Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Peace Out Doug Marrone, loser

By Steve

No doubt it is shocking that Doug Marrone opted out of his contract but it isn't a big loss. The guy is a career loser. He was 25-25 at Syracuse and 15-17 in two years in Buffalo.

Quite clearly it was a dick off between him and Terry Pegula. He had $4 guaranteed even if he opted out for the 2015 season. He probably wanted Doug Whaley gone and to pick hiz personel man. Even PFT speculates this is the case..

"It’s also unclear whether and to what extent Marrone tried to parlay his Parcells-style cash-and-carry contract into an extension, a raise, more power, and/or the termination of certain members of the front office.  It’s possible Marrone went all in, the Pegulas called his bluff, and now he’s gone."

Pegula has to take a big swing. He basically pushed Marrone out and has unlimited money. Some of these loser wash outs thrown around lately will not suffice. Make Marrone regret this decision the rest of his life.

The Bills can and should be better. Leggggggo!

Doug Marrone Opts Out of Contract with Bills

Here us the statement wowww

2014 NFL Win totals all 32 teams review

By Steve

Lets take a look back at how I did predicting the 32 NFL team total wins according to Vegas lines


Hmm, not too bad but a bit dissappointing. I had the Bills right, nailed the Raiders and Browns but whiffed bad on the Steelers, Titans and Colts. Oh well.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 NFL Rookie Wide Receiver Stats

by Steve

Well, of course, no one would ever use 2 first round picks on a wide receiver HAHAHA except the Bills.  True, that's not true, but with out a real quarterback?  Of course no one would use 2 first round picks and a 4th round pick on a player that depends on someone else to deliver the ball every time (Watkins had 2 rushes this season).

Here are the 2014 rookie wide receiver stats (not adjusted for quarterback):
(receptions, yards, TDs)

Sammy Watkins     65 982 6
Odell Beckham Jr  91 1305 12
Mike Evans           69 1051  12
Brandin Cooks      53 550 3   (10 games)
Kelvin Benjamin  73 1008 9
Marqise Lee          37 472  1
Jordan Matthews   67 872 8
Davante Adams    38 446 3
Cody Latimer      1     9   0
Allen Robinson    48 548 2
Jarvis Landry       84 758 5
Donte Moncrief   32 444 3
John Brown         48 696 5
Martavis Bryant  26  549 8

Buffalo Bills 2015 Schedule

Bills 2015 home games next year:

New York Giants
Jets, Dolphins, Patriots


Kansas City
Jackdonville in London
Jets, Miami, New England

Week 17 NFL Picks

The final week of the regular season here are our picks:

Steve 40-38-2 Best Bet 7-9

Packers -7.5 v Lions
Ravens -14 v Browns
Falcons -3 v Panthers
Giants PICK v Eagles
Seahawks -12.5 v Rams

Wreck 47-29-4 Best Bet 10-5-1

Jaguars +7.5 @ Texans
Bills +6 @ Patriots
Titans +7.5 v Colts
Bears +7 v Vikings
Bills @ Patriots over 44

Coast 44-33-3 Best Bet 10-6

Packers -7.5 v Lions
Bills +6 @ Patriots
Jaguars +7.5 @ Texans
Seahawks -12.5 v Rams
Bengals +3.5 @ Steelers

Katman 41-37-2 Best Bet 8-8

Titans +7.5 v Colts
Chargers +2.5 @ Chiefs
Cowboys @ Redskins under 48
Browns +14 @ Ravens
Steelers -3.5 @ Bengals

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fire Russ Brandon

By Steve

Does anyone remember 1/1/2013 ? Granted there is a new owner and he may have some different thoughts but Terry Pegula has kept all the same people in place since that date so it still applies..

