Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chris Kelsay is a fuckin idiot

by Steve

In case you missed it, Chris Kelsay is a fucking moron. I can't wait for this ass hat to be cut this offseason. $5 mil a year for 2 sacks Christopher? Get your monster.com resume together you worthless loser.

Bills defensive end and co-captain Chris Kelsay said he is "ecstatic" that Jauron is still the coach.

"I think I can speak on behalf of our entire team that that's what we wanted to see happen," Kelsay said. "To see the team move forward without him, I think would've been a terrible thing, really."

"It's like starting from square one again, so we wouldn't have the growth that we've had the last couple of years," Kelsay said. "We can continue on from here and move forward and continue to improve."

Growth the last couple of years? Continue to improve? You realize the team has been 7-9 the last three years? The exact same record? What is the definition of improving? Growth?

Improve per dictionary.com - to increase in value, excellence, etc.; become better

What growth? Where is the growth and improvement Chris? Maybe you mean your personal stats since Jauron took over? He is such a great coach and motivates his players to play hard for him? Is that what you wanna say? His first season as coach in 2006 you had 5.5 sacks and 41 solo tackles, 2007 2.5 sacks 34 solo tackles 2008 2 sacks 33 solo tackles. You played at least 14 games each of those years Chris. Your stats have continuesly gotten worse. You are regressing not growing Chris.

Dick Jauron is back for 2009

by Steve

Honestly what is the point? What is the fucking point? We'll never win. We have a terrible owner. We have one of the worst head coaches in the history of the sport. We have never won anything and the team is a joke. Dick Jauron returning to this franchise as the head coach is the biggest fucking joke in the history of Buffalo sports. Resigning as a fan is probably too easy but probably the best option.

It is not fathomable to me that this career loser is coming back as the head coach. It is tough to say at this point this blog will continue. Ralph Wilson needs to die before we are relevant again. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I honestly wanna cry. Literally cry. Real tears.

Dick Jauron has been retained as head coach by the Buffalo Bills for the 2009 season. This disclosure was made today by Bills owner, Ralph C. Wilson, Jr.

Mr. Wilson stated “It is well known that I share many of the fans’ dissatisfaction with our offensive game management. That being said, I believe that this team, at this time, is better served by continuity in the coaching staff rather than a disruptive overhaul. The team played hard all year long and there are many positives to build on. This is not to say that we will be complacent. In my discussions with Dick and our senior football people the issues are recognized and I am confident they will be addressed.”

Wilson added “I believe in the last few years we have gotten close personnel wise and look forward to another strong draft, more assertive veteran leadership and continued improvement from our young quarterback.”

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Monday, December 29, 2008

T-minus 2 days ..

See you all on Wednesday

Buffalo Bills owner Ralph C. Wilson Jr. said late this afternoon the team would make a decision on the future of head coach Dick Jauron on Wednesday.

Wilson met in Detroit today with Russ Brandon, the Bills' chief operating officer, Tom Modrak, the Bills' vice president of college scouting, and Jeff Littmann, the Bills' treasurer.

"I have nothing definitive tonight to give you," Wilson told The Buffalo News by phone from Detroit. "We had a meeting today. We're going to have a meeting tomorrow and the next day, and then you'll have your answer."

The Bills ended their third straight 7-9 season under Jauron with Sunday's 13-0 loss to the New England Patriots. This was the most disappointing of the three seasons because the Bills lost eight of their last 10 games.

The News and various other media outlets reported in October that Jauron reached agreement on a three-year contract extension with the Bills. However, Wilson refused to comment on that reported deal throughout the remainder of the season and again declined to comment today.

Gasp, can we wait that long? This 2 more days thing means a few things possibly:

a.) They are negotiating a buyout.

b.) Seeing if Jauron will swallow forced changes in assistants and personnel.

c.) The inner circle is listening to public opinion throughout the next 2 days to see what effect bringing Jauron back would have on the bottom line.

d.)Rereading the contract extension for opt out clauses.

e.)Wilson has doctors appointments Tuesday and is busy.

f.) They are getting a plan together to sell to us, the fans, Jauron for another year.

And just in case Wilson, Brandon, Modrak and Littmann are die hard WNY W.C. fans we want Jauron fired. That goes for all 5 people I share season tickets with, my father, coast's father (a long time season ticket holder) and just about anyone else I have encountered in the last 6 weeks.

Crowell back? and other coaches fired

by Steve

Mangina out, Marinelli out, Crennell out. Crowell in?

“Yeah definitely,” said Crowell when asked if he’d entertain coming back. “That’s what I talked to (Bills COO) Russ (Brandon) about. I love playing for this organization, the fans are great and they’ve supported me through this whole thing. I would definitely entertain it. Russ said the door wasn’t closed, he just obviously wanted to see where I was in my rehab and what’s next for me. He said he would definitely be talking to my agent and the door is definitely not closed.”

Crowell, who has been working with famed orthopedist Dr. James Andrews, is now ahead of schedule, but doesn’t believe he could have played up to his standards at any point this season following the surgery.

