Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why is Dave Wannstedt still employed?

by Steve Janis

The bye week has passed for the Buffalo Bills and other than the range of motion of Mario Williams supposed injured wrist nothing has changed down at OBD.  After a disgraceful L at home to the lowly Tennessee Titans, after a 3-4 start and one of the worst defenses in NFL history through seven games, the Bills defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt is still gainfully employed. WTF?

Rushing Defense 32nd 176.9 yards allowed per game
Passing Defense 22nd 247.3 yards allowed per game
Team Defense 31st 424.1 yards allowed per game

This is the first year as d-coordinator for ol' Stachstedt taking over a team that has drafted defense in the first round back to back years and made a splash signing Mario Williams and Mark Anderson in free agency.  He is taking over a defense ranked 28th against the run, 19th in pass defense and 26th in team defense.

Ol' 'stache has some how (through 7 games) made the team worse in all three statistical categories from 2011 to '12.  How is that even possible?  Did even one person think that this team would drop in every single ranking on defense before the season started?

What are the reasons for not making a change? Continuity, another new defense making things worse, who would take over, because coaches don't like to fire other coaches.  Yadda Yadda.  Who gives a shit about continuity the guy has been in charge seven weeks and clearly demonstrates he is lost.  The guy behind him wouldn't change things all that much and clearly couldn't be worse.

As for coaches not liking to fire other coaches especially mid season (as some sort of BS unwritten rule) who cares?!  There is zero chance Dave Wannstedt will be hired again ever in the NFL and especially at defensive coordinator.

Just listen to Jason Cole from our sister station on WGR550 "Dave is probably one of the worst coaches I have ever seen who rose to that level.  There are a lot of bad position coaches that are not very good... Dave is just very unimaginative very uninspiring guy...  He has no ability to make guys play harder, very unimaginative, very uninspiring.. He has made more money from his associating with Jimmy Johnson than anyone should have"  He paints him as a joke and is just not capable of leading people.  Ouch.

The bye week would have been the best time to make a change.  The season is going down in flames and is only going to get worse.  Cue up Axle Rose cause it is timeeee to dieeeeeee.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 8 NFL Picks

Not a good week for Steve last week, fml

Steve 15-16  Best Bet 1-5-1 best bet

NY Jets -1 v Miami
Giants @ Dallas over 48
Chicago -7 v Carolina
Cleveland +3 v San Diego
New England v St Louis over 46

Wreck 17-15  Best Bet 5-2

NY Jets -1 v Miami
Arizona +7 v San Francisco
Jacksonville +16.5 @ Green Bay
Philadelphia -1.5 v Atlanta
Pittsburgh -4.5 v Washington

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Buffalo Bills BYE week Podcast

Steve Wreck and Coast delve deeply into the depths of despair as Bills fans, look to last and the future and beyond.  This is what podcasts are made for son.


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Mario Williams is a Bust? STFU

by Steve

Did I really have to listen to WGR550 all fuckin day long arguing that Mario Williams is a bust and that basically it is the worst contract ever in the history of the world?  I am no Buffalo Bills apologist by any means but give me a break. 7 games 3.5 sacks, wrist surgery, some of the worst defense played in the history of the National Football League and it is all Williams fault and he is a bust?

Look, before the season I wasn't in love with M-Dubs and actually predicted Mark Anderson would have more sacks.  But I loved the signing even if there was no way he ever lived up to all the hype and expectations.  But if we're already willing to cut the guy or through him under the bus and label him a bust already what fucking hope do we have?

The guy certainly hasn't played well, he hasn't lived up to expectations and isn't even getting double teamed.  He hasn't handled the media all that well and comes off as a bit of a primadonna.  And to those saying his team mates resent him or he is a cancer in the locker room who gives a shit, that locker room has been a useless disaster for 12 years.  The guy just needs to be more of a leader and tell some of these alleged discontented players to STFU too.

