Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Terry Pegula Embraces Failure, We Lose

By Steve

Rex and Whaley are returning and HEY their complete and utter continued failure is perfectly fine with ol' ghost Terry Pegula. But hey, Rex has been here one year and Whaley drafted Sammy Watkins! Give em more time.

The real abomination from this statement is the continued embrace of loser piece of shit Russ Brandon. Is there anyone less qualified or more of a symbol of the last 16 years of ineptitude than Russ Brandon?

Russ is mentioned like he's a fucking owner! This guy still being associated with this franchise let alone being seeningly elevated within it is stupifing! It is incredible. It is the most insane thing I could possibly think of.

Russ Brandon? Russ fucking Brandon in the same damn breath as Kim and Terry???!? Unbelievable.

Nothing has or will change. This franchise will be pathetic and a failure for 16 more years.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Example 10,001 of Lame Buffalo Media

by Steve

We all know how insular, parochial, douchey shitty the local Buffalo media can be and is, especially the sports people who they they are holier than thou and OH SO SMART!  Here is another beauty of an example and this time from @TBNBucky Bucky aw shucks Gleason:

First the direct quote from his column
I would be in over my head, too, which would lead me to hire Bill Polian or somebody else as a consultant. The Bills need someone who doesn’t need the money and, therefore, has no financial stake in the organization. It means trusting him to take a cold, unsentimental and holistic look moving forward with the idea he can prevent the organization from taking a step back.
 Next my tweet
I swear is a genius. He has all the answers! Like hire bill polian as a consultant! Must have taken years to come up w that idea

His response:

"I see reading comprehension continues to be a persistent problem with certain trolls. Absent from third grade?"

I laugh and quote verbatim his sentence from his very own column I assume he doesn't read.

Then his response, a classic of the local media:
"You're still struggling, and trolling, despite quoting. You're also muted."

Ohhh geee Bucky thanks for letting me know in advance that I'm muted because I copy and paste your own words and prove you wrong.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 16 Picks

Make $


Panthers at Falcons over 47
Dolphins -2.5 v Colts
Texans -4 at Titans
Rams +12.5 @ Seahawks
Steelers -10.5 v Ravens
Cowboys +6.5 @ Bills

Patriots -2.5
Cowboys +6.5
Falcons +7 v Panthers


Bills -6.5 v Cowboys
Pats -2.5 v Jets
Panthers -7 @ Falcons
Steelers -10.5 v Ravens

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Quarterbacks to Watch During Bowl Season

by Steve

Another year and another failure for the Buffalo Bills and specifically the quarterback position.  Thus it is timely to catch all the upcoming 2016 QB prospects whilst they play their bowl games over the next 2 weeks.  Here are the quarterbacks worth watching during bowl season and their alleged draft prospects:

Payton Lynch Memphis
Projected 1st round
 Memphis +2.5 v Auburn at noon 12/30 in the Birmingham Bowl. Wednesday at noon? ouch.  But a decent SEC team at least.

Jarod Goff - Cal
Projected 1st round
PAC12 talent California -7 plays Air Force 12/29 2pm Armed Forces Bowl. Tuesday at 2pm?  Ouch.

Connor Cook - Michigan State
Projected 1st round
MSU +9.5 plays Alabama New Years Eve in the second game of the college football playoff 8pm.  Cook is banged up but expected to play.  Great test.

Carson Wentz North Dakota St
Projected 2nd round
FCS team but is in their National Championship game 1/9 at noon on ESPN2. A must watch for this BIG prospect.

Cardale Jones OSU
Projected 2nd round
Ohio State failed to make the CFP but still gets a good bowl on New Years Day -6.5 v Notre Dame at 1pm.  Cardale doesn't play much for what ever reason but his stock was never higher than after last years Championship game. Ouch.

Christian Hackenberg PSU
Projected 3rd round
Awful year for the kid but they'll get a good test against an SEC team with a new coach in Georgia 1/2 at noon. (PSU +6.5)

Jacoby Brisset NC State
Projected 4th round
12/30 vs Mississippi State 3:30 pm. Dont know shit about this dude. Wolfpack +5.5, the classic Belk Bowl!

Gunner Kiel Cincinnati
Projected 5th round
Christmas eve at 8pm v SD State. The former ND recruit is big but only a junior. Hawaii Bowl though.

Kevin Hogan Stanford
Projected 5th/6th round
Personal favorite of mine, seen as the guy after Andrew Luck.  Not as good but looks like him with your glasses off.  New Years Day game at 5pm in the Rose Bowl against a motivated Iowa team

Cody Kessler - USC
Projected 5th/6th round
12/30 10pm against Wisconsin +3.  Disapointing college career, bounce back game?

Dak Prescott Miss St
Projected 6th round
Belk bowl v NC State 12/30 3:30pm

Matt Johnson Bowl Green
Projected 6th round
Wednesday 12/23 v Georgia Southern 8pm. MAC product!

Trevone Boykin TCU
Projected 7th round
Once promising career took a nose dive this year. Nice match up against Oregon 1/2 at 6:45 in the Alimo Bowl.

Everett Golson FSU
Projected 7th round
New Years Eve at noon v Houston in the Peach Bowl

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Week 15 Picks

Lets make some money, week fifteen nfl picks:

Steve 31-39 Best Bet 7-7 Bills 7-6

Panthers -4 @ Giants
Dolphins +1.5 @ Chargers
Browns @ Seahawks over 43
Chiefs -7 @ Ravens
Texans @ Colts over 42
Bills -2 @ Redskins

Coast 29-41 Best Bet 3-11 Bills 5-8

Katman 32-37-1 Best Bet 7-7  Bills 8-5

Giants +4 v Panthers
Eagles +4 v Cardinals
Titans +14 @ Patriots
Redskins +2 v Bills
Bills @ Redskins over 44

Wreck 30-35 Best Bet 6-7 Bills 6-6

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bills at Washington Redskins Podcast Preview

Another year another boat of fail. Steve and Coast complain about Rex Ryan, every player and their lives. Bills season over again. Oh and the Washington Racialslurs are up next!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Eagles 23 Bills 20 Final

By Steve

Season ends in Philadelphia to an average team under .500. Sounds about right. Lol. Fuck my life.

Is Rex Ryan a worse coach than Doug Marrone? Really the question is whether he is a worse coach than Dick Jauron or Chan Gailey. Holy fuck. 15 penalties, throw long on every 3rd and short and fail at every turn.

How is the defense significantly worse with the same players? How is Tyrod Taylor throwing for 153 yards in the first half with ease and throwing for 109 in the second half when they need to pass the whole half?

Rex Ryan is a horrible head coach. Doug Whaley is an average at best general manager. The Bills havent been to the playoffs in 16 years and they are best least another 2 years away.

Assuming the Bills are bad again next year, they'll be stuck with an over priced average QB, a loser head coach with 2 more years on his contract and a defense with less talent than today.

This franchise is a nightmare and the city would be better if they moved. I wish I lived in San Diego or St Louis. Fuck

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Week 14 NFL Picks

Time again for our experts to make their picks against the spread:

Steve 28-37  Best Bet 6-7 Bills 7-5

Steelers @ Bengals over 50
49ers @ Browns under 41.5
Bills +1 @ Eagles
Saints 2 Buccaneers under 50.5
Colts +1 @ Jaguars

Coast 28-37 Best Bet 3-10 Bills 5-7

Bills +1 @ Eagles
Bengals -2.5 v Steelers
Chargers +10.5 @ Chiefs
Titans +7.5 @ Jets
Broncos -7 v Raiders

Wreck 30-35 Best Bet 6-7 Bills 6-6

Katman 31-33-1 Best Bet 7-6 Bills 8-4

Bills +1 @ Eagles
Bengals -2.5 v Steelers
Chargers +10.5 @ Chiefs
Ravens +12 v Seahawks
Bears -3.5 v Redskins

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Week 13 NFL Picks

Make money week 13 nfl selections against the spread fuck bitches leggo:

Steve 27-33 Best Bet 6-6 Bills 7-4

Ravens @ Dolphins over 42.5
Jaguars +2.5 @ Titans
Rams +5 v Cardinals
Giants +2 v Jets
Eagles @ Patriots over 49
Texans +3 @ Bills

