Sunday, December 31, 2023

week 17 picks


steve 35-28-1

ravens -3 v dolphins
bears -2.5 v falcons 
texans -4.5 v titans
bengals @ chiefs under 44

coast 32-32

Houston -4.5
Rams -6
Cinci +6.5

feyes 32-30-2

Bears -2.5
Pats +14
Bengals +6.5
Vikes -1

Sunday, December 24, 2023

week 16 nfl picks


steve 31-28-1
raiders +10.5
giants +13.5
bears -4
lions @ vikings over 47.5

coast 30-30
browns -3
colts +3
jags -1
patriots +7

feyes 30-28-2
SF -6
TB Jax O 43
Detroit -3
chargers +12.5

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Bills at Chargers Week 16 Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the Cowboys beat down, look at the AFC playoff picture and preview the LA Chargers game.

Sunday, December 17, 2023

week 15 nfl picks

time to grind


falcons -2.5 @ panthers
packers -3.5 v buccs
giants @ saints under 39.5
rams @ wash over 49.5

 Dallas +2.5
Jags +3.5
Pats +9.5
Houston +3.5

Bears +2.5
Frisco -12
Cowboys +2
Ravens jags O 40.5

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Cowboys at Bills Week 15 Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast survey the AFC playoff landscape, look back at the Chiefs win and preview a HUGE home showdown with the highly rated Dallas Cowboys. Legggo

Sunday, December 10, 2023

week 14 nfl picks

get right day

steve 26-25-1
rams @ ravens over 39.5
browns -1.5 v jaguars
colts @ bengals over 44
cowboys -3.5 v Eagles 

coast 28-24
Cinci -1.5, KC -1.5, Miami -13.5, SF SEA over 46.5

feyes 28-23-1
Hawks Frisco O 46.5
Chiefs -1
Saints -6

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Bills at Chiefs Week 14 Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review this shit ass season, breakdown the Tyler Dunne hit piece on McDermott and look ahead to the Chiefs.

Sunday, December 3, 2023

week 13 nfl picks

bye week betting

steve 24-19-1
patriots +4.5 v chargers
lions -4 @ saints
steelers -6.5 v cardinals
eagles +3 v 49ers

coast 23-21

Zona +6.5, Denver +3, Indy -1.5, Miami -9.5

feyes 22-21-1

Texans broncos O 47.5
Lions -4
9ers eagles O 47

Sunday, November 26, 2023

week 12 nfl picks


steve 24-19-1

Giants +4.5 v Patriots
Raiders +9.5 v Chiefs
Texans +1.5 v Jaguars
Bengals +2.5 v Steelers

coast 23-21
Bungals +1.5
Chargers +3
Jags -1.5
Denver -1.5

feyes 22-21-1
Panthers Tits U 36
Jags Tex O 48
Gmen +4.5
Denver -1.5

Sunday, November 19, 2023

week 11 nfl picks

grind it out szn

steve 22-18

seahawks +2 @ rams
vikings @ broncos over 41
buccs @ 49ers over 41.5
packers +3 v chargers

coast 21-19

Miami -13.5
Dal -10.5
NYJ +7
Zona +5.5

feyes 20-19-1

Cards Texans O 48
Raiders +13.5
Steelers +2
Jets Bills U 39.5

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Jets at Bills Week 11 Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast depressingly relive the Broncos debacle and look ahead to next season's schedule. How many L's do we need to fire McDermott? Is Pegula alive?

Saturday, November 11, 2023

week 10 nfl Picks

need it

bengals -6.5 v texans
jags +3 v 49ers
vikings +3 v saints
raiders +1 v jets


Denver +7
Pitt -3
Balt -6.5
Vikes +3

Colts -2
Ravens -6.5
Tenny +2.5

Broncos at Bills Week 10 MNF Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast breakdown the Bills current struggles, review the Bengals loss and look ahead to a potentially lost season. MNF!!

