Thursday, July 30, 2009

Terrell Owens presser for TO's cereal

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ryan Fitzpatrick sucks

by Steve

Is this guy a worthy back up or what? Everyone and their mailman are saying since camp started last weekend that the Bills back up quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick blows big time. To be honest I have no idea how much credence to put in any of the reports especially since it is still the first week of practice and they've only had pads on for two days or so.

But still, for a strong contingent of prognosticators saying he looks terrible is disconcerting. One excuse is that it is a new team with a new system, another is the idea of a fast pace no huddle offense being new. I would assume we'll see a lot of Fitz during the Hall of Fame game. Either way i'll withhold judgment until at least the third preseason game. Gabran Hamdan anyone?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bills sign Eric Wood, and other news

The Buffalo Bills agreed to terms with rookie OL Eric Wood, the No. 28 overall pick, on a multi-year contract

It's a five-year deal, or a four-year pact with an option for the fifth like Ziggy Hood's. Wood, a decorated center at Louisville, will begin his pro career at right guard. He's athletic and a technician in both run and passing games

Although there are rumors it hasn't technically been signed it should be done by the time everyone wakes up Wednesday

Here's a shocker, Parrish feels unfulfilled in the Bills offense. "If you go out there with a negative state of mind and your opportunity comes, you're not going to seize that moment," Parrish said. "I'll never let anybody break me. If this team doesn't use me, another team down the line one day will use me."

Also, a continuing spat of injuries. Including yet unsigned (but close to it) Jarius Byrd? "When (or if) rookie Safety Jairus Byrd signs his contract and reports to camp, I’ll be interested to check on his physical condition. The second round pick from Oregon may miss some time. I’m hearing rumblings that he suffered some sort of a sports hernia in the last few weeks that may set him back for awhile. Byrd was considered a possible starter at the FS spot. Once he signs, we’ll see if he’s ready to go."

and these injuries..

John McCargo’s injury status was updated by Dick Jauron after practice.

The Bills head coach said he twinged his hamstring just a little bit, similar to the way Marcus Stroud did and Stroud was back practicing after missing just two days.

Meanwhile P.K. Sam left practice with a strained quad. No word on how much time he could miss.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Buffalo Bills news and notes

by Steve
  • Good to see a highly paid former high draft pick bust is motivated.. "All the naysayers and whatever, I want to show them that I am a football player, and I'm an athlete, and I didn't get picked where I did for no reason," McCargo said. "If you want to say I have a chip, sure, I do. But most of it just me. I put the pressure on myself."
Hey, maybe it isn't John McCargo's fault 100% but zero starts and only 2.5 sacks? Holy shit. Honestly though, I am seeing a major problem with former d-coach Bill Kollar. Seemingly everyone has taken a swipe at the dude since he left. The good news for McCargo is he doesn't have much competition behind him (David Linquist and Marcus Smith) who and who? Maybe the Bills were just trying to get over on the Colts and knew full well of his bad back. We can hope.

Whatever, reading that article just makes me hate Jauron even more..

"We all did what we thought was best for everybody last year," Jauron said. "The fact that he reverted back to us turns out to be a very positive thing.

"He's had a great attitude. We've always liked him. Now we're hoping to get out of him what we believe is there.""

  • Drayton "lucky if i'm not cut" Florence wants the Bills to sign dog killer Vick AND wants Bills fans to take up the cause. I vaguely know who Florence is mostly because we gave him a lucrative contract (two years $6 mil). Is he that much better than Youboty, Reggie Corner or Byrd? The next six weeks should clear that up.
This does however bring up a much bigger question than our third, fourth and fifth DBs. Would Michael Vick a.) help the bills b.) be worth the negative press and circus that would ensue and c.) even be a minute possibility? By now we alllll know what Owens thinks about Vick but how about the front office?

Honestly, Vick was an underrated player when he was in his "prime" at least by some. Just look at his winning percentage and a signature win @Lambo. I just can't see the Bills rolling the dice twice in one offseason. He wouldn't start over Trent, he has to be rusty as hell and no one could imagine the Bills brain trust developing an offense to use Vick's talent and keep everyone else involved and happy. Let him back in to the league, they were only dogs, just hope he doesn't go to someone in the AFC East.

