Thursday, September 30, 2010

New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills preview podcast

Steve Coast and yes T wreck breakdown this weeks tilt between the Buffalo Bills and NY Jets. The Trent Edwards cutting, Kelsay extension, Fitz and more are also examined.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brian Roloff sent to Sabres AHL affiliate Portland

Per TBN :

The Buffalo Sabres have trimmed their training camp roster by 14 players, General Manager Darcy Regier announced today.

The Sabres still have 35 players in camp: 19 forwards, 12 defensemen and four goaltenders.

According to a press release, players heading to their minor league affiliate in Portland, Maine, are: forwards Jacob Lagace, Maxime Legault, Dennis McCauley, Brian Roloff, Felix Schutz, Colin Stuart (pending waivers), Corey Tropp, Travis Turnbull and Derek Whitmore (pending waivers); defensemen Alex Biega, Tim Conboy (pending waivers) and Nick Crawford.

Local product (West Seneca) and good friend of T-Wreck, Brian Roloff was optioned to the Portland Pirates today by the Buffalo Sabres. Not sure exactly what this means other than he should be playing for Portland this year, pretty sweet. Good luck dawg

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Farewell Trent Edwards

by Steve

Here is the complete retrospective of Trent Edwards and his short painful strange 3+ seasons as a Buffalo Bill:

The first mention of Trent Edwards on this blog came on July 20th 2007 as I wrote:
"On to back up back up Trent Edwards. Green isn't even the color to describe T-Eds. What we do know: he's smart, he went to Stanford, the Stanford Cardinals football team sucked, and Edwards took a beating and got hurt a lot. Look for him to sit on the bench for 2 seasons, get bit parts in 2009 and hopefully traded, great move Marv and Co."

Here is the preview for Trent Edward's first start against the Jets week 4 in 2007.
Steve Fairchild was talking about scaling back the offense for young Trent and I responded: "Seriously, if this offense can be scaled back more I might pluck my eye balls out and buy a Tom Brady jersey. The mere thought makes me sicker than back to back to back tequila shots with hot sauce."

After Trent wins his debut here was my take:
"Trent looked good, but lets tape down the boners so no one can see them just yet. It was the 28th ranked defense at home. But the quick reads, check downs, and gutsiness helped quell some fears at the position at least for a week."

Anyone remember when Coast fired off an email to Jerry Sullivan complaining about people picking Trent over Losman? And his response?

Trent was named the start for the remainder of the 2007 season on 11/26/2007 :
Trent Edwards is the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills for the rest of the 2007 season. He will also be the only quarterback currently on the roster that will be brought back for the 2008 season. Hopefully as the starter, and as a baller, and as a playoff performing quarterback he will take over the reigns of this embarrassingly playoffless team for many years to come.

Trent Edwards incredible TD pass against WASH in '07. Coast:
Did we see the birth of a franchise quarterback today? The jury is still out but Trent Edwards took a stride today that JP Losman took 3 years to make. Edwards was mediocre all game. He was inaccurate on some throws. The Bills offense sputtered when they got inside scoring territory. But, when the game was on the line, Trent made perhaps the best throw I have seen a Bills quarterback make in that type of situation in my entire life as a Bills fan.

The following week Trent did outplay John Beck: Either way who would take Beck over Trent right now?

Coast started questioning Trent Edwards the following week after a blanking by the Browns but later gives him the nod to start in 2008:
Edwards was 13-33 and is 24-56 in the past 2 games in sub par weather. He is supposed to be Mr. Accurate. Can he handle the Buffalo weather? I am not ready to say no, but it doesn't look good.


The year had very little about Trent starting out. This was obviously the year of Trent's life starting 4-0 and 5-1. Short quote from Coast about Lynch and Trent after week 1 "We have a 2nd year QB and a 2nd year RB who will do nothing but improve."

And me after going 4-0 "Trent continues to mature, although he did have a bad int, but no one is perfect."

Then... the game that may have ended Trent Edward's career. "At this point WNY Watercooler is cautiously optimistic Edwards will be ready for the SD game. Then again concussions can linger and conditions change from day today so we'll see. Also unfortunately Jauron busted out the ol' Mularkey line but with more intelligents saying, "I am not a physician"

Then shockingly, Trent Edwards hits his pinnacle, playing the greatest game of his career by far. And this quote by Coast:
"How many Qbs in this league would you rather have on your team right now than Trent Edwards? I can’t really think of any. Yeah Cutler, Manning and Rivers are all young, good players and Cutler and Rivers can probably be mentioned in the same breath as Trent right now."
WWOOWWW, read that whole post, it is filled with shocking comment after shocking comment. "don’t forget that Trent is this good already and is only 23 years old…hasn’t even started a full seasons worth of games…I don’t know if I would want to trade him for anyone in the entire league."

What happen to Trent Edwards? No one may ever know, but he was never EVER the same again.

The Bills then went into Miami and dropped a stink bomb big time to go to 5-2. Coast weighs in:
"Trent didn't have his best day today but that doesn't make me think any differently" about how good of a player he is." I was a bit less forgiving "That was a long dream. About 7 weeks long. The Bills were actually good for nearly two months. Dick Jauron, Trent Edwards, Perry Fewell and the defense... they all had us bamboozled... He took sacks. He was Trent JP Losman Edwards. TJPLE killed his team single handily.. period."

Then everyone started jumping off the bandwagon, even Coast after the Jets debacle:
"Ever since I anointed Trent Edwards the MVP and top 5 QB in the NFL, he has looked exactly like JP Losman. I gave him a free pass last week in the 4th quarter but no free pass this week. He was awful." My most prophetic post came next "we are going 7-9" " Trent Edwards has not and will not, this year, recover from a concussion."

Coast loves hyperbole (after a dreadful L to the Pats we attended) " As soon as he exploded onto the national media scene after the 5-1 start, he has been probably one of the 5 worst quarterbacks in the NFL. He didn't do himself any favors on Sunday admitting he was confused by the Patriots defense"

Then, if not the absolute worst game of Trent's career, easily top 3 v the Browns "
The quarterback has degressed faster than anyone I have ever seen. How bad was he tonight? On the post game show, it was being said that he had wide receivers wide open and didn't even look. He was shell shocked. He was scared. He was nervous."

Don't forget the blip on the radar screen that was the KC game where Trent didn't look awful " That bomb to Evans was a dart...I didn't think I would ever see the likes of it again. I think we might have gotten our quarterback back, but I will not know for sure until I see him string a few good games together."

