Thursday, October 29, 2009

Houston Texans @ Buffalo Bills podcast

Steve Wreck and Coast break down the Houston @ Buffalo football game 11/1/09. Schaub, Slaton, Owens/Evans, Fitz v Trent, Kubiak and Jauron, it is all broken down.

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Are the Buffalo Sabres for real?

by Steve

Alright enough Yankee bashing and Bills talk for oh, ten minutes. The Sabres season hasn't fully started yet since it is still football season, but the team is off to such a blazing start something needs to be said. After nine games, the Sabres have one of the best young defenseman in the game (he's only 19 and yes he is staying), their goalie is playing lights out and they are alone in first place. But are they for real?

Really it is tough to say. They haven't beatin anyone great or perhaps even good outside of Detroit but you only play the teams you play. The N.E. division is up for grabs and if Millsie continues to play as well as he is currently, there is no reason to believe this team won't be contending for a division title.

Somethings are noticeably disconcerting with this team including the back up goal tender (Lalime), Roy and his zero goals, Vanek and his zero assists, Jochen Hecht (only because of his contract) and ... that's pretty much it. I would say Stafford and Pominville but Pommers appears to be picking it up and Dreeeew isn't killing me. Plus it is still only nine games.

There are however positives of this team that keep me hopefully of a playoff round victory or two. The defense is killing it in front of Millsie. There is only one player that is a minus (Sekera and he has only played three games) and the depth at D is ridiculous. Also the contributions of Mike Grier on the ice (three goals) and off it are undeniable. The entire team appears to be playing with more grit and determination. Kaleta appears to have more offensive prowess then previously thought, Kennedy looks solid and Montador has given more than anticipated.

Overall I wouldn't be shocked if the Sabres finished in the top four in the division but a fall back with a tough November schedule wouldn't be all together unexpected. Ruff has the team playing and with Millsie in net there is no reason to think this squad is a fluke right now.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Phillies dismantle the Yankees

by Steve

Classic Yankees post season performance. I loved every minute of it. Alexander purple lips 3 k's 0-4, Mark Tesh took the collar, DJ had a mouth guard in, Cottage Cheese looked over matched over paid and ready to choke on some KFC, Milky is the worst CF on a WS team in a while, Cano is a no show, and Japsui is finished.

Lee straight up dealt. Dude was nearly unhittable. J-ro didn't show up and neither did much of the Phills line up but all they needed was Utley and his bloop hr and a blast to win this one sided affair. Who needs a closer when your starter goes 9 innings?

Speaking of bullpens, how about that vaunted Yankees 'pen? Hughes is a travesty, Bruney is useless, and the rest of them are marginal at best. I can't wait for Burnett to get shelled tomorrow.

Last thing, how about my man Nick Swisher? Dude is invisible out there. Posada and his marginal world series batting average won't be missed tomorrow I know that. If as a Yankee "fan" you aren't worried yet, you should be.

Why are Yankees fans such bitches revisited

Hilarious piece from the summer of 08 before the Yankees went out and spent $423.5 million in the offseason. Still no clue why all those dumb fucks are such bitches.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Buffalo Bills power rankings week 8

Here is the week 8 power ranking composite for all the 'major' websites

ESPN Bills #22 (24)
Between the Jets and Panthers giving away games, Dick Jauron must feel as though Christmas came early for the Bills. (Clayton)

CBS Sportsline Bills 21 (24)
You have to give them credit for two straight road wins that get them to 3-4. If they can beat the Texans this week to get back to .500, the playoffs would still be a possibility. -Pete Prisco

FoxSports Bills 23 (27)
Time to start the Ryan Fitzpatrick era? Not quite. But props to the former Hahh-vard man for leading his team to victory in his last five games (he won season's final three in '08 with Bengals, now two straight with Buffalo subbing for injured Trent Edwards)

Bleacher Report Bills 20 (26)
Two straight wins and a relatively-weak AFC have the Bills thinking their season isn't close to being lost.

NBC Sports Bills 22 (24)
The appropriate saying before each 2009 Bills game is, "May the best team find a way to blow it."


Oh and great column by Jerry Sullivan who waivers on our shit list from week to week.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Buffalo Bills news notes and stats

  • Need proof stats are over rated? Schobel is 13th in the league in sacks, Kelsay is 29th.
  • Alright fine, more proof, the top two tacklers in the NFL 1. London Fletcher-Baker 2. KEITH ELLISON, yikes.
  • Jairus Byrd is alone in second place for interceptions and is not on the pro bowl ballot ouch.
  • Peter King had Dick Jauron as his coach of the week in MMQ
  • Buffalo Sports Daily might be the only one not hating Terrell Owens right now.
  • What are the odds Sunday is Fitz' last start in the NFL? 30% 25%? With a win it still might be 15%
  • Oh and RAW was in Buffalo Monday night. I guess they were talking about how the Bills suck, for some reason that made it to sportscenter, no idea why.

Bills Beat Carolina...Jairus Byrd-Ball Hawk


So, when was the last time the Bills won road games in back to back weeks? How about 2004 when they beat the Bengals and 49ers in weeks 15 and 16. Another ugly Bills win, but a win none the less. 425 to 167 in total yards. 309 to 114 in passing yards, 116 to 53 in rushing yards. 34:40 to 25:20 in time of possession. But the key stat is turnovers...Carolina 4, Buffalo 0. Basically, the Bills won because of two words: Jairus Byrd.

Jairus Byrd is a freaking ball hawk. The dude is ALWAYS around the ball. He had 2 more interceptions and in only three starts, has five interceptions. He is 2nd in the NFL right now in INTs behind only Darren Sharper. When was the last time a Bills player had 5 interceptions in a season? Again, 2004 when Clements had 6 and Spikes had 5...only Byrd has done it in only three games. Both of his interceptions directly led to touchdowns. Byrd won the Bills the football game...I need his jersey as soon as possible.

