Friday, May 25, 2012

Are Bills fans over confident?

by Steve

Has there been a May like this in recent Buffalo Bills history?  People are actually talking about the Bills in the freaking month of May!  The hype is palpable, the confidence is everywhere and hopes are sky high.  Not to be the Debbiedowner contrarian but aren't we all a little over confident?

There are a few reasons to dispute the over confidence with the Bills.  One, national commentators are loving the Bills, including Colin Cowherd and Bill Simmons (both love the Bills over 7 total wins).  Two, the Bills on paper did get much better.  Third, the schedule outside of 2-3 tough tough road games is cake.  And finally, why not be confident?  It is why we're fanatics, they have zero losses and being negative is a burden.

Unfortunately I'm not buying 'em.  Here is a dose of reality.  The Bills were 1-5 in the division last year. They have lost five straight games to the NY Jets and 3 of our last 4 against the Dolphins (really bad Dolphins teams by the way) oh and the Patriots have won 12/13.  Did the division get better? No it probably got worse but not significantly.

What have Ryan Fitzpatrick and Chan Gailey ever won?  Did we forget their record the last two seasons (10-22)? Ol' noodle-arm is still ol' noodle arm and Gailey is scatter shot at best.  If you're counting on the offense being significantly better you're dreaming.

And how about this allegedly great front seven?  Kyle Williams? Coming off a bad foot injury.  Mario Williams? Just got paid big time and can relax, oh and he is coming off a serious injury. Mark Anderson? One year wonder (assuming you don't count 2006). Marcell Dareus? Beast.  But who the hell are the linebackers?  Kirk Morrison?  Yikes. MLB Kelvin Sheppard could be a beast but he has never played the position in the NFL and is unproven.  Nick Bartnett is above serviceable.   Will Alex Carrington and Torell Troup even make the team?  Why is Chris Kelsay still around using up #90?

On offense, SJ13 is back but there are no other weapons.  Chandler?  Marcus Easley can't even dress for a game, David Nelson is slow and soft, Donald Jones hasn't shown much.  How often does a rookie WR step in and contribute right away (TJ Graham)?  The running backs are studs but this isn't a running league.  And still no left tackle.

Look, I am excited for the season but I'm curbing my enthusiasm. Eight wins is reasonable, a division title is not.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Vince Young, New Starter in Buffalo?

by Steve

As we know the Buffalo Bills signed Vince Young to a one year $2 million + incentives contract.  What we don't know is that I think he should be able to compete to be the starter come 9/9.

Who was drafted in the seventh round out of Harvard? Who won the National Championship at Texas and was the #3 overall pick?  Who has the significantly better winning percentage in the National Football League?

Vince Young clearly has more talent than Ryan Fitzy-fitz-noodle-arm Fitzpatrick.  He could be the missing link for a team that is arguable a solid QB away from competing in the AFC and (gasp) actually making the playoffs for a change.

Whether you like VY or not you can't deny the talent.  If the guy is committed to playing football again, isn't suicidal and wants it, there isn't anything holding the guy back from being the starter in Buffalo.  Yeah last year he looked like a drunk Jake Delhomme heaving INTs all over the field.  Maybe a change of scenery is all he needs?

Ryan Fitzpatrick hasn't shown me anything to believe he is anything better than a mediocrity.  Everyone says competition makes things better why wouldn't that be the case with VY going toe to toe with #14 in July/August?  Who cares if a couple of players are miffed because "the beard" is their guy.  Winning cures all ills.

Plus now when Fitzy inevitably falters and the L's pile up we'll have someone to call for not named Thigpen.  Or maybe Young will show up in July fat, unmotivated and not even make it out of SJF.  It's worth a try.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fred Jackson signs extension, who cares?

by Steve

There have been two responses to Fred Jackson's contract extension, one the media and two, Bills fans that I talk to.  The media absolutely refuses to ever say anything bad about Jackson and brushes aside his age because "he hasn't had as many carries" huh? They are in love with the guy.  On the other side are my compatriots who don't really get why we even resigned him AND why is he even the starter?

Per WGR here are the numbers "Jackson will make a total base salary of $8.7 million split up over two seasons -- 2013 and 2014. However, there are numerous attainable performance-based incentives to the deal that could bring up the total of the extension to $11 million. Those incentives are for the 2013 and 2014 seasons of the contract."

Yeah he had a pretty good year last year on a team that went 6-10, WO0T!  The guy is 31, is coming off a broken appendage and isn't as fast or talented as the supposed #2 behind him on the depth chart.  Oh and Cliff Spiller was the #9 pick in the draft just two years ago.

Their yards per carry are almost identical playing behind the same offensive line and both were under contract for next season.  Oh and one was a malcontent while the other played the good soldier even though he deserved more touches based solely on draft status.

I guess I like Jackson enough I just don't see the necessity in keeping him beyond 2012.  Maybe this is just a little contrarian but how can there possibly be a universal love for a guy that hasn't done all that much, hasn't won anything, seems to have a bit of a bad attitude and is apparently a health risk.

In the grand scheme of things it doesn't mean a whole lot other than maybe Jairus Byrd and Andy Levitre having to wait a bit longer for their extensions.  Jackson probably won't even see the final year of the new two year extension any way.

Glad you'll stop bitching for a few months any way.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dorin Dickerson anyone?

by Steve

Apparently the Buffalo Bills will be working out tight end Dorin Dickerson next week for a tryout during the rookie camp.  The former Pitt standout who most recently was on the Patriots roster hasn't done much of anything in the NFL but did tear up the combine a few years back.

I'll take any potential stud TE I can get.  However at only 6'2 227 he doesn't sound much like a