The 49ers game was the nail in the coffin for coast, maybe? "The Bills don't have a quarterback. My theory is that Trent's groin was fine but the coaches know he is too much of a pussy head case to pull him because of poor play. He has been absolutely pathetic for 16 of the last 19 quarters he has played. He has never had a good quarter in inclement weather. Losman came in and did his thing. He sucked...but he wasn't worse than Edwards. Is Trent Edwards the quarterback of the future? I am having serious doubts."


No one had much confidence coming into the 2009 campaign especially after Trent threw the ball into the ground in toronto.

We did finally get rid of JP Losman and coast slurped him.
Also I hated Fitz.

Trentative and Captain Checkdown
take hold but I was still hopeful "He is still young and has the tools to get the job done. A lucky bounce here or there could cause a complete reversal in his lack of confidence."

As the season progressed Trent regressed "Record: 13-13
Yards Per Completion: 10.98
Pass attempts per passing touchdown: 33.04
Pass attempts per interception: 33.04"

Schrum then chimed in with a look to future quarterbacks.

Why did we think the no huddle would help Trent? " Trent's QB rating being the second worst for a full time starter or the 3 points put up against the lowly Browns, whatever it was thank god."

Another in a long line of Trent Edwards injury updates. And we finally are realizing Fitz might not be a downgrade "Trent would have been terrified to make a mistake, audibled to a run even if a pass was called, and gotten off the field in three plays. Fitzpatrick isn't that accurate of a passer, makes bad throws and bad decisions a little too much, but he at least has balls." Although I was unconvinced. "Could Trent's blind love for his former coach really effect his performance on the field? Maybe so, and if that is the case and Perry saw that then it was the right call."

Six of one, half dozen of the other. Ugh the Bills were pathetic in 2009 "I hate Trent but I hate Fitz more. This is an outrage. I'm still not 100% done with Trent Edwards I don't understand how anyone else could be either. The injuries nearly push me to 100% but still not there yet."


I actively was requesting Vick over any bum in the 2010 draft. "Michael Vick
He has question marks big time, but he is available and has been a winner in the National Football League. A second would be a lot to give up." There were even rumors of getting him for a 6th round pick!

Coast wanted anyone but Trent even requesting getting Bradford "Anyone who thinks the Bills number one need is anything but quarterback is completely lost." I had QB as our second biggest need.

Coast wanted us to trade up to get a QB or get one @9. " That brings us to the draft. Sam Bradford will definitely be gone by the time we draft, although it is possible Jimmy Clausen will be on the board. If he is, we HAVE to draft him, period, no questions asked."

After the draft Coast weighed in "Levi Brown should start opening day in Orchard Park vs. Miami in 2010-F 2011. Win now baby and Levi Brown is the man to get it done."

We all know how the rest panned out. No open competition, no one but Trent Edwards given a chance at the starting position. Although I still had a little hope, there wasn't much to go around after week 1. "Trent Edwards doesn't have to be worse than last year."

Oh well. Peace out Trent. We won't miss you. The only question remaining, WTF was going on with this mutton chops at the end?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bills Patriots Reaction, Bills Release Trent Edwards


I will begin by giving my reaction on the Bills Patriots game...and then get into the Bills decision to release quarterback Trent Edwards.

For the first time this season (except for the 2nd quarter against Green Bay), the Bills looked like a real NFL team. Yeah, they lost, but who really cares? Did anyone actually think at any point during the game that the Bills had a chance to win? Based on the past 10 years playing in Foxboro, there was no reason to think that the Bills would prevail. They did cover though and for the 2010 season, that is a victory.

Ryan Fitzpatrick had a typical Ryan Fitzpatrick type game. He made some plays, both with his arm and with his legs. He also made two crucial mistakes. He overthrew Parrish for a critical interception in the end zone and had another overthrown pass to the sideline intercepted on the Bills last drive of the game down by 8. In the end, Fitzpatrick went 20 for 28 for 247 yards and 2 touchdowns, along with those 2 interceptions. 247 yards for a Bills quarterback alone is rare. Trent Edwards hadn't thrown for 247 yards since November 23, 2008 at Kansas City. Fitzpatrick threw for 297 yards at Jacksonville last season. That is the only game in 2009 that a Bills quarterback threw for 247 or more.

The Bills ran the ball well yesterday. They rushed for 134 yards on the day with a 5.6 yards per rush average. Marshawn Lynch led the way with 13 carries for 79 yards and is clearly the Bills best running back. Please hold your Fred Jackson love affair everyone who loves Fred Jackson. The Bills mixed CJ Spiller in very well yesterday and I think we all saw a preview of what a Lynch and Spiller 1-2 punch could look like. Speaking of Spiller, he looked like he warranted a top 10 pick yesterday. The 95 yard kick return was exciting to watch. He also had a 19 yard run that set up his touchdown reception.

The offense looked respectable...but the defense looked absolutely pathetic. It was one of the worst defensive performances I have ever seen to be honest with you. The Patriots ran it at will and passed it at will. Brady threw for 252 and 3 touchdowns. He was sacked only once but it was almost an accident as he tripped over Kyle Williams' arm. The Patriots ran for 200 yards as well and for the 2nd time in his career, the Bills made Ben Jarvis Green Ellis look like an all star. The Bills defense was absolutely no match for the Patriots offense. The Bills linebackers have to be the worst in the NFL. Patriots' tight ends Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski had field days. Wes Welker exploited the middle of the Bills defense on numerous occasions. Moss' two touchdown receptions were so easy. For the first time, I thought Jairus Byrd had a terrible game. What was he doing on the 2nd touchdown catch by Moss besides just trying to get a good view of the catch? The Bills defense is just no match for offenses with great quarterbacks because of the lack of a pass rush. Brady had all day. If you give a guy like that so much time, he will pick you apart.

The only other points I would like to make are that I would never ever attempt a 50 plus yard field goal on 4th and less than 5. It seems like the percentages just aren't in your favor. We haven't won in Foxboro in 10 years, go for the touchdown. Kicking a 51 yard field goal is low percentage. That miss pretty much sealed the deal as the Patriots then drove 59 yards for a touchdown to go up 15. Also, there is a rumor that the Bills are working on a $24M contract extension with Chris Kelsay. Seriously? Am I missing something with Chris Kelsay? Every time I watch this team play I just think about how bad he is. There has to be a better place to spend $24M.