I will be the first to admit that Fitz has looked less than impressive in the past two games. But, is it any coincidence that Lee Evans has finally made an appearance in this offense since Fitz took over? He had 5 for 75 and a touchdown yesterday and 4 for 68 and a touchdown against the Jets. In 2 games, Evans has 9 catches for 143 yards and two touchdowns. Under Edwards, in FIVE games, Evans had 12 for 159 and 1 touchdown. Fitz isn't good, but he is basically 2-0 and can get the ball to our best receiver. The fact that no one on our offensive line can block doesn't help and the fact that TO is nothing compared to what he used to be doesn't help his cause...but I will say, I do not want to see number five on the football field again unless Fitz gets hurt. He sucks. He is my least favorite Bill of all time and I don't want to see his grill anywhere near under center.

The Bills defense has had 10 interceptions in the past 3 games. That is why they have won their last 2, takeaways. They have played against Sanchez, Anderson and a reeling Jake Delhomme. Next week, Matt Shaub, the leagues 4th highest rated passer, comes to town. They have a good offense and this will be a real test for this team. Either way, next Sunday is a HUGE football game if the Bills want any chance of salvaging their season. Next week is an early November must win football game. If they lose at home, lights out on the 2009 season.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Angels gift wrap the Yankees the ALCS

by Steve

Mike Scioscia should be fired. Has a team and a manager played more scared and fucked up more times than the Angels did in the ALCS? Routine grounders, walking Cheat-rod, walking Cheater, ridiculous. Mismanagement of the bullpen and the starts throughout the series, this was a fuckin joke and a complete gift to the Yankees and their organization.

The Twins gift wrapped the ALDS and now the Angels do the same thing. Can a team get an easier road to the World Series? The blunders, base running errors etc are too numerous to count. WOW my two most hated baseball teams are in the World Series? AND I have to chear for the fuckin Phillies? Fuck that I may not watch

Bills 20 Panthers 9

by steve

425 to 167 in yards but points are what matters in the National Football League. Ryan Fitz had about 4 good to great passes that contributed to the win but he by no means won the Bills this game. If healthy Trent Edwards was available next week I'd take him over Fitz but Fitz is going to play either way against Houston.

WOW a meaningfull game at the Ralph in November? I love it. Who woulda thought that after the Dolphins/Browns games..

Back to this game. Jairus Byrd is a ballhawk ball hawking the ball like a ballhawk. Dude is always around the ball and makes plays. I'll say he won us the game period point blank

Lynch finally found pay dirt although he did kinda jog in and show boat before he scored. Evans actually exists. No pressure on the QB until the game was nearly over. Bills still couldn't pass block, they couldn't run block, they couldn't get first downs, Owens had a few more drops and isn't as good as he used to be, Poz looked good, Bills @ the Ralph v Houston get ready mo fckaaaaas


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Western Michigan 34 UB 31 OT final

by Steve

Tough loss for the Bulls @ Western Michigan. UB drove down with time running out to kick a game tying field goal. They got the ball first in OT, did absolutely nothing, John Rachuna missed a 43 yarder, WMU drove down to the five on their possession and kicked a chip shot to win it.

UB's next two games are at home on ESPN2 against Bowling Green (11/3) and Ohio(11/10). The Bulls can still finish 7-5 on the year but three losses already in the MAC means their season is probably over.

Lets face it, losing the best player on their team before the season spelled doom on this season from the onset. I'm not going to say they are 100% dead just because of last year, but losing James Starks was a killer period point blank.

Hopefully UB plays well and gets some solid exposure on national TV the next two weeks. Some positives to take out of the season thus far are the play of junior RB Ike Nduka and sophomore QB Zach Maynard. Their play has steadily improved as the season has progressed. One would have to think that should mean good things next year and beyond assuming T-Gill sticks around which I believe he will.

Overtime UB 31 Western Mich 31

UB up 4 with about 5 minutes left allowed Western Michigan to march down the field to score a touchdown taking a three point lead. UB got tlhe ball back with about 2 minutes left on their own 20 yard line. Maynard and co. marched down to the WMU 11 and kicked a game tying 28 yard field goal by AJ Principe.

UB on offense first
UB missed 44 yard field goal, Principe did not kick it.. ?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Roscoe Parrish is pissed

'scoe spoke with Chris Brown

“That’s the only crazy part about it,” said Parrish. ”To be honest with you, not to bad mouth nobody, not to bad mouth Jauron, my resume speaks for itself. When you see my resume and you see me not returning punts, it’s kind of like. ‘Wow what is going on?’ I’m not going to sit up here and be negative with the whole situation toward Dick Jauron, but it’s kind of a situation where you look at it and you say this guy here led the league two years in a row and the year before he didn’t lead he finished third and then that year he had a good average. And just four or five games into a season and I’m off the field not dressing. That’s the only frustrating part to me. It’s really not enough (of an) explanation.”

Parrish’s career average coming into the season was 14 yards a punt return. Thus far this season his average is 6.1. But Parrish says five games does not make a season.

“What can possibly be said to a guy that’s been leading the league in punt return,” asked Parrish rhetorically about his benching. ”What can possibly be said, ‘I’m not doing a good job because of one game?’ It’s a long season.”


“Both Roscoe and Freddy are terrific returners,” said Jauron. ”We didn’t feel like we were losing much quite frankly.”