Well if you dont remember, here is what (then CEO) Russ Brandon said on that date:

This is an organization with a proud tradition, but I will tell you that this brand has been tarnished. Its relevancy has been tarnished and it is unacceptable because we just have not won enough games. As Buddy (Nix) says all the time, it is a production business. That is what we are in this for is to win games.
It is time to start, create and lead this franchise into the future with a new legacy. I make three promises to our fans. Number one, I can promise you that this will be a forward-thinking, progressive and attacking organization heading into the future. One of the items that I am going to spend a lot of time on with Buddy, with Doug Whaley and with Jim Overdorf is we are going to create and establish a very robust football analytics operation that we layer into our entire operation moving forward. That is something that is very important to me and very important to the future of this franchise.

I also will promise that anyone who knows me and has worked with me knows that I will leave no stone unturned in taking this organization to a world class level. My college coach used to say, I think Thomas Edison said this, my college coach used to say all of the time ‘You find me a satisfied man and I will show you a failure.’ The one thing about me and how we approach things is I am, and it probably is a little of a curse too and a blessing, but I am rarely satisfied. We will not sit on our hands until we take this to another level. That is certainly a promise that I provide our fans.
I will identify and I will hire world-class people to bring into this organization, but most importantly I will empower people to do their jobs.

I repeat  "forward-thinking, progressive and attacking organization heading into the future" in any world have the Bills been any of those things the last two years?

How about " with Doug Whaley and with Jim Overdorf we are going to create and establish a very robust football analytics operation that we layer into our entire operation moving forward" ? Has there been even one iota of analytics the last two years?

Are the Bills satisified with the failure of the past two seasons (to mix words)? In what way has this organization become world class?

Maybe two years isnt enough. Should the Bills fire Doug Marrone and Whaley? Depends who you are replacing them with but here is one god damn thing I know for sure. The Bills have to fire the man that has more or less run this organization the last 10 years (ever since Tom Donahoe was fired in 2005). Russ Brandon must be fired.

What has he done besides scam people into buying in literally and figuritively to his vision of the Buffalo Bills. There is no arguement for keeping him. He is a snake oil salesman. He is a failure and he is the man holding this organization back. Until then I see no real hope.

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Bills Are a Disaster

By Steve

Tricked again. What a surprise. I was on board and then Doug Marrone and his Buffalo Bills lose to the 2-12 Oakland Raiders with an interim head coach and a rookie QB. WTF? (Tony Sparano now 6-2 vs the Bills as a head coach)

The offense was abysmal and the defense gave up the 2nd most points the Raiders had all season and lost 26-24. How?

The season is and was a complete waste. There is no building off this season into next year. Defenses fluctuate from year to year. The head coach will be a lame duck. They have no QB, no first round pick and little if any hope.

I dont give a shit about beating a good team like the Packers or Lions if you cant win games you absolutely need to ala the Raiders and Chiefs. 4-0 against the NFC North? Who gives a shit when you go 0-4 against the much more important AFC West. Pathetic.

Firing Marrone is the easy answer but unless Pegula takes a monster swing and signs someone like Jim Harbaugh or Gus Malzahn whats the point? Then again even Chip Kelly coached like a loser this season.

Can I get a proven winner? Someone that actually thinks different than all these loser moron coaches that are scared for their lives and always punt? Did the Bills try even one trick play this year? Did they do anything to surprise anyone? Did anyone ever say the Bills out coached them ever?

Nate Hackett has to be fired one hundred percent no doubt about it. I dont care that the offensive line was horrid or Kyle Orton is a limited loser. Where is the originality? This offense is pathetic. 7 point favorites and you weren't even close to winning this must win game.

