Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills podcast postgame

Steve and Coast react to yet another heart breaking defeat in over time after the Bills lose to the Steelers 19-16

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills preview

by Steve

Wait, the Buffalo Bills have an interesting game at the end of November at the Ralph? Well, sorta. Obviously the Bills are out of it and the Steelers basically have a playoff birth wrapped up. But, this game is still going to be interesting.

I would rather them lose out and get back into the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. That probably won't happen with perhaps 3 more winnable games left on the schedule. So lets evaluate Ryan Fitzmagic against a good to great defense in the National Football League in a game actually played in Buffalo elements.

People are jumping on the Fitzpatrick bandwagon faster than Jim's tacos flying out of mine system after consuming them. He has played awful teams, has put up stats, and has made a ton of mistakes exposing his talent level.

If he can play adequate to even decently good Sunday against this Steelers team perhaps I would consider him as a near term option at the quarterback position. Right now Fitzpatrick has not done enough to warrant another season as the "franchise quarterback". He is a player that does some great things, some good things and enough awful things to have serious reservations about his long term prospects of being a starting QB.

Sunday will be a gigantic litmus test for Fitz and just about every other player on this team. If he puts up points and stats (not in garbage time) and keeps the team in it for 50+ minutes or even wins outright my opinion will have to change. For now, he is still a good story, a nice player, and a good back for a playoff team.

I may even stay soberish enough in drive 5 to remember it.

Merriman to IR, Naaman Roosevelt called to the show

So, was Shawne Merriman ever technically a Buffalo Bill? Ohhhhh well, at least we get to see if Carrington or Maybin (who?) can play in the National Football League. Also local beast Naaman Roosevelt was called up to the 53 man roster taking his spot. Bout time.

Did Merriman get that $1.9 Ralph paid for doing nothing in check form or was it just a direct transfer to his bank account? AJ Smith rolled us up yet again.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Derek Roy def. Tim Connolly KO

by Steve

Wait, Derek Roy is now a beloved player on the Buffalo Sabres? He is now the voice of reason, restraint and adulthood? WTF? Everyone by now has heard the hear say and rumor surrounding Tim Connolly's black eye from "a routine that went awry" in the VIP room of Ryan Miller's Catwalk charity event Sunday Nov 21. I talked to someone that was allegedly there, he gave me the deets.

First, I'll say I saw Tim Connolly Saturday night at Frizzy's on Allen. He was wasted. It was like 3:30 he was playing some fat chick in bubble hockey and was stumbling all over the bar. True, some compatriots of mine were chirping at him from afar, you know, nothing too gratuitous. $9 mil over the last two years? We want a refund You suck, etc etc. I'm not even positive he heard us. But that was Saturday night not Sunday. Back to Sunday

According to the source Connolly was totally trashed. He was complaining about being "-130" this year, that the Sabres couldn't trade him for anyone, that he won't even be on the team by the end of the season, and asked him if he knew what it felt like to be booed by 18000 people off your home ice. Apparently Derek Roy was none too pleased about Connolly complaining in public about his ineptitude on the ice. Roy on more than one occasion told him to STFU etc. Connolly said something like "oh sorry mr 9 goals this year" At one point Connolly even asked random people if they wanted to take his place on the ice next game. Connolly said something like alright this dude is going to be taking over for me on the ice next game.

Somewhere around this point Roy got more confrontational with Tin Can and told him to STFU once and for all. TC came back with why don't you make me and Roy popped him in the face. KO!

Also there were other fights, squabbles and unruliness in the VIP back area. Nothing too specific, but apparently this was the party of the year. When are we going to hear Timmy's side of the story? Roy has already denied it, and Ruff deferred to his players. Your local Buffalo Sabres folks...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's Go Bills, Let's Go Bills, Let's Go Bills, Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Bills


8-8 Baby. The Buffalo Bills are on a roll. Ryan Fitzpatrick might be on his way to the most productive season a Bills quarterback has ever had. You may be thinking, that is ridiculous. Well, Jim Kelly's career best for touchdown passes in a season is 33. Fitzpatrick has 18 through 8 starts. You know I love stats, so project that out for a full season...14 games for Fitz. He is on pace for 31.5 touchdown passes this season. Imagine if he played in weeks 1 and 2...he would be on pace for 36 touchdown passes...more than Jim Kelly has ever thrown. Oh, and by the way, the 2nd most touchdown passes of Jim Kelly's career is 24. Fitz might have that next week.