The Bills play the Jets next week. I think they could realistically win this football game. Will they? Probably not, but I think they definitely can.

Now for the most important matter at hand...

The Bills Release Quarterback Trent Edwards

Is it Christmas? The Bills have finally cut the worst player to ever put on the red, white and blue in Trent Edwards. Trent wasted over three years of all of our lives and finally, FINALLY, Trent and his wanna be Tom Brady hair cut can a hike. The only problem I have is, how was he so much better than Brohm and Fitzpatrick that he easily won the job, and now, three weeks later, he is unemployed? I do give Nix and Gailey credit for getting rid of Edwards as soon as they realized he wasn't in their future plans, but why was he so easily given the job in the first place? Why wasn't Brohm or Fitzpatrick given more first team reps. I really, sincerely believe that the Bills would have won opening day had Fitzpatrick played. Edwards put together won of the worst QB performances I have ever seen in that game and the Bills still almost won. The Bills will now move on without the waste of life Edwards with Fitz as their starter and Brohm as the backup. Thank God. Let's look back at Edwards' career...

The Bills drafted Edwards with the 29th pick in the 3rd round of the 2007 NFL draft in a pick that Marv Levy said had too much value to pass up. The only problem Marv is that so many GMs with way more credibility than you passed on Edwards and all his "value."

Dick Jauron and Marv Levy loved this guy from the start. It seemed like as the 2007 season began, they couldn't wait for the first opportunity to put Edwards in the lineup. JP Losman was coming off a promising 2006 season. I believe that drafting Edwards ruined JP Losman's career, but that is just me.

Losman went down with an injury in week three against New England (who can forget the dirty shot to the knee that Wilfork gave Losman in that game? Also, who remembers that Derrick Dockery got fined more money for taking his helmet off on the field than Wilfork did with his hit to Losman's knees?). The Bills put in Edwards and he took the team down for a touchdown on his first drive, the only TD the Bills would score in the game. Edwards then started the next 4 games, leading the Bills to two wins (in which he needed to do nothing). People loved him still...he made good decisions, got rid of the ball, was this smart kid from Stanford with awareness, something Losman lacked. In hindsight, has anyone ever had less awareness than this guy? I don't think so. Edwards helped cost the Bills the Dallas game in 2007. His late interception at the end zone to Terrance Newman kept Dallas alive. In his 4th start at New York, Edwards got hurt and was subsequently benched for JP Losman for the next 4 games.

5 weeks later, Edwards returned to the linup at Washington. He led the Bills to a last second field goal and their only road win over a playoff team this decade (this might not be true, but it also may be true, I am not sure). The next week, at home vs. Miami, Edwards threw for 4 touchdowns (while completing only 11 for 23 passing)...although people once again loved him and were back on the Edwards wagon. With the Bills in playoff contention, Edwards played the last three games of the 2007 season...his numbers were 38 for 89 for 418 yards, 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions...4.7 yards per attempt. Still, Edwards would go into 2008 as the Bills starting quarterback.

Then, 2008 happened and never have I seen a guy and a team go from being so promising to being so bad almost overnight. The Bills started 5-1. Edwards was being annointed the franchise quarterback and one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL (by me included). What we all fail to realize is that the first four games of the season, all of which the Bills won, were over Seattle, Jacksonville, Oakland and St. Louis...all of whom would end up with a combined 16-48 record. Trent did have a great game against the Chargers at home, but obviously that was a fluke. Then everything turned south and in a hurry. Edwards put together 5 horrendous games in a 6 game stretch including what was in my opinion the major turning point in his career, the Monday Night game against the Cleveland Browns. Edwards threw 3 interceptions in the first quarter and the Bills lost 29-28. Marshawn Lynch had 10 receptions as Edwards was too terrified to throw the football more than 1 yard. It was the most embarrassing performance I have ever seen by an athlete in my life. The Bills finished that year after starting 7-9...Edwards was horrible in the 2nd half of the season, but the Bills still, STILL, thought they were Ok at QB and entered 2009 with Edwards as the starter.

Edwards was pathetic the whole season. I don't think he had a single good game. The Bills won only one game that he played a majority of the game in. Even after all of this, the Bills went into 2010 with Trent as their starter. It is amazing to think about how bad he was and how the Bills stuck with him. You can make the case that Dick Jauron ruined his career...maybe so, but in the end, the guy just doesn't have it, never had it and never will have it and the Bills should have learned this after the Browns Monday Night game in 2008. I would never have started him again after that game, ever.

So where do the Bills go from here? Fitz is the guy for the remainder of 2010, unless he gets hurt. If that happens, we will see Brian Brohm. Who knows what is in store for the Bills for the remainder of the season? Wherever the Bills do go, it won't be with Trent Edwards, finally.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bills @ Patriots news and notes

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots podcast

Steve and Coast discuss the lack of hope, the upcoming Patriots game and the future at quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.

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Ryan Fitzpatrick, I guess?

by Steve

Hurray! Trent Edwards is no longer the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills! Shit, Ryan Fitzpatrick is the backup, now starter, for the Buffalo Bills. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

If "Fitz" and Trent were so close in the alleged quarterback competition that after two games Fitz is now the starter, why didn't he get first team reps in any preseason games? Two games against good defenses in a long season and Trent Edwards gets benched. Two bad performances after all the OTAs and camp and fake games and two games gives him the death knell?

Don't get me wrong, Trent Edwards is a coward, he is awful and overall he sucks. He probably deserves to be benched, but for Fitz? Plus, we're fans, we're not paid professionals. We are reactionary and no one really gives a shit what we think. Chan "offensive genius" Gailey is a professional head coach he shouldn't be changing his mind as the wind changes. What was he looking at the last 3 months that convincingly convinced him Edwards is the #1 starter without a shadow of a doubt. Then he benchs him after two games? Which evaluation are we to believe, the first three months or last two weeks?

Furthermore, Ryan Fitzpatrick might statistically be one of the worst quarterbacks of all time. Don't believe me, believe football outsiders: "Edwards is being replaced by Ryan Fitzpatrick, who's ranked 36th, 35th, and 36th in DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) over his three seasons with significant playing time and has to rank as one of the worst quarterbacks in the modern era to get 23 starts." Ouch.

Fitz sucks at least as bad. He has consistently thrown more interceptions than touchdowns he has a losing record etc etc. Why was he even brought back on the team? He isn't a veteran, he has no talent, and he isn't better than anyone else on the roster.

