Saturday, December 31, 2011

Week 17 NFL Picks

Final regular season picks of the year with Steve leading

Steve 44-31 (Best Bet 5-10)

New England Patriots -10
Tennessee Titans -1.5
NY Giants -3
Carolina @ New Orleans over 55
NY Jets +3

Wreck 41-32-3 (Best Bet 6-9)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +11
Denver Broncos -3
Oakland Raiders -3
Carolina Panthers +7.5
Tennessee Titans -1.5

2011 end of year Buffalo awards

by Steve

It is the end of the calendar year as oppose to our fiscal 2011 but here are some awards I want to give out to those that made Buffalo 2011 shitty and good for maybe a few weeks:

Most Wishy Washy, More Hyperbolic, Worst blogger and Least Relevant of the year:
Michael "Coast" Costanza

Worst Quarterback:
Ryan Fitzy Fitz Noodle-arm Fitzpatrick

Worst Goalie:
Ryan Miller

Worst Franchise:
Buffalo Bills (narrow margin)

Worst Coach:
Lindy Ruff (after numerous recounts and validity checks)

Best Collapse:
Buffalo Bills

Most Disappointing
Buffalo Sabres

Team no one cares about
That women's soccer team that actually played in Rochester

Worst Radio Station

Best Blogger
Steve "Steve" Janis

Most Commented post
Why have the Bills not resigned SJ13

Best podcast:
BS Report

Most die hard fan

Worst Transaction of the Year:
Ville Leino $6 years $27 Million

Worst GM:
Darcy Regier

Worst Owner and most hated man in Buffalo:
Ralph C. Wilson Jr

Load up the choppers like its December 31st

Friday, December 30, 2011

Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots preview

by Steve

I don't know why I am even bothering writing a preview because it is New Years and I may not even wake up early enough to watch this thing. There is no way the Bills sweep the Patriots this year and the game is meaningless. How the hell is this line only 10? It opened around 12.5 and the money is going on the Buffalo Bills? They haven't won at N.E. since William was getting his S d'd in the dub house.

I wouldn't take the Bills +10 if Steny Hoyer was the quarterback let alone Brian Hoyer or even Tim Brady not to mention Tom Brady. Although it does appear that Tommy boy will start even if he has a separated non throwing shoulder.

The Bills never score more than ten points against the hoody and co in the Bills Patriots rematch (3, 10, 0, 10, 6, 7, 6, 0, 17). Those are the Bills point totals since 2002, it has been nine games since the Bills got over 10 points in the second game of the season against the Cheatriots!

The only reason what so ever that someone with any brains in their head would take the Bills +10 is because they think NE will rest their starters later in the game? Belichick would never do that, he hates us and loves to pound us into submission.

Give SJ13 his $7ish mil per and injure Brady in the fourth quarter. See ya next year.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Buffalo Bills zero pro bowlers

by Steve

If anyone cares or even noticed the NFL announced their pro bowlers and obviously the Buffalo Bills had zero players on the roster. I wonder if that is part of the reason why this team is a perpetual joke and mediocrity at best.

Only further analysis I'll give is that the Jets and Dolphins for both being as average as the the Bills are grossly over represented at this game. Stevie Johnson has about 200 less yards than Brandon Marshall 5 less catches and the same number of Tds. I guess his wife has to stab him to get some love.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Week 16 NFL picks

records to follow

Steve 40-30 (best bet 4-10)
Oakland +3
Buffalo +3
Cincinnati -4
Baltimore -11
Giants +2.5

Wreck 39-29-3 (Best Bet 6-8)
KC -3
over 3 Seahawks
Miami +7
Tampa +8
Cleveland +11

Friday, December 23, 2011

Festivus 2011: Airing of grievances

by Steve

Being a Buffalo Bills fan, a Buffalo Sabres fan and a Seinfeld die hard on 12/23 begs for an airing of grievances so I will most definitely oblige. Here are my 10 airing of grievances as a Buffalo sports honk in honor of Festivus:

1. Ralph C Wilson Jr.

Everyone says it is tough because he is 93 but I don't give a shit. The guy has ruined us as football fans for the past 51 years (me 26). Yes he had a good team in the mid 60's, 1981 and found a golden nugget from 88-99 with Polian and co. but the guy is an albatross. Sell the team you suck and we hate you. You have not made a good decision in 13 years. HALF MY LIFE!!