I'd take him back if he is healthy. It closes a need at OLB and the Bills could zone in on a beast DE.

Also Cowher has told the Browns he is not interested in their head coaching job. Hopefully he just doesn't want to coach. But if the Jets throw $10 mil per at him he would have to take it. That thought sends shivers down my spine. Yikessss. "Cowher told Lerner (Browns owner) that he was comfortable with his lifestyle in North Carolina at this time."

2009 opponents:
HOME: Browns, Texans, Colts, Saints, Patriots, Jets, and Dolphins.

AWAY: Jaguars, Titans, Falcons, Panthers, Chiefs, Patriots, Jets and Dolphins.

the Bills pick 11th overall

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Final Straw for Jauron


So, the Bills season is finally over after a miserable day at One Bills Drive and a 13-0 shutout loss to New England. It was the 11th in a row and the 16th loss in 17 games. I think this was the worst three hours I have ever spent watching a sporting event in my entire life. The weather was terrible. The wind was ridiculous and the temperature just dropped consistently. I couldn’t feel my hands or feet midway through the 2nd half, but for some reason, I didn’t leave early.

Anyways, today pretty much summed up the Bills season and Dick Jauron’s tenure as the coach of the Bills. I have seen some terrible decisions made by Jauron over the past three seasons. I really didn’t think it was possible to see something even worse, but today I actually did. Everyone reading this I am sure watched the game and saw the events that ended the 2nd quarter. Less than 20 seconds left, no time outs, and we run the football up the middle to force us to rush our field goal team on the field to kick a field goal in swirling wind. Of course we didn’t even attempt a kick because Duke Preston decided it was a good idea to get in a scuffle and not even get off the field, but we all know this. The decision to run it there is completely retarded. The obvious reason is that we had no timeouts left and needed to try and run our field goal team on the field. The thing that makes me even more pissed off though is that we didn’t even try to score a touchdown. We have beaten New England once since the 2000 season. We are playing for nothing. What do we have to lose? Trent Edwards said they didn’t want to take a chance of getting sacked and not having an attempt at a field goal and that is why they ran it up the middle. I could write an entire blog tearing up this comment but I won’t. Basically, our coach is not only stupid, but a pussy and our quarterback is a pussy too. Oh yeah, and we had no idea what we were doing before calling this play. There was mass confusion. The play came in late. Edwards had to sprint to the line to get the snap off. Alright, I am done thinking about this.

The beginning of the 2nd half demonstrated just how much Bill Belichick owns Dick Jauron. It was hilarious actually. The Patriots faced a 4th and long from there own like 20 yard line. The Bills instantly rushed their punt team on the field but to their surprise, the Patriots kept their offense on the field. In mass confusion again, the Bills waste a timeout less than 2 minutes into the 2nd half. During the timeout, Belichick decides to punt. He tricked us into wasting a timeout. Jauron doesn’t deserve to be on the same field as this guy. He doesn’t deserve to be on the same planet really. He probably doesn’t deserve to be on the same planet as anyone in the world.

Matt Cassel punted. It was a 57 yard punt that pinned the Bills at their own 2 yard line. Are we smart enough to do something like this? Seriously…have we ever done anything smart in the past 3 years? In the first half, we faced a 3rd and 9 and ran it up the middle, seemingly content in settling for a 47 yard field goal with ridiculous wind. I don’t care if the wind was at our back at the time, it was swirling and like 145 miles per hour. Somehow, we were happy settling for a long kick. I have no confidence in Lindell making a 47 yard field goal when it is 73 and sunny, yet somehow we think he will make a 47 yarder when it is 36 and hurricane conditions?

This really was the perfect game though for those of you who want Jauron fired. We were obviously outcoached. We got shut out at home. We have scored 6 points in our last 3 home games combined (including Toronto). What is the selling point for Dick Jauron? There is none. A lot of people will not be renewing season tickets if he comes back. I am predicting a 10,000 ticket drop. 45,000 season tickets next year if they are lucky…this year we had over 54.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yocal boy Tim Kennedy called to the show

Kennedy is playing tonight for the bres v the Islanders

Kennedy, 22, was recalled this morning by the Sabres after Thomas Vanek suffered an injury during Buffalo’s 3-2 loss to the Washington Capitals. Kennedy has played in all 29 games for the Pirates this season, scoring 27 points (5g, 22a) and was plus/minus-0. He’s ranked second in the league among all rookies and 12th in the AHL in assists.

He needs to have an immediate impact. This team blows big time and is facing a putrid Islanders team. This is a must win. The kid needs to ball, but according to WGR Vanek should play tonight, we'll see.. Millsie better show up and not be a pussy either.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Patriots vs. Bills


As we all know, the Bills finish their season Sunday against the Patriots. New England has won 15 of 16 meetings. What a pathetic stretch and amazingly enough it isn't the most pathetic stretch the Bills have had against one team (20 straight L's vs. Miami). Even worse is the way the Bills have lost these games. They haven't even been competitive for the most part. The Bills have been outscored by a ridiculous 419-181 since the beginning of this laughable stretch of games in the year 2000. That is an average of 26-11. How do you lose to a team by a 15 point margin for a stretch of nearly 9 years?