Saturday, November 4, 2023

week 9 nfl picks


steve 19-13

phins v kc over 50.5
NE -3 v wash
az +13 @ cle
balt -6.5 v sea

coast 16-16
Cinci -1.5, Seattle +5.5, raiders -1.5, Carolina +2.5

feyes 17-14-1
Vikes Falcs U 37.5
Cowboys +3
Bolts -3.5
Car. Chi. U 41

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Bills at Bengals Week 9 Podcast Preview SNF

Steve and Coast try and make sense of this weird Bills season. The excuses are getting pathetic. This might not be a must win game but its close. In-flexing point. Burrow v Allen SNF now or never subscribe on spotify

Sunday, October 29, 2023

week 8 nfl Picks

mini bye, lay wood

steve 17-11

chiefs -7 v broncos
cardinals +10 v ravens 
seahawks -3.5 v browns
rams +7 @ cowboys

coast 13-15
Jags -2
Cinci +5.5
KC -7
Vikes -1.5

feyes 14-13-1

Pitt +2
Seahawks -3.5
Cards +10
Rams Boyz O 45.5

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Buccaneers at Bills Week 8 TNF Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the dismal loss to the shitty Patriots and wonder if the season is toast. Who are the Buccaneers and why are we playing them on a Thursday Night?


Sunday, October 22, 2023

week 7 nfl picks

gotta get it

steve 16-8

eagles -2.5 v dolphins
chargers at chiefs under 47.5
lions +3 at ravens
raiders @ bears under 38

coast 12-12

LAR -3
LAC +5.5
BUF -7.5
BAL -3

feyes 14-9-1

GB -1
SF -6.5

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Bills at Patriots Week 7 Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast breakdown the bleak Giants SNF win and look ahead to the woeful Patriots.

Sunday, October 15, 2023

week 6 NFL Picks

make moolah

steve 15-5
vikings @ bears over 43.5
colts +3.5 @ jaguars
dolphins -14 v panther
falcons -1.5 v washington 

coast 10-10

Bungals -2.5, Miami -14.5, titans +5.5, colts +3.5

feyes 14-6
Colts jags U 44
Bills -15
Bears +3
SF Cle O 36

Thursday, October 12, 2023

NY Giants at Bills SNF Week 6 Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast thoroughly review the Jaguars London L and look ahead to the Giants at home on Sunday Night.
youtube: also subscribe on spotify!

Buffalo Sabres 2023/24 Season Preview

by steve

Point total over under is 92.5

Why are they going into the season with the same THREE goalies as last year?

Counting heavily on a young rookie goalie in Devon Levi is extremely disconcerting.

The sabres have 6 players in their projected starting lineup w playoff experience. SIX
greenway - 22 games 3 goals
tuch - 66 & 19
jost - 40 & 6
okposo - 24 & 7
e johnson - 55 & 5
clifton - 46 & 4
top 3 lines & top 2 D pairings have combined 88 career playoff games & 22 goals. yikes

Gun to my head Im taking the under and a 9 seed in the East.

Easy to hand out long term contracts, its another thing to make the playoffs for the first time in 13 years. 

Saturday, October 7, 2023

week 5 nfl picks

still hot

steve 12-4

patriots -1 v saints
dolphins -13 v giants
steelers +5.5 v ravens
49ers -3.5 v cowboys

coast 8-8

Lions -9.5
Vikings +3
 Bills -5.5 
Jets +2.5

feyes 12-4

Texans +1.5
Gmen Fins O 47.5
9ers Boys O 45
Bengals -3

Friday, October 6, 2023

All Episodes Edit Jaguars at Bills London Week 5 Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the epic Dolphins victory, breakdown the week 4 NFL season and look ahead to the London Jags v Bills match up

Saturday, September 30, 2023

week 4 nfl picks

cooled off

steve 9-3
texans +3 v steelers
jaguars-3 v falcons
49ers -14 v cardinals
eagles -8 v wash

coast 7-5
Cleveland -2.5
Cinci -2.5
KC -8.5
Dallas -6.5

feyes 8-4
Chargers -5
Texans +3
Bronc. Bears O 46.5
ATL. JAX. U 42.5

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Dolphins at Bills Week 4 Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast briefly look at the Washington beat down and look ahead to the epic show down with the undefeated Miami Dolphins. Is Tua for real? Mike McDaniel?

