full time starter, there is a new offensive line and need to gel and look rather mediocre, is Fairchild lost, etc.

Tonights game at the Ralph should go along way in answering these festering questions. The first team offense will be playing at least the whole first half according to Dick Jauron. There aren't many if any starting positions on the offense up for grabs. Marshawn will be starting week 1, Fowler if healthy will be the center (not sure who I want to start at C) and unless Marv and co. come to their senses and actually cut Price, he will be the 2nd WR.

Vince Young, the obvious heir apparent to Vick as the most over hyped, over rated quarterback in the game, will give the Bills and their young 'upstart' defense a real challenge today. The Bills defense actually has it easy. All the professional analysts and prognosticators peg the Bills defense as lower third in the league, and for some good reason. They lost 2 starting linebackers and an upper echelon cornerback. So if the defense surprises and actually plays even decent it will be a major boost to this team.

I however am not in the majority that believes the Bills defense will blow big time. Sure they are a weak up front but the linebacking corps should be better, perhaps not initially. Then again I can't even think of any offensive weapons for VY and the Titans. Chris Brown?? Bennett??

Bills 20 Titans 14

Monday, August 20, 2007

ANGELS in 10

by Steve

The white whale, the savior, the hottest prospect since Rick Ankiel, Phillip Hughes couldn't keep the lead for the slowly fading Yankees as the Halos took the first of 3 against the Bronx douche bags.

Hughes imploded in the 7th giving up the lead while walking more batters than striking out batters in the game. I guess he can be added to the growing list of players that simply are owned by the Angels. Bill Hughes is over rated, lets face it. He is 2-1 with an ERA approaching 5 and isn't what the Yankees and their idiot fans were hoping for.

This was a classic big game choke by the Yankees. They couldn't get to rookie weaksauce righty Dustin Moseley. With a mere 75 innings pitched on the season, the 25 year old baffled the 'hot' Yankees line up for 5 solid innings. And of course was taken out too early giving a-frod another big home run off some middle reliever.

The Angels gave up 2 cheap runs in the 8th but were simply toying with the Pinstripes. They beat up on Mariano Rivera, who is simply an above average set up man at this point. But still they couldn't put the dagger in the heart with 2 men in scoring position with suddenly roid-less Gary Matthews Jr. at the dish and his .267 avg. What was his huge contract he signed? But I digress...

Ex-Met Darren Oliver got the heart of the Yankee line up out with ease forcing A-frod to hit weakly to Figgons, F8 for Matsui, and a strike out for 'surge in the twilight of his career' George Posada. Thats all the Angels needed to see, finally getting the clutch double from Ryan Buddy yes that Ryan Buddy who is 1/11 this season and only on the roster because Napoli is on the DL.

But But its only game one. Yea lights out, Kelvim Escobar tomorrow with John Lackey Wednesday. This series is over and the AL East is over, go back to hoping the AL Central eats its own and the Mariners aren't for real cause the Bronx is Burning.

(Sure Lackey gave up 6 runs in Fenway but he still has a 3-1 record in his last 4 starts and 5-2 in his last 7 decisions. )

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Buffalo Bills notes

  • The Bills season starts in 30 days and things are already starting to be breaking the Bills way, as reports from Denver's visit to big D weren't so big for starting quarterback Jay Cutler. "Dallas (2-0) flustered Denver quarterback Jay Cutler into going 7-of-13 for only 58 yards. He failed to convert all five third-down chances" ouch
  • More news out of the game which should be beneficial to the Bills as starting defensive end Ebenezer Ekuban tore his achillies and is out the year. Further more one time Bill and marijuana smoker t-hanks Travis Henry sprained and or strained a ligament in his knee and will miss at least the pre-season. Gerard Warren anyone?
  • UPDATE, Gerard Warren has been traded to the Raiders.
  • Our old buddy Willis Mcgayhee had a strong night against the Giants on Sunday night football racking up a stellar 3 yards on 6 carries. I guess that .5 yards per rush wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have a rush of 7 yards, the rest being 4,1,-5,3,-2.
  • In actual Bills news Ryan Denney will have surgery on his broken left foot Monday and may be out for the year. Now Hargrove's suspension hurts more
  • The Bills worked out DT Seth Payne over the weekend, however he has signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Falcons 13 Bills 10

By Coast

Final Score indicates that the Bills lost, but who cares? Nobody except Trent Edwards. Trent couldn't lead the Bills to the game winning or tying score at the end of the game and was nothing but down on himself during his post game interview. He was making comments like he let down his team, he showed he wasn't ready to play at this level. Trent, relax, no one expects anything from you this year. Completing over 70% of your passes and throwing for a touchdown and no interceptions indicated that you have a ton of upside. In fact, in 2 games, Edwards has been 21-27 through the air (Although in the opener he averaged 4.9 yards per about reigning him in). Hopefully his progression continues and the Bills can trade him for a first rounder in 2009.