Even more embarrassing is the way the Bills lose their 2nd meeting against New England. If we give Bill Belichick more material to game plan as well as an earlier head to head match up, the results are incredible. The Bills have been outscored 231-65 in the 2nd meeting since 2000. This is 29-8 per game. 29-8 per game? Have we been that pathetically outcoached for 9 years in a row. Uh, yeah we have...Phillips, Williams, Mularkey, Jauron vs. Bill...ugly.

At least Jauron has improved our performance against this hated division rivals. Under Jauron, the Bills are 0-5 vs. New England. They have been outscored 161-50 (32-10 on average). In each of the 2nd meetings, the Bills have been outscored 84-16 (42-8 average). Basically the Bills are Ohio State and the Patriots are an SEC team playing in the BCS championship game.

So, do the Bills have a chance Sunday? Uh, no. Let's be serious. This is a must win game for New England. Bill Belichick has 15 games to watch a Dick Jauron coached team. He might know what plays we are going to be running before we even do. I can picture Bill just sitting in a room laughing to himself as he watches us run it three times vs. Cleveland, pass inside the 5 vs. San Francisco and Miami, Pass vs. the Jets, the list goes on.

The Bills need a few things to happen Sunday. They need Trent Edwards to look like an NFL quarterback and they need their coach to have a bad day and they need to lose. We cannot compete with any elite teams with Jauron as our coach. We are not a smart team. We are not a tough team. We have some decent young players, but we have no one to guide them. We can't afford to allow our 23 year old quarterback waste away behind poor coaching. The sad reality is that Dick Jauron will be coming back. The Bills are the only organization that is pathetic enough to extend a guy who will have records of 7-9, 7-9, 7-9.

A year ago, the Bills went 4-0 vs. Miami and the Jets...this year, 0-4. They have improved, we have gotten worse. We had a ridiculously easy schedule this year, but we lost home games to Cleveland and the 49ers. We had 5 wins and a 16-7 lead at 3 PM on October 26th. Since then we have lost 7 games and won 2. Wilson says he is unsure and needs to meet with his staff to make a decision about the future. In any other organization, Dick Jauron wouldn't make it past Monday.

New England 37 Bills 14

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crosby is a piece of shit

by Steve

Yikes it is almost hockey season! Only one more Bills game left and we all know what that signifies. So I might as well get a jump start here. Anyone catch the game monday between the beleaguered Sabres and the over rated Penguins on "Versus" ? Pens one in a shoot out I guess.

HIS STICK WAS OVER THE CROSS BAR. Unless you are 5 feet tall, that stick was above the cross bar. The stick was of course held by none other than the cry baby piece of shit himself, Crosby, which deflected in the winning goal. If you are a normal sized person and you are angling your stick upwards would that then not be at least 4 feet off the ground? 4 feet being the height of the cross bar of which your stick must be below for any tipped goal to count? Of course they[Bettman/NHL] aren't going to take away a game winning OT goal assisted by Malkan and scored by Sidney. Not a chance..

For some unknown reason the NHL is strapping everything they can to this overrated dudes wagon in a desperate attempt to make him a star and revive a forgotten league. I don't think it will work, and it is bad for the game. He is able to run roughshod over anyone and everyone.

Got 90 seconds? watch this..

Yea he is a straight up player. Not dirty. Respects the game. Could you picture Wayne doing something bullshit like this? Oh and I haven't even mentioned all the whining bitching and cry baby antics this dude displays on a daily bases. Fuck Sidney Crosby.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wilson "Jauron's future uncertain"

breaking news

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson says Dick Jauron's future as head coach will be determined within the next two weeks during end-of-season meetings with Wilson and his top executives.

Speaking by phone Monday from his home in suburban Detroit, Wilson tells The Associated Press he hasn't decided whether to retain Jauron and won't say which way he's leaning.

Providing a timetable for the first time, Wilson says the decision will be made shortly.

Wilson declined to say whether Jauron had already agreed to - or been offered - a contract extension. Jauron is in the final year of his contract. The Bills (7-8) are 21-26 under Jauron and coming off a 30-23 win at Denver on Sunday.

Playoff Scenarios

  • Cowboys win and they're in. They play @ Philly
  • Bucs win and Cowboys lose and they're in. Oak @ Bucs
  • the Eagles (8-6-1) need to beat the Cowboys and hope Oakland defeats Tampa Bay, while either the New York Giants win at Minnesota or Chicago loses tonight against Green Bay or next week at Houston.
  • Miami wins and they're in.
  • Jets win and Patriots win Patriots are in.
  • Jets win and Patriots lose they are in. Jets are @ Miami @ 4pm.
  • Broncos @ Chargers to determine the West is the 8:15 game.
  • Miami wins and Patriots win and Baltimore loses Mia and N.E. are in.

oh and the Steelers can suck my balls. Lendale White beasttttttt

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Whoa the Bills won

by Steve

Wait, did the Bills actually beat a winning team on the road in December? A team we haven't beaten in 14 years? And we gave up 532 yards on defense? And our best player got hurt during the game? And Stroud was called for holding? And we went 4-0 vs the AFC West? We're 1-0 when we practice outside? We're 2-0 without Peters?