I am also so sick and tired of the "Fitzpatrick isn't good, he has limited talent" card. Give me a break. We haven't seen quarterback play like this since Doug Flutie. After all these years of Losman, Holcombe, Losman, Edwards, Losman, Edwards, etc. it is awesome watching a quarterback who seems to know how to play the position. Does Fitz have a laser arm? No, but neither does Drew Brees. Does Fitz throw the occasional interception? Of course, Brett Favre made a career of that. Ryan Fitzpatrick just led the Bills back from a 28-7 deficit, threw for over 300 yards and 4 touchdown passes, led his offense to a ridiclous 35-0 onslaught in the 2nd half and after the game, people still want to comment on how we HAVE to draft a quarterback with our first round pick and how it is disappointing that the Bills are winning football games. Why can't we win with Fitzpatrick? Answer me that. And don't give me the "he is limited" comment because I don't know what that means.

The Bills 49-31 dismantling of the Bungals was beautiful to watch. First of all, it was the biggest lock ever, which I said all last week...and whenever I am right, I am excited, because I am never right. Second of all, T.O. thought he could run his mouth all over Leodis McKelvin...and yes, he did own him on back to back plays...but after that, was he even playing? Third, Gus Johnson had maybe his greatest quote of all time..."The Bills have exploded all over the Cincinnati Bengals!" Fourth, the Bills extended their win streak over the Bengals to 22 seasons and 10 games...and actually increased their 14 point average margin of victory. Seriously, how bad of a franchise do you have to be to have an 0-6 record against the Bills since 2002? Half of these games were home games vs. Cincinnati. I don't know if the Bills have won 3 games on the road against any other opponent in the league since then. They might not have 3 combined road wins in the AFC East since then. Yet, every time they play the Bungals, they house them.

I hate people that are pissed the Bills are winning. Every single season, it is all about playing for a draft pick. When was the last time we used a draft pick and actually drafted someone good? I wish we could have won about 10 more games in 2008 so that Aaron Maybin could have been OFF the board by the time we picked. Unfortunately for us, we were probably the only team that would have drafted him in the first round. I also can't stand the argument that the Bills are beating teams because our players are playing for their jobs while other teams are mailing it in. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Did the Bengals mail it in? Maybe, but not until we took the lead. Did the Lions mail it in? No chance. What about the Ravens, Bears and Chiefs, who the Bills should have beaten? Did they all mail it in even though they are all in first place? Seems doubtful to me. The fact of the matter is, the Bills aren't that bad of a football team. They screwed up by starting Edwards and were on the wrong side of a few bad losses. It is not crazy to think about how easily this team could be 5-5.

Steve Johnson is another Bill looking to set team records. 9 touchdown passes through 10 games...the record is 11 by Billy Brooks. Not even the great Andre Reed could score more than 11 in a season. His career high was 10 in 1991 also. I don't know what it is with Steve Johnson. He doesn't seem that fast, he isn't that tall at 6'2" but does have above average size, he drops a few balls here and there...but somehow, he is just producing. He has 52 catches for 728 yards on the season. He is on pace for 83 catches and 1,165 yards and 14 touchdowns. He also had a pretty awesome touchdown celebration if you are a Dark Knight fan...I give him props. The guy is a stud and has to be the number one receiver on this football team.

The Bills defense is still horrible. It seemed like Cedric Benson was going to run for 200 yards until he left the game with "vision problems." They did make some huge plays however. Obviously, the fumble return for the touchdown by Florence was a huge turning point in the game. The biggest play in the game however had to be the George Wilson interception in the end zone. This play happened with the Bills trailing 31-28. Wilson read a crossing route intended for Owens, intercepted the pass and returned it 56 yards into Bengal territory. The Bills scored on a TD pass to Donald Jones on the ensuing drive and never looked back. Gotta love dudes like Donald Jones having 5 for 70 and a touchdown.