The more things change the more they stay the same. Losers. All of em.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Week 16 NFL Expert Picks

Final 2 weeks of the regular season, let's make some money:

Steve 37-37-1 Best Bet 6-9

Lions @ Bears under 44
Panthers -4 v Browns
Bills @ Raiders under 39.5
Vikings +6 @ Dolphins
Falcons +6.5 @ Saints

Coast 42-31-2 Best Bet 10-5

Patriots -10.5 @ Jets
Bills -7 @ Raiders
Bears +9 v Lions
Seahawks -8 @ Cardinals
Panthers -4 v Browns

Wreck 43-29-3 Best Bet 9-5-1

Jets +10.5 v Patriots
Bears +9 v Lions
 Falcons +6.5 @ Saints
Browns +4 @ Panthers
Raiders +7 v Bills

Katman 40-33-2 Best Bet 8-7

Bills -7 @ Raiders
Lions -9 @ Bears
Dolphins -6 v Vikings
Steelers -3 v Chiefs
Ravens -5.5 @ Texans

Bills at Raiders Stat Preview

by Steve

The Bills roll out to Oakland in a must win game in the heat of a Wild Card battle looking for their first win in this god forsaken place since 1964.  The Bills are giving the most points I can recall ever (they're -7, over under is 39.5) on the road.  Clearly the Oakland Raiders are horrendous but this is the NFL where any given Sunday anyone can win (except the Bills at New England)

The Bills appear to be better than the Raiders in ever facet of the game.  They even have a better head coach which is god damn rare. Interim head coach Tony Sparano should be familiar to all Bills fans.  Wow, just looked it up, Sparano was 5-2 against the Bills in his career.  Holy shit!  The Dolphins were actually 6-2 against the Bills in his four seasons but he was fired the week before the Dolphins came to the Ralph and interim head coach Todd Bowles fuckin won.

This knowledge kinda scares me but it is still rookie Derek Carr vs one of if not these best defenses in the league.  Basically all the Bills have to do to win this game is have Kyle Orton throw zero touchdowns in the wrong direction and not fumble the ball out of the back of either endzone.

The Bills have to win this game and make next week at New England matter.  For christ's sake it can't be that difficult can it?  Doug Marrone has gotten his team up a few times this year when I feared they wouldn't get up (half time v Minny, Bills v Jets at Detroit and the second half v Cleveland).  So I shockingly have some faith in Marrone to have his team ready to trounce these losers.  Prediction at the bottom.

Bills Offensive Rankings:

Total Plays: 15th
Yards per Game: 23rd
Points per Game: 18th 22
Turnovers: 5th (+10)
3rd Down %: 24th 37%
Passing Yards: 19th 224
Rushing Yards: 24th 98

Raiders Offensive Rankings:

Total Plays: 25th
Yards per Game: 32nd
Points per Game:  32nd 15
Turnovers: 32nd -16
3rd Down %: 28th 34%
Passing Yards: 24th 210
Rushing Yards: 32nd 74

Bills Defensive Rankings

Yards Allowed Per Game: 5th 313
Points Allowed Per Game: 5th 18
Rushing Allowed Per Game: 9th 103
Passing Allowed Per Game: 5th 210
Sacks: 1st 49
Total Turnovers: 30

Raiders Defensive Rankings

Yards Allowed Per Game: 18th 354
Points Allowed Per Game: 30th 27
Rushing Allowed Per Game: 25th 125
Passing Allowed Per Game: 8th 228
Sacks: 30th 19
Total Turnovers: 11

Bills win 24-9 zero touchdowns

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bills at Raiders Preview Podcast

A preview of the Raiders game and a look at the 2014 Buffalo Bills

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week 16 Bills Power Rankings Compilation

After an epic victory over overrated Aaron Rodgers and the Packers where are the Bills ranked:

ESPN 15 :
"That's how you close out a season at home. The Bills have both remaining games on the road. It could be Buffalo's first season since 2004 with a positive point differential."

Point differential! Huh? A two spot jump not barely ahead of the Dolphins

CBS 15 :
"At 8-6, their playoff hopes are alive. Did they save coach Doug Marrone's job?"

Prisco still questioning Marrone's job stability? Love it, Three spot leap

Yahoo 14:
"(8-6, LW: 16)That was a great win against Green Bay, and this defense is incredible. The Bills might have to win in Week 17 at New England to get in the playoffs, but it's a testament to them that they're still in the conversation."