Why wasn't he on the injury report? I don't know, is the surgery or "procedure" secretive (for now) yeah, but couldn't this supposedly phantom injury THAT NEEDED SURGERY be an actual excuse for why he hasn't played well? Now that he is the guy and the $100 million man isn't it plausible he could be understating the injury and feels a responsibility to his team/contract to play through it any way?

Jared Allen his first season on a new team, Minnesota, had a grand total of 5 sacks (1.5 more) and had a record offff 3-4.  Julius Peppers? 2 sacks in his first 7 games on Chicago (for a total of 8 in 16 games) albeit the Bears were 4-3 overall.  The other way?  Jason Babin last year, his first with Philly had 9 sacks in his first 7 games, damn.

Either way, seven games into a 96 game contract and the guy already is the worst, is the worst take I've heard since Ryan Fitzpatrick is actually a franchise quarterback.  The guy has sucked and the defense has been worse but I'm giving this guy at least 32 games and at least a few games where he is healthy before I slow down a school bus with his corpse.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Titans 35 Bills 34 F

by Steve

Jacksonville home opener '04, Pittsburgh season finale 04, Dallas MNF 07, Denver home opener 07, am I missing any? Maybe a lame San Francisco or Miami game that year too?  Add this one to the list of Ralph debacles over the past 8 or so years. FML.

Throwing across your body on 3rd and long late in the 4th up 6 for an interception? 4th and 9 and no one steps up? Reinventing Chris Johnson one pathetic run at a time? Refusing to go for two down by two points while you're running game is shredding Tennessee's defense?  Is Chanwhick Gailey's How to Lose a Football Game manual in paperback yet or is only out on the Kindle?

If I wasn't surprised or didn't see it coming I might have actually been upset walking out of the stadium after that debacle.  Who is still surprised at this point?  Even if they won (and gave us false hope for another 4-5 weeks) we all knew the verdict on this season before jury deliberation commenced.  This team sucks, this coach is a loser and this quarterback is not taking any team any where.

Yeah, sure, fire Dave Wannstedt (won't happen) going into the BYE and give us something else to talk about but it won't matter who is coaching this defense, they suck.  Albeit Stachstedt couldn't be doing any worse.  How is this run defense WORSE than last year?  Is there one player on this defense worth inviting back next year?

The season is over yet again before the calendar reads November and yet again this franchise proves from top down they are a joke.  The pits if you will.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week 7 NFL Picks

Steve 14-12 Best Bet 1-4-1

Buffalo -3.5 v Tenn
Chicago -6.5 v Detroit
Pittsburgh -1.5 @ Cleveland
Cleveland @ Indy over 46
Baltimore +7 @ Houston

Wreck 13-14  Best Bet 4-2

Detroit +6.5 @ Chicago
NY Jets +10.5 @ New England
Pittsburgh -1.5 @ Cleveland
Washington +6 @ Giants
Arizona +6.5 @ Minnesota

Tennessee Titans @ Buffalo Bills

by Steve

Ouch, no podcast this week?  The Bills haven't beaten the Titans since the "revenge game" 9/3/00 after the illegal forward pass play in Tennessee the year before.  I have no idea how that exactly equates to the game Sunday but I just wanted to sound like I did research.

The Titans average the least number of rushing yards in the National Football League and the Bills allow the most rushing yards in the National Football League.  Something has to give and if I was a betting man I'd bet on Chris Johnson and the Titans racking up BIG yards. (Then again, if you subtract the fake punt and Kevin Kolb's rushing yards the Bills only gave up 92 yards last week.)

Yes, the Bills aren't good but since when is beating the Cardinals in Arizona not a good win?  They were 4-1, had won 8 straight in the desert and were favored by 5 points.  Maybe it's because we only remember Chanwick fuckin up on nearly every decision the last four minutes of the game.

Buffalo is only a 3.5 point favorite because the Titans got three extra days to prepare?  Because they luckily beat a down Pittsburgh team a week ago in prime time in their barn?  I'm not impressed by Munchak and co. I just don't get it.  On the road this team has lost by an average of 25 points.