Sunday, September 24, 2023

week 3 nfl Picks

steve hotter than shit, 8-0! time to fade?

steve 8-0
cowboys -13 @ cardinals
dolphins -6 v broncos
titans +3.5
chargers @ vikings over 54.5

coast 5-3

Buffalo -6.5
Titans +3.5
Vikes -1
Pats -2.5

feyes 6-2

Jets +2.5
Atl det U 46.0
Vikings 1
O 43 boys cardinals

Friday, September 22, 2023

Bills at Commanders Week 3 Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast look back at the Raiders win, debate the national media's idiocy and look ahead to the Washington Football team.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

week 2 nfl picks

combined 12-0!

steve 4-0

titans +2.5 v chargers
ravens +3 @ bengals
cowboys -8.5 v jets
commanders +3.5 @ broncos

coast 4-0
Raiders +8.5, jags +3.5, chargers -2.5, Miami -2.5

feyes 4-0

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Raiders at Bills Week 2 Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast review the horrific loss to the NY Jets and look ahead in desperation to the home opener against the Raiders. Has Coast given up on Josh Allen?
youtube version:

Sunday, September 10, 2023

week 1 NFL Picks

new year same shit

eagles -3.5 @ patriots
packers +1.5 @ bears
cardinals @ wash under 38
falcons -3.5 v panthers

Tennessee titans +3 at New Orleans 

Philadelphia eagles -3.5 at New England 

Green Bay packers +1.5 at Chicago 

San Francisco 49ers -2.5 at Pittsburgh 

Jags -4.5
Steelers +2.5
Eagles -3.5
Tex Ravens U 43.5

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Bills at Jets Week 1 MNF Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast breakdown the upcoming Bills season and preview the huge season opener at the Jets on Monday Night Football.

Friday, September 8, 2023

2023 NFC Over/Under Win Total Predictions

by steve

Here is the AFC predictions now on to the NFC.


Cowboys - 9.5
One of only two teams w 12+ wins the last two years. Ten is doable, hell this isnt the playoffs we're predicting.

Commanders - 6.5
Tough division snd Sam Howell is nobody.

Giants - 7.5
Daboll limped this team & Dimes to the playoffs some how. This line is lower than I thought it would be.

Eagles - 11.5
SB hangover 


Bears - 7.5

Lions - 9.5
Every team can't go under i suppose

Packers - 7.5
This line also is low

Vikings - 8.5
Cousins is Cousins


Buccs - 6.5
lol, hope you enjoyed those 2 seasons.

Falcons - 8.5
High line but their ugly coach might kno wtf he is doing

Panthers - 7.5 
Thats a no from me dawg

Saints - 9.5
10-7 seems like too good of a record for this team


Rams - 6.5
McVay checked out

Cardinals - 4.5
Im going OVER

Seahawks - 8.5
Geno actually good? Pete underrated either way

49ers - 10.5
Seems quite low

8 over 8 under

Thursday, September 7, 2023

2023 AFC Over/Under Win Total Predictions

by Steve


Prediction time! AFC win total over/under predictions:

Bills - 10.5
Division is fairly tough, faith in the coach is at an all time low and the team hasn't improved any where on the roster from last year.

Dolphins - 9.5
Questions still surround Daniels and Tua and the offensive line and the secondary. 

Jets - 9.5
Im not a Rodgers fan, then again never have been. Saleh know how to coach? 

Patriots - 7.5
Mac Jones was benched for a dude they cut this summer. Was Patricia that much if an abomination? Yikes, he mighta been. But I dont see the offensive talent

Browns - 9.5
Am I taking crazy pills? How is this team winning 10+ games.

Bengals - 11.5
I cant take all unders. How did no one hire their DC?

Ravens - 10.5
Not a big Lamar fan and this division is going to cannibalize itself a bit. 10-7 still seems like a good season.

