Thursday, October 29, 2015

Comparing Wide Receivers of 2014 NFL Draft

by Steve

Since Sammy Watkins pops off at the mouth every other day, cause he thinks he is so great, lets take a look at receiver stats from the receivers of the 2014 NFL draft (rounds 1-4) through week 7 of the NFL draft:

 Listed are receptions, yards, TDs,

Sammy Watkins
11 147  2

Mike Evans
21 338  1

Odell Beckham Jr
42 524  4

Brandin Cooks
35 444  1

Kelvin Benjamin
0  0  0

Marqise Lee
3 40  0

Jordan  Matthews
39 398  1

Paul Richardson
0 0  0

Davante Adams
9 92  0

Cody Matimer
0 0  0

Allen Robinson
34 586  6

Jarvis Landry
42 466  2

Donte Moncrief
34 381 5

Josh Huff
13 141 1

John Brown
37 562  3

Jalen Saunders
0 0  0

Bruce Ellington
4 44  0

Shaq Evans

Martavis Bryant
9 182  3

Kevin Norwood
0 0  0

Podcast: Buffalo Bills on the BYE Week

Is the season over? Is Watkins dumb or really dumb, who isn't to blame for the failure of this organization and lost season?  Listen here:

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Week 7 NFL Picks

Gambling time, here are our expert picks against the spread:

Steve 11-19  Best Bet 2-4 Bills 3-3

Giants -3.5 v Cowboys
Browns +6.5 @ Rams
Panthers v Eagles over 45.5
Steelers @ Chiefs over 42.5
Saints @ Colts over 52
Jaguars +4.5 v Bills

Coast 13-17 Best Bet 2-4  Bills 2-4

Patriots -8.5 v Jets
Lions +1 v Vikings
Falcons -6.5 @ Titans
Giants -3.5 V Cowboys
Panthers -3 v Eagles
Jaguars +4.5 v +Bills

Wreck 13-17 Best Bet 2-4 Bills 4-2

Ravens +8.5 @ Cardinals
Jaguars +4.5 v Bills
Chiefs -3 v Steelers
Raiders +4 @ Chargers
Titans +6.5 v Falcons

Katman 16-14 Best Bet 4-2 Bills 4-2

Panthers -3 v Eagles
Steelers +3 @ Chiefs
Dolphins -5 v Texans
Jets @ Patriots over 48
Giants -3.5 v Cowboys
Jaguars +4.5 v Bills

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Buffalo Bills v Jacksonville Jaguars Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast look forward to next year after yet another disappointing season, wait um are the Bills cursed?  Sorry forgot to change my carbon monoxide tester battery.  See you in London Jaguars you losers lolz.

Buffalo Bills, Dying?

By Steve

"Woke up this mornin and got my self a gun"


Not literally because that cant happen but everyone on the Bills is dying, dead or contemplating retirement.

With Sam Watkins, Percy Harvin, Tyrod Taylor, Karlos Williams, Aaron and Kyle Williams Seantrell Henderson and Marquise Goodwin ALL out the question as to whether this team can even field a team Sunday comes in to question.

There are even reports Harvin may or may not be retiring! For fucks sake! Just about everyone on offense is out except Clay and a banged up McCoy. What the fuck did we do to deserve this?

EJ Manuel is a piece of shit, 4th and 5th string wide receivers are starting and Kouandijo is starting at tackle? FML.

Maybe Rex will actually use his defense correctly for a change and get to Bortles. Doubt it

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bills get killed by Bengals

0 By Steve
Going to football games was fun at a time right? Was there a worse scenario this Sunday?   QB was a 0 the defense was worse and death seems good.

Fuck rex fuck ej fuck you. Tyoing on this phone is worse . Bills have no hope joy. I hope my carbon monixide detxtor fails

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Week 6 NFL Picks

Buffalo wise guys select their stone cold locks of the day:

Steve 9-16 Best Bet 1-4 Bills 3-2

Vikings -3.5 v Chiefs
Broncos @ Browns under 42.5
Bills +3 v Bengals
Panthers +7 @ Seahawks
Titans -1 v Dolphins

Wreck 9-16 Best Bet 1-4 Bills 4-1

Steelers +4 v Cardinals
Bills +3 v Bengals
Dolphins +1 @ Titans
Chargers +11 @ Packers
Colts +9.5 v Patriots

Coast 12-13 Best Bet 2-3 Bills 2-3

Packers -11 v Chargers
Broncos -4.5 @ Browns
Redskins +7 @ Giants
Vikings -3.5 v Chiefs
Jaguars -1 v Texans
Bills +3 v Bengals

Katman 13-12 Best Bet  3-2 Bills 3-2

Chargers +11 @ Packers
Panthers +7 @ Seahawks
Titans -1 v Dolphins
Broncos -4.5 @ Browns
Vikings -3.5 v Chiefs
Bengals -3 @ Bills

Friday, October 16, 2015

Bengals at Bills Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast look ahead to a monster battle with the Bengals, healthy EJ v hurt Tyrod, Shady and Watkins being angry.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bills at Titans Road Trip Review

By Steve

11 hour car ride each way, 15000+ Buffalo fanatics taking over Nashville all weekend, a squeeker of a road victory and a successful road trip.

Tickets were $51, hotel was $105 a night 2 miles from the stadium and broadway st where there are dozens of bars and where everyone was raging.

Bars open til 230 central time, there are few if any pizza places inexplicably and country cover bands are at every bar. Thankfully there are no covers which is cool to bar hop but the country musuc is ubiquitous.