Cutler sucks. He was air mailing big throws. Throwing picks in the red zone. He is Bret Favre without his 2 or 3 good seasons in the mid 90s. Trent Edwards played pretty well. I just hope this doesn't negatively effect our coaching position. Meaning we better still fire that loser.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trent Edwards fully practicing, prob will start v den

Finally no more Losmeng hopefullyyyyyyyy

Edwards practicing

Bills quarterback Trent Edwards was back practicing today in the Bills Fieldhouse. Edwards took all the repetitions in individual work he normally would take. He took the first couple snaps of 11-on-11 work that the media got to see. So the presumption is he will start vs. the Broncos.

Running back Marshawn Lynch was not practicing. It appears he was being rested for some reason. Reserve linebacker Teddy Lehman was not working.

---Mark Gaughan

Monday, December 15, 2008

News, quotes, reasons to kill yourself

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bills @ Jets travesty podcast recap

Steve and Coast discuss their reaction to one of the worst individual performances by a QB in the history of Buffalo athletic competition. Also Brent Fever sucks.

right click save as to download


kill us all now...

Back in October, NFL Network reported that the Bills and Dick Jauron had reached an agreement on a contract extension that would run through 2011.

Neither Buffalo nor Jauron confirmed it, leading to questions in recent weeks about whether the deal ever got finalized.

But it did. No one wants to say when, and no one will say for how much, but this much is known: Much to the disappointment of Bills fans, the deal was signed and will last through the 2011 season, according to league sources.

So if Bills owner Ralph Wilson wants to change, he’s going to have to eat the contract he just handed over. Still, it’s not inconceivable that the Bills would turn their back on Jauron and fire him after this season. Jauron’s contract contains offset language that means Buffalo would have limited liability if its head coach found another coaching job elsewhere.

He has to be bought out right?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bills @ Jets week 15

by Steve

Woot woot Bills @ Jets. Rivalry! Division match up! East title in the balance. Brent Fever vs JP Losman! JP LOSMAN?!!?????????????????????????/ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I almost wanted to watch this game. What the fuck.

Wait did you hear I hate Jauron? According to espn.com 92% give Richard an unfavorable vote. What are you other 8% thinking is my only thought seeing that. What has this expressionless boring idiotic "head coach" done that would allow anyone to think he is any type of answer or pathway towards success? He is a loser was a loser will be a loser. God please fire him Ralph.

But back to this game. I really wish Trent was healthy and playing at least 70% of how he was playing weeks 1-4. The East is/was up for grabs. The Jets aren't that good. The Patriots still have to play @ Buffalo. The Dolphins.. well they are smoke and mirrors and didn't have to come to the Ralph. If only if if if. It really isn't worth it at this point. But if we won last week with a healthy Edwards I would guarantee a division title. That is how bad I think Brad Favor is. Mangina is a mediocre at best coach and I don't fear this team.

But instead we need like 7 loses by the rest of the division Losman to be benched, hope for Hamdan to be the next Matt Cassell and for the Jets and Dolphins to tie and Jauron to step down tomorrow.

Alright back to reality. Marshawn Lynch is a balla. Dude didn't point fingers. Didn't pass the buck ala Losmeng. He blamed himself. Didn't complain about his lack of carries and he wants to be better. He's a leader on this team and hopefully is around for the next 5-7 years.

Umm Brent Farve suxx

Bills 17 Jets 16

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Final Straw?


The Bills had any last hope of the playoffs wiped away Sunday in Toronto. But, if you are a legit Bills fan, this is exactly what needed to happen. The Bills played a terrible, uninspired, embarrassing game. What city in their right mind would want to take on this awful franchise. The fans in Toronto didn't even care. The crowd wasn't even predominantly Bills fans. The game was so bad it might have showed the NFL that an NFL team does not belong north of the border. Also, the team was so uninspired and unprepared that it made bringing back Jauron less likely. Yeah, it will take a 6-10 record for Jauron to get canned, but is there another win on the schedule? I don't foresee it. He has lost the locker room and it was obvious.

Jauron continues to amaze me. He got a lot of heat after the game for deferring for the 3rd consecutive week. Yeah, he has no confidence in the offense, who would? But, you only defer if your defense can get stops. The Bills opponents scored touchdowns on their opening drives against KC and San Francisco. Miami used their first possession to establish field position which resulted in a touchdown on their 2nd drive...a drive of only 54 yards. It seems like common sense to me. If you have a defense that can't stop anyone, and an offense that can't score, why would you defer? You will be playing from behind almost certainly with an offense that has scored 6 points in back to back "home" games against the 49ers and Dolphins.