Oh yeah, Lee Evans likes him: "He just feels the game and reacts off instinct. Fitz just has that different demeanor about him than Trent does," Evans said. "And with that, you have a chance. I guess it's better early than late," Evans said. "We still have a chance to do a lot of good things."

Put in Brian Brohm for the season, cut either Edwards or Fitzpatrick and find someone else to fill the third slot on the depth chart. (no not Kevin "cob" Kolb) The only reason I agree with inserting Fitz is because he hopefully will chuck the ball down field and not run out of bounce on 4th down losing by 27. God have mercy on us all.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bills Packers Reaction

I couldn't agree with Steve more about how each and every week this team makes you care less and less. I have never cared less about a week 2 Bills game in my entire life. There was literally a 0% chance that the Bills were going to win the football game. There is a less than 5% chance that the Bills will win next week and the only reason why it is above 0% is because Chan the Man benched the pond scum that is number five.

Trent Edwards turned in another stellar performance. It was average for his standards though. Really, this guy has reached a level of ineptitude that has never before been seen in this league at the position. Can you please name one QB to ever play in the league who will run out of bounds on 4th and 11 down by 27 points in the 4th quarter right near the line of scrimmage? What kind of _____ would ever do that? I laughed to myself. It wasn't even surprising. I didn't even ask myself "what is he doing?" because it was just so typical of this idiot's career. Is Lee Evans never open? I cannot convince myself that Evans is so bad that he is never open. He is making $9M per year. Through two games Lee Evans has 4 catches for 34 yards. He is on pace for 32 catches and 272 yards for the season. $9M per year...and he had zero catches yesterday. Edwards threw his way one time the whole game. He is too busy shitting his pants as soon as he gets the snap to look down field. I got an email from a friend of mine at work today saying that he wished Evans got back to the huddle, ripped Edwards' helmet off and started repeatedly punching him in the face. Honestly, how great would that be? Imagine Evans, who is the consummate professional, comes back to the huddle after Edwards checked down for a 1 yard loss to Spiller while he was running wide open through the secondary, and proceeds to rip Trent's helmet off and then just punched him in the face relentlessly.

The best part is, the rest of the offense would just stand there and watch. If the coaches came out to try and break it up, the offensive line would hold them back so Evans can keep punching Edwards in the face. That would be the best possible scenario for the rest of the season for me...too bad Edwards is benched now though so we won't be able to see it.

Is it just me or has Chan Gailey seemed like a failure so far? Trent Edwards easily won the QB "competition" in the preseason and now is benched after two games? The guy who ran away with the competition in preseason started two games. Also, Gailey's first round draft pick is strictly a kickoff returner? He comes in week 1 thinking Spiller can carry the load. That blew up in his face. Then week 2, the guy who barely played week 1, Marshawn Lynch is the work horse? In his press conference today he said Lynch played more because of the packages they wanted to use. What does that even mean? It seems like he is changing his mind every single week on what he is trying to do. I hate to say it, but I agree with Steve (that was painful to say) but Spiller was a terrible, terrible, terrible pick. Speak of terrible picks...Aaron Maybin continuing to warrant that 11th overall pick last year. Orakpo, Cushing, Matthews anyone?

If you watched the game there is no doubt you saw Chris Kelsay trying to cover Jermichael Finley. Is that a joke? Seriously, was Kelsay really trying to run down field with Finley? On what world does that seem like a good idea? We really had a defensive package that resulted in Kelsay covering Finley? Does anyone have a single answer to any of these questions? God, I hate this team. Isn't it common f'ing sense that Chris Kelsay can't cover a tight end, let alone Finley.

Hey, Gailey/Edwards...Kelsay cannot cover an NFL tight end. NFL TEAMS HAVE REAL TIGHT ENDS. He may be able to cover STUPAR in practice BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE CAN COVER FINLEY, OR ANYONE ELSE, BECAUSE OTHER NFL TEAMS HAVE REAL PLAYERS AT TIGHT END. How is this guy still on the team? HOW? $5M per year...somehow he might be less productive than Evans per dollar earned and Lee is going to average about $250K per catch this year.

Did I mention how good Trent Edwards is? If I didn't here's another stat, he has averaged 4.63 yards per attempt this season. That is ranked dead last in the NFL by a mile. As I mentioned earlier, Ryan Fitzpatrick will start Sunday at New England. Thank God. YesFitz is terrible too but at least he would throw it up for grabs before he ran out of bounds on 4th and 11 down 27 in the 4th quarter. He also might try and throw to our number one receiver, even if it is in triple coverage. Odds are he will overthrow him by 4 yards or throw it right to a Patriot defender, but at least he will throw it. The rare bright spot in all of this is that no one will be subjected to another Trent post game press conference, because he is probably the biggest douche bag in the league.

A few final thoughts...Lynch and Jackson ran the ball well, the Bills should have ran it every single play. Use the wish bone, or the wing T or the triple option...they should have done something to take it out of idiot's hands. The Bills defensive line has looked good so far. Brandon Jackson did pretty much nothing the whole game. That is two weeks in a row the Bills defense did a solid job bottling up the run.

They just seemed to wear down in the 2nd half and you can't really blame them. Donte Whitner though continues to prove why he was a bust at number 8. A safety that highly drafted needs to intercepts that pass that hit Whitner in the chest in the first half and takes it to the house. A safety who is drafted late first and is a decent NFL player is in position but drops it...Whitner just isn't worthy of a top 10 pick. Then again, what draft pick this decade has warranted where they were drafted besides Kyle Williams in the 5th round.

The Bills are going to be 0-3 guaranteed. They are most likely going to be 0-4 depending on what Jets team actually shows up. The Ralph is going to be 50% capacity for the Jaguars game. After the Jets game, every single home game the rest of the year will be blacked out except the Steelers game and that is only because there will be 45K Steelers fans at the game. Can anyone find a win on the schedule? I certainly can't.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bills creating ambivalence

by Steve

Isn't watching football and rooting for your favorite team suppose to be fun? I don't remember the last time that was the case while watching the Buffalo Bills. It is like going into work Monday after a weekend bender. It is dreaded, it sucks, you contemplate careening your car off a bridge. This franchise is a god damn travesty.

After a Bills loss the whole week and especially the next day used to be awful. Food wouldn't be as good, work would be more boring, the dumb little conversations we're all forced to partake in were even more idiotic. But lately and especially this season there is a feeling of total ambivalence to the whole thing.