Are the Bills supposed to be scared of a 37 year old back up in Matt Hasselbeck?  Or their 28th ranked defense?  Their grand total of four interceptions?

What is the reason to not pick a blow out at the Ralph Sunday?

Bills 32 Titans 17

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A day later, Bills in first?!

by Steve

I'm not going to refute all of Coast's negativity after he just came out of retirement to write that rambling diatribe because he was mostly right.  No, I don't want Chan Gailey fired I want him never hired in the first place but it's too late for that.

But hey, the Buffalo Bills are in first place after 6 weeks!  The Bills couldn't even say that last year when many thought they might actually maybe were good.  Granted, they're 0-2 in the division and haven't even beaten the Dolphins in three years.  And yes the quarterback is one of the worst in the league, they don't utilize their best player nearly enough and the defense always gets shredded by the other teams best player.

Yet, a majority of the team's remaining games are at home (6/10 [assuming you consider Toronto home])), Chanwick and co. have doubled their away victories from a season ago and Mario Williams finally showed up for a game.

A few other thoughts on the Arizona (near) debacle.  I agreed with the punt on 4th and 10 from the Cardinals 35 in overtime.  If Rian Lindell makes that kick (at beast 50/50) AZ still gets the ball back.  Yes, the backup QB was in there but didn't he just get them down the field for consecutive field goal tries? And if they scored a touchdown they'd win.  And I don't want to hear advanced NFL statistics winning %, how many over time games have their been with the new format where a field goal on the first possession doesn't auto win the game?  I trusted the defense more than the idiot kicker.

If Lindell misses Skelton and co. have all the momentum and need maybe 25 yards to have a chance at winning the game outright. The three straight pass plays made little to no sense and even less sense than the wildcat call.  That play was indeed horrible but the execution was worse.  Shouldn't they have told Brad Smith (one of their four quarterbacks and three kickers on the roster fwiw) to NOT throw the god damn ball if Don Jones wasn't open?  That again falls on Gailey and Wreck's boy Curt Modkins as failed coaching.

The Bills opening line against backup Matt Hasselbeck and the Tennessee Titans is -3 with the money heavy on the Bills (-125).  All ya gotta do is enough to win and get to the BYE guaranteeing to remain (tied) in first place for at least another week.  The Jets play @ the Patriots and Miami is on the bye.

Oh and we resigned Shawne Merriman? wo0t, o/u number of games he is active this season 1.5. Bang the under.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bills 19 Cardinals 16, Fire Chan Gailey


The Bills may have beaten the Arizona Cardinals today 19-16 in overtime, but I aboslutely feel sick about our coaching staff, especially Chan Gailey. I am officially done with Chan Gailey as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills and all this win does is delay the inevitable of what is going to turn out to be another below .500 season.

The Bills were winning 16-13 late in the 4th quarter, have the ball inside Arizona territory, driving by running the football down Arizona's throat. The first mistake was that the Bills went into the wildcat. There is a time for the wildcat, I guess, but this was not one of those times. Then, to have Brad Smith throw the football deep is just mind boggling. Of course the pass was intercepted and Arizona drove down and hit a 61 yard field goal to tie the game. If Feely hits the 38 yard field goal and the Bills would have lost, this call would have gone down in history as one of the worst calls in franchise history. Right up there with the Losman play action pass fumble against the Jets, the Travis Henry half back pass, the screen on 4th and goal to Fred Jackson in a blizzard versus Cleveland, etc. In all seriousness, this was an ALL TIME BAD play call. Gailey is lucky the Bills won because this call should have cost him his job, period.

Gailey kept the ineptitude going on the next Bills possession. After a sack on first down, the Bills made absolutely no attempt to get a first down while Arizona called timeout after timeout to get the football back with over a minute left. Gailey showed both no guts and also showed absolutely no confidence in his quarterback. I am not saying he should have confidence in his quarterback, but by not trying to get a first down and punting there, you are basically saying you don't want to win the football game. That was Jauronian.