Whether or not Dick Jauron goes, is there any doubt that Turk Schonert will be updating his resume come January? This guy was supposed to be some innovative offensive mind. He is absolutely pathetic. After he is throwing at 2nd and 3rd and goal from the 2 against the 9ers, the Bills have 1st and goal from the 3, and again they are throwing. Yeah, Losman allegedly had the "run pass option." JP Losman should never have any option. If a running play is called down there, then it should be a running play...period. Turk's offense has been worse than I have ever seen a Bills offense in the past 2 games, especially in the red zone. 6 point in 8 quarters? Didn't Matt Cassel throw for 400 yards against this Miami defense?

I know I may have said JP Losman can start for 15 teams in the league. Yesterday proved yet again that I have no idea what I am talking about and he couldn't start for 15 teams in the Bowl Subdivision. He was so lost. He looked almost as bad as Trent did against Cleveland. The throw to Evans wasn't even close. He underthrew a fade pattern to a dude that is 5 feet 10 inches tall. As bad as JP Played though, he didn't get any help. Hardy needs to make that catch early on 3rd down. He was drafted in the 2nd round to help the team in those situations and that play has to be made. Lynch had his worst day as a Bills. He dropped a critical third down pass in the first half and he cut his route off short of the first down on a 4th down play. Again, the Bills rushing attack was non-existent and again the offensive line couldn't open any holes, but Lynch didn't have one of his better days.

As we all know, Russ Brandon said after the game that this team's performance is unacceptable and everyone's job should be underfire in the organization. I think it is obvious that there is serious heat on the head coach. Wilson wouldn't comment on Jauron's future with the team. How can you bring back a guy who has allowed his team to tank this badly? What is your selling point to the fans who are spending their hard earned money on season tickets? The fans were tricked into believing this year, only to be let down worse than ever. The 2003 season was a short little 2 week tease...this year the Bills had the fans going into early November. What more can you say except Dick Jauron is a wimpy coach? He lacks emotion. It seems as if he doesn't care. There is no fire in him and the team is taking after him. Tony Sporano was getting pumped up when his team would convert a huge first down. Tom Coughlin was sprinting down the sideline excited as hell when his team returned a block field goal. The most intensity you get from Jauron is when he calmly drops his challenge flag out of his pocket. The guy is a joke. He said in his post game press conference "if we only got our field goals, we would have been right in it." What kind of coach makes a comment like "if we only got our field goals?" Where is the killer instinct. Get pissed off Jauron, you are about to lose your job.

Best case scenario for Buffalo in these final 3 weeks is Trent Edwards plays well, and the Bills lose each game due to boneheaded coaching. That will prove that we have a quarterback that we can move forward with and it will ensure that he will move forward with a new head coach.

Sabres for sale/ moving? !??!

Well, maybe not. yet. . from espn.com :

A report that the Buffalo Sabres are discussing a sale of the team was denied Monday by a Sabres minority owner.

"We are not in negotiations to sell the team and as we have stated in the past, we will never entertain discussions to move the team out of Buffalo," said Larry Quinn in an e-mailed statement.

Tom Golisano is the majority owner of the Sabres. He bought the team out of bankruptcy in 2003.

Quinn was responding a report in Western New York Hockey magazine which claimed that talks about selling the team are ongoing, though in an exploratory stage. The report, which cited unnamed sources, said that Canadian businessman Jim Balsillie, the founder of Research in Motion, has been approached.

It also said that the team, if sold, would play part of its season in Hamilton, Ontario.

The report comes on the first day of the NHL Board of Governors meetings in West Palm Beach, Fla. A number of NHL owners are reportedly unhappy with rising costs throughout the league.

Richard Rodier, Balsillie's lawyer, issued an e-mail statement which said, according to The Toronto Globe and Mail:

"From time to time reports surface quoting anonymous sources claiming a club is for sale, or that Jim is doing this or that with respect to a particular club. These reports have generally been inaccurate.

"More importantly, these reports unfairly put the incumbent owners [or club management] in the uncomfortable and potentially destabilizing situation of having to comment on these inaccurate reports. Very unfairly. As such we have no comment beyond referring you to the statement made by Larry Quinn, the Managing Partner of the Sabres."

The most troubling would be moving Sabres games to Hamilton. True we lost one to Rochester a few years ago. But moving games to Hamilton would be a borderline travesty. Two games 4 games? Maybe anything more than that and it would be wide spread panic and rioting. Would this mean better ownership and spending to the cap? Perhaps.. Basille has a lot more loot than B. Thomas also.

Does this mean Golisano is moving towards owning the Buffalo Bills? I can dream..

Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Unacceptable"- russ brandon

From the Buffalo News and Jerry Sullivan

TORONTO -- I spoke with Russ Brandon, the Bills' COO, outside the locker room after Sunday's embarrassing, 16-3 loss to the Dolphins. Brandon had this to say about his team, which has now lost six or its last seven and has not scored a touchdown in its last two games:

""It's unacceptable,'' Brandon said. ""We obviously got out of the gate very well, and to go through where we are now is unacceptable to everyone in the organization. And we're very disappointed.''

I asked Brandon if the "unacceptable" characteriziation applied to his head coach, Dick Jauron, who is under fire these days.