We are so used to L's, no hope, complete dysfunction and embarrassment we as fans seem to care less than we used to. Maybe it is just me but I didn't even get all that excited in the morning to watch games. I'm more pumped for Mad Men and eventually going 0-5 on wagers. I knew there was zero chance we would win today, that our quarterback would be as awful as ever and that even if it was close at half we would find a way to get blown out. And of course that is exactly what happened.

Turning on the post game show on WGR after the game some how made things even worse. All they were talking about was how the Bills will never be good again and that Buffalo isn't a National Football League city any more. They said we're basically just waiting for Ralph to die and the team to leave. WTF??!? Thanks for the pick me up Schopp and the dog. Christ.

The sad truth is that might be the truth, FML. At the very least things probably will get worse before they get better and apparently might not ever get better.

Fuck it, 14 and 2 babyyyy!!!!! Bring in B squared Brian Brohm it aint ova.

NFL 2010 week 2 locks

by Steve

Back at it, a little late Week 2 NFL picks

Ravens @ Bengals over 39.5
Steelers @ Titans Tenn -5.5
Seahawks @ Broncos SEA +3.5
Patriots @ Jets New England -3

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Buffalo Sabres jerseys unveiled

The 40th anniversery jerseys are allegedly only for this season, so does that mean another alt jersey again next year?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Buffalo Bills @ Green Bay Packers podcast

Steve and Coast break down the dolphins debacle and look forward to the Packers game Sunday

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Marshawn Lynch still a Buffalo Bill for now

by Steve

The Bills have three decently good running backs still on the roster. The question is, why do they have three good running backs still on the roster? The team is obviously rebuilding, they have holes everywhere, and a team that just lost their starter for the season has a high profile player mentioning one of the three. Who you might ask?

Aaron Rodgers. (ya know, the guy that loses every big game, but I digress) Per JSOnline :

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was asked Wednesday what he would say to the Packers if they asked for his opinion about a possible deal for disgruntled Bills running back Marshawn Lynch, Rodgers' former Cal teammate.

"Bring him on," Rodgers said, without hesitation.

Not even with his character knocks?

"He's a great player," Rodgers said of Lynch. "And any character issues the team might see, I think in a situation like that, and I think you've seen that with other players across the league, when you give a guy a change of scenery and a guy like that who feels he might have something to prove, and surround him with two guys, (Desmond) Bishop and myself who played with him...I think that can only help him feel comfortable and see a lot of production."

Rodgers said the Packers have not asked him about Lynch, and that Rodgers and Lynch have not spoken.

and PFT:

Silver reports the Bills turned down a third-round pick and a player for Lynch in the offseason and showed no interest when a team called about Lynch as recently as last week. I don't need sources in Green Bay to know Thompson would rather talk about his personal life in a press conference than give up a third-round pick for Lynch. It won't happen.

This brings up a few questions. Why the hell are we asking so much? How desperate is Green Bay? Do we have a real general manager? Does the coaching staff have a better plan than last week to utilize effectively the three running backs we have?

How about AJ Hawk for Lynch? Gasp, that would involve us spending money. Firthermore Hawk isn't playing all that great since he isn't even getting on the field. He signed a 6-year contract worth $37.5 million in 2006 after being drafted 5th overall. Meaning he has one year left worth maybe $6 mil+ or less (he got $4mil this season). Does he drastically improve the team? Maybe he just needs a change of scenery but the fact that he couldn't even get on the field last week is disconcerting. Probably won't happen but his agent wants a trade, why not throw it out there.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Season's Over


Well, the season is over on September 12, 2010 so here is my annual "season's over" blog. I mean, realistically the season was over before it even began. Sadly, I developed confidence in the offense and the quarterback by watching them score touchdowns in the preseason when zero teams are game planning. I would imagine that most teams starting offenses score some touchdowns in the preseason. Then again the Bills have been so pathetic the past decade that we have to get excited about our starting offense scoring 5 touchdowns in preseason games.

Trent Edwards is absolutely terrible. It is an embarrassment to the city of Buffalo that he is our starting quarterback. The worst things to happen to the city of Buffalo are Trent Edwards, the assassination of William McKinley and deindustrialization. This guy makes me sick. He is completely inept, atrocious, cowardly and gutless. He is plain bad. I am pretty positive that he would not make another team in the NFL as a backup or third stringer. 18 for 34 for 139 yards and a touchdown. That it a whopping 4.09 yards per attempt. That is incredibly horrible. Edwards had 77 yards passing on one touchdown drive in which the Bills switched to the no huddle in the 4th quarter. On his 27 passes not including this drive, Edwards threw for 62 yards. That is 2.3 yards per attempt for all but a 4:19 chunk of the game.

Alright, I can write an entire blog ripping on Trent Edwards because he is that terrible and that much of a joke but I will spend some time ripping on the rest of the team. The offensive line is obviously horrible. I am not going to use this is an excuse for Trent Edwards being so bad. Show some pocket awareness. Seriously, do you not know how to step up in the pocket? Can you take a chance and throw the ball down field? How does it feel that a rookie QB threw for double the yards you threw for in his first NFL game? As far as the offensive line goes though, Cornell Green can't block anyone. Bell sucks. I don't really know what else to say about that except criticize Trent more but I will hold off.

The Bills game plan seemed to be "let's try and have CJ Spiller win this game for us." The Dolphins game plan was "let's stop CJ Spiller because the Bills quarterback is Trent Edwards (sound of Dolphins defense laughing hysterically)." CJ was completely taken away. He was ineffective. The star we saw in the preseason was useless. Spiller had 6 yards rushing and 8 yards receiving. 14 yards on 11 touches certainly doesn't warrant the 9th overall selection in the draft. The other Bills "starting" running backs, Jackson and Lynch, had 4 for 19 and 3 for 13 respectively. The Bills never tried to establish any sort of running game.

Their QB is a failure and their tackles can't pass block so why don't they try and establish an inside running game. The strength of their line, if there is one, is their guards. Lynch is a good power running back. Why not try and get something going with the run. Get in some 3rd and manageable situations. Why even put your quarterback in a situation where he has to throw because HE CAN'T.

Chan Gailey did anything put make me forget about Dick Jauron. First of all, the Bills actually burned a time out on 3rd and 30. What is the difference between 3rd and 30 and 3rd and 35? Someone please explain that to me. Wait, it probably wasn't Gailey's fault. It was probably our idiot quarterback who has zero awareness who wasted a timeout on third and 30. Wouldn't it have been nice to have that third timeout at the end of the game?