Now to the players that actually matter...or shouldn't matter but do. Let's begin on the offense. The bigger JP(Jason Peters) needs to stop taking holding penalties. 2 every 3 quarters is not going to get the job done at all. The rest of the offensive line...the 80 million dollar offensive not making me forget the days of Mike Gandy and Bennie Anderson quite yet. Against Atlanta they did produce some holes for Lynch but not enough. The pass protection for Losman was still mediocre. They need to pick up their play and have two games to do it before it matters.

I have had enough of the Peerless Price experiment. This isn't 2002. He doesn't have an Eric Moulds in his prime lined up on the other side of his field. He also isn't 24 years old anymore. Price's career as an NFL receiver is over as far as I am concerned, especially as a Bill. He has been invisible in the pre season. Against the Falcons he was again invisible. Losman did have him down the side line on a 3rd and long and Price really didn't even try to make a play on the ball. It was slightly underthrown but Peerless, come on man, try for it. Roscoe Parrish is smaller but is obviously better and has way more upside. Plug him in and see what he can do. It certainly couldn't hurt because we are not getting anything from the position as it stands now.

We have no tight end. Robert Royal doesn't have a reception thus far in the pre season as far as I can remember. The Kevin Everett experiment may be over in a couple weeks and our H backs are H backs because they can't play tight end. The Bills have had a need for a tight end for years...why isn't this problem ever addressed?

As far as the defensive line goes, as the first drive indicates, it is far below average. Falcons 3rd stringer Jason Snelling (I don't know if his first name is even Jason but it sounds good and I am not looking it up because it isn't worth my time to look up this dudes name) ran at will until the Falcons got inside the 5. There the Bills "bend but don't break" defense took over. Attn. Dick J...this defensive "bend but don't break" style won't work against Brady and Maroney twice a year or Pennington and Jones or Palmer and Johnson or Big Ben and Fast Willy...Yeah the defense stiffened but we are talking about Harrginton and Snelling, let's relax a little bit, our first team defense looked absolutely awful on that first drive.

This team is taking way too many penalties. The Bills offense in particular. Every time a big play was made or some progress was made on a drive it seemed as if a penalty dragged them down. Holding on Peters, Foul Start on Preston, or how about a snap over the head of our QB resulting in a 20 yard loss. Nice game Duke, welcome to the 2nd team, give me Jason Wittle at RG over this bum and hopefully Fowler can stay healthy because Duke can't snap.

Were there any positives in this game? Trent looked decent vs. the future Bronco cuts. Remember JP in his first pre season? We were all salivating over this guys athleticism and arm strength. Looking good vs. future arena league roll players doesn't get you anything in my book.

Marshawn Lynch looked really good. He runs hard, something we aren't used to seeing our of our running back position. He showed great quickness on a few of his runs as well. He only had 16 yards on 5 carries but when you factor in the 1 or 2 3 yard losses because our "great left side of the line" didn't feel like blocking anyone, Lynch had a decent day.

Pos and Whitner looked good on defense. They were huge in that goal line stand and really stood out when the first team was out there...a first team defense that hasn't allowed a touchdown. Let's give it up with John DiGiorgio already. They are still trying to say on the post game shows that there is a competition for MLB. No...there isn't. Jauron, you aren't fooling anyone, Pos is the guy and everyone knows it.

The Bills D Line took a hit losing Denney for an extended period of time. He broke his foot on the opening kick off which brings me to another point. WHY IS TERRANCE MCGEE RETURNING KICKOFFS IN THE PRE SEASON? Soooooooo's like not bunting a guy over to third with a runner on 2nd tie game and 0 outs in the bottom of the 9th. SO the Bills need more depth at D line. Can it come within? Hargrove will be out till the Monday nighter. That leaves us with uh Powell and Ah You. Is CJ AH YOU really going to be on an NFL roster? Only time will tell, or will the bills go outside the team and pick up a guy like Simeon Rice? Doubtful, Powell or Ah You will most likely make this team.