Not to be overshadowed is how Gailey handles the running backs. I know this might not be a big deal to some, but CJ Spiller is the best player on our football team. He is a threat every time he touches the football. When he doesn't touch the ball, but is on the field, teams need to pay attention to him. He should be on the field every single play, unless he needs a breather, but he isn't. Look, Fred Jackson is a good player and a better guy and leader, but if you think that he is as productive as CJ Spiller right now, you are dreaming. Teams are not worried about Fred Jackson anymore. CJ Spiller needs to be the focal point of our offense. The numbers speak for themselves. 12 carries for 88 yards today. He made a huge play on our 2nd half touchdown drive. He is averaging 7.6 yards per carry on the season. 7.6 yards per carry. And, he played half the snaps. Joke. Not to trash talk Jackson, but he is averaging 2.6 yards per carry. He is two leg injuries away from the first half of 2011. Trade him to Green Bay while he has some value. Jackson 21 touches, Spiller 16. It just doesn't make any logical sense.

I know I am being ultra negative, but a win like this really does nothing to help my optimism. I think it would be hard to argue that the Bills are as good as Miami or the Jets, so I believe they are the 4th best team in the AFC East. This is the type of win that causes a team to have the 10th pick instead of 6th. I will say, Jairus Byrd made two great plays, Mario Williams looked alive and had two sacks, albeit against a horrible offensive line. That is all I can say about a defense that allowed 182 yards rushing to a team who was missing their first two running backs.

Here's to the Bills beating Tennessee, entering the bye at 4-3, only to lose 2 more to Miami, 1 to Houston, 1 to New England, 1 to Seattle and another bad loss in there to finish 7-9.

week 6 NFL Picks

New feature steve's 3 team teaser of the week too

Steve 13-9-1 Best Bet 1-3-1

Cincinnati -2 @ Cleveland
Indianapolis +3.5 @ NY Jets
Tampa -4 v Kansas City
NY Giants @ SF 49ers under 45.5
Houston -3.5 v Green Bay

Wreck 10-12 Best Bet 3-2

Oakland +9.5 @ Atlanta
Buffalo +4 @ Arizona
Cleveland +2 v Cincinnati
San Francisco -6.5 v NY Giants
New England -4 @ Seattle

Steve's 3 team 6 point teaser of the week
Cincinnati +4, Indy +9.5 Houston +2.5

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Buffalo Bills @ Arizona Cardinals Preview Podcast

Steve Coast and special guests break down the 49ers debacle and look towards the rest of the season including the Arizona Cardinals game

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bills starting to crack a bit?

@steviejohnson13 I know most of "yall" live vicariously thru me; so when I lose it makes your life 13x more miserable than it already is. Well... TOUGH SHIT! 

 I like it, dude is getting pissed and cracking back on his "fans". Ha

A Day Later, Really?!

by Steve

What is left to say after that game?  The Buffalo Bills do not play in the same league as the San Francisco 49ers or the New England Patriots.  Whether it is a form of college football or some sort of pseudo-pro league it doesn't really matter.  This team sucks and there isn't anything good about them.

Is it possible that Aaron Williams and Steph Gilmore are that bad?  It has to be a little bit coaching at least right?  How can this group of players be historically bad?  That isn't even hyperbolic, they are historically bad.

The question has to whether the team quit on Chan Gailey doesn't really matter.  If they didn't quit wouldn't that be worse?  Because that would mean they were trying and that is all they could muster. God damn.

The season isn't over and it is possible the Bills just played the two best teams in the league but clearly they aren't in the same league.  Beat Arizona and Tennessee and we won't really remember this games that much.  But obviously we can't count on any game as a win at this point.