Not practicing
Trent Edwards (not in attendance)
Shawn Nelson (not in attendance)
Xavier Omon (not in attendance)
Jonathan Scott (not in attendance)
Donte Whitner (watching)
Kyle Williams (watching)

Limited in practice
Chris Kelsay
Terrence McGee
Bryan Scott

Jerry Sullivan sorta making shit up

Jets hatin on Buffalo and Owens
“I don’t think we doubled him once,” Darrel Revis said. “Buffalo will make you hit a wall [in your career]. People thought Randy Moss(notes) hit a wall, too, didn’t they? How motivated is [Owens] to play in Buffalo? How excited is he about the offense? They just canned the no-huddle [stuff] because it wasn’t working. They’re not finding creative ways to get him the football, either.”

Asked if he thought Owens could still be a great player in the league, the Jets player replied, “I don’t know. But definitely not on that offense.”

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Buffalo Bills @ Carolina Panthers podcast

Steve Coast and Wreck discuss the upcoming Bills @ Panthers game 10/25. Jauron, special teams, the NFL, Fitz V Trent broken down.

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Trent Edwards injury update 10/21/09


Jauron on Trent's injury

“With a head injury you follow protocol and that’s what we’ll do. We’ll go day to day. He wasn’t involved today at all in any aspect of our work.”

Comparing last years concussion to this years concussion: “I wouldn’t even venture to guess on that. It’s not my area.”

Trent wasn't even at OBD today. Fitz is unofficially officially playing Sunday @ Carolina.

AVP's comments

“We’ll change things and find things he does differently,” said Van Pelt. ”Some things he does better and some things he does not do as well and we’ll get the things in the game plan that he does well. He did a great job for us last week coming into a bad situation and getting us a win in that game. He’s excited to go. Obviously, we’re going to miss Trent, but we’ll get good work in this week and go down there and try to get a win.”

Also Parrish will not be returning punts in the future.. ?
“We’ll stay with what we did last Sunday,” said Jauron. “We’ll go in that direction and I think it worked out pretty well.”

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 7 NFL lines

by Steve

It is never too early in the week to start looking at week 7 NFL lines for sports betting. True the Bills line is still off because of Trent Edwards uncertainty but it is most likely +7.5 or so. There are a few ways to look at these things. Straight against the spread, the over/under, parlays, teasers, and progressive parlays.

It's always a good idea to consult with NFL Expert Picks to get differing opinions and insider information you may have overlooked. Most of the time you gotta go on instincts and trends. Never bet on your team just because they're your team. Betting against the spread is a risky proposition. Injuries, the juice, and the weather play more against the spread than anything else. Case in point the Jets game last week.

For the smart money, especially in the NFL this season with the numerous awful teams and plentiful great teams, go with the three team teaser. Who wouldn't like Colts -7.5 @ Rams, Packers -1 @ Browns and Pats -9 against the Bucs (on a neutral field)? Or the 4 o'clock games. Raiders +12 at home vs Jets, Saints -.5 @ Dolphins and Falcons +10 @ Cowboys?

Progressive parlays aren't for everyone and aren't even offered on a lot of places so we won't even break those down much today. The other option at this point is over/unders. These can also be affected by numerous intangibles but if you do your homework they are probably the most predictable bet in the game. Furthermore, when in doubt take the over especially in prime time games when the players are more amped.

Right now the Bills look awful but they have put up two wins, same number as the Panthers. Is a Delhomme quarterbacked team really worth -7.5 points on any field? And we all know the huge contingent of ex Buffalonians in the 'research triangle'. There might be 20,000 Bills fans there. Bills are the lock of the week.

Sabres ship Dan Paille to Boston

The Sabres traded extra winger Dan Paille to the Boston Bruins; they receive a third-rounder and a conditional fourth-round pick in the 2010 draft. Paille was in the second year of a two year deal $2.25 million contract. He was making $1.35 mil this season.

There was a glut of forwards with Kennedy playing well and this saves the Sabres some cash. Would have rather had a player in return but what are you gonna do. Paille never lived up to expectations and it wouldn't be surprising if he played significantly better in a new atmosphere with consistent playing time.

Bills news and notes

  • Trent Edwards and Shaun Nelson both had concussions. Doubt they'll play this week, more info tomorrow when injury reports come out
  • Jairus Byrd is up for rookie of the week. BALL HAWK
  • According to’s Adam Caplan the Bills will be working out DT Antwan Lake today. Lake played for N.O. last year in spot duty, decent year for the ATL in 05 and of course was originally a Detroit Lion
  • James Hardy will begin practicing tomorrow
  • Parrish is not expected to be traded
  • Trade deadline is today at 4:00 pm EST
  • Jim Kelly story

Monday, October 19, 2009

Writing on the wall for Roscoe Parrish

Adam Schefter and co. say Parrish will be moved before Tuesday's deadline

But I’m told that Parrish is “finished” as a Buffalo Bill.

The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday afternoon. The Bills are frantically trying to accommodate a deal to move Parrish. The reported rumors of getting a third or fourth round draft pick are highly unlikely. The entire league knows the Bills are trying to move him. At this point the Bills will take anything they can get for the disgruntled five-year veteran. A sixth rounder is more feasible.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

pictures of the FIRE JAURON billboard in Buffalo

Bills win in OT 16-13

by Steve

Hurray the Bills win again! Didn't think that would happen till December. I thought the Bills would play the Jets tough, they always show up in the Meadowlands. There is a bit of ambivalence towards this win but watching fat Rex is a dog's name Ryan squirming, wasting time outs and get out coached by Jauron. Also ESPN's most recent suck off fest love affair Mark Sanchez looked like a pile of shit.

318 yards rushing for the Jets and they lost? I didn't have any confidence the Jets would win the game the way Sanchez played. I also didn't anticipate anybody on the Bills making a play, which they basically didn't. The Poz pick was a play I guess but why didn't he run after catching it?