""I think everybody should be under fire in the organization,'' Brandon said. "We've built this team to make a playoff run and to be in the position we're in right now is ... is not pleasing to anybody."

Brandon would not discuss Jauron's rumored contract extension. I asked Ralph Wilson if he could clear up the contract issue and he said he didn't want to talk about it. When I pressed him and asked if Jauron would definitely be his coach next season, he said, "I don't know."

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nathan Gerbe to the show

by Steve

Finally a reason to watch that decrepit Sabres squad. Nathan Gerbe, yes that Nathan Gerbe is at last in Buffalo. This dude is a straight P-I-M-P. He is Mogilny-lite. True he is like 5'5 but he is all we got at this point.

Portland, ME – The fans have spoken and the Sabres have delivered as Nathan Gerbe was recalled by Buffalo last night.

Gerbe left after game in Springfield and was at Sabres practice this morning where he’ll be in the lineup tonight when the Sabres take on the Tampa Bay Lightning for his first NHL game.

The dude was a pimp in college he was a pimp in the frozen four he was a balla in the AHL I just hope he plays tonight. He practiced with the squad already and I don't see why they would call him up and have him not play tonight. He is the shot in the arm this team needs. They are all a bunch of pussies and bitches. They suck. They have no heart, and oh yea are 2-8 in their last 10.

Millsie is already crying cause lame duck coach Lindy Ruff called him out.. "Told he may face more oddman rushes because Ruff wants his defensemen to join the play more, Miller — clearly taken aback by the earlier words and getting more emotional by the second — uttered, “Well, I guess I’m going to have to read better,” and took off toward the team bus following practice in the Ice Sports Forum." Need a tissue Ryan? Or will the $40+ mil you make as a pro athlete be enough to comfort you?

Friday, December 5, 2008

MAC champions

by Steve

Who did Ball st. beat again? I've been saying it for two weeks. They are overrated. They were overrated they have been overrated. They officially are overrated.

Neutral site the Buffalo Bulls demolished the #12 team in the nation. Yes, they were losing at half. But they dominated the first half. They took control of the second half, and the game really wasn't close.

This was easily the most significant win in the history of UB, it was one of the biggest wins in the history of Buffalo football. It is obviously behind the 89-93 Buffalo Bills seasons but that is it. Turner Gill is officially a legend in Buffalo.

We beat an undefeated ranked team in a championship game. That is all you need to know. James starks is a pimp. Drew Willy is one of the most composed quarterbacks in Buffalo history. Naaman Roosevelt is insane. If you didn't watch this game I feel bad for you.

Holy shit. Turner Gill, Starks, Willy, Roosevelt, Cook, Devonte Shannon. This is a team for the history books. I can guarantee Gill won't go to a piece of shit program like Syracuse but I just hope he doesn't go to a place like Auburn.



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bills Injury Update


I don't know why I care, but here is a quick injury update from today courtesy of Chris Brown from the Bills website.
  • Aaron Schobel was back on the practice field and lined up with the first team defense when team work began. He wasn’t going full speed, but wasn’t favoring the foot a lot.
  • Donte Whitner was also practicing with the first team defense in regular and the nickel package.
  • Not practicing was Jabari Greer, though he was doing rehab work on the field with the trainers. Robert Royal was doing the same type of work with the training staff.
  • Not in attendance was Chris Kelsay and Chris Ellis.
  • Trent Edwards was not practicing with J.P. Losman taking first team reps.
Trent not practicing today is not a good sign for his playing status on Sunday, but I will say this, if there is any team I want to see JP play against, it is Miami. In 4 career starts against Miami for Losman, the Bills are 3-1 (the one loss was a colossal 2nd have choke job in Miami in which Nate Clements got torn apart). Losman has had decent numbers in these games as well: 49-86, 664 yards, 7 TDs, 2 INTs. I know these aren't that great of numbers, but for his standards, they are pretty good. Besides, as a starter he has 10 wins and 30% of those are against Miami.

Like I said, I don't know why I care...the Bills need to lose this game for a better draft pick and more importantly, to increase the chances of losing their coach.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jauron 12/1/08 presser

here is the video

Fast Foward to the 3:45 mark and let your ears bleed. Yes that is Jauron mentioning the Browns game last year and the Giants game as examples of Trent Edwards handling bad weather well. Just like Coste said, " Zero points in the Browns game, two INT TDs in the fourth quarter against the Giants". Holy shit whaaaaaaaaaaaa?

Ted Rogers bites it

by Steve

Alright, I am as guily as anyone when it comes to hyperbole. Saying kill me kill you hope this person dies etc. Now of course I don't truly want the person to die but Ted Rogers, 75, the guy that was so keen on buying the Bills and shipping them to Toronto is dead. What the hell does this mean for the Bills? Is this a good thing? With the estate and his cronies still have the capital, connections, and clout to steal the Bills? I personally never saw the Bills leaving in the first place but this is an interesting story none the less.