  • Aaron Maybin is a one trick pony has no heart and is not competitive. At least according to some anonymous scout."The problem with (Jets OLB) Vernon Gholston is that he never made plays (at Ohio State). He was not tough. He was not competitive. He was stiff — the same as (Bills DE) Aaron Maybin. They are both one-trick ponies who won off the edge against bad competition. They could get away with it in college because the skill level is not very good. At this (NFL) level, one-trick ponies without any heart need to have a special trait to survive — special get-off (speed) or special competitiveness."
Ouuuuuuch. Wow Maybin just got ripped a new one. Put as much credence into that Profootballweekly post as you want but that is not a rosy picture of our first pick in the draft. I'm just hoping the mofo is in camp before the weekend.

  • Jaws sucking off Trent "I think he sees the field with great clarity, he understands reading coverage and knows where to go with the football," Jaworski said. "He understands where his people are supposed to be.""I think he has the skill set that projects very well for this league," he said.

Did he watch the Browns game?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Andy Levitre signs with the Bills

Bills agreed to terms with rookie G Andy Levitre, the No. 51 overall pick, on a four-year contract.
Levitre played left tackle at Oregon State, but at 6'3/305 he's too small to stay there at this level. His most likely position in Buffalo is left guard, where Levitre will be replacing Derrick Dockery, opposite new RG Eric Wood.

Also in an unrelated note, people are paying $10+for TO's cereal on ebay

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buffalo Bills training camp preview Rookies

by Steve

Ok, training camp starts in two days and only three of our draft picks are signed? Not ideal. Granted this shit usually just ends minutes before camp starts, but the Bills having two first rounders and two second rounders to sign there is some pause for concern.

I'm not ready to jump out the window but after reading this article in the News today its something worth discussing..

The Bills typically have not set the market in recent years by signing players earlier than the other players taken around them. In 2006, Donte Whitner missed the first eight days of camp. In 2007, Marshawn Lynch signed the night before camp opened. Last year, Leodis McKelvin signed on the second day of camp, although he was one of the last first-rounders to finalize his deal. All of those camp openings, of course, came a week later on the NFL calendar than this year's camp.

Beside Maybin, the other unsigned Bills rookies are first-rounder Eric Wood, second-rounders Jairus Byrd and Andy Levitre and fourth-rounder Shawn Nelson.

The agent for Maybin is Joel Segal. Last year he had two No. 1 picks — Kansas City's Glenn Dorsey and Tennessee's Chris Johnson — and both of their deals got done at the "league-wide wire" — by the first day of their team's camps.

The challenge for the Bills this year is the league-wide wire is six or seven days into their training camp.

As mentioned there are only two first round picks signed and they are both quarterbacks. Odds are good there will be a flurry of signings in the next 48 hours. But if raw Maybin isn't there by Monday I'm gonna be pissed. If they really are discussing moving Maybin around in a 4-3 and 3-4 hybrid this dude needs as much time in camp as possible.

The need for AM to get as many reps as possible is elevated because of the lack of talent at the defensive end position on the Bills. Schobel might be shot, I have no idea why Kelsay is still on the team and Denney sucks. I barely even know who Chris Ellis. Mostly because he was such a nonfactor last year but there is still some hope he can step his game up and hopefully push Kennalsey not only out of the lineup but out of Buffalo.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


by Steve

If only I was famous and I couldn't get chicks so I had to rape them when I pretended my television was fucked up.

Ben: Hey uhh my TV doesn't work can you look at it

Rape Victim: It looks like your TV just isn't plugged in..

Ben: Oh, really.. are you sure?

RV: Yeah, so can i leave now?

Ben: No, now we have to have sex whether you like it or not

Butttttttt hey finnnnnnnnnnnnnnallllllly ESPN started covering, three days later

The woman, a native of Canada who had worked at Harrah's Lake Tahoe hotel-casino since 2003, never went to outside authorities with her story, and it's unclear why she decided to file the lawsuit seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars a year after the alleged incident.

Her lawsuit says she didn't file a criminal complaint because she feared Harrah's would side with Roethlisberger -- a friend of the hotel-casino's regional president John Koster -- and she would be fired.

She said the security chief, Guy Hyder, told her she was "overreacting," that "most girls would feel lucky to get to have sex with someone like Ben Roethlisberger" and that "Koster would love you even more if he knew about this."

The lawsuit said she was treated between last August and December at five different hospitals for depression and anxiety stemming from the alleged assault, and returned to work each time after treatment.

She sought legal counsel in March after Harrah's officials told her Roethlisberger was invited to play in the 2009 celebrity golf tournament and ordered her to take a paid two-week leave during the event, the lawsuit said, "to accommodate her assailant." The tournament took place last week.