Oh, good defense!

NFL 13:
 That was a pretty complete win delivered by the Bills on Sunday. Nothing fluky about it. Bacarri Rambo was something special. Rambo made a mockery of a small-town sheriff -- I mean, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense -- proving that nothing is over in Buffalo. You just don't turn it off, either. I fully expect that Bills defense to blow things up in Oakland and New England. # BillsMafia #ColonelTrautman

Wait what?  Did he just predict a win at the Patriots?

PFT  :
 "14. Buffalo Bills (No. 17; 8-6):  They may not make the playoffs, but that signature win over the Packers could save Doug Marrone’s job."

Consensus that it was a big win for Marrone but maybe not his real estate agent

Walterfootball  :
16. Buffalo Bills (8-6). Previously: #17
Still behind the Dolphins?  Ouch Walt

Bills Best Case Scenario for Making Playoffs

Per @drunkorton

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Week 15 NFL Expert Picks

Steve 33-36-1 Best Bet 5-9

Chiefs -10.5 v Raiders
Jaguars +14 @ Ravens
Packers @ Bills under 50.5
Bears +3 v Saints
Bengals +1 @ Browns

Wreck 41-28-1 Best Bet 9-5

49ers +10 @ Seahawks
Packers @ Bills under 50.5
Jaguars +14 @ Ravens
Chargers +4.5 v Broncos
Texans +7 @ Colts

Coast 40-29-1 Best Bet 10-4

Ravens -14 v Jaguars
Colts -7 v Texans
Falcons +3 v Steelers
Bills +5 v Packers
Patriots -8 v Dolphins

Katman 36-32-2 Best Bet 7-7

Patriots -8 v Dolphins
Bills +5 v Packers
Bengals +1 @ Browns
Raiders +10.5 @ Chiefs
Steelers -3 @ Falcons

Friday, December 12, 2014

Packers at Bills Preview

by Steve

Week 15 and the Buffalo Bills are still sorta "in it" vis-a-vis the playoffs.  While that is shocking because the Bills are never in contention for the playoffs it still seems a bit hollow since the Bills chances of actually making the post season is low single digits.  Oh and the QB is a bum the coach is a bust and the Bills may not be favored again this season.

Luckily, the Bills get to play an overrated Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in Buffalo this Sunday.  The Green Bay Packers have never won a game in Buffalo. Granted, the Packers are much more successful than the Bills and have a far superior quarterback but I surprisingly feel pretty confident going into this game at the Ralph.

Yes, Rodgers only has 3 picks this season, is as athletic as any QB and straight slings the rock; but besides one lucky run a few years ago (in which Vick and the Eagles should have beat GB in the Wild Card game) the Packers don't win big games.  Maybe moron Mike McCarthy deserves most of that blame AND Doug Marrone is just as big of a moron but uhhh.  Oh yeah, the Bills defense is legit!  They are the nobody believes in us team!  Even Vegas is realizing this!  The line opened BUF +7 and it is currently down to 5.

As long as the Williams bros, Dareus and Hughes get in A-Rodg's face, don't get run over and Orton can score 27 points the Bills will win.  Or maybe I'm just biased because I never thought Rodgers was that good and he's killing it this year.  We'll see.  Oh and here is a break down of the stats for both teams:

Bills Offensive Rankings:

Total Plays: 16th
Yards per Game: 22nd
Points per Game: 17th 22
Turnovers: 6th (+9)
3rd Down %: 24th 38%
Passing Yards: 17th 231
Rushing Yards: 25th 96

Packers Offensive Rankings:

Total Plays: 27th
Yards per Game: 6th
Points per Game:  1st  33
Turnovers: 1st +16
3rd Down %: 3rd 49%
Passing Yards: 6th 273
Rushing Yards: 14th 114