How about that decision to take the intentional safety on 4th and 10 from the 1 yard line at the end of the game. The Bills had 2 timeouts remaining and were trailing 13-10. Gailey thought that the Bills chances of winning were higher by taking an intentional safety and pooch punting the ball right to Brandon Marshall, the Dolphins best receiver, and hoping he drops it. If that didn't work, the Bills would get the ball back with about 30 seconds left and no timeouts and now need to score a TD. What is the chance that this works? .000001%? Does that outweigh the chances of gaining ten yards and then traveling another 55 yards or so to get into field goal range with 2 timeouts? I know the chances of this happening are slim because the Bills quarterback is Trent Edwards, but it has to be higher than the former. Edwards did try and throw three consecutive 4 yard passes that went incomplete so I can see why Chan thought it was hopeless.

The Bills are going to start 0-3. It is as close to a 100% probability as possible. Next week at Lambeau and then the week after at Gillette. The Bills will have to actually score points. Here is a summary of the Bills 3rd quarter yesterday: 3 plays, 4 yards, punt; 3 plays, 0 yards, punt; 6 plays, -5 yards, punt; 3 plays, -4 yards, punt. That is a total of -5 offensive yards in the quarter on 4 drives that started at the 48, 49, 35 and 29 yard lines. The Dolphins offense did nothing and were trying to give the Bills the game, but the Bills and their pathetic quarterback could not take advantage. I will say this quickly, the Bills defense played better than I thought they would.

Here is to 3-13 at best and a new QB, finally.

Paul Posluszny out about 2 weeks


Bills GM Buddy Nix provided some good news on Paul Posluszny’s knee injury when addressing the Monday Quarterback Club.

“We dodged a bullet there,” said Nix. “It’s not a season ending injury. He won’t need surgery. It’ll be about two weeks.”

Posluszny was injured early in the third quarter of Sunday’s game.

If anyone still cares... Can 'the polish windshield' ever stay healthy?

Dolphins 15 Bills 10

by Steve

2010 season, fail.

If anyone had an aspirations of having fun this season it went out the window Sunday. God, did anything happen from the 2nd quarter until 4 minutes left in the game?

Our quarterback is still Trent Edwards, the team can't run the ball and the offense is still abysmal. Ugh, 15 more games? I guess all the prognosticators were correct this team will be lucky to win 3 games.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 NFL AFC Preview

by Steve

AFC East

The Patriots are still the top dog. I don't care who the Jets signed or that the Dolphins won the division two years ago. Tom Brady just got paid and will be motivated to prove he is worth the huge caaaash. The defense is beyond suspect but the offense will be stout, not 18-1 stout but still stout. (9-7)

J-E-T-S over rated over rated overrated. The team won nine games last year after starting 7-7 and beating two teams that played back ups. Anyone recall how good the Bills looked against Indy week 17? Oh and fat Rex is a dogs name Ryan even thought they were eliminated from playoff contention. True they beat an awful Cinci team on the road and were winning in the AFC Championship game but they still aren't great. (9-7)

Da Bills, perennial mediocrities and they don't appear to be much improved. Jauron may have been the worst coach ever, so anything is an upgrade, but how much of an upgrade is Chan the man Gailey? Not worth more than a win or two, especially with this dearth of talent. Trent Edwards could have a breakout year but that likelihood is dim. Again the team may play better but right now that won't translate into many more victories. (6-10)

Miami may surprisingly be more overhyped than the overhyped Jets. Billy boy Parcells himself is down on Chad Henne. Their running backs are old as shit and all carved up. The defense will have eight new starters come 9/12 and Tony Sporano has gotten about all he can out of his name. I don't see it. (6-10)

AFC North

The Ravens are the odds on favorite to win the Norris. Their defense has a lot of old beat up pieces but seem to still be effective at least for 2010. Ray Ray is still out there murdering people and they can pound the rock. Harbaugh appears to be a decently good coach which always helps. The team's ceiling relies on Joe Flacco. (11-5)

Everyone seems to disregard the Steelers because Rapelisraper is out for four weeks but I don't. I really despise this franchise but they have had a lot of success and especially recently. Ol' raper will be back before you know it and the defense should be as stout as ever. The head coach, Mike Tomlin, is still unproven even with a ring. The running backs and WRs are also shaky. (9-7)

Cinci is very likely to be a one year wonder. How they went 6-0 in the division last year may be studied for years to come. Palmer is not an elite quarterback. The defense has some players but is not worth fearing. Could all 13 teams they played last year have underestimated them? And who doesn't have major reservations about Marv Lewis? (8-8)

The mistake on the lake is still on fire. WOW, do they really still have one year wonder Eric Mangina [sic] as their head football coach? This team is the 2002 Buffalo Bills bringing in Jake TAINT Delhomme. He is a stop gap of epically tragic proportions. Whiffing on Brady Quinn will have effects on this franchise for years to come unless magically Colt figures it out. (4-12)

AFC North

Peyton Manning (12-4)

How many times am I going to have to hear about the Houston Texans? Beat the Colts and you are worth thinking about. Beat the Colts in Indy and I'll hold my breath. Until then, keep stack piling defensive players and have a shitty head coach. (9-7)

Is VY committing suicide this week or does he wanna live past September. This guy is the biggest head case in the National Football League. Fisher has seen it all (well except a SB champs parade) and knows how to coach 'em up. The defense is still missing something but they are a challenge. CJ may put his stamp on the history books in 2010. (8-8)

JAX might be in for a back braker of a season. Meaning they'll alienate their allegedly reinvigorated fan base (look they sold some season tickets sans Tebow) and be escorted out of town. Unless David Garrard can find his 2008 form and steal game after game Del Rio will be coaching in the Sky Conference next season. (6-10)

AFC West

If anyone actually cared in Southern California the Chargers would be forced to sign their hold outs V Jackson and OT Marcus McNeill. Then again no one gives a shit and their home opener is blacked out. How the god damn is that possible?!?! This team is vastly superior to anyone else in the division, has the talent to get to the Superbowl and has been great for years. Pathetic. Move this team to LA, I don't give a shit about how 'bad the economy is'. (11-5)

KC - Denver - Oakland
None of them have a good head coach, none has a proven QB and neither of the three of them have done shit lately. Josh McDaniels is a loser piece of shit. Tom Cable is still some how the head coach of the Raiders. Does anyone know anything about Todd Hailey? The best quarterback out of the three teams would elevate said team but out of Cassell Orton and Campbell I don't see a decisive victor. Three way tie for second and last place (6-10)

NFL 2010 week 1 locks

by Steve

My Sunday picks

BUF +3
PIT +2.5
N.E. OVER 44.5
indy -2.5
TEN -6
SEA +3

Miami Dolphins not so hot?