Cal Dunlap, the Reno lawyer who filed her lawsuit in Washoe County District Court on Friday, said neither he nor the woman will comment.

Dunlap is the former county district attorney who also represents Nevada first lady Dawn Gibbons in divorce proceedings against Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons. Dunlap refused to discuss the woman's whereabouts.

On Wednesday, she was not at the property where she has been living in rural Douglas County. The old dairy farm about 20 miles from Lake Tahoe has a main farm house and several outbuildings, some of which appear to be rented out as apartments.

In a statement earlier this week, Roethlisberger lawyer David Cornwell said: "Ben has never sexually assaulted anyone. The timing of the lawsuit and the absence of a criminal complaint and a criminal investigation are the most compelling evidence of the absence of any criminal conduct."

Harrah's officials said they do not comment on pending legal matters.

The lawsuit seeks a minimum of $440,000 in damages from the quarterback, at least $50,000 in damages from eight Harrah's officials and an unspecified amount of punitive damages "sufficient to deter" Roethlisberger and the others "from engaging in such conduct in the future."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

T.O. Cereal honey nut toasted oats

Available at local Buffalo grocery stores, Terrell Owens honey nut toasted oats!

Front and back

Monday, July 20, 2009

Training Camp Preview: WR


I am sitting here watching the T.O. show and after hearing him say "you're better off fighting a grizzly bear then coming at me," I figured I would break down the Bills strongest position entering camp, their wide receiver core...(T.O. just bought ear rings for $137,000).

Not only is wide receiver the Bills strongest position, but they might have the best core in the entire league, save for Arizona. Unfortunately for T.O., he isn't the number one man anymore. That undoubtedly belongs to Lee Evans. Evans owns a 4 year 37.5 million dollar 'tract and better live up to that billing this year, or else he never will. Dude's got a dream situation right now with all the talent around him and it's time to live up to that and not have anymore 0 catch games on Monday Night Football.

T.O. will be bringing the heat to Buffalo all year. Get your fur underwear ready. T.O. is bringing his 139 touchdowns to Orchard Park. The rest of the Bills receivers, including Evans, have a grand total of 49. Since Dick Jauron became coach of the Bills, they have 45 passing touchdowns. In that same time frame, Terrell Owens has 38 touchdown receptions. Evans and T.O. can be the next Rice and Taylor, or Reed and Lofton, or Boldin and Fitz, or Carter and Moss...etc. Unfortunately, they probably will never be with Jauron and Schonert. Oh well, the Bills are set at starting WR and I can't wait to check out some night practices with the VH1 cameras rolling...this show is legitimately terrible by the way, although T.O. ex fiance is one of the most attractive woman I have ever seen.

Now, what really matters...the 3rd through 5th (or 6th) WR slots. Right now, Josh Reed will be the number three receiver, and I like Josh Reed. He did a solid job in the slot last year and Trent loves him. He will be the main slot guy this year.

This is where things get interesting. Leading the way for the number 4 receiver spot right now has to be Steve I said since day 1, this guy is a beast...completely raw, but still a beast. He looks like Larry Fitz with the long dreads and will eventually look like him torching defenses. Tyke Tolbert says he is their best WR against press coverage. Basically, SJ is just waiting till 2010 when he takes TO's place, unless TO wants to retire a Bill or something crazy.

What does this mean for the much underused and under appreciated Roscoe Parrish? Well, you're too short, too small, and the coaches are too dumb to know how to use you, so you will be returning punts and playing on 5 wide sets predominantly. They might throw you an end-around if you're lucky...brutal. And what about the 6'5" gun brandishing James Hardy? Well...6th on the depth chart? Who would have thunk that? Maybe the PUP list until week 6 . Then you still have special teams aficionado Justen Jenkins? Will he make the team? I can't imagine the Bills keeping 7 WRs. I also can't imagine them cutting a 2008 2nd round pick, or a game changing punt returner either. Not looking good for Jenkins and besides, SJ is a good special teamer as well.

Come MNF vs. NE, the depth chart should look like this:

1. Evans
2. Owens
3. Reed
4. Johnson
5. Parrish
6. Hardy

Also the Bills might utilize some 3-4 defense this year per this link

Jacksonville's Jack Del Rio and Buffalo's Dick Jauron sat down to talk about their respective teams, and both coaches said they worked on a 3-4 defense as a variation of their 4-3 schemes. Each believes it will come in handy this coming season, especially in passing situations.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Buffalo Bills training camp preview

by Steve

Holy smokes, training camp starts in five days. Again the Bills will host their training camp in suburban Rochester at St. John Fisher College. Not the greatest location but not all that bad either. It is about 75ish minutes away depending on traffic and your speed/location in Buffalo.