Steelers - 8.5
Kenny Pickett? lolol

Colts - 6.5
Gonna take at least a year to get Richardson going.

Jaguars - 9.5
Odd line.

Texans - 6.5
7-10 seems possible although I really am skeptically about CJ Stroud.

Titans - 7.5
So easy to hate this team but Tannehill is serviceable and Vrabel is like Tomlin but white.


Chargers - 9.5
Staley is a clown but I was wrong about Herbert, dude is good.

Chiefs - 11.5
This team seems due for some bad luck and close losses. They are Kelce and nothing else special in the weapon department. 

Broncos - 8.5
Line seems high but didnt Wilson used to be good? The coach is actually adept this time around. If Denver is good that will make the current Jets OC even more of a fucking clown.

Raiders - 6.5
The bottom is about to fall out.

10 under's and only 6 over's

Monday, May 15, 2023

Buffalo Bills Spreads for entire 2023 Season

by Steve

With the schedule released last week now we have the spreads for all 17 2023 regular season games.

Via DK

The Bills are favorites in 13 of 17 games. They are the biggest favorites, ten points vs Tampa and getting 3.5 at KC. Here is each game:

Week 1
@ Jets

Week 2
v Raiders

Week 3
@ Washington

Week 4
v Dolphins

Week 5
v Jaguars

Week 6
v Giants

Week 7
@ Patriots

Week 8
v Buccaneers 

Week 9
@ Bengals

Week 10
v Broncos

Week 11
v Jets

Week 12
@ Eagles

Week 13
@ Chiefs

Week 14
v Cowboys

Week 15
@ Chargers

Week 16
v Patriots

Week 17
@ Dolphins

Friday, April 28, 2023

Bills Draft LB Dorian Williams 3rd Round

by steve

Smallish group of LB.

Hitter but kinda small.

grade C

Bills 2nd round Pick: Guard O'cyrus Torrence

by steve

Thought for sure theyd go defense but the Bills stick w their plan (i guess) and go beef. 

They draft big Florida guard Ocyrus Torrence w # 59.

Hope hes not cody ford 2.0

Going offenee makes sense in a way. The offensive coordinator is a travesty snd they have a defensive head coach.

One thing McDerr can do is find defensive contributors off the trash heap. With no linebackers or defensive tackles on the roster McDerrrrr is gonna have to.


two 24 year olds already drafted, damn

C+ because he isnt a starter this yeat and unlikely next year w Bates contract and Dallas boy. He could be quite good tho

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Bills Draft Dalton Kincaid TE 1st Round

Bills traded up for a tight end Dalton Kincaid 

grade B-

Ken Dorsey better change up this offense 

2023 NFL Draft Predictions

by steve

Here is part one of the Bills draft preview, here is my QB rankings.

Now lets give some predictions for the 1st round of the 2023 NFL Draft:

All the draft mockers over draft the QBs, RBs and WRs like always.

Either Levis or Richardson falls out of the top 10.

Only 1 running back goes in the first round.

Only 3 receivers get drafted.

Dumb Beane trades up again.

The Raiders, Patriots and Lions do something dumb.

Schefter does something stupid on twitter. 

This draft is called the wildest of all time like every year.

Three tightends go round 1.

Rodger Goodell gets bood.

Will Anderson goes 2 to Houston.

The Bills draft defense.

Buffalo media is shocked they dont draft a receiver.

Coast returns to twitter.

Someone is really sad in the green room.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

2023 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterback Rankings

by Steve

Here is the first part of my previews, Bills needs.

Now here is my final QB rankings for the 2023 NFL Draft:

1. cj stroud
ngl his awful C2 (never heard of the test til this year) is scaring me off.

2. hendon hooker
25 years old and coming off a torn ACL again is scary but I just dont think this draft is as strong as billed.

3. max duggan
More like moxey Duggan amirite

4. anthony richardson
Dude has the tools but no experience. 

5. malik cunningham
AAC is a mediocre conference. 

6. bryce young
Tiny little dude surrounded by all americans.