Jason were a cast off in Atlanta for a reason. Jabari Greer welcome to the starting lineup. Webster is awful and it is obvious. Greer, McGee, Thomas, Youboty and maybe Webster as a Dime back, I really don't want to see this guy on the football field.

2 more pre season games to go. Hopefully this offense begins to find an identity because thus far they haven't really even came close to finding the end zone. There is still time though, only 20 days till 9.9.07 and opening day.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Bills v Saints Preseason game 1

by Steve

I believe Hank Williams Jr said it best, "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!" because football is 'officially' back starting tonight at 8 pm as the Buffalo Bills travel to what once was New Orleans to take on the 'aints in the Bills first preseason game of the 2007 campaign.

The first preseason game is typically the most boring with the starters only playing a few snaps and at most a long drive. But, in a football starved town with hockey hockey hockey only being discussed on local radio some football is better than that stupid frozen water sport. Also with two highly touted rookies getting their first in game action, many are clamoring to see what Paul Posluszny and Marshawn Lynch can really do.

According to the Bills v-text joint the Bills starters will play between 12 and 15 snaps. The good news is that Anthony (amtrack) Thomas will be starting. This is obviously good news because we will get to see more of Marshawn when Amtrack is pulled in the first quarter. From training camp reports and WGR550's own Paul Hamilton, not only does Lynch look good, but Dwayne Wright the Bills 4th round pick also is impressing so don't be shocked if Amtrack falls mightily on the depth chart before week 1. Also look for Shaud Williams to be cut.

I don't expect to see much from Jp Losman, who sounds ready for some action, "These guys are pretty much animals when they step on this field and that's what this game is about. They'll be able to get their chance on Friday." All I want to see is one long pass to a wide receiver not named Lee Evans and pocket presence which Losman appeared to be developing in the latter part of the 06 season.

More game 1 notes from

Pos is still listed on the Bills depth chart as number 2 so it should be interesting to see when exactly he is inserted into the game. It seems as though it is just posturing before Paul P is announced the true starter on defense.

  • Hargrove will be making the trip
  • It appears unlikely Whitner will be participating but will be there
  • I just remembered we have a defensive end named C.J. Ah you
Edwards sparks a comeback in the fourth but Kevin Eaken blows it in the last 3 minutes of the game

Ay You!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Yankees suck

by Steve

I really hope the New York Yankees got their knocks in while beating up on the cellar dwellers of the American League, because things are about to make a complete 180 starting this weekend. At press time the Yanks are getting shalacked in Toronto to close out that 3 game set 14-4, and then have an off day tomorrow.

Thus far the Yankees have played 58 games at home and 56 on the road leaving 26 games to be played on the road. They are currently 5 games out of the Division race and a half game back of the wild card. They appear to be cruising and have gained ground quicker than teams like the Indians, Tigers, and Red Sox appear to give it up. However, a closer look may reveal a flaw in the surging pinstripes.

The Yankees last 28 games (since the All-Star break) have been against teams with a combined record of 95, yes ninety-five, games under .500.The only team they have played that is respectable, the Blue Jays are an even 56-56. Talk about a challenging schedule. Yeah yeah, each team plays every other team the same amount(at least in each division) but over 162 game season things tend to even out.

That old saying couldn't apply any better for the Yankees in the rest of August. In fact the Yankees next 20 games are against teams that are a combined 81 games over .500. They face the leaders in the East, Central, West and Wild card in the coming 'dog days' of summer. Furthermore, they get their first peek at the Detroit Tigers with two 4 game sets, and probably a newly activated ace in Kenny Rogers rejoining the Tigers off another stint on the DL.

Now sure the Yankee sheep-fans can claim well they have beating everyone else they will beat the Indians, Tigers, Red Sox, and Angels too. While the realist fans will point to a September than includes 5 games against Tampa Bay, 3 remaining with the Royals with cheese and 3 more with the Orioles. But don't forget, the Yanksucks last 6 games are on the road.