Looking up and down the roster, a marginal one that it is, the most glaring important and most question filled area is the offensive line. In what now seems like a yearly ritual there is HUGE turnover and in fact a new starter at all five positions.

Left Tackle
There is no reason to rehash the whole Jason Peters fiasco other than to say it was a complete travesty. (You can read my original post here) Evidently the Bills saw enough in Langston Walker's three starts at LT last year to feel he is an adequate replacement for a two time probowler. Needless to say I have my doubts( despite the Bills record in those games.) Behind him there is nothing. Demetrius Bell was on the squad last year and has an athletic pedigree (the Mailman's kid) but didn't play a down and has only played football for three years in his life(at Northwestern State). Probably they would play Kirk Chambers there ahead of Bell but he is currently listed as the starting left guard and a RT.

Left Guard
Kirk Chambers is penciled in here, not by me, but by the Bills brass. In reality it is rookie guard Andy Levitre's spot to lose in camp. The 2009 second round pick out of Oregon State was the first guard taken in the draft and should be able to usurp Chambers who is naturally a tackle.

Geoff Hangartner is firmly entrenched as the starter for better or for worse. He played all over the offensive line of the Panthers last year. How much he attributed to their excellent season running the ball is probably tough to quantify but if he played any roll it is still a good sign. I would rather have rookie Eric Wood listed here but for some reason the Bills see their first round pick as more of a guard. Mind you he was the first round pick we got for Peters from Philly. Behind Geoff is Brandon Rodd a practice squad nobody and Marvin Philip a journeyman nobody with no experience worth describing.

Right Guard
Again, currently Seth McKinney is penciled in here for respect reasons only. It will be standout Louisville "center" Eric Wood's spot to lose in camp/preseason. I don't hate former third round pick McKinney or his forty-five career starts. I just picture him as more of a strong depth guy, especially since Wood is a first rounder and won't be getting a sniff at center in the near term. Behind that is Jonathan Scott, another Detroit Lions generic throw in signing for depth. He has two career starts.

Right Tackle
Arguably the most question filled position on the whole o-line. Brad Butler is moving over from the RG spot to start for the now shifted Walker. The Bills obviously like Butler considering the lucrative contract (3 years $8.8 mil) extension he received keeping him a Bill through 2012. According to his Wikipedia page he has the longest starting right tackle streak in VU history at 31 games. So he obviously knows the position but is he an NFL caliber tackle is yet to be seen. Hopefully Chambers gives him a strong push in camp assuming he won't be trotted out there as a guard for the entire camp.

Bottom line there is some talent here but zero continuity. The first time starters need to be determined ASAP to allow time to gel as a unit. All five will indirectly determine the outcome of the entire 2009 season unless the defense shocks us all and becomes a top caliber unit.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pacman makin' it rain

This video is hilarious, Pacman Jones, Nelly, Jermaine Dupris etc makin it rain at an ATL strip club..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

American league wins '09 All-star game

by Steve

As a die hard National League fan I was a.) not surprised the AL won, b.) pissed c.) looking to blame anyone and everyone. The obvious answer is the idiot fans for voting in a couple bums but in reality the blame falls squarely on Charlie Manual's shoulders.

He couldn't find anyone else to pinch hit in the 9th inning for bums like Hawpe, Justin Upton who probably never even faced Rivera, and old man Tejada? Upton is good but young and has a grand total of zero at bats vs Mariano Rivera, Brad Hawpe has power numbers in Denver, but who wants him up in a clutch situation? Tejada is alright and has experience against Mo so i'll let that slide, but still.

Looking over the box score the only options really were Freddy Sanchez and Hunter Pence. Why not throw a vet like Sanchez in there to mix it up and attempt to get on base? Why did Ryan Howard and Prince Fielder only get one at bat? Bottom line the managing was average at best.

But does home field really matter? Obviously it is better to have home field then not have home field. But since 2003 when the All-star game began determining which league had home field, each league has won three world series titles. Each has won three tiles despite the fact that the American League has won each of the last six all-star games. Actually they haven't lost since 1996 but hey if it was sooo important shouldn't the home team be better than .500?