2. Darcy Regier

I'd say he is the worst GM in Buffalo Sabres history but I've only known two and the other one John Muckler traded my favorite player of all time Alexander Mogilny. But I still hate the dude. 14 years? What do you need 14 more? For every Danny Briere and Chris Drury there is a Briere and Drury that walked away for nothing AND 10-12 players (Leino, Boyes, Bernier, Torres, Connolly, Zubrus, etc etc) traded for or signed that were god awful. Not to mention retaining #3 on this list for a hot 14 years as well. Yes you can draft well (lately) although most of them are undersized shrimps and that isn't good enough.

3. Lindy Ruff

This guy complains more than Derek Roy and Steve Janis combined. Whether it is the refs or someone on his precious team getting hit he is always whining. Not to mention he is a loser that makes the playoffs less than half the time and I can't even remember his last playoff series victory.

4. WGR 550

Do we really only have one sports talk radio station in this town? Zero competition has really hurt this pitiful radio station. I mean I could list each personality on the station separately because I have grievances with all of them. Schopp and the Bulldog take the cake though. Can these two be more firmly in the pocket of the Buffalo Sabres? I mean yeah the station as a whole is but jeez these guys are the worst. Does Terry Pegula own the station? And why can't Mike Schopp and Chris Parker ever disagree on anything? Instead of hating on 90% of the callers try having differing opinions once a year.

5. Buddy Nix

You lost me with your first draft as Bills GM. Wow where are all the commenters now? I am a genius. Also why the hell is Stevie Johnson not signed yet? He may get partial passes on some of his decisions (Lee Evans trade) because of #1 on this list but Nix is a bum. Although the Ryan Fitzy Fitz-Noodle-Arm Fitzpatrick contract seems to be well constructed from a Bills stand point. Furthermore, another lingering issue is a perceived if not real belief that the Bills are a racist organization that is quick to hand whities money while leaving the black players to whither on the vine. I have heard this from sources within the Bills locker room so I'm not making it up. I'm not sure if I believe if but if players are saying it then it is clearly an issue. Maybe that is #1 also, who knows.

6. Ryan Miller

We are going to have a run on Ryans here. This bum of a goalie I have been harping on since the day he signed that contract. I had to slam a crow sando for one, COUNT 'EM ONE, good season this guy has had. Every other I have been right just look up his stats. Since when is giving up a soft goal in OT of the gold medal game of the Olympics a hero making moment? Is that what America has become, second place? It isn't even just the money. The guy is a bitch. He can't take any criticism, he is extremely surely, seems bitter and has a fragile psyche. The hot wife isn't helping matters either. Cut your salary in half and we'll talk.

7. Ryan Fitzy Fitz-Noodle-arm Fitzpatrick.

I like to think he is hurt but his lack of extra protective gear and practicing every day says other wise. The guy lacks confidence, has a weak arm that forces him to over compensate and can't throw the deep ball. I like his ability to read the defense and get rid of the ball in an instant but the guy just doesn't have it. I think the Bills could make the playoffs with this guy (and Jerry Sullivan today on WGR said he would take Fitz over Tebow if he had to win a playoff game) but he isn't winning a championship.

8. New York Mets

Is this team more irrelevant than the New York Islanders? It is sad when you would rather have the Toronto Blue Jays or even Pittsbrugh Pirates be your AAA parent club. Did they even send anyone to the winter meetings??? If Wilpon can't afford the team then sell the god damn team, you are an embarrassment at best and a criminal at worst.

9. Timothy Richard Tebow

Mostly because he is coming to town for Christmas but I do not like this guy. He is genuine and seems like a good guy but I don't give a shit. He skips rocks out there, runs a high school offense and gets more run than a Chinese restaurant toilet. He is a fad like the wild cat. Work hard buddy and build me a hospital you just aren't a good professional quarterback. Grab the h-back and tight end playbooks.