Jerry Sullivan's Take

No indecision: It is time Jauron goes

That’s it. I’m done. Sunday put me over the edge. Dick Jauron must go. I’ve seen and heard enough. The man is simply not cut out to be an NFL head coach. He should be fired at the end of the season, if not sooner.

This is not a task I relish. Asking for people’s jobs is difficult, even if they’re paid millions to coach a silly game. I called Jauron an uninspired choice at the start, but was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He has his virtues. His players like him. But he is the worst game-day coach I’ve ever seen.

That’s saying a lot in Buffalo, where we lived through Gregg Williams and Mike Mularkey. But at least it was their first time. Jauron had done it before, with one winning season to show for it. We were warned that he was dull and conservative, lacking in conviction, a man who coached not to lose.

After Sunday’s loss, Jauron was asked if he’ll be coaching for his job in the next month. He couldn’t summon an ounce of defiance. Why not clear up the nonsense about his contract extension once and for all? Does he know how weak he looks?

Well, I don’t need more time. The evidence is compelling. Sunday was just the latest in a string of dysfunctional coaching efforts. They waste timeouts. They run when they should throw, throw when they should run. Opponents tell you they knew what the Bills were doing. Bills players say it, too.

Jauron said the timeouts are a problem of communication. If the coaches can’t get plays to the team in time, what does that say about Jauron? When are we going to stop believing the myth that Jauron is some great communicator? Aren’t the news conferences proof enough that he can’t think on his feet?

It gets tiresome, hearing how smart he is. So he went to Yale. I’ve been watching and listening for three years and Jauron doesn’t strike me as an uncommon intellect. Anyway, book smarts aren’t the main requirement for a successful football coach. It’s more about commanding the group, making snap decisions and responding to pressure situations.

Jauron has been brain-locking since he got here. Sunday was a microcosm. It started with his decision to defer the opening kickoff, one week after scoring 54 points. It’s not so much the strategy, but Jauron’s willingness to fall in line with the other NFL coaches for whom deferring has become all the rage.

Early in the fourth quarter, the Bills had fourth-and-2 at the 49ers’ 7. On the Buffalo sideline, the coaches fiddled, fretted and finally called timeout. It wasn’t a matter of what play they called, but the fact that, in the clutch, they didn’t know what they wanted to do.

So what does Ralph Wilson do now? He wanted desperately for Jauron to succeed. Jauron was Marv Levy’s choice. When Levy left, Wilson didn’t want to hand over the football department to an outsider who might want his own coach. That’s one reason he elevated Russ Brandon from marketing whiz to COO.

Wilson wanted continuity, and he got it. It has been one continuous run of weak, indecisive coaching. Big game at New England, big Monday night game, pivotal home game — shine the spotlight on Jauron and the bumbling begins.

So fans are left with this: An organization clinging to an inferior head coach, a career loser, because they’re afraid of change. They have a big problem, because Jauron can’t even measure up to management’s own low standard.

It’s time for Brandon to come out of the shadows and show who’s in charge. He’s been a quiet bystander. If he really is a strong football guy, with his own competitive vision, he should be having serious doubts about Jauron.

When Wilson elevated Brandon, people questioned whether Brandon would be his own man. That won’t be the case until Brandon sees the light and brings in his own coach.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Jauron is a piece of shit

and a liar. Need proof? Other than him being awful in every way imaginable here is a beauty from him..
"On Monday afternoon I asked coach Jauron if it was just coincidence that Marshawn Lynch had just one carry in the fourth quarter. Here was his response.

“I wish he would have touched the ball more, obviously” he said.

Lynch had just 16 carries in the game despite a career high 8.4 yards per carry average.

Buffalo had nine plays inside the 10-yard line and Lynch only got his number called on one of those plays. Jauron was asked if that’s the best utilization of Lynch under those circumstances.

“Not when you fail,” said Jauron. “Nothing is a good utilization of anything when it doesn’t work. That’s kind of where we are. Nothing worked very well for us on that side of the ball in the red zone.”

Jauron also stated that it’s their goal every game to get Lynch about 25 carries.

“We are believers that you don’t want to destroy your running back,” he said. ”You don’t want your running back running 33 times a game. So we like to limit his touches to the mid-twenties. It’s a very long season. Sometimes we don’t get there and sometimes we overdo it, but that’s our goal.”

For the record the number of times Lynch has carried the ball 23-26 times this season has been twice (vs. Oak, vs. Clev).

Number of times over that mark? Zero.

Average carries per game this season 17.08."


Embarrassed Yet Again...Again


Leaving Orchard Park on November 17th, I was thinking that it couldn't get worse. There was no way I would have to witness a worse home loss this season. Well, I witnessed one the very next home game. This one was different though. I was beyond pissed off after the Browns game...but yesterday's loss was almost comical. It was a complete joke. It was a prefect display of the ineptitude of the Bills coaching staff and another example of the complete ineptitude the Bills have had of late from the quarterback position.