I love what i'm reading:

A training camp that started sunny in Miami has given way to an increasing number of dark clouds over the Dolphins franchise. Add this comment from's Vic Carucci to the mix:

"I will say, for whatever weight this carries, that Bill Parcells is very disappointed in [Chad Henne]," Carucci said on WEEI on Friday. "But that's not what made Bill resign his position or anything."

There have been other red flags for Miami over the last month. Parcells abruptly left. Much-hyped rookie linebacker Koa Misi lost his starting job. Cornerback Sean Smith lost his job to Jason Allen. The offensive line is unsettled.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bills IR Kawika Mitchell sign Ayodele

Damn the Bills can't shake this IR bug:

To take Mitchell's place, the Bills signed veteran Akin Ayodele. The former Miami Dolphin is in the same mold of Andra Davis, who is slated to start in Buffalo. These are part-time fill-ins to keep the Bills respectable while they try to find young talent to fit their new scheme.

Wow, somehow the linebackers got worse? Ayodele and Torbor are both out Sunday meaning a less than 100% Poz and Andra Davis start with either Maybin or Ellis and Kelsay on the other side? Jeez

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2010 National Football League NFC preview

by Steve

The NFL err the National Football League season starts Thursday and I have the aints -5.5. Time then to write a preview blog.

NFC East
Perennially considered the best division whether the teams are actually great or not, ya know because of big markets ESPN and money. Obviously then the NFC East is suppose to be the greatest again in 2010.

The NY Giants are going to win the division. Hicks and S Smith are question marks at wide receiver but Coughlin and Eli have had success in the past. They won eight games last year and there is nothing indicating they can't win an extra two or three games somewhere.(11-5)

Expect Dallas to slot right behind the Giants in the division. Their hopes and aspirations are shocking high yet again. Furthermore, did you know the Superbowl is in Dallas this season and their plastic faced Entourage cameo-ing owner wants them to win it all in his new barn? Romo is grossly overhyped. Roy Williams sucks, rookie WRs rarely make a big contribution and no one is scared of Marian the Barbarian any more. (10-6)

Philly fan is going to be sooo pissed they ran Donovan McNabb under the bus. True Washington won't have any more success than Philly but the Redskins failures won't be on McNabb's shoulders. That will go to the owner and a washed up head coach. On the flip side, the Eagles are going to struggle and it will be because of Kevin Kolb. The team seems old despite some talent on the offensive side of the ball. Look for a pair of 7-9 seasons at the Linc and the Fed.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers
Am I the only one to notice Aaron Rodgers is not the baby Jesus? Oh and to that end he loses every big game he has ever played in? 0-2 v Favre last year and 0-1 in the playoffs scoreboard. Minny is down just enough to allow the Pack to usurp them. But putting up a lot of points didn't work last year what makes everyone think the Packers will be so much better this year? (10-6)

Brent Fever and the Minny Vikes are going to have a whole lot less fun in 2010 believe it. The ankle isn't fine, the dude is a year older. Also there won't be a repeat of everyone being shocked they're good then start fawning over #4 like how 2009 started. The defense is still there, barely, and Adrian is still great. Chili will be on the hot seat. (9-7)

Chicago could equal their number of victories as last season (seven) if Cutler some how doesn't suck but don't count on it. Lovie is on the way out, the team needs to rebuild. Hester and Knox are not #1 WRs and Matt Forte may have been a one year wonder. (6-10)

Detroit, don't look so gloomy. You have a good chance to triple your total wins from 2009. I'm not sure how to fix that -232 point differential but Doma Suh can't hurt. (6-10)

NFC South

Who dat. Holy moley did they really win the Superbowl? I really wish that was a dream. If they get home field there is no reason to think they can't repeat. The defense may be mediocre but what defense will be able to go pound for pound with that offense? (13-3)

Atlanta needs everything to go their way to be able to win this division. Matty Ice still is in the middle of the pack of quarterbacks in this league. Also when does this long honeymoon with generic name Mike Smith end? Perhaps back to back 9-7 seasons in an average division? (9-7)

Tampa Bay can't stay down forever. Then again they have won a ring in the past ten years so maybe they have another 25 year streak of futility in them just to make things even. The bottom of this division comes down to Freeman v Moore, and I am choosing Freeman and Raheem Mooris (not a typo) Bucs (5-11) Panthers (5-11) [tie breakers go to Panthers for worse SOS]

NFC West

This is an all time clunker of a division. One could probably pull a name out of a hat and not be too far off. Buttt Seattle will win this division. Baldo Hasselback has one last stand in him. Plus, who is believing in Alex I once was #1 overall Smith? And this is the National Football League not a high school , Mike Singletary's shtick is running thin. No Kurt Warner thus the Arizona Cardinals don't exist and Bradford is going to take a lot of lumps.

Seattle 7-9
49ers 7-9
Cards 6-10
Rams 3-13

Buffalo Sabres new jersey

Woop another installment of the seemingly annual event of unveiling another new Buffalo Sabres jersey. Apparently this time they just took the old Buffalo Bisons logo and made it blue and gold -ish. Great... maybe we won't choke in the playoffs again or maybe we'll fire our piece of shit GM, coach and managing partner, oh and owner. And all the undersized under-performing highly paid forwards. Or change jerseys again in three years when interest wanes.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Interesting Buffalo Bills stat

by Steve

Heading into the actual 2010 season what team scored the fourth most points in the preseason? Your Buffalo Bills. The three teams ahead of them? Cincinnati (played 5 games) the Saints and the Packers.

Granted you can't take much out of the preseason but if it meant nothing why are the top 3 teams suppose to all have dynamic offenses this season? Coincidence? Probably, but this Bills offense may be better than most think.