  • How many injuries can one team have?
  • Fitzpatrick had a few good balls but mostly was bad.
  • 6 interceptions WOW, Jairus Byrd is a beast
  • Why right sweep when you only need a few extra yards to get closer for a field goal?
  • Jauron proved his ineptitude with his insistence on making the field goals as tough as possible to win the game.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Buffalo Bills @ NY Jets podcast

Steve and Coast break down the Bills @ Jets game as well as the billboard going up requesting Jauron's ouster, the future outlook and the Jauron era in general.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bills check down the no huddle

by Steve

I guess it took 5 games to realize the no huddle sucks big time because the Bills will be moving on with out it. I wonder if it is the 4 losses, Trent's QB rating being the second worst for a full time starter or the 3 points put up against the lowly Browns, whatever it was thank god.

First of all why would a team exclusively run a no huddle? Why not mix it up at the very least? Why would a new coordinator keep the exact same offense after his predecessor was fired because it blew big time? Looking at the offensive line +all the injuries and the borderline inept QB what did Jauron see that made him think the no huddle was a good idea?

It is probably too little too late for the season, Jauron and even Trent Edward's career, I'm just glad it is done but we'll see.

On unrelated notes

Jamon Meredith is the new starting RT replacing Chambers/Scott.

Vic Carucci thinks we'll be looking at a Mike Nolan esque coach next year

And usually smart TMQ writer Easterbrook erred in calling Russ Brandon Matt Millen..

"The Bills have lost in consecutive weeks to winless teams, scoring one offensive touchdown in the last three games, and are on a 3-12 run since the moment last fall when Dick "Cheerio, Chaps" Jauron received a three-year, $9 million contract extension. Thank goodness Cheerio Chaps has long-term security! He did not, however, grant himself the extension: management did. During the same period Jauron has been on the Buffalo scene, Buffalo management has invested three first-round draft choices and a second-rounder in safety Donte Whitner, cornerback Leodis McKelvin, defensive tackle John McCargo and middle linebacker Paul Posluszny. After acquiring these gentlemen and granting them contracts with huge bonuses, Buffalo saved money by letting go safety Jim Leonhard, cornerback Jabari Greer, defensive tackle Justin Bannan and middle linebacker Mario Haggan. McCargo is a bust who has never started a game; Whitner is a journeyman-level performer, McKelvin and Posluszny are perennially injured. Meanwhile, Leonhard, Greer and Haggan are playing like stars for the Jets, Saints and Broncos, while Bannan is often on the field for the Ravens. Had Buffalo simply kept Leonhard, Greer, Haggan and Bannan and used the draft choices and money on other players, it might now be a real team. Time to recognize that Buffalo general manager Russ Brandon is Matt Millen: The Sequel."

Hindsight is 20/20 and how is McKelvin perennially injured? Second round picks get huge bonuses? Greer was an undrafted fee agent I think they already got their value there. Oh and 29 tackles and 2 sacks in 1.5 years for Haggan has STAR written all over it

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fire Dick Jauron billboard coming soon

FYI the dudes from buffalo range got enough money to put up the Fire dick Jauron billboard on the 190 on one of those fancy new electronic Billboards. It cost $1100 for a week, funny how they got the money so quick. Obviously this albatross of a coach is hated so much people will pay to get him fired. I like it but it is sad at the same time

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bills, MNF, jauron, i hate you all

by Steve

Is ESPN contractually obligated to suck Mark Freddy Sanchez's dick as much as possible when ever possible? Did they really say something to the effect of the Braylon Edwards trade being the best in history? How about Rex is a dog's name Ryan and his sick fuckin defense.

Wait wait wait did Shawn Nelson really tweet "Dick Jauron is Da best" ANd Donte Whitner really tweeted "If you think our record determines my happiness you are sadely mistaken" ? AND as predicted Jauron is still our head coach?

I woke up today hoping dreaming my phone would be filled with texts and missed calls that Jauron was fired. Well instead I woke up and the house burned down on Christmas morning. He is still our head coach.

But hey donate to get a billboard put up requesting Jauron get fired

4-12? What Was I Thinking?


I am thoroughly embarrassed that I had the audacity to predict that this football team would win 4 games. I drastically overrated the skill of the quarterback and the leadership and intelligence of the head coach. Where in God's name did I find 4 wins on the schedule?

Seriously, rock bottom is resting on the peak of Mount Everest right now for the Buffalo Bills. Has it ever been worse in our lifetimes? I know in mine, it hasn't. Yeah, I was alive for the 1987 strike year with replacement players, but I would argue that there was never a game that was ugly as the one I witnessed yesterday. It was a comedy of errors from the beginning.

Fire Dick Now is what was spelled out on T shirts in the end zone. Fire Jauron shirts and signs were abundant. When Ralph Wilson came out of his suite and entered the general concourse area, he was welcomed with chants of "Fire Dick, Fire Dick." He is old, but could not possibly have ignored all these expressions of the fan's utter disappointment.

Wilson was supposed to be presented with his Hall of Fame ring yesterday during half time. It was on the Hall of Fame's homepage, it was all over the news. Allegedly, there was a podium on the field. Russ Brandon lied through his teeth to reporters by saying he had never heard of such an event being scheduled. Oh yeah, Russ? How come for the first time in the dozens of Buffalo Bills football games that I have attended, there was no halftime show whatsoever? No band, no punt pass and kick, not little loop football, nothing. Russ Brandon and the Bills knew nothing about any ring ceremony though. The real truth is that the Buffalo Bills prized 91 year old hall of famer owner would have gotten booed out of his own stadium when he was getting his hall of fame ring. It would have been an ugly scene, and everyone knew it.

As far as the "game" goes, I don't even know where to begin. The entire display was embarrassing from the get go. Fans cheered loudly when Trent Edwards threw an 18 yard pass over the middle to Terrell Owens. This is a pass that competant quarterbacks complete on a regular basis, but for Trent, it was a near miracle. Terrell Owens had 4 catches for 44 yards in the game, and believe me, he played a good football game. I watched Owens on a lot of plays and he was working hard and he was open all the time. I mean, he was open all the time, and Edwards just didn't even look his way.

