Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bitchin About Sports on a Thursday

By Steve

Slow time of the year for sports but Im on a long bus trip so lets just start a new thing where I bitch about sports shit. Leggo:

-The Mets are on an 8 game road trip and havent won yet. They have one game left. This isnt a fuckin riddle. Oh yeah Im goin to new Shea tomorrow and it is supposed to rain. Great 6 man rotation, I cant believe BF Colon isnt working out.

- 5+ weeks until Bills training camp? Ouch. The excitement and anticipation of Simms v Manuel v Cassel v Tyrod is palpable!

My odds for starting QB are as follows:
Matt Cassel 52%
EJ Manuel 24%
Tyrod Taylor 23%
Matt Simms 1%

I can buy into or at least make a half ass arguement for any of em (and I will once one of them "wins" the job) but this is basically a choice between shitty and less shitty. Can Rex Ryan win with a great defense and running the ball? Based on history yes but my faith in Rexy is shakey at best.

-USA v China in the quarterfinals tomorrow? In Ottawa? On Turf? 2 yellow cards equals the ban box for 2 USWNT players? When the fuckin Mets game rains out ill watch with one eye.

- Why the fuck does WGR550 need a 14 hour pregame show for the NHL draft Friday instead of airing the Smackoff? God I hate this town and their "sports fans"

- Anyone in Buffalo ever hear of the god damn NBA draft? Where is D'angelo Russell going? Willy Cauly Stein falling out of the lottery? Ryan Boatright going in the first round? Is Frank Kaminsky white? CA Townes or Okafor? I say Okafor is the safe pick. Stay away from Euros.

- Take a second and look at A-rod's stats, or ill give em to you. .292 15 dongs 45 rbi. Is he friends with that cheating bicycle rider?

- Jack Eichel better be a god damn hall of famer. Glad the Sabres tanked the last 2 years, burned their fan base and bore the shit out of everyone for a bust that people are already talking about trading (small-Sam Rinehart) and the 2nd best player in this years draft. But hey the Sabres billionaire owner raised prices for um the same # of times as years he owned them. (Shit I should reword that, meh fug it)

The Sabres arent making the playoffs next year and are years away from making any type of run. Then again watching a real meaningful NHL game in Buffalo will bring back fond memories of the prime of my life.

- Fantasy Football Mock Draft season is upon us. Haha losers

- Is there a more boring parent club for the Bisons than the Toronto Blue Jays? Ok clearly Im running out of shit to bitch about see u next Thurs.