On the flip side however, the Bills allowed the second most points in the preseason only behind the Bengals. We can take these stats for what they are worth, not much; but are we looking at a Bills team that will actually score a lot of points and be relatively exciting to watch? Things are trending in that direction.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bills practice squad

The Buffalo Bills practice squad isn't yet set in stone but here is what we know so far:

Four to Bills' practice squad: T Jason Watkins, RB Joique Bell RB Rodney Ferguson WR Naaman Roosevelt

Also this from Levi Brown
NEVER woulda guessed id be in this position right now...not even a practice squad invite. i've now officially gone from surprised to pissed!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tim Kennedy is a piece of shit

by Steve

I love Buffalo sports, also I love Buffalo sports players. Never on this blog have I ripped a Buffalo sports athlete that has made it and has not deserved to be ripped. Any money paid to a Buffalo athlete is money that comes into the region, thats rare.

Obviously, I go to bars and get drunk. Everything I say may not be in the best of taste or very intelligent or factual. Fuck it, lets get to the point. "The Buffalo Sabres fucked you and your agent fucked out"

That is what I said to Kennedy in a bar on Chippewa.

I was waiting to piss, and Kennedy was sward fighting another dude as they both pissed in the urinal. The side kick dude whatever said, what did you say? I repeated it and went to piss. He sorta threatened me but wasn't too brute. I pissed and he said what did you say again. I repeated exactly what I said, first emphasizing that the Sabres fucked him and also that his agent fucked him (let's face it, his agent obviously fucked him) and he threatened to kick my ass. I don't necessarily blame him but c'mon his agent fucked him.

Suffice to say nothing happened but Tim Kennedy is a piece of shit and so is his d-bag friend slash posse. Good luck in NYC you fucking piece of shit

One of your biggest fans, yesterday, d-bag. Err South Buffalo trash

2010 Buffalo Bills cuts

C Sean Allen
RB Andre Anderson
RB Joique Bell
QB Levi Brown
G Kirk Chambers
DE Rashaad Duncan
FB Rodney Ferguson
C Christian Gaddis
TE Andrew George
WR James Hardy
T Nick Hennessey
WR Chad Jackson
CB Ellis Lankster
G Andre Ramsey
WR Naaman Roosevelt
CB Lydell Sargeant
RB Chad Simpson
G Jason Watkins
LB Donovan Woods

Surprises include James Hardy, Chad Jackson and Kirk Chambers. This means they liked Donald Jones more than Hardy Jackson and Roosevelt? Hmm, Keith Ellison survives again? Only one center on the roster not counting Wood. Both Harrises made the team. Also former first round pick Johnny McCargo still employed.

Levi Brown cut by Buffalo Bills

Not a shock but it looks like Brohm and Fitz have roster spots:

It's a move that was expected. Coach Chan Gailey was impressed with Brown's raw abilities, but he's nothing more than a developmental project at this point. He'll end up on the practice squad as the Bills' fourth QB if he clears waivers.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Buffalo Bills at Detroit Lions preview

by Steve

Final preseason game of the year. It will be boring with most starting positions sealed butut there are still a few things worth watching. has five players to watch:

4 – Cary HarrisAfter not playing in last week’s preseason game due to injury, Harris let rookie Dominique Harris (no relation) play in his place at free safety. Harris has shown flashes of his ability on special teams this preseason. He’ll have to duplicate that effectiveness on defense if he’s to crack a very deep and veteran-laden position.

5 – Naaman RooseveltThe Buffalo native and U.B. product had a solid training camp displaying a sure set of hands. He must make an impact on special teams and in the passing game tonight to enhance his chances for a final roster position.

WGR has 5 things to watch
5) Youth Against Experience at DE
Spencer Johnson was injured for a good portion of training camp, and then returned near the tail end of it. Meanwhile John McCargo has been healthy throughout, picking up all the reps Johnson couldn't get during his mending time. McCargo's been fighting for his roster life since he was considered a bust of a first round pick a couple of years ago, and has hung on. Not to mention he also voided a trade that would have sent him to Indianapolis by failing a physical. To this point, McCargo has shown more from the defensive end spot than Johnson. But yet again, it all boils down to Thursday. Johnson's higher cap number mixed with an even competition with McCargo right now could eventually doom him.

TBN has position battles:
Offensive line (9): The top four backups are Jamon Meredith, rookie Cordaro Howard, Kirk Chambers and rookie Ed Wang. Wang, a fifth-round pick, is a lock to make the team. Hennessey is probably 10th on the list. Teams keep anywhere from eight to 10 linemen.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2010 UB Football preview

by Steve

New coach, new system, new quarterback, new era for UB Football. The savior, Turner Gill, has gone on to greener pastures in Kansas. Jeff Quinn is now the man that needs to replace the man. He brings with him new philosophy and a more intense approach than predecessor Gill.

Quinn has big shoes to fill. Turner Gill basically invented football at the University at Buffalo. They were nothing before him, hopefully they are something after him. Gill took the program to new heights winning the MAC and coaching in the first ever bowl game for the program. Quinn will have to prove the doubters wrong as the team was picked to finish 6th in the East in the preseason poll.

The former Cincinnati offensive coordinator brings with him the spread offense which thrived at UC under Brian Kelly and Quinn. Gone is Zach Maynard (transfered to Cal), Naaman Roosevlt (undrafted playing for the Bills) tight end Brett Hamlin and James Starks (DNP in 2009, drafted by Packers). Basically the offense is starting from scratch.

Sophomore Jerry Davis will be slinging the ball. The California kid has only 15 career passing attempts and zero starts. The dude is green and will be learning on the run all season.“I love [the spread offense],” Davis said. “It’s definitely an offense built for a quarterback. Being a quarterback, you want to throw the ball around. It’s been very fun to throw to all these athletes in the open field so far.” He beat out frosh Alex Dennison to assume command of the QB position.

One spot of relative strength and a crowd at the top is running back. Surprisingly, freshman and Roscoe Parrish cousin, Branden Oliver, usurped everyone to take the top spot on the depth chart. The experiences crowd beneath him includes senior Brandon Thermilus, son of Alonzo Highsmith, 2009 break out Ike Nduka also a senior and true sophomore Jeffvon Gill who burned his redshirt last year after the injury to Starks.

The area of greatest strength heading into the season is Davonte Shannon and the defense. The secondary is beyond solid with senior stud Shannon and Domonic Cook patrolling the outfield. Don't sleep on Akobundu and Steven Means in the new 3-4 defense either.

It's tough to predict exactly how this season is going to shake out. Will Quinn and co be able to succeed with such a young team, no head coaching experience and a revamped offense and defense? Not likely but it is still the MAC, anything is possible. Look for the team to be competitive and build towards a strong 2011 campaign.

Final Record: