Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 Buffalo Sabres Preview

by Steve

True, the season started yesterday but I was too busy watching football so I'll do the preview post today.

Let's see, Darc Regier still here? Check. Lindy Ruff still here? Check. The odds the Sabres will be mediocre still? Check.  These two just exude mediocrity especially with a nearly identical roster to last season.  And that includes Jochen Hecht!! Holy shit.

My prediction is they'll make it to 7th place by the end of the 48 game regular season.  Ryan Miller is good not great, Vanek and Pominville aren't bad but how long do they need to prove they are building blocks?  The defensive corps can be considered good.  The rest of the team, meh.

Do I have high hopes for Mik Grigorenko? Not really, especially with the way Lindy Ruff "handles" young talent.  He already wasn't on the power play in their first game and only got 11 minutes.  Is bum Hecht taking away some of his ice time? Absolutely.

He'll probably stick around all season, burning the first year of his entree contract but I wouldn't be shocked if Lindy and Darc sent him back to juniors after his five game try out.

The big questions for this season are pretty obvious.  Is getting rid of Derek Roy an addition by subtraction?  Is Steve Ott (the protypical "Buffalo guy") a game changer?  Will Ryan Miller be overworked and burn out by the end of the season?  How good is Tyler Myers?  I'd say yes, no, yes, good but overrated.

7th place and another match up with the Bruins in round 1.  Maybe next year.

"18-23-7 13th place"

"Lose to the Ottawa Senators in the Eastern Conference Finals"

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Conference Championship NFL Picks

Steve 49-38-2 Best Bet 6-11-2 (playoffs 7-1)

Atlanta v San Francisco over 49
San Francisco -4 @ Atlanta
Baltimore +8 v New England
Baltimore v New England over 51.5

Wreck 47-44 Best Bet 8-11

Atlanta +4 v San Francisco
Baltimore +8 v New England
Atlanta v San Francisco under 49
Baltimore v New England under 51.5

Friday, January 11, 2013

NFL Divisional Round Picks

Steve 45-38-2 Best Bet 5-11-2

Balt +10 @ Denver
San Francisco -3 v Green bay
Seattle +2.5 @ Atlanta
New England -9.5 v Houston

Wreck 45-42 best bet 7-11

Baltimore +10 @ Denver
Houston +9.5 @ New England
Atlanta -2.5 v Seattle
San Francisco -3 v Green Bay

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Buffalo Bills Hire Doug Marrone Podcast

Steve and Coast breakdown the Buffalo Bills surprising move to hire former mediocre Syracuse Orange head coach Doug Marrone



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Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Sports talk Radio in buffalo

By Steve

Am I dreaming? There is actually going to be a new sports talk radio station in Buffalo? My prayers have been answered!!

Yes there is going to be a competitor for shitty repetitive boring WGR550. AM1270 "The Fan" right here in Buffalo.
(awful name but there won't be animal drafts)

It is a CBS affiliate changing formats from jazz or something to sports talk. CBS just launched their own sports talk network (which includes Jim Rome although he is still stuck on WGR [for now)].

At this point the only local show will be from 12-3 with Rich Gaenzler although i assume that will change shortly. Either way anything is better than studdering ol' Bulldog agreeing with Mike Schopp about everything while Schopp tries to draft food or diapers and avoid talking about sports because he only watches hockey

John Feinstein will be on from 9-12 and Doug Gottlieb will be on from 3-6pm. Yes we might actually get college sports talk and anything other than Lindy Ruff slober fests

In two famous words CAN'T WAIT!!!

Buffalo Bills Hire Doug marrone

By Steve

I remember when I took my dream job then quit four years later for more money and prestige because I won the Pinstripe Bowl.

This was the exhaustive search where no stone would be left unturned? A career mediocrity college coach from the Big East? 13-12 the last two years and thats with a qb ssssome like in Nassib? What?

I guess I should give the genius Russ Brandon the benefit of the doubt since he has made great football decisions in the past.

Would I have shit on any coach hired? Yes. Is it more so because everyone ib the local media loves this guy? Of course. Could we have done worse, probably.

Either way right now Im not happy I dont understand hiring this guy at all. We dont have Drew Brees on this roster. We dont have Sean Payton running the offense is realilty.

How is everyone giving this guy so much credit for turning around the Syracuse football program. How many football gamea dis you go to the last four years in cuse Coast? What turn around?

