Saturday, April 28, 2018

5th Round Bills Draft Guard Wyatt Teller

This was the pick the Bills got for Marcell Dareus.
Va Tech guard Wyatt Teller 6'5 314 senior

5th Round Buffalo Bills Draft DB Siran Neal

DB Siran Neal Jacksonville state
He played linebacker safety and cornerback his senior year. Another DB from a small town school. Evidently the Bills arent interested in offense. Wow

4th Round Bills Draft CB Taron Johnson

CB Taron Johnson weber state
Senior 5'11 192 ran a 4.5 40

Three-year starter, two-time All-Big Sky selection, unanimous FCS First Team All-American and Big Sky Defensive MVP in 2017

Fills a need in the secondary

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bills Trade Up Again LB Tremaine Edmunds LB

By Steve

Whoaaaa! Bills give up a 3rd and get a 5th back to move from 22 to 16

Hes only 19 and plays all linebacker positions

Grade A-

Bills Fail Bad Trade up for Josh Allen

By Steve

With Josh Rosen on the board the Bills trade up for Josh Allen


2018 NFL Mock Draft

By Steve

The only mock draft you need, get woke.

Draft Podcast Preview

Mock Draft Compilation

Quarterback Rankings

Bills needs

Mock Draft first and final:

1 Cleveland Browns – Baker Mayfield

2 NY Giants – Saquon Barkley

3 NY Jets - Josh Allen

4 Cleveland Browns – Brad Chubb

5 Buffalo Bills TRADE – Sam Darnold
I’d prefer Rosen

6 Miami Dolphins TRADE – Josh Rosen
I dont get it

7 Tampa Buccaneers - Denzel Ward

8 Chicago Bears - Quentin Nelson

9 San Francisco 49ers - Roquan Smith

10 Oakland Raiders – Minkah Fitzpatrick

11 Indianapolis Colts Vita Vea

12 Denver Broncos – Josh Jackson

13 Washington Redskins - Tremaine Edwards

14 Green Bay Packers – Mike McGlinchey

15 Arizona Cardinals – Lamar Jackson

16 Baltimore Ravens - Mike Hughes

17 Los Angeles Chargers – Derwin James

18 Seattle Seahawks – Da’ron Payne

19 Dallas Cowboys – Calvin Ridley

20 Detroit Lions – Marcus Davenport

21 Cincinnati Bengals - Harold Landry

22 Denver Broncos – James Daniels

23 New England Cheatriots – Leighton Vander Esch

24 Carolina Panthers - DJ Moore

25 Tennessee Titans - Frank Ragnow

26 Atlanta Falcons - Justin Reid

27 New Orleans Saints – Dallas Godat
First tight end

28 Pittsburgh Steelers – Dareus Guice

29 Jacksonville Jaguars – Will Hernandez

30 Minnesota Vikings – Maurice Hurts

31 New England Patriots – Mason Rudolph

32 Philadelphia Eagles – Josh Sweat

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

2018 NFL Draft Preview: Bills Mock Draft Compilation

By Steve

The draft is tomorrow, lets see what the "experts" are predicting and laugh. Here is our podcast preview, Bills needs, and QB rankings to read first

The Ringer
Josh Rosen (move to 6th)
"The Bills don’t waste any time moving up to take advantage of Rosen’s mini-slide, giving up the 12th and 22nd picks to land their quarterback of the future"
My grade A-

Walter Football
Sam Darnold (trade up to 4)
"The Bills, meanwhile, have to trade up. They don't have a viable starting quarterback, and they've already moved up once. They plan on following the Eagles' blueprint with a double trade."
My grade incomplete.. giving up 3 firsts would be C-, goving up 2 firsts and a 2nd B-

Josh Rosen (trade up to 7)
Bills give up 12, 53, and 121
"This is a really good scenario for the Bills. Three quarterbacks are taken ahead of Rosen, considered by most to be the best pure passer in this draft. And with him falling all the way to No. 7, general manager Brandon Beane doesn’t have to give up nearly as much as he would have to get into the top-five"
My grade A.
Seems unlikely

Josh Rosen (trade to 8 giving up 12 a 2md round pick and 2019 4th)
Dumb site is tough to navigate on my phone so no quotes.
My grade A+

Roquan Smith LB
Uhh this doesnt have Allen in the first round and Jacksom going at 16. They do have the Bills going Rudolph at 22.
My Grade B+

Pete Prisco
Sam Darnold (move to 4th)
They should make this move up to land their quarterback. Give up their two first-round picks and a second and fourth next year to land Darnold.

Josh Allen
While we’re hung up on finding a landing spot for all the quarterbacks, I’d remind you of four things at this pick: A) I don’t know if Buffalo loves Allen; B) but I hear they love his ability to throw it through the lake effect winds and snow; C) Allen is a garrulous, genial version of Jim Kelly, a rifle-armed work in progress the fans in western New York will love; and D) I think this trade fits both teams because I’m not sure the Colts would demand both Bills’ first-round picks in return. In fact, because of the strength of the second round, I could see Colts GM Chris Ballard valuing the 53rd and 56th picks collectively higher than the 22nd pick in this draft. So, 12, 53, 56 and, say, 96 for six? Could be equitable. It would leave the Bills with their second of two first-rounders."
My grade C
Flawed logic and expensive

Then at 22 they take a guard James Daniels
"Need pick. Smart of the Bills to insist in their dealings and offers to various teams that they’d have to keep this pick to buttress a part of their team buffeted by a wild offseason. Gone: center Eric Wood and guard Richie Incognito (retired) and tackle Cordy Glenn (traded). If you’d told anyone in the Bills front office that they’d exit day one of the draft with a quarterback of the future and the second-best interior lineman in the draft with lots of experience playing pro-style football, they’d have been very happy."
My grade F

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

2018 Buffalo Bills Draft Preview Podcast

Steve Coast and Wreck breakdown the upcoming NFL draft with predictions insight and hot takes.  What quarterbacks do they like which do they hate? What's the best case scenario?  Listen to the podcast below check out Steve's Quarterback Rankings and Bills needs breakdown here.