Went to the original Coyote Ugly multiple roof too and mulitlevel bars and convenienrly took cabs all around town. Oh and the bbq place we ate at was solid.

Nissan stadium isnt too bad. Not enough vendors, not even close, and not enough bathrooms. Hey did have elevators to get all the fatties upstairs to their 300 level seats.

Most of the close lots were pass holder only which was super annoying so we had to pay $20 to park in a garbage dump slash metal recycling junk yard .7 miles from the stadium. I didnt see any food vendors outside the stadium either though.

Bills won, partied with thousands and killed Nashville. Id recommend going.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 5 NFL Picks

Lets make some moneyyyyyy, week 5 nfl picks by our experts:

Steve 7-13 Best Bet 1-3 Bills 2-2

Giants -7 v 49ers
Ravens -7 v Browns
Bears +9 @ Chiefs
Rams @ Packers under 46
Cardinals @ Lions under 44.5
Titans +2 v Bills

Coast 9-11 Best Bet 1-3 Bills 2-2

Packers -9 v Rams
Giants -7 v 49ers
Patriots -10 @ Cowboys
Bills -2 @ Titans
Broncos -5 @ Raiders

Wreck 8-12 Best Bet 1-3 Bills 3-1

Cowboys +10 v Patriots
Rams +9 @ Packers
Lions +3 v Cardinals
Steelers +3 @ Chargers
Bills @ Titans over 41.5
Titans +2 v Bills

Katman 10-10 Best Bet 3-1 Bills 3-1

Bills -2 @ Titans
Browns +7 @ Ravens
Bears +9 @ Chiefs
Cardinals -3 @ Lions
Patriots @ Cowboys over 49.5

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bills at Titans Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast look at the debacle that was the NY Giants game and look to the Titans and the seasons.   P.S. Steve will be at the game and he is bad luck.

Oh yeah, it was an illegal forward pass fuck Nashville

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2015 MLB Playoff Predictions

By Steve

Wild Card

Astros over Yankees. Better team and I hate the Yankees.

Cubs over Pirates. Even Im surprised by thia prediction. Cubs are due for some good luck.

Texas over the Blue Jays in 5. Toronto had a good run but I like the Rangers right now.

Royals over Astros in 4. Magical run ends for Houston. They'll give everything on the road in the Bronx and be toast for KC.

Mets over Dodgers in 5. Why pick LA when all they do is lose in the playoffs? (Homer pick)

Cardinals over Cubs in 4. I hate St Louis.

Texas over Royals in 6. Ride the Rangers baby!

Mets over Cardinals in 7. REVENGE MOTHER FUCKERS

World Series
29 years in the making. This team (the Mets) have no believers only haters. The pitching is hotttt fire and they're hitting.

Mets over Rangers in 6.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Bills Suck, Bills Fans Dont

By Steve

Yes we know the Bills are the worst on the field but clearly we as fans are #1. There were 1 or 2 but THERE Bills fan related posts on today!

The most recent was some asshole snitches blowing in a couple of partiers with cocaine.

The next Bills fan related post was a slap party between two bafoons in a 28 second clip. Good not great.

And finally we have a guy jumping off a pick up truck onto a table he breaks for no good damn reason. Ha

Sunday, October 4, 2015

24 10 Bills Lose Season Over

By Steve

Lol. No Watkins or Mccoy no problem? The Bills are a joke. They have a terrible coach, the defense is the worst in 5+ years and they have no hope.

The Bills are a joke. Rex Ryan is the greatest carpet bagger vaccuum salesman in the history of this shity city. 24-10 to the fuckin Giants? They have no disapline no awareness no coaching and no inteligence. Wtf? 17 penalties?

There is no hope.

Tyrod Taylor was awful. Karlos Williams was worse. If you lose to a team at home against a team that doesnt even wanna win is about as bad as it gets.

If the Bills win 8 games that would be a surprise. Trading first round picks for an injury prone loser receiver and over paying shitty old runningbacks are a beautiful recipe for patheticness. Doug whaley is an ass clown. Rex Ryan is as bad as Philbin. Another rebuild starts next season.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Week 4 NFL Picks

Week four picks by our expert prognosticators:

Steve 6-9 Best Bet 1-2 Bills 2-1

Seahawks -10 v Lions
Panthers -3.5 @ Buccaneers
Eagles -3 @ Redskins
Chargers -7.5 V Browns
Bills -5 v Giants

Coast 7-8 Best Bet 1-2 Bills 2-1

Colts -9 v Jaguars
Dolphins +1.5 v Jets
Redskins +3 v Eagles
Buccaneers +3.5 v Panthers
Bengals -3.5 v Chiefs
Bills -5 v Giants

Wreck 5-10 Best 1-2 Bet  Bills 2-1

49ers +8 v Packers
Redskins +3  v Eagles
Giants +5 @ Bills
Chiefs -3.5 v Chiefs
Jaguars +9 @ Colts

Katman 9-6 Best Bet 2-1 Bills 1-2

Bengals -3.5 v Chiefs
Raiders -3.5 @ Bears
Cardinals -7.5 v Rams
Giants @ Bills over
Buccaneers +3.5 v Panthers
Giants +5 @ Bills

last week Wreck, Coast and Steve were combined 2-13

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Giants at Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast preview the New York Giants visit to Buffalo Sunday and review a squishing of the Dolphins last week.

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Bills Super Bowl Odds

From the Bills have gone from 60 to 1 when the 2016 Super Bowl odds were first announced down to 20 to 1 odds to win the Super Bowl.  They have the 8th best odds to win.