Either way it is hard to argue the MLB All-star game isn't the best all star game of the four "major" sports regardless. Hey, it's the only one I watched.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Buffalo and Owens more than one year?

by Steve

According to WSVN-TV and the Palm Beach Post's interview with Drew Rosenhaus it could be a possibility..

- Rosenhaus also had some insight on client Terrell Owens, who signed a one-year deal to play for Buffalo after things went south in Dallas.

Owens, 35, isn’t the player he was several years ago, but remains one of the more dangerous and physical wideouts in the game.

Rosenhaus believes Owens will be a good fit with the Bills and could be back in 2010.

“It depends on if he likes the experience,” Rosenhaus said. “I think he’s going to love it. The fans are outstanding, Terrell loves the fans.

“I would expect Terrell to be there more than one season.”

Obviously the whole thing depends on his experience here. By experience Drew means 70+ catches 8+ touchdowns and 9+ wins. Are any of those possible? Yes. Likely? No.

Owens is getting old, the o-line is a joke, the QB should change his number from "5" to "?" and the coach is still Dick Jauron. As the season begins to approach I'll probably change my mind set to more of a Kevin Garnett-ian mind set, but for now i'll still be realistic. Unless he and/or the team plays well OR if no one else wants him he'll stay. And if even the Bills don't want him, well then there's always VH1.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Donte Whitner fighting for a starting job?

by Steve

Lost in the war of words between Profootball talk and Donte Whitner is the idea that rookie Jairus Byrd and Bryan Scott could be the Bills starting free and strong safeties in 2009. Well maybe it isn't lost but it seems to not be our main focus at this point.

The story originated with this foxsports report: "LINEUP WATCH: Rookie safety Jairus Byrd missed OTA and minicamp work due to his college exam schedule, leaving Donte Whitner to take most of the first-unit reps at free safety. But the coaching staff is eager to see Byrd, a ball-hawking cornerback at Oregon drafted in the second round, in training camp at free. If he beats Whitner out, then Whitner, who is being supplanted at strong safety where he has started three seasons by veteran Bryan Scott, will be relegated to a utility role."

Somehow PFT saw that as Whitner out Byrd/Scott in:

"Donte Whitner has performed a variety of roles since getting drafted eighth overall by the Bills in 2006. He's played strong safety, nickel cornerback, and free safety.

Now he's facing the surprising possibility of a new role: reserve. If Whitner loses the starting gig, he won't be moving back to nickel corner. He'll be a utility man at both safety spots.

No matter how valuable Whitner's versatility is, that would be a disappointing role for a player drafted so highly. "

Here's a story about the nickel CB spot on but nothing about Whitner losing his safety job.

Ok ok this is getting long, but after PFT spread the rumor, Whitner actually respond on his twitter page. "Profootballtalk is a non credible lose my job lol don't u guys have better things to write about?"

And finally PFT posted a response:
"Whitner was responding to an item posted by Gregg Rosenthal regarding the possibility that Whitner could lose his starting job.

But what Whitner didn't realize is that Gregg was merely citing a report from

Instead, then, Whitner should have tweeted is this: " is a non credible site."

Let's see if he rectifies his error."

All this is pretty much just B.S. but aren't the intrawebz fun? Bottom line, it would be relatively shocking that a rookie CB considered by some to be a reach in the second round of the '09 draft and a middle of the road nobody like Scott both start at safety while Whitner rides the pine. It isn't out of the realm of possibility though.

Whitner hasn't produced much in his three years in the NFL. He was drafted eighth over all and it will be nearly impossible for him to live up to that lofty selection at this point in his career. Lets face it, he's average, but it would take an amazing training camp for him to be the #3 guy.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jonathan Sanchez no no

by Steve

There is no more enjoyable personal accomplishment in sports to watch than a No hitter (save for a Perfect game). Jonathan Sanchez, a relative nobody, was the center of the sports world last night around midnight.

Was it his fifteen minutes of fame or is this a precursor to a great career and yet another sick young pitcher in the Giants system? Time will tell, but great performance. In actuality the 26 year old lefty should have had a perfect game.

Uribe booted a grounder in the 8th inning to destroy the dream of a perfect game. It would have been the first one since Randy Johnson, currently with the Giants, threw a perfect 27 outs against the Braves.

I just wish I had Johnny rookie card yesterday instead of today.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mets send Church to ATL for Francoeur

by Steve

The Mets traded Jeff Francoeur for Ryan Church. Both are right fielders, Church is 30 "Frenchy" is 25 and still arbitration eligible.
Francoeur hit .250 with five home runs and 35 RBIs in 82 games for the Braves this season. Church, meanwhile, batted .280 with two homers and 22 RBIs in 67 games for the Mets.

