Friday, August 20, 2021

Bills Spokesman on WBEN Talking New Stadium

by Steve

Here is the link to the interview from 930am WBEN.

My thoughts throughout the interview:

The way this dude (Jim Willinson) keeps saying off hand that you cant renovate the stadium is bullshit. Him saying there is no chance of renovating is not believable.

The Bills contribute almost 400mil in the local economy. lol what because their salary total is 230mil? All that money isnt spent here.

The Pegulas put $146 mil in a stadium they dont own. Would you invest that much in a house is a false equivalency. They get all the profits from the stadium, they own it without the liability. Bullshit arguement.

The spokesman basically confirms there will have to be an extension of the current lease for construction to be completed.

Public/private partnership is the buzzword of the interview.

This guy is not selling the idea of a new stadium to anyone. I guess he doesnt have to, only extract as much money as possible from the state. But this guy isnt a salesman.

The spox takes umbridge with anonymous sources?? The Buffalo News is doing their god damn best to sell this to the public. Seems like fake outrage.

Slick move deflecting and mentioning we need football and the team is successful. Ha.

This guy said he is in no way involved with anything about the Sabres arena.

Their number one goal is to get in everyone's mind that they can not and will not renovate the current stadium 

Number two is that they are dead set on having in in Orchard Park.

Then he sidesteps completely the question about a roof on the stadium or not. Oddly claiming it is way to early to talk about a roof or not??? huh? How do they not have completed renderings of a new stadium they supposedly want to play in in 3 seasons?

I love the parting shot of, im a die hard fan too. ha bullshit

Friday, August 6, 2021

Bills Over Pay Josh Allen

by Steve

Since the $43 mil per year man is getting universal praise despite playing like shit in all 4 career playoff games and excelling only in front of empty seats, I figured I'd write a short blog.

Do I like Josh Allen? I suppose. Did I used to hate Josh Allen? You betcha. Did Allen play wildly better than I ever thought he could and took the Bills to the AFC Championship game for the first time since 1994? Yeah.

Is he not under team control for 2 more years? Is any QB not over paid? Will it cost more next year? Yes Yes Yes. 

But why not wait til next off-season? Bad publicity or more pressurw on Allen? Yeah and?

Hopefully he out performs the contract and he is under paid in 3 years. Im not sure thats a sure thing.