I ranked this just above the Tom "Chan" Gailey hire but below Dick Jauron.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wildcard Weekend NFL Picks

WCW son, a reason to be a live in January. Especially since the Bills will never play in the playoffs again.  Here are our picks with regular season records:

Steve 42-37-2 (best bet 4-11-2)

Houston -4.5 v Cincinnati
Green Bay -7.5 v Minnesota
Baltimore -7 v Indianapolis
Seattle @ Washington over 46.5

Wreck 42-41 (best bet 7-10)

Washington +3 v Seattle
Green Bay -7.5 v Minnesota
Baltimore -7 v Indianapolis
Houston -4.5 v Cincinnati

Friday, January 4, 2013

Buffalo Bills and Their Coach Search

by Steve

After Russ Brandon took my advice and woke up and took charge the Bills need a new head coach.  Names are being thrown around at a furious pace from former head coaches, college guys, coordinators AND it appears people are actually interested this time.  For some reason, last time when we hired Gailey I tried to stay positive (check the comments section) but the guy was the worst hire possible.

First I'll give you my criteria for a new head coach.  Under 52, the guy has to be under that arbitrary age. I don't want some old ass dude that has been doing the same thing for 20-30 years.  Alright, that's about it I just want a young guy and prefer a guy that has at least been a coordinator in the NFL recently. Having a pulse on the league, meaning things that are innovative and successful right now, helps. 

Here is my take on the potential candidates:

Doug Marrone
The Syracuse head coach in a bad Big East football conference (although 'cuse beating WVU and L'ville beating Florida gives the conference some cred).  He has a .500 record but seems to be turning the Orange around.  Hasn't been in the league since being in N.O. for a handful of years 5 years ago. He needs to stay in central New York.

Ken Whisenhunt
This guy seems to be kryptonite for a lot of people I talk to.  He is 50, he just got fired from a terrible organization and had limited success in six years in the desert.  Would he be the worst hire?  Possibly but not likely.  It would be a tough sell to me but not impossible.  The main problem I have with ol' Whizy is he was the first guy they interviewed, appears to be someone they are specifically targeting from the get go and has ties to our front office guys.  Oh and he whiffed on Leinart and Kolb. Yikes.

Ray Horton
D coord at Arizona, 53 in April and has cornrows. He is a bit off the board, sorta, which is something that intrigues me.  I don't like these types of stats usually but from Nov 8 2011 to Sept 30 2012 the Arizona Cardinals were 11-2.  I also like the idea of a defensive guy because a great defense keeps you relevant longer and you are relying less on one or two people for success (yes I know you need a great QB to win).

Chip Kelly
Might as well get to him.  He is the consensus pick for people I talk to and every single god damn "personality" at WGR550.  When everyone (except people who have played or talked about the NFL their whole life) want Charles Kelly I am reluctant.  Is it partially because I don't want to feel spurned when he turns the Bills down? Possibly.  Does it seem like he is getting out of Oregon right when the ship is about to sink with sanctions? Yes.

His innovative offense is extremely enticing and interesting to see how it will/won't translate in the NFL.  What he runs at Oregon will not work in the NFL.  A hybrid? Definitely.  I would take him but not my first choice but I am starting to like him more as every former player talks like he can't be successful and people like John Clayton hate on him.

Lovie Smith
Will be 55 before the season starts but has been a successful head coach (2 NFC title games) so I'll consider him.  Yes his teams collapsed the last two years but do we think that has anything to do with Jay Cutler injuries?  They were 7-3 last season before Cutler was sidelined for the season with an injury.  This year the team was 7-1 until Cutler got hurt against the Texans.  He is a defensive mind who seems to have been getting his offense in order with an up and down quarterback before his QB got injured in 2 straight seasons.  The hate for this hire would make no sense.

Mike McCoy
Might be my first choice of head coach. He is young, 40, a former quarteback, has a Peyton Manning endorsement and will interview for the job. He won a playoff game with Tim Tebow at qb and has resurrected Mannings career post 4 neck surgeries. Sure maybe he doesnt deserve a ton of credit for the '12 Broncos but this guy is a rising star.


Hue Jackson
Didn't get a fair shake in Oakland, he is intriguing.

Romeo Crennel

Russ Grimm

Chris Peterson
Boise coach, not getting a lot of run either because no one is interested or he isn't. A bit odd but i would listen.