10. My Self

Why am I a Buffalo sports fan? Why do I live in a climate that is miserable 4-6 months out of the year? Maybe my parents should be number 10 (for baring me here). Or you the listeners and readers of this blog for not making us more popular rich and famous. Or it should be Coast for not contributing enough. But I'll take the tenth spot just so I can self-aggrandize.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills podcast

Steve Wreck and Coast break down the abysmal Buffalo Bills season and look to the future. ouch

right click save as to download

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Buffalo Bills front office shake up?

by Steve

After yet another abysmal season of failure the more things change in the world the more they stay the same at OBD. With the Bills on a seven game losing skid mark and a nine game season ending torpedo staring them in the face, an outsider would assume something would change. Heads would roll and people would be getting the ax after Jan 1. We as Bills fans however know otherwise. We have zero faith in anything with this frahnchise.

However, Jason La Canfora is saying different:

"There are some rumblings that a front office shakeup of some sort in Buffalo is not out of the question."

Whoa, hold the phone! I assumed at best at best they would maybe possibly consider firing POS George Edwards but Chanwhick Gailey and ol' Bud Nix would surely return. Then this interesting nugget from a dude that seems to always be in the know? I'll take it.

Maybe Nix retires and Doug Whaley retires or (gasp) someone NEW (ya know younger than 75) and a fresh pair of eyes is hired? Even if it was just Doug Whaley assuming more control and less of the pie in the sky idea of an outside hire I would take it.

This team is the pits. They are easily top 5 worst franchises of the last 15 years in all of sports. The one and only reason is Ralph Wilson but he can't be to blame for everything especially the putrid drafting the last 5-10 years. Buddy Nix lost me nearly from day one with that pathetically awful and short sighted CJ Spiller signing. So tossing his ol southern ass out the door wouldn't chap my ass.

Quite clearly something, anything needs to change. With Ralphie at the helm nothing can be assumed but at least there are "rumblings" regardless of the source. So hold your breath assume the worst and maybe something will happen.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week 15 NFL Picks

Great week last week for both of us going 8-2 combined, Steve's best bets are still the worst and Wreck loves the home dawgs this week and Steve is Mr. over/under

Steve 38-27 (Best Bet 4-9)

NY Giants -6.5 v Washington Redskins
New Orleans @ Minnesota Vikings over 53
Carolina Panthers @ Houston Texans over 46
Detroit Lions @ Oakland Raiders over 48
Pittsburgh Steelers pick @ San Francisco 49ers

Wreck 37-27-2 (Best Bet 6-7)

Buffalo Bills -1 v Miami Dolphins
Denver Broncos +7.5 v New England Patriots
Indianapolis Colts +7 v Tennessee Titans
Kansas City Chiefs +14 v Green Bay Packers
St Louis Rams +7 v Cincinnati Bengals

Squish the fish?

by Steve

Oh shit the Bills season isn't over yet? And they're playing the Miami Dolphins at home in December? Didn't these games used to matter? Weren't the Dolphins at once our bitter rival?

I guess that was wayyy back in the 90's when either team mattered. Man these two teams are pathetic. The Bills earlier in the week were actually getting points at home against a team that just fired their head coach and had the possibility of being led by John Paul Losman. Uggh

I remember going to these games in the 90's and people would be loading huge fish up on a poll, dousing them with gasoline and setting them on fire. What has Ralph Wilson done to us? What has Marc Anthony and J.Lo. done to the phins? Where is our government take over/bail out as fans?

It is a distinct possibility that Miami is in worse shape than the Bills going forward. That is sad and pathetic. Tough to distinguish between shit and pooh though. Jake Long over Matty Ice? How's that working out. Ted Ginn? Yikes. If it wasn't for the fact that the Bills will never be good again I'd say it will be a ten year battle for either team to make the playoffs in the future.

At least the Dolphins have the faint dream of hiring Bill Cowher even though it won't happen (see Jim Harbaugh). Where's the gasoline? Screw the draft, I wanna win this game. I don't think the Bills will though.