Bills Defensive Rankings

Yards Allowed Per Game: 5th 312
Points Allowed Per Game: 5th 19
Rushing Allowed Per Game: 8th 99
Passing Allowed Per Game: 5th 213
Sacks: 1st 48
Total Turnovers: 29

Packers Defensive Rankings

Yards Allowed Per Game: 26th 375
Points Allowed Per Game: 18th 23
Rushing Allowed Per Game: 8th 129
Passing Allowed Per Game: 20 245
Sacks: 20th 29
Total Turnovers: 24

I'm going to predict 27-24 Bills
Blue jersey on blue Pants!!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Week 15 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Compilation

Not dead can't quit, let's see where the media ranks the Bills after an L to the Broncos:

No change "Kyle Orton tied the Bills' franchise record with 38 completions and threw for a season-high 355 yards Sunday. The 7-6 Bills will need that against the Packers and Pats."

Useless information on the highest order

CBS 18
"Any playoff chances went out the window with the loss at Denver. They need a quarterback."

Dropped 1 spot, one fact one fiction, thanks Pete.

NFL 17
"The Bills made it interesting in the end at Denver; in fact, they accumulated 285 yards of offense in just five second-half possessions. Of course, the Broncos had already jumped out to a 21-3 lead.

The bottom line is, this club is eventually going to have to enter the expectation phase, in which the Bills will actually be expected to beat a good team on the road as opposed to getting kudos for keeping it close. Not trying to be harsh; that's just what this pro game is all about."

17. Buffalo Bills (No. 15; 7-6):  Doug Marrone’s job could hinge on beating the Packers on Sunday.  If so, it may be time to start packing up the office."

Interesting, but I doubt its true

Yahoo 16
"It will be interesting to see if the Bills go back to EJ Manuel for a start or two if they're officially out of the race. If they don't, that probably tells you all you need to know about Manuel's future there."

No movement but a mention of Erik James? Damn, Orton really does suck.

17. Buffalo Bills (7-6). Previously: #17

Not much movement albeit everyone seems to agree the QB and the coach are squarely to blame and need to be switched out YET AGAINNNNN

Monday, December 8, 2014

Podcast: Bills Lose to the Broncos

Combo podcast Steve and the FandemoSports boys break down the devastating loss to the Broncos

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Week 14 NFL Expert Picks

The final 4 games of the regular season, time to separate the men from the boys, let's make some money:

Steve 32-32-1 Best Bet 5-8

Texans @ Jaguars over 42.5
Colts -4 @ Browns
Rams -3 @ Redskins
49ers -8 @ Raiders
Patriots @ Chargers over 51.5

Wreck  37-28 Best Bet 8-5

Bills -10 @ Broncos
Jets +6 @ Vikings
Chiefs +1 @ Cardinals
Steelers +3 @ Bengals
Ravens +3 @ Dolphins

Coast 38-26-1 Best Bet 9-4

Bills -10 @ Broncos
Redskins +3 v Rams
Titans +1.5 v Giants
Packers -10 v Falcons
Seahawks pick @ Eagles

Katman 34-29-2 Best Bet 7-6

Colts -4 @ Browns
Ravens +3 @ Dolphins
Bills @ Broncos under 48
Saints -10 v Panthers
Redskins +3 v Rams

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bills at Broncos Statistical Preview

by Steve

The Bills play one of the most important games in a decade this weekend when they visit the mighty Denver Broncos at 4:05 Sunday.  Do the Bills have a chance to win? Well I am getting a keg and watching the game at my house.. That plan worked for the Lions and Bears games where the Bills were big underdogs on the road.  Why not again this Sunday? Rams played em close, so did the Dolphins,  and it is the NFL after all isn't it?  Any Given Sunday?