One interesting fact is that right now, 4 Bills offensive players are owned in fantasy leagues. In looking on YAHOO, Fitz is owned in 52% of leagues, Steve Johnson 87%, Fred Jackson 68%, and Lee Evans 60%. Donald Jones is currently owned in 0% of leagues...with the way this offense is clicking, I would jump on this guy ASAP. Seriously though, who would have thought that 4 Bills offensive players would be viable fantasy options this season...and of those 4, who would have thought that Lee Evans would be the 4th best? Crazy. Chan Gailey ladies and gentlemen.

Finally, to wrap up this post, I am going to spend time complaining about Ed Hoculi. How can you possibly blow that play dead when Benson fumbled in the first half? He was hit and it instantly seemed like the play was blown dead. Shawn Nelson was held up in the air for about 5 seconds in Baltimore and the play wasn't blown dead. Terrible call. Secondly, the end of the first half was extemely questionable. The Bengals ran a running play with 5 seconds left, didn't score and the clock ran out. Somehow, Hoculi made the arbitrary decision that there should be 1 second left. He really might be the worst official in the league.

The Bills will continue their battle to 8-8 Sunday in Orchard Park in front of at least 35,000 idiots waiving the terrible towel. Bills 27 Steelers 16.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week 11-Bills Bungals


The Bills and Bungals play an NFL game tomorrow. It is blacked out in Cincinnati, their first black out since 2003. The teams have a combined 3 wins. You can probably count in your hands the number of non Bills or Bungals fans that will be watching. For me, watching the Bills play in Paul Brown stadium brings some from awesome memories. Who could forget that fateful December 19 day in 2004? The Bills playoff push that ended in heartbreak reached its Pinnacle in South Ohio. The 4 contributors of this blog took their inaugural Bills road trip and the Bills steamrolled the home team 33-17 (The Bills have gone 0-5 since and in one stretch went 11 straight quarters without scoring a touchdown in road games we have attended). Takeo Spikes scored vs. his old team. Jason Peters blocked a punt and recovered it in the end zone for a touchdown. He was wearing a number in the 80’s and still hadn’t turned in to a selfish prick. Lee Evans played in this game. He had 5 catches for 101 yards and a touchdown. Chad Johnson played in this game. He had 2 catches for 10 yards. I called WGR after the game and talked about how great of a shut down corner Nate Clements was. The only other Bills player other than Evans that is still on the team worth mentioning is Terrance McGee.

It is crazy how recent this game seems, but it was 6 years ago. Mike Mularkey was coach. Somehow Marvin Lewis was and still is the Bungal coach. How has he not been fired yet? The Bills are on their third coach since 2004. Carson Palmer was the starting quarterback for the Bungals in 2004 and still is in 2010. Drew Bledsoe quarterbacked the Bills in 2004. The Bills have gone through Drew Bledsoe, JP Losman, Kelly Holcombe, Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick since 2004. The Bills are a dysfunctional franchise. 3 coaches in the past 6 years. 5 quarterbacks that had been named the “starter” in the past 6 years. I wasn’t just naming QBs that started because of injuries. All guys that I named were considered by their coach the starter at some point.

Enough negative talk. The Bills haven’t lost to the Bungals in 22 years. The last time the Bungals beat the Bills was January 8, 1989 in the AFC Championship game. Since then, the Bills have played the Bungals 9 times. They are 9-0 in those games and have outscored Cincinnati 275-150. This is an average of 31-17 per game. With how bad the Bills have been this decade, they are 5-0 against the Bungals and have outscored them 152-90. This is a 30-18 average score. That is unbelievable to me. The same decade that the Bills have been completely owned by teams like the Cleveland Browns, they have somehow gone undefeated against Cincinnati. Not only undefeated, but have embarrassed the Bungals.

There is no reason to think that this trend won’t continue tomorrow. The Bungals are in a complete tailspin. They have lost 6 in a row while the Bills are currently on a winning streak. I like the Bills winning the game 23-10. Will this happen? Probably not, but there is one thing I can almost guarantee…the Bills will cover. How can a team that is 2-7 and has lost 6 in a row possibly by a 6 point favorite versus anyone? I thought if two teams were considered even, the home team would be 3 point favorites.