Miami 23 Bills 18 I leave after the third.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Buffalo Bills 10 Chargers 37 Whats left to say

by Steve

Is there anything left to say that hasn't been said yet? Should i list the 7-10 (at most) players worthy of playing for this team next year? Is Ralph Wilson dead yet? There is no new way to look at this fuckin train wreck.

It is so bad with the Buffalo Bills that they aren't even favored at home in December against the 4-8 Miami Dolphins who just fired their head coach today and their starting quarterback just suffered a concussion. JP Losman anyone?

But hey if the Chargers didn't fake that punt the Bills could have been driving to take the lead in the third quarter! Wait was Ryan Fitzy Fitz noodle-arm Fitzpatrick really 13 of 34 with two picks and a touchdown the wrong way? Good thing we can cut him after the season and end up only paying him $10 mil of that contract.

Eh, I don't even blame Fitzpatrick. Granted he isn't good and unless most of the roster is greatly upgraded we aren't getting to/winning a playoff game. But the whole franchise is a joke not just a quarterback with mediocre skills.

The only question that will be answered the remaining weeks of the season are if Tebow fans will out number Bills fans 12/24. Oh and how much it costs for me to make an anti Ralph Wilson shirt for Sunday.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Week 14 NFL picks

Steve 34-26 (Best Bet 4-8)

Houston +3 @ Cincinnati
NY Jets -10.5 v Kansas City
Minnesota +10 @ Detroit
New England -9 @ Washington
Atlanta @ Carolina over 48

33-26-2 (Best Bet 5-7)

Kansas City @ NY Jets over 36.5
San Francisco @ Arizona over 39
Buffalo +7 @ San Diego
New Orleans -4 @ Tennessee
Philadelphia +3 @ Miami

Thursday, December 8, 2011

MLB Winter Meetings

by Steve

What is going on down at the baseball Winter Meetings in Dallas? Up is down mustard is red and the Anahiem Angels of Los Angeles California United States are the biggest spenders followed by the "Miami" Marlins?

Did the New York Yankees not buy Brian Cashman a plane ticket down to Texas? Oh wait they retained AndrUw Jones. Would Albert Puj Pujols do anything and I mean ANYTHING for more money? Really $250 mil as oppose to $209ish to stay with St Louis and be an all time legend in a great baseball town? He is a clown. The Angels also reeled in an over hyped CJ Wilson for five years and $77.5 million. Yeesh.

Back to the Marlins though. What the hell are they doing? Jose Reyes is an exciting player and all but he is injury prone, not worth $17 mil per and already plays a position that is filled with an entrenched player, Hanley Ramirez. Moreover, Han-Ram is a prima donna who is already asking for a restructured deal or worse yet a trade because he refuses to move to third base. The Mark Buehrle contract isn't bad but is still a bit surprising. Yes the Marlins have new digs and a new stadium but will anyone even attend or care? Those in South Beach haven't proven it yet.

On to other teams that this blog may care about: New York Mets less active than the Yankees, Cleveland Indians are they still a major league team (oh yeah they resigned oft injured Grady Sizemore) Boston Red Sox surprisingly have kept the wallet shut except for agreeing to arbitration with "Big Papi" and the Tampa Rays of course haven't done anything but rumors of a few trades circling the drain.

In all of this has everyone forgotten about fat boy Prince Fielder? Dude is younger than Puj and has similar if not better numbers. I could see him staying with Milwaukee.

For my money the best players left are Michael Cuddyer, Carlos Pena, Casey Kotchman and Josh Willingham. Sorry Carlos Beltran, you suck.

Remember this name, Yu Darvish.

Hey Puj I got $5 with your name on it if you take out my garbage.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Also WNYWatercooler getting national pub

Got a tweet read on the Jim Rome show today

boom also suck it Aaron Maybin you still suck

NHL dramatically realigning

From ESPN:
There will be two conferences with eight teams and two with seven teams instead of the current format of six five-team divisions. Teams will play five or six intraconference games and home-and-home series with nonconference teams.