Lee Evans didn't get a single look in the first half of the football game. He had 2 catches for 11 yards. One was on a shovel pass when Edwards was scrambling, the other was on the last drive of the game. Down by 3 with under 30 seconds to go, Lee Evans ran a 4 yard crossing pattern with no timeouts from the Bills 40. Why is your 9 million dollar receiver running this route at this time? On the season, through 5 games, Evans has 12 catches for 159 yards and 1 touchdown. He is on pace for about 500 yards for the season.

I am now 100% totally convinced, if I wasn't already, that Trent Edwards is the worst football player I have ever seen. He has played miserably for three consecutive games. The worst part for me is that he plays more scared than perhaps any athlete in any sport. I don't want to and will not root for a gutless player anymore. He is a younger, less pale and slighly taller version of his head coach and they both make me sick. They have a secret love affair and they only have jobs because of one another. Trent Edwards came right out and stuck up for his coach in his post game press conference yesterday, without even being asked. He said that the Bills have a head coach in place that will get them in the right direction and that the players rally behind. I think it's beyond obvious he can't get them in the right direction, and I think it is just as obvious, based on the performance of the team the past 2 weeks, that no one is rallying behind him.

Trent Edwards called a timeout on third down and 14 from his own 21 yard line in the 3rd quarter...they came out of the timeout to throw a 7 yard shovel pass to Evans. That is wasted timeout number 1.

Wasted timeout number 2 was even more pathetic. Cleveland was forced to punt late in the third and with 2 seconds left, Jauron called timeout to make them punt into the wind. Now, I was at the game and it was windy...but it wasn't that windy. It was not even close to windy enough to blow a time out in that spot. Did the move pay off? Zastudil, the Browns punter, had a 43 yard punt and the Bills electifying punt returner Roscoe Parrish, returned the punt -15 yards. That is not a dash, that is a negative 15 yards.

After Parrish fumbled the punt late in the game, the Browns faced a 3rd and 9, ran a pitch left, and got the first down. This left 2:02 on the clock. The Bills were out of time outs. The Browns had the ball inside the 10 yards line. If Cleveland kills the clock and kicks a field goal, the Bills would be left with about 20 seconds and no timeouts and no prayer. Was I the only person thinking to myself, let them score? In my mind, this seems like common sense. Let them score, and give yourselves two minutes to force over time. I think it was a terrible move by Jauron to not let them score. This may be just my opinion, but in that situation, letting the opponent score gives you easily your best chance. I know that the Bills offense was embarrassing all day, and if that is the case, what makes anyone think that they can move the ball anywhere in 20 seconds and no timeouts?

The Bills had 13 penalties, 9 of which was false starts. In a game full of amazing stats, this might be the most amazing. The Bills had the same number of false start penalties as there were points. Every single Buffalo Bills starting lineman got called for a false start. Even backup Kirk Chambers got flagged for two, and he played only half the game. The 2nd most amazing stat of the game was Derek Anderson's numbers, in a winning effort. Anderson was 2-17 for 23 yards and 1 interception. He had a 15.1 qb rating. Did I mention his team won the game? It's hard to even make something like that up.

The Bills best drive in the first half came on a 14 play 51 yard second quarter march that resulted in 0 points. The way it ended with 0 points is the best part. The Bills had 1st and 10 from the Browns 17. A false start penalty knocked them back to the 22. Then Lynch was stopped for a 3 yard loss, dropping the Bills back to the 25. Then, on a screen pass, Lynch got 2 yards to get Buffalo back to the 23 yard line for a 3rd and 16 play, that of course, resulted in an Edwards 8 yard sack. It was now 4th and 24 from the 31. The Bills went for it. I don't hate the move, but how can you explain going for it here and not going for it on 4th and a foot with the game on the line against the Saints? Illogical, really.

To make things even worse, Kawika Mitchell and Marcus Buggs are out for the year. Jon Corto played line backer yesterday. You mean to tell me that a small white boy from Orchard Park who went to Sacred Heart is better than Nic Harris? Harris played strong safety for the national runner up last year, has good size and is a beast. I don't care if he doesn't know how to play linebacker yet. Who really cares? Play him. Corto has zero future as an NFL linebacker. I better see Harris and Palmer in there and unfortunately now there is no choice but to play Ellison. Thanks for providing us some depth, Russ.

Dick Jauron again commented that he did not think about pulling the quarterback. That is embarrassing and a slap in the face to all Bills fans who pay money to try and watch the team win. With how bad Trent was playing, not making the QB change is basically insulting. As of now Jauron is still coach, so I guess we will see to what depths this team can sink. That is all that is worth paying attention to.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


BY Steve

What the fuck have we been doing the past 9 years? Whyyyy. as Mike Schopp said "We are the Cleveland Browns Bitch" That is nauseating

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Browns @ Bills ugh

by Steve

There are two schools of thought at this point. One is the Bills aren't that terrible and can turn around their season with a convincing win against a lowly Browns team. The other thought is the Bills need to lose and then fire Dick Jauron.

I am one of the few with a third thought. Mostly because I don't think we'll lose to the Browns, although anything is possible with this squad, and I don't think Wilson will eat the money and fire Jauron this season. Basically I am conflicted.

Should people root for the Bills to get embarrassed assuming Dicko will be booted Monday morning or should fans root for a win. Root for a win people. If we lose THEN we take solace in the idea of Jaurono getting canned. I can't root for a loss even if it means a better draft pick.