I am rooting for the Bills to win. Yeah, I would love a shot at Andrew Luck…but like I said in this week’s podcast…who knows if he will even enter…and Carolina is going to have the number 1 pick. Jim Harbaugh, Stanford’s coach, did have these comments this week, “He's physically mature, he's mentally mature. He's got a rare talent.” Also…for those of you following his college career, Luck shredded Cal today in a 48-14 win on the road. Didn’t Cal almost beat Oregon last week? Luck went 16-20 for 235 and 2 touchdowns. He also ran for 72 yards, which led his team.

Other quarterback prospects:

Ryan Mallett: 9-17 for 126 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception, 3:54 remaining in the third quarter at Mississippi State. Arkansas is down 21-17.

Jake Locker: 10-21 for 68 yards and 1 interception in a 24-7 win against UCLA. Can we please officially write this guy off as a potential QB prospect? He has had more horrible games than Trent Edwards had senior year. Let’s please not draft this guy.

Cam Newton: Does not have a game this week. Next week Auburn plays at Alabama so we will learn a lot about Newton. Regardless, he is a cheater and a scum bag.

Week 11 NFL Spreads and locks

By James

It’s no secret that a lot of the NFL’s fan-base is made up of avid sports-betters. You may have your favorite team. You probably love Monday Night Football and throwing a Super Bowl party. But if you’re a gambler, the NFL becomes less about fanfare and takes on a more businesslike approach.

Finding a good point spread in the NFL is like finding the best online casino bonuses or like getting two scratchers for the price of one. Take a game like the Atlanta Falcons at the St. Louis Rams as an example. The Falcons’ -3 spread is looking extremely healthy against a team with very little defensive muscle.
This is one of the more favorable spreads you’ll find in week 11. There are a lot of games that do appear to be too close to call, like the Philadelphia Eagles giving up 3 to the New York Giants, the New England Patriots favored by 3 ½ over the Indianapolis Colts, and the San Francisco 49ers with a questionable 3 ½ cushion over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home.

Overall, everything else is looking fairly reasonable. The New Orleans Saints are big favorites traveling to Seattle to play the on-again, off-again Seahawks, earning a cushion of 11 ½. The Chiefs make their way out to Arizona giving up 8 to the Cardinals. And Jacksonville is barely a PAT better than the Cleveland Browns in the Dog Pound, favored by only 1 ½.

There are a few sleeper teams you might want to keep an eye out for. The Bills might only have one win to their credit this season, but they’ve competed in nearly every game, playing their hearts out and just not making enough hay to get over the hump. But they’re getting the Cincinnati Bengals at home and are 6-point underdogs.
The Bengals are dysfunctional and not nearly potent enough to win big against the Bills and their collective heart. If the Lions couldn’t score big against Buffalo with Megatron, don’t expect that an over-the-hill TO and an overhyped Ochocinco will do any better.

This might be going out on a limb, but don’t look for the Pittsburgh Steelers to cover all 7 against the Oakland Raiders either. The Steelers have to travel to Oakland, where the Raiders are well rested after the bye week. Pittsburgh has a great run defense, but Oakland’s running game isn’t a one-trick pony. They don’t have to go up the gut; they can spread and sweep and do to the Steelers with Tom Brady and the Pats did.

A couple of spreads we feel are locks: The Green Bay Packers travel to Minnesota to play Favre and the Vikings and are favored by 3. Look for the Pack to win by a bigger margin than that. Brett has 16 INTs already and is on pace to throw nearly 30. Against Green Bay, he’ll try to do too much. Don’t be surprised if Brett hits the blackjack bonus special and throws 5 INTs here en route to losing 38-13.

Lastly, the New York Jets are locks to cover 7 against the Houston Texans. Houston has the worst red zone defense and the worst all-around defense in the league. Everyone facing them puts up huge numbers, and New York has a running game, a deep threat, a mobile quarterback, and a defense that will quell Andre Johnson’s attempts to keep the game close.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Buffalo Bills @ Cincinnati Bengals podcast

Steve and Coast breakdown the Bills win against the Detroit Lions, they're upcoming venture to Cincinnati the QB situation, season outlook and Chan Gailey

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ben Rapelisraper sucks

Don't forget, the Shittsburgh Steelers and known rapist Ben Rapelisraper come to down in less than 2 weeks, get your t shirts here only $10

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Must Win for the Buffalo Bills

by Steve

Yes, this is a must win for the Buffalo Bills. They are 0-8, they want the #1 overall pick, they are already out of the playoffs and every L they get moves them closer to Andrew Luck (hopefully). I get all that. But do we really wanna go 0-16? I don't and one victory won't end our chances at the top spot in the draft any way.