The contracts are nearly identical, Jeff F has shown flashes of brilliance but needed a change of scenery. For Church he's good not great and gives you what he gives you. Playing every day could improve his numbers but the concussions are an issue.

On the whole it gives the Mets the same number of white players but makes them younger with more potential for the future

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My MLB all-star teams

by Steve

"This time it matters" Uh doye. Cause all fourteen teams in the AL are going to the World Series and all sixteen NL teams will compete. BS it matters. Then again if I was Tito or LaRussa/Torre managing this team you better friggen believe I would be managing to win. How do you win? Have the best players making up the best team, not the most popular players. Here's the best squads to win the All-star game.

American League

Wait thirteen fuckin pitchers? Oh well here's 13:
Greinke, Edwin Jackson, king Felix, Halladay, Beckett, Buehrle, Wakefield, Fuentes, Papelbon, Nathan These three differ from the actual team:

J.P. Howell
Arguably the best set up man in the AL right now, appearances, stats, strike outs. Enough starts, tough beans Verlander.

Dallas Braden
He's young, great ERA, non-discript record but it would be a thrill and he would be ready to pitch. Took him over Andrew Bailey.

Joakim Soria
Not a lot of saves but he pitches for the Royals. Stats are there. Mo is old.

First Base
Justin Morneau is starting. He has more HRs RBIs better average than Teixiera.

Miguel Cabrera and my sleeper sleeper Paul Konerko. Check the stats again, Konerko has better HRs RBIs avg than Youkilis and Cabrera is a rake. Neither are on the actual roster.

Second Base
Aaron Hill is flat out raking. Twenty dongs? .296.. only 27 k's. Solid

Robinson Cano is having a solid year he gets the nod easily over Pedroia and Callaspo.

Third Base
Evan Longoria has the power i'll keep him starting.

Chone Figgins is my ideal leadoff man and Michael Young is meh big time. Teahen maybe next year.

Short Stop
DJ is havin a year he can start, last time though. Bartlett too.

V-mart and Mauer are tough to replace. AJP has an honorable mention

Torii Hunter, Ichiro, Juan Rivera. Dude is hitting .317, 16th in RBIs only 29 K's how was he not even on the roster?
Bay, Pacman Jones, Granderson for the homeruns only, Abreu solid all around stats, Crawford for the speed in the late innings. Hamilton doesn't qualify.

National League

Santana, Haren, Lincecum, Josh Johnson, Cain, Billingsley, Wainright and Gallardo over Lilly and Marquis because they throw harder. Cordero k-rod Franklin (who?) and Bell stay, I'll take Belisaro over Broxton too.

First Base
Pujols and Prince

Second Base
Utley starts but B Phillips gets the nod over Hudson because he's better in nearly every stat except probably speed game.

Third Base
Zimmerman starts and Mark Reynolds comes off the bench for a big bat when I have RISP. Sandoval will be here next year.

Short Stop
Han-ram then Tejada who is having a nice season. Yunel honorable mention.

Molina and McCann are tough to replace Bengie could be in the discussion but SF has enough representation.

Ibanez and Braun start along with Carlos Lee. Beltran is hurt any way. Hawpe stays although his stats are skewed, I could live with Pence and Upton on there too. Kemp Ethier and Jay Bruce could replace either of them.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Federer v Roddick 2009 Wimbledon

by Steve

Slow sports weekend so we'll briefly touch upon the best tennis tournament of the year. True the game starts at something like 9:00 am and 95% of us will be hungover sleeping off our 7/4 drinking barrage good thing for DVR.

Roddick is +525 to win this thing so pretty much everyone knows he has no chance. Roger is going to straight up ball whilst breaking Pete Sampras' record fourteen grand slams. All we can ask for really is for a competitive match going at least four sets.

Then again aaaaaaannnnyyytttthhhiinnnnggggss possssssibleee! I mean Roddick is a former number one player in the world. He has won a grandslam title (US open '03) and has been here before. Granted he's lost to Rog thrice in a Wimbledon final and is 2-18 lifetime against Federer. Hopefully there is a replay sometime around noon that i'll be able to watch.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sabres sign Steve Montador defenseman

The Sabres actually signed a dude on the first day of free agency! A third line defenseman Steve Montador, two years $1.55 mil per year. He's a gangsta but not too hardcore. 25th in penalty minutes last year. Four goals last year