The Sabres are in "conference c" with their new rivals the Lightning and Panthers?
Conference "C"
Tampa Bay

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why, whyyyyy. Titans 23 Bills 17 F

by Steve

My thoughts are best expressed by one Nancy Kerrigan:

What did we as Buffalo Bills fans do to deserve this?? This season this team this franchise NIGHTMARE. Will it ever end or is it on a perpetual loop that we will have to continuously live until Ralph Wilson bites it we are held hostage by the NFL to pay through the nose to keep the team in Buffalo for 7ish home games.

It isn't even worth breaking down the game. I don't even remember half of it. It seems like nothing ever happens in these games. Scott Chandler had a costly fumble, there was a holding call on a long CJ Spiller run. Some other things happened I think and the Bills lost as per usual.

I would honestly feel bad for the players that have been here awhile ala Kelsay and Moorman but they are handsomely paid so fuck 'em.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Week 13 NFK picks

you want nfl week 13 locks? loxz on loxz on loxz? locks ?

Steve 31-24 Best 4-7

Washington +3 (home v NY Jets)
Buffalo -2 (Home v Tennessee)
New York Giants +7 (Home v Green Bay)
Carolina v Tampa over 47
San Francisco -13.5 (Home V St Louis

Wreck 29-35-2 Best Bet 4-8

Tennessee +2 (Away v Buffalo)
Washington +3 (home v NY Jets)
New York Giants +7 (Home v Green Bay)
Inianapolis +20.5 (Away v New England)
Pittsburgh -6.5 (Home v Cincinnati)

Andrew Nicholson v Javon McCrea

by Steve

The place to be tonight will be Alumni Arena out in the swamps of Amherst as two of the best "Big" 4 prospects in a generation square off. Andrew Nicholson the 6'9 junior and potential lottery pick in next years NBA draft, although I don't buy it, and 6'6 sophomore Javon McCrea are both studs.

The only potential damper on this epic match up tonight is the health of Nicholson. Here is Schmitty covering for his boy after a terrible L v Ark St Thursday, "He's got bronchitis but we need him to play better," Schmidt said. "He wasn't really looking for his shot. A lot of times when he was double-teamed we needed him to split the double-team. ... He's a little bit under the weather but that's not an excuse. We need him to play better." Hopefully he is feeling better and ready to ball up.

On the other hand Javon and co are beaming after thoroughly thumping Dayton in Dayton on Wednsday. McCrea is only a sophomore and getting better by the minute. He was the final cut on the USA under 19 team over the summer and has improved in points, rebounds and assists over last year.

UB is -5.5, the over under is 133 and my free duckets are priceless. See you there.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Tennessee Titans @ Buffalo Bills preview

by Steve

For no explainable reason I smell a Bills drubbing of the Titans on Sunday. This team by no means is good. In fact they are a bad football team especially with the brutal number of injuries sustained. However, the Titans are at least as bad.

Tennessee has one good win this season over a Baltimore team coming off a heavy hangover after drubbing their hated rival the Steelers the week before. Matt Hasselbeck is basically an older Ryan Fitzpatrick. He is sorta good with limited ability in decline. He will have to depend heavily on Chris Johnson to pound the rock on the Bills porous defense.

Johnson after getting PAID big time has had an awful season. True he had a fluke game last week against a bad Bucs team that has mailed in the season but over all he has proven he isn't worth the cashe he got. Then again no running back is. Either way he'll get his 100 yards you can take that to the bank but that is no big win against the 21st ranked Bills rushing D. And the only reason the Bills are 21st is because the last 5+ games no team has even had to run the ball since they can do whatever the hell they want in the passing game.

The Bills defense is one of the worst in recent memory. They don't generate pressure, they can't get off the field on third down and they have given up the third most passing TDs in the league. The question then is obvious, why the hell do I like the Bills on Sunday?

Gut feeling. The Bills haven't played at the Ralph since 2003 seemingly (actually 11/6) and it is the last watchable (the game is blacked out so worth while?) game of the season. The fans (all 57,000) will show up in force and the team will still feel decently well about themselves after blowing the Jets game they should have won.

Also Tennessee doesn't do anything great and has few impact players on defense and they have no impact wide receivers. They have no one with more than 3 sacks. Damian Williams? Dave Ball? And Mike Munchak is a bit of a joke.

Bills 29 Titans 17