Looking at the schedule this will be the last game the Buffalo Bills are favored all season. Etch that into a piece of wood. This is there last good chance at a victory. Stafford is out, the Lions have lost 24 straight on the road and the game is actually in Erie County.

We're all about numb to all of the losing at this point but zero triumphs in an entire season? That is beyond disheartening it is beyond embarrassing. I couldn't stomach it. Losing to Shaun Hill and an albatross of a squad as the Detroit Lions would be icing on a poop popsicle. Don't we want to leave the Ralph once this season after a win? I for one miss having a post game beer in celebration rather than to drowned my sorrows. Win one for the gipper!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Buffalo Bills news/notes

  • Asshole bust city Aaron Maybin found it necessary to release a rap song. WTF is this loser and his agent thinking? Is there any chance he is even on the team next year?
  • Shawne Merriman is already out for Sunday. Also it won't be on TV locally.
  • The losers don't wanna be called 'lovable' losers.
  • Levi Brown love?
  • Someone has to win Sunday, maybe
  • FYI the Lions haven't won on the road since Fall 2007, 24 straight L's

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NCAA basketball preseason top 10

by Andrew S.

1. Duke Blue Devils- Even with the loss of Scheyer and Zubek, this team is poised to
repeat. Sprinkle in top PG recruit Kyrie Irving and transfer Seth Curry and this team is
easily the best team in the country and ready for a nice run into April.

2. Michigan State Spartans- Back to back Final 4’s and has the entire team back. Tom
Izzo made the right choice in coming back to East Lansing. What a game it will be in
Durham in the beginning of December.

3. Kansas State Wildcats- Yeah, I know, WHO? If you aren’t familiar with Frank Martin get to know him ASAP. He has put together a squad in the Big XII that can really play. Jake “Fear the Beard” Pullin can score from anywhere on the court and Curtis Kelly has really come along on the inside for the Wildcats. This is an exciting team to watch.

4. Pittsburgh Panthers- Everyone is back and Ashton Gibbs is one of the best pure
shooters in the country. Add tough nose Brad Wanamaker and Gary McGhee on the
inside and you have the best team in the Big East and a Final Four favorite.

5. Ohio State Buckeyes- Even though they lost Evan Turner, they may actually be a better team this year. Thad Matta has brought in the number 1 recruiting class in the nation led by big man Jared Sullinger. A weak early schedule should help build confidence in this young team and get them ready for a tough Big Ten schedule.

6. Syracuse Orange- A lot of people have them a little lower in the rankings, but I think Jimmy B has put together a squad that will quietly make a hard push in the Big East and onto the NCAA Tourney. They lost a lot of talent through graduation and the draft, but Chris Joseph is ready for a breakout year. Watch out for the new “Melo” on campus too.

7. Kansas Jayhawks- Tough for me to put them here because of the question mark above Josh Selby’s eligibility, but can you ever really doubt Bill Self? The Morris brothers are back anchoring the front court and T. Taylor is a solid guard. If Selby play’s there is going to be a battle for top spot in the Big XII.

8. Villanova Wildcats- Everyone says the Big East isn’t as strong as it has been in the past. WRONG! Scottie Reynolds is gone but Jay Wright has groomed the best floor leader in the nation in Corey Fisher. Fisher will lead a backcourt heavy team that will also push the Wild Cats towards first in the Big East.

9. North Carolina Tar Heels- It hurts to say this but I think the Baby Blues are going to surprise a lot of people this year. The bandwagon’ers won’t be, but they don’t really ever know what’s going on. Last year was a huge disappointment for Roy Williams and Co, but will Harrison Barnes, a preseason All American, UNC is poised to make some noise in 2010.

