Saturday, October 27, 2018

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills MNF Podcast Preview

Steve coast and Wreck break down that brutal Colts game and look ahead to monday night football against the Patriots.  What can go wrong?

Week 8 NFL Picks

No Bills Sunday time to wager

Steve 12-16

Jags +3.5 v Eagles
Rams -8.5 v Packers
Steelers -8 v Browns
Saints at Vikings over 53.5

Coast 12-16

Jags +3.5 v Eagles
Chiefs -10 v Broncos
ravens -2.5 at Panthers
pats -14 at Bills

Feyes 12-15

Broncos +10 at Chiefs
Ravens -2.5 at Panthers
Colts raiders under 51
Pack +8.5 at Rams

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Week 7 NFL Picks

Fattin the wallet time

Steve 12-12

Bills +7 @ Colts
Rams @ 49ers over 52
Buccaneers -3.5 v Browns
Bengals +6 @ Chiefs

Coast 8-16

Colts -7 v Bills
patriots -2 @ Bears
Panthers +5 @ Eagles
Redskins +1 v Cowboys

Feyes 10-13

Chargers -6.5 v Titans
Bills colts Under 43
Vikings -3.5 @ Jets
Falcons -4 Giants

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts Podcast Preview

 Steve and Wreck discuss the sorry state of the Bills quarterback position, review the Texans game and look ahead to the Colts.

Youtube version:

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Tre White Throws Mad Shade at DeAndre Hopkins

Here is a screen shot of Tredavious White ripping DeAndre Hopkins in since deleted tweets. Love this kid

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Week 6 NFL Picks

Breaking even time

Steve 9-11

Chargers + @ Browns
Falcons -3 v Buccs
Patriots -3.5 v Chiefs
Bills +10 @ Texans

Coast 5-15

Texans -10 v bills
Redskins +1 v Pantherd
broncos +7 v  Rams
Dolphins +3.5 v Bears

Feyes 7-12

Chargers +1 @ Browns
Pitt Cincy over 51
Falcons -3 v Buccs
Bills +10

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bills at Houston Texans Podcast Preview

Steve, Coast and Wreck preview the week 6 match up between the Bills and Texans.  Do the Bills have any offense that exists in the world? Is Houston an NFL team? Bill Obrien v Sean McDermott? Watson v Allen. Leggo

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Deshaun Watson Hurt, Weeden Time?

By Steve

Anyone interested in Brandon Weeden playing Sunday for the Texans? Per this report Deshaun Watson is "day to day" with a chest injury.

Likely missing practice time and perhaps broken ribs or something equally as painful could be cause for alarm to all 6 Texans fans. Players have off tomorrow ao more info should become available when practices resume.

Then again, even with Watson Houston has only scored more than 22 points once this season (and that was in an overtime game).

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Week 5 NFL Picks

Get level

Steve 8-8

Ravens -3 @ Browns
Broncos +1 @ Jets
Bengals -6 v Dolphins
Texans -3.5 v Cowboys

Coast 4-12

49ers -3.5 v Cardinals
Rams -7.5 @ Seahawks
Panthers -6.5 v Giants
Bengals -6 v Dolphins

Feyes 3-9

49ers -3.5 v Cardinals
chargers -5.5 v Raiders
lions -1 v Packers
Steelers -3.5
Broncos +1 @ Jets
Rams Seahwks over 50

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Week 5 NFL Bets

Get level

Steve 8-8

Ravens -3 @ Browns
Broncos +1 @ Jets
Bengals -6 v Dolphins
Texans -3.5 v Cowboys

Coast 4-12

Feyes 3-9

49ers -3.5 v Cardinals
chargers -5.5 v Raiders
lions -1 v Packers
Steelers -3.5
Broncos +1 @ Jets
Rams Seahwks over 50

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Titans at Buffalo Bills Podcast Preview

Steve and Wreck look at the Bills season through the quarter poll and look ahead to the Tennessee Titans. Is there hope?

Buffalo Sabres 2018/19 Season Preview

By Steve

The Sabres suck. They have always sucked. Toss out maybe 4 or 5 years TOTAL in their existence and they have sucked since 19 fuckin 70. Why would that ever change? Oh a swedish defenseman.

The Sabres accidentlly sucked bad after the 2011 season, then purposely sucked for half a fuckin decade, got the 2nd best player (or worse) in a few drafts then finally hit the jackpot. Razzy Dahlin better be great. Not good, not real good, not Tyler Myers, not even Phil Housley. He better be fucking great. And for a long time.

The fanboys will have you believe this guy is on the level with Crosby or Ovechkin or (i guess) Erik Karlsson. He better be or this team might at well contract. Granted, he doesnt have to light up the league but year 2, 3, 4 he better got damn be.

The Sabres over under point total via Vegas is 80.5. The had like 68 last year. 81 points would put Buffalo in 11th place. This town would probably throw a parade for 11th place. Maybe Im wrong but this city will never turn on the Sabres. Sure the might not pay crazy money to see them live when they suck but a lot of people still slurp up this franchise. (I blame WGR550).

Who knows, Ive only been to 1 game the last three years ( and Jacky Boy was injured as hes wont to do). Since then analytics and puck possession have taken over the league. Im not even sure if I know how to watch the NHL any more. Will the Sabres give me a reason to? I doubt it.

There was a two way tie with 97 points for the final playoff spots. 95 the year before. That seems highly unlikely with this team. They are just about completely rebuilt from last year. The goalie is a questionmark, no one on the team has ever won shit (save for Conor Sherry) and Jacky Boy's next big game will be his first.

Then again is it even possible for the Sabres to be a complete joke for an 8th straight season?

Ill predict 83 points and a worthwhile season at least unil Feb. Call me a cockeyed optimist.