7. tanner mckee
Stanford pedigree baby.

8. will levis
Im not a believer. I dont buy it.

9. stetson bennett
Ill take a flyer.

10 dorian thompson Robinson 
Anthony Richardson lite

11. aidan oconnell
I like non OSU big ten QBs a little bit.

2023 NFL Draft Preview Part 1 Bills Needs

by Steve

The 2023 draft is 35 hours away. Time to get started previewing this shit.

The Bills disappointingly only have 6 picks. Did Beane ever hear of a comp pick? ffs.

1st: 27
2nd: 59
3rd: 91
4th: 130
5th: 137
6th: 205

With only six picks, trading up at any time is about the dumbest idea perhaps ever conceived. 

The Bills have holes all over this roster and are coming off back to back to back embarrassing playoff losses. Ugly.

The Bills biggest needs ranked:

1. Linebacker

Sure you cant draft another limited position value like LB in the first round like Beaney did with Edmunds 5 years ago but there still is no replacement for him on the roster. 

2. Defensive Tackle

After drafting DLine first in every draft since memory serves, its inconceivable that the Bills draft DLine 1st round again but who tf are the tackles on this roster?

3. Interior O line

I hope Mitch Morse wears a helmet if its windy out. A stiff wind might blow a branch off a tree and end his career. Dude collects concussion like I do death threats on twitter. The guards suck too.

4. Wide Receiver 

The only voice questioning Gabe Davis before last season was yours truly. Shocker, I was correct. Dude is meh and will likely get overpaid after the season. Need his replacement because Brown and Beasley might not be able to make future flights to Buffalo when they're stuck in line at the Social Security office.

5. Tight End

Sure Knox has an absurd contract and the combo of McDerr loving nobody half back/FB/TE combos and Dorsey not using TEs in his offense might make this position useless in Buffalo, who the hell is the second TE on the damn depth chart?

6. Safety
This position is lower than some might suspect but Hyde will likely resign again and the dude they poached from the Rams (Taylor Rapp) might be a good stop gap. Still Hyde and Poyer are older than the skidmarks in Wreck's undies.

7. Edge
Can't have enough pass rushers especially when you over paid a dude with .25 ACLs total in his legs.

Thursday, March 30, 2023

UB Basketball Hires Head Coach George Halcovage

by Steve

The long nightmare is over. After 3 grueling weeks since Whitesell was finally shown the door (with $500k in a briefcase) UB has finally hired a new head coach. 

39 year old Villanova assistant George Halcovage has been hired. Never a college head coach, Halcovage has been his entire collegiate career at nova working his way up from video coordinator. 

He checks boxes for me. Young, comes from a real program and agreed to come here. There were rumors all over the internet that UB has struck out with at least 4 other people before Georgey signed.

Did some heavy bag UB booster finally step up and get this one over the goal line? Hopefully.

I never fully understood all the negativity about the job. Buffalo is easily the biggest market in the MAC, they had the largest AD budget un 2021 and has had recent success not only in the MAC and the tournament but also as a stepping stone to huge cash pay days.  

Thats why I never understood the Whitesell hire either. Continuity?  In college hoops? That doesnt exist these days.

Time to hit the portal Hal legggo. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

BIG 12 Bracket Pools

This will be updated with everyone's bracket, payout etc.

10 brackets
1st place $80
2nd place $20

Baylor, KU, Texas, TCU
Baylor, TCU

wvu ok state
iowa st, ku, texas, ks st
kansas k state
k state

tex tech, ok st
baylor, kansas, texas, tcu
baylor, texas

John Hourihan

WV.                Iowa State.         
Okla.              Kansas
                       Texas.  tcu                    
kansas  Texas.   
texas 159

wvu, k st
isu, ku, tex, tcu
ku, tex

wvu, okla
isu, kan, tex, k state
kan tex

1:Tech, state
2:Baylor, Kansas, ok state, TCU
3:Kansas, OK state
4: Kansas


Iowa State


TCU 137

Texas Tech

Texas Tech

Texas Tech

Texas 🏆  137 points

wvu, okla, 
baylor, kan, tex, k st
kan, tex


acc tourny bracket pool

steve, dubs, wreck

WF, Pitt, UNC, VT
Miami, Pitt, Va, VT
Miami, Va




NC State  🏆 





Monday, March 6, 2023

Big 12 Tournament Bracket Challenge

payout determined by # of entrees

due by Wednesday March 8th 6pm

total points of final game tie breaker, 1 point for first round, two points for round 2 winners etc.