One last thing, Bud Nix knows at this point Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the QB in 2013 right?  He knows Chan Gailey is a loser, correct?  Gailey will be going into the final year of his contract and we know how that played out with the last coach that went into his final year.  Kill me now.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 5 NFL Picks

Steve 10-7-1 best bet 1-2-1

Baltimore -6.5 @ Kansas City
Philadelphia +3.5 @ Pittsburgh
Green Bay @ Indy over 48
New England -6.5 v Denver
Bills +9.5 @ SF

Wreck 8-10 best bet 3-1

Bills +9.5 @ SF
Jets +8.5 v Houston
Jacksonville +5.5 v Chicago
Carolina -2.5 v Seattle
New England -6.5 v Denver

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Why the Bills can beat the 49ers

by Steve

Well, not win, but ya know, cover the 9.5.  The Buffalo Bills can stick with the San Francisco 49ers for multiple reasons albeit there are more than a couple reasons why they can't.  I'll be Mr. Brightside and ignore those for today though.

Alex Smith is not a very good quarterback. He does what he is asked to do, retain possession of the rock by limiting mistakes.  That is evidenced by his mediocre numbers (averaging 196 passing yards his last 20 games) except for interceptions, six in 20 games! Ryan Fitz-noodle-arm Fitzpatrick can do that in one game.  Still, the guy is no Tom Brady.

Before the 49ers got to play a team in complete meltdown mode (J-E-T-S) they were allowing an average of 22 points a game. Granted there are more points in the NFL these days but that doesn't sound elite to me.  Score 24 points and it is a guaranteed cover.

Yes, the 49ers are a great rushing team but the Bills have a pretty good run defense when they're actually in their base as opposed to the nickle that got shredded by the Patriots last week.  I may have rose colored glasses on here but last week was more of a fluke than anything.  Well, not a fluke in that the Patriots ALWAYS shred the Bills defense.  So the nearly 300 yards rushing was an aberration.  Look for the run defense to be much more effective tomorrow.

Some quick hits:
  • Spiller and Fred Jackson are healthier than last week
  • Mario Williams probably can't play any worse 
  • Stevie Johnson is in his home town and will look to ball
  • It is the NFL so anything (except us making the playoffs) is possible
  •  The Bills last west coast victory came against this same franchise wayyy back in 2004.
  • The 49ers defense is only 6th against the run
  • SF could be overlooking the Bills with a HUGE rematch game against the NY Giants looming next week.
  • the Bills are do?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Buffalo Bills @ San Francisco 49ers preview podcast

Steve and Coast wax poetically about the Patriots game this past Sunday and look forward towards 49ers impending disaster of a game


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Monday, October 1, 2012

A Day later, Time to Blow it Up

by Steve

Were the Buffalo Bills really winning by 14 points in the third quarter Sunday against the New England Patriots? 45 points in the second half, the fourth most ever allowed? The Patriots were still in the shot gun up 14 with five minutes left gunning the ball into the endzone?  Where is the pride?

Is there something worse than a blood bath? When the fuck is Tom Brady going to retire?  From the owner on down to Bud Nix, Chanwick, Noodle-arm, the front four, the non-existent secondary, who is more to blame?  Clearly, it is time to blow it up yet again.

Depending on how the rest of this useless season plays out, Buddy Nix will probably still be back as the general manager.  At best, he retires and Doug Whaley takes the helm as GM leaving as little change as necessary possible.  Chanwick Gailey needs to be fired especially with the obvious, that this team needs a quarterback.

We don't need Gailey and his losing to corrupt whoever it is we're able to draft next April.  What's the odds a QB in the first round pans out?  After that, we'll have to only hope something can be salvaged from the $100 million man.  How is it possible that the Bills gave Mario "something in between Aaron Schobel and Chris Kelsay" Williams that much jack?  Clearly he isn't a winner and is either unmotivated or limited in skill.  The guy doesn't bring credibility or a ruthless pass rusher to this team.  Just another bust story.

Can this team still win 7 or 8 games?  Maybe, but since when was that the goal?  This team is no where near competing with the best teams in the league and doesn't appear to even be close to playoff contention.

Holy shit...