Monday, April 23, 2018

2018 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterback Rankings

By Steve

Time to put together my final ranking of the quarterback class of 2018! Here is my list of Bills draft needs. Look for a podcast later this week.

2018 QB rankings:

1. Josh Rosen
Easy choice. He has the size the production and the intelligence. The injury history is concerning but there is no sure fire baller in this class.

2. Sam Darnold
The hype around this guy because of one great bowling game last season artificially inflated this dude. Whether or not the USC quarterback thing is real or not still gives me some hesitation. He had a mediocre 2017 and turns the ball over too much. High floor low ceiling.

3. Lamar Jackson
Liddle Shoulders Lamar is a potential star in the ride system with the right coaches. When are NFL franchises going to realize how important offensive continuity is and pay their O.C. as much as the head coach or close to it? LSL runs a lot which wont work in the NFL but he can sling the rock too.

4. Josh Allen
He can't hit the broad side of a barn and struggled in the Mountain West. Who the hell does Wyoming even play? He has the size and arm but if he isnt Joe Flacco reincarnate then I dont know football.

5. Mason Rudolph
Too bad the big 12 doesn't play defense so its tough to judge these dudes much. Id like this guy in the 2nd round.

6. Baker Mayfield
Short as hell, athletic and an ass hole who runs from cops. I dont get the appeal and I have no interest in this dude. Liddle Baker Tebow isnt on my big board.

2018 NFL Draft Preview: Buffalo Bills Needs

By Steve

Tough to argue with the idea that this is the biggest Bills draft in franchise history. The roster is talentless, Buffalo has two selections in each of the first 3 rounds and the pressure of the playoff drought had been lifted. McBeane and co (even fuckin russ god damn brandon [shoot me]) better not mess this up.

The selections:
53 (2nd round)
56 (2nd round)
65 (3rd round)
96 (3rd round)
121 (4th round)
166 (5th round)
187 (6th round)

Biggest Needs Ranked

1. Quarterback
Could AJ McCaaron be decent? Maybe, but he certainly wont be great. There was a reason the front office dumped player after player the last 10 months. To build an arsenal to land a highly touted QB. Its doable and its mandatory they do it.

2. Wide Receiver
Does anyone in their right mind have faith in meth boy Zay Jones or no knees Kelvin Benjamin or Jeremy yes hes a Bill Kerley?

3. Linebacker
Who the hell is the middle linebacker? Who are any of the linebackers? 48 year old Lorenzo Alexander?

4. Cornerback
Vontae Davis is on a one year prove it deal and is a major question mark.

5. Guard
Its this low because guards are guards. Groy is probably ok enough.

6. Runningback
Shady is old and the bums behind him arent good.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 Buffalo Bills Schedule Reaction

By Steve

What a piece of shit schedule. 4 home games after Thanksgiving every single game at 1pm except the MNF slaughter and start the seaso on the road. Fuck my life.

Could easily see the Bills starting out 0-4 but starting with the Colts week 7 I could see the Bills rattle off 8 straight wins.

At Minny and at Green Bay back to back is real rough. Again starting at Baltimore makes no fuckin sense. 4 of the last 5 games in the division is odd.

No Thursday night game is also stupid.

More in depth

Some positives

Week 2 is an LA chargere let down after KC game

Week 3 minny let down after big GB

Week 5 tenn let down after hosting SB champs Philly

Week 6 Hou let down after a big dallas SNF game

Week 10 is a jets get away game with their BYE the next week

Week 12 jax let down after a big pitt SNF game

Week 14 NYJ 2nd straight road game

Week 15 Det 2nd straight road game

Week 16 NE let down after big Pitt game

Week 17 Miami does have extra time playing TNF week 16 

2018 Buffalo Bills Schedule Predictions

By Steve

The schedule is coming today so its time to make some predictions.

First what we do know, the opponents. The Bills will play:
LA chargers
Detroit Lions
Chicago Bears
Jax Jaguars
Tennessee Titans
Dolphins, Jets, Patriots

Houston Texans
Green Bay Packers
Indianapolis Colts
Minnesota Vikings
Baltimore Ravens
Dolphins, Jets, Patriots

The Bills will start the season at home, and Ill predict the Jaguars. (Im already getting flash backs to the 2004 home opener [more over that whole season could be a doppleganger for the entire season, rookie QB gets hurt, defense is good.. uhoh]).

The Bills will have one and only 1 primetime game. Early November against the Dolphins.

The season will end with a meaningless road loss at the Patriots.

There will be another 4+ home games after Thankagiving pissing off every 45+ year old in the area.

Christmas Eve is on a Monday so Buffalo wont be effected.

Look for a tough 3 game stretch vs N.E. at Vikings at Packers tanking the season in mid October.

All 1pm games.