13-8 Bills

Friday, October 9, 2009

Quarterbacks to ponder

Andrew Schrum

I hate to say it, because when the Bills took Edwards in the 3rd round of the draft a few years back, I was a big Trent fan. Bill Walsh recommended him and I hated Losman. What a terrible move up the board that was. We gave up a future first for that undersized bum. I won’t go any farther because I’ll get sick.

Anyways, here we are again; a crappy team with a terrible coach and a timid QB. I’d like to give Trent the benefit of the doubt due to our awful coaching staff, but it wouldn’t hurt to look into the crystal ball and see what is going to be available through the draft and free agency for the Bills next year.

2010 NFL Draft: (List taken from and Scouts Inc Top 32 Draft Prospects List)

Sam Bradford, Oklahoma- BOOOOMMMERRRR! Would have been the #1 pick with the Lions last year. I think he will still go high to a team in the top 3.

Jake Locker, Washington- Under the radar because of the West Coast, but he is playing well and did beat USC, even though USC always has a let down Pac-10 loss. This is a guy to keep your eye on.

Jevan Snead, Mississippi- He beat Florida last year, but hasn’t lived up to the Heisman Hype this year. His numbers aren’t great, but has a cannon and is a good-sized man. Thanks, but no thanks.

Colt McCoy, Texas- Straight up gunslinger. He can air it out better than anyone in NCAA D1 right now. He is a tad undersized, and no Texas QB has made an NFL impact this decade, so I’m shying from him, for now.

Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame- Too small, nice arm, but that’s it. Does win games, but just not what the Bills are looking for.

Two guys that are not on the current list, but I feel will be come draft time are Tony Pike from Cincy and Dan LeFevour from Central Michigan. The thing I like about these two guys are their size 6’6 and 6’3 repeatedly but more importantly is they are cold weather QB’s. Losman and Trent were warm weather guys and look where that got us. Now I’m not saying that’s the underlying reason, but it’s my reason. Pike is putting up big numbers in a weak Big East, but numbers don’t lie and “it’s division one fooootbaaalll.” LeFevour’s numbers are unmatched by anyone in football right now. He can scramble and stand in the pocket and throw, and it is the MAC, but again, “it’s division one fooootbaaalll.”

2010 Free Agent QB’s:

Jason Campbell- Washington Redskins, his career is what it is. Soft, terrible and it is now clear he was just a product of the double head monster running game of Cadillac and Ronnie at Auburn.

Kyle Orton- Denver Broncos, his career has peaked. The Broncs gave up Cutler for him too, which doesn’t say much, but I feel Orton is worse than Trent.

Chad Pennington- Miami Dolphins, No No No NO NO. He’s old, and is the original Captain Check Down. Last thing we need.

Other Free Agents not worth looking at:

Charlie Batch, Pittsburgh Steelers (34)

Kyle Boller, St. Louis Rams (28)

David Carr, New York Giants (30)

Kellen Clemens, New York Jets (26)

Daunte Culpepper, Detroit Lions (32)

Jeff Garcia, Oakland Raiders (39)

Rex Grossman, Houston Texans (29)

Joey Harrington, New Orleans Saints (30)

Tarvaris Jackson, Minnesota Vikings (26)

Jon Kitna, Dallas Cowboys (36)

Matt Moore, Carolina Panthers (25) – Restricted FA

Patrick Ramsey, Tennessee Titans (30)

Brett Ratliff, Cleveland Browns (24) – Exclusive Rights

Troy Smith, Baltimore Ravens (25) – Restricted FA

No to all of these guys too.

The only other option that I could come up with is trading for a back up behind an actual good QB. My reasoning for this is the Aaron Rogers Experiment. He sat behind #4 for a few years and actually is a good QB. The guy I’m referring to would be Jim Sorgi (Peyton Manning). He is really the only backup that I like. We did grab Fitzy who sat behind Palmer for a bit, but I don’t think he’s the answer in OBD. Billy Volek was an option a few years ago, but he signed a nice deal to soak up some sun and surf in SD.

In my opinion, which doesn’t hold much value, I think we wait for the draft and then select a QB. Pike, LeFevour McCoy would be my choices. But who knows what our “GM” is going to do before the season comes to an end.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

JP Losman's Second Chance


Everyone who reads this blog knows that I think JP Losman is a star in the waiting if he doesn't have to play under Mike Mularkey or Dick Jauron. Tonight at 9 PM, Losman will get a chance to resurrect his career in the United Football League as his team, the Las Vegas Locomotives hosts the California Redwoods at 9 PM on Versus.

I semi-jokingly made the comment today that I am more excited about this game than I am about the Buffalo Bills in general and the more time goes on, the more this statement might actually be reality. One thing is for sure, this game will be more exciting than last Sunday's, and a majority of the games we watch under Jauron.

JP Losman's head coach is former New York Giant head coach and NFC Champion Jim Fassel. I don't think anyone can make any case that Mularkey or Jauron have more credibility than Fassel, who has actually had some success in the NFL. Here are some comments made by Fassel about his starting quarterback.

"If I had doubt that he should not be a starting winning quarterback, I wouldn't take it on," Fassel said. "But I had the same feeling with Kerry Collins ... J.P.'s got tremendous athletic skills. This guy should be a starter in the NFL. I mean, come on ... But I still understand you can help a guy. Even Tiger Woods needs a swing coach.

"Listen, if he'd have went back to the NFL and sat on the bench this year, then he'd have been no better off next year. Whatever anybody thought about him, they'd still say the same thing. Nothing would've changed. ... Instead, you go in this league and you play. The risk you take is you don't play well. But if you're an aggressive person, you say 'I'm going to play well, people are going to see me, and maybe I can erase some of those negatives that were in the past, and a lot of people will say, wow, look at him play now. He's a new guy.'"