10. Florida Gators- Ever since Billy D left for a few days, then came back, his Gator’s
haven’t been the same. But with all 5 starters returning and a weak SEC, the Gators
shouldn’t have a problem running through their conference and being there in March.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Buffalo Billss 0-8

by Steve

It is almost a good thing the Buffalo Bills are dreadful this season. If these games actually meant something the heartbreak of these close L's would be tough to swallow. In typical bend but don't break then blow it at the end fashion, the Bills lost a close game in Toronto against the Bears 22-19. Quick hits:

  • Ryan Lindell, great time to have your first extra point not sail through the uprights, cost the Bills the game.
  • Aren't punters a dime a dozen? Brian Moorman has outlived his usefulness
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick is smart
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick is a mediocrity.
  • The Bills should have challenged both touchdown catches by the Bears. Both were close calls with the ball possibly hitting the turf and one foot near the white.
  • What is the rule with injuries inside two minutes, I thought it was a penalty.
  • CJ Spiller needs more touches.
  • How hard is it to run a screen pass?
  • Chris Kelsay is an albatross.
  • Donde esta Shawn Nelson?
  • Stevie Johnson is a legit WR in the National Football League.
  • Chan Gailey is a stop gap coach who should be very closely scrutinized the rest of the season to prove he is worth coming back next season.
  • It was nice to see Ralph at the game, he didn't look too bad at all.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick is smart.
  • The one challenge Gailey actually requested was one of the worst challenges in the history of the Bills, on par with the Peerless Price heels/two time outs debacle.
  • The offensive line can pass block.
  • #61 is Mansfield Wrotto, never heard of him, he was getting a lot of time at RT. Of course he is from G Tech, he was signed on the practice squad 10/1 from Seattle.
  • The offensive line can not run block.
  • Oh, and allegedly Ryan Fitzpatrick is smart.
  • See you at the Ralph Sunday after a month hiatus.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shawne Merriman touchs down in Buffalo

by Steve

Shawne Merriman
spoke with the media today at OBD. He said all the right things, sounded ready to murder fools and had a couple quotes "just some small nagging injuries" kept him off the field the last 3 years. "I always have a chip on my shoulder" . Said he is used to cold weather and grew up on the East Coast. "do I have a helmet?" about playing for the Bills. "i'm not just gonna be a guy here running around on the field, players can lien on me" "i'll be on the sidelines Sunday"

Video won't let me embed it, here is a link

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Buffalo: Lights Out

by Steve

The Buffalo Bills have apparently claims Shawne Merriman off waivers from the SD Chargers:

Merriman must report to the Bills within the next five days or he'll be placed on the Reserve/Left Squad list and would not be able to play the rest of the season, at which point his status would be determined by the next collective bargaining agreement. At the moment, Merriman plans to report to Buffalo, sources told Schefter. He is not, however, expected to play Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

Why not claim Merriman. The Bills are an awful team with an even worse defense. There is no linebacker talent on the team any where. Lights Out will only cost $1.8 mil for the rest of the season and is an UFA after the season. Try him out see if he has anything left and see if he gels with the team. Maybe he can even improve or teach some of the other players a thing or two although that seems unlikely.

Hey, worst comes to worst we'll have someone around town to punch out Tia Tequilla if she is messin with anyone around town. BOOOM

Monday, November 1, 2010

Let's Get Weird

by Steve

Hey, American League, boom roasted. How you like them apples. Umm that's all I have. I assume a majority of sports fans watched the Colts Oilers game on MNF so I'll let you know that the National League and the San Fransisco Giants won the World Series tonight.

Someone get Josh Hamilton some heroin or some new ink the guy sucks. Swing the bat puss. Him and Vladi did basically nil in this 5 game beat down of a series. Tim Lincecum out dueled C Lee twice and no game was really that close or that interesting.

Personally I blame Cliff Lee's "struggles" on too many innings the last few years but still excuses are excuses. Plus the National League is the superior league so no one should be surprised he couldn't totally handle HUGE bats like an aging Edgar Reteria, a journeyman like Aubrey Huff and rook Gerald errr Busta Posey.

Overall a great postseason. The Yankees and Phillies both got curbstomped, there were almost no close or riveting games no game sevens and no bust out stars. Well, except for crazy kook Brian Wilson. Dude is a straight kook. I love how he celebrated by himself when he struck out Nelson for the clinching out. Even better was Busta Posey looking for someone, anyone else to jump around with for fear of his own life having to jump on Wilson near the mound. Classic moment.

On a final note, I don't like the 3-2-3 set up. It is confusing and lame. Is traveling on a private jet really that uncomfortable?