Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Buffalo Bills GM Doug Whaley

by Steve

Unsurprisingly the Buffalo Bills hired Doug Whaley as their new general manager.  My first instinct is to shit on this hire as another in house uninspired next guy up approach to running the organization.  And after a few days of sleeping on it my mind hasn't changed.

Do I hate or even dislike the hire? No, not really.  Whaley is young (41), black and from the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, all positives.  But, the guy has been an employee of the Bills already for 4 years.  He has learned under the likes of Tom Modrak, Buddy Nix and idiot Russ Brandon.  Not great company if I do say so myself.

Why hire a coach, draft a quarterback and revamp the entire team then hire a new GM?  I guess I'll assume Whaley was completely on board with both coach Doug Marrone and quarterback EJ Manuel?  Could he use Nix as a scape goat in 2-3 years when/if both fail at their job?

Was there really no one else worth interviewing in the entire world after Bud Nix "stepped down"?  Is it really the best path to take having a guy waiting in the wings guaranteed to take over a job he may or may not be qualified for?  Won't we all miss Nix jamming the phrase "here's a guy" in every interview?

I have no reason to give anyone at OBD the benefit of the doubt and I certainly do not trust any decision that Brandon makes.  Christ, he almost makes the Sabres organization look competent based on his history at the helm.

The most interesting and under looked aspect of this whole hiring process (ya know besides actually interviewing anyone) is the hiring of  Jim Monos and Kelvin Fisher.  Who? Yes, of course, we aren't going to know who these guys would be any way; but how about some biographical information on these two guys who now make up the rest of the Bills new front office?

Jim Monos (jr?) is nearly ungoogleable.  Mark Guaghan of the Buffalo News gives him credit for the New Orleans Saints drafting 5 "pro bowlers" in the 3rd round or later while he was a scout there.  He was with the 'aints for 8 years after starting out with the Eagles.  I can't even find his age other than he was in college in 1995 which leads me to believe he is something like 37 years old. says he is Director of Player Personnel.

Kelvin Fisher, Director of College Scouting, was hired away from the Steelers where he was a scout (and is still listed on their front office page). Evidently he graduated high school in 1987 (so he's 43?) and went to Arizona State as a full back.  Other than that he is pretty ungoogleable himself.

Hopefully we hear more from those guys in the future.  Basically, I am not willing to give Whaley or anyone at OBD the benefit of the doubt.  We don't know if it will work but things already seem like the same old same old, hire the safe guy.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Buddy Nix Steps Down. Finally

By Steve

Buddy Nix may not go down as the worst GM in Bills history but he's in the conversation right? The worst part about it is his legacy could get even worse.

The comparison problem really is that there is just so much competition to being labeled worst ever. Maybe Bud isn't so bad? Christ, just look at the general managers Ralph Wilson and the Buffalo Bills have employed just this century! Tom Donahue, Marv Levy, Russ Brandon.. does a shiver not go down your spine after reading each name?

Just look at the record of the Bills from 2010 to present (16 total wins). And the team will surely be awful again this season. So far not lookin so good Bud.

How about the players:

Ryan fuckin Fitzpatrick
Torell Troupe
Aaron Williams
Marcell Dareus
Kelvin Shepard
CJ Spiller
Mario $100 mil Williams

Yikes. Why draft a running back when 2 good ones are on the roster and you are going to bench him for two years any way? Why not draft a quarterback any year before this one? Seriously, Troupe?

Alright, how about the head coaches? Chan Gailey was as qualified to coach this team as I was. Doug Marrone isn't much better. Gailey stuck around too long and was truly an embarrassing awful failure of a hire. Him alone should give anyone allowing the benefit of the doubt on Marrone reason not to.

Was there anything good this bum did besides jam the phrase "he's a guy" in every interview? The only thing I can point to is the unknown that Nix has recently done (2013 draft).

Marrone and EJ Manuel may play as important a role in Nix's legacy as Fitzpatrick and Gailey; but nothing short of greatness (and soon) will wash over the failure of this franchise up to this point under Bud.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Buffalo Sabres hire Rol Rolston WTF?

by Steve

Darcy Regier truly is his own boss.  I am convinced that no person within the Sabres organization oversees the comings and goings of GM/World CEO Darc Regier.  How is that possible?

There is simply no other explanation for what this guy does other than he faces no consequences.  There is zero chance Darc will ever be fired ever.  He does what he wants when he wants how he wants with impunity.  The hiring of Ron Rolston (who?) as the next Buffalo Sabres head coach is just the icing on the cake.

I've wanted this loser fired since after not doing anything during the 2006 trade deadline.  Ya know, the best Sabres team ever.  He didn't do shit at the deadline and it cost this city a Stanley Cup.  In all likelihood he will outlast even this fuckin blog!

In what world is Rolston the best option as head coach of this team?  Is it his ability to sound identical to his boss and supreme leader?  Seriously though, have you heard this guy speak?  His voice is nearly identical to Darc with (some how) less enthusiasm. It makes me sick to say this but I'd rather have Lindy Ruff remain as the head coach.

The team didn't get better under Ronnie, they stayed just about the exact same.  Which, I guess, is exactly what the fan boy owner Terrance Pegula and Darc want after all.  They want ineptitude, losing, heart break, and certainly no playoffs let alone winning a freaking round.  But keep buying those season tickets people from the Northtowns and Southern Ontario!

Ken Sawyer, you suck.  But hey, Ted Black, tell us about the hotel and hockey rinks Terrance is building in front of the arena again.

Can we have a new owner yet?