So sure, they're the Yankees, and Bob Cano is scorching the Earth and Jason Giambi is back. Hold up, the truth is the Yankees didn't do enough at the deadline, Roger the Million dollar start dodger Clemens is under .500, Pettitte and Mussina look old as dust, and the rest of baseball is due to pick it up.

And even if the Yankees do make the playoffs, they aren't going to win the World Series any way. So Yankee fan, go put your Cheter jersey on, count your 26 rings, wait for A-frod to collapse in October then opt out and sign with the Rangers, and stick it cause the dynasty died in 2001. Boo Yah

Monday, August 6, 2007

UB Football preview

by AP/UBFan

"Rome wasn't built in a day"

Little money, the gimmicky pre-game and half-time shows, poor attendance, little or no media coverage, multiple uniform changes, and twelve wins in eight years sums up the University at Buffalo Bulls football program thus far.

Last year, UB won two games and could have easily won a third; that's coaching! The overtime thriller loss to Bowling Green was a heartbreaking loss. Turner Gill has
done a helluva job as the Head Coach. This year won't be much easier schedule wise with teams from power conferences such as Penn St, Rutgers, Baylor, and Syracuse still present for a quick cash grab. Apparently, according to the college football history book I was browsing through at Borders (the title of the book escapes me) and Rutgers is the Bulls' biggest rival. Someone might want to let Rutgers know that. Arguably the two best players on offense are Gill's recruits - Starks and Roosevelt from the Western New York region respectively.

We're talking about UB football the program that hasn't won more than three games in a season since making the move to D-I but could do it this season. UB needs to win at least four games to keep the program going in the right direction. The three games I believe the Bulls should win are 9/8 at Temple, 10/27 home vs. Akron, and last game of the season at Kent State.

Furthermore UB has the most returning starters on both offense and defense in
Division 1. Whether that is actually a good thing or not is still to be determined but things are looking somewhat sunnier on the Amherst campus. Note, the Bulls opened camp Friday.

Another reason to hate ESPN, UB is ranked dead last!

Aug. 30 at Rutgers

Sept. 8 at Temple
Sept. 15 at Penn State

Sept. 22 Baylor
Sept. 29 at Ball State
Oct. 6 Ohio
Oct. 13 Toledo

Oct. 20 at Syracuse
Oct. 27 Akron
Nov. 3 at Miami (OH)
Nov. 17 Bowling Green
Nov. 24 at Kent State

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thurman Thomas enters the Hall of Fame

by Steve

Well, its a year too late but Thurman Thomas is finally entering the Hall of Fame. He was arguably the best player on the Bills Super Bowl teams. Granted he only had one good Super Bowl performance and arguably caused them the 4th one, but Thurman was first ballot material.

Here are some stats of Thurman's compiled by the Buffalo News:

  • 7th all time yards from scrimmage 16,532
  • 12th all time rushing 12,074
  • 2nd all time in post season yards from scrimmage 2,114
  • 3rd in post season rushing yards 1,442
  • 2nd in post season touchdowns 21
  • Most rushing yards in a single game 214 vs. the Jets 9/24/1990
  • Most receiving yards in a single game 150 at Cleveland in the playoffs 1/6/1990
  • Most rushing attempts in a single game 37 vs. Pittsburgh 11/8/1992
Interesting Thurman factoids:
  • Finished his career with the hated Miami Dolphins
  • Never amassed more than 11 rushing touchdowns in a season
  • Was drafted 40th overall
  • Dropped to the Bills in the second round because of an alleged knee injury.
  • Compiled 113 total yards in his first NFL game.
  • Lead the league in total yards from scrimmage 4 consecutive years
  • Referred to himself as the Michael Jordan of the Bills after missing a mandatory Presser prior to the Super Bowl. (This arguably cost him first ballot entrance into the HOF)
  • Nearly and actually pretty much did have his career ended by ass-hole Doug Flutie tossing his patented lobber to him in the flat leaving Thurman out to dry nearly destroying his liver.
  • Ran for 1000 yards 8 consecutive years.
Dude was a straight beast. He was not only a rare one of a few runner but also a pass catching running back few in the history of the sport that can compare. The Bills offense ran through Thurman Thomas. If I didn't have to go to a wedding reception right now I would be in Canton rooting for my boy.