Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2017 NFL Draft: Quarterbacks

by Steve

Holy smokes!  The 2017 NFL Draft is in a mere 70 days and the Bills need a quarterback.  Then again haven't they needed a quarterback for 20 years?  What are the odds tiny Tyrod Taylor is back as the starting quarterback next year? 30%? 20%? 

The guy is looking at a guaranteed $30+ mil spread over 2-3 years if he is brought back.  Why would he renegotiate his contract to stay with this sad sack franchise and take less money than he has too?  He'll get at least that amount from the sad sack Cleveland or some other loser franchise.  Let's face it, the Bills are done with Taylor.

The odds of an NFL team winning with a decent or  "serviceable" quarterback are low.  This team can keep tiny Ty or sign some other retread off the street but they need to draft a quarterback one way or another.  If Cardale Jones was the answer or even possibly the answer wouldn't we have heard more than the NOTHING we have heard about the guy (besides he needs 2-3 more years to possibly maybe be the starter).

So, lets take a look at the quarterbacks in the draft:

Mitch Trubisky UNC
Junior coming out after only one season as the starter.  He couldn't even see the field two years ago and we're supposed to believe he is a top 10 pick and the savior for a franchise? He's big and has an arm but no way this guy is ready to start and win.

Deshaun Watson Clemson
He gets the benefit of everyone watching him for 2 years and two Nattys but is he actually an NFL prospect?  He is tall and slender, runs, and is a winner.  But he was on one of the most talented rosters in all of college.  His accuracy is a major question mark but he's a gamer. I could see him falling.

Deshone Kizer ND
Either I slept on this guy at Notre Dame (unlikely) or this guy is being WAY over hyped.  What did he do at ND? Anything?

Pat Mahomes Ok State
This guy is coming out of no where to be considered a late first round pick?  His stats were off the chart but coming out of the Big 12 you take those with a grain of salt.  He's only a junior and played in a bit of a hokey offense.  At least he's played in 2.5+ seasons unlike some of the dudes on this list.  Who the hell knows.

Davis Webb Cal
One year starter who got to follow in Jarod Goff's foot steps. 6'4 230?  The name Goff and/or Cal QB send shivers down my spine.  If this dude gets his name called before day 3 I'd be shocked. Then again, he was a starter for Ok State for a few years, then again he was replaced by Mahomes. Byeee

Brad Kaaya Miami
Who the hell told this dude to come out early?  He had a bad season at Miami and was unimpressive in every game I watched him play.  He's gonna fall like a stone and will need to sit for years before he's worthy of seeing the field.

Chad Kelly Ole Miss
I'd love to draft this guy in any market besides the Bills.  He got arrested as a 23 year old at a high school football game for christ sake.  He'll be in the shadow of his uncle for ever in Buffalo and the dumb fans here will ruin him. 2 ACL years and a laundry list of character flaws will push him into day 3 but he could be real good in the right situation.

The guys from Pitt, Va tech and Tennessee prob aren't worth mentioning.

In summation, if the Bills are counting on a QB to start from this draft, they're in trouble.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl Picks

The whole damn thing. Super Bowl Picks

Steve 45-40-5 Best Bet 10-8-1 Playoffs 4-6

Falcons +3 v Patriots
Over 58

Coast 39-49-2 Best Bet 5-14 Playoffs 4-6

Patriots -3 v Falcons
Under 58

Feyes 47-40-3 Best Bet 8-11 Playoffs 5-5

Katman 46-46-3 Best Bet 11-7-1 Playoffs 6-4

Patriots -3 v Falcons
Under 58