venmo/paypal Steve
email bracket to 

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Bills DC Leslie Frazier is Out

by Steve

Bout time, what took so long? This Bills announced a mutual? departure with old bones Frazier today, 37 days after losing to th3 Bengals embarrassingly in the second round of the playoffs.

Frazier's defenses their last 3 playoff losses have been abysmal. Is it all his fault? No, but it was beyond time for a new voice in the coaching room.

With Edmunds and Poyer due to depart, the defense is going to look a lot different than the last few years. Maybe Frazier just wasnt up to the task.

McDerr is now on the hot seat. 

Saturday, January 28, 2023

CSC Conference Championship Sunday Picks

three to go

steve 4-6
eagles -2.5 v 49ers
bengals @ chiefs under 48

coast 5-5
cinci +1.5
eagles -2.5

feyes 4-6
49ers +2.5
chiefs -1.5

Saturday, January 21, 2023

DRW Playoff Picks

on to the next

steve 2-4
chiefs v jaguars under 52.5
giants @ eagles over 48
bengals +5.5
cowboys @ 49ers over 46.5

coast 4-2
jaguars +9
giants +7.5
bills -5.5
cowboys +4

feyes 3-3
Jags +9
Daboll +7.5
Bengals bills O 49
Niners Boys O46.5

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Bengals at Bills Divisional Round Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast breakdown the wildcard win against the Dolphins and look at all aspects of the huge showdown between the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills. Predictions, stats, analysis.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

WCW Playoff Picks Round 1

new season same year

steve won the regular season, now reset the records. $50 a guy again


Seahawks +9.5 @ 49ers 
Jaguars +2.5 v Chargers
Bills -13.5 v Dolphins
Vikings -3 v Giants
Ravens @ Bengals over 40.5
Buccs +2.5 v Cowboys

Niners -9.5 jags +2.5,  bills -13.5 giants +3, ravens +8.5,  bucs +2.5

seahawks +9.5
Jags +2.5
Bills U 43.5
Vikings -3
Cindy O 40.5
Dallas U 45.5

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Dolphins at Bills Wildcard Playoff Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast look back at a great regular season and break down the AFC playoffs including the Miami Dolphins coming to Buffalo to face off against the Bills. Skylar Thompson trivia!

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Week 18 NFL Picks

last impression, look presentable 

steve 36-32

cowboys -7 v washington
chargers at broncos under 40
steelers -2.5 v browns
jets +3 @ dolphins

coast 32-35-1
Buffalo -7, Tomlin -2.5, rams +6, ravens +9.5 

feyes 31-33-4
Packers -5
Vikings bears U 42.5
Texans costs U 38
Shitsburgh -2.5

Friday, January 6, 2023

Patriots at Bills Week 18 Podcast Preview

Steve and Coast breakdown the Bengals game, Damar Hamlin, the playoff picture and everything else you need to know.

What the New Playoff Rules Mean to the Bills

by Steve

The Bills will play the Chiefs at a neutral field in the AFC Championship Game if they beat the Patriots on Sunday and the Chiefs beat the Raiders.

If the Bills lose to the Patriots and the Chiefs beat the Raiders, Buffalo would go to Kansas City for AFCCG.

If the Bills beat N.E. and the Chiefs lose to the Raiders then the Bills would host the AFCCG regardless of opponent.

If the Chiefs AND Bills both lose this weekend but meet in the AFCCG it would be on a neutral field regardless of Cinci outcome.

If the Chiefs AND Bills both lose but Cinci wins, Bills would be the 3 seed.