"Quarterbacks, all they need to do is fit in the right circumstance," Fassel said. "I can name a lot of Hall of Fame quarterbacks that at the end of four years, you'd be shocked at their numbers and where they were. You take Steve Young, who was at Tampa. You look at his numbers after four years. You look at Terry Bradshaw's numbers after four years, you look at John Elway's numbers after four years, and you look at Brett Favre's numbers after four years. And if I didn't have a name on those, you might've cut them.

"Now that's after four years ... and my study is based upon having patience and the right circumstances with quarterbacks. And they didn't have great circumstances. Listen, Brett Favre got traded, Steve Young got traded or cut, I'm not sure. Dan Reeves tried to trade John Elway. And Terry Bradshaw was just playing on a frigging great team, OK? Three out of four of those quarterbacks were either traded or tried to get traded. And you know what? They're Hall of Fame guys."

Fassel said his point is that Losman's career isn't a bust yet. "You've got to be blind not to see this guy can play quarterback," the coach said. "And if he does his job this year and everything works out, I'll be the happiest guy in the world if next year, there's 12, 14, 16 teams saying, 'This guy's a quarterback; we all miscalculated this thing. He can play. Let's go get this guy now.' And then he's back where he wants to be. That's fine with me. I have no problem with that.

"In fact, I've thought about it a lot at night. I want that for him, and I feel the accountability. It's my job now to get him going. Because I think he'll make the commitment and I'll make the commitment, too."

And most recently, Fassel has said:

“Holy smokes, Losman’s an outstanding player,” Fassel said. “He was offered a backup contract to play in the NFL, but he’s doing the right thing to play here and re-establish himself. With some of these [NFL] teams struggling with the quarterback position, I can’t imagine that he couldn’t start for them. No question in my mind.”
Take his opinions for what they're worth, but he knows a lot more about quarterbacking and football than anyone on our current staff. What kind of coach takes an athletic strong armed quarterback and tries turning him into a straigh pocket passes a la Drew Bledsoe? Ridiculcous.

The Redwoods are coached by former NFL Coach Dennis Green. Rounding out the coaches of the rest of the teams in the league are Jim Haslett and Ted Cottrell. Green and Haslett have had more success head coaching in the NFL than Jauron without a doubt and former Bills Defensive Coordinator Ted Cottrell...well I would take him in a heart beat over Jauron. Jauron is worse than all coaches in the United Football League...ouch.

Go Loco's.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bills giving Browns six points Sunday

by Steve

In what universe are the Buffalo Bills giving six points to any team regards of location or opponent or conditions. The Buffalo Bills are a terrible franchise. They QB has accomplished zilch, never throwing 300 yards, a quarterback who is a career loser and an organization that is so inept it embarrasses it self without even doing anything.

And yet the Bills are (-6) against the Browns on Sunday? Holy shit how bad is that team/organization? I for one would never bet on the Bills giving six points to any team even if it is the Browns. True they have a bad QB horrible head coach and just traded their allegedly best player but six? The line hasn't even moved (maybe a half point depending on your source).

But honestly are the Browns really that bad? We lost to them last year at home in prime time with nearly the same cast of bums. If you take the Bills Sunday you're an idiot.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Miami 38 Bills 10: Jauron and Edwards=Failure


I have had a day to digest this loss and reflect on the past 52 games of the Dick Jauron era. I don't think there is any argument that he is one of the worst, if not the worst coach in the NFL or all of sports. The real sickening thing is how bad the quarterback is. He may have a .500 record, but that is not acceptable to anyone outside of the Buffalo Bills organization.

What are the most important attributes for a quarterback, other than wins and losses? There are three obvious ones. Touchdowns, interceptions and yards. Does the player make big plays? Does he take care of the football? That was one of the biggest reasons why the Bills coaches loved Trent. He took care of the football and was smart. Trent Edwards is now in his 3rd years as Buffalo Bills quarterback. Here are some numbers.

Record: 13-13
Yards Per Completion: 10.98
Pass attempts per passing touchdown: 33.04
Pass attempts per interception: 33.04

I have decided to look back at every single quarterback the Bills have since the 1998 season that started games for any significant period of time, just to compare to the quality of player we have under center right now. I did not look at QB rating because I know many people think it is a bogus statistic.

Doug Flutie

Record: 21-9
Yards Per Completion: 12.68
Pass attempts per passing touchdown: 22.62
Pass attempts per interception: 35.43

Rob Johnson

Record: 9-17
Yards: 4,798
Yards Per Completion: 11.97
Pass attempts per passing touchdown: 24.56
Pass attempts per interception: 39.00

Alex Van Pelt

Record: 3-8
Yards Per Completion: 11.39
Pass attempts per passing touchdown: 29.81
Pass attempts per interception: 19.88

Drew Bledsoe

Record: 23-25
Yards Per Completion: 11.22
Pass attempts per passing touchdown: 27.84
Pass attempts per interception: 35.60

JP Losman

Record: 10-23
Yards Per Completion: 11.13
Pass attempts per passing touchdown: 28.51
Pass attempts per interception: 27.68

Kelly Holcombe

Record: 4-4
Yards Per Completion: 9.74
Pass attempts per passing touchdown: 23.00
Pass attempts per interception: 28.75

Yes, other than Flutie, Edwards has the best win loss record. All you Edwards supporters can hang your hats on that. However, out of the 7 quarterbacks named above, Edwards ranks 7th in yards per completion, 7th in pass attempts per passing touchdown, and 4th in pass attempts per interception. Yes, he took care of the football better than Losman, Holcombe and Van Pelt but he was also more careful than all of these guys. All I am saying is that the argument can be made that he is the worst player we have had at quarterback since Kelly retired and the only player I would give you without much argument is Alex Van Pelt, his coach...I know I left Todd Collins off this list, but we all saw him play a few years back with Washington and he is obviously better. He is without a doubt the most scared player we have had back there that I have ever seen.