I have thought all along that the Bills have the worst coaching staff, more specifically, the worst head coach in the NFL. What does Dick Jauron need to do in order to prove to the Bills brass that he is completely oblivious on Sundays? The Bills wasted another 4 timeouts yesterday and we lost another 2nd half challenge. Let's begin by tearing apart Dick Jauron and the specific decisions he has to make. In the 2nd half, the Bills faced 4th and 2 from the 7 yard line. They trailed 10-3 at the time. Down by 7, Jauron felt the need to go for it knowing that a touchdown was needed to tie the game. I do not fault this decision at all, in fact, I liked the decision. Later in the fourth quarter, facing a 4th and 5 from the 22 yard line, Jauron decides to kick a field goal. He said in his post game press conference that he felt we would make the field goal, kick it away, get a stop and drive down and score and win the game in regulation. What the Bills did on offense all day that allowed Jauron to think we would march down the field and score a touchdown is beyond me. We had 3 points at home against the 49ers. Going for the first down in the first scenario and then kicking it in the 2nd scenario makes no sense. In the 2nd scenario, kicking a field goal is absolutely assenine. You kick a field goal, you still need a touchdown. You go for it and miss, you still need a touchdown. This guy is the dumbest human being alive I am totally convinced. Jauron said after the game as well that the time out wasting is a communication problem or something to that effect. That is on you as the head coach and is inexcusable. Oh yeah and coach Jauron, maybe you should have your team practice outside during adverse weather conditions once...your kickers and quarterback are complete disasters as soon as the weather turns bad. When you play home games in Buffalo, you shouldn't practice every day in the fieldhouse knowing that you are going to be playing on Sunday in 34 degrees and rain. You dumb piece of shit.

Turk Schonert was supposed to be an upgrade at offensive coordinator. Well, he isn't, wasn't, and never will be. He is the worst play caller in the national football league. Marshawn Lynch rushed the ball 16 times yesterday for 134 yards. Why he only had 16 carries is a complete head scratcher. He averaged 8.4 yards per carry. He was ripping off 10 yard runs consistently. In this type of weather, with struggling quarterbacks, Lynch should have ran the ball 30 times for about 250 yards. It was set up to be that kind of day for him, but unfortunately, it wasn't. He had one carry in the fourth quarter. HE HAD ONE CARRY IN THE FOURTH QUARTER, the most important quarter of the Bills season thus far, and the best player on the team had ONE CARRY. In the first half, the Bills faced 2nd and goal from the 2 down 7-0. They moved the ball 85 yards to get to this point. They passed twice and then missed a field goal. Does it really take rocket science to know that in this situation the play call is Lynch run left, Lynch run left, Lynch run left. Three runs, behind Jason Peters. WHY PASS, especially considering your quarterback allegedly had an injured groin. In the 2nd half, the Bills faced a 3rd down and 1 from the 49ers 6 yard line. At this point in time, Lynch had 16 carries for 134 yards and was averaging 8.4 yards per carry. We gave the ball to Fred Jackson. He lost a yard. Then on 4th and 2 from the 7...Do I need to remind everyone that Lynch was averaging 8.4 ypc in this game?...We dropped Losman back, he got hit as he threw, the ball landed at Evans feet...turnover on downs. Two drives...one of 85 and one of 75 yards...taking up 8:40 and 8:42 respectively, resulted in 0 combined points. You can blame Schonert, but in my opinion, as the head coach, you need to get in your coordinators ear and tell him you are running the football, we are averaging over 8 per carry with our 12th pick in the draft, we passed on 3 of these 4 aforementioned plays...when we only needed 2 yards. Finally, on the Bills 2nd last drive which resulted in Lindell's 2nd miss, the Bills faced 2nd and 3 from the 49er 18. We ran the ball with Fred Jackson. Again, he lost a yard. WHERE WAS LYNCH?????????????????????? JESUS CHRIST. WHY DO YOU DRAFT A GUY 12 OVERALL? IN CRUNCH TIME YOU ARE GIVING THE FOOTBALL TO A DUDE FROM COE COLLEGE? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? LYNCH AVERAGED 8.4 YPC AND GOT ONE CARRY IN THE 4TH QUARTER.

The Bills don't have a quarterback. My theory is that Trent's groin was fine but the coaches know he is too much of a pussy head case to pull him because of poor play. He has been absolutely pathetic for 16 of the last 19 quarters he has played. He has never had a good quarter in inclement weather. Losman came in and did his thing. He sucked...but he wasn't worse than Edwards. Is Trent Edwards the quarterback of the future? I am having serious doubts. Jauron will keep saying he is going to be a great player. Well, Dick, you better hope he turns into a great player again the rest of the year or else you will need to update your resume.

The Bills kicking game was incredible yesterday. Lindell shanked a 20 yarder and a 40 yarder. Mooreman had punts of 22, 29 and 27 yards. This dude is supposed to be a good punter? He averaged 26 yards per punt. I could do that in my sleep.

What else can I say? It is as simple as this in my opinion. The Bills coaching staff has one card in the deck left that can save them...and it is winning their final 4 games...all against AFC competition, all against teams with winning records, 3 of which are not at Ralph Wilson Stadium. That can't happen, but keeping Jauron around can't happen either.