Coast 25-35 Best 3-9 Bills 5-6

Texans +3 @ Bills
Cowboys +4 @ Redskins
Colts +7.5 @ Steelers
Buccaneers PICK v Falcons
Cardinals -5 @ Rams

Hourihan 29-31 Best bet 6-6 Bills 6-5

Browns +9.5 v Bengals
Ravens +3.5 @ Dolphins
Chargers +4 Broncos
Raiders +3 v Chiefs
Panthers -7 @ saints
Texans +3 @ Bills

Katman 29-30-1 Best bet 7-5 Bills 8-3

Redskins -4 v Cowboys
Giants +2 v Jets
Panthers -7 @ Saints
Steelers -7.5 v Colts
Buccaneers pick v Falcons
Texans +3 @ Bills

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Texans at Bills Podcast Preview

Steve loses his mind about the Bills, a review of the Chiefs game and a look ahead to the playoffs and the Houston Texans, get some:

p.s. fuck jj watt

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


- Coast

I know we are all depressed about the recent loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bills have dropped to 10th in the AFC and are now 5-6. Until yesterday I was under the mindset that the Bills are cooked. Today though is a new day, and I am rejuvenated. The Bills are alive…after all, 5th place is only 6-5 right now, so why give up hope being 1 game out with 5 to go?

There is little I like more than thinking about playoff scenarios. I decided to look at each remaining team’s schedule that is 5-6 or better to see, realistically, where the Bills could end up.

A few assumptions I am making: The Bills will finish 9-7, however their one loss will be against an NFC opponent…don’t care which one, but ideally Dallas for purposes of strength of victory which is probably a tie breaker at some point.

Here it goes…

Kansas City: Currently 6-5 (5-2 vs. AFC); @OAK, vs. SD, @ Balt, vs. Cle, vs. Oak. The Chiefs will be favored in every single one of these games and it is very possible they could win out. I am going to assume they win each of these games to finish an astonishing 11-5 after winning 10 games in a row, with a conference record of 10-2. They lock up the 5th seed (or AFC West champions, which isn’t totally impossible)

Houston Texans: Currently 6-5 (4-3); @ BUF, vs. NE, @ IND, @ TEN, vs. JAX. Houston will be underdogs in their next three games. We will assume they lose to Buffalo and New England and win their last three (though will be underdogs against the Colts). This will put them at 9-7 (7-5), tied with the Bills but behind the Bills based on head to head (though they could win the division if they beat the Colts but the Bills beat the Colts as well so could be a similar situation with them)

NY Jets: Currently 6-5 (5-4); “@” NYG, vs. TEN, @ DAL, vs. NE, @ BUF. The Jets have a pretty easy schedule remaining. We will assume the Jets lose one game the rest of the way only until the Bills game. They will be 9-6 going into the Bills game, however after losing to the Bills, they will be 9-7 and eliminating based on being swept by the Bills (divisional tiebreaker is first tiebreaker if more than 2 teams tied for WC spot)

PIT: Currently 6-5 (3-4); vs. Colts, @ CINCI, vs. Denver, @Baltimore, @ Cleveland. Not an overly difficult schedule for the Steelers. Let’s assume the Bengals beat the Steelers. Then let’s assume the Steelers only lose one other game to get to 9-7 and 6-6 in the conference.

OAK: Currently 5-6 (5-3); vs. KC, @ Denver, vs.  Green Bay, vs. SD, @ KC. To be conservative let’s assume Oakland splits vs. KC and loses either to Green Bay or Denver. That would put them at 8-8 and out.

Alright so where does this leave us?

KC 11-5 (or 10-6 if split with Oakland), with a 10-2 (or 9-3) conference record

Houston, Jets, Steelers, Bills all 9-7. The Jets would be eliminated based on the divisional tiebreaker vs. the Bills. So the Bills, Texans and Steelers are all tied at 9-7. The Steelers have a 6-6 record in conference so they are out as Buffalo and Houston have a 7-5 conference record. 

Now, you have two teams tied, Buffalo and Houston...and since Buffalo defeated Houston...they would be IN as the 6 seed!!

So what does all this prove? Absolutely nothing…other than the Bills are alive!