Let's take a gander at the stats for these two teams:

Bills +10.5 over/under 48

Bills Offensive Rankings:

Total Plays: 19th
Yards per Game: 24th
Points per Game: 16th (22.2)
Turnovers: 5th (+9)
3rd Down %: 26th 36%
Passing Yards: 21st 222
Rushing Yards: 24th 98

Broncos Offensive Rankings:

Total Plays: 5th
Yards per Game: 5th
Points per Game:  5th
Turnovers: 11th +4
3rd Down %: 5th 46%
Passing Yards: 2nd 304
Rushing Yards: 18th 109

Bills Defensive Rankings

Yards Allowed Per Game: 5th 312
Points Allowed Per Game: 2nd 18.1
Rushing Allowed Per Game: 7th 96
Passing Allowed Per Game: 5th 216
Sacks: 1st 48
Total Turnovers: 25

Broncos Defensive Rankings

Yards Allowed Per Game: 3rd 302
Points Allowed Per Game: 17th 23
Rushing Allowed Per Game: 2nd 73
Passing Allowed Per Game: 10th 230
Sacks: 5th 34
Total Turnovers: 16

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 14 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Compilation

After an "important" win at home against the Browns and in the thick of a wild card race let's see where the national media has the Buffalo Bills:

ESPN 17 up 1
"While the world watched Johnny Manziel, Buffalo quietly won by 16 points. Though the Bills still play the Raiders, they will likely need to find two wins against the Broncos, Packers and Patriots"

A reality check with the Bills the second lowest ranked team of the 7-5 teams

CBS  17 up 1
"That defense will keep them in a lot of games. They are still alive for a playoff spot."


NFL 15 up 3
"Big win for the Bills, who are riding the NFL's most underrated defense to a possible playoff spot. Now, it goes without saying that this head-to-head victory over the Browns looms large in the postseason push. The thinking here is that it will take 10 wins to get into the tournament on the AFC side. So, # BillsMafia, can Buffalo take three out of four vs. Denver, Green Bay, Oakland and New England -- with three of those four on the road? Are Andre Reed and Joe Cribbs still in football shape?""

WTF? Joe Cribbs? I don't think a 56 year old running back is what this team needs..

Yahoo 16 up 2
"The defense is really good. I just don’t see how they get into the playoffs, which is a shame."

If they are so good they should be able to compete with GB NE DEN!!

15. Buffalo Bills (No. 18; 7-5): After two steps forward, the one step back comes in Denver this weekend.

Florio pulling no punches.

17. Buffalo Bills (7-5). Previously: #18

Highest ranking 15 lowest ranking 17.  Not a lot of deviation at this point. Strangest comment from the dude.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Bills 26 Browns 10 F

By Steve

Wait, the Bills actually took care of business at home for a change and gave us meaningful football in December? Holy shit.

Granted, it was ugly, actually realllly ugly at times but a win is a win is a win. So who deserves the credit? A quarterback and an offense that scored zero points in the first half? Sammy Watkins who was a nonfactor all day? Clearly the only people that get credit are the monsters on the defense killing fools.

From the front four to the linebackers and even a secondary that ball hawks and makes plays. This defense is legit. Im not sure if they have a weakness. Then again they do play against 3 of the best QBs in the league this month so we'll see. But against most teams in this league this defense shines.

How damn much is Jerry Hughes going to get in March? This guy is starting to change my mind into thinking he's worth paying. Dareus keeps adding zeros to his next contract and so is Nigel Bradham.

Just imagine if Bryce Brown doesn't fumble against the Chiefs and Scott Chandler doesn't have boners for hands! The Bills would be 8-4 and in the drivers seat in the wild card. But alas they aren't and will need a miracle four straight weeks in December to break a 14 year drought.

So they beat the Browns and did what they needed to do which with even those low standards is an upgrade over previous seasons. Marrone has almost certainly bought himself another season besting the teams he is supposed to win. But now its time to see how great this defense truly is against Manning, Rodgers and Brady.

No I still don't love Doug Marrone, Kyle average Orton or Natty daddy Hackett but at this point I'll take it. I mean they have given us something we havent had since 2004.. Meaningful football in December.