What about the head coach? It was brought to my attention today that Dick Jauron has had 6 300 yard passers at quarterback in his entire career in the NFL as a head coach. In Buffalo, he has coached 52 games. The Bills have had 2 300 yard passers in that span, and have had zero since JP Losman did it in Houston in 2006 (Losman has both 300 yard passing games during this span). That is unbelievable. We know the record is bad. He is 58-79. In 8 full seasons, a Jauron coach team has finished above 3rd in their division only twice, and one of these seasons, the team finished 2nd with a losing record. He only once has a winning season, has only once made the playoffs. I think it is obvious that one season was an outlier. The most glaring evidence of how bad the Bills coach and entire staff is by taking a look at the numbers of first ballot hall of fame receiver Terrell Owens. Yeah, he is 35 years old. Yeah, he isn't as good as he was 5 years ago. But is he bad enough that he would start with 8 catches, 158 yards and only 1 touchdown? He played 2 games against Tampa and Miami (combined 1-7 record). His 185 consecutive game streak with a catch came to an end. I know a lot of the media hates TO, but come on. It was reported that the first 4 games this season resulted in the worst 4 game stretch of his career.

In his career, Jauron's offenses have ranked above 20th only once (9th in 1999). They have ranked above 20th in points only once (2001). Jauron's defenses have an average ranking of 20th in yards allowed (never higher than 14th). They have an average ranking of 18th in points allowed, and that includes a single number 1 ranking in 2001. Other than that, a Jauron defense has never finished in the top 10 in points allowed. The funniest thing about this stat is that Dick Jauron is a "defensive minded coach."

I know that numbers aren't all that there is. These guys don't a good track record on paper, and they don't pass the eye test either. How many times have you fired Jauron in your mind the past three plus years? I know I have at least 20 times. Edwards has had some moments, but the bad moments are piling up and right now I think clearly outweigh the good. The rest of 2009 is going to be a long year. Here's to hoping for a 100% complete overhaul in 2010.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dolpins destroy Bills 38-10

by Steve

Even thinking about writing this post makes me physically ill. This was one of the worst games I have ever watched the Bills play. Unfortunately that doesn't mean much because I could say that 3 or 4 times a year now a days.

The real issue is just how utterly hopeless things are. There is no silver lining, nothing to look forward to. These are the bleakest days in the team's history. The only other comparable time was after superbowl 25 or 26 or 27 or 28. The owner gives ZERO hope things will ever change. The quarterback appears to be a complete dud. The coach has 2 more years left on a contract and is clearly the worst head coach in the NFL. It is only week fucking four!?!?

The offensive line couldn't have played worse. The linebacking corps is more than pathetic. There are no play makers on defense. Trent Edwards has no guts no guile and little discernible talent. Lynch couldn't run the ball worth a damn (although looked pretty good catching the ball). The defensive ends seemed to get little pressure despite 6 sacks some how. The middle of the field is a wasteland on offense. Nelson was no where to be found, did Maybin dress?

How is it possible that 99% of the fan base can see the writing on the wall for Jauron but Brandon or Wilson or Dicko himself can't see it? What is a better word to describe the situation sad or pathetic? What's worse the thought of Jauron staying beyond this game (or this season) and drafting another quarterback and hoping he pans out?

Utterly hopeless

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bills @ Dolphins 11/4/09

by Steve

What a shock, the Sabres lost in OT at home. Uhhh, Henne v Trent, and I don't love Trent Edwards? That is sad and a testament to the state of the Buffalo Bills. Lynch returns after a 3 game stint on the suspension list because he forgot to register his loaded gun and he smokes a lot of weed.

If Peezy is out I like the Bills chances. Injuries abound and the offense has yet to truly click. Lynch/Jackson need to step their game up and exceed the production of the wild cat and RWs/Ronnie Brown. Drop 10 in the box, let our DEs make plays and the Bills should win.

Late money has been riding the Dolphins with obvious reason. The Bills aren't good and shouldn't be favored on the road. Jauron v Sporano is sadely a mismatch in coaching.

If the Bills can force the Dolphins into passing downs and Owens and or Evans show up the Bills will win. If the running game tears up a weak d-line of Kelsay Schobel a banged up Williams and Stroud it could be another ugly 17-10 game.

Take the under and hope the Bills can snap a bad division losing streak

Buffalo Sabres 09/10 season preview

by Steve

The Sabres open up the season tonight in Buffalo vs the Habs as everyone knows. Also, everyone knows the season doesn't really start until after Bills season. Luckily for Sabres fans that could be as early as 7:30pm tomorrow if the Bills lose to a back up QB and a bad 0-3 Dolphins team.

The Sabres did next to nothing this offseason. Grier is past his prime, Montador is maybe a #7 defenseman on a good team, Peters sucked and won't be missed, Myers will play 9 games and be shipped back and yocal Kennedy is only on the roster because Mair is hurt. Those are the only 4 players that are new from last season.

So what does that mean? Evidently Darc/Quinny/Linda think Pominville and Hecht are going to magically get exponentially better after proving they weren't worth the money last year. Roy is too small, Vanek's contract is crippling and Miller needs to majorly step his game up because of that contract. Vanek will have a big year along with Connolly. The Sabres are going to need more than them two however.

The Sabres are an anomaly. They could be a top 4 or 5 team or they could end up in 10th place again. The defense is average at best and the rookies are going to have to contribute for this team to battle with Boston for the division. More likely the Sabres will finish 7th or 8th depending on the play of Lalime.

I'd like to think Regier and Ruff are on the hot seat but the odds of one or both getting fired/let go after another disappointing season is remote. The owner and managing partner are lost and love continuity. I'm just hoping for no injuries because I am sure as fuck I don't wanna hear that excuse in mid April next year.