Saturday, October 29, 2022

week 8 nfl picks

snf get wet

Nfl picks 

steve 15-13 

bears +10 @ cowboys
panthers +4 @ falcons
vimings -3.5 v cardinals 
rams pick

Feyes 12-15-1 

Cowboys -10
Gmen Hawks O 44.5
49ers pick
GB Buff O 47

Coast 15-13 
Pitt +10.5, Detroit +3.5, San Fran Pick,  pats -2.5

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Packers at Bills SNF Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the close win against the Chiefs last week, breakdown the AFC East, Josh Allen, Sean McDermott and look ahead to a big game against the Packers on Sunday Night Football

Saturday, October 22, 2022

week 7 NFL Picks

bye week buy week!

steve 14-10
chiefs -1 @ 49ers
texans +6.5 @ raiders
seahawks @ chargers under 50.5
patriots -8 v bears

coast 13-1
Pats -8, Seahawks +4.5, titans -2.5, Denver +1.5 

feyes 10-13-1
Falcons +6.5
Gmen +3
Seahawks +4.5
panthers v buccs over 39.5

Saturday, October 15, 2022


Get it

steve 10-10
steelers +9.5 v buccs
bengals @ saints over 43
colts -1.5 v jags
chargers v broncis under 45.5

coast 10-10
Jets +7.5
Cowboys +6.5
G men +5.5
Rams -10

feyes 8-11-1
Gmen +5.5
Vikings -3
Bucs -9.5
Cowboys +6.5

Thursday, October 13, 2022

2022/23 Buffalo Sabres Preview Predictions

by steve

Evidently the Buffalo hockey team, the Sabres (im told) start their season tonight. So lets write a short preview.

 For some reason they just gave their head coach and general manager contract extensions. Don Granato, career loser, isnt disliked by the fanbase (if you can say th3 Sabres have one) but might actually be beloved. Because he isnt Phil Housley or the soccer idiot (Ralph "disaster" Krueger) I suppose. Kevyn Adams was widely panned as the GM when he was hired but has gotten some earned respect by not being Tim Murray (and not getting completely pantsed in the Eichel debacle). 

But hey, Pegula is off pretending to be a successful NFL owner and his wife is still filming weekend at Bernie's 3. So why not reward these dudes for being not-the-last-guy embarrassing. I mean they did finish 11th in the Eastern Conference and 25 points out of a playoff spot (only 22 points out if they were in the West). Improvement!

Theyre +475 to make the playoffs, their over under pt total is 76.5. +2500 to win the division. Vegas aint buying it.

Everyone and their brother in the media is pretending to be positive, picking over point total but not to make the playoffs. Cute

Dahlin and Power need to be world beaters and this team of all 3rd line players needs them mostly all to play as 2nd line players. If that happens, id predict 76 points.

The goalies still suck

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Bills at Chiefs Week 6 Podcast Preview 2022

Steve and Coast review the Steelers and look ahead to their biggest rivals, Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid and the Chiefs. Is it a must win? Predictions, rants, debate ensue.

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Week 5 NFL Picks

if not now then when?

steve 7-9
Seahawks +5 @ Saints
Falcons +10 @ Buccs
Jets +3.5 v Dolphins
Cardinals +5.5 v Eagles

coast 7-9
Texans +7
Dallas +5.5
Browns +1.5
Falcs +10

feyes 6-9-1
Pack -8
Hou +7
Mia jets U 45
Falcons +10

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Steelers at Bills Podcast Preview Week 5 2022

Steve and Coast look back at the epic comeback on the Ravens, is the offense good enough? And do the Steelers have a chance as 14 point dawgs at the Ralph on Sunday? Steeler talk the last 5 minutes of the podcast.
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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Week 4 NFL Picks

Lotta action 

Steve 6-6
Vikings -3.5 v Saints
Texans +5.5 v Chargers
Titans +3.5 @ Colts
Seahawks @ Lions under 47.5

Coast 6-6
Baltimore +3, houston +5.5, falcs +1.5, pack -9.5

Feyes 3-8-1
Buff balt U 50.5
Gmen -3